January 19, 2018 – Obrecht Drunkenly Spills the Tea, a Chef Mention, Six Wise Quotes & the Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Anna talks into a recorder about Faison, and the latest on his more than one son. There’s a knock at the door. She picks up her gun.

At the hospital, Doc literally runs into Valentin while he’s texting, and Valentin suggests he concentrate on walking. Doc says he’s looking for new subjects, and asks if Valentin would like to volunteer. He’d love to study him. Valentin says he’s going away with Nina, but first he’s going to investigate taking Laura’s seat on the hospital board. Doc asks if he hasn’t taken enough from her.

At Charlie’s, Alexis tells Laura to explore every option, but Laura says no way she can work around it. She takes down the posters, and tells Julian the campaign is over. She’s dropping out of the race

Anna opens the door. Obrecht falls in.

No word from PK Sinclair. Jason says maybe they’re doing it wrong. Even if they draw Faison out, the best they can do is kill him. Sonny says the sooner the better, but it won’t prevent what Jason lost. Doesn’t he mean bring back? Unless there’s a time machine I don’t know about

Sam says her dress is perfect. Drew can’t wait to see her in it, and she can’t wait to marry him.

Anna asks what happened, and realizes Obrecht is drunk. She tells Anna that she’s an adult, pfft! She says she came in an Uber, and Anna wonders why she didn’t Uber to her own home. Obrecht asks what she did with Faison. Anna tells her sorry to disappoint, but he’s not here. Obrecht says it wouldn’t be the first time Anna held him captive. Anna says, as much as she would have liked it to, her place didn’t come equipped with pits and dungeons, but if he showed up, she’d call the WSB. She asks if Obrecht knows where to reach him. Obrecht says she wouldn’t be there if she had a way, but he hasn’t been responding. She thinks he’s coming for his son, and then her. Then he’ll come for Anna.

Sam says the florist will be coming, and a couple guys from the MetroCourt to move furniture. They agreed to get married at home, and she thinks they should take the opportunity to make it meaningful, beautiful and special. She says they deserve it. He says he doesn’t deserve her.

Jason tells Sonny that he was with Sam on New Year’s Eve. He doesn’t want Carly to think he was okay with it, but it did give them a chance to be together without anyone else’s opinion. They talked, and played dominoes, but she said something he’s been thinking about. She wasn’t the same person as she was when he got shot. Time passed for her, but not for him. Sonny thinks it’s just an excuse. If he tells her he loves her it will break her heart, but he can’t lie to himself. Sam is going to love him forever – the same way he loves her.

Jason shows up at Sam’s, because the Russians taught him how to build a Star Trek transporter.

Laura tells Doc this is a situation where she can’t delegate. Spencer’s welfare comes first. Someone will step up and take her place. Alexis says, what if Ned runs unopposed?

Kim comes by Charlie’s. Julian introduces her to Stas, his chef, saying she wants to try their signature dish. Stas says he can’t do avocado toast today, or much of anything else. The delivery was rotten. Everything they ordered is worthless. He doesn’t know what happened, but Julian thinks he does

Sonny tells Spinelli they’re going to wait. He doesn’t want Sinclair thinking they’re eager or getting suspicious. He tells Spinelli to deal with the high-tech stuff, and he’ll deal with negotiations.

Anna asks Obrecht to help her locate Faison and save herself. Obrecht says she’s trying to protect Nathan. He’s brave and naïve, and has no idea what his father is capable of. It’s not the physical danger, but the way he can toy with one’s mind, like he did with Anna’s. Anna says they’re on the same side, but she needs something to work with. Obrecht has nothing, not even a way to plead with him for Nathan. Anna doesn’t know why she kept Nathan a secret, since Faison always wanted a son. Was she ever tempted to tell him? Obrecht says her love for him doesn’t make her blind to his failings. He would have tried to control and fashion Nathan in his image, and would have destroyed him. She knows because she saw how he dealt with his other son.

Drew comes downstairs, and Jason says he’s there to give them a heads up. He and Sonny are working on getting Faison out of hiding. They’re close, and it could get dangerous. Drew tells him now isn’t the right time; he and Sam are getting married in a couple of hours. Jason thinks they should take kids on the honeymoon and stay away a while. Drew asks if he’s sure he wants to do this alone. Sam says they’ll take the kids.

Julian shows up at Sonny’s. Sonny asks if there’s anything he can do to improve Julian’s coffee experience. Julian tells Sonny his grocery delivery was tampered with. Sonny asks if he wants a bouncer. Julian says they’re not dealing with delinquents; it’s much worse than that.

Alexis tells Laura that she’ll draft a press release. Laura tells her to say she’s dropping out for personal reasons, but remains committed to Charles Street. The residents can still fight redevelopment by voting no on proposition whatever. She has faith, and thinks they’ll make the right choice. Alexis hopes they have a choice to make.

Doc tells Valentin he already has what he wants; does he need Laura’s seat on top of it? Valentin says the Cassadine family has a vested interest in the hospital. He came across some papers about the bailout, and says the hospital would have closed without Cassadine money. He wants to continue the tradition. Doc wonders what experience he has, and Valentin says he can offer his expertise in logistics and financials, and they need both. Laura appears, and asks if there’s a problem. Doc tells her that Valentin wants her seat on the board, and she asks what makes him think he’d be welcome? He tells her, big checks. She asks if he’s buying his way in. Valentin says he’s going on his way before she launches into her litany of perceived transgressions. He reminds her they’re just allegations which have no proof.

Anna tells Obrecht that there’s no mention of Faison having one son, let alone two, in any of the WSB folders. Obrecht says she made sure there was nothing to tie Nathan to Faison. Maxie should have left well enough alone. She tells Anna the other son’s name was Heinrich, and he was of little interest to Faison, who sent him to boarding school as soon as he was able to go. Anna wonders why. Given how arrogant Faison is, she would think he’d be thrilled with a son to carry on his name and follow in his footsteps. Obrecht asks if she’s that blind. She doesn’t need a WSB file for this. The reason is simple; Heinrich was Faison’s son, but not Anna’s.

Jason plays pool by himself at The Floating Rib. Kim walks in and asks if he needs someone to break.

Drew tells Sam that the kids are coming with them to Tahiti. She wonders how they can get ready that fast, but he says they’ll get what they need there. She asks what about Aurora, and he says they hired Peter for a reason, and it will be fine. She says this isn’t about the honeymoon, but about Faison.

Anna asks what Obrecht knows about Heinrich’s mother. She says the mother had even less to do with Heinrich than Faison, and disappeared after giving birth. Anna asks how he came by the child, but Obrecht says she never asked and he never told her. He wanted nothing to do with Heinrich, but Heinrich was devious, and tried to emulate Faison’s ways, always wanting his approval. Nathan is handsome and charismatic, and Faison would have doted on him. Now that he’s been rejected, he’ll want revenge. He won’t come to connect with Nathan, he’ll come to punish her for lying and making a fool of him. What would be more fitting than to take Nathan from her? Anna says he won’t have that chance. The time for Faison hurting people is done. She and Obrecht together will see to that.

Sonny ask if Julian thinks Ned is responsible for the sabotage of his bar. Julian corrects that to gastropub, and says maybe not personally. Jim Harvey has been buying up real estate, and those who refuse to sell are finding it hard to go about their daily lives. He wonders if Sonny subcontracted some of his men to help Jim do the dirty work. Sonny tells him he promised Mary May Ward that he’d never go near Charles Street. He tells Julian to sell; the neighborhood would be better off without him. Julian says he’s not the problem; Jim Harvey is. If Sonny doesn’t wake up, he’ll find himself a stranger in his own city.

Doc tells Laura that Spencer with two broken legs mixed with boredom, is a recipe for disaster. She says that’s why she’s flying to France. Doc says he’ll reschedule his appointments, but Laura says his patients need him. He says she and Spencer need him more, and wonders how she’ll maneuver a kid with two broken legs. She says she’s not bringing him back; she’s just staying until he’s capable of getting around himself. He asks if Spencer wouldn’t be more comfortable back home, but she doesn’t want him anywhere near Valentin. Doc says he’ll visit as often as he can. He asks what about the election, and she says a candidate can’t take six weeks off.; she had to step down. Doc is concerned Ned will win by default, but Laura says not if a person steps up who understands the issues, and has been by her side on the campaign trail. They’d be primed to take over. Doc asks if she means him. I’m laughing about the “campaign trail,” since it’s been all of a week.

Kim calls Jason a pool shark. She says he looks just like Drew, but he’s nothing like him. Drew liked to kid around and had swagger, and liked to talk more. Jason breaks, and she says, same as him, a pool shark. Jason swears he’s not, but Kim wonders if she’ll get a chance to shoot. She tells him that she has personal question, but feel free not to answer. Was he trying to get back home for the entire five years? Jason says he can only account for six months. Before that, he doesn’t know. Kim bets he thought everything would be the same, and he says until he saw the date. He didn’t believe it at first; he didn’t want to, but had to face it, so he came straight home. It’s mostly been good. He couldn’t go back to his old life, but he’s good with the one he has now. She wonders how he’s dealing with Sam. He says he trusts her to make the right decisions, and she chose Drew. They’re getting married tonight.

Sam asks Drew, what if Faison shows up? Won’t he want to confront him? Drew says he’d like to choke every answer out of him, but if finding out about the past is less important than his future with her. He wants the kids to be protected. Sam says she loves him, and goes upstairs to get ready.

Jason tells Kim, sorry to blindside her. She says she’s happy for them. They already thought they were married, so it makes sense to make it official. She doesn’t know why she was surprised. Jason says you can know something in your head, but it takes your heart a while to catch up. She wonders if his heart is still catching up. Julian comes in, and asks if she had dinner. Kim says no, and he offers to buy it for her to make up for the lack of avocado toast. She tells him as soon as she finishes the game, but Jason says he’ll quit while he’s ahead.

Julian tells Kim that he thanks God his daughter is with Drew and not that bastard. Kim hadn’t known Sam is his daughter. He says they’re estranged, but he still worries about her. He wishes she would stay away from Jason. He tells Kim not to let his blue eyes fool her. He’s a mob enforcer; a professional killer.

Laura tells Doc that he’s a natural, but he says Ned’s camp will have a field day, especially with his serial killer twin. She says there’s always something to work around, but not to count himself out. He says it would be like gifting the election to Ned. He knows Spencer needs her. She puts family ahead of her ambition to do good, and it’s one of the reasons he loves her.

Obrecht wakes up on Anna’s couch, and sees a note. It says she should stay there and sleep it off. Don’t go out. She has reason to be afraid. Obrecht says she can take care of herself.

On the phone, Sonny tells someone (probably Brick) to see if there’s anything to find on Jim Harvey and Niagara Equities. Anna comes in, using the same transporter Jason did, and Sonny asks if it’s about Faison. She tells him that Obrecht showed up at her house, distraught and drunk. She’s worried about Nathan, but Anna assured her they would find Faison. Sonny asks if she wants to compare notes, and she asks if he has something. He wonders if he’ll get incriminated, but she says if he has a lead, she doesn’t care how he got it. This is one case where the end definitely justifies the means.

The tickets to Tahiti are delivered. Drew wonders if he’s been to Tahiti before. Sam gets ready. She thinks about when she married Jason.

Jason ponders at The Floating Rib, and has a beer.

Doc says who knew a skiing accident in France would have ripple effects on politics in upstate New York? Laura is concerned about letting everyone down, but Doc says she galvanized the neighborhood. It’s about everyone coming together to stand for what they believe in. She says he sounds like a mayor to her.

Obrecht leaves Anna’s house. Someone knocks her out from behind. We see Faison’s hand taking out a cigarette out of his case.

Sonny tells Anna that they made contact with PK Sinclair. She says his real name it Heinrich. Faison had a child with an unknown woman, who gave him up at birth. It’s unclear how he found out, but he regarded the child as an annoyance, and sent him to boarding school even though he admired his father. Sonny says the father rejects the son too many times, and the son goes after him. Once he gets the son, he can use him to get Faison. Anna says, like hell.

On Monday, Sam prepares for her wedding, Spinelli tells Jason that he and Sam are both sacrificing their happiness, and Anna says orchestrating a meeting between Faison and Heinrich will start a war.

🍳  Hell’s Kitchen is down to the final four. For this week’s twist, the contestants guided athletes through making their signature dishes, using only verbal instructions. Robin went home, but she said that she and her pet rock would do just fine. Okay…

📣  Quotes of the Week

Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get. – Dale Carnegie

You can’t make the same mistake twice, the second time, it’s not a mistake, it’s a choice.Anonymous

It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something. — Franklin D. Roosevelt

You will fail. It’s a matter of when. The true test is if you can continue and stand up and accept failure and move forward.Lady Gaga

I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life – and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.Georgia O’Keeffe

Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more.Louis L’Amour

🎇 Everybody’s Workin’ For It…


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January 18, 2018 – A Suspect Super, a Girl & Christmas Explosion


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Molly, TJ, and Kiki come into Charlie’s with a load of their belongings. Molly tells Julian that rushing across the street to rescue them wasn’t necessary; they can take care of themselves. He tells her to let her righteousness keep her warm, but when she blows her tests, don’t blame him.

Alexis meets Ned at the MetroCourt. Now that he’s running for mayor, he needs expert legal counsel. He asks if she’d like to join the campaign.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tells Laura that she’s glad about her running for mayor. She has no doubt Laura will work for the people of Port Charles, and not use the office for her own gain. Laura says the only downside is, she’ll have to take a leave from the hospital board, but they’re keeping her seat open in case she loses. Elizabeth wonders what would cause that to happen, but Laura says it’s not a what, it’s a who, and his name is Jim Harvey.

Jim visits Franco at the studio. He asks if Franco is suffering from artists’ block, and calls him “Bobby.” Jim is quickly becoming the most annoying character on the GH canvas.

Nathan tells Maxie it’s their anniversary, so he painted the nursery for her. She says she can’t think about their anniversary or paint. The only thing she can think about is how Lulu outed him as Faison’s son. He tells her that he volunteered, and she says it’s a typically heroic move, but shortsighted. Lulu should have known better. Faison could be outside right now, waiting to get his hands on Nathan or the baby. There’s a knock at the door, and Maxie freaks, saying that’s him now.

We see Faison looking at Lulu’s article. Well, I think we can safely assume it’s him, even though we don’t see his face.

Laura tells Elizabeth that Jim has no boundaries or shame. Elizabeth says he wants to buy Franco’s studio. He said no, but she thought maybe a change of location would be good. Laura says she has to convince him not to sell, especially to Jim. She suggests if he wants a change of scenery, that he could get a write-off by renting it. She tells Elizabeth that there’s strength in numbers. Developers will promise people the moon to convince them to sell, but they don’t care about the people they’re displacing. All Jim cares about is the almighty dollar, and they’re going to stop it. Elizabeth says, spoken like a true leader. Laura tells her not to underestimate Jim. He’s going to fight them with everything he’s got.

Jim tells Franco he stopped by because he was visiting Franco’s neighbor, Vince. He says Vince is selling, and Franco says he’s sorry to see him go. Jim says Vince claims the light is no good, and Franco says that’s because of the construction causing them to live in the shadows. Jim says Vince made a wise choice, like most of the neighborhood. He asks what the point is in being the last man standing? Franco says, still being standing? Jim tells him why stagnate, when he can be in a beautiful, modern place somewhere else?

TJ admits Julian is right about them needing to focus. Molly knows, but she hates him being right. Kiki says they’ll figure it out soon, and Molly says that’s why they were organizing the rent strike. Lurking nearby, Julian says he’s sure her mom would want to know about that. Molly says she’s having lunch with her boyfriend, Dr. Bensch, and she doesn’t want to interrupt.

Alexis tells Ned that she can’t work on the campaign; she’s really busy. He says Molly mentioned that she’s seeing a doctor, and it was the reason she couldn’t join them for Thanksgiving pizza. Alexis is appalled that he thinks the only reason she can’t do it must be because she’s seeing a man. He’d better watch it, since he’s running for public office. He says he’d appreciate a straight answer, and she says she doesn’t support his platform. Ned says he’s trying to improve Port Charles; what’s not to support? Alexis gets a text from Julian, and tells Ned because of his platform, her daughter just got thrown out of her apartment on Charles Street.

Nathan tells Maxie to calm down. Everyone is on the lookout, and Faison won’t get within a mile of them. There’s more knocking, and Dante says it’s them. Maxie says if that includes Lulu, she doesn’t want to see them. Lulu says they’ll just keep trying, and they have something for their anniversary. Nathan lets them in, and Lulu says she tried to pull the story. Maxie says she shouldn’t have written it in the first place. Nathan says she just gave him a platform for something he wanted to do anyway. Maxie tells him that she knows. It was a misguided attempt to rid the world of his father, but Lulu was trying to build her career, and should have thought it through. Dante says he didn’t want her to do it, and Lulu should have gone about it another way. Lulu asks if Maxie can forgive her.

Faison crushes his cigarette as he reads, nicotine stained relic not fit for family.

Jim tells Franco that he enjoys helping people like Vince, and Franco asks if displacing residents and destroying neighborhoods is just a hobby. Jim says if Franco starts painting again, maybe his mom will come back. Franco wonders how it turned into a conversation about his mom, and Jim says he called Betsy, but her phone was disconnected. He asks if they had a falling out, and Franco says Jim doesn’t need to know the ins and outs of his personal life. Jim remembers how much Franco meant to her; she adored him. He says whatever went wrong, Franco should use the opportunity to sell his place, get a new one, and reconnect. Franco asks where Vince is going to go, and says maybe a change would be good. Elizabeth walks in, and says that’s the last thing he needs.

Kiki says Dr. Bensch convinced her to go into pre-med, and he’s a great guy. TJ says they haven’t had a chance to talk, and Kiki says maybe they will, now that Alexis is dating him. Molly is glad she’s moved on. Alexis and Ned come in, and Alexis asks why they were evacuated. Molly says it’s a gas leak, and Julian says what a coincidence after they organized a rent strike. TJ says it’s just a scare tactic, and they’ll be back soon. Laura joins them, and says she just talked to the fire chief, and the tenants have been evacuated indefinitely. It’s possible the infrastructure was compromised (because of a gas leak?), and the building might be condemned. She congratulates Ned. Another building he can demolish in the name of progress.

Lulu says she and Maxie have been through a lot. She’s too much like a sister, and she’d miss Maxie if she wasn’t in her life. Maxie says she’d miss Lulu too, and so would the baby. They hug. Dante says they have everyone from the WSB to state troopers on alert, but Maxie says Faison is a master of disguise. He fooled Anna, and he could be anyone. Nathan tells her to take a breath, and remember the baby needs calm. Maxie knows he’s right, but it’s hard when the baby’s newly discovered grandfather is the world’s most wanted, and could be closing in on them.

Faison opens a new pack of cigarettes. The bag says, Port Charles Smoke Shop.

Ned says Alexis is making an assumption that he has something to do with Niagara Equities, or that they have something to do with him. She says she knows Jim is a big supporter, and now the residents are being harassed by having vital services withheld. Molly says it’s been so cold in the apartment, they could see their breath, and TJ adds they’ve had to use the gym to take a shower. Ned says new buildings will be safe, and the old buildings aren’t. A gas leak is a serious hazard. Laura thinks someone could have sabotaged the gas line; Ned must know that happens. Ned says he also knows old buildings fall apart. With the infusion of capital, they can be upgraded, and be made safe again. Laura says it sounds great on a bumper sticker, but the people will be priced out. Ned says more tax revenue is good for the city, and things like public schools. Julian calls Ned “Ted,” and says being a Quartermaine, he never struggled for a damn thing. (If I remember right though, Ned didn’t always know he was a Quartermaine.)

Elizabeth asks Jim to give them a minute. Franco says he thought she wanted him to sell, but Elizabeth says he wants to erase Charles Street. If Franco holds out, he can’t tear down the building and build a luxury high-rise. Franco tells her that he can’t seem to create here, but Elizabeth says it’s not about the space; it’s about the space inside. Something is going on, and when he figures it out, he’ll paint again. She gets a call about her wedding dress, and tells him not to sell the studio. She leaves, and Jim comes back in. He starts looking through Franco’s work, and Franco tells him not to rummage through his things. Jim says he’s looking forward to Franco’s future creations. Franco thinks maybe what he needs are answers, not a new space. He asks Jim if there was another kid around his age around, when he was hanging out with Betsy.

Lulu says Maxie almost missed her surprise wedding because she let her imagination run wild. Maxie says Faison wasn’t involved. Lulu says Nathan had to track her down, and the wedding wouldn’t have happened. If that had been the case, she wouldn’t be able to give Maxie this. She has a box, which she says is part one, and part two is in hallway. Maxie says it’s intriguing. She and Lulu go out into the hallway where there’s a bassinet. They see a guy messing with a door across the hall. Maxie shouts, Faison is outside! as they run back in.

She tells Nathan she saw him, and so did Lulu; he’s outside the door. Dante draws his gun, and opens the door. Nathan tells the guy, hands up, no sudden moves. Dante asks who he is, and he tells them that he’s the new super. Dante gets his ID, and says it checks out. Nathan says sorry about the mix-up. He matches the description of a guy they’re looking for. The man says, Faison. A couple of uniforms on the curb told him to be on the lookout. Nathan and Dante go back in the apartment, and Nathan says it was a mistake. It’s not Faison. Maxie asks if Nathan is sure he’s not wearing a mask. He suggests the put the bassinet in the nursery.

Jim remembers a little boy, Andy, and Franco asks what he remembers about him. Jim says he died suddenly; he thinks from a heart problem. Franco says he didn’t die; Betsy lied. Jim asks why she’d do that, and Franco says it was a custody thing. She was afraid she’d get in trouble, and thought he was better off at an orphanage. He tells Jim that Andy is a Quartermaine. Jim thinks that’s a helluva story. He’ll have to ask Ned to introduce them. Franco says Andy lost his memory. Jim asks if it’s amnesia, and Franco says the result is the same; he has no memory of his childhood. Jim is glad he survived, and tells Franco to get in touch if he changes his mind. Elizabeth comes back, and asks if everything is okay.

Ned says the decision to move forward won’t be made by him or Laura. It will be made by the people of the city by a vote. Laura tells him not to be disingenuous. The Quartermaines can afford a press push. Ned claims they’ve always been socially conscious. They need to drive profit, but not at the city’s expense. If they profit, everyone benefits. Kiki says not if they can’t afford to live there. Ned says they’re only replacing some of the buildings, but Laura says they’ll save a few apartments in the basements or facing walls. Then they’ll have a lottery for the hundreds of people who want to live there because this is their home. Alexis wonders where they’ll go, and Julian asks if Ned will be putting them up at the mansion. Ned asks since when is Julian a champion of the common people? He grew up privileged, and mobsters don’t pay taxes. He says he and Laura disagree about policy, but Julian doesn’t give a crap. He’s jumping on the bandwagon to impress Alexis. He just wants her to forget he put a knife to her throat.

Julian tells him to leave Alexis out of it. She has nothing to do with it, and it’s not about impressing her. Ned says he’s the same criminal he’s always been. Julian says Jim offered to buy him out, but he turned him down, and suddenly a brick came through his window. He’d thought it was Sonny at first, but now he thinks it’s Jim. Ned starts bringing Alexis into it again, and Julian shoves him. There’s almost a scuffle, but they’re pulled away from each other. Laura says they have to be better than that. It’s the anniversary of Mary May Ward’s death, and they shouldn’t disrespect it. Jim suggests she’s exploiting a relationship with a legendary community figure, since he’s been on the scene all of five minutes. Ned tells him that they were close, and did a lot for the community. He respects Laura, he just disagrees with how they should move into the future. Laura says at a certain point, Ned will be judged by the company he keeps.

Alexis tells Laura, sorry her personal life got dragged in. Laura says just last night, they promised a clean campaign, and Alexis says, until it’s not. She offers her services as campaign legal counsel. Laura says that’s wonderful. Her phone rings, and she steps away to answer it. Julian tells Alexis he’s sorry Ned put her in the middle, but she says it wasn’t his fault. On the phone, Laura asks how bad it is, and when they’ll know.

Franco tells Elizabeth that Jim was pawing through his artwork without asking. He’s determined; Franco will give him that much. He’s been canvassing the building, and even brought up his relationship with Franco’s mother. Elizabeth asks if Franco is sure he doesn’t remember him, but the only thing Franco knows is that he doesn’t trust him.

Maxie says it’s the best anniversary ever. She thanks Nathan, and thanks Lulu for the bassinet. Lulu tells her not to forget part one. It’s their wedding cake. She did fall into it, but the caterers cut a section and safely froze it. It’s tradition to eat it for good luck on the first anniversary. Maxie says if there’s any time they needed luck, it’s now. True story. We froze the top layer of our cake after the wedding for the same reason. Since our freezer was not that big, we kept it in my in-laws’ freezer. The day before our anniversary, my husband’s younger brother was rooting around for something to eat, and ate it. I just can’t imagine it tasted all that great.

Faison looks at an article about Anna being involved in Carrrlos’s death. He looks at the wedding announcement for Nathan and Maxie.

Maxie feeds Nathan some cake, and toasts to her wonderful husband, and two best friends. She loves them. Dante says, good cake. Lulu tells them good luck, health, and happiness.

Alexis asks what the kids are going to do now. TJ says they just grabbed whatever they could carry. Alexis says they’ll live with her until they can figure it out. Julian suggests some coffee for the road, and Alexis says she saw him making espresso for his new friend. He says they’re both moving on. Isn’t that what she wanted?

Ned asks Jim about the brick, but Jim says Julian probably vandalized his own property to generate sympathy. With a friend like him, Laura doesn’t need enemies. Everything will work out in Ned’s favor.

Elizabeth wishes she’d never opened the door. Between what Laura said, and the way Jim is pressuring people, she doesn’t like him. Franco doesn’t think he’s going away any time soon. She says the people are happy; why not leave them alone? Franco tells her people like him don’t back off when money is involved. He can’t criticize people like him though. They’re the only ones who can afford Franco’s art. Elizabeth says he creates it, but he’s not responsible for who buys it. He wishes could find out what happened between Jim and his mom.

Jim tells Ned to trust him; he’s in a good position. Ned says no way is he getting this district to vote for him, but Jim says there are other districts. He says he’ll walk Ned to his car. He wants to find out about Andrew. Anyone with the Quartermaine name can be used as leverage for the election. Maybe Jim should run for mayor. He’s so up in everyone’s business.

Alexis thanks Julian. He’s glad he’s able to keep eye on Molly, but Alexis says Molly will be living with her now. Laura has to jet, and tells them that she has to withdraw from the election. She’s not running for mayor. I read Lucas is coming back. Might this have something to do with him?

Lulu tells Maxie that according to Olivia-Q, they should refreeze what’s left, and save it until the baby comes home. Maxie thanks them for making their anniversary special. Dante says wait until next year. They’ll be spending it worrying about keeping the baby out of their pots and pans. Nathan sees the super still messing around. He tells Maxie that everything is going to be okay. There’s a beautiful life ahead for her, him, and the baby. She wants to deal with the cake, but he tells her, later. They kiss, and exchange I love yous. She says she never thought her heart could be so full.

Faison looks at the wedding announcement. He circles Maxie’s face with a pen, and keeps circling it maniacally until he tears the page.

Tomorrow, Laura says the campaign is over, Anna tells Obrecht that Faison’s time for hurting people is over, and Sonny tells Jason that Sam will love him forever.

🚆 Occasionally, I mention a movie that I think is outstanding, and last weekend, I watched Girl on a Train on cable. If you don’t have some idea of the story by now, you’ve probably been living in a bank vault, but in a nutshell – an alcoholic woman gets involved in a murder, but no one believes a damn thing she says, because she’s an alcoholic. I’d already read the book, so there were no surprises there, but Emily Blunt was spectacular. If I didn’t know better, I’d think she showed up drunk for the scenes that required it. She wasn’t afraid to ugly cry, and I’d like to know why no Oscar nomination for her? I’m baffled. Even if you know the plot, it’s worth watching for her performance alone.

😴 Calling it a night. It still looks like Christmas exploded around here. I’m officially one of those people who, when I’d pass their house, I’d yell, Christmas is over! Judge not and all that.

🎄 What Happens When You Put “Christmas Explosion” in Google Images…


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💃 Lady Gaga is her own Christmas Explosion 💃

January 17, 2018 – All About Ava, the NJ Reunion Begins, Larry Has a Bad Day & Some Tabatha


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Ava looks at herself in the mirror and thinks about Carly insulting her. Julian stops by to wish her luck. She says she’ll take it. She’s out of options if the treatment doesn’t work. Julian says she’s still a knockout, and asks if it’s worth it. She says she’s been through hell, and it clarified things. He says he’s blamed a lot of people for his bad deeds, and the only way he found true peace was to take responsibility for his own actions. Maybe she should try it. She tells him that she has to make a stop before going to GH – she has some unfinished business.

Ava thanks Sonny for seeing her. She’s having a medical procedure, and you never know. She wants to see her daughter. He says Avery is with her mother, and Ava says Carly isn’t her mother. Sonny says Carly does what she doesn’t. Ava says that’s only because he won’t let her, but he says Kiki practically raised herself. Carly comes in with Avery, but Sonny directs them to the kitchen. He says his son is dead because of Ava. She tells him he has no right to punish her for what Olivia-J did. He says if he’d killed her after she murdered Connie, his son would still be alive. Carly comes back in, and Ava says they can’t keep her away forever, but Carly tells her when Avery finds out what she did, she won’t want anything to do with her. Ava says their house was built with blood money, and promises Avery will know her.

At the hospital, Kiki tells Griff that she tried to get some sleep, but had to be there for her mom. She’s concerned that Ava thinks it’s going to fix more than her face, but thanks Griff for pulling her back from the brink. They hug, and Ava walks in. Kiki tells her there’s still time to back out. She’s going through with the surgery and whatever the outcome is, she’ll accept it.

Ava lies on the table. The surgeon asks if she’s ready. He says when she wakes up she’ll be a new woman. He puts the mask on her, and tells her to count backward from ten.

Ava opens her eyes to Griff and Kiki. Kiki says it was successful. Ava wants to see, but she’s still woozy. She hears Griff say, here’s some lithium for the pain, but what he really said was ibuprofen. He says the bandages have to stay on overnight. He thinks she’ll be happy with the result, and says he can take her home when she’s ready. She’s ready now and asks if Kiki wants to come but she thinks they need alone time.

Time moves fast in Port Charles. The next morning, Ava looks at herself in the mirror. Griff asks if she’s ready. She wonders if it was for nothing, and doesn’t know if she can do this. He says they’ll do it together, and kisses her. He helps her remove the bandages and asks what she thinks. I think she looks pretty much the same minus that small blemish almost where you couldn’t see it. She says it worked, and Griff asks how she wants to celebrate the first day of the rest of her life.

At the MetroCourt of course. Sonny and Carly are also dining there. Ava says it’s been months since she was shamed away from the restaurant, and she’s done hiding. He tells her to get the drinks, and he’ll grab a table. She crosses paths with Laura, who says her face seems to have miraculously recovered. She hopes Ava’s appearance was worth selling her soul. Ava sees a woman go past, and follows her to the ladies’ room. Wow. The stalls are huge. There’s no one else there, and she wonders where the woman went. Carly comes in, and asks how dare she show her face there? Ava asks if she’s going to congratulate her on her recovery, but Carly says her son will never recover. Ava says she’s not going to continue to hide because Sonny can’t let it go. Carly says she’s not going to rest until the world sees Ava for the ugly soul she is. She leaves, and Ava gets a text from “Unknown,” saying they know who she is.

At Kelly’s, Ava complains about the portrait Franco painted. There are too many shadows, and she wants it to be about emerging from the darkness. The woman from the MetroCourt comes in, and picks up a to-go order. Ava follows her out, but she disappears again. Ava literally runs into Nina, and asks where the woman went. She keeps seeing her and getting texts. She asks if they’re from Nina, and asks why she’s sending them. Nina has no idea what Ava is talking about. Ava says sorry she doesn’t have a baby for Nina to snatch form her womb. Nina says she had a psychotic break, but she’s moved on, and doesn’t even think about Ava anymore.

Back home, Ava says someone is messing with her, but who? There’s a knock at the door. She opens it without looking through the peephole, which makes no sense whatsoever. It’s Morgan. He says he needs help. Is this whole thing a dream? Is Bobby in the shower? I’m guessing it is a dream, since the episode is focusing on one person, and every once in a while, the close-ups are a little odd.

Ava says this isn’t real; he’s dead. He says it’s real and it’s him. She takes him to the couch, and tends to a wound on his forehead. He tells her that he has a prosthetic hand to replace the one he lost in the explosion. She asks where he’s been, but he doesn’t know. He remembers taking a car, and got out to talk to Jason. Next thing he knew, fire was everywhere. He woke up in the hospital. His hand was gone, but he was alive. Ava says that means she didn’t lose him. She loves him so much. She says his injuries are new, and Morgan tells her that he couldn’t stay at the hospital. Someone is trying to kill him. He thought maybe it was the doctors, so he came there. Ava says the person who planted the bomb is in prison, and the doctors were trying to help him. They wouldn’t have known his diagnosis, and he needs his medication. He says he was a prisoner, and wonders if he’s making it up. She says sometimes it’s difficult to think clearly without his meds. He says he can’t trust himself. He was spiraling out of control before the explosion. She says it doesn’t matter. He’s alive, and they need to tell everyone. He says he screwed up. He tells her it wasn’t an accident, and someone is trying to kill him. He asks to stay there, and she says of course.

Ava wakes up, and sees Morgan on the couch sleeping. She says he’s really there. Kiki knocks on the door. She asks if Ava slept in her clothes, and Ava asks what she’s doing there. Kiki asks if everything is okay. Ava says she’s working hard on the show, and will see her later. When she’s gone, Morgan comes out, and Ava asks why he was hiding. He doesn’t know what he’d say to Kiki, and asks if she’s still with Dillon. Ava says he really loves Kiki, and he says with all his heart. Ava gets a series of texts from Unknown, saying they’re coming. They know who she is, and what she did. She tells Morgan she’s been getting weird texts. He needs to tell the family he’s alive. He asks what if they’re not at the house? She tells him not to worry. She knows how to tell everyone he’s back.

She brings Morgan to the gallery. She says half the town will be there tonight. Franco drops by. Ava stashes Morgan in the back, and Franco gives her the final portrait. She thanks him, and hustles him out. Morgan asks what’s going on? She wants to show everyone he’s alive, and that she’s changed. People will stop blaming her for what happened. She says he’ll hear things about her, but if he ever loved her at all, trust her.

Ava visits Carly. She says she has something important to tell her and Sonny. They need to show up at the gallery tonight; it will change everything. She tells Carly that she helped Jason escape. She’s done terrible things, but she’s becoming a different person. She needs them to be there tonight, and she’ll show them.

At the gallery, Scotty congratulates Ava, and makes a toast to her being back where she belongs. She sees the mystery woman serving drinks. She asks if Griff knows her, but there’s no one there. She tells him that she must be tired. Griff feels like she’s keeping him at arm’s length. She asks him to trust her and says everything will make sense soon.

Carly and Sonny come in. Sonny says it better be good, and Ava tells him to trust her. He says that will never happen after what she did to Morgan. She says Morgan is alive, and she can prove it. She calls to Morgan, and tells him to show them he’s all right. She insists he’s there. A woman comes out in a bloody dress and says, Hello, Ava. It’s Connie Falconari.

Ava doesn’t understand. She says Morgan was here, and Connie is dead. Connie says Ava would know. Ava shot her in cold blood, left her there to die on a cold floor, and she bled out slowly and painfully. Ava says Morgan was here, and Connie can’t be here. Connie says she dreamed him up to absolve herself, but she can’t. Just like Ava can’t absolve herself of killing her. Ava says she was protecting Julian, and Connie asks if that’s true, or was it because she told the world Kiki wasn’t a Quartermaine? She ruined Ava’s plans, so Ava murdered her. Ava refuses to be judged for the rest of her life. She says Julian abused his wife; Nina stole her baby daughter; and Valentin killed Nikolas right in front of her. She tells Sonny that bodies lie in his wake for the sake of his business. What makes him better than her? He says he knows who he is. He’s made bad choices, but she lied to everyone about what she is and what she’s done, and the worst part is she lied to herself. Connie says her lies are over. It’s time to face the truth.

Ava is alone with a light shining on her. Nina says Ava stole her husband. Laura says she betrayed Nikolas and Spencer by refusing to tell the truth. Connie says Ava shot her in cold blood, without conscience or remorse. Griff is there, and Ava says to tell them she’s changed; not just her face. Tell them there’s good in her. He says he thought there was, but after seeing this, maybe some souls can’t be saved. She asks if Kiki knows better. She’s Kiki’s mama, and loves her. Kiki says she’s jealous, and switched Morgan’s pills because she wanted him for herself. Ava yells, stop it!

She opens her eyes to see the mystery woman, who asks if she’s been getting the messages. She’s the one texting. Ava doesn’t understand; she doesn’t know her at all. The woman asks if she doesn’t recognize her own daughter. It’s Avery. Ava comes closer. She says it is her. How could she not see it? She hugs Avery, and says she loves her. She doesn’t understand how Avery is all grown up, and asks if she’s dead. Avery says no, but Morgan is, because of her. She took away the medicine he needed to be sane, and he died. She lies to everyone, but most of all to herself. Ava says that Avery’s father hates her, and kept her away. Avery says he was protecting her. Ava says Carly is wrong. Her soul isn’t ugly; she’s been cleansed by fire. Her new face will show everyone what Griff sees. Avery says Griff sees what he wants to see, to justify leaving the priesthood. Ava refuses to be defined by her past, and is going to move forward, like nothing ever happened. Avery says Ava claims to be terrified that Avery will never know her, but she thinks Ava is scared that she’ll see her for what she is. Franco’s portrait appears, with Ava’s face covered in scars, and suddenly, Ava’s face looks like it did right after the accident. Avery says, time to wake up. Griff tells Ava, welcome back.

At the apartment, Ava looks at herself. Griff thought she’d be thrilled. She says she is. She says he doesn’t judge by her past; he sees the real her. She tells him that she had a dream when she was under, and he says a lot of patients dream crazy things when they are. He wonders what it was about, but she says it’s not important. The only thing that matters is she’s been given a new lease on life, and she doesn’t want to waste it. She knows where he’s taking her.

Back to the MetroCourt. Carly sees them come in, and is like, no way. Sonny says he’ll handle it. He tells Ava that she’s not welcome there, and that she can eat somewhere else. She tells him that she chooses to eat there. They both have to live their lives, for better or worse. She goes to the bar, and the bartender puts a martini in front of her. She asks how they knew. It’s grown Avery, who says she knows who Ava is.

Tomorrow, Molly says she can take care of herself, Laura says all Jim cares about is the almighty dollar, and Alexis tells Ned she can’t support his campaign or platform.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey – The Reunion, Part One

Jewel tones is the wardrobe theme. No pigtails for Margaret tonight though. Teresa wants to make out with Andy, who says he’s a great kisser. I sometimes think he’s a closet heterosexual.

We flash back to the ladies’ business ventures. The restaurant, envy, Margaret’s shoe line. Melissa says she didn’t want Joe #2 taking on another job, but when he talks about the family, she gets soft. Melissa says nothing will ever come between her and Teresa again, and everyone agrees they’re solid this time. Andy asks Margaret about how Melissa is running the boutique, and Margaret says she’s on point. We also find out Margaret sometimes wears pigtail extensions. Andy points out that Betsey Johnson tweeted while watching the show, that she still rocks pigtails at 75, and I almost pass out that she’s that old. She’s one of my favorite designers. Siggy pisses me off early on, rolling her eyes and making faces when Margaret talks about hearing from Betsey personally. Excuse me for missing it, but what is wrong with her talking about this? Andy brought it up and um… this is a reality show where people’s real lives are watched and discussed.

Margaret is up, and we go down Memory Lane with clips of her life from this season. Andy asks if the kids have reached out. She says they watch the show, but no. She says she’d be there at the drop of a hat and would take crumbs. Andy brings up that there are three husbands named Joe who are also contractors. A viewer asks if Margaret sees that she should have kept quiet. Margaret thinks she can be offensive, but it’s her humor. She says she apologized to Siggy a million times, and the only thing Siggy said truthfully was that she wanted to destroy Margaret. Siggy says she’s an Israeli, and Margaret tells her to bring it on. Dolores says this isn’t going to go well. Not unless everyone suddenly decides to act their age. And by everyone, I mean Siggy. I’ve decided she’s the most annoyingly stupid woman on earth. Or at least on Bravo, and that’s saying a lot.

We see clips of everyone’s kids, so I take a nap. Then there’s some who-ha talk. Melissa’s phone rings. It’s Ramona Singer (!). Andy answers, and tells her they’re in the middle of the effing reunion. She says goodbye, and Andy tells Melissa to put it on airplane mode. A question is asked about discipline of Teresa’s girls. She says they’ve lost a lot, and nobody is walking in her shoes. Preach it! Andy outs Teresa about banning Melissa from visiting her in prison. She says she wanted to deal with the friendship when she got back. We see clips of how the family was affected when Teresa lost her mother. Andy says seeing her dad crying struck his heart. Mine too. Teresa says he goes to the cemetery every day. Andy wonders if she’s still going to blame Joe #1 for the year she lost when he gets back. She says he has a lot of making up to do, and it was therapeutic for her to get it out in her book. Andy asks if the others would stick around, should their husbands “go away.” Melissa says she’d give Joe #2 more hell. Teresa says there wasn’t a time she seriously thought of leaving. Andy asks if Joe #1 seems different, and she says he watches the show, and realizes he’s an a-hole. Andy brings up the possibility of him getting deported. Teresa says whatever God’s plan is, is what’s going to happen, and she’ll embrace it as best she can.

Ugh! Next is Siggy and Margaret. It started with the memorial thing, and how she and Dolores felt left out. Siggy says she brought Margaret in; where’s the respect? Siggy comes off looking like an airhead Mafia wife from a comedy starring Joe Pesci. Margaret’s best line: It’s draining; you’re fifty. Andy brings up Siggy selling the Soggy T-shirts, and she says she likes to take a negative and turn it into a positive. Teresa thinks both Siggy and Margaret went below the belt. Siggy claims she never starts it. Maybe not, but she’ll sure keep it going. Margaret says she didn’t realize they weren’t coming to the memorial, and it turned into a debacle like she had a nefarious plan to leave them out. Siggy thinks when she ordered the flowers, she should have called. A viewer says Siggy and Dolores are about as mean girls as you can get, but Siggy insists it’s just fighting back. Margaret says she can dish it and take it, but she did apologize. Siggy is on a roll, and won’t shut up, even though Margaret is trying to answer her questions. Margaret thinks Siggy blaming her behavior on menopause and having a hysterectomy is victimizing women. She says Siggy is abrasive on social media. Apparently, Siggy wanted to report Margaret to PETA, because she has a taxidermized bear in her foyer. Margaret points out that veal is a baby cow who is force fed. Siggy says if Margaret makes fun of her foyer, she’s going to do the same. Margaret says Siggy always takes things to the next level. This is unbelievably stupid.

Andy tells us because of unlikely friendship, Danielle came back to the Garden State. Danielle comes out, and even Dolores thinks she looks amazing. She does. Andy says this season must have been different for her, as compared to season two. He says he never thought they’d go from flipping tables to having each other’s back. We flash back to moments of their friendship, starting with the table and ending with Teresa’s apology to Danielle’s daughters. Andy reminds them about Teresa pushing him during the last reunion Danielle attended. Melissa takes accountability for stirring the pot, saying she genuinely liked Danielle when no one else did. She never saw anything that Danielle did wrong. Teresa says there was never any real ill intent. Danielle talks about her children having been affected by the things Teresa said, and at one point, they moved because of it. We find out Danielle had sex in the bathroom at the Gorgas restaurant, but she says she got permission. Alrighty then. Siggy says it was inappropriate and disgusting. Dolores says Teresa is a big girl, and if she wants a friendship with Danielle, it’s up to her, but if that changes, she promises not to hold it over Teresa’s head that she warned her. Yeah, right. She and Siggy are like, fourteen mentally, at most.

Here comes Cakegate. Andy says it led to tears, a never-ending feud, and a memorable therapy session. We see clips of the cake fight, and Siggy’s subsequent embarrassment of Melissa at her purse party. Siggy is insane. Siggy says a lot of thought, time, and effort went into the cake. Melissa says she understood why Siggy was upset. Melissa had no idea the cake was going to end up on her face, but when it did, she had fun with it. Teresa says she was upset that the bottom was plastic. Melissa says the name-calling was upsetting. Siggy acts like she had too much to drink, and doesn’t remember, and says she owns it. Margaret says that doesn’t make it right. Siggy says they hold her to a higher ground, but I think she means standard, and says it must be the kosher thing. What? A viewer asks about her calling out Melissa, and Siggy makes it sound like we missed something, didn’t see both sides, and she was just being funny. Melissa says Siggy tried to shame her, and she was embarrassed. Siggy says she was just trying to make a point and wanted her feelings acknowledged. Margaret says if someone did that to her, she’d be all sensitive about it. Siggy thinks Melissa should have had her back more. Melissa says it was a different Siggy than last year. Siggy apologizes if Melissa was embarrassed. Margaret points out the if – something I hate too – and Siggy says Margaret inserts herself where she doesn’t belong. Siggy says they shouldn’t overanalyze it, but Andy says it’s a reunion; they overanalyze everything.

Teresa says Melissa handled it well, and doesn’t think she would have. Melissa says she doesn’t like to be talked down to, and doesn’t think she deserved it. They talk about Siggy saying her IQ is 167. Siggy says she just made the number up, and Margaret says like she made up her career with no degree. Ouch! Siggy says she tried her hardest to bring friendships together, but she’s accepted it, and moved on. Andy asks Melissa if she understands why Dolores and Siggy insist on staying friends with Kim D. Melissa is baffled, saying Kim D tries to ruin businesses and families, and it’s not like they’re related to her. Dolores says if it hadn’t been a fundraiser, she wouldn’t have done it. Siggy says she knew Kim D five years before Melissa, and Melissa says, who cares? Margaret tells them that Kim D hurts the entire family, and it’s complicit to associate with her and defend her.

Andy says, guess what? She’s here! Teresa goes, blech, and the witch comes out. Teresa says she thought it was Real Housewives of New Jersey, not Tales from the Crypt. Kim D is like, ha-ha-ha, so funny. Teresa says if Kim D takes jabs at her family, Teresa will take jabs at her. Kim D says if Teresa messes with her, she’ll go back to jail – clink-clink! Teresa gets up.

Next time, Dolores and Danielle go at it, Kim D accuses Teresa of stealing, Siggy screams at Margaret, Teresa says Kim D is a madam (or magnum, as she puts it), and Danielle walks out. Now that Teresa has brought it up, Kim D does look like an old, washed-up madam. Like Sylvia Miles in that horror movie about the carnival. Oddly enough, she’s dressed like a nun next to the others.

If Loving You is Wrong

Eddie is shooting like a wild man, and Lushion punches him out. He asks if Eddie is crazy, and Eddie says Lushion knows he is. Larry says he’s a wild one, and he loves it. Eddie says he’s going to kill them, and Larry says he’s taking notes. Eddie tells them they have no idea what they’ve started. Larry says he’s going to break Eddie like a stallion, and that Eddie is really only a Shetland pony. Eddie says Larry is going to be in a box by the end of the week. He leaves, and Natalie asks what happened. Lushion tells her not to ask.

Stephen arrives on his motorcycle, and asks Lushion if everything is all right. Lushion says everything is under control, and thanks for showing up an hour late. Stephen tells Esperanza he’s not there because of Travis. He asks if she saw Eddie in his new get-up. She has a picture, and he wants to see it. She shows him her phone. He asks if Eddie is into this kind of stuff, but she says if he is, she never knew. He says it’s all over the station, and she says he’s going to have a rough day tomorrow. Stephen asks if he can meet Esperanza at her place, but she tells him to go home. He begs, and she tells him to stop. He says if he sees the porch lights on, he’ll come by. She says they’re always on, and it’s not the old West. She gets in her car, and calls him. She tells him not to flirt in front of the others again. She doesn’t want them in her business. He says, so now they have business? She says no, but her porch light will be on.

Ian tells Lushion Kelly isn’t good. He says representing her is a conflict, and Lushion has to find her a new lawyer. He can recommend someone, but it’s competition, and he has to run it by Larry. Lushion asks if Larry is into the S&M thing. Ian says he’s heard some things, but tries to stay away from that. He’s heard Larry and his wife throw wild parties though. Lushion says Larry had a run-in with a bad officer. Ian asks what he did. Lushion says he had him in a crazy position, and Eddie isn’t going to let it go. Ian says Larry is formidable and ruthless. That’s why he doesn’t know if he can do anything for Kelly.

Natalie says she’ll make something to help Kelly sleep. Kelly thanks her for everything. She doesn’t know if she’ll get through this, but Natalie says she will. She thanks Lushion, and he tells her to get some rest.

Stephen knocks on Esperanza’s door. She tells him to come in. She lounges provocatively in a lingerie ensemble. She asks if this is what he wants, and he says, yes ma’am. He says she knows he likes her. All the coffee he brings her at the station, and the flirting. He tells her he’s being respectful because of her, not Eddie. She says Eddie has run off every boyfriend she’s tried having. He asks if he’s her boyfriend, but she tells him she didn’t say that. They’re just two people who clicked. She loved that he didn’t run away, and he asks if that turned her on. She says he turns her on, and tells him to take his clothes off. She’s going to sleep with him when she wants to, see him when she wants to, and when she says it’s over, it’s over. He says he’ll take whatever she wants to give. She tells him to get on his knees.

Alex asks why Brad didn’t wake her up, but he says there was no need to. She wonders if he didn’t want to talk to her, and he says it’s nothing like that. She asks for a hug and kiss. He barely hugs and kisses her, and she thinks it felt forced. He asks what she wants. She says she didn’t go over there, and would like him to believe her. He says, okay. He tells her he’s going to wait outside for Marcie to bring the car back. He tells her he’s trying to get past it, but it’s not easy.

Esperanza says it’s time for Stephen to go. She tells him not to look at her strangely at work, and he feigns ignorance. He asks if she thinks she’s that good, and she says she knows. She says he’s okay; she’s had better. He doesn’t believe her, and says she smiles when she’s lying. He has a trained eye. She tells him not to leave his socks or little Stephen trinkets behind. She tries to keep her daughter out of the madness, but it’s getting harder. She tells him her daughter comes first, and she’s coming back today. She says when you deal with a sociopath like Eddie, you understand the need to be in control. He tells her to let him know when they can meet again. She tells him not to even acknowledge her at work today. He leaves, and she smiles as she makes the bed.

Ian calls Marcie. He says if everything goes well, he’d like to close this week. She says she’ll call the inspector. She asks what he knows about Larry. She asked him to rep her in the divorce, but she was at the house when the shooting happened, and he was there. He was drunk and strange. Ian says he’s an incredible attorney, but he can be out there. Marcie wonders if he’d break privilege. She told him something she hasn’t told Randal. Ian thinks she should talk to Larry about it.

Marcie calls Larry. Larry is sleeping, and Randal picks up. She idiotically starts the conversation with, I know you didn’t tell Randal I’m pregnant. Randal says, so you are, and she asks what he’s doing with Larry’s phone. He asks what she’s doing pregnant? She hangs up, and he calls back. He asks if she’s having the bastard’s baby, and she says she is. He asks if she’s taking it that far, and she asks if it upsets him. He hopes she has it, and she asks if he’s threatening her. He says she hasn’t been able to carry one before. She calls him a sick bleeped-out-word, and hangs up. She’s like, great.

Randal dumps a bucket of water on Larry, who jumps up like a cartoon character. Randal says, so she is pregnant; she just told him. He tells Larry to get out of his house. In the car, Larry calls Marcie. She’s like, wth? and asks if Larry told him. Larry says he was talking about Alex. She asks what kind of sick friends they are, and he says he’s sorry. She says he’s also fired. Bad day for Larry.

Randal sees Brad on the porch. He says Brad did it. Brad says what? and Randal says Marcie is pregnant with his baby. Brad says she is, and Randal says, good. Brad asks if Marcie told him, and Randal says don’t worry about it. Brad asks if it was Alex, and Randal says, it was. He asks when, and Randal says last night. Brad asks what time, but he doesn’t know. He claims she wants him back. Brad says he’s lying. Randal tells him to ask her, but Brad isn’t giving him the satisfaction. He says as a man, he’s telling Brad the truth. Brad says to get off his property. Randal says he’s on the sidewalk. He has a really funny look on his face, like he’s bummed. Brad says he’s tired of Randal. If he thinks the ladder was something, wait until what’s next. Brad says Marcie is coming to pick him up, and accuses Randal of putting sugar in her gas tank, calling him immature. He asks if it doesn’t get old, and Randal says he’s not done with this. He goes back home.

Lushion comes home and asks Natalie what time she went to bed. She says around four, but Kelly’s been up all night. He says that’s not good; she has to give her statement to the police today. She asks if anybody talked to Justice. Lushion says he doesn’t know if anything happened. Natalie wonders if Kelly can get off. He says if Ian was handling it, she would, but he has a conflict. His partner represents Travis and his church. He tells Natalie that Kelly has no money, and they’ll have to figure it out.

Kelly is sitting on the couch, and tells Lushion it’s a beautiful day; almost like nothing happened. She asks how Travis is, but they haven’t heard anything. He tells her he’ll call, but they have to go to the station. Natalie comes out and asks how she is, but Kelly doesn’t know. Natalie tells her it will be okay. Kelly starts to cry. Lushion insists that they have to go. Kelly says she hasn’t heard from Ian, and Lushion says they’ll call on the way.

Larry has a headache, and rightly so. Ian asks what he did last night, but he says Ian doesn’t want to know. Ian says they have a problem. Larry says shoot, but Ian says wrong word. Travis was shot last night. His parents want a press conference at noon. He asks if Larry realizes he’s not nineteen. Larry asks who shot him, and Ian says his ex-girlfriend. He was representing her before this, and they found strange evidence he was stalking her. Larry says it was the other way around, but Ian says Travis drove by her house 46 times in one day, and it gets worse. He hacked into her accounts, pretended to be her husband, and misrepresented her on several loans. He’s worse than his brother. Larry asks if the DA has it, and Ian says, not yet. Larry says then they bury it. Ian says she’s innocent, and Larry asks when they gave a sh*t about that? Ian tells Larry that he was representing her. Larry says now he’s not. Ian doesn’t want to let it get buried, and Larry says he’s too naïve. Travis’s parents and church pay them millions. It’s getting buried. He doesn’t want to hear about it, and Kelly needs another lawyer. He reminds Ian who owns this place. He’s owner and senior partner. If it falls in their lap, he’ll be upset. Ian says he’ll take care of it.

At the station, Kelly freaks about going into the interrogation room. She tells Lushion that she can’t do this again. He tells her to just breathe. She asks if he’ll wait with her, and he says he will. She says her lawyer’s not calling her back. He tells her not to say a word until she gets a lawyer. A man comes in, introducing himself as Tony Isaacs. Kelly says she’s not talking without a lawyer. He tells her that she’s under arrest for the murder of Travis Caine.

Next time, Alex insists she didn’t go over there, Larry tells Randal that he’ll sue, and Brad thinks about leaving.

🔎  Relative Success with Tabatha shows a lot of promise. Tabatha is tackling family businesses this time around. I love how much Tabatha looks like a pixie, and how she hasn’t really changed her style. I’m all for changing it up, but I also think if you find something that looks good on you, keep it. Tonight’s episode was about a large family of pizzeria owners. The father, and main owner, had to decide whether to go with an investor or hand the business over to the kids. Their need was consistent brand identity, and the kids were always at odds about how to run things. Tabatha’s recommendation was to go with the investor, who seemed to want to preserve the family legacy. In the end, the kids came together, and the father amicably parted ways with the investor. Tabatha told us that although she felt the investor was the way to go, the family changed her mind. That’s another thing I like about her, she’s someone who really does own it. She’ll stick to her guns and tell you what’s on her mind, but she admits it when she’s wrong and also keeps an open mind.



January 16, 2017 – Josslyn Gets The Talk, Candace Turns Oscar Down, Dorit is Late & Some Fluff


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Josslyn says Carly sounds serious; it must be major. Carly says it is.

Kim tells Oscar that they have to talk.

Michael shows up at the gallery, saying Nelle didn’t need to have the lab results sent to his office. She wanted to make sure he knew they were real, and he says he thought she might want to be there when they were opened. Nelle tells him she already knows what it says, but wouldn’t mind seeing the look on his face when he sees he’s the baby’s father.

At the hospital, Griff asks Ava how it went. She says she has the all clear. In a few hours, her scars, and all the ugliness they represent, will be a bad memory.

Jake visits Drew at the office. He needs to ask a question. It’s Father/Son Day at school next week, and Jake needs him to be there.

Jason and Sonny look at PK Sinclair’s last email. You referred to the sequel. Clearly you haven’t read the ending. Jason says it ends with the son killing the father. Sonny says PK wants to kill Faison.

Carly tells Josslyn that seeing her in the cocktail dress scared her. She looked beautiful and grown up. It’s fun to try on being adult, but she’s fourteen and just discovering who she is. The next few years are pivotal, and Carly doesn’t want her to slingshot to the end. When she tells Josslyn she wants her to slow down, it’s because she wants her to experience all of it. She wants Josslyn to get to know herself and who she is, so she can make big decisions from a place of self-control and responsibility, not because she’s being pressured. Josslyn asks if this is “the talk.”

Oscar can’t believe Kim is doing this in public, but she says she didn’t bring her megaphone. She thinks he needs a refresher course, and asks why is he pretending that what’s happening, isn’t? He asks what she’s talking about, and she asks why Josslyn has condoms. He says it has nothing to do with either of them. Josslyn is holding them for a friend (yeah, I used that one too). Trina is afraid her mom will find them. Kim says they shouldn’t do it, and he says they’re not doing it. She tells him, good, because fourteen is too young.

Nelle tells Michael she would say congratulations, but isn’t sure it’s something he wants to celebrate. He’s glad he knows truth, and she asks if he thought it would say something else. He says, no. His gut told him that it was his baby. Nelle says, so it’s just for his parents. She says Carly is going to hate it, but Michael says all that matters is the baby. Whatever they can do to raise a healthy, happy child, sign him up. She asks what he’s doing next Monday.

Ava tells Kiki that she can’t thank her enough; she doesn’t deserve it. Kiki wants her to feel whole, but tells her to be careful. She doesn’t want Ava to think because her face is fixed, everything else is fine. She needs to figure out what’s going on inside. Ava says she might be pleasantly surprised. Once this horrific chapter is behind her, the rest will fall into place.

Drew tells Jake it must be important. Jake says they eat doughnuts with their dads, show them around the classroom, and do a cool science project together. Drew says if Jake wants him there, he’s there. Elizabeth comes in, and Jake asks if he’s in trouble. Elizabeth says it depends on why he’s there, and Jake says he wanted to tell Drew about Father/Son Day. Elizabeth says she would have brought him, but Jake says he thought maybe she would want him to take the other guy.

Jason tells Sonny there was a backer who Andre never saw. Faison is their best guess, and they have reason to believe the traitor is his son. Jason wants Faison, and wants to know why he did the switch. Sonny says they’re going to figure it out, and use his son to do it

Josslyn says this is coming out of nowhere, and Carly says that’s how she felt when the condoms fell out of Josslyn’s backpack, and no, she wasn’t snooping. Josslyn says she was holding them for a friend, and Carly says that’s the oldest excuse in the book. Josslyn tells her that Trina is seeing a junior, and was afraid her mom would find them. Carly says, thank God; she’s too young. Trina is too young too, but Trina isn’t her daughter. She’s not doing it, is she? Josslyn says no, and Carly asks if they’ve talked about it. Josslyn says, not once. Carly thinks the universe is trying to tell her something, and asks Josslyn to have a seat.

Kim tells Oscar when she heard about the condoms, she was actually happy that at least what she’d told him had sunk in. Oscar says they haven’t even talked about it. Kim tells him if and when they decide, it’s really important that they’re both on the same page, they both feel the same, and want the same things. As much as people say it’s not a big deal, it is. Oscar keeps rubbing his arm, and Kim asks what’s up with that? He tells her that Drew was teaching him some boxing moves and strategies, and it was really cool. Kim says she’s glad they talked, grabs her stuff, and jets, leaving both Oscar and I puzzled.

Nelle tells Michael that maybe he wants to come to her next prenatal visit. She’s having a sonogram, and he can see the baby. She says it’s really cool to listen to its heartbeat; it sounds like a horse galloping. She tells him that Kim thinks it’s important to have the father involved for bonding, but he doesn’t have to be. Michael says he wants to be, and plans to be as involved as he can. The paternity test isn’t the only reason he came to the gallery though. He thinks Ava has an ulterior motive, and that she’s setting Nelle up.

Griff asks if Ava is nervous, but she says she’s energized. She has to run by the gallery to check on an important client. She calls him a guardian angel, and says he saved her.

Jake tells Elizabeth it’s not that doesn’t like Jason; he doesn’t know him. Elizabeth understands, and asks if he feels pressured about having a relationship with Jason. He says no, but she talks about him a lot, and he thought she’d want him to take Jason to the Father/Son Day. She says no one expects that of him; not until he’s ready. He asks, what if he’s never ready, and she says it would be a shame. Jason is a great dad, and he’s lucky to have two amazing fathers. Jake says Jason is a stranger. Elizabeth agrees, but says he didn’t go away because wanted to. He was taken, like Helena took Jake; taken away from everyone he loved and what belonged to him. The cool part is that he didn’t try to grab everything back even though he could have. He respects everyone’s feelings, and loves Jake and Danny. She’s not saying how he should feel, but thinks it’s important that he knows Jason only wants what’s best for him. He’s Jake’s biological father, and she hopes one day when he’s ready, Jake gets to know him.

Sonny tells Jason when he finds Faison, he’s not going to question him; he’s going to kill him. Jason wants answers. Sonny thinks he knows. Obrecht said Faison was looking for an enforcer. It was impossible to have Jason, so he turned him into Drew. Jason wonders if it could be that simple. Sonny says that Jason eliminates quickly and cleanly, and does whatever Sonny asks him to. Who wouldn’t want that? Jason has to hear it from Faison. Sonny says he might be able to, once they smoke him out. Jason asks what Sonny has in mind?

Carly asks Josslyn if other kids are talking about it, and she says, some. Carly asks if they’re doing it or just talking, and Josslyn says, both. Carly suggests she take what she hears with a grain of salt. Kids think sex will make them grow up, and they pretend to do it or actually do before they’re ready. She asks if Trina’s boyfriend is pressuring her. Josslyn doesn’t think so. Trina seems to be into it, and says it’s no big deal. Carly says it is a big deal. It’s intimate and personal, and there’s only once chance for the first time, so it should be memorable. She and Oscar aren’t ready. Josslyn says she seems to be forgetting they’re not having sex. Carly wishes she had waited, and could look back and smile, but she can’t. Her first time was with an older man who didn’t really care about her. Josslyn asks why she did it, and Carly says she wanted to be a woman and make own choices. At the time, it was the biggest choice she could make, but it didn’t make her feel older or cooler, it just complicated things. She wants Josslyn to have a different experience, when she’s older and emotionally ready. She wants Josslyn to be with someone she trusts and feels safe with, in a loving environment, so it can be something she’ll look back on and smile.

Michael tells Nelle that Ava is a liar at best, and a murderer at worst. Nelle says she was the only one who would give her job, and she’s been nothing but kind. Michael says she wants something. He doesn’t know what, but when people get close to her, they get hurt. Nelle thanks him for the warning, but when it comes to Ava, her eyes are wide open. Funny. That’s what Michael told Carly about Nelle.

Griff tells Ava she’ll have confidence of who she is at her core. She dances into her surgery appointment.

Drew loves Jake, and loves being his dad, but Jake owes it to himself to get to know his biological father. Jake asks if it won’t upset Drew, but Drew says Jason is just another person to love him, and that’s a good thing. Jake asks if he’ll still see Drew, and Drew says Jake will get sick of him. Jake says never. Drew says Jake’s mom is right. He knows Jason does the right thing, and that makes him a good guy, but he’s missing out because he has no Jake in his life.

Jason writes an email to PK Sinclair: I can help you get the ending you want. He says, now we wait. Michael calls Jason asking him to meet at Kelly’s. Sonny says he’s going to call Spinelli and have him link the email accounts. Jason leaves, and Sonny says, PK Sinclair, come out, come out, wherever you are.

Carly wonders why Josslyn was telling Oscar that something was going to blow his mind. Josslyn realizes she thought they were talking about sex, and tells her she was clearly wrong. There are new attire guidelines for the dance, and one prohibits kids not dressing according to their gender. There’s one kid who identifies as female, and is being forced to wear a guy’s clothing. Carly thinks it’s awful, and Josslyn says it’s kind of her fault. Her friend has been bullied, so they complained, but instead of punishing the bullies, they’re punishing her with stupid rules. Carly says, good for her, sticking up for her friend, but Josslyn says she’s not done. They decide to throw an alternative dance – come as you are, wear and be want you want. They planned it the same night as the school dance, hoping for a boycott, but it could be grounds for suspension. It’s not ideal, but she’s committed to seeing it through. Carly says she should. Caring for people and doing what feels right is important, and Carly is proud of her.

Griff runs into Kiki, who wonders how is it she never sleeps, but can’t manage to talk to Dillon. He hopes he didn’t make her feel uncomfortable, and Kiki says no. Her mom is way off base. He asks how things are with her and Ava. She says it’s not the first time Ava has hurt her, and it won’t be the last.

Kim bursts into Drew’s office, saying she didn’t raise her son to be soldier. He’s teaching him boxing. What next? Target practice or ROTC? She tells him not to turn Oscar into something he’s not. Drew says, fair enough, but he’s no longer in the Navy. This is what he does now. He doesn’t remember being a SEAL, and is pretty sure he was never a recruiter. He’s not trying to get her son to do anything. Kim apologizes, and says he did nothing wrong.

Michael tells Jason about the paternity results. He’s a father. He’s never been so terrified and excited at the same time. Jason says welcome to parenthood. Michael says he got involved with an unstable woman, and now they’re having a baby. He’s taking responsibility, but what if the baby isn’t okay? Jason says it will be; it will have him.

Sonny tells Carly it’s early for wine, but she says not after the conversation she just had with Josslyn. He asks if she wants to talk about it, and she says not really. Sonny tells her she’s taught Josslyn by example to be strong, confident, and demand respect; sometimes too confident. Carly wonders if they’ll survive the teenage or will it kill her? Sonny says not if he can help it.

Josslyn joins Oscar back at Kelly’s. He asks what was up with her mom, and she says, awkward mom stuff. He knows.

Kim tells Drew she’s been having this conversation for fifteen years, and Drew says, now he suddenly shows up. She says her son was never aggressive, now he’s boxing. Drew explains that Oscar asked him. Apparently, a friend is getting bullied, and he wanted to defend them if necessary. Kim wonders if Oscar was really talking about himself, but Drew says he believes it. Kim says Oscar is a terrible liar, so he’s probably telling the truth. She apologizes for overreacting, saying she barged in and practically accused him of pumping Oscar full of steroids, when Oscar came to him. Drew says it shows he’s a good kid; she’s raising him well.

Ava goes to gallery. Nelle thought she’d be prepping for surgery, and Ava says she’s on her way. She asks about a painting, and Nelle gives her the receipt. Ava says maybe she’s catching on, but asks if that’s the only thing making her smile. She says that, and Michael was there. it went really well, and she might be on her way to being friends with him again. If she plays her cards right, maybe more than that eventually.

Jason tells Michael that he was the first baby he remembers holding. He had no idea, and knew nothing about kids. Michael says he got on the job training, and Jason says Michael taught him how to be father. Michael taught him how to open his heart up to another human being, and he learned to love someone else more than himself. Michael says there’s so much at stake. What if he messes up? Jason says he won’t. He has great instincts. No matter who the mom is, the baby has a right to everything good, and he knows Michael will do that. Michael says his life is going to majorly change, and Jason says, in the best way. There are one and a million amazing things he’ll see; the first times – a smile, words, the first everything, and he’ll be there. Michael says it’s a gift, but terrifying. Jason says he’s happy for him, and happier for the baby. The baby could do worse for a father. Michael says he’s got this. They hug.

Kiki says Ava is lucky to have Griff, but he says he’s the lucky one. The road might be longer and rougher, but he believes today will be a turning point.

Ava tells Nelle it means zip with that family. They forget nothing, and don’t forgive. The Corinthos family has closed their ranks forever to her. Nelle asks what she should do, and Ava tells her to cut her losses, and move on to a new Prince Charming. Anything else is an exercise in futility. Nelle says she’s probably right. The hormones are making her sentimental. Ava tells her to hold down the fort.

Kim tells Drew it will take time; it’s been just them for so long. Drew promises he won’t overstep or try to be an insta-dad if Oscar comes to him. Kim thanks him.

Jason tells Michael to practice deep breathing; he’ll learn as he goes. Michael asks, what about Nelle, and Jason says that’s not his problem. Michael and Jason part company.

Nelle tells the baby not to listen to Ava. Daddy is the only Prince Charming she wants.

Elizabeth takes Jake to Kelly’s. He sees Jason through the window. Jake hesitantly waves. Jason waves back.

Sonny gets a message from PK Sinclair saying they should meet. Jason comes back, and he says Sinclair took the bait; he wants to meet. Is Jason ready? He’s ready.

Tomorrow, Ava is ready to be a new woman, Scotty toasts to Ava, and Ava sees Morgan.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Veronica starts screaming that she smells gas. Melissa tells her to keep screaming. She wanted to take the scenic route, and no one can hear her. She didn’t care that Melissa’s father died, and now it’s her turn. Jeffrey is going to dance on her grave. Veronica keeps calling for help, but Melissa refuses to do anything. She’s going to sit there and wait for Veronica to die. She’s never smelled fried bitch before.

Benny and Mitch drive by and see Melissa sitting near the overturned car. They tell her to get away; the car might blow, but she hopes it does. They realize someone else is in the car. Mitch asks if Melissa is crazy, and she says after dealing with Veronica, it’s a possibility. Mitch runs to get a fire extinguisher. Veronica is going nuts, and Benny tells her to relax so he can help. Benny pulls her from the car.

At the hotel desk, Jim tells Broderick that his room key doesn’t work. Broderick says that’s because it’s not his credit card. Jim says if Broderick doesn’t get him in his room now, there won’t be a need for hotel policy; he’ll burn this bitch to the ground. He says he knows about Broderick and his wife scheming against him. Broderick gives him a new key.

Jim watches the news in his room. The DA says they’re close to making an arrest. The reporter wonders if it’s going to be a Cryer. Jim watches, and says, I know you. Oscar calls, and tells him to open the door. He asks what Oscar has. It’s good news and bad news. His son’s accounts are offshore, but they’re in luck, because he’s a bit of an addict. He went looking for drugs, and a thug got his ATM card, but they were arrested. Oscar thinks they should have recovery in a week. He asks where Jim wants the money to go, and Jim says he’ll text the information. He wants to get in touch with Sarah Duffy at the DA’s office, but no one can know.

Benny tells Melissa to be careful what she says. She says Benny should have let her die; she’s a wicked bitch. Benny thinks Melissa should go to the hospital, but she doesn’t want to. The EMT says it’s policy, although I’m not so sure about that. Veronica begs Benny to go with her to the hospital. Mitch tells him to go ahead, and Benny gets in the ambulance.

A guy does paperwork in Wyatt’s apartment. Wyatt walks in, and he introduces himself as Isaac. He says Anna called to be reassigned, and he was sent over. She’s been compromised because of the two of them sleeping together. Wyatt wants to talk to her, but Isaac says it’s not possible. Wyatt tells him to get out. Isaac knows Wyatt is upset. Anna is a recovering addict, and felt weak with him. Wyatt asks why she didn’t tell him, and Isaac says in the past, that’s how these situations have been handled. Wyatt tells Isaac he’s fired, and hustles him out. Wyatt calls Anna, and leaves a message. He can’t believe she walked out on him like that.

Oscar calls Wyatt, saying he’s with the Savannah police department, and they have someone who tried to use his ATM card. Wyatt says she tried to rob him. Oscar asks her name, and Wyatt tells him it’s Quita. Oscar asks if he wants them to file a report with the bank, but Wyatt says no, and hangs up on him. Oscar calls him an arrogant ass.

In a hotel stockroom, Broderick talks to Rocky, about Jim, saying he’s going to get Jim’s wife. Rocky says revenge is a good way to ruin the plan they have going. Broderick says they need to start making other plans. Rocky thinks they should get more girls, but Broderick isn’t down with that plan anymore. He needs bigger money than that. Rocky doesn’t think Kathryn will be interested, but Broderick says anyone married to a prick like that isn’t happy. He can at least fool her long enough for her to think she is. He tells Rocky that she’s worth $250 million, and Rocky is like, damn, that’s a lot of money. Broderick says he just has to make her feel special and get out. Rocky says everything is about appearance, and no way she’d be seen with him in public on her own. He doesn’t want their plan jeopardized. Broderick says that’s not going to happen.

Hanna sings Amazing Grace as she cleans. The bell rings. It’s a man Kathryn sent to fix the leak. He says he built the place, and introduces himself as Derek. He asks how long it’s been leaking, and Hanna says she just moved in, but she’s just staying until she finds a place. She says she can’t afford it there, and asks if he knows of a place that’s a third of the price. He does, but it’s on the other side of town. She’s fine with that, and he says he’ll leave his card.

The morgue calls. Hanna says she’ll come down and get them. She asks the Lord to help her. Derek has to shut the water off, and asks if she’s okay. She says her grandson was murdered. The morgue found something in his pocket, and she has to go get it. He asks if there’s anything he can do, and she says fix the sink.

Kathryn’s phone rings. It’s Hanna, who tells her about the morgue calling. Kathryn asks if Hanna wants her to go along, but Hanna just wants to know if it’s okay to leave Derek there. Kathryn says he’s completely trustworthy, and to call her when she gets back.

David puts a bed together. Erica says he works fast, and he says she shops fast. He’s hoping she likes the bed, but she thinks it’s a little masculine. He asks her to help him with his feminine side. His phone rings, but he doesn’t recognize the number, so he doesn’t answer.

Candace asks to pay for another night at the hotel, but it’s been paid for a month. She says she must have forgotten, and Broderick tells her it was paid for in cash. She goes to the bar, and Oscar sits next to her. He tells her that he paid the bill, and she asks why. He says he still has the mark, but she says she’s not interested. He asks what’s wrong with her, and why she’s so angry. She says she wouldn’t be if he hadn’t stolen her money. Oscar tells her she’s not getting it back, but he’s trying to help her, and Charles still asks about her. She tells him to leave her alone, and he says he’ll cancel her stay. She’s like, okay, and he wonders what her plan is. Candace says it’s to get him the hell away from her.

Oscar’s phone rings, and he asks about Quita being arrested. Candace asks what he knows about her. He says she robbed someone, and he wants information to do a recovery deal. She asks if it’s Jim, and Oscar says it’s his son; Jim’s trying to get back his inheritance. Candace says it should be easy; he’s an idiot, and Quita is a bigger idiot. She suggests she help him, but he says he’s got this already. He asks if she has any idea what First Ladies make after leaving office. The mark is primed ready to go, and she’d rather bully old men. He asks what happened? She had a fire in her when they met, but now she’s like a regular old whore, waiting for the next john. He says Jeffrey is sitting in jail for a murder she’s responsible for. Candace is surprised to hear that, and Oscar says if he was her, he’d think about securing his future in case Jeffrey decides to talk. He tells her she’s running out of time, and she tells him to get away from her. She calls Veronica, and leaves a message to call her back.

The morgue guy gives Hanna a plastic bag of Quincy Jr’s things. She takes out a piece of paper. It’s a letter that starts with, God, please help… Hanna clutches it to her chest, and says she’s sorry.

Justin gets Jeffrey out of his cell. Again? All the prisoners hoot and holler as they walk past. Justin takes Jeffrey to the interrogation room, and tells him to have a seat. Justin sits on the table and asks if he’s okay. He hates that Jeffrey is in there. He found David’s cell number, but he’s not answering. Jeffrey gives him the password to unlock his phone, and says try calling from there. Justin says he’ll be okay. Jeffrey asks to go back to his cell, but Justin says it’s shift change; they have time. He sits on Jeffrey’s lap and Jeffrey says someone could walk in. Justin says it’s more fun that way, and Jeffrey asks if Justin’s wife thinks it’s fun. He asks if Justin has talked to her. Justin says he doesn’t care; he just cares about Jeffrey. Jeffrey says she could make it worse for him being a judge. Justin says he knows Jeffrey loves him. Jeffrey says he barely knows him, and asks him to stop and just find his dad. Justin says if Jeffrey doesn’t love him, it will mean he did all this for nothing. He tells Jeffrey to say it, and Jeffrey says, I love you; now find his dad. Justin starts kissing him.

Landon asks Charles what’s going on? Charles can’t get his tablet to work. He doesn’t know what he’d do without Landon, and Landon says ditto. Charles says it’s just a job for him, but Landon says he’s wrong. He loves his job, but it’s also his pleasure to work for Charles. He admires and respects him. He hasn’t met anyone like him; he’s real, decent, and honest. He has true compassion for people. He tells Charles that his top-secret clearance is causing his apps not to work, but he’ll take care of it. He says Charles has a late start tomorrow, and asks if he wants to go for a drink. Charles says okay, but as his friend, not his employer.

David pours drinks for himself and Erica. His phone rings and he ignores it. Hers rings, and she decides to do the same. He asks what if it’s her ex, and she says she blocked the number. She looks at the phone, and says it’s her sister. She calls back, and it’s Candace. David wanders away, and Candace says she wants to get this bastard, or Erica’s ass will be dead. Erica says she’s sorry, and asks how she can make it up. Candace says a few hundred grand. Erica asks how much time, and Candace says when she calls back, Erica had better have it. Erica tells David that her sister was just checking up on her.

Veronica is wheeled into the hospital on a gurney, with Benny holding her hand. Hanna is coming toward them, and she and Benny lock eyes.

Next time, Jeffrey won’t talk to the DA, Justin is going to bash someone’s head in, and Melissa harasses Veronica in the hospital.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Dorit needs an uber caffeine boost for her swimwear meeting. She was on the cusp of going to the next level, when she met PK, and postponed her career to start a family. She wouldn’t trade it for anything, but is ready to get back to work. She thinks it’s going to be a killer collection. Nava means beautiful in Hebrew, and is Phoenix’s middle name, so that’s what she’s calling the line. She wants to launch for resort 2017. I’m not sure when this was filmed, but her assistants tell her she’s cutting it short. She thinks the line should reflect her, and it’s agreed that red is having a moment.

Teddi, who is a nice balance for this show, is meeting Dorit for drinks at four. She’s punctual, and believes it’s polite. We’re totally on the same page there. I hate, hate, hate when someone keeps me waiting. It’s disrespectful. She has a glass of wine, and has been waiting for a half hour. In her interview, she says if she wanted to have some wine alone, she would have done it in the comfort of her home. After forty minutes, and a bunch of unanswered texts, she’s calling it a day. As soon as she asks for the check, Dorit tells us she was laser focused on her teleconference meeting. In her interview, Teddi says she’s not an electronical wizard but is pretty sure Dorit could have sent a text while she was on the phone. She tells Dorit, another time, and Dorit babbles that she didn’t realize. Dorit is about fifteen minutes away, but Teddi is like, later. Dorit is all, sorry, sorry, sorry. In her interview, Teddi says thanks for the apology, but it’s a different kind of person who doesn’t even realize they’re that late to meet someone.

Kyle says she doesn’t have swans or horses, but still feels like she has a zoo with all her dogs. Ha-ha! Yes, she does. The little one just peed on the wall. Rich people – they’re just like us. LisaR video chats from Canada. Kyle asks when she’s coming back. She’s filling in for Kelly on Kelly and whoever-it-is-now in the morning. In her interview, LisaR says she was very close to being Regis’s co-host, and does a decent impression of him.

Lisa goes to Vanderpump Dogs and plays with a puppy. She says it’s been a labor of love, and we look at different clips of their progress. She says they were throwing in with another organization, but decided it was too sketchy. She loves having the rescue center, even though it’s riddled with emotional turmoil. Every time they get a dog that was going to be euthanized a good home, it’s worth it. The staff shows her a stray dog they brought in from the street, and she says it looks like Ken. They show their pictures side by side, and by God, she’s right.

Kyle meets Erika for lunch, and orders beet juice. She asks about Tokyo, and Erika had a great time. LisaR’s daughters are doing well on the modeling front, cut her no slack, and it was hilarious. Kyle tells Erica that she has two shows in development. In her interview, Kyle says every time she has an idea, she thinks her sisters will be upset, but she has exceptional stories to tell. Erica tells her about Tom breaking his ankle in a car accident. In her interview, she says he’s a 78-year-old who’s 50. It sounds like the car didn’t make it though.

Erika confers with her assistant. They talk about jet lag, how you think you’re cool, and then you’re not, and I identify. Erika tells him about Tom’s accident, and says it could have been worse. In her interview, she says she realized that one day she’ll be alone, and things can change in a moment. It’s the first time she’s seen Tom not super human. He’s in a lot of pain, and he doesn’t like to acknowledge it. She saw a flash of fear, and she’d never seen that before. It’s scary.

Kyle visits Teddi’s gym. Teddi says for the first five minutes, Kyle might hate her. Instructor Adam teaches them on a climbing machine. Teddi says Kyle did better than she did the first time. Afterward, they go to a porridge bar, which I’ve never heard of, but sounds intriguing. Kyle gets a juice, and Teddi gets a salad. Where’s the porridge? Kyle tells Teddi that Dorit claimed she was twenty minutes late meeting Teddi, and she was annoyed. Teddi says she was waiting almost an hour. She gets it if someone is busy, but she hired a nanny for the kids and is there waiting, and Dorit couldn’t even text saying she was going to be late.

LisaR checks into the NYC hotel. Wow. A fruit plate, champagne, and all kinds of stuff. She immediately wipes down everything with alcohol wipes, then calls Harry. She tells him she’s been getting texts that are saying he’s mean, and he says he’s being firm. He’s determined to get the girls in shape. In her interview, LisaR says he’d say she was the more lenient parent. They talk about Amelia doing her own laundry. Amelia FaceTimes with her, and doesn’t understand why she’s being subject to such menial tasks. In her interview, LisaR says she wants to prepare them to be on their own. She knows it sounds like stuff everybody should do, but everybody doesn’t.

Dorit meets Kyle at a Mexican place for lunch, and manages to be on time. Dorit talks about being tardy only six minutes, and says it’s an unfair recollection of the truth. In her interview, she says they were supposed to meet at four thirty. Teddi’s leaving was abrupt, and she doesn’t understand why it happened. Kyle says she’d never wait an hour for anyone. I WANT HER EARRINGS. They’re rose gold tassels, and HUGE. Kyle talks about selling her show ideas. She starts to cry, telling Dorit how her mom was all about the girls sticking together, and a victory for one, was a victory for them all. She doesn’t feel like she can call them about it though. She doesn’t know the reaction she’d get, and her parents are gone, so she kept it to herself. She says she and her sisters used to talk every day, but it changed after she produced American Woman. She says the shows are inspired by her life, and not theirs. She tells us Mauricio worked for her brother-in-law for years, and when he struck out on his own, it changed the family dynamic.

LisaR tells the hair guy to make it look not frizzy. She talks about teasing Regis that she’d the next co-host. Kelly was perfect, but she was close, and loves coming back. She says the first time she co-hosted was seventeen years ago. If she had gotten the job, their lives would be different. When Harry said how happy he was in Beverly Hills, she knew it was right because, family first. I loved the show that she co-hosted with Ty Treadway, Soap Talk. Alas, it was on the Soap channel, that also is no more.

Hanky! Panky! Dorit visits LVP at Villa Rosa. But not long enough.

Kyle meet Camille and Teddi for lunch. They’re waiting for LisaR coming in from New York. Kyle asks if Teddi has talked to Dorit.

LVP and Dorit go out for lunch. LVP asks about Dorit having another baby, but she’s swaying toward not doing it. She has two toddlers, plus PK, and is starting the swimwear line. She’d be crazy to throw another baby in the mix. Dorit tells LVP about how upset Kyle was, not being able to share her success with her sisters. LVP is surprised that she was that open with someone she doesn’t know well. Dorit says she feels that they’ve bonded and have a connection. In her interview, LVP is surprised that Kyle was so overcome with emotion, and was showing it to Dorit. Dorit says she’s put off by Teddi right now.

Teddi isn’t irritated about Dorit being late anymore, but it bothers her that she changed it to twenty minutes.

Dorit shows LVP Teddi’s text at 4:36.

Teddi shows the girls the text where Dorit thought they were supposed to meet between 4:30 and 5:30. She wonders who gives between an hour to meet at a restaurant?

Dorit says she couldn’t have apologized more, but Teddi couldn’t wait any longer, even though she was ten minutes away. Another five minutes shaved off.

Teddi says she thought she could just get over it, but then Kyle said Dorit claimed she was only twenty minutes late.

Dorit says Teddi Claims she was kept waiting fifty-four minutes. She’s exaggerating times, and making her out to be an idiot and a bad guy.

Kyle says Dorit told her that she was six minutes late. In her interview, Camille says Dorit is a little bit self-absorbed, and a bottomless pit of BS. Teddi says she understands if you can’t make it, but don’t lie about it.

Dorit says she has strict time restraints that others might not understand. I choke on my coffee. LVP gets how important that can be, and says a friend gives you slack. LVP changes the subject to Dorit calling Camille a stupid c-word.

Camille says she was bringing David around for the first time, and she was nervous enough. She was embarrassed. She thinks Dorit talks and drinks too much, and might be desperate for attention. In her interview, Kyle thinks saying someone drinks too much is a big deal. I don’t. Dorit was talking too much because she was drinking too much. Kyle brings up LVP using the word, but Dorit isn’t British. It’s true. They don’t think as much of that word as we do.

Dorit says she doesn’t have an issue with Camille, but was just being stupid. LVP suggests Dorit look at it from Camille’s POV. She has a new boyfriend, and introduced him to the group for the first time. A light bulb comes on over Dorit’s head, as she realizes she might have been rude.

Camille says Dorit hurt her feelings. She was inappropriate, and it really is a nasty word.

LVP says Dorit can mess with her, but some people don’t have the same sense of humor. Maybe she needs to apologize. Dorit wonders why she always puts her foot in her mouth.

Camille says she’s getting Dorit a ball gag as a gift. In her interview, Kyle says Dorit’s mouth is like a tennis ball machine. LisaR arrives. She tells them how much fun she had, then blurts out that she knows “this little thing.” A “little lawsuit thing” with LVP. Allegedly something happened with Ken and a woman who was running a charity. Perhaps the sketchy organization LVP referred to? Allegedly, Ken assaulted her somehow. Kyle says assault implies physical violence, and he’d never do that. Ever. She tells LisaR that’s hard to believe, and gives her the evilest eye ever. I don’t buy it either. And little lawsuit thing? That’s just distasteful.

Next time, LVP attacks Kyle with a dog hair dryer, Harry talks to LisaR about the boys being after the girls, LVP addresses LisaR, and Kyle and Teddi have it out.

🏄  Summer House is returning – Monday, January 22, at 10 pm. I’m not sure why. I kinda, sorta, half-assed watched its first season, but once crossover Stassi (Vanderpump Rules) was gone, so was my interest. It’s like a mini Real World, but with older “kids.” Definite train wreck watching.

🍲 For those who like their cooking competitions with a Spanish flair, MasterChef Latino airs on Telemundo Sunday nights. Although I’ve enjoyed watching The Beastmaster in Spanish, I didn’t actually watch this show, but noticed it skimming around the digital guide, and thought it worthy of a mention.

To celebrate the middle of the week, employees at Gortney Industries built an actual hump.



January 15, 2017 – An Answer from PK Sinclair, Brittany Rages on, Shep & a Spaniel


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Carly shows Bobbie the condoms that fell out of Josslyn’s backpack.

At Kelly’s, Josslyn asks Oscar if they’re really going to do this. He says only if she’s sure. She is, and asks what about him? He says, totally.

As they watch Julian laughing with Kim, Diane tells Alexis the menu just got more interesting.

Anna sees Finn while she’s at the hospital to make an appointment. He asks how it’s going, she says apparently she’s getting back to normal – whatever normal is. She tells him that she’ll see him around, but he asks her to wait. He never really got to say goodbye.

Maxie thinks Nina might be able to convince Peter to pull the interview. She’s afraid for their lives. Lulu says it’s too late. The interview was already picked up by wire services. Maxie says there’s no way to stop the world from knowing that Nathan is Faison’s son.

Spinelli thinks his email to PK Sinclair is brilliant. Sonny looks at it, and says, that’s it? Spinelli says it’s more than enough. They’ll be hearing from PK Sinclair in no time. They can assume vanity runs in the family, and they’ll draw him out with praise. Spinelli receives a reply asking, who is this?

Bobbie tells Carly not to jump to conclusions. Carly asks if Bobbie thinks they want to use them for water balloons. Bobbie points out that the box hasn’t been opened, but Carly asks how does she know it’s the first time? She’s going to talk to Josslyn, but first, she has to make sure the moms are on the same page.

Very obviously, peeking over her menu, Alexis eavesdrops on Kim and Julian’s conversation. Ava comes in, and Diane makes a snarky remark. Ava says at least she’s not reading the menu upside down. Alexis gets all flustered, and Ava laughs at her, since the menu was fine. Ava says it must be tough to read when her mind is elsewhere. She wonders if her former sister-in-law is becoming a regular there.

Anna say she read Finn’s note; he didn’t have to say anything else. Finn thought it was better that way, and Anna hopes he and Roxie are happy back in their natural habitats. He says they’re good, and thanks her for understanding. She says it was awkward, pretending to be couple. Finn says they didn’t really know each other, but got good at pretending. Anna says Cassandra is no longer a threat, and Finn says, and here we are. He asks if she’s doing any better. The last time he saw her, she was running out with a gun and a broken clock. Anna says now she knows who put Cassandra out of commission. Finn says he’d ask, but knows she’d have to kill him if she told him. She says they’re both back in their natural habitats, and it was best before things got out of hand; they dodged a bullet. Finn says, lucky us, and she holds out her hand. Anna tells Finn to take care, and they gaze at each other for like, thirty seconds. She goes back to the desk, and he watches. When he leaves, she wipes a tear away.

Maxie can’t believe this is happening. Nathan tells her that he gave the interview to draw Faison out of hiding. She asks what he’s going to do next, take a baseball bat to a wasp’s nest? Faison feeds on fear. Lulu tells her to calm down for the baby’s sake. Maxie says, the baby Faison steals in her dreams? Thanks to Lulu, he’s going to come after the baby in real life.

Spinelli says, now they reel him in. He responds that he’s an admirer, saying they have something in common. A relationship with Isaac Refson, an anagram of Faison’s name. In the fastest email reply ever, PK Sinclair says that Isaac Refson Is a fictional character. Spinelli writes back that fact is stranger than fiction. They both know he’s PK’s father.

Carly sees Kim, and Bobbie tells her to take a breath. Surprisingly, Bobbie leaves, and Carly tells Kim that they have to talk about the kids. Kim has rounds, and asks if they can talk another time. Carly shows her the condoms, and says these belong to her son. She found them in Josslyn’s backpack. Kim suggests maybe they belong to Josslyn. Carly says they’re planning on having sex. She overheard Josslyn tell Oscar that the Mad Hatter’s Ball will be a special night that will blow his mind. IMO, it actually sounds like they’re going to take drugs, but I’m sure it will turn out to be something totally innocuous. Kim says at least they’re using protection, and Carly guesses they’re done. Kim says Carly is right. Obviously, they’re too young for sex, but if they’re thinking about it, she’s relieved they’ve discussed the ramifications and responsibilities that come with an adult decision. Carly says Kim needs to tell Oscar to take a cold shower. He’s clearly the instigator. Kim asks how she knows it’s not her daughter? Really. And Josslyn has been the aggressor throughout their relationship so far. I’m not faulting her for it. It just is what it is.

Josslyn tells Oscar it’s a big step. Oscar says not everyone will think they’re doing the right thing, but it’s right for them. She can’t wait for the ball.

Julian approaches the table, and Alexis says she left the oven on. Diane says she did too. Ava asks what happened to Julian’s window; she noticed it was boarded up. He tells her about the brick, and Alexis says it’s intimidation from whoever wants to make changes in the neighborhood. Julian says it’s nothing to be worried about, but Alexis says Molly lives across the street. Ava wonders what’s really going on with Alexis.

Maxie tells Lulu that he was just singing her praises to Peter, saying that if she wanted a big story, she wouldn’t stop until she got it. Peter walks in, and says Lulu is a born reporter, and Maxie should thank her. Maxie says she thought of career more than anything, but Peter says Nathen is the one who initiated the story, and she’s a good reporter. Nathan asks Peter to share any information he might get with the PCPD. All of a sudden, Maxie doubles over in pain. Nathan says he’ll take her to the hospital. Lulu says she’ll come too, but Maxie says she’s done enough. When they’re gone, Lulu wails, what have I done?

Diane walks into Sonny’s office, and asks if this is a conversation she shouldn’t be hearing. Sonny asks if she’s billing him, and she says no, she’s billing Jason. She tells Jason he’s giving away everything. Spinelli says his offshore holdings are doing well, but Diane says his Port Charles holdings took a hit. She tells them that Nathan gave an interview about being Faison’s son, and it’s going viral. Spinelli grabs his coat, saying Maxie was adamant that no one should know, and now it’s trending. He wants to make sure she’s okay. He jets, and Diane asks if Sonny wants to tell his lawyer what he’s been up to.

Anna punches the bag at the gym. Felicia asks what the bag ever did to her. She wonders if Anna is pretending it’s Faison, and says she guesses Anna heard. She tells Anna that Maxie confided in Mac, who confided in her. Maxie swore them to secrecy, but now Nathan did an interview. Anna says she knew from Sonny and Jason. Felicia says she’s not asking why Anna is fraternizing with hoodlums. Anna says that Sonny dug up the information that Faison has another son. They want to find him, since they think that will pull Faison out. She told them to leave it alone, but doesn’t think they will. Either way, Faison is on his way back to Port Charles (YES!!!). Anna says she’s got to keep on the defensive at all times, at all costs. Felicia doesn’t think she’s talking about Faison.

Carly says Kim is right; she shouldn’t point fingers. They’re both hormonal teenagers, and they’re good kids. Kim isn’t suggesting they look the other way; they’re not ready. Carly thinks they should present a united front. She’s concerned about them rushing in without thinking about the consequences. Kim says at the end of the day, they’re still going to do what they want. She has an emergency, and leaves. Bobbie tells Carly motherhood is a job that never ends. They go to get coffee.

Kim sees Maxie, and asks what’s wrong? Maxie tells her she has abdominal pain, and says please don’t let anything happen to the baby.

Peter says Lulu isn’t thinking clearly. Lulu says Maxie is right to be worried. She put her career first, and look what happened? Peter says what happened is, her story might flush out the most wanted felon. She thanks him for being supportive, and he hugs her. Spinelli walks in, and Lulu says her boss just reminded her that there’s no crying in journalism. She introduces them, reminding me that Spinelli’s first name is Damien. He was hoping to find Maxie, but Lulu tells him she’s at GH; she was having abdominal pains. Spinelli wants to know why no one called an ambulance, but Peter says Nathan took her, since it didn’t seem serious. Spinelli wonders if Peter is also an obstetrician. Lulu explains that he and Maxie have a daughter together, and Peter says he understands Spinelli’s concern. After he leaves, Spinelli says Lulu told the world that Nathan is Faison’s son, and Maxie has already been rushed to the hospital. Lulu says she already feels bad.

Sonny explains to Diane that they’re hoping to lure PK Sinclair out, to lead them to his homicidal father. Diane thinks that might not be necessary if Faison sees the interview. Should it result in any number of felonies, she wants to remind Sonny and Jason of self-incrimination. They’re to remain silent unless she’s present. She says Sonny can be chatty. Jason is a prosecutor’s dream, but a nightmare in civil court. Maybe Sonny can convince him that he can provide for Sam and Danny without signing everything over.

Ava asks Julian if Alexis is there all the time, but he says she’s keeping tabs on Molly. Ava wonders if that’s why she gasped about the broken window. Julian insists she’s just worried about Molly, but Ava says it was his window that was broken; not Molly’s. Julian says Alexis has moved on; she’s dating a doctor. Ava says it appears Alexis isn’t the only one who’s moved on.

Finn and Alexis chat after a 12-step meeting. They agree the meeting was relentlessly dour. Finn says thank God the holidays are over, but Alexis says that Valentine’s Day is a real minefield. He thanks her for speaking at the meeting. He admires her courage. She says she’s a lawyer. She likes to talk, and likes to have the last word before a jury. Finn says there are no juries there, but she says the one in her head. He asks if guilt works, and she says guilt and shame, as long as you do it to yourself. If she didn’t give herself a reasonable dose of guilt, what kind of person would she be? Finn says, human?

Anna tells Felicia that false reality is common in spy work. They got so good at pretending, they somehow convinced themselves. Felicia says she had them convinced. Anna says it was fun, surprisingly so. Felicia says there’s no shame in having fun. Anna says Faison is out there; Finn would be a target to use as leverage, like Robin. Felicia realizes she broke it off to protect him. Anna says she had to, and Felicia suggests she’s protecting herself from herself. Anna asks what she’s talking about, and Felicia says she’s shutting herself off because of Faison. She thinks they should talk about the real problem. The thing that makes her vulnerable. Anna says that’s if she cared about him, and Felicia says she does. Anna says that’s why he can’t be in her life. She has to push him away for both their sakes.

Alexis asks Finn what he would have said, and he says it can’t leave the room. She asks him to hand her a doughnut, calling it legal tender, and says she’s his lawyer now. He tells her that he’s really scared, and she asks what about? He tells her a couple years ago, he lost his wife to a disease that he cured, but not in time. He thought he’d never care about anyone again, but he was wrong. He and Hayden were going to marry and have baby, but it fell apart, and he lost them. He doesn’t want to lose anyone again; he doesn’t think he can take it. He says alcohol and drugs are just symptoms. What’s the real addiction? Alexis says it’s a who. A person caused her to make bad decisions, and sacrifice her integrity. She still sees him. Every time she turns around he’s there, and the worst part is, she loves him. it’s a hard habit to kick.

Julian tells Ava it’s her imagination. She says she doesn’t think it is, calling him “Charlie,” like Kim did. He asks how about her and ex priest? She tells him that Griff gave her a wonderful gift. She’s getting the treatment to remove her scars. If she can get a new lease on life, he can too.

Carly picks up a mitten outside of Kelly’s. She and Bobbie talk about how fast Josslyn grew up. Bobbie says it seems like another lifetime, even though it was just a few years ago. One minute, Lucas was an adorable little boy, she blinked, and he’s a doctor with a husband. They can’t keep them children forever. Carly looks through the window, and sees Josslyn and Oscar.

Diane tells Jason that he’s officially divorced, and gives him a copy of the paperwork. She says she did the best she could, considering his near suicidal generosity. Jason says it’s not about the money. Diane says it’s her job to safeguard his legal and financial interests, but if making Sam happy is his objective, he failed. She’ll never be happy with Drew. She might have been if Jason hadn’t come back, but he did, and she loves him. Even a lawyer can see that.

Bobbie tells Carly now’s her chance for that mother/daughter talk. In front of Oscar?

Finn tells Alexis that he’s better off alone, and she says they’re not supposed to be in a relationship for a year after starting the program. He says he’s talking about forever, but Alexis says that’s an abyss she doesn’t want to stare into. Finn thinks he’s at his best when on his own, and she asks if that’s an assessment or rationalization. He says both. She says she’s between scorched earth and uncharted territory, and has to keep an eye on the road. Finn says he has to stay on the road he knows, and out of the fast lane.

Felicia tells Anna that Finn was brave enough to take on the cartel; Faison isn’t going to scare him off. Anna says he has a knee-jerk knight-in-shining-armor thing, which wouldn’t be so bad, if his only weapons weren’t sarcasm and medical research. There are things he can’t know about for his own safety.

Spinelli tells Lulu if the story lands Faison in prison, Maxie will thank her. Lulu hopes he’s right. If anything happens, she won’t forgive herself.

Kim tells Maxie that she and the baby are doing fine. Maxie is glad it’s nothing, but wishes it didn’t feel like a swordfight in her belly. Kim says to keep stress to a minimum. When she’s out of earshot, Maxie asks Nathan how she’s supposed to do that, when she knows Faison is the baby’s grandfather. She just wants it to be over. Nathan says tomorrow is their wedding anniversary, and promises it will be a day she’ll treasure forever.

Sonny tells Jason that Diane is a pita, but most of the time, she’s right. Why not tell Sam that he loves her and wants her back? How will he know if he doesn’t ask? Spinelli gets an email from PK Sinclair saying he referred to the sequel, and asks if they read the end. Sonny asks how it ends.

Tomorrow, Kim talks to Oscar, Michael wants answers from Nelle, and Sonny says they’ll use Faison’s son to figure it out.

Vanderpump Rules

Rewind to the housewarming party. Around 1:30 am. Ariana doesn’t want to tell Brittany something she doesn’t want to hear, but Brittany says, let’s do it. Jax is laughing with his dudes in the kitchen. It reminds me of this picture in my wedding album. A friend’s date was partying with my husband’s friends, and it looks like he’s having the time of his life, laughing away. There’s a clock on the wall behind him, and I know that within an hour from then, people will be banging on the bathroom door where he’s locked himself in, and is getting sick. It’s like that moment when everything is THE BEST! and then it nosedives downhill. On the recording, Jax said he doesn’t want kids or marriage, and hasn’t had sex with Brittany in months. Brittany announces that she’s going to put it on speaker phone, and asks for everyone’s attention. Jax looks like he might pass out. She tells him he’s a piece of sh*t and should rot in hell. Jax is hustled out. Tom says Brittany doesn’t want to do this, but Ariana tells him to shut up. Jax asks Tom if he can explain what’s going on. The amazing part is that Jax has lived as long as he has being as stupid as he is.

James interrupts. Lala says she’s done with these men thinking they can do what they want. On the recording, Jax says Faith is the best sex he’s had. He’s not even attracted to Brittany anymore and doesn’t like being with her sexually. At Schwartz’s place, Jax says he cheated, did everything wrong, and he’s “going through it,” whatever that means. Tom slips away to get some alcohol. Jax throws a phone. Schwartz says it’s his phone, and he needs that.

The girls gather around Brittany. James tries to insert his opinion, which is a bad idea, and Stassi tells him to get the eff out. Jax tells the guys that the relationship is done. We can dream. James joins them, saying it was Lala and Ariana. Jax wonders why they’d do that. Tom thinks playing the recording after hours of drinking is a horrible idea, and wonders if Ariana is out of her mind. He’s disgusted, but having a hard time saying the word “disgusted,” since he’s drunk. Try “certificate of occupancy” sometime. Ariana says it was brought to her. Tom asks if she couldn’t have waited, but she says it was on Lala’s phone. She didn’t approach Brittany. Tom says she should have had the wherewithal to know it wasn’t the right time. In her interview, she says he’s taking d-bag Jax’s side instead of hers. She keeps telling him it’s not on her phone, and calls him a d*ck for having Jax’s back. She leaves, slamming the door behind her, and he says, get out of here. In that order. I laugh.

Lisa tells Peter that James is coming to see her. Like the leprechaun he is, James appears. He thought of a better name – James Kennedy presents See You Next Tuesday. Lisa is like, thanks for giving me a heads up. He feels like it’s going to be something fresh. She tells him to behave himself; it’s his night. In his interview, he says it’s make it or break it. He even passed out flyers, sweating like a prostitute, to make this party happen. He says he’s good to not drink for a week after the housewarming party, and tells Lisa about the recording. He says they played it, and it was awful. In his interview, he says he actually stole the recording off of Faith’s phone, and sent it to himself.

Lala, Tom, and Ariana go to Scheana’s for breakfast. Lala is extremely hungover. Tom wonders how the recording ended up in Brittany’s hands. Ariana says Brittany told them she wanted to know everything, but Tom thinks not in the wee hours of the morning, after she’s been drinking all night. Ariana says she’s not going to always have the best answer all the time, and is irritated that Tom is questioning her.

We see the aftermath of the housewarming party. I’d leave that mess for Jax. Jax comes in, and Brittany is cleaning the kitchen. He has no words. She asks what that means. She says she shouldn’t have played it, and he had no idea she was even going to hear it. He says she gave her word not to drag everyone else in, and she tells him quit trying to blame her. He’s embarrassed that he got caught, and is trying to turn it around. He says it was so wrong in so many ways. Brittany is so young. Why is she settling like this?

Ariana tells Tom that she can’t deal with someone saying she’s making sh*t up. Whenever he disagrees with her, he tells her what he would have done and how it would have been better. Tom just wants her to take responsibility, saying she never does that.

Brittany tells Jax to get mad at them, not her. She was drunk and pissed off, and had a right to be. She calls him a dirty human being who has no remorse. It’s his fault not hers. He tells her to take responsibility, and tells him she’s not doing this anymore.

Ariana says Tom doesn’t like her as a person, and they should just break the eff up. He asks when the last time was that she apologized to him for anything she’s done?

Lala talks to new girl Billie, who says she just went through a break up, and she’s starting over. He wanted to have kids, but she’s trans and can’t have her own. She exchanges numbers with Lala, who promises an invite to the next dramafest get together.

Stassi, Patrick, Katie, and Schwartz (a law firm) go to bar (a joke) hidden behind a bookshelf. In her interview, Stassi says you won’t find any commoners there. Stassi cracks me up. Katie says Schwartz has a man crush on Patrick. Katie tells Schwartz no Jager bombs; he’s been a bad boy. This prompts Schwartz to tell Patrick about making out with a friend of Lala’s when he was drunk. In his interview, he says Patrick is good at adulting, and he needs to get his sh*t together. Schwartz says he’s intimidated by Patrick’s wit being so on point. Patrick says if it rains, you can bring an umbrella, but can only control how you react to the rain. He’s a regular Confucius. Katie tells them about the recording. In her interview, Stassi says if your friends are a reflection of you, what must Patrick think?

James brings Lala and Tom along to the studio. Lala is doing some sampling, and Tom has brought his trumpet. James is hung over AF. He thinks people want him to fail, and Tom suggests not giving them a reason. Lala is pumped for James’s new gig. She’s happy to have him back on the mothership. Lala sings her three lines, and everyone thinks it’s amazing. Tom says his trumpet is an expression of his feelings, and he loses himself in the music. He calls it awesome, but I call it something else. Lala says it’s like being in a pack of baby dolphins learning to communicate for the first time, and I’d say that’s pretty accurate.

Katie and Stassi visit Brittany. Brittany says Jax stays in his room, and they haven’t even seen each other. She says he’s a different person whenever she talks to him, and she wants to be around her friends. In her interview, Stassi says six years ago, she was in the same position, and wonders when women will realize Jax isn’t worth dating. She tells Brittany that she didn’t do anything, Jax did. They agree it’s no way to live.

Peter has been given the task of keeping an eye on James. James says it’s crazy to be back at SUR. Ariana and Tom are working, but she’s barely speaking to him. He says he loves her, and wants to be able to work it out. Stassi wonders why Jax is there, and why he can’t let Brittany work in peace. Because he’s Jax. James tosses glow sticks to the crowd. Are those still a thing, or is he trying to make them happen again? He tells everyone to make some noise. He didn’t expect the crowd to be this big, and is getting a rush from playing his own music. Lisa thinks Jax isn’t there to support James, but to get under Brittany’s skin. She asks what about mea culpa, but Jax doesn’t know what that means. Schwartz explains, and Jax says he should have finished college. You mean he finished high school?

Scheana is hiding in the kitchen. She doesn’t want to serve Jax and the crowd. She’s upset about her boyfriend being accused of cheating. Katie comes back, and says it’s a mess out there. Ariana says every time she comes back to get something, she takes longer. Scheana asks if she and Katie can stop talking about each other’s relationships, and tells Katie the rumor about Rob is BS. In her interview, Katie says Scheana is obsessed with presenting Rob as perfect. She thinks it might be because people criticized her for moving on too fast after her divorce.

Lisa tells James, nice turnout. He says she saved him, and she says she had to give him tough love. He thanks her, and she tells him not to screw it up. He tells her she looks beautiful, and calls her my queen. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Scheana says she’s sick of this Rob thing. People have nothing better to talk about it. Tom thinks she should stop talking about it, and she says she’s putting it to bed for real.

Brittany stops to see Lisa before she leaves for the night. Lisa says it’s gone from bad to worse. Brittany says they’re not talking, but he won’t leave. Lisa asks why put up with it, but Brittany doesn’t know. She knows she deserves better than this, but isn’t being strong right now. She says she’s really sad, and Lisa tears up. She wonders what Jax needs to do for Brittany to understand the relationship isn’t beneficial. She tells Brittany that she has the world at her feet, and not to go running back to Kentucky. In her interview, Brittany says it isn’t black and white. She tells Lisa that she’ll be fine when she gets her confidence back up. Lisa says she looks better than she has in months, and Brittany says, revenge body.

Scheana asks to talk to Jen. She tells Jen there’s a rumor about Rob making out with someone who works at the same place Jen does. (Not SUR.) Jen says it’s a friend of hers. She’d asked Jen if she knew Scheana, and said the guy she used to date is dating Scheana now, but kissed her the other night. Scheana says Rob made light of it, but Jen says it was probably more inappropriate than you’d want a boyfriend to behave. Somehow, Scheana turns this around to interpret it that Jen is telling her the same thing Rob did.

Tom and Ariana sit in the back, outside behind SUR. She’s glad the night is over. She says she and Tom get wrapped up in other people’s stress and the stress of working, and it’s not them or what she wants for them. Tom feels like she was put in a bad position, being given the information. Ariana says she was drunk, and didn’t know what to do. She feels like Tom didn’t hear her. In her interview, she thinks he could be more empathetic, and she needs to stop taking some things so personally. They apologize to each other for getting so angry.

Brittany calls her mom. She says they’ve been going through a lot. Her mom says hard to trust someone who cheats. Brittany thinks she should give another try at making things work out, but if he goes back to his old ways, they won’t be together. In her interview, Brittany tells us that her mother has been married four times. She just wants that one special man. Her mom tells her to follow her heart, and Brittany says she’s been praying about it. Everyone deserves forgiveness, even Jax. While I agree, forgiveness doesn’t mean you stick around to let them do it again. It’s not dispensation from consequence.

Brittany goes into the living room, otherwise known as Camp Jax. She says it will be bad for a while, but she loves him too much not to try. She wants them to get therapy, and the way he talks to her has to change. He says what about how they talk to each other. She’s like, seriously? Me too. I hate that stuff, trying to defect the problem by shoving it onto the other person. She tells him that she’s taking a risk to stay; it’s embarrassing. He says it’s not his fault – I have no words – but she says it is; he’s the one who did it. He says he should have handled it differently. In his interview, he says it takes two, and it’s not all him. Cheating was wrong, but what did it take for him to do that? Even if he believes the crap that comes out of his own mouth, he must be extra stupid to say these things out loud. Why? Why does she stay with him? Does she watch this show? Brittany wants Jax to swear he’ll change. He knows what he has to do, but wishes he could hit pause. He wants one day without thinking about it. He promises nothing will ever happen again. I just can’t.

Next time, Pride Day (didn’t we just do that?), Scheana cries, Lala has it out with James, and Brittany’s mom visits.

👱 RelationShep had its finale tonight. Peyton and Priscilla were left, but Shep didn’t pick either one. Instead, he went to NYC, and hunted Bella down. She was the brunette he did the mystery room adventure thing with, where they had to find a key to get themselves out. At the end, we were told to tune into Southern Charm if we want to see how it turned out. Was this just one big commercial for Southern Charm? Regardless, it was fun to watch, and I hope Shep gets a love connection out of it. He revisited some interesting family trivia tonight. His family bred the first Boykin Spaniels, and we got to see a couple of puppies. I don’t see another season of this happening, although if sparks fly, he and Bella might be a fun couple to watch. Mostly fluff, it was nice to see something lighthearted in the midst of all the drama.


The Boykin Spaniel (it kind of looks like Shep)


January 12, 2018 – The Jackal Makes a Move, Random Useless TV Information, HexaQuotes, a Nomad & Loverboy


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

The beginning was interrupted for a weather report. News flash – it’s still raining.

Jason tells Sam the money never mattered; he just wants her to be okay. She says she knows. She starts to sign the papers, but Alexis advises her not to sign just yet. She’d be remiss not discussing the issue of Danny’s custody. Diane says there is no issue. Jason is the father biologically and legally. Alexis says he isn’t the father Danny knows; Drew is.

Oscar meets Drew at the gym. He suddenly forgot he needs to study, and says see you later. Drew asks why he wanted to meet. Oscar says it’s stupid, but he wanted Drew to teach him to fight. I wonder if Oscar irritates himself sometimes.

Josslyn says the dress she’s wearing is hideous, and she looks like a sister wife. Carly disagrees. Sonny says she looks beautiful, and asks if Carly doesn’t have the same dress. Josslyn says, says kill me now.

Nina isn’t too enthusiastic about working. She didn’t want to leave her family, and says Maxie is lucky; she can bring her family with her. Maxie says unfortunately, what she feels, the baby feels, and she doesn’t want the baby stressed. Nina says she can go home, but Maxie says it doesn’t help to protect her family. Nina asks, from what?

Lulu and Nathan meet at Charlie’s. She tells him spreading truth is the best way to flush Faison out of hiding. She asks Nathan how he felt, finding out one of the most wanted criminals in the world is his father?

Nina asks Maxie what’s going on? Maxie says PBAs, GMOs; there are so many poisons out there that can harm her baby. Nina suggests reading labels and not using old hairspray. She understands wanting to protect your family, and Maxie asks how far she’d go to protect hers. Nina would go all the way, and knows Maxie would too. She asks what’s wrong. Maxie says it’s Nathan’s father. His father isn’t Victor. It’s someone much worse, who’s alive and kicking.

Fastest. Interview. Ever. Lulu thinks Nathan calling Faison a nicotine stained relic, not fit for a family about sums it up. She says it’s better to add insult to injury, and tells him to look for it tomorrow morning. He begs her to keep Maxie’s name out of it. She says everyone knows they’re married after the Ask Man Landers article, but he says just don’t make it a focus. She says if they played this correctly, when Faison shows his face, it will be to Nathan.

Kim asks Julian for some coffee. She notices one of Sonny’s cardboard counter ads, and says she sees he’s the proud purveyor of Corinthos coffee.

Josslyn says Oscar will be embarrassed to be seen with her, but Carly says he’d love her in a sack. Josslyn asks Sonny if he has any extra coffee bags. Sonny asks if she has something else in mind, and Josslyn says she’ll put it on right now. Sonny asks Carly what’s going on? She tells him, teenage drama. He says that’s the way it starts, but then it always turns into something else.

Oscar says he figured it’s something every guy should know, and he can’t exactly ask his mom. Drew tells him to never discount women. Oscar says sorry to bother him, but Drew calls him back. He says he’s not prying, but if Oscar really wants to learn, he’ll teach him. Lesson number one: he needs workout clothes.

Alexis says it’s her obligation to bring up the custody issue. Diane says if that’s the case, everything else is off the table, and they’ll see each other in court. Alexis tells her that Danny knows no father but Drew, and Diane says it’s through no fault of Jason’s. Alexis says out of fear for Jake’s safety, Jason let Lucky claim him as his own. Diane can’t wait to get it before a judge, so Alexis can give her insight into Jason’s thoughts. Alexis says it makes sense that he’d use the same consideration for Danny, and take himself out of his son’s life.

Nina asks Maxie, why take Obrecht’s word? Peter interrupts, telling Nina that her budget is out of control. He hands her one that works. She asks if he doesn’t have subordinates to do that, and he tells her that he takes an active role, so the team feels they can come to him directly. A successful company isn’t just a business; it’s a family. Maxie looks at him weird, probably thinking what a lot of us are – Peter is the traitor.

Drew begins to instruct Oscar, telling him power comes from his core. Oscar makes the same mistake I always do when kickboxing, and drops his hands. Drew tells him to protect himself at all times, and shows him how to do jabs. He says Oscar is doing good, and Oscar asks what if the guy is bigger? Drew tells him it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. There are ways to fight a bigger guy using leverage. It’s more involved, but he can teach him. It would help though, if Oscar let him know what he’s facing.

Sonny tells Carly it’s a dress, not a crisis; just let her wear it. They’ve got to give them some freedom. Carly says she’ll remind him about this when Avery is a teenager. Dress provocatively, and a reputation will follow. He says if he’d figured out a way to talk to Kristina, she might not have made the mistakes she did. He suggests not being so controlling, and letting them figure it out.

Alexis says it would be in Danny’s best interest to allow Drew to be his father, unless Jason renounces organized crime. Sam says they’ve already talked about this, and she won’t sign anything limiting Jason from Danny’s life. Diane says she’s being sensible, and Sam asks for the pen.

Carly asks Sonny thinks she’s controlling, but he says ask Josslyn. His phone rings, and he tells her that he needs to meet up with Jason. Maybe they can work out a compromise. Carly says he hates compromise, but he says he does it for the people he loves.

Oscar tells Drew that there’s a guy who doesn’t like the way other people act. He’s not getting in their faces, but he’s had enough. Drew asks if he’s talking about himself?

Kim messes with Julian’s coffee machine, and tells him about transferring to GH from Mercy. He says at least she has training and experience in service. The industry is new to him. She asks why get into it, and he tells her that he was lonely.

Sam signs the papers. Alexis says they need to be filed, but for all intents and purposes, the marriage is dissolved, and they’re free to move on. Diane says, good luck with that, and leaves. Jason says, about Danny… and Sam says they don’t have to talk about it. She would never do anything to keep him away. Jason gets a call, and has to go. Alexis tells Sam it wasn’t easy, and Sam says she made it worse. Alexis says as Sam’s attorney, she was only doing her job. Sam says, not anymore. She’s fired.

Nathan goes to the Crimson office, and asks if Maxie can spare a minute. Nina asks Peter if they’re done, and he leaves. Nathan thinks they should tell Nina what they found out, but Nina says she knows that Faison is Nathan’s father. Maxie says she couldn’t keep it in, but outside of a handful of people, no one needs to know. Nina says no one ever will. Nathan adds, until the paper comes out tomorrow.

Jason goes back to Sonny’s office, and says it’s over. Spinelli says they need a better grasp of Faison’s antagonist, and perhaps a means of apprehending him.

Lulu asks what Peter thinks. He says it’s gold.

Maxie asks what Nathan was thinking. He says they can catch him and put him away. She can’t believe Lulu would do this. Nathan says don’t blame Lulu, but Nina blames her – and him for talking to the press. Maxie says Faison is going to come looking for him, but Nathan says they can’t live their lives waiting. Nina says what if Faison thinks the easiest way to get to him is through his wife?

Sam tells Alexis that Jason already gave up everything. Is he supposed to give up his son too? He deserves the opportunity to be a father. Danny already likes him, and no one is taking him away  – ever. Alexis asks what if something happens to her? Will she be okay if a mob enforcer has custody, and not Drew? Sam says she trusts Jason to make the right decision. Alexis isn’t sure about Jason’s definition of safe and secure, but Sam says he’s generous and brave, and he loves without holding back. She wants him to teach their son all those things. It’s her life, her son, her divorce, and she’ll handle them as she sees fit. She tells Alexis to stay out of it, and don’t use her as an excuse to distract herself from Julian.

Julian tells Kim that he just broke the cardinal rule of bartending. He’s supposed to be the one listening to confessions, not giving them. She says she’s a doctor, and she’s used to it. She asks if he’s still lonely, and he says he’s talking to her. His ex got the friends in the divorce. She tells him that she lives alone with her son, and thanks to her schedule, she has no social life. She’s in the market for new friends. They introduce themselves.

Drew asks Oscar if he’s getting bullied, but he says it’s not him. Drew says it’s a little mysterious, but Oscar doesn’t want to name names, and no one is asking him to butt in. Drew prefers to call it stepping in, and says it’s admirable. He says Oscar is a good kid. Defending someone who can’t defend themselves is a good thing, and asking for help is smart. He reminds Oscar that fighting is a last recourse. The world isn’t fair, and can be a rough place. They start training again.

Josslyn comes down in a sparkly black dress. She asks what Carly thinks.

Diane asks Alexis if she wants to go to lunch. Alexis rants that she was just doing her job, and Diane tells her that Sam will calm down. Alexis says she had good intentions, but Sam made it about Julian. She says Sam is just trying to piss her off, and Diane says it worked. Diane says she thought Alexis was dating David, but Alexis says it didn’t work out, and it has nothing to do with Julian. Diane tells Alexis she didn’t say it did, and Alexis says she was thinking it. Diane says she was thinking about lunch.

Sam watches Drew talk to Oscar at the gym. Drew says he’ll teach Oscar everything he knows, but hopes he never needs to use it. He should always try to get out of a fistfight, but if that doesn’t happen, don’t back down. He needs to take care of himself. Sam asks if she missed class. Drew tells Oscar it was fun, and hopes they can do it again. Oscar leaves, and Sam asks if it was his idea or Drew’s. Drew says it was actually Oscar’s, and asks if everything went okay. Sam says the papers are signed; she and Jason are divorced. Drew asks if she told him they’re paying back every penny for Aurora. Sam says he knows, but it doesn’t matter to him. Drew says it means something to him; honor. Sam says there was one exception – Danny.

Carly takes Josslyn to the mirror, and asks what she says. Josslyn says herself in a beautiful dress. Carly sees that too, but wonders what the boys at the dance will see, and she’s not talking about Oscar. One wrong idea, and the whole school will be Snapchatting. Why let anyone shame her? Josslyn says she likes the dress. Carly tells her in a perfect world, she could wear what she wanted, and no one would make her feel bad, but the world isn’t perfect. Women need to be smarter, stronger, and tougher to make it through. Right or wrong, what they wear sends a message, and it can be taken wrong. Josslyn says she just wants to feel pretty, but Carly says she can feel pretty showing less skin. It’s not fair, but she thinks the dress could cause reactions Josslyn isn’t ready for. Slut shaming wasn’t a phrase when Carly went through it. Is she ready for that? Carly will back her, and it’s her decision, but if she’s not 100% ready to wear it and face the challenges that come with it, there’s another choice. She shows Josslyn a designer dress in Crimson. Josslyn asks if Carly would get it for her, and Carly asks if she’ll wear it. Josslyn hugs her, and says it’s a great alternative. Okay, I just need to have a mini-rant here. They should have picked a different dress. The one Josslyn is wearing has no sleeves and a V-neckline, but it shows nothing. No cleavage, it’s not short, and I can’t imagine anyone getting “slut shamed” for it, especially considering what kids wear in real life. I’m baffled as to why they chose it for an example. Okay, done.

Nathan tells Nina that he has no reason to believe Faison would harm him or Maxie. Obrecht didn’t hide him because she was worried Faison would hurt him, but didn’t want him to follow in Faison’s footsteps. Nina asks what about when he realizes Nathan isn’t what he wanted. Maxie says it’s a matter of life or death. She knows he thinks he can handle Faison, and maybe he can, but she’s asking him not to.

Peter tells Lulu the interview is somewhat incendiary. She says it has to get Faison’s attention. Hopefully, it will lead to her getting an exclusive from him to tell his side. Nathan calls her, and says she has to call it off; pull the interview. She asks why, and he says something happened; he’ll get into it later. Just make sure it doesn’t see print. She tells him it’s not that simple, but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t want to go public as being Faison’s son. Lulu tells Peter that he has to pull the interview,

Spinelli says he has PK Sinclair’s email. Very few security systems can withstand The Jackal. It was only used to exchange email with publisher. All communication ceased, but that didn’t stop the publisher from trying to contact him. He reached out again in a recent inquiry. The author didn’t respond, but there was also nothing to indicate the account was closed, and the email had been opened. Someone is monitoring the account. Sonny says that means they can communicate with them.

Sam tells Drew there’s no reason to involve lawyers. They all want what best for Danny, and there’s no reason they can’t work it out. She tells him about firing Alexis, and says they can officially get married again.

Diane takes Alexis to Charlie’s. She wants to try the avocado toast. Alexis doesn’t want to go in, but Diane doesn’t see what the big deal is. Alexis wouldn’t listen to her repeated warnings, so maybe familiarity will breed contempt.

Kim tells Julian to try the coffee maker. It works, and he asks what she did. She tells him she turned it on; the power button is in the back. Alexis and Diane see them laughing.

Oscar drops by to get Josslyn, and Carly asks if he has a suit for the dance. He thought nice jeans would be fine. Josslyn tells Carly they’re going to the library, and Carly says she expects them to be there. Josslyn says she’ll text when they need a ride. They leave, but Josslyn forgets her backpack. Carly picks it up, and condoms fall out.

Spinelli says he took the liberty of generating an email address, but no way will it point in their direction. He wonders what type of missive will generate the desired response. Perhaps he should bait the author with what he wants – Faison. Jason asks if he’s going to pretend to be Faison, but Sonny thinks it’s too risky. They might already be in contact. Just let him know he’s on their radar.

Nathan apologizes to Maxie, saying he should have told her. Maxie says no harm done. Lulu arrives at Crimson, and Maxie asks what was she thinking? Good thing the article won’t make it to print. Lulu says she tried, but she’d already turned it in. She asked Peter to intervene, but it had already been posted on the website. There’s no going back.

Spinelli asks if they’re agreed. Jason says. do it, and Spinelli tells them, hook baited. Now let’s see if they get a bite.

We see a computer screen with several windows open. One with Faison’s picture, one with Lulu’s article, and a document that says The Severed Branch – Epilogue.  An email comes in. It says, love your new book. Can’t wait for the sequel.

On Monday, Ava asks Julian what’s going on, Carly talks to Kim about Oscar, and Diane asks Jason what he’s up to.

👰👰👰 Since many of the shows I watch have been on hiatus or whatever we call it now, I’ve been flipping around, checking out programs I haven’t seen. I’ve been trying to watch Sister Wives, but it’s only marginally interesting. They seem like very decent people, and obviously the family dynamics are different from the usual, but I might as well watch my relatives. Where is Mary Schmucker when I need her?

🍑 While I don’t blog about it, I somewhat keep up with The Real Housewives of Atlanta. After last week’s episode, Marlo wins for the biggest, most fabulous chandelier earrings on any Housewives show ever.

 🍕 But I Haven’t Even Gotten There…

Gorgas Closing:


🔊  Quotes of the Week

I don’t like parties past 2 am. Then it’s all losers and weirdos.Paris Hilton

Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.  –  Roy T. Bennett

Sympathy butters no parsnips. – Mrs. Patmore (Lesley Nicol), Downton Abbey

If you forgot to make a New Year’s resolution just do what we did. Write out everything you did on NYE and at the beginning write the word “stop.” – @N2KOfficial, Twitter

In her blissful ignorance, she married him.Keith Morrison, from an episode of Dateline, but this is so many of our stories… BTW, the antagonist was convicted of “menacing.” I didn’t even know that was a thing.

No one knows what it is or how it works, but everyone wants to possess it. – Nomad (Michael Berryman), Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time

Michael Berryman Beastmaster 2 (1991)

🎼 Trust Me, They Finally Get to It…

January 11, 2018 – The Plan to Draw Out Faison Moves Forward & a Happy Birthday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Maxie wakes Nathan. She sees the shadow of Faison taking their baby. Nathan runs after him. In reality, she wakes up at her desk. Peter asks if she’s all right.

Lulu sees Nathan at the station. He says Dante is in the field, but she was hoping to find him. She asks if he’s given more thought to her plan. He has, and he’s in. He thinks the best way to draw Faison out is use himself as bait.

At the MetroCourt, Jason tells Sonny if all PK Sinclair, the traitor, and Faison’s son are the same person, they could use him to draw Faison out. Diane comes in. She’s there to finalize Jason’s divorce from Sam.

Alexis walks in on Drew and Sam kissing. She tells Sam it’s time to go to the courthouse, and she has her back. Drew thanks her for helping.

Dante goes to Charlie’s, saying it’s something for Julian to be calling the police for help. He came personally to make sure Julian isn’t causing trouble. Julian says he’s the victim this time. A brick was thrown through his window. Vandalism is one thing, but someone is sending him a message.

Peter apologizes for startling Maxie. Maxie asks him not to tell the boss she’s sleeping at her desk. He says he’s one of her bosses too. She says pregnancy is exhausting, but assures him they don’t usually sleep at Crimson. She says her husband is Nina’s brother, but she didn’t get the job through nepotism, since she was there before Nina, and asks if they can start the conversation over. Peter says he’ll try to find Nina later, and hopes she feels better. She wants to talk to him about a mutual friend.

Nathan tells Lulu that he’s gotten no sleep since he found out, and as long as Faison is out there, Maxie won’t get any rest. If they publish an interview with Faison’s son, he won’t be able to resist making contact. The sooner, the better. Lulu asks how they roll it out to get the results they need.

Julian tells Dante that a brick was thrown through his kitchen window. It’s a warning. Dante asks if it might be any of his old associates, and Julian says all of his rivals are dead, except for Dante’s father. He’s hosted a few town hall type meetings about the redevelopment project. Maybe it’s one of the protesters. Dante says he thought Julian was on their side. Julian says he did too. Dante points out that he has no cameras. Julian says he’ll order them, and Dante promises to have Jordan send a patrol car around.

Diane says Sam and Jason’s 2011 marriage was still valid when he disappeared. She got a divorce from Drew under Jason’s name, and the matter will be settled at the courthouse. Jason tells her to just give Sam whatever she wants. Diane reminds him that she’s on retainer to safeguard his best interests, and she fully intends to.

Sam tells Alexis that it’s just about paperwork, but Alexis says she’ll be there to protect Sam’s interests. Curtis pops in, and Sam and Alexis leave for the courthouse. Drew asks what’s up, and Curtis tells him looking into his past is slow going, but he did find something.

Maxie thanks Peter for giving Lulu a spot on the staff. He says she has great instincts and enormous potential. She’s working on exposé, and he hopes it works out. Maxie says she’s definitely a Spencer, and not afraid to take chances. She has great instinct, and if she doesn’t get an earth shaking story this time, she won’t rest until she does.

Lulu says Nathan’s interview will be exclusive to Aurora, but once it’s published, Faison will know Nathan is his son. She wonders about contacting the WSB, but Nathan says Anna has her own conflict with Faison. He’ll talk to Jordan. If she thinks it’s appropriate, she’ll contact the WSB to get an okay to lure Faison out. In perfect soap timing, Dante has returned, and says, what?

Julian polishes the bar. Sonny comes in. He says somebody told him that Julian was the new owner, but he had to see it with his own eyes. Julian says he got Sonny’s present, and shows him the brick. Sonny doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Julian says he threw it through kitchen window. What does Sonny want?

Curtis says that Drew went to high school in Sawyer, New York. It’s a middle class place, with light industry, and the pride of the town is the Sawyer Spartans. He’s brought back Drew’s high school yearbook.

Alexis tells Sam they have the time to go over things, and if she has any doubts, now’s the time. Sam says Alexis is sending her mixed signals. One second, she’s telling Sam to steer clear of Jason, and the next, she’s asking if Sam has doubts. Alexis says, in a perfect world, the past would be past. She just wants Sam to be happy. Sam says that’s why she’s marrying Drew. They all know it; most of all, Jason knows it. She sees Jason standing in the doorway with Diane.

Mac shows up at the Crimson office, asking if Maxie lost her phone. Maxie introduces him to her boss’s boss. Maxie is hoping Mac has mocha latte in the thermos he’s carrying, but it’s green juice that Felicia sent over. He says it’s good for the baby. He tells her, no offense, but she doesn’t look so hot. She says she didn’t sleep well. She’s been stressing since she found out who Nathan’s father is.

Dante can’t believe Lulu is setting a trap for Faison. She says she’s found a stronger angle than interviewing him – interviewing Nathan instead. Doing an exposé on the son of the WSB’s most wanted. Dante says, last night, Nathan couldn’t wrap his head around it, and now he wants to make it public? And drag Dante’s wife into it? Lulu says it was her idea. It’s a major story, but if brings to Faison to justice, even better. She knows there’s a risk, but she’s doing it whether he likes it or not.

Drew looks at the yearbook. Curtis flagged some pages he thought might be relevant. Ha-ha! An old photo of Steve Burton. Curtis says Drew was an all-around leader; athletic, academic, student government. Drew looks at the picture, and says this guy looks like his brother. Curtis tells him that we all regret our hair at that age; he was rocking a flattop. Curtis says he ran track, and Drew says Jason did too. Curtis says twins, even when separated, often have a lot in common.

Diane sees that all the relevant parties are present, and suggests getting started. She tells Alexis it’s nice to be sparring with her again. Alexis agrees, but wishes it was under more pleasant circumstances. Sam thanks Jason, and he says, whatever she needs. There’s a collective sigh from women everywhere.

She wants to begin with the penthouse. Jason says it’s Sam’s home, and he said she could keep it. Sam says it was his before they met, and she and Drew can find another place to live. An agreement is reached for the couple to move within six months, sell the penthouse, and split the proceeds. Jason is good with it, and Sam says it’s better to have a clean break. We flash back to Jason and Sam’s life together; goofing around and celebrating holidays.

Curtis tells Drew that his cousin’s daughters are twins. When they were babies, they communicated in a secret language. Drew says he and Jason are opposites, and are trying to separate and redefine their lives. Sam is out getting a divorce. Alexis is confident that it’s just a formality, and then they can get remarried.

Julian says Sonny still has it out for him. Sonny thinks his time in the big house has made him paranoid. He has no time for petty vandalism. Julian asks what he’s doing there, and Sonny says he needs him to repay a debt. Julian says he doesn’t owe him anything. Sonny says Julian owes him blood, but he’ll settle for cash. He opens his briefcase, and takes out a promotional sign. He tells Julian, congratulations. His bar will proudly be serving Corrinthos Coffee.

Dante realizes Lulu isn’t letting this go. Lulu says it’s too important. Dante asks, for Nathan or her career? and she asks why it can’t be both – everybody wins. Dante tells her he wants in every step pf the way, and Lulu says she wouldn’t have it any other way. He says he doesn’t like it, and thinks it’s a bad idea. Lulu says she still has to run it by Peter. Nathan says sorry; he thought Dante knew. Dante says he did, but didn’t know the details. Lulu has a tendency to leap before she looks, and gets in trouble, but this is Faison. Him being Nathan’s father is the least of their problems. He wonders what Maxie is going to say when she finds out he’s using himself as bait.

Mac asks Maxie if she’s absolutely sure. She explains about Obrecht acting squirrelly about the medical records. They were forced to resort to a DNA test, and then she had to tell the truth. He can’t imagine what they’re going through, and Maxie tells him about her dream. He says it’s just a bad dream; it’s not going to happen. Maxie says he can’t promise that. She says what he can he do is help her and Nathan disappear.

Peter meets Lulu at the MetroCourt, and asks if her ears were burning; he was just singing her praises. She hopes she can live up to his expectations. He asks about her sit down with Faison, and she says she’s got the next best thing; an interview with his son. Peter says he thought there was only one child, and Lulu says he has a son he doesn’t know about. Her husband’s partner, Nathan West.

Nathan says he hasn’t told Maxie about Lulu’s plan, and Dante says look out when head explodes. When Faison finds out who he is, he’s going to go after Maxie and the baby. Nathan says he can’t sit around doing nothing. His family is a mess. He doesn’t want them jumping at shadows. He needs to draw Faison out and confront him. Dante says he has Nathan’s back – always.

Maxie tells Mac that he needs to get in touch with Robert. He can help them go into hiding. She’s not thrilled, but what other choice is there? Mac says there are plenty. She doesn’t want that kind of life. She says it’s not safe with Faison out there. Mac asks if he knows Nathan is his son. Maxie says the only way to make sure two can keep a secret is if one of them is dead. At this point, there are so many in on it, there’s a good chance the truth will come out. It might seem drastic, but she doesn’t feel safe in Port Charles. Mac says that’s where she’s the safest. She has her family, and Anna is there. Sonny has lots of connections. Maxie says Sonny is probably going after Faison himself because of Jason. And if he does, Faison should want to be on other side of the planet.

Sonny tells Julian to consider his coffee needs covered. He said he wanted to be a normal citizen, now’s his chance. Sonny will front him the coffee, but expects payment on time and in full. Julian says he could have just asked; he didn’t have to toss a brick through the window. But since he did, at least have the decency to admit it.

Drew tells Curtis they want the wedding to be about them, and what they’re future is about. They want their friends to be there, and Curtis says count him in. Drew says he’s the one, true friend he’s made, and thanks Curtis for having his back. He starts to stammer, and Curtis says he’ll save him from embarrassing himself. He’ll be his best man.

Diane says Jason isn’t contesting the ELQ redistribution, and says blah-blah-blah about the stocks. She starts to talk about Drew and Sam paying for ownership in the media company, but Jason says he doesn’t want them paying anything. Alexis says Sam can’t accept it as a gift; it will subject them to undue scrutiny. Sam says they want to own it through their own work, not his generosity. Diane suggests waiving the interest, and everyone agrees. She says in regard to his offshore holdings, Jason and Sam have basically been living off of him for the past two years. Drew had no income stream, and Sam’s detective agency is defunct. Sam says she gets it. Everything they have has come from Jason, but there’s no way they can repay him. Jason says, enough, signs all of the papers, and says, it’s done. Sam flashes back to them kissing and getting busy, while there’s a song part. We see him asking to marry her, their wedding, and together on the motorcycle. They give each other a soap opera look.

Mac tells Maxie that Robert is bringing Frisco into the loop. She asks if she should build a panic room. He tells her not to get stressed, but she says a power hungry deranged lunatic has no idea Nathan is his son. And if they’re lucky, he’ll never find out.

Lulu tells Nathan that she just pitched the story to Peter, and got the green light. Aurora is going to publish the interview. She asks if he has any second thoughts, but he says it has to happen, and suggests they start now. Sonny comes into the station. He says somebody threw a brick though Julian’s window, and asks if they have any idea what it’s about.

Julian opens the coffee delivery, and looks at the invoice.

Drew tells Curtis that he’ll give him the details as soon as he has it figured out. Curtis says he’s not getting out without a good bachelor party. He asks if Drew has been to Atlantic City. Drew says if he has, he doesn’t remember. Curtis tells him that if he does his job right, that will remain his answer. Curtis gets a call. He says he’s guessing that Drew doesn’t need to look in the past for answers when the future is lined up.

Jason says money never mattered; he just wants Sam to be okay. She says she knows. He gives her the papers. She starts to sign them, but Alexis says she advises her not to sign yet. It would be remiss of her not to talk about an important issue – the custody of Danny.

Tomorrow, Peter gives Nina the new Crimson budget, Julian meets Kim, and Sam fires someone.

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