March 16, 2018 – Griff Worries While Putting It Together, a Bit O’ Tabatha, Quint Quotes & St. Patrick’s Fun


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Michael finds Mike on the balcony. Mike says he’s busy. He’s getting some fresh air, since the air is getting thick inside.

Carly introduces Stella to Sonny. She won’t sugarcoat, and says Alzheimer’s is completely life-changing. The good news is, they’re not alone, and she’ll do everything in her power to help them prepare for what’s coming.

At the station, Anna tells Jordan she’ll do anything she can to help. Jordan tells her to deal with Henrik.

Griff opens Peter’s chart, remembering what Anna said about Henrik having Huntington’s disease, and Peter saying his father had it. Peter asks if Griff is ready for him.

Nina reads to Maxie from a baby magazine about women kneeling during delivery, and catching the baby with their hands. She asks if that’s a thing. Maxie just wants the office visit over. She can’t handle the what ifs; what if the baby has Huntington’s, what will she do, and how will she handle it alone? Nina says she’s not alone. Maxie says she needs a distraction. Nina looks over and sees Elizabeth arguing with Sam, and says, now we’re talking.

Sam thinks Franco knows something. She tells Elizabeth if he did anything to Drew, she’ll take him out herself. Take him out where? BA-DUM-CHH! Actually, that would solve Sam’s problem if she was minus one guy.

Jordan tells Anna she has nothing on Henrik. All she knows is he possibly paid Klein to keep Jason at the clinic. Klein has disappeared, which is no surprise, since there are arrest warrants out on him. It’s the only thing keeping the case open. She has no time or resources to prove Henrik exists, let alone to find him.

Griff is happy to report Peter has no trace of the offending protein. He can go back to his life without worrying or being concerned about passing down the gene to children he might have. Peter is thankful for Griff’s help. Griff say they have one more thing discuss. Other people in his family might not be as fortunate.

Maxie wonders if they should do something, but Nina says it looks personal. Elizabeth asks what makes Sam think Franco did anything to Drew? Sam says because Franco is known to be dangerous. Elizabeth is skeptical that Sam really cares; she cares more about Drew than Sam. Sam asks what that means. Elizabeth says it means if Drew is in trouble she’s happy to help, but Sam isn’t making it easy. Sam says Drew didn’t come home last night, and she has to find him. She thinks Franco is the only lead. Elizabeth tells her to start from the beginning.

Nelle brings up Morgan’s MyFace <snort> page on her laptop, and starts to open a box that came in the mail. Ava comes in, and Nelle tells her not much is going on. Ava thinks it’s time to access the damage from the earthquake. Nelle says it could have been worse, and hands her a report. Ava is impressed, and Nelle says Ava told her that she wanted her to take more initiative. Ava says she even opened the mail, but Nelle tells her the package is part of her plan to neutralize Carly.

Stella tells Sonny and Carly that she’s met her share of families facing the same thing, and is up-to-date in ways of coping, ways to manage the disease, and information for Mike while he can still understand. She tells them to expect memory loss and confusion. She’s not sure how long it will be before his skills are entirely gone. Sonny says it’s not that bad, and Stella says, for the moment. Right now, they can set aside the day to day, and focus on long term concerns.

Mike talks to Michael about the rose bushes. Michael says spring is around the corner; they should be popping soon, but they’re not as beautiful as his great-grandmother’s rose garden. Mike says he knows Lila. Michael says his dad planted a cutting from her, and it thrived. Mike says he’s not surprised. She has a heart of gold. Everything she touches blossoms – except that son-of-a-gun she’s married too. He doesn’t know how she puts up with him. He asks how they are, and Michael tells him that Lila and Edward passed away. Mike says, right; he knew that. Michael says it’s an easy one to forget. You can still feel their presence. That happens with people who are larger than life; they leave an impact on those they loved. Sonny comes out, and asks Mike to come in for a second. There’s someone he wants Mike to meet.

Jordan has received a request from the WSB, and she has no time for all of this. Anna says it’s her fault for pushing the bureau for updates. She didn’t think they’d push Jordan. They can’t close the file on Faison until they have more information on his son.

Griff says Peter mentioned his father’s condition came as a surprise. Peter says what remained of his family died with his father. He had a brother he never knew, who passed as well. Griff looks worried, which was his specialty after med school.

Sam says Drew wasn’t at work, he’s not at the Quartermaine’s, and he’s not answering his phone or texts. Elizabeth asks why she suspects Franco, and Sam tells her the last thing Drew told her was that he was dealing with Franco, and he’s been missing ever since. Elizabeth says it sounds like Franco is the one in danger.

A doctor comes out to tell Maxie that Kim was delayed, but she has the test results.

At the MetroCourt, Andre asks Anna how it went. She wants to drink some tea before she fires off a tirade to the idiot who sent a request about Henrik to Jordan. Instead of actually doing something useful, someone from the bureau decided to push for an update from the PCPD, who don’t even have proof Henrik exists. She says they’re either incompetent or lazy, and they’ll either be demoted to mail clerk or vaporized. Andre is more worried about her, and what the search is doing to her.

Elizabeth tells Sam that she hasn’t seen Franco since last night, but she wasn’t expecting to; they got into a fight. With all the Jim mess, and the memories of their childhood coming to the surface, she figured he was holed up in his studio. Sam starts to get stupid, and Elizabeth says she’s not doing this. She doesn’t care who went after who; she’s going to find Franco. She leaves, and Sam follows. Why so much makeup today, ladies?

Nelle tells Ava that she and Carly had a bit of a reconciliation over the baby. She explains what happened during the earthquake, and how Carly calmed her down. Ava says, will wonders never cease, and Nelle says, with Carly they do. She couldn’t wait to undermine Nelle again. Her apartment was trashed, and Monica insisted she stay at the Quartermaines’. Ava says she must be thrilled, living under the same roof as Michael. Nelle says she had no time to enjoy it before Carly badmouthed her. Ava says she might as well back off, and Nelle asks if Ava thinks she should let it go. Ava says, no. She’s just saying there are worse ideas. Nelle wonders if Ava was hit on the head in the earthquake, but Ava says maybe it’s in her best interest to play nice. Carly can be a formidable adversary. If her plan fails, Carly will come after her, no holds barred.

Mike is introduced to Stella, who says Sonny is almost as handsome as his father. Mike asks how they know each other. Stella says she asked to meet him; they need to discuss his diagnosis. As the disease progresses, he’ll be unable to make decisions, and they need to seize his clarity now and make those decisions before it’s too late. He asks what happens if, down the road, he doesn’t like the decisions they made today? Carly says she and Sonny are there to help. Sonny asks Mike to sign a paper that allows them to handle his affairs. Mike says it’s power of attorney. Sonny wants him to sign his life away?

Sonny says he’s not signing his life away, and Mike says just the ability to control it. Sonny already cost him his job. Sonny says he missed a delivery. Mike says Sonny called him there. He had a job, and a woman he cared about, and ever since Sonny arrived, he’s had nothing. Now Sonny wants him to sign his rights over. Michael says he knows Mike misses his neighborhood, but he’s here because his diagnosis is getting worse. He has to plan for his future. Mike says, easy for Michael to say; he has a future. Michael says he had to pick a guardian for his unborn child in case something happens to him. Mike asks who he is in this situation? Michael or the helpless child? He’s still a man, and won’t have any of them telling him any different. He walks back out on the balcony, and Sonny tells Carly to let him go; it’s on him.

Elizabeth and Sam go to the station. They tell Jordan about Franco and Drew being missing. Jordan asks if it’s been since the earthquake. Elizabeth says they survived the quake, but she’s not sure they’ll survive each other.

Anna tells Andre that she’s frustrated. Henrik has no idea he might have a fatal genetic illness, and she feels the need to warn him. Andre thinks she should take a step back and review her course of action. If she finds him, she could put herself and her family at risk.

Maxie tells Nina she has to call her family. Nina sits on the couch and weeps. Griff sees her, and asks if she’s okay. She says Maxie had the baby tested for Huntington’s disease, and just got the results.

Peter sees Maxie, and asks if she’s all right. She says she just got the results, and the baby doesn’t have Huntington’s disease. He hugs her and says, that’s great news. It was really good of them to make us think the opposite for a while.

Sam tells Jordan that Drew said he was going to see Franco. The last time she heard from him, he said he was dealing with Franco, and hung up. He’s been gone ever since. All they know for sure is that Jim told them an incident happened between them when they were kids. Jordan asks what the hell does this have to do with Jim?

Andre tells Anna that it’s more likely than not Henrik was Faison’s accomplice. Her investigation might not end there; who knows what plots he might be involved in? He doubts Henrik would welcome a visit from a WSB agent, even if it’s his mother. If he’s anything like Faison, he could harm her. She says she has no way to know if he’s evil incarnate or blameless, or like most people, somewhere in the middle. Until she has proof otherwise, she’s giving him the benefit of the doubt. Andre wonders if she’ll turn him in if she does get proof.

Nina tells Griff that she doesn’t know what Maxie would have done if the baby had Huntington’s disease. Griff is thrilled; they need a breather. Nina says it feels like the first time she can breathe since Nathan was killed. She was so angry, and remembers running past Peter, wanting to kill Faison. Thank God that Valentin was there, or she probably would have been arrested. Griff wonders what Peter was doing there. Nina says he was at Crimson with Maxie, and thinks Faison tried to shoot him, but she really doesn’t know.

Maxie asks what Peter is doing at the hospital. He thought she might need support, but she says Nina came with her. He says Nina has been way protective, and he doesn’t want to intrude. Maybe they shouldn’t tell her. In the most perfect soap timing of all, Nina is suddenly there, and says – let’s all say it together – don’t tell me what? I laugh.

Nelle asks if Ava is advising her to back off, but Ava says she’s advising other tactics. She’s living under Michael’s roof. Nelle says until Carly convinces him to show her the curb. Ava tells Nelle it will just make Carly look bad. Sit back, and let Carly do her job for her. Nelle says she can’t let Carly take away Michael and the baby, but Ava asks why rock things when she’s close to getting everything out of the way? Nelle says she’ll have everything when Carly is out of the way.

On the balcony, Mike tells Sonny that everyone is looking at him funny, like he’s the only one not in on the joke. Sonny says everyone is working together. Mike says, to sign away his independence. Sonny says it just allows them to take care of him when he can’t take care of himself, and that day is going to come. Unless Mike is afraid to trust him. Mike says Sonny knows better. He’s afraid the day will come when he doesn’t know anything. The way Sonny sees it, is when that day does come, he’ll either face it alone or not. They’re all he has, so let them take care of him. He’d do the same for them. Mike starts to cry. Sonny cries. I cry. This guy is killing me.

Carly wishes they’d been more prepared. Stella asks how you prepare someone to lose control of their life? How do you prepare for a family member disappearing before your eyes? It takes its toll, but by doing this, they’re taking effective action. They’ll help Mike get his ducks in a row, clean up his finances, and walk him through the long-term care decisions. She leaves to get some brochures from her car. Michael reminds Carly that he’s there; they don’t have to handle it alone. Carly says he has a baby on the way, and the baby’s mother to deal with. She’s sure Nelle is milking it for all it’s worth. He tells her that she’ll be happy to hear he has a date, but don’t expect wedding bells. She says Nelle will lose it when she finds out, but he thinks maybe it will help her understand that, aside from the baby, they have separate lives.

Elizabeth tells Jordan that she told Franco not to come home, but he missed his art therapy appointments, and no one has seen him. Jordan tells them that Jim is involved in another matter that she’s trying to connect him to. Sam asks if it could be a link. Jordan says find Franco and Drew, and talk to them. She’s not going to assign a detective to find two grown men. Sam says she guesses this means they’re on their own. Jordan tells them to be careful when it comes to Jim. Don’t trust a word out of his mouth. Elizabeth and Sam look at each other.

Nelle takes out the scarf like Morgan is wearing in his profile picture. She messes it up, putting mud on it. She cuts her hand open with a pair of scissors, and puts her blood on it. She says this will hurt Carly more than it hurts her.

Stella brings in the brochures, saying they might not need them for some time, but they all have resources for Alzheimer’s care. Mike comes back in, and picks up the paper. He signs it, using Michael’s back as a board. He tells Michael to do them both a favor. Live a long, full life, but don’t get old. Everyone smiles.

Sonny thanks Stella for her patience. She says he’s the one who made the effort. Sonny says it was relatively painless. Stella tells him they got through it, but the hard part starts now. Stella says, it’s a hard road, and she’s referring to him. The confusion and feeling of powerlessness; the unreliable memory will bring up things he thought were buried for good. She says support is available, and Sonny says he’ll be fine. Stella says he’d rather die than accept help; she’s met his kind before. She tells him that Alzheimer’s bends to no one’s will, not even his. He can’t help his father if he can’t help himself. He should take support when it’s given.

Elizabeth tells Sam that Franco isn’t the only person who doesn’t trust Jim. She thought something off; if only she hadn’t been distracted. If only she was here. I’d punch her. Saying this after she couldn’t wait to tell Elizabeth what Jim had said, and acting like it was the gospel truth. Elizabeth says she’s coming with Sam, but Sam says she works alone. She said that to annoy me even more, since she followed Elizabeth there. Elizabeth says they don’t have to like it, but they’re on the same side. Sam says once they find Franco and Drew, she’s on her own.

Nina asks Peter and Maxie what the big secret is. Maxie says they might as well tell her. Peter was there to talk to the doctor about getting a vasectomy. Nina says Crimson is doing an article on them, and he says that’s what started him thinking about it. Nina tells him they’re doing before and after interviews, but he says that he decided it wasn’t for him, so he’d be useless. Maxie says there’s plenty else he’d be good for, and Peter raises an eyebrow. Me too. What does she mean by that? Was that an innuendo?

Anna tells Andre that she did everything to cover her tracks, and failed. Then she paid the price. Whoever Henrik is now, she’s the one who put his life on course. She gave him up and walked away, never looking back. Andre says she didn’t know Faison found him, and she’s not responsible for how he grew up. The same way she’s not responsible if he has the gene. She says it’s on her to find him. When she does, she’ll figure out what comes next.

Griff looks over some charts, comparing them. He calls Brad, and says he needs a rush on a paternity test.

On Monday, Brad asks Griff why the test is so important, Sam and Elizabeth find Jim, and Jason wants to know why Anna is interested in finding Henrik.

👪 Tonight, on Relative Success with Tabatha, Tabatha tackled a real estate office. Sadly, the married couple who ran the business decided it was time to call their relationship quits, but on the upside, the business made a huge turnaround. Tabatha might have had only half the success, but it’s good to show the viewers that you don’t always get a completely happy ending.

🍸 Quotes of the Week

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. – Mahatma Gandhi

Pedestrians were seen stopping their cars…  – Essence magazine article – what’s wrong with this picture sentence? Hint: Note the meaning of the first word.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.Thomas Alva Edison

It’s impossible to get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.Harry Truman

Do you ever feel like you’re not accomplishing anything? *** I think I’m in touch with that emotion. – Wendy and Billy, respectively, St. Elmo’s Fire

🍀 Be O’Careful Out There…

Although, hopefully, your town isn’t like NYC, where I’ve seen people throwing up on the curb at 11 am.

🌍 St. Patrick’s Day in Moscow…


🐄 There is No Cow in Moscow, So…


StPatrickShamrock Enjoy Your O’Weekend and…



March 15, 2018 – Franco & Drew Are Trapped, Butcher’s Block Concludes & Friday Fun


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Kim tells Elizabeth that Oscar wants to thank Franco personally for helping save his father. She’s sorry the earth swallowed up Elizabeth’s wedding day, and asks if there’s a new date.

Sam calls Drew, but gets voicemail. She’s getting worried. Alexis comes into the office with an update on Molly, but wonders what Sam is doing in Drew’s office. Sam says she hasn’t heard from him since yesterday.

Drew opens his eyes. He and Franco are lying on a concrete floor in a basement. He tells Franco to get up, but Franco is out cold.

Curtis says Ned is the mayor, a man of action; he digs it. Ned says Jim burned them; how can they burn him back? Curtis says he messed with the quality of life on Charles Street, and Ned says he was drilling for gas with no permit. Jordan says she’ll jump on the smallest mistake he makes. Ned tells them that Jim played on his political ambitions. It’s time to turn the tables, and use his biggest weakness against him – his greed.

Jim tells someone on the phone that it doesn’t make sense, but he’s in the middle of another crisis, so they’ll talk later. One of his thugs knocks on the door, and says Franco and Drew are safe and sound in a quiet place. Jim says this isn’t good. He’s not a thug; he’s a businessman. Geez, you could have fooled me. He’s pretty much been all thug since he came to town. He asks why “Bobby and Andy” couldn’t leave past where it belongs.

Elizabeth says the wedding is on hold for the moment. Kim asks if she wants to talk, and Elizabeth says Franco kept something important from her. He’s done it before, and she’s forgiven him, but he promised to be honest. Kim says she’s the last person to be giving relationship advice, but people have secrets. We keep things from each other to protect them or protect ourselves. She kept Oscar from his father. Elizabeth says it was something significant about Franco’s past, and it had everything to do with Drew. She asks if Drew ever talked about his childhood. Kim says Drew asked same thing, but she didn’t know much. They talked about almost anything except that.

Sam tells Alexis that when she and Drew were on their way out of the hospital, Jim found them. Alexis asks what that Neanderthal wanted. Sam says he claims to have known Franco and Drew when they were small, calling them Bobby and Andy. He told them Betsy sent Drew to an orphanage because Franco tried to kill him. Alexis says children of that age don’t have the sensoria to be legally culpable. Sam tells her that Franco pushed Drew down the stairs and the last she heard from him, Drew was going to confront Franco, but she doesn’t know where he was headed.

Drew touches Franco, and Franco jumps up. He tells Drew his head hurts, and asks where they are. Something tells him they’re not in Jim’s hotel room. Drew says after the thugs showed up, it’s a blur. Franco says this is what it feels like to be knocked out, and Drew says this is what it feels like to be tased. Franco says them together, where he’s guessing there’s no way out. Maybe they’re dead and it’s hell.

At the MetroCourt, Lulu tells Dante that she and Maxie were best friends. If the damage is ever going to be repaired, she’ll have to take the first step. Dante thinks it’s a bad idea, and the first step is to wait. Since she’s really stupid and pushy, Lulu says she can’t; the friendship means too much. Apparently, her feelings alone define the relationship.

At one of the tables, Maxie tells Peter all she can think about are the test results. Lulu comes to the table, and says they need to talk. Peter doesn’t think it’s the time or place, and Dante says, let’s go, but Maxie says, no. Lulu is right. They need to talk.

Jim’s thug reassures him that Franco and Drew can’t get out, and asks what he’s going to do. Jim isn’t sure, and says he’ll figure it out. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Ned, and Jim tells his thug, good work, and to keep him apprised. The thug leaves, and Ned thanks Jim for the donation; the city owes him. Jim says Port Charles has been good to him, but this can’t be a social visit. Ned says it isn’t. Jim has done so much for Port Charles; he’s there to discuss what he can do for Jim.

Elizabeth doesn’t want to give Kim the specifics of what Franco’s secret was, and feels badly dumping on her, and then not sharing. Kim says she’ll always care about Drew, but he can take care of himself. Epiphany comes by, and asks where Franco is. He blew off his clients, with no heads up or explanation. He can’t leave patients hanging because he’s in a mood. Elizabeth says that’s not like him; there must be a good reason. Epiphany says to tell him that Dr. Quartermaine is going to hear about it. Elizabeth tells Kim that she told him not to come home, after he’d said she makes him better and he’s lost without her. She has to find him.

Sam says the last time Drew checked in, he was dealing with Franco and hung up. Alexis asks how worried she is, and Sam says, how worried do you think? Her calls are going to voicemail, and he’s not getting her texts. She’s probably overreacting, but if it was Jason she wouldn’t worry. It’s normal for him. She’s been thinking a lot about Jason and Drew. She hasn’t been honest with either them or herself.

Franco yells for help, and then says of all people, he should know better that they’re in a soundproof room. It’s in Kidnapping for Dummies. Drew’s guess is that it’s a building that’s going to be demolished for reconstruction. Franco thinks that’s a good bet. He says it’s so weird that the first time they agree, it’s something like this. Drew says any workers they find, work for the man who put them there. They might try to finish them off.

Peter asks if Maxie is sure, and she says she is. He tells her, good luck, and gets up. Dante tells Peter that they should have a chat as well. Peter asks if it’s a police matter, and he says, yes. They step away. Lulu wants Maxie to know she’s done a lot of soul searching since the funeral, about her choice to lay a trap for that monster. Maxie says, it worked, and Lulu says, at a terrible cost. Maxie says Lulu was just doing her job, writing sensational stories, no matter who gets hurt. Lulu says she told Peter that she was ready to walk away, but he talked her out of it. Maxie says she never intended to walk away; it was a gesture to ease her conscience. She’s immune to rules and consequences, and nothing is ever her fault. Lulu wants to make it right. She misses Maxie. Maxie says she misses Nathan. He’s not there to help her, or tell her what to do about the baby. Lulu asks if something is wrong, and Maxie says the baby might have inherited a fatal disease from Faison.

Jordan looks at a map, telling Curtis that each pin represents the loss of a home or business, all because of that SOB Jim. It will take years to rebuild and recover. Curtis knows it’s frustrating, but she’s the police commissioner, who brings bad guys to justice, like the man who caused this devastation. She asks if Curtis is actually trusting the legal system, and he says he trusts her. This isn’t just another case. TJ could have been killed, Molly almost was, and his auntie was put in harm’s way. Someone needs to pay. Jordan says, someone will.

Ned tells Jim that he wouldn’t be mayor if not for his support, but Jim says the people voted him in. Anything he did to help was his pleasure. Ned says he’s in a position to return the favor. Jim had plans to keep the city’s original character, while building new housing and boosting the economy. Now it’s all lost in the rubble. Jim says it’s not his first rodeo. When you dream big, you have to take big risks, and sometimes they don’t pay off. Ned says he’s awfully cool about it, and Jim says, never let them see you sweat. Ned tells him that he can’t leave Jim holding a title to worthless property, but he can buy back all of the Niagara properties at a price that’s more than fair. He writes a figure on a paper, hands it to Jim, and asks if they have a deal. Jim says, sorry, and Ned laughs, saying it’s more than generous. Why not take it? Jim says he knows why.

Sam tells Alexis that she and Jason were at the Quartermaines when the earthquake hit. They took Jason’s bike to find Drew, and ended up at a construction site trailer. Alexis asks if she slept with him, and Sam says, no; they almost died. Alexis reminds her that she’s the mother of two children, and this only happens when she’s with Jason. Sam says they managed to get out before the explosion, and Alexis says, of course. Sam says she had to tell Jason the truth. She loves him and always will.

Drew tells Franco they didn’t take everything, and hands him a candy bar. Franco says Jim is lying about what happened when they were kids. Drew says they can put that on their tombstones, and Franco admires his relentless optimism. Drew says they wouldn’t be in this mess if he’d stuck to the plan. Why didn’t he leave? Franco says Jim kept talking to him. Drew knows; he was listening. The guy is a jerk, but didn’t say anything to make him freeze. When he got there, Franco was curled in a ball. What happened?

Dante tells Peter that he gave him a pass at Nathan’s funeral. He didn’t want to add to the pain. He says Peter pressured Lulu because he saw dollar signs. He didn’t care who he put in harm’s way. Peter says he almost got shot. Dante says Nathan did, and Peter got a headline. Peter says it was Nathan’s decision, and asks if Dante doesn’t think his wife is capable of making up her own mind. Well…

Maxie tells Lulu that Faison had Huntington’s disease. It explains a lot. At worst, it affects the motor control and brain function, and is inevitably fatal. It might have been passed on, and she’s waiting for the test results. Lulu asks what the chances are, and Maxie says there was a 50% chance of Nathan having it. If he did, there’s a 50% chance of the baby having it. Lulu says that’s not going to happen, and Maxie asks, why? Because she doesn’t want it and she said so? Either it happens or not, and if it does, there’s nothing she can do, except wait for the symptoms to show up. She asks, what are years to parents? You blink, and they go from diapers to the prom. There’s nothing she can do. Lulu says she can love the baby and teach it about Nathan. Maxie tells her, don’t you dare. She doesn’t get to bury Maxie’s husband, walk over his grave, and pretend like they’re besties again. Lulu starts to say she thought – and Maxie says, thought what? She had to bury her husband, and Nathan’s not here. The baby might be sick, and he’s not there to help her through it because of Lulu.

Jim tells Ned he’s a man of his word; when he starts something, he finishes it. Ned says no one is going to build a high-rise on a fault, but Jim points out San Francisco is on the San Andreas. Ned says they know what they’re dealing with. This came out of nowhere; it went from stable to unpredictable, and cost Jim millions. Jim says, you know what they say; one man’s disaster is another’s blessing. Ned asks if that’s really what they say, and Jim tells him, there’s another saying, cut the crap. Jim says Ned knows there’s a huge deposit of natural gas under the city. What kind of businessman would he be if he sold the land back? Ned says it wasn’t just discovered. Jim used him because he needed the Quartermaine stamp of approval. Jim says, and he got elected. Ned says Jim leaked the article, and Jim tells him that they both win. Ned got what he wanted, and Jim is sitting on a fortune. He tells Ned that he’s the mayor. Stop crying foul, and have a cigar; he earned it.

Elizabeth tells Kim that she keeps getting Franco’s voicemail. Kim asks if she knows where he’s staying, and she says she called Kiki, but she hasn’t seen him. His studio is on Charles Street, but she doesn’t know what condition it’s in. She’s getting worried. Kim says maybe he’s not missing, and just keeping his distance like she asked. Elizabeth says that’s not like Franco.

Alexis asks Sam what happened to not acting on her feelings? Sam say she doesn’t want to live life not telling the truth. She’s in love with both of them. She tried to shut her feelings off with Jason, but couldn’t do it, and can’t think of cutting off Drew. She has to be honest. She’s already told Jason, and now Alexis, and needs to tell Drew. Alexis wonders how he’ll react, but Sam doesn’t know. She says it’s up to him to decide. She doesn’t get to decide how he reacts, and has no idea. All she knows is that she has to be honest. Alexis thinks she should take more time, but Sam says she has to go. Alexis asks where, and she says to get answers.

Franco starts to shut down, and Drew says he’s doing it again. He thinks he knows PTSD when he sees it, and tells Franco he’s in the safest place. Tell him what Jim did. Franco flashes back to Jim calling him a liar and saying no one will believe him. He tells Drew he can’t talk about it.

Lulu tells Maxie that they’ll face it together. Maxie asks if she’s serious, and wants to use the baby to ease her conscience. Maxie tells her that for every tear she’s shed, she prays Lulu sheds an ocean full. For every sleepless night, she hopes Lulu never gets another night’s rest. She tells Lulu to stay away from her and her child. Peter and Dante return, and Peter tells Maxie not to stress for the baby’s sake. Alexis wanders over, and Maxie says her timing is perfect. She wants to file a restraining order on Lulu.

Curtis tells Jordan if Ned thinks he’s going to take down the man who played him like a harmonica, he’s dreaming. Jordan says she’s not counting on Ned. She’s counting on someone willing to take a risk, and willing to bend the law just enough not to break it. Curtis says someone with a vested interest in the evictions and harassment, who knows that the earthquake was used as a get-rich-quick scheme? She says, something like that. He thinks he knows the man.

Kim has to go back to work, and tells Elizabeth if she needs a friend, she’s there. Sam comes barreling in, and asks Elizabeth, where the hell is Franco?

Franco bangs on the door. Drew says it’s reinforced steel, and tells him to get a grip. He puts his hand on Franco’s arm, and Franco says if Drew touches him again… Drew asks what he’s going to do, calling him Bobby. He asks if Franco is going to try to kill him again.

Dante tells Alexis there’s no need; it’s a personal matter. Maxie suggests they keep it that way. Alexis is sorry about what’s going on, and hopes it works out. Lulu says she’s going back to work, or this is all for nothing. Peter asks if Maxie wants the day off, but she thinks diving into work is good for her. Her phone rings. It’s Kim, who just got word. The amnio results are in.

Curtis tells Jordan that he’s going to bring down Jim. She asks him to wait, and he wonders if she’s going to deputize him. She kisses him, and says now he’s deputized. Go be brilliant.

Ned cracks the cigar in half. He tells Jim that he’s going to the commissioner and blowing him out of the water. Jim says, be his guest. He’ll tells them that Ned always knew. They’ll never believe a savvy businessman got into bed with Niagara and didn’t know. Ned says he’ll take his chances. Jim says, do that, or do his job. The city stands to make a fortune in tax revenue. Show his responsibility to Port Charles. Ned reminds him about Charles Street, and Jim says they’ll find somewhere else to live. Ned says that most of them can’t afford it. Jim suggests he start a foundation to help them make the transition or they can move out of the city. Ned stomps out the door. Jim says how it turns out now, is up to him. He’s gone to far to stop now, and no one is getting in his way.

Elizabeth asks Sam why she’s so anxious. Sam says Drew is missing, and she thinks Franco knows something.

Franco says Drew trusted him at some point. He gave him the rabbit’s foot for Christmas, saying Franco was the best friend he ever had. He says it didn’t happen the way Jim is laying it out. He put them there to cover up what happened, and they’re stuck. He hands Drew the rabbit’s foot, and Drew asks why give it to him? Franco says he needs all the luck he can get.

Tomorrow, Peter’s test results are back, Sam threatens to take Franco out herself, and Mike asks Sonny if he’s supposed to sign his life away.

😱 Zero Time

There seems to be a bit of a lull in TV viewing this week. I haven’t seen any of this season of Once Upon a Time yet, but I did catch up with Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block, which had its finale this week. I hate that the seasons are so short with this show, even if I barely grasp what’s going on in it. Although anything is less opaque than the monster made of teeth on the first season, Channel Zero: Candle Cove. What was that thing about? Fear of dentistry?

This time around, the story centered around two sisters, a town full of disappearances, and the Peach family. The Peaches once owned much of the town, including Peach’s Meats, a meat processing plant that still looms over the center of the city. Like in Motel Hell where it takes all kinds of critters make Farmer Vincent’s fritters, there’s more to the meat than meets (ha-ha) the eye. Sisters Alice and Zoe (Olivia Luccardi and Holland Roden), move to the town for a fresh start. Zoe is schizophrenic and on medication, Alice is on the verge, or at least afraid of it, since their mother was also mentally ill. Landlady Louise (Krisha Fairchild), whose hobby is taxidermy, is trying to uncover the mystery of the missing Peach family and disappearances of locals over the years, one of whom is her brother. The Peaches vanished after their two daughters were murdered and something – probably a human sacrifice – was found in their basement. Afterwards, locals started to disappear. The sisters and Louise discover that the Peaches aren’t gone, but have merely changed energy and are still among us. Meanwhile, the sheriff’s son, Luke (Brandon Scott), has his hands full with an escaping Peach who is wreaking havoc on the town by eating some of its residents. Along with that, there is door to nowhere, a weird baby man called Smart Mouth, people in weird baby masks (which is even worse), and dinners consisting of kidney parfait with an ear wafer garnish. There is also a red door, but not the spa kind. Among it all is Rutger Hauer as Joseph Peach, patriarch and head cannibal/sacrifice leader. Rutger is a catch for any production, having played the best of the good guys (Ladyhawke) and the worst of the bad guys (The Hitcher). No surprise, he did not disappoint as the somewhat in-between Joseph, and in a way, got the last word. A lot of it was a strange foray into the human psyche, and all of it was a wild, gory ride. The three existing seasons of Channel Zero can be found On Demand.

🚂 You’re Almost There…




March 14, 2018 – Julian Doesn’t Want to Be That Guy, St. Patrick’s O’Facts & a Gordon Funny


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Julian asks Chase if he’s making an arrest or it’s a family reunion. Alexis wonders if this is necessary, and calls Julian infantile. Julian says he’s not the one with the lizard in box. Finn says, bearded dragon. Chase asks if Finn understands his rights, and Finn says, perfectly.

Valentin comes to Nina’s office, and tells her how beautiful she is. He wants to steal her away for dinner. She says she can’t leave, but she’ll take a raincheck. He says okay, as long as he can fetch her after she’s done. Peter and Ned come in, and Peter says the mayor was asking who’s idea it was to reach out to the advertisers for relief donations. Nina says it was her pleasure, but she’s on a deadline right now. Ned tells her the donations are appreciated, and they leave. Valentin thinks Nina gave Peter a chilly reception, but she says it’s business as usual.

Jordan asks Curtis if Jim’s interest was never in development. Curtis says it was a smokescreen to access what’s underneath. He can afford to be extra generous, since he’s about to be made really rich.

On the phone, Sam asks where Drew disappeared to. He says, actually, he’s with Franco. She asks if everything is okay, and he says, so far, so good. She asks when he’ll be back, but he doesn’t know. He’ll call when he has a better idea. She asks where he is, but the call is disconnected. Jason walks into Sam’s office.

Drew tells Franco they have to get a few things straight. He’s not Franco’s friend, he’s not there to protect him, and anything they find out, Elizabeth is going to know. Franco agrees, and says, let’s find out the truth.

Alexis asks Chase, before he drags her client off, to tell her what Finn is being arrested for. He says being a public nuisance, and Finn asks if he made that up. If it’s a real thing, half the town should be arrested. Julian says, what about that thing? indicating Roxie, and Finn yells, she has a name. Alexis says she’ll bring Roxie to the station. She tells Julian she thought he’d changed, but apparently, she was wrong. Kim gives him a look.

Curtis tells Jordan the natural gas was Jim’s target, and the earthquake hooked him up. Jordan thinks of everyone who stood their ground and refused to be bought, and how now they ended up still having no homes. She’s been dealing with his mess for months. Curtis brings up how he harassed people who just wanted to keep a roof over their heads. He says the bottom line is that Jim messed with his auntie, and he’s going to bring Jim down. Jordan is with him 100%, but asks him to try not to do anything arrest-worthy in the process. He says he’ll do his best, but no promises.

Valentin hangs out in Nina’s office. Peter walks in, and Nina tells him he needs to learn personal boundaries; she has a deadline. He says he’ll call her assistant, and backs out. Valentin is like, business as usual? He wonders what happened between her and Peter. She says she ran into him at the hospital. He was with Maxie while she was getting some tests done. He’d taken her there, and Nina wonders why, since he’s not a friend or family. Valentin asks why she was there?

Franco goes over the plan with Drew. Jim is having a business meeting in room 304 of the hotel. When he’s done, Franco is going to tell Jim that he found Betsy. If they’re right, he’ll contact her – if she’s still contactable. Franco wonders what if didn’t just hide her? Drew says the plan is if he contacts Betsy, they take the information to the police, and they’ll find her.

Sam asks what Jason is doing there. He came to see Drew with an update on his search for Henrik. He’s going to Europe. Britt gave them a list of places that Faison went to, and Spinelli located the banks there. Sam asks if he thinks there might be a safe deposit box with the information, and he says he does. Anna is in on the search, since she wants to make sure Henrik isn’t following in his father’s footsteps. It’s a long shot, but worth a try. Sam asks if he’s really going for information, or because he needs space. Jason says, both.

Curtis tells Jordan that natural gas is a dicey issue, and fracking has been banned in the area. Jim needed someone he could convince that drilling was a good idea; someone who has the trust of the people. Someone recently elected. Jordan calls Ned’s office.

Alexis brings Roxie to the station, and gives her to Finn. Chase can’t believe he was called in for a bar fight over a lizard. Alexis says, bearded dragon. She says it’s an easy fix; why make everything hard? She asks for a word with her client, and Chase says he’s all hers. Finn says before she does her death glare thing, take Roxie out. Alexis can’t believe he didn’t tell her he had a brother. He says, half-brother. She says she has three daughters, all have different fathers, and not one of them uses the term half-sibling. Finn says it’s complicated. Alexis says, what’s complicated is how to keep him out of jail.

Nina tells Valentin that she was meeting the new OB/GYN, and getting a routine checkup. Everything is fine; status quo. Another doctor telling her that she’ll never get pregnant. Valentin puts his arms around her shoulders.

Sam tells Jason that aside from the kids being born, him coming back has been the greatest gift. She doesn’t know how she can keep living like this; in denial, pretending the feelings aren’t there when they are. She knew it from the time he pulled her out of the water. Then there’s Drew. It’s the craziest situation of all time. Really? It’s not even close to the craziest situation that’s been on this show. She says they have no one to blame but Faison. She wants to make it okay for everyone, but she hasn’t stopped to see how she’s feeling. The first thing she needs to do is be honest with Drew.

Franco tells Drew that Elizabeth knows everything. Sam ran to tell her, and he can’t blame her. Why wouldn’t she? Drew says, if that’s what happened. Franco says Elizabeth didn’t think he was born bad, and he knows she meant it, but she doesn’t trust him. He wasn’t supposed to be keeping secrets, and he was keeping a pretty good sized one. The whole time he was thinking he might be a crazy killer, even though he didn’t feel like one, but now he’s questioning it. Drew tells him, stop it. Franco asks if he’s having second thoughts. Drew tells him, not yet, but he’s not Franco’s confessor. Drew asks him about the rabbit’s foot, and Franco says Drew gave it to him.

Kim appreciates Julian being there. It’s nice to have a friend to lean on. Julian says it’s nice to have a friend in general. She asks if she can be honest, and tells him that he and Alexis are far from over each other.

Finn tells Alexis that his mother died. His father remarried, and they had Chase. It was a big adjustment, but his brother couldn’t help it; he doesn’t blame him for being born. Alexis says it sounds like it, and asks what he did. Finn says he was a little kid when he left for college. They don’t know each other. End of story. Alexis goes over to Chase, and tells him that Finn is a stand-up guy, who has gone out on a limb to help members of the community. Chase asks if she means herself, and she says yes, and a host of other people. The bottom line is, he has a lizard (Finn corrects that), and if he says it’s an emotional support animal, he’s not kidding. Chase doesn’t understand, but she says he doesn’t need to; he just needs to accept it. Chase says he’s new, and can’t be throwing out favors, not even for Finn. Alexis says it runs in the family.

Franco says Drew gave the rabbit’s foot to him for luck when they were little. Drew asks if he remembers, but Franco says he remembers the feeling surrounding it. Like he wasn’t alone, and had a friend. Drew says Jim’s meeting is over; it’s go time. He tells Franco to keep it simple; plant the bug, and don’t mess around.

Nina tells Valentin that she doesn’t know why she’s so emotional. She’s been through it before. He says not when she’s been grieving. She says she loves Charlotte, and her life is full because of them. He tells her not to apologize for wanting a child of her own. He thinks Maxie stirred things up, and Nina says, just for a brief second, she thought she could. Afterwards, she ran into Peter, and was angry because he was standing in the void her brother left.

Sam wonders if Jason has the best idea. They know Faison is a master manipulator, and might be taunting him from the grave. He says if there’s a safe somewhere that can tell him where Henrik is, he’ll find it. Peter comes by looking for Drew, and says sorry to interrupt. He needs the direct contacts for their advertisers. Sam says she can get those for him. Peter asks Jason if he really has a lead on Faison’s son.

Drew puts in an earpiece. Franco knocks on Jim’s door. Jim says, you can’t keep a good man down, and Franco says, or him either. They need to finish the conversation they were having before Jim left him for dead. Jim says he went for help, and Franco says, sure he did. Jim thinks his horrible, youthful incident is better left in the past. Franco isn’t so sure, and is interested in what his mom says. He tells Jim that he found Betsy. Back in the car, Drew says, take the bait, you SOB.

Peter says finding Henrik would be a big story, and asks if Jason is getting closer. Jason says he has a lead, but nothing concrete; just a direction. Sam gives him Peter some folders, and he tells Jason, good luck with the search.

Valentin tells Nina that the man next to Maxie was a painful reminder of where Nathan should be, but until she has a real reason to think something else, just think he was doing something nice. She says she needs to apologize, but Valentin says he’s a big boy and can take care of himself, Nina doesn’t know what she’d do without him, and he says she’ll never have to worry about that. Her phone rings, and she has to approve something in the graphics department. She tells him to wait, and she’ll have dinner with him. When she’s gone, Valentin texts Peter to meet him there.

Ned tells Jordan that he needs to talk to her too. He’s concerned about Jim. No legitimate businessman acts this way. His project is in shambles, and he’s throwing money around. There’s got to be an angle. Curtis says there is; he’s tapping into the natural gas underneath. A geologist confirmed that there are huge natural gas deposits below Charles Street, so he set up an illegal drilling site on Post Street. Jordan asks if he really had no idea, and Ned says, none.

Alexis says Finn does have a tendency to make things more difficult. Why not just find another restaurant? He tells her that he doesn’t like Julian. Everything her daughters have said about him is true. He treated her badly, and messed with her head. He had that stupid smirk on his face, and Finn had to wipe it off.

Chase uses Spyder-Finder to look up Alexis.

Peter tells Valentin that he just came from Drew’s office, and found Jason is bent on finding Henrik. Valentin says he has a more pressing issue – Maxie.

Sam asks how long Jason will be gone. He’s not sure, but would like to say goodbye to Danny. He says Danny is great kid, and asks how Sam is feeling after last night. She wonders if it’s a trick question, and he says he mean physically; is there anything hurting? She says, besides her heart? Oh please. She feels good, and she’s going to figure this out. Jason tells her that when she does, whatever she decides he’ll trust it, because he trusts her.

Jim tells Franco it’s terrific that he found Betsy. He knows how much she loves him, and also knows she’ll back him up. Franco says, we’ll see. He’ll be in touch. Jim says it’s amazing. He’s all grown up, but obviously, the sting of never getting Betsy to believe him, stayed with him. Franco asks what that means, and Drew says, don’t play his games; get out of there. 

Julian tells Kim that he’s not the only one pretending not to care. It wasn’t just Oscar she was worried about at the hospital. Kim says Drew almost died saving him, and Julian asks if she had tears of gratitude. She says, that, and relief. Oscar would be devastated if he lost his father, and how would she feel, since she kept him from Drew all these years? Chase comes in to double-check Julian’s statement. Julian asks, why? Was it incomplete? Chase says he was reading it over, and asks if Julian wants to be that guy. In court, because he was punched for beating up on a lizard. It will be a huge hassle, and potentially embarrassing. Kim thanks maybe more than a little. Julian says he’ll drop the charges, but for the record, Chase’s brother is an ass. Chase says, copy that.

Alexis tells Finn that no one was more surprised than her about their unexpected friendship, but she values it. He says, same here, and she asks him not to be one more person telling her how terrible Julian is. She as it thrown in her face every day, and is aware of the ongoing struggle. Finn can’t fight her battles for her. He says, understood, and there was probably another reason he threw the punch. Alexis says, Anna? He asks if it’s obvious. She says he was looking for fight found one. She adds for a doctor, he has a mean right hook.

Peter tells Valentin that he wasn’t there to upset her. Valentin says he knows Peter wants to make things better, but he’s the last person can help Maxie. If there’s a mischance or slip, and she finds out who he really is, how bad does he think her grief will be then? He had a part in bringing Faison to town, and in Nathan’s death.

Jason goes down Memory Lane about the times he and Sam came close to dying. Sam says going through that brings clarity to life. She’s not sure how translates to her life, but she knows it doesn’t for him. She has to relearn the rule they lived by – the only way to truly be happy, is if you’re living your own truth. Ugh. I hate how the word truth keeps getting thrown around and given new meanings. I think what she means is being authentic. She tells Jason she has to figure out what truth is for her.

Jim says Franco’s mom believed him. Jim used to tell her stories, but now they’re the truth. He remembers. No one will believe Franco. He told tales back then, and he’s still spinning them now. He’s a liar, and always has been. Franco says that’s not true. Jim tells Franco that he pushed Drew. Don’t try to pretend; he was there. Franco says Jim’s story keeps changing, and he’s going to find out why. Jim says no one will question him when says Franco is a bad guy. He was sick then, and he’s sick now. He was just born bad. One of them was a born liar. Franco covers his head, and starts repeating, go away. Jim says, that’s the big secret. He does something with his phone, and says, he saw a bad boy. Betsy will believe him, and so will everyone else. Suddenly, Drew busts in, and tells Jim to get away. I want to cheer. I don’t really like Drew a lot of the time, but I like him right now.

Drew tells Franco to get up. Franco is repeating, no more. Drew asks what Jim did to him. Jim says it’s like old times. Just the three of them. Make it five. Two thugs walk in.

Kim laughs, and tells Julian they’re sad. She has feelings for a man who doesn’t remember her. Julian says, it is sad. He got riled over a lizard. Kim says in his defense, he made it better. At least Alexis remembers what he was to her. He says she’ll never let him be that again. Kim says, this can’t be it. They will have more to life than unrequited feelings. He hopes so. She toasts to more, and they clink coffee cups.

Chase tells Finn luck is on his side. Julian had a change of heart, and he’s free to go. Get out before he changes his mind. Finn says, see you around, and Chase says, I guess so.

Ned asks if Jordan and Curtis think the test well caused the earthquake. Jordan says it was clearly unstable to begin with, but she doesn’t think the drilling helped. Ned says he can’t believe he fell for it. Curtis says Jim is smooth. Ned is shocked Jim thought he’d jump on board. He would have done everything in his power to stop it. Jordan tells him to use it now. Curtis says Jim owns the land. Stopping him won’t be easy. I dunno. I think if he knew what was there, and drilled anyway, it’s pretty easy to have him arrested.

Valentin suggests that Peter untangle himself. Maxie has plenty of people to take care of her, and he’s not one of them. Peter thinks it would be cruel to walk away. Valentin says, what would be cruel is finding out Peter is the son Faison tried to kill in the first place.

Jason tells Sam to take the time she needs. She asks why he’s so amazing. He says he truly loves her, and wants what’s best for her, whatever it turns out to be. He starts to leave. Sam tells him that she’s not going to say, be careful, but good luck and be safe. He asks if it isn’t the same thing as be careful, and she tells him, no, it’s not. He tells her good luck too. I can’t believe they ended on that note.

Tomorrow, Dante confronts Peter, Maxie tells Lulu nothing is ever her fault, and Jim tells Franco and Drew to leave the past where it belongs.

🍀 Top O’ the Trivia to You!

  • We should really wear blue! Saint Patrick himself would have to deal with pinching on his feast day. His color was “Saint Patrick’s blue,” a light shade. The color green only became associated with the big day after it was linked to the Irish independence movement in the late 18th century.
  • Saint Patrick wasn’t Irish. Although he made his mark by introducing Christianity to Ireland in the year 432, Patrick wasn’t Irish himself. He was born to Roman parents in Scotland or Wales in the late fourth century.
  • St. Patrick’s was a dry holiday in Ireland until 1970.Aside from the color green, the activity most associated with St. Patrick’s Day is drinking. However, Irish law, from 1903 to 1970, declared St. Patrick’s Day a religious observance for the entire country meaning that all pubs were shut down for the day. That meant no beer, not even the green kind, for public celebrants.
  • BONUS: Your odds of finding a four-leaf clover are: about 1 in 10,000.

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😂 A Midweek Laugh…




March 13, 2018 – Franco Tells the Truth, Veronica Hunts Down David, Dorit Doesn’t Understand Private & Tami


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At the hospital, Curtis tells someone on the phone that he’ll be handling the investigation from here on out. Jordan comes to visit, and wonders who he was talking to. He asks if she’s there to bug him about phone calls or give him good news. Is he out? She says he’s being released from the hospital, but he’s still in police custody.

Finn calls Alexis, who tells him Molly is improving, and TJ hasn’t left her side. She asks if he’s still at the hospital, but he left the ER an hour ago. She asks if he needs a sponsor, but he says, no. He needs a lawyer.

Josslyn visits Oscar, and gives him a soda. She asks how he’s feeling, and he tells her the same as before she got the drinks. She talks about how pale he was, and she wasn’t sure he was breathing when the cop dragged her out. He laughs, but she says she was afraid he was dying. She’s never been so scared.

Michael asks new nurse Francesca where Oscar’s room is.

Olivia finds Leo with Nelle. Nelle says she heard him fussing and brought him downstairs. She thought Olivia could use the rest after helping with the displaced people. Olivia remembers that Nelle is good at anticipating people’s needs. Nelle calls Leo smart and adorable, and Olivia says he gets that from her. Nelle admits to finishing a casserole that was in the refrigerator. Olivia has no problem with that, but says if Cook 2 finds out she was in the kitchen, she’ll be evicted before she unpacks. Carly is suddenly there, and is startled that Nelle is living at the mansion. I think Monica would be startled that Carly just walks into her house uninvited. Olivia tells Carly that Monica generously offered Nelle a place to stay. Now she’s part of the household.

Jordan tells Curtis that they’ll find a sympathetic judge who can decide on his bail. He says they just went through a not-so-natural disaster, and asks how everyone is. Jordan tells him that everyone is fine, and Stella is helping to find temporary housing for the victims. Jordan was hoping Jim would drop the charges, but he hasn’t. She says he did offer his resources to help, so there’s that. Curtis says he’s trying to make himself look good. Jordan knows he’s corrupt, but needs concrete evidence. She hasn’t heard back from the geologist yet. They kiss, and she asks how his leg is. He says better, now that he’s holding her. It will be 200% better when he gets Jim. Jordan says, we, after he makes bail.

Elizabeth asks if Franco pushed Drew down the stairs, and he says that’s what his mother implied. He went to see her last fall to find out why Drew was put in an orphanage. She told him he’d fallen down the stairs, and she wanted to separate them. She didn’t say it straight out, but implied he’d pushed Drew, but Jim did straight out say he pushed Drew and that he laughed. Elizabeth wonders if it had anything to do with the tumor, but Franco says Doc told him it wasn’t a factor. Franco was afraid if the was capable of doing something that terrible, it meant he’s not a very good person. He loves her and the boys, but he’s also terrified and confused. It’s exhausting policing and questioning himself, but now he knows something for sure. One thing is perfectly clear. Jim is a liar.

Alexis arrives at Charlie’s. Julian remarks that Finn called her, and Alexis says she just walked in. She wonders how he’s still doing business, when everything is in shambles around him, and he says they don’t build them like they used to. There’s definitely something to that. I live in a 100+ year old house, that was flooded during Hurricane Sandy, and we didn’t even need the floors replaced. She goes to confer with her client. Finn says her ex-boyfriend tried to throw him out. She asks why, and he brings out Roxie. I go, aww!

Oscar asks if Josslyn found the cop to apologize. She didn’t, and feels kind of bad, but she had to focus on Oscar. She knows the cop did the right thing, but in her heart, she felt like it was wrong. She says never has she ever followed her heart instead of her head, and takes a drink. Oscar says, never has he ever been in an earthquake with someone he loves. They both drink. Michael stops in, saying he’s checking on the hero who saved his sister. Oscar tells him to try the idiot who thought it was cool to hide out in the freezer. At the time, he thought it was romantic. Michael suggest the storeroom next time. Josslyn asks if he’s there to check on Oscar, or see Nelle.

Nelle asks if she can get Carly something. Carly wants to know how it happened that Nelle is living there. Olivia says her apartment was damaged in the earthquake, and Monica generously offered. Carly wonders what Michael said, and Nelle tells her that he’s relieved she and the baby are fine. She asks if it isn’t wonderful. The baby will grow up surrounded with love, and its parents under the same roof. Out of something tragic, came something wonderful.

At the station, Chase says Jim is on his way over. He assumed Jim is following up on the charges with Curtis. He asks if she wants him to take Curtis downstairs for holding. Jordan says he works in tandem with the PCPD, but Chase says he’s still under arrest.

Alexis asks Finn if he needs emotional support after the earthquake, but he tells her it’s Roxie that needs the support. He found her cowering in the corner of his room. Alexis says there was no damage at the MetroCourt, but he says she still felt it. He’s not leaving her there after what she’s done for him. She asks why bring her to Charlie’s, and he says the MetroCourt has a limited menu to begin with, and they just fed half the town; their supplies are low. He never thought her ex would kick her out. She tells Julian he must know there are laws covering emotional support animals, but he says there’s no law that says he has to let a reptile into the restaurant.

Michael tells Josslyn that Nelle was released last night. Her apartment was damaged, and she couldn’t go back, so she’s staying at the Quartermaine’s. Josslyn says, with him, and he says, no. It was his grandmother’s idea. She says it’s still great, but he tells her that she has it wrong. Obviously, he was worried; she’s carrying his child, but they didn’t have a romantic reconciliation.

Nelle tells Carly that Michael isn’t there. Carly says she’ll text him later. She sees Nelle has recovered, and Nelle says they kept her overnight to monitor her, but luckily, there were no complications. Since Monica is a doctor, all her bases are covered. Olivia says they’re delighted to have her in the house.

Franco says his memory isn’t clear, but one thing he knows for certain is that Jim’s version is a lie. Elizabeth says she knew something happened; she’s known since last fall. He tells her that ever since he saw the picture of him and Drew, he’s been obsessed. When his mother told him, his mind went to the worst case. He ran into Drew on the stairs in the hospital before the wedding, and something shifted; something in his subconscious dislodged. He remembered Drew being pushed, and remembered Jim being there, so he went to confront him. Jim told him he pushed Drew and was proud, but it didn’t make sense. He told Jim he was lying, when the earthquake happened, and Jim left him for dead to cover his tracks. Elizabeth says when Jim confirmed his fear, he decided to lie. He says he was trying to tell her everything, and she has to believe him.

Josslyn tells Michael that Nelle cares about him. She’s trying to be a good person, and Josslyn likes her, so does Oscar. She looks at Oscar for confirmation, but he’s asleep. Michael suggests they let him rest, and asks if Josslyn wants to go to lunch. She tells him changing the subject won’t work. Why not try again? He laughs, and asks her if she knows who she sounds like. She says, don’t say “mom.”

Olivia asks Nelle to take Leo for a snack. He has special dispensation to be in the kitchen. Carly wonders if she entered the twilight zone. Olivia says it’s not her idea, but she can’t make a stink, and suggests Carly tread lightly. Carly says Nelle has managed to ingratiate herself with Monica. Olivia says Monica adores Michael, and has never forgiven Carly for making him a Corinthos. She’s going to make sure her grandchild is a Quartermaine. Carly tells Olivia not to ever turn her back.

Alexis looks up the laws for emotional support animals on her tablet. Julian says he’s already familiar with them. Service dogs and mini horses are allowed, but not reptiles, so Finn and his lizard have to go. Finn says Roxie is a bearded dragon, and it’s not about Roxie. Julian doesn’t want him in there. One guess as to why.

Jordan says she’ll bring Chase up to speed, and tells him that Curtis has been working with the PCPD to investigate the cause of the earthquake. Chase says, shifting tectonic plates, and Curtis says that’s debatable. They believe illegal drilling might be the cause. He’s not saying it’s intentional, but drilling caused the quake. Jim walks in, and says now justice can prevail.

Elizabeth doesn’t know what to think or say. Jim never said anything when she treated him. Franco says Jim left him under a cabinet, and raced off to tell Sam and Drew. Drew believes him, and knows Jim is a liar. Elizabeth starts to say something about Sam, but Franco interrupts, saying, who cares about her? Elizabeth is the person he cares about most; the only thing he cares about is what she’s thinking. She thinks he had a brain tumor; that’s a medical fact. When it was removed, he was free to choose between right and wrong. She believes he sincerely wants to be a good person. He’s glad to hear her say that, and asks if they’re good. She says, no, not at all.

Finn says Julian doesn’t have a problem when he’s there with Alexis. Julian says he has a problem with Finn’s lizard. Finn says he’ll bring legal action, and Julian says he’ll counter-sue for him posing a heath risk. Alexis says Julian is within his rights according to the law. Finn says Julian’s cook is a health risk. Julian says he’ll take Roxie out himself, and starts to reach for the cage. Finn punches him, and says, don’t ever touch her.

Jordan tells Jim if he’s there for the arraignment, the courts are backed up, so he’s out of luck. Jim says it’s wrong to trespass and take photos of proprietary information. Regardless, his project is scrapped now, and it’s a total loss, so he thought it was only fair to drop the charges.

Franco says Elizabeth just told him she believed him. She says he discovered the picture months ago, and talked to his mother last fall. She knew something was up, and she kept asking, but he lied. He just tells half-truths. After he confessed to knowing about Jason and Drew, he said he’d never do it again, but he’s already doing it. Why can’t he just be honest with her? He says he wanted to find out everything first. She says Scotty knew, and Franco says Scotty is his father and lawyer. He needed a sounding board. Elizabeth says he promised to share his life with her, but without sharing the truth, she’s afraid she’ll have to cut him out of her life. He’s right.

Josslyn says she and her mother have opposing opinions, but Michael says they have the same approach. Josslyn asks if having a baby counts for something, and Michael says it does. He’s going to be the best father he can be, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be together. Josslyn tells Michael to give Nelle a chance, but he says he’s given her so many already. It didn’t work. Josslyn knows the weirdness with Sonny was wrong. Michael gets that she likes Nelle, but she needs to be careful. Nelle has pulled stunts before, and he realized she can’t be trusted. He’s not getting into specifics, and not pressuring her to end the friendship, but just watch herself.

Olivia tells Carly that Nelle does have a knack with kids. Carly says she latches on to a child, then uses them as leverage. Olivia says she won’t let her use Leo, and Carly tells her to keep her guard up. Nelle is there every time you turn around. She manufactures situations, and then jumps in to help. She wants to be adored and sabotages it at the same time, punishing people for the happiness she’ll never have. Olivia says it’s disturbing, and Carly says that’s not the worst of it. She was implicated in the death of her fiancé. No matter how guarded Michael is, she’ll be a part of his life for a long time, and it worries her. Nelle hears everything.

Nelle tells Olivia that the nanny is back, and Olivia thanks her for taking care of Leo. She says in the future, just wake her up, but Nelle says she’s happy to help. She asks Carly if she’s going to tell Michael that she checked on her, and Carly says, absolutely. Carly says she’s happy her grandchild will be surrounded by love and family. Olivia tells them she’s going to check on the relief efforts, and tells Nelle to rest. She and Carly leave. Nelle tells the baby that she needs to step it up. Carly almost had a chance to redeem herself, but she blew it.

Francesca asks Michael where Josslyn went, and he says she went to get candy. He introduces himself, and they make googly eyes at each other.

Nelle looks up Morgan’s social media page.

Alexis tells Julian not to be absurd and escalate things. He says Finn punched him, and it’s a crime. She says he was fighting for Roxie, and Julian says he just wants to run his restaurant while her boyfriend wants to take it to the Supreme Court. She says as his lawyer, she advised him that Julian is in the right. She says she knows he loves Roxie, but he has no right to bring her, and she’s fairly certain he knew that. Chase comes in. He sees Finn, and says, Hamilton? Finn says, Harrison? Alexis asks if they know each other and Finn says Chase is his brother.

Jordan gives Jim a non-prosecution document to sign. She assumes he’s leaving town, but he says he’s sticking around to help rebuild. Curtis steps away to take a call. Jordan says Jim is being generous for someone who just sustained such significant losses. He says he just wants to help, and leaves. Curtis thanks Professor Stone, and hangs up. Jordan asks if he hijacked her geological professor. He asks if she wants to lock him up again or find out why Jim can afford to be so generous. He has the answer.

Franco says, just like that, they’re done? Elizabeth asks him if he thought he was capable of doing something bad, why did he move in with her? He says he’d never hurt them. He panicked. He was cowardly and selfish. She’s everything to him. He asks her to please forgive him, but she says she needs to be alone to make some decisions. He tries to take her hand, and she pulls back. He says okay, what decisions is she talking about, and she says she needs to figure out if any part of what they had is real or just pretend. He showed her what he wanted her to see. She wonders who he really is, how he feels, and what drives him? He says he loves her, and would never do anything to hurt her or her boys. He would lay down his life for her. All she knows for sure, is that he did disturbing and violent things When the tumor was removed, he said he was different, and she could trust him, but he lied time and again. How different can he be, and how much can she trust him?

Finn thought Chase was in Florida, but he explains how he ended up in Port Charles. Julian asks if it’s an arrest or a family reunion. Chase gives Finn his rights and cuffs him.

Jordan says Jim just lost a fortune, and nobody is that generous. Curtis says they are when they can afford it. He’s a billionaire, sitting on a goldmine – natural gas. I’m not so sure it works that way, but okay.

Franco begs Elizabeth not to go. He needs her. Before they met, he knows he wasn’t a good guy, but being with her makes him feel good. She makes him better. Elizabeth says that’s not her job. She tells him not to call or come home. Just leave her alone. What’s he supposed to wear?

Josslyn tells Oscar that she doesn’t care what Michael says; living in the same house brings people closer. Oscar says, not to be dramatic, but he is in the hospital recovering from a near-death experience. Josslyn takes that as he wants her to focus on him. He asks if that would be so bad, and she says, not at all. She gets into the bed next to him. She hopes this feeling never goes away. Oscar says, him too.

Carly sees Michael at the hospital. He says sorry, he forgot to text her. Nelle living at the Quartermaines’ wasn’t his idea. He’s not happy about it, but there’s nothing he can do. Francesca gives him her number in case he wants to text. Carly asks who’s that, and Michael wisely says, bye, and leaves.

Nelle prints out a picture of Morgan, and orders a scarf like he’s wearing.

Tomorrow, Curtis is going to bring Jim down, Valentin asks what happened between Nina and Peter, and Franco and Drew set out to find the truth.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Justin walks into the interrogation room while Wyatt is hugging Jeffrey. Justin doesn’t want Jeffrey to see Wyatt, but Jeffrey says, too bad. He wants to see him. He tells Justin his dad is outside, and the cameras are working. Justin says there happened to be a short while he was in there. Jeffrey tells him to stop it; he’s not dealing with this. Justin says Jeffrey is going to deal with him, and Jeffrey says he doesn’t get it. Justin says he told him to stay away from Wyatt. Wyatt says they’re friends, and tells Jeffrey that this guy is crazy. Jeffrey tells Justin leave. Justin says Wyatt told him that he’s Jeffrey’s lover. Wyatt says that Justin came to his house. Jeffrey asks why, and Justin says Jeffrey wouldn’t see him. Wyatt says he’ll get Jeffrey’s dad, but Jeffrey says Justin was just leaving. Instead, Justin sits down.

Justin asks Jeffrey why he’s doing this to him; he’s torturing him. Jeffrey says he isn’t, and Justin says he’s with this guy, indicating Wyatt. Wyatt asks if he’s really listening to this, and leaves. Jeffrey says Justin got his wish, and Justin sarcastically says he’s so happy. He walks in there, and sees Jeffrey with Wyatt. He’s kicked Wyatt’s ass, threatened him, and tried being nice; what does it take to make him realize that Justin is serious? He’s in love with Jeffrey and can’t stop. He’s lost everything, and Jeffrey can’t leave him for Wyatt. Jeffrey insists he’s not with Wyatt, and Justin asks why he was hugging him. Jeffrey says he’s told him over and over that Wyatt is his friend. Justin doesn’t believe him. Justin reaches for Jeffrey, who says, let him go.

David comes in, and tells Justin to leave. He asks Jeffrey what is going on? Jeffrey says, nothing, but Wyatt says, tell him. Jeffrey insists it’s nothing. David says he always holds things back until it’s too late. Wyatt says Justin is so in love with Jeffrey, he’s been to Wyatt’s house twice, and they got in a brawl. David asks if that’s true, and Jeffrey admits it is. Wyatt asks if Jeffrey likes Justin, and Jeffrey says he’s going through a lot and needs help. Wyatt says, it’s crazy, and David asks to talk to Jeffrey alone. David tells Jeffrey that he’s his father; Jeffrey can tell him anything. Jeffrey explains that Justin helped him when the body was found, and he’s a nice guy (when did that happen?), but has major issues. David offers to put a stop to it, but Jeffrey says he can handle him. Justin is in love with him. David asks if Jeffrey is in love with Justin, and Jeffrey says he’s never had someone be so passionate about him. David tells him abuse is not passion, and he needs help. Jeffrey thinks David is the last person to lecture him about the wrong person. David knows that, but he did get out. Jeffrey says, after twenty-five years. David says it didn’t start out that way, and asks if Jeffrey is sure he can handle it. Jeffrey says he can, if David lets him. Against David’s better judgement, he will. He tells Jeffrey that he’s reached out to a judge who’s reviewing the case, and should be able to get him out on bail. In the meantime, he might have to spend another night. David tells Jeffrey that he loves him, and hugs him. Jeffrey says, him too, and thanks David.

Candace sees Oscar in the hotel lobby, and keeps walking. Oscar calls Jim, who’s at Wyatt’s place with Kathryn. Oscar thinks he’s got what they’re after. He has all the information, and can make the transfers in the morning. He has Wyatt’s ID, and someone who looks like Wyatt who will make it happen. He’ll call Jim when it’s done. Jim thanks him, and Kathryn asks what that was about. Jim says, Wyatt’s inheritance; he got it back. She asks how, and he says he has his ways. He didn’t get all of it, but most of it. He says Kathryn went to Wyatt, but he went around him; there’s a difference. He keeps telling her that she needs him. He asks her to do him a favor and let him handle it. She asks if Wyatt knows, and Jim says he doesn’t know squat. She says he’ll be mad as hell, but that’s where Jim wants him to be.

Candace calls the bar, and tells Rocky about Oscar sitting in the lobby. She needs him to take photos of Oscar’s laptop screen. Rocky says he’ll need a distraction, but she’s already on it. She wants Gia to call her. Rocky slips Gia a note, and she calls Candace. Candace asks if she sees Oscar, and says she needs her to distract him; keep his back to the bar. She tells Gia he won’t go for her being a hooker, just flirt and be a little drunk. Get him away from the computer.

Gia sits with Oscar, who says he’s really busy. She tells him that’s rude, and closes his laptop. She says she hates when guys are rude; she was just asking for a drink. He says he’s not into hookers, and she acts offended. He says it’s written all over her; he knows her type. Rocky takes pictures. Oscar tells Gia to go somewhere else. There must be another john somewhere; find him. She closes his laptop again, and he tells her, enough. She asks him if he sees the guy over there. He’s her pimp, and if she doesn’t sit there and pretend to talk, she’ll have a bad night. Oscar asks if this is his problem, and she says, please? He says, okay, talk, and she asks him just to let her sit there. She thanks him for saving her life, and he thanks her for interrupting his. She starts babbling about how she likes to swim and loves shopping. Rocky sends the pictures to Candace.

Candace says, this is good. She’s got Jim’s account numbers, and she’s got Jim.

Veronica gets a call from Candace, who says she needs something from her. Veronica calls her a hood rat always looking for cheese. She calls Candace little girl, and Candace tells her not to be condescending; she’s trying to help. She asks if Veronica knows Lloyd at the bank. She needs an account opened in the name of the Cryer companies with her as the only signer and registered owner. Veronica asks what she’s up to, and Candace says, David. It’s what she has to do to help her take him down. She tells Veronica that David bought a house. Veronica asks if it’s a house for her, and Candace says she’s living with him.  Veronica says he barely knows her, and Candace says her girls are really good. It’s in the same neighborhood Veronica wanted to live in, but he’d told her it was too expensive. Veronica asks for the address, but Candace says she’ll get it after she opens the account. Veronica looks stunning, in an off-the-shoulder bodycon dress with bell sleeves, and a high ponytail Blond Ambition style.

Veronica calls Lloyd, explaining that she needs an account set up right away, and gives him the particulars. She says since she and David are going through a divorce, she needs him to think it’s the Cryer’s account and not hers. Veronica walks away, and Melissa, who also looks amazing in a blue paisley sundress (and not the ones you get for five bucks), checks out Veronica’s phone. She sends a text.

Benny says, this woman. Hanna asks why his face looks like that, and he says it’s nothing. He asks if he can have some space for his personal business. She tells him to do what he wants, but don’t see that crazy-ass woman. He says he’s not, and tells her to stop. Hanna tells him to stop it with her. He says he’s sorry for all of it; whatever he did. Hanna says he knows what he did, and he says he’s sorry for whatever she wants him to be. The doorbell rings, and it’s Kathryn’s glam squad. They heard Hanna has a date. She directs them to the bathroom, and calls Kathryn.

Jim asks if there’s anything to drink, and Kathryn reminds him that Wyatt is clean. Hanna calls, and tells Kathryn don’t try to sound innocent; there’s a serious makeover team there. Kathryn says it will be fun and wonderful; she’ll look fantastic. Hanna thanks her, and says she’s been thinking about something else; praying about it. Does Kathryn remember when she offered Hanna a promotion? I hope so, since that was last week. Hanna thinks she can come back to work, but as a supervisor, Kathryn says that’s good news, and they’ll talk later. Hanna says she’d kill her, but thanks. Kathryn wants her to enjoy her date, and can’t wait to hear about it.

Candace comes by Oscar’s table and tells Gia to get her ass up. She asks Oscar if he’s messing with whores now, and Gia says she’s not a whore. Candace tells her again to get her ass up, and Gia leaves. Candace says she thought Oscar was smarter than that, and asks if he’s still got his wallet. He says she didn’t come near him, but Candace says she made him look. Oscar says she’s in a better mood, and she tells him she wants to hear about the plan for Charles. Oscar says, finally. Is she in? She wants to hear the plan first, but not there. She tells him to come up to her room, and stop messing with whores. She says not to make her wait too long; she’s horny. He says, yes, ma’am.

David gets home sits on the stairs, bummed. Erica, who apparently only bought loungewear, says his energy is heavy; he has a lot on his mind. He tells her that he does, and she gets a bottle of wine, giving him a glass. He thanks her, and they sit in silence. She asks him to let her rub his shoulders. She wonders if he wants to talk, but he says not particularly. She asks if it’s crazy ex-wife drama, but he says it’s got nothing to do with her; it’s about his son. He’s realizing how much damage he did to him. When you love someone who’s no good for you, and stay with them, the children see it. They watch and learn, and it makes an impression. They become carbon copies of you. He thought he was being a good husband; loving, caring, and standing by her no matter what, but he was really teaching his son how to take abuse. He created a mess. Erica says he can’t help that he loved her or regret it. He doesn’t regret that, but regrets his son saw it and adopted that part of his heart that loves with disregard to his own well-being. She asks how old he is, and David says not much younger than her. She says, he’ll learn; he’ll get it. David hopes it’s soon. Erica is sorry he’s so stressed, and he says it feels good coming home to her. She likes him; he’s a good guy. He asks if she’s sure, and she suggests showing him. He says, please do, and they kiss.

Candace calls Veronica, and asks if it’s done. Veronica says, yes, and asks for the address. Candace wants to know what she’s doing with it. They’ve set up a great plan, and Candace doesn’t want her going over there. Veronica says she opened the account. Does Candace want her to close it? Candace wants to wait twenty-four hours, and says she’ll get it tomorrow. She hangs up, and Veronica says Candace thinks she’s playing with her. She calls back, and tells Candace to give her the address or the account will be closed. Candace says she’ll mess things up. She’s unstable, and Candace has a plan for David. She’s too crazy to keep control. Veronica says Candace doesn’t know her, and to give her the address now. Candace gives it to her, and Veronica hangs up.

Oscar comes to Candace’s room. She tells him to take his clothes off. He says he’s not doing this; she’s up to something. She says so is he, and calls him paranoid. She’s the one who should worry; he stole her money. He says that’s why he can’t trust her. He says she wanted to talk about Charles, and Candace says he got her out of jail. Oscar says his source was right; Charles is still into her. She wants to know the plan. He says powerful people want dirt on Charles, and it’s hard to get on such a clean guy, but they can bury him. Candace says he’s not like Oscar thinks; he’s smart like they are, and won’t fall for it. She suggests he take his clothes off and have a drink. He says he’s not doing this, and she says she’s not talking then. He tells her one drink only.

Wyatt goes to a bar in the middle of nowhere. He orders tequila, and the bartender asks if he wants to run a tab. Wyatt asks if there’s anything harder, and the bartender says, sorry. Wyatt gives him a credit card, saying he’ll run a tab. The bartender talks to another guy, and the guy goes over to Wyatt. He says if Wyatt is looking for something harder, go to the men’s room. Wyatt leaves the bar. The guy waits, then follows. He checks the stalls, and asks what Wyatt needs; he has it all. Wyatt asks if he has coke, and the guy asks if he’s a cop. Wyatt asks if he looks like one, and the guy says he looks like a choirboy. He asks how much, and Wyatt hands him a thick stack of bills. The guy gives him enough cocaine to choke a horse, and says whatever Wyatt needs, he has it – and he delivers. He leaves, and Wyatt looks at himself in the mirror, then looks at the coke.

Veronica drives to David’s place. She walks to the front door, and looks through the windows.

This was the pre-finale finale. HAHN will be back on May 1st at 9 pm for the most explosive single episode season yet. When you scorn the devil, everyone gets burned, and it isn’t who will die, but how many. It looks good!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The ladies meet for a meal. Dorit tells Teddi to fill everyone in. Teddi says Erika is pretending, and Erika says she never pretends, telling Teddi, don’t do that to her again. Teddi walks out and down the street with LVP following.

Five days earlier…

LisaR and Erika meet for lunch, and Eileen joins them. Eileen says she’s just been working, hanging with the family, and doing her thing. LisaR misses her from the group. Eileen says blah-blah-blah about her kids. LisaR says they’ve moved on and forward with Dorit, and thinks they’re making progress. Erika says they’re confused. LisaR says she and Dorit connected, but something always happens. Erika tells Eileen that they’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, and Eileen says a big, fat, effing boot.

Kyle shows Mauricio some furniture that she picked out to go with the renovation. She wanted more of a modern fresh feel. They went to a house to look at the floors, and are now discussing moving into it. They talk about the pros and cons. Kyle wonders why they’re doing this, when the other home already has everything they want. She confesses to driving by it every day. Mauricio thinks they should check it out again. Portia thinks they should move since she made a mess of her room. Rich people’s problems.

Teddi goes for a mani/pedi with LisaR. LisaR tells her about having dinner with Dorit. She tells Teddi you would never have expected them to be together at a dinner table. We flash back to LisaR being an a-hole in Tokyo. Teddi asks if she thinks Dorit has put it behind her. In her interview, Teddi has a hard time with someone saying one thing, but thinking something different. Teddi reluctantly tells LisaR that after Vegas, she and Edwin had dinner with Dorit and PK, who were rehashing it. We flash back to PK said LisaR might be schizophrenic. LisaR tells Teddi that he’s said it before, and Teddi asks how she feels about it now, after she’d apologized? We go back again to the dinner, and PK inferring that she’s not really sorry. LisaR says you can’t fight it, and it’s on them. She tells Teddi that she’s been honest, open, and wanting to move on. In her interview, Teddi says it seems like a pattern with Dorit. We see some clips, one of which is Dorit accusing LisaR of a rage and regret schtick. Teddi says she felt fake looking at LisaR, and like she was a liar. LisaR says it’s not a big deal; there have been things much bigger. She tells Teddi that she wants to get the girls together for drinks and catching up on Saturday.

Erika gets ready for a book cover photo shoot. She wants it to be over-the-top, and to stand out, making people want to read the book. She says Simon and Schuster has been good to let her have creative control over the cover. She tells Mikey she just got another chapter. It’s about money, and she tells us, this sh*t is expensive. Explaining the process of a cover shoot, she says you go through a lot of set-ups and costumes to get the right picture; you have to make a statement.

PK and Dorit go to a meeting about the swimwear line. In her interview, Dorit says she’s spent endless time on the collection. They’re introduced to the head designer, and see the factory. Dorit says she grew up with the sound of a sewing machine and the smell of fabric. In her interview, she says she and PK are partners, but it was difficult to digest the changes he made. He’s a visionary and successful, so she feels lucky for getting the advice. They look at some sketches. Dorit says it’s fun, but classy, and feels like her brand; a blossomed idea of her initial thoughts. In her interview, she says she can always fire PK, but she still has to sleep with him at night.

Dorit visits Erika, and is impressed with the spread and the Cristal. In her interview, she says Erika gave her champagne in an actual champagne glass. They toast to their friendship. Dorit asks about the book, and Erika tells her that she just shot the cover. She’s enjoying the process, and the best part is the other people in her life sending her their memories; it’s a complete circle of events. We see a clip of her talking to her mom. She tells Dorit that she has a lot of work to do, but chapter by chapter, it’s coming along. They talk about Dorit’s swimwear line, and Dorit tells her the name was changes to Beverly Beach. Erika thinks it’s cute, and Dorit says it evokes a magical, fictional place; it’s a lifestyle. Erika says you can create anything you want it to be. For Pete’s sake, it’s just bathing suits. Dorit thinks she was ganged up on at LVP’s birthday party by Teddi and LVP. Erika asks if she’s detecting jealousy. In her interview, Erika says she’s disappointed in Dorit. The need for love and attention being the basis of a relationship, isn’t good for anyone. She believes everyone should be more independent.

LVP and Teddi go for a drink at PUMP. LVP asks Teddi if she thought her joke about Dorit’s glass at the party was funny. She did, but says she needs to have a conversation with Dorit where no one else is involved. She doesn’t want a serious conversation with a bunch of other people. LVP says then they chime in. Teddi says everyone else’s opinions cloud the situation.

Erika says LVP is going to continue to punish Dorit. Dorit says she likes Teddi, but she’d said a conversation with Dorit just goes around and around, when the same can be said for her. Erika asks why she didn’t say something. Dorit says if she wanted an accountability coach, she’d hire one. Erika says she seems to have issues with everyone except her, and Dorit says there are no issues with LisaR.

Kyle and Mauricio look at the house. Mauricio says it has a good vibe, and Kyle says it seems like a happy house. It’s the same vibe she’s going for in the reconstruction, but larger. It’s more property, but still has a homey feeling. It’s a better version of everything she loves about the house she’s living in now. Mauricio proclaims the backyard fantastic. He says it’s a hard call, but Kyle says it’s first one where she’s gotten the feeling she can make it her home. In her interview, she says properties sell fast in Beverly Hills, and they don’t have the luxury of sitting back, or it will be gone. Mauricio tells her an offer has already been made, so they have to decide quickly.

Teddi calls Dorit. She thought they should have a chat; a one-on-one conversation. She asks if she can pick Dorit up when they go for drinks. They can talk in the car.

The other girls get there first. Kyle tells LVP that they’re buying a new house. LVP is surprised Kyle didn’t ask her to see it first. Kyle says it’s lucky she knows the best realtor. There had been a few offers, and they had to move fast. She can’t wait for everyone to see it.

Teddi picks up Dorit, who comes out in a horrible pair of gold lame bell bottoms. Teddi has something that needs to be said, but she doesn’t want to make it a bigger deal than it is. Man, she just does not get it. These girls always make things a bigger deal than they are.

Camille, Dorit, and Teddi join the group. In her interview, LVP says she dealt with Dorit as she saw fit. She loves and forgives her, and has moved on. Everyone orders drinks. Kyle is taking Portia to see Hamilton, and since tickets were a hassle to get (and no doubt cost as much as a Birkin), there’s no way she’s missing it, so she’s leaving soon. LisaR says her mom is coming to town, and invites everyone to lunch. Kyle tells them to behave, and jets. Camille asks if Dorit is still upset over the ball-gag gift, and Dorit says she isn’t. Camille says it was just a joke. Dorit blindsides Teddi, asking if she’d like to fill the ladies in on what they talked about. So much for a private conversation. Teddi says the reason they talked in the car was that she wanted to talk only to Dorit, and not bring everyone into it. If she’d wanted to announce it, she would have done it herself. In her interview, Teddi says that she wanted to protect LisaR.

She tells them that after Vegas, Dorit and PK were talking about LisaR. LisaR says their relationship has been amazing since Vegas. Teddi says she couldn’t look her in the eye. Dorit says it was three months ago, and in passing (whatever that’s supposed to mean). She says it’s to restart something with someone she’s trying to work out issues with. She thinks her hands are clean, but she’s starting fires. Some kind of mixed metaphor there. LisaR thinks Dorit feels she waited a long time to bring it up. Teddi says she’d never said something, and it was making her uncomfortable. In her interview, LisaR doesn’t think Teddi is stirring anything; she thinks she’s doing the right thing. She’s a baby dolphin in a pool of sharks. LisaR says she and Dorit have come a long way. She’s not upset; they’ve said things that are much worse. In her interview, LVP says the only thing Teddi is guilty of, is bringing up something that’s dead and buried. Igniting it isn’t the smartest move. LisaR tells Dorit that if Teddi sees loose ends, she has to tie them up; it’s who she is. Dorit is like, are you kidding me? In her interview, LisaR thinks Dorit’s time as pet is up with LVP, since a newer, younger version came along. Teddi says she wanted a real conversation with Dorit. Dorit says she wanted to end it, but it ends when Teddi decides it does. She says no one had the same impression Teddi did at the NYC dinner; they didn’t think she was badmouthing or bashing LVP. Teddi tells her that she didn’t say that. She said it would have hurt her feelings, and Camille and Erika agreed. Erika doesn’t remember saying that, but we flash back, and yes, she did. Teddi remarks on her possible pretend amnesia, and Erika gets really pissed. She tells Teddi to never say that. LVP tells her to calm down, but Erika says she’s serious. She doesn’t pretend; it’s the truth that she doesn’t remember.

In her interview, Erika says Teddi is implying she’s lying because she doesn’t have the balls to come out and say it, but she simply doesn’t remember, and she’s tired of being nice. LVP tells Erika she’s coming across as aggressive, but Erika isn’t having it. She says she’s not pretending. In her interview, LisaR says she’s queen of not remembering – we flash back to that – so she doesn’t blame Erika. Teddi didn’t realize it would upset her so much, and says she’s sorry; she thought Erika was changing her story for convenience. Erika says she told her that she doesn’t remember. LVP says, let’s go, and Teddi gets up. In her interview, Erika says she’s not the bad guy. She wanted to talk about it, expect a response. Camille tells Teddi to stay strong. Dorit and Teddi leave, with LVP following. Teddi starts to cry, and Dorit says she’s not allowed to be upset. Teddi starts booking down the street. Everyone is outside by now, and Erika tells Dorit to leave her alone. In her interview, Erika says you can’t expect to push and not get pushed back. Dorit says call her what you will, she still has a heart, and can’t stand to see anyone cry.

LVP tells Teddi they’ve seen this side of Erika before in Hong Kong when she blew up at Eileen. We flash back to that. Teddi says she kept being aggressive. She changed her story whether she remembers or not. LVP wonders why get that upset if her answer is legitimate? Teddi tells LVP that Erika is good at hurting her feelings. LisaR feels Erika was too strong with Teddi, but Erika says don’t call her a liar then. In her interview, LisaR thinks Erika will eventually apologize, but in her interview, Erika says don’t go looking for an apology; she’s never going to get it, calling Teddi Miss Crybaby.

Next time, Harrison! Giggy! One of LVP’s pets die (but it’s not Harrison or Giggy, thank God), LisaR’s mother arrives, and Kyle as a séance.

📖 I caught some of The Book of John Gray, and wondered who this woman was that I recognized. It turned out to be Tami Roman from The Real World: Los Angeles. That was back when the show was actually good. People had lives and jobs and did things, rather than just having drunken sex in a hot tub. She also gave a worthy quote: Sometimes unfair is necessary to help someone else. I don’t know if that’s true, but it sounds good.



March 12, 2018 – Betsy’s Kids Team Up, Jax Wears a Romper, Pondering & Monday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Anna sees Valentin at the MetroCourt and sits down. He says it’s a nice surprise, but he’s expecting someone for an important business dinner, and will need the chair back. She tells him that she went to Brussels with Andre; she decided to track down the midwife. He asks if she had success. She says the midwife passed away, but her daughter supplied some information. Why the hell did he lie to her?

Griff finds Peter in the examining room. He says he’s there for genetic testing. Griff says the hospital is backed up, but if it’s pressing, he’ll do it. Peter says he recently learned his father had Huntington’s disease.

Ava teaches Avery about minimalism. Kiki fawns over her, saying she’ll never study with this munchkin around. Ava suggests she take a break, and says maybe this time together will lead to a more permanent arrangement.

Carly tells Sonny that Mike is calmer, but he keeps asking if Morgan needs his room back. Sonny say she shouldn’t have to deal with this. She says his father is terrified, and unsure of losing himself to Alzheimer’s. Sonny doesn’t want it disrupting her and the kids’ lives, but she says they’re tough. Sonny asks what about Avery, and Carly says she’ll see that family sticks together. They need to be present for him, so he can be present with them. Sonny puts on his Captain Obvious hat, and says it’s going to be hard. Carly knows, and says Mike will have to make some decisions while he still can.

Drew goes to the art therapy room, and tells Franco that he had a chat with Jim. Franco has been hiding things from him, and it’s going to stop right now.

Jason tells Sam that Elizabeth sees Franco one way, and he sees Franco another. He told her the truth that he was going to leave Franco, but Sam wouldn’t let him. Sam tells him not to make her sound noble. She didn’t want to keep the secret; it’s not worth it. She says she still hasn’t told Drew that she loves him. Elizabeth hears them. Jason tells her they’ve said how they feel; that’s enough. She doesn’t have to do anything. Sam says, yes, she does. She needs to tell Drew that she’s been lying to him and herself.

Sonny asks Carly, what decisions? She asks if Mike has a will, and Sonny says it’s not like he’s at death’s door. She says he’s already having trouble with rational thought. Soon, he won’t be of sound mind, and won’t be able to make decisions, like about his end of life care. Sonny doesn’t want to do this right now, but she says they need to have the conversation while Mike is still lucid. He tells her, not right now, then apologizes for snapping. She says she doesn’t mean to push, but it’s scary; Mike is slipping already. Sonny says he isn’t up to it today, and he has to pick up Avery. They’ll talk about it tomorrow. They exchange I love yous, he leaves, and she sighs. She probably caught that from Jason.

Ava tells Kiki that Avery looks like an angel. Kiki wonders if she misunderstood. She thought last night was the sleepover. Ava says it was originally, but in all the confusion over the earthquake, she thought it would be better if Avery stayed another night. Kiki asks if Sonny agreed, and Ava says she’ll explain that Avery is already asleep. Kiki can’t believe it. He just gave her a major concession. Ava says he gave her nothing, and Kiki says, that’s right; she blackmailed him. Ava asks if they really need to do this, and Kiki says she can’t face the uncomfortable reality of what she’s doing. If she pushes it, she might destroy the little progress she’s made. Ava thinks things could change. Who thought six months ago, she’d be back at the gallery and be having Avery sleep over? Kiki adds that Ava and Griff are also a couple, but that could change if she’s not honest with him and herself. She gathers up her stuff, and leaves.

Griff asks if Peter’s father has shown any symptoms, but Peter says he passed away. He didn’t know the diagnosis until after his death. They didn’t have the best relationship. Griff tells him there’s a 50% chance of him inheriting the gene, and the disease usually presents itself between ages thirty and forty. He says there’s not much that can be done medically, except treat the symptoms. He asks if Peter has had any problems, but Peter says he’s been healthy his whole life. Griff says there are two schools of thought about it; to know or not. Finding out could lead to stress and depression. Peter says he needs to know, and Griff tells him that he’ll arrange tor a test today. He needs Peter’s medical history, and asks about Peter’s mother. Peter says he doesn’t know who she is.

Anna tells Valentin that the midwife kept detailed records, and she gave birth to a boy. Valentin says he saw a baby girl, but Anna says the document listed her alias, the date of birth, and said it was a boy. Valentin knows what he saw, or what he thought he saw. Anna asks what that was.

Drew tells Franco that Jim told him everything, and Franco calls Jim sleazy, saying he doesn’t believe a word Jim says. Drew says that Jim told him about Franco pushing him down the stairs, but Franco says he’s hiding something else. Drew tells him that Jim also claimed Franco told him to keep his mouth shut. He knows something else is going on, and Franco says, yeah, Jim is a liar.

Jason tells Sam that she doesn’t owe anyone any explanations. She says she’s confused; she loves Drew too. She doesn’t want to hurt either of them, and dragging it out just makes it worse. If she’d been honest from the start, they wouldn’t be having this problem. He tells her to do what she thinks is right, even if that means doing nothing. He says not to worry about him; take care of herself and the kids. If she needs him for anything, just call. Sam walks away and sees Elizabeth. They look at each other.

Anna wonders how Valentin could be confused. Her superiors never even suspected she’d been with Faison, but he did, and followed her to Brussels. He kept the secret all these years. How does such an excellent spy make a mistake like that? Valentin says the midwife handed the baby to the adoptive parents wrapped in a pink blanket, and he made the assumption. It might have been her intention, so there would be no trail. He asks if the records said anything else. She tells him to have good dinner, and leaves.

Peter explains to Griff that his mother abandoned him at birth. She was a working girl, but he doesn’t have much to go on, even if he cared to look. Griff says even if she didn’t have the gene, there’s still a 50% chance that he has it. Peter says he’s a top executive, and is concerned about his bosses finding out. Griff says it’s confidential, and no one can divulge the results without his legal permission. Peter says, let’s get started.

Elizabeth tells Sam that she startled her, but she’s glad she’s there. She thanks Sam for saving Franco’s life. Sam says, given what she just learned, she wonders if they should have left him.

Drew says he’s not going anywhere until Franco tells him. Franco says Jim is a liar, and Drew says so is he. He’s clearly hiding something. Franco says he’s been trying to piece it together. They were at the top of the stairs together; then Drew wasn’t there. Drew says Franco pushed him, but Franco’s not sure about that. He doesn’t remember, but what he is sure of, is that Jim was there. Drew was next to him, playing with a dragon he always carried around. Franco wanted him to go downstairs, but Drew wanted Franco to go with him. Then he was at the bottom. It’s fuzzy, but what knows for sure is that it didn’t go down the way Jim said. Drew says, he believes him.

Sonny asks Ava where Avery is, and Ava says she was so tired, she couldn’t keep her eyes open, so she tucked her in. He says it’s the agreed-on time, but she says Avery had other plans. He says he’ll bundle her up and carry her to the car. Ava asks him to let her stay, and she’ll bring her over in the morning. Would it be so terrible, since she’s already asleep? Sonny says that’s because Ava put her down, and Ava says they had a wonderful time. Avery is taken with art. Maybe she’ll turn out like her mom.

Kiki stops by David’s office. She wanted to take out a pharmacology book, but he’d already swiped it. He tells her that he was brushing up, and the book is on his shelf. She picks it up, and remarks that he has a first edition of Gray’s Anatomy. He says it’s the first US edition, so it’s not as prized. Collecting old books is a hobby. She thanks him. He says pharmacology class is rough, and asks how she’s holding up. She says she’s keeping her head above water – barely. He says he has some time, and can help her study.

Jason visits Carly, who is glad he’s okay. He says he’s fine, but she tells him that he says that even when he’s been shot; she needed to make sure. He notices she’s been crying, and she says things are tough with Mike; he keeps forgetting Morgan is dead. He’s losing his memory faster than they thought. Sonny understands, but he’s fighting it. Jason says it’s easier to be angry than sad. She says it breaks her heart; she can see in Mike’s face. He knows, and it’s killing Sonny. Jason tells her that she can get Sonny through this; she’s strong enough to get through anything. She tells him to keep reminding her. She needs a distraction, and asks what happened to him during the earthquake.

Franco is astonished that Drew believes him, but Drew says that doesn’t mean he trusts him. He just trusts Jim less. Franco says Drew is more rational than he thought he was capable of being. Drew asks why Franco thinks Jim is lying. Franco says when Jim first came to town, he told him Drew died, but Betsy only told him that after he’d confronted her about his imaginary friend. Which means Jim is in contact with his mother.

Elizabeth asks why Sam is so angry. Sam says she’s only saying this because if she was in Elizabeth’s position, she would want to be told. Jim told Drew the truth about why he was sent to an orphanage. Franco tried to kill him when they were children.

Anna sees Griff, and they talk about the earthquake. She says she was lucky with her home, and was in Brussels with Andre when it happened. He asks if she’s still obsessed with tracking down Faison’s son. She says he could have been an ally or a pawn. Griff thinks she’s not telling him something, and she says there’s more to the story.

Peter meets Valentin at the MetroCourt. Valentin trusts he’s fine, and Peter says he’s perfectly healthy for now. He just scheduled the test, and Valentin says he made the right call. He doesn’t want to second guess himself every time his mind wanders, or he loses his balance. Peter says attack the problem; no second guessing. He only has half of his medical history, since his mother is a blank. He wonders if she ever thinks about him. You’d think he’d come to mind, but on the other hand, she turned him over to his father without a backward glance. Well, he doesn’t really know that.

Jason tells Carly that he was at the Quartermaine’s, so it wasn’t so bad. Carly says she was stuck in the gallery with Nelle. She tells him about Nelle giving Josslyn the dress as a gift, and how it was really stolen from Crimson. She’s using Josslyn to get to Michael, and she wanted to tell her to her face. Jason says Michael told him about her helping Nelle, but Carly says she still despises her. He knows what she means. He and Sam saved Franco’s life, but that doesn’t mean he hates Franco any less.

Elizabeth tells Sam it must be a mistake, but Sam says Franco resented Drew, and pushed him down the stairs. It makes sense that Betsy put Drew in an orphanage. She wanted to protect him from Franco. He insisted he didn’t remember, but he lied. Elizabeth says the Franco she knows would have told her. Sam says instead of going to his own wedding, he went to Jim and told him to keep his mouth shut. He can’t be honest. Elizabeth tells Sam that she has no room to talk about honesty.

Franco tells Drew that the only person who can confirm or deny it is his mom, and she was gone before Christmas. Drew says it takes money and resources to disappear like that, and Franco says like the money and resources of a real estate mogul. He thinks Jim paid his mom to disappear. Drew says they can use him to find her. Franco asks if he just said “we?”

Sonny tells Ava the sleepover was the price for her dropping the charges against his father. She asks how Mike is doing, but she’s the last person he wants to discuss his father with. She says he is her daughter’s grandfather, and Sonny says he’s fine. He’s getting treatment, and will be staying in Port Charles. He can spend time with Avery, which is more than he can say for her. Ava says she’s Avery’s mother, and he asks if they’re going down that road. His son Morgan is dead because of her. She might want to forget, but he’s not going to. He goes into the bedroom to get Avery.

David goes over some things with Kiki, but she says there are too many terms; it’s not sticking. He tells her that she needs to relax; step away for an hour and have another try. She thinks she might never be calm and collected again. David says that’s where he comes in, and asks her if she’d like to go get a bite or a drink.

Jason tells Carly about Franco being pinned under the cabinet. He was going to leave, and if he had, Franco would be dead. The wall collapsed, and the trailer fell in and exploded, but he was long gone. Carly can see Jason saving almost anyone, but Franco. Jason says Sam talked him into it. Carly says, so Sam was there, and smiles.

Sam tells Elizabeth that she’s told her fair share of lies, and has her share of secrets, but it doesn’t compare to what Franco has done. Elizabeth says he had a brain tumor. Sam asks in her experience as a nurse if that’s how tumors work, or is it an excuse? What if that has nothing to do with who he really is? Elizabeth says she knows him; he’s a better man. Sam tells her that no one lies more than Elizabeth has to herself, and Elizabeth walks away.

Drew wants to make it clear, Franco is the last person on earth he wants to work with, but he has no choice. Franco says Drew has to admit, he’s more fun than Jason. Drew says no one more to lose than they do, and he can trust Franco will serve his own self-interest. Reluctantly, he’ll work with him to find out what happened when they were kids. If Jim is right, and he was a little psychopath, Drew will personally make sure he never sees Elizabeth again or comes near her family. Do they have a deal?

Anna tells Griff that her search is relevant to his specialty. Faison was suffering from a genetic disease; any child of his could inherit the defective gene. Felicia explained it to Maxie, and Obrecht told her that Britt’s test was negative. She’s trying to find Henrik and tell him. Griff doesn’t think she should, but she says it could affect his future decisions. Griff says it’s compassionate and admirable, and asks what he could have inherited. She says, Huntington’s disease.

Peter wonders if Faison thought his mother could be paid off, since he paid to sleep with her in the first place. She went on her merry way, and he grew up with a psycho. Valentin thinks he should put it in the past where it belongs. No matter what the results, he’ll work through it and Valentin will have his back, like always. Nothing has changed that.

David tells Kiki that he heard Charlie’s is up and running, and she deserves downtime. She says she doesn’t have time; she’ll have to clear her mind with a podcast in the car. He says he has something for her, and picks up the copy of Gray’s Anatomy. She tells him she can’t accept it, but he says he never gave her a gift for her acceptance to medical school. He writes something in it, and tells her now it’s inscribed; it’s too late to refuse. She reads, to Kiki, who knows more than she thinks she knows. Oddly enough, she doesn’t know what to say. He tells her to go with thank you, and she does. I’m not sure if he’s hitting on her or not, but she could do a lot worse.

Sonny brings out Avery, telling her daddy is taking her home and mama Carly misses her. Bleh. He’s annoying me. Ava is no saint, but he’s being way too mean. Ava says she heard how he rescued Nelle and Carly, and calls him heroic. She adds that the lock was expensive, and she’ll send him a bill. He tells Avery that daddy can fix anything, and tells Ava to do what she has to do.

Jason tells Carly how Sam convinced him, and they worked together get Franco free. They were still there when the aftershock happened, and they were hanging over the edge. It was close, and they barely got out before the trailer exploded. Carly asks if Sam said she loved him, and he asks why she would. Carly says, why wouldn’t she? He saved her life. There’s no better time to admit it. He says she did, and Carly says, well? He admits he told Sam that he loves her too. Carly asks him to tell her the words she wants to hear, and Jason says she was right. She says she’s so happy for them, but he says just because they said it, doesn’t mean they’ll be together. She says, who cares? They can figure the rest out later.

Sam remembers Jason telling her that no matter what, they know they love each other, and if that’s all it is, it’s enough. She gets in the elevator.

Franco says, deal. They’ll work together to find out the truth. He holds out his hand, but Drew doesn’t shake it. He tells Drew to understand one thing. He’d never hurt Elizabeth or her kids. Drew says the issue here is Jim, and Franco calls Jim a liar who lies. He’s not telling everything he knows, and they need a plan. Drew says he’s working on something. Franco asks if Drew wants to tell him, and Drew says he’ll be in touch. Franco says so this is their working relationship; Drew does stuff, and Franco waits by the phone.

Elizabeth comes to the art therapy room, and says Sam told her about Franco’s conversation with Jim.

Tomorrow, Josslyn asks if Michael is there to see Nelle, Elizabeth asks Franco if he tried to kill Drew, and Nelle wonders if something tragic can turn to something wonderful.

Vanderpump Rules

Ariana dreads going to laser hair removal. Tom asks if it smells like burning hair, and she says only if you don’t shave close enough. Great question, but I don’t want to know. They talk about how awesome Vegas was. Tom is happy, since he actually did something more productive than just drinking. He thinks he might have annoyed Ken and Lisa a little, but can’t help his enthusiasm. He hopes they don’t think he’s overstepping.

James puts his jacket on, since his dad is coming to see him DJ. It’s his first visit since the divorce, and James is happy to see him. His dad managed George Michael, and was also a DJ. It was a musical environment growing up, so James wants to make him proud. He asks what James is drinking, and Raquel reminds him that he’s not drinking anything tonight. He says his dad doesn’t understand about him getting crazy when he drinks, and doesn’t get why he’s not drinking while he works. Lisa arrives at SUR, and says hello to James’s dad. She knew him back in the day, but Ken was more his friend.

Brittany, Lala, and Scheana set up for Jax’s birthday at the Hooters where Brittany used to work. Brittany knows everyone wonders why she’s throwing Jax a party, but her mom said if she’s going to continue with the relationship, she has to leave the past in the past. In her interview, Stassi says when she found out Jax had cheated on her, she threw all of his sh*t out, moved out of the apartment, and drank all of his Cristal. She’s not getting why Brittany is throwing him a massive party. Jax says there’s nothing better than turning 38 and going to Hooters. It appeals to his inner child. Inner?

Scheana asks to talk to Jax. She tells him about Kristen repeating that Rob said he loves her, but isn’t in love with her. Jax asks if he’s said it, and she claims he has. He says Rob told him something different then. We flash back to that. She asks if he said he wasn’t in love with her, and Jax says from what he remembers. She says eventually they’re getting married, but maybe it’s slower than she wants. He says that’s what he means. In his interview, he says life isn’t a perfect Instagram story the way Scheana would like it to be.

Everybody chows down on wings and meatballs. Schwartz and Tom give Jax a gift box, and say he has to wear it. It’s a romper. They’ve gotten rompers for themselves, so he won’t feel alone. Brittany thinks it looks like he works for UPS, and he unoriginally tells her he has a package to deliver.

Billie and Stassi visit Kristen. Stassi is enjoying getting to know Billie; she’s never known someone with her story. There’s nothing bad she can say about her – at this moment in time. Billie tells them that Ariana’s brother, Jeremy, asked her on a date. Kristen asks if they’re going to a public place, and Billie asks, why? Stassi thinks he’s a little creepy. She was freaked out at Katie’s wedding. He wouldn’t leave her alone, and it gave her a sick feeling. We see a clip, and he seems overly enthusiastic at best. Kristen is hoping he’s not just looking for sex, and Billie asks them not to scare her.

Brittany and Scheana go to brunch. Brittany asks if she and Jax cleared things up. Scheana says they’re cool, and asks how it’s going with them. She thinks they seem happier, but wishes they were as happy as she is. She tells Brittany there are options. In her interview, Brittany wants Jax to be the fun person he can be, not the a-hole personality. He needs to buck up or sit down. Scheana gets a text from bartender Adam. He’s been asking about Brittany. In her interview, Scheana thinks he’d be the perfect guy for Brittany. She wants Brittany away from Jax and around anybody else.

The Toms work at the new restaurant site. Ken and Lisa supervise. Tom questions the logistics of the bar, and Lisa says they’ve built more bars than the two Toms have had hot dinners. She wants something that’s never been seen before. She wants him to check out other places, and their specialty cocktails, and think about a new twist they can put on them. In his interview, Tom says he got a little excited. He’s going to work on the best cocktails anyone has experienced. He suggests something with dry ice.

Billie and Lala visit Scheana. Before she makes drinks, she has some options for Billie to wear on her date. Jeremy and Billie both smoke weed, so she thinks they’ll be perfect for one another. If that’s the only criteria, I can see where Scheana makes her mistakes. I think there needs to be a little more than that. Billie tells them about what Stassi said, and how she and Kristen told her that Jeremy tries to date everyone. Lala says they tend to say things that ultimately affect someone’s life, and she’s not okay with them squashing Billie’s excitement. Billie tries on some outfits, and settles on – a romper.

Lala and Billie go to the bar to have a drink before her date. Lala says first dates give you the jitters and butterflies. Man bunned Jeremy arrives, and Lala jets. Say no to the man bun. Unless you’re Josh from Sweet Home Oklahoma. Billie says she’s nervous because she’s trans. Jeremy says she’s a woman now, and deserves to be acknowledged as one, which is actually the perfect thing to say. She asks why he’s so dope. Oh how I want to make a weed joke here, but it’s too easy.

James meets his dad for a drink at a weird tiny bar. They talk about James’s DJ gig, and James says it’s nice having people looking at him for once. His dad tells him that it’s his heritage; he’s given James his skills. James claims he’ll be on the Grammy stage with Lala one day. In his interview, James says George Michael being his godfather is the reason he’s into music. He says once things with George Michael went south, they lost a lot. He thinks it’s partly the reason his parents broke up. James thanks dad for being supportive, and we see a picture of James wearing headphones when he was three. In his interview, he says his dad is still pursuing music and finding new talent. He gets all weepy, saying he misses him.

Lisa asks Ariana if everything is okay. Ariana says they’re having a girls’ night, and Lisa wonders why she looks stressed. Ariana tells her that Stassi was saying mean things about her brother. Is it me, or does this sound like something someone would say in middle school? In her interview, Ariana finds it annoying that Stassi and Kristen spoke with authority, since they don’t know Jeremy. They don’t have to. The man bun says it all. That, and the clip of him at the wedding. Lisa thinks it’s ironic, since he saved the restaurant from burning down, and Stassi had once threatened to burn it down.

Lisa asks what Jeremy is up to, and thanks him for saving the restaurant. She says lots of people would have walked away. Either I don’t remember, or haven’t been following totally. Did he pull the fire alarm? Throw a blanket on something? Lisa gives him some cash to make his week easier, since he helped hers. Please adopt me, Lisa. I will pull all the fire alarms. Lala and Ariana leave to get dressed. Lala says they’re going to have fun, but also make a statement.

At the restaurant, Brittany is thrilled with her entourage. She says the girls don’t even like each other, but they’re at the same table supporting her. Lala says there’s an elephant in the room, and if she doesn’t address it, no one will. She likes Stassi a lot, but asks her why she told Billie that she hopes her date is in public. Stassi asks what she said (and actually, she didn’t say that; Kristen did). She wasn’t talking about him like he was a murderer, and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Scheana has to leave. Katie says that numerous women have said Jeremy was creepy and acting predatory at her wedding. In her interview, Ariana says if her eyes could melt skin off Stassi’s face, she would. Ariana claims she was hanging out with him all night at the reception. Katie says she’s just being an advocate for those who can’t advocate for themselves. Ariana is insulted, as though Katie accused her of never being supportive of women. Lala comforts Ariana, who says they’re about to get to a place they won’t come back from, and decides to leave. In her interview, Stassi says Ariana is hypocritical. If Ariana says something about her, it’s a hard truth she needs to hear, but if anyone talks about her brother, it crosses the line. Katie asks if she wasn’t clear about what she was saying, and everyone looks like they have headaches.

At his apartment, Jax messes around on a set of electronic drums. Tom says it’s awesome, and Jax tells him that Brittany gave them to him, and set them up. In his interview, Tom says Jax must be thinking maybe he should cheat on Brittany before his next birthday, and see what he gets then. They jam a little, and Tom says he has to talk to Katie. She said stuff to Billie about Jeremy. We see a clip of Ariana telling Tom that Katie said Jeremy was a creeper at her wedding, and she was advocating for women who couldn’t be there. Tom tells her that’s complete and total bullsh*t.

Stassi and Kristen visit Katie, who has a project for the evening. There all kinds of bottles and jars on the table. Tom knocks on the door, and Schwartz tells him to proceed with caution. The girls are drinking and casting spells. Katie says they’re making perfume. Tom asks what’s up with them talking about Jeremy? He says Jeremy has had to deal with a lot of things, but the girls agree that he’s creepy. Schwartz says they can’t know him from one night. Stassi says she knows how he acts, and why would she make it up? Tom says because it’s convenient, which makes no sense whatsoever. In his interview, Stassi says he wasn’t there when Jeremy was hitting on her. He was busy playing his sh*tty trumpet solo. Stassi says she’s sick of men protecting men, and Tom says that’s not true, and she’d better watch herself; they all better watch themselves. To Katie’s credit, she remains serene, and doesn’t launch herself over the table to grab his throat. As I would have done, telling him that he’s the one who’d better watch it. Instead, she asks if he has any business there, other than telling people to watch themselves in her home. He tells her that she’d better get her effing facts straight. In his interview, Schwartz says he can see where Tom is coming from; these are serious accusations. On the other hand, Tom can’t be yelling at his wife. Tom says if they make up lies, he’ll start telling truths. Okay. Like everything isn’t on film.

Brittany’s dad calls. They’re making blackberry cobbler in Kentucky. In her interview, she says she hasn’t told her dad. He’s scary to talk to about things like that, and not as forgiving as her mother. She tells him something bad happened. She’s scared to tell him, and asks him not to be mad. Her dad tells her not to leave him dangling, and she says she found out Jax cheated on her with someone she knew. Her dad says it doesn’t surprise him. That’s his type; he has no control. Brittany tells him that’s exactly what he said when they were in Kentucky. We flash back to the Kentucky visit, when Brittany’s dad told her that he wasn’t 100% on board with Jax. She tells him that’s why she hasn’t talked to him on the phone. He says when it comes to hurting his kids, he takes it personally. Brittany says Jax is almost forty, and her dad says once someone gets to that age, he’s not sure they can grow up. She says that’s what worries her. She doesn’t know if it’s possible for him to change. Her dad tells her Prince Charming might still be out there.

Jax comes in, saying he heard fragments of her conversation. Brittany tells him her dad wasn’t surprised; he has no self-control. She’s worried her memaw will find out. In his interview, Jax says he’s not saying Brittany shouldn’t talk to anyone, but he doesn’t like her airing their dirty laundry. Here’s a hint: don’t cheat then. Brittany says he has to promise never to do it again. He says of course, immediately followed by telling her that she’s not perfect either. She says don’t turn it around, and he says there’s a reason she was called Brattany when she was a kid. I’m not sure I can take much more without flying to LA and hunting him down. In her interview, Brittany says her imperfections are things like not taking the dog out, or having too many tequila shots, not screwing one of Jax’s friends. She tells him she knows it’s hard, and he tells her if she’s not happy, maybe she should move on. Another hint: if he says something like that, go. And any guy who tells you he’s not good enough for you, probably isn’t.

Lala, Scheana, and Billie meet at a restaurant. Scheana wants Brittany to know there are other hot guys out there, and she doesn’t need Jax. In her interview, Scheana says she’s known Jax for a long time, and he’s not a tortured soul who needs a good woman to take care of him. He’s a super sh*t who does sh*tty things, and doesn’t deserve to be in a relationship with Brittany. Jeremy and Billie join them, along with Adam. They order shots. Adam is definitely into Brittany. In her interview, Brittany says Jax is really jealous. It kills him if he thinks she’s flirting or if someone flirts with her. She says if he saw this, he would crap his pants. Lala brings up what Stassi said about Jeremy, and says she doesn’t think he’s out to get people. In her interview Ariana says she’s never known Stassi not being out to get people, and now Jeremy is her victim. Jeremy says imagine how you would feel, and thanks them for sticking up for him. Scheana says it’s his SUR initiation.

Scheana pulls Brittany aside, telling her that she deserves the world. Jax hasn’t given it to her, and never will. Brittany says she loves him, and can’t just throw it away. She wishes she had answers. In her interview, she says no one sees the good in Jax. Obviously, he doesn’t always deserve the best, but she wants to stay with him because she’s still madly in love with him. This makes me just want to cry. Scheana asks if Brittany wants to be her. Divorced, no kids, no progress, thirty-two and starting over. In her interview, Scheana says she knows what it’s like to lie to yourself every day, saying everything is fine, and it will work out. She doesn’t want Brittany doing the same thing. Brittany says her brain and heart fight all the time. Scheana tells her that she’s better than that, and deserves better.

Next time, Lisa tries to talk sense into Brittany, the group goes to Mexico, and Lala calls Jax out during dinner.

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March 11, 2018 – Gabriel’s Great Escape, a Bit of TV News & Weekend Over


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



The Walking Dead

A carload of Saviors is out hunting for Morgan and Dr. Carson. Daryl sneaks around under a bridge. He’s leading a group scouting the roads. Tara tosses a zombie at Dwight, claiming it got away. Dwight kills it, and Daryl tells everyone to keep it moving.

Dr. Carson drives, and Gabriel asks if they’ve passed the Linus overpass, but the doctor doesn’t know. Gabriel says it’s going to be okay and have some faith. They’re on the right path if not the right road. He studies a map, but has difficulty focusing. Carson tells him that he’s is suffering from a serious complication. Does he really think God is leading the way? Gabriel says God is always leading the way, and Carson says maybe God should be driving. Gabriel jokes about Him leaving too many footprints, and a zombie drags itself along next to the car. Maybe Gabriel just needs glasses.

Carson asks about a mile marker, and if Gabriel can see it. Gabriel says he can’t, and Carson says he was stupid to let him leave, but he’s sick and there are antibiotics at Hilltop. Gabriel asks if he hears something, almost like a bell. I don’t. Carson isn’t too thrilled with leaving the car, but they walk through the forest, and come to a cabin. Gabriel says it’s not a bell, but might be their salvation. Carson doesn’t think so.

Rosita says the group needs rest. Daryl says, ten minutes. Tara asks why Dwight is still breathing; she’s done. Rosita tells her that he may have an angle, and tells her to knock it off; at least until they get to Hilltop.

Morgan and Henry guard the prisoners at Hilltop. Carol says she can take over. Jared yells that the kid is freaking people out, and they should move him along. The Saviors are going to roll up and let them out anyway. Henry asks Morgan, who killed his brother? Morgan tells him to go and eat. Henry asks Carol why they’re not telling him. She says he’s a child, and he’s done too much already. Morgan tells her that Henry knows how to live, and it doesn’t bother him. She says he’s not fine, and neither is Morgan. She tells him to take a break, and takes a turn as guard.

Negan is disappointed. This crap should be over. His only doctor and that creepy-ass priest jumped ship without anyone knowing. He asks if Eugene has any idea how it happened, but Eugene is not venturing any guesses. Negan says Carson is a weasel like his brother, and once their asses are caught, he’ll get the whole story – one way or another. And Alexandria – Eugene asks what went down there, and Negan asks why does he care? They tried to blow him off the earth. He tells Eugene that he’s going to be in charge of his own outpost. He needs his bullet-maker to be making bullets. He’s going to provide the next bang-bang Negan needs to settle this situation for good. Eugene asks what about people as resources, and Negan says bullets are a last resort. If Rick and his merry band of pricks decided to pull sh*t, then they’ll have to pull sh*t. It will be some that they don’t want, but it’s on them. Eugene is going to have everything he needs to keep his head in the game. Eugene asks if there will be wine, which would be my first question, and Negan says there will indeed.

Inside the cabin, Morgan shakes a piggy bank and laughs. He tries to read something from a notepad. Looking out the window, Carson says, clear so far. He tells Morgan that he should be lying down. It’s lucky they found this place. Morgan says luck had nothing to do with it. Morgan gives Carson the pad, and Carson says the owner was a radio operator. He looks through the pad, the owner writing that even if he can’t be helped, maybe he can help someone else. There are pages of radio calls, but they all say, no signal. Morgan says that they don’t know if others might have been reached, but the operator never found out. Or maybe it gave them strength to go on, even if they didn’t reach anyone. Carson opens the bedroom door. He sees a zombie cuffed to the bed with a plastic bag over its head. He says, didn’t happen.

Daryl goes over the map. Rosita thinks they should keep moving. Daryl wonders about the swamp. Dwight says it’s one place the Saviors won’t be. Negan thought it was too dangerous and not worth the risk. Tara asks if Daryl is seriously considering what Dwight has to say. If it’s too dangerous for the Saviors, why send them? Why should they trust Dwight? He could turn on them like he did his own people. Dwight says they all saw what happens if one of them gets away. If they find him, his head will be on a pike. He’s not fighting for them, and he’s not going back there. He wants to help them beat Negan. After that, he knows how it ends. Daryl says, fine; they’ll try the swamp. Tara is stunned.

One of the Kingdom Hilltoppers tells Maggie that they finished taking inventory. They’re barely going to make it through another week, and it will be worse if they include the prisoners. Jesus is still out scavenging, and might bring something back.

Carson takes a gun from the corpse, and tells Gabriel to lie down; he’s fighting a serious infection. Gabriel gives Carson some prescription bottles, and he looks through them. He says two are antibiotics, and this may have just saved his life. Gabriel tells Carson that he’s not saying a word.

Dwight says he’s doing it for Sherry. She let Daryl out and ran; she must be out there somewhere. Daryl looks at the swamp. Rosita says they can do it. Someone suggests a small group push through, and make a path for the others. Rosita asks if Tara is coming, but she’s hanging back. The small group starts to walk through.

Maggie asks Gregory what he wants. He says they haven’t seen eye to eye, and loyalties have been questioned, but his behavior has been good. She says he’s staying in there. He says she can’t keep him there forever, and she tells him give her a reason to kill him and she won’t have to. Another prisoner says they’ve been good, and she still took one out; they don’t have to be enemies. Maggie asks what Gregory wants. They want to go outside on good behavior; one at a time under armed guard. Maggie says she doesn’t have the resources to oblige, even if she wanted to. And BTW, she’s cutting off their rations in a few days, maybe longer. Her people come first; she has no choice. Gregory thinks she does.

Rosita and the others continue through the swamp. A zombie pops up in front of her, and she stabs it in the head. Daryl is impressed. Groot! Never mind. It’s just a tree. Zombies start to rise from the water like something out of Creepy comics. Daryl and Siddiq go through the water, stabbing them one by one.

Tara tells Dwight he just volunteered to kill some zombies, and gives him a knife.

Carson says Gabriel’s fever has broken. He tells Gabriel that if there’s no improvement in his eyesight soon, there will be permanent damage. Morgan is like, oh well, and Carson asks if losing his vision doesn’t scare him or piss him off. Gabriel says he’s letting Him lead the way. He tells Carson that he can’t see it, but can feel the look on his face. He’s not saying God led them there, but to find meaning in it. He knocks the piggy bank over, and it breaks. Carson finds car keys and a map inside. He looks at the map, and says they’re no more than a few miles off.

Tara follows Dwight through the forest, covering him with a gun. He stabs a zombie. He tells her that he’s sorry about Denise. He truly is. He doesn’t expect forgiveness; he doesn’t deserve it. He just wants her to know. She says he should have stayed with the Saviors. He says he hates them. He hates Negan. Tara doesn’t care. She says switching sides doesn’t make it okay; it never will. He asks what killing him will do, and she says, make her feel hella better. She shoots at him, but he ducks behind a tree, and runs. He stops in a clearing. He says he knew it would happen, but he’d wanted to help them win first. They hear people coming, and hide.

It’s the group of Saviors from the car. Tara holds the gun to Dwight’s head.

Carson and Gabriel head for the garage. Gabriel looks up, and a warning sign comes into focus. He yells for Carson to stop, but it’s too late. Carson steps into an animal trap. His leg is caught, and here comes a zombie. Oh, great. Now they’re coming out of the woodwork… er, forest. Carson shoots at one, but another falls on him. He shoots that one, but there’s another right behind, and he drops the gun. Gabriel crawls over, and finds the gun. He blindly shoots, and miraculously hits the zombie and not Carson. Carson says he did it, and Gabriel says he might have had some help.

Tara continues to hold the gun on Dwight. She looks like a nut. Dwight walks out to the road. One of the Saviors says they thought he was dead. He says he got caught in an ambush, but got away. He spent the night hiding and running, and trying to make it back. He asks what happened to Laura, and they say, sorry, no one has seen her. They’re going to Alexandria, and thought they’d check out the swamp. Dwight tells them that he just came from there, and to steer clear of it. He takes a gun from one of them, and says he’ll lead the way. Tara can’t believe it. She’s surprised all over the place tonight.

Rosita tells Daryl that she saw Tara running after Dwight. He asks why Rosita didn’t stop her, and Rosita says, no one could have stopped her. When she gets back, Dwight gets in Tara’s face, saying he told her to wait. Dwight could tell them everything. She says he saved them; he led the Saviors away. Daryl doesn’t care, and starts cursing everything. Then he sees Tobin covering Judith’s ears, and says, let’s go. They start to maneuver through the swamp.

Gabriel asks if Carson wants him to drive, but that’s a no. They get in the car, and hear, hands up, a-holes. They turn around, and it’s the Savior group now joined by Dwight. They’re deposited in the bed of the truck. Gabriel tells Carson that He’s still leading the way. Believe it, and he’ll see it. What Carson sees is an unattended gun on a Savior, and grabs it, but gets shot. As the truck pulls away, Morgan weeps, and says, no, no, no. I say, no surprise this show is a total bummer. Always.

The gates of Hilltop open. Daryl and the others walk in. Carol runs to greet them. We only hear music, so we can’t hear what they’re saying, but Daryl shakes his head. Enid cries, and sinks to the ground. Siddiq looks tired. Maggie comforts Enid.

Morgan says Henry asked about who killed his brother. It was Gavin, and he got him, so…

Siddiq thanks Maggie for her hospitality. She says it’s not much, but he tells her, its everything. He asks if there’s an infirmary, and she asks if he’s hurt. He says he’s fine, but has medical experience. He can pitch in and help. She explains they’re using the trailers, and thanks him. She watches everyone interacting.

Eugene makes bullets. Frankie (I think – whoever the redhead is) says he was destined for this. He tells her to be there, she needs gloves and proper eye protection. She thought she’d help, and he says she can help by bringing some food – eggs nicely dancing with tomatoes. He’s going to designate the northwest corner as a breakroom and motivational presentation cubby.

Negan kicks the door open, and brings in Gabriel. He says Gabriel told him an interesting story about how he made his way out of their lovely home. We hold our collective breaths for a beat or two, and he says it was Carson. Negan asks if he called it or what. Gabriel asks why bring him here, and Negan says he needs an extra set of hands to separate casings. Gabriel’s eyes don’t work for sh*t, but his hands do. Eugene says it will still be a few days, but Negan says that doesn’t work for him. They need a more Biblical approach. Eugene says they could rig catapults, and launch dead arms, legs, and heads, creating traumatic theatrics. Negan thanks him. He believes a rose sprang into the pile of sh*t. He tells the guys, let’s roll, and whistles as he leaves.

Eugene goes to Gabriel. Gabriel says he thought he found what he was meant to do. Eugene says, he has, and so has Eugene. He tells Gabriel to get to work.

Maggie approaches the prisoners and points at one. She says they’re to be taken out in pairs for work, exercise, and medical attention. They can start by cleaning the stables. Gregory thinks since they’ll be working, they should get more food, but she says quarter rations, same as always. He appreciates it, but the Saviors are still coming. He thinks they should consider evacuation. If they run, they live. He asks how they could win, and she tells him to look around.

Outside, Negan addresses his people while standing in front of three zombies chained to a fence. He says they know how it works. You get a bite, something from them gets in you, and you join the club. But what if they can use it to their advantage? He whacks at a zombie with Lucille. He tells them Lucille is getting to know their friend. He bashes and pokes at the zombie, until Lucille is covered with blood and rotted flesh. He tells them to look at that. No more smashing and bashing; just a touch, just a kiss. Hilltop will learn to comply, dead or alive. Or some kind of sh*t in between.

Next time, Negan orders the Saviors to let them turn, don’t kill them; and Negan tells Rick that he failed his boy and his people – let Negan save them.

🎭 The Good News & the Bad News

Sunday, April 15th is a big day. Sadly, your taxes are due the next day, but Fear the Walking Dead (which Morgan will be a part of) also returns at 10 pm on AMC, and Southern Charm New Orleans premieres on Bravo at 9 pm. The original Southern Charm will be back on Thursday, April 5th at 9 pm. They’ve already tried with Savannah, which was a snooze, and IMO, it would be tough to top the Charleston cast. Who can resist the Peter Pan that is Thomas; his off-again-on-again squeeze, and mother of his children, fiery Kathryn; matriarch of the South, Patricia, and her baby boy Whitney; dreamer Craig; perpetual adolescent Shep; weepy roller coaster ride Landon; and Cameran, avoiding motherhood since the beginning of time, finally having a baby?

⏰ And We Lost an Hour…






March 9, 2018 – Jim Lies Like a Rug, Tabatha, a Subway Token, 5½ Quotes & Scream


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Maxie doesn’t know what she was thinking, bringing Peter along. He has other things to do, like run a company. Peter says he volunteered. The company will be fine. He wonders if she’s changed her mind, but she says she hasn’t. She asks him not to tell Nina; she might freak out.

Meanwhile, Nina is already in Kim’s office. She has a question about pregnancy.

Maxie tells Peter if Faison had a 50% chance of having the disease, and so did Nathan, that brings her baby’s chances down to 25%, which is practically nothing. Peter says she has to deal with the facts. She tells him that’s easy for him to say, when he doesn’t have to worry about it. Jason is wandering around, and Maxie says she never got a chance to introduce them. So was Henrik wearing a mask the whole time at the clinic?

Mike says that Sonny wanted him to come for a visit, so he came for visit. That’s all. He’s not moving in.

Franco and Elizabeth kiss. He’s glad she’s okay. She thinks it’s weird that Jason and Sam were the ones who rescued him. He says irony aside, he’s glad they didn’t get hurt. Elizabeth can’t wait to hear the whole story. She tells him that he should check on his dad. He was pretty out of it, but did manage to say he was sorry Franco’s secret kept him from their wedding day.

Sam tells Drew they have to talk when they get home, but he says they should talk now. Jim comes out of the elevator, and says he’s glad he caught Drew. He hopes he’s not interrupting anything important, but Drew says it’s not a good time. Sam tells him that they need to get home. Drew tells Jim that his wife almost died at his Charles Street site. Jim wonders what she was doing there, and Sam says saving someone trapped in the trailer. Jim asks, who? and Drew says, Franco.

Franco tells Elizabeth not to take stock in anything Scotty has to say. She says Scotty told her that Franco loved her, and felt awful that his secret kept him away. She’s just glad he’s okay. He says if he hadn’t gotten sidetracked by the earthquake, he would have been there on time. She says clearly something is eating him up, and don’t pretend. He asks if it would be okay if he didn’t tell her. She asks if they’ll be okay if he doesn’t.

Nina tells Kim that she was pregnant in her early 20s. Kim says she read Nina’s history of complications. Nina says that’s a nice way of saying she was in a coma, and the baby didn’t make it. She was told she could never get pregnant again. Kim says she’s sorry, but Nina says she moved on and came to terms with it. She’s now a stepmother to an amazing girl; life has a way of working out, and she’s very lucky. Her sister-in-law just lost her husband, Nina’s brother Nathan, and he’ll never see his baby. Kim is sorry for their loss. Nina says she’s heard great things about Kim, and maybe she can look at her case with fresh eyes. There have been advances in reproductive medicine, and she’s wondering if there’s any chance she could get pregnant again.

Peter says he was in the room when Jason broached the subject of Nathan’s interview to Lulu. Maxie wonders how that happened, since he doesn’t work there. He’s usually oblivious of the media, unless he’s hiding from it. Jason says he was hoping to draw out Faison’s son, Henrik.

Mike says he always loved Port Charles. Sonny has done well, but it’s too big for his taste. Brooklyn is more his style. He’s at home there; it’s where he belongs. He has to go back. He’ll say his goodbyes now, and get a head start in the morning. Sonny tells him to hold on. He’s starting to think Mike has a problem with him. Mike says, no, and Sonny asks why he’s in such a hurry then. Why is he so anxious? Mike asks why Sonny is anxious for him to stay. He tells Sonny to say it. He doesn’t think Mike can hack it on his own.

Nina was wondering if there have been any recent breakthroughs, but Kim says she’s not aware of any that would help Nina’s situation. She wishes there was something she could do, and Nina says it was worth a shot. She’s still lucky; she has an incredible family. They could have used some good news. Kim asks if she’s getting enough rest. Nina says she’s just going through the motions, and doesn’t know what’s real. She’s trying to keep it together for her family.

Maxie asks Jason what he’s going to do to Henrik, and Jason says first he has to find him. She says he has Spinelli, and they’ll track him down, but then what? Jason says he’s going to ask why Henrik kept him live, and why he was kept prisoner at the clinic for five years. Maxie wonders if he’s going to ask if Henrik was in on Faison’s kidnapping plan. Jason says he talked to Faison, and he seemed angry that Henrik didn’t kill him. She says he may have been lying, and Jason says, anything is possible. Maxie says if Henrik wasn’t in on the plan, he didn’t do anything to hurt her, and it wouldn’t be fair to hurt him. But if he was helping Faison, she wants to make him pay.

Mike says Sonny thinks he’ll make a mess of things if he’s on his own. He gets respect in his neighborhood, and he has responsibilities. Sonny says he talked to Caruso, and all that ended after the last mix-up. Carly says she’d welcome a chance to spend more time with him. He says she’s the one who told his girlfriend to ditch him. Carly says she’s sorry if she spoke out of turn, but don’t let her mistake ruin anything; his family is here. He says he’ll visit more often. Sonny tells Mike that he’s not himself. He doesn’t want him cooking dinner, and burning down the apartment. Mike says, why? It will get his deadbeat dad out of his life for good.

Elizabeth tells Franco that they talked about secrets. If they get married, they have to trust each other, whatever they’re dealing with. Franco says at some point, his past will be too much, but she says that hasn’t happened yet. He doesn’t know how she does that; it turns his stomach. She says whatever he tells her, she can roll with it. She knows his struggles. She doesn’t always agree with his methods of dealing with things, but she’s seen him confront his demons and put them behind him. She loves him, and continues to believe in their love. Franco flashes back to Jim saying that one day Elizabeth will lose faith. Franco says he does believe. That’s why he came to the church where she was waiting. She says, where she knew he’d show. They agree not to let the past get in the way, and embrace.

Jim tells Sam he must have just missed them. Sam says, he was there? Jim says he and Franco were both thrown, and when his head cleared, he ran to call for help. By the time he came back, they were gone. Jim is impressed that Sam saved Franco, and she tells him that Jason was with her. She wonders why Franco was there instead of at his wedding. Jim says there’s something they need to know about Franco.

Sonny asks, if he wants to get rid of Mike, why is he trying so hard to get him to stay? Mike says they’ll be telling him what to do, and track his every move. They’ll lock the door and throw away the key. It’s revenge, plain and simple. Sonny wants to him get back because he left Sonny’s mom. Sonny says, wrong. Does Mike think he wants to see his dad deteriorate little by little? Mike says nobody is asking him to be a hero. Just let him go.

Kim tells Nina there are advances all the time. She can always hope. Nina says she’s trying to find balance with hope and self-indulgence. She has a stepdaughter to fill the emptiness in her heart, and she needs to focus on her upcoming niece or nephew instead of a pipe dream. Kim tells her not to hesitate to reach out. Nina leaves the office, and sees Maxie and Peter.

Franco busts into Scotty’s room, startling him. He asks why Scotty is so jumpy, and Scotty says he thought it was Epiphany. He complained about the chipped beef, and she threatened to take his button away. Franco wants to know why Scotty sabotaged his future with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth sees Jason. He asks if Jake is okay, and she says the boys thought the earthquake was epic. He guesses it depends on your perspective. She says they were with Bobbie, and it was fine where she lives. He says he was at the Quartermaine’s. A few things got broken, and that was the worst of it. She tells him the boys have off from school. She would tell him to stop by, but doesn’t think Jake is ready. Jason understands; He just wanted to make sure Jake was okay. Elizabeth thanks him for the both of them for saving Franco. He says, honestly, if it had been up to him, he would have left him there.

Drew tells Jim to talk. He says Franco came to him, hyped up. He said he remembered something, and wanted Jim to confirm what he did to Drew. Betsy gave him away because of Franco. He pushed Drew down a flight of stairs, then laughed. A kid young as he was, tried to kill him. Please don’t tell me they believe anything this jerk has to say.

Mike tells Sonny, let’s make it easy. He’ll go home, they go back to their lives, and pretend this never happened. Sonny says until he gets a call about Mike walking down Neptune Avenue in a bathrobe. Mike says, who cares? It’s by the beach. He says Sonny is worried he’ll embarrass him. What else is new? He’s always been embarrassed by Mike. Carly tells Sonny to back off. She tells Mike that they would love for him to stay, but can’t stop him from going. Sonny says unless a judge says he’s not competent. Carly says they’re not doing anything. He’s welcome there any time. Sonny says he’ll make sure his people look after Mike, and Mike says now Sonny is palming him off on strangers. He tells Sonny not to hire anyone. He’ll get along fine with Tammy’s help. Carly asks if that’s a friend of his, and he says that’s his girlfriend, Tammy Hanson. Carly says she moved away a long time ago. Mike says they live together. He thinks about it, and says not Tammy; it’s Mary. Sonny says, it’s Rita.

Nina says Maxie didn’t have an appointment today. Maxie says she wasn’t expecting to see her. Kim tells Maxie and Peter that she’ll be right back, and to on in. Nina follows them, and tells Maxie that she thought they’d synced their calendars. Maxie says they did, but it was last minute. She just needed a test done, and she ran into Peter, who insisted on coming so she wasn’t alone. Nina asks what test, and Maxie says an amniocentesis. Nina asks if the baby is okay, and Maxie says that’s what they’re there to find out.

Drew says, so Franco tried to kill him when they were kids, around two or three years old, and Jim says he saw it. He happened to be watching them. Betsy went to the market, and he turned his back for half a second. When Betsy came home, she was horrified, and made up a cover story. The incident made her realize that she couldn’t keep both of them. What if Franco hurt him again? So, she decided to give him away. She knew he’d be okay on his own, but Franco was a detriment to himself and others, and she’d keep trying to fix him. Sam asks why he didn’t say anything before, and he says he felt guilty. If he’d kept a better eye on them, it wouldn’t have happened. He’d thought Franco had forgotten, but when he remembered, Jim knew he hadn’t changed a bit.

Franco knew Scotty would never play the role of a doting father. Scotty says a stab in the back is better than a severed artery. He was bleeding out at the church. Franco says, then you call 911, not blab private business. Scotty says he was in shock. Franco says Scotty doesn’t get to speak for him unless he’s on retainer. Scotty gets it. He’s glad Franco is alive, and Franco says he’s glad Scotty is too. Scotty asks where he was.

Jason tells Elizabeth that Sam was at the Quartermaine’s and wanted to check on Drew. They found Mike, who said someone was trapped. Sam took him while Jason went to search. Elizabeth tells him that Sam left Mike with her at All Saints, and to thank her. She’s glad Sam made it back. He says she found him, along with Franco pinned under a cabinet. He was going to leave him, but Sam wouldn’t let him. She’s the one who saved Franco’s life.

Nina tells Maxie that she could believe Faison had a brain disease, but Nathan? Maxie says there was a 50% chance Nathan would have it, and he’d want her to check the baby. Nina asks why Maxie didn’t tell her, and Maxie says she didn’t want to worry her. Nina says it’s her job to worry, and Maxie’s job to carry the baby to full term. They’re in this together.

Mike asks what happened to Rita, and Carly tells him that she said she wanted to be by herself. She says she thought she told him, and he says he would remember. She tells him it must have slipped her mind. Rita cares about him, but wants to be by herself. Mike says, who could blame her? She’s a nice lady, and they had a good run. She didn’t sign up for what’s happening to him. Sonny says he’s sorry, and Carly has an idea. Since things aren’t working out with Rita, why doesn’t he stay longer with them? He’s already a big help around the house. He says it’s not his place; it’s his son’s and Sonny might not like it. Carly tells him not to be silly. The thing about families is that stuff comes up, then it gets better.

Scotty says, Jim was there when Drew took a header? Franco says when he confronted Jim, he said he was supposed to be watching things. It got quiet, and he checked on them. He saw them on the stairs, and Franco pushed Drew. He was smiling when he did it. Scotty says it doesn’t add up. Franco says there’s something Jim isn’t saying. He knows Franco knows something. That’s why he left him in the trailer. Scotty says Jim didn’t want him to make it. He would have been a goner if Sam and Jason hadn’t shown up.

Elizabeth tells Jason if they hadn’t saved Franco, she and Jake would be grieving for someone they love. Jason says that’s what Sam said; it wasn’t worth her or Jake’s grief.  He says he can’t change what Franco did, so he’ll have to try and accept it, and move on. Elizabeth says he can do more than that. He can consider the possibility of redemption.

Jim says he told Franco that he remembered change came over him, and Franco threatened him. He told him not to breathe word about it, especially to Drew. Drew says, or what? Jim says he didn’t ask; Franco’s eyes said it all. He remembered that look from when Franco was a kid. At that moment, he realized Franco hadn’t changed. Now he’s marrying that nice woman with the beautiful kids. He tracked Drew down, since he’ll know what to do. Jim leaves, and I get the feeling Drew isn’t completely buying this. I hope not. Jimbo was being a tad dramatic too.

Drew tells Sam if it’s true, than something needs to happen. He’s going to take care of this. He walks away, and Sam calls after him, asking what he’s going to do.

Kim says she’s ready, and Maxie says Nina is staying. Nina walks Peter out, and he says he hopes he didn’t overstep. She says she’s sure his intentions were pure, but he is Maxie’s boss. In this age of enlightenment, it’s best he keeps it professional. He says of course. He sees Nurse Deanna, and asks if she knows of a doctor who can give him a full genetic workup.

Franco tells Scotty he can’t worry about Jason. He’s going to hate him forever. Sam wouldn’t let Jason kill him, so he considers it a win. He needs to focus on Elizabeth, and set a new date. Scotty thinks they should do everyone a favor and elope. Franco says first, he has to figure out this things with Jim. Scotty says don’t tell Elizabeth, but are the rings insured?

Mike supposes he can try living there for a bit, and see how works out. Carly says, great. Michael and Dante will be happy. Mike says he’s tired, and asks Sonny to tell Caruso he’s been delayed, and might not make the drop-off on the dot. Sonny says he’ll tell him, and Mike says, but he’ll be there. He goes upstairs. Sonny looks even more tired than Mike.

Drew finds Franco. He wonders if Franco is the man who saved his life, or the guy who tried to kill him.

Elizabeth tells Jason that Franco wasn’t in control, but he’s still sorry. Every day he tries to be better and make amends. Jason says he found Michael in his prison cell, raped by a man that Franco sent. He watched as Franco carried out a naked Sam, and made them think he had raped her. He can’t consider the possibility. He let him live, and hopes he gets what he deserves. Elizabeth leaves, and Sam asks if everything is okay. Jason says everything is the same. Elizabeth sees Franco one way, and he sees Franco another. Sam asks if it wasn’t enough that they saved his life. Jason says he told her the truth; he was going to leave him there, and she wouldn’t let him. Sam says don’t make her sound so noble. She didn’t want to keep the secret. In the end, it’s not worth it. Sam says she still hasn’t told Drew that she loves him. Elizabeth hears.

On Monday, Mike has to make decisions, Ava hopes to get a more permanent arrangement with Avery, and Drew tells Franco that he’s going to stop hiding things.

🙆 Tabatha & My Digression of the Week

I’m loving Relative Success with Tabatha. She’s one of those people like Gordon Ramsay, with a hard exterior, but extremely caring on the inside, who can wear as many hats as you can stack on their heads. I love a business improvement show, and so far, Tabatha has perfected a jewelry business, a gym, a deli, a pizzeria, a design team, and a restaurant. The twist here being that every business is family owned and run, I’m amazed at how diplomatic Tabatha is, although at least once she’s had to remove herself from the room before saying something she’d regret.

While I’ve never had first-hand experience being part of a family business, I can tell you this much – you do not want to work for one. My post high school job before moving to NYC, was working for an Army/Navy store that was family run, and they all worked there in some capacity. The main owner, and patriarch, was a great guy, but he was hardly ever around, mostly working in another branch of the store. His oldest son and daughter-in-law, however, were always around, and always fighting. Showdown in aisle 13! They weren’t shy about sharing every detail, and you didn’t even have to ask. It did have its perks though. We got massive discounts, and they had very cool stuff. I still have some of the clothes I bought there. I also went out with the owner’s younger son once. Only once not because we didn’t click, but we both moved. Although the date did have a couple of awkward moments. We went to see The Man Who Fell to Earth at the arthouse cinema, and he forgot his wallet. We went back to his house to get it, and of course I had to go to the bathroom. And of course his father came home in the meantime. After I was living in the city, and my absent-minded date was in pilot school in Florida we wrote back and forth a bit. In one of the letters he sent, he told me about a subway token he’d found on the beach there. He was including it, since I could use it more than he could, but there was no token in the envelope. A day later, I got a note from him, along with the token, saying, does this remind you of another time?

Next time on Tabatha, a real estate office. She also gives me my first favorite quote of the week.

This family is f**king crazy. Tabatha Coffey

 👋 More Quotes of the Week

But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.—J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.— Mark Twain

Death is only the end if you assume the story is about you.— Joseph Fink, Welcome to Night Vale

Each life makes its own imitation of immortality.Stephen King

We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear.Martin Luther King, Jr.

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