July 20, 2018 – Havoc on Spoon Island, More 90 Day Fun, Quotes Octadic & Weekend Dancing


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Obrecht recites from The Severed Branch. I knew the day might come when I’d have to burn my own life down. Nina tries to stop her, but she throws the Molotov cocktail, and laughs like the crazy person she’s being.

Sonny reads the Alzheimer’s brochures. Jason arrives, and asks if there’s been any word about Carly. Sonny says Diane got the court to let her visit, and she’s supposed to call soon.

At Ferncliff, Diane tells Mary Pat she can read the document all she wants, but the only thing that matters is the judge’s signature. Mary Pat wonders if the judge is acquainted with psychiatric cases of the deeply disturbed, and Diane says the judge is acquainted with the law. Mary Pat tells her unscheduled visits aren’t conducive to recovery, especially in a case like Carly’s. Diane says if Mary Pat doesn’t produce her client immediately, she’ll be in breach of the order, and there will be consequences. If she loses her position, that’s even better. As usual, Diane is not having it.

Michael and Nelle are back at the Quartermaine mansion. Nelle says, thankfully, Michael has a healthy wife and baby. He says now they can get on with the life they planned. Nelle says she’s been dreaming about it, and he says, it’s no dream; it’s their reality. He says, welcome home, Mrs. Corinthos.

Chase asks if Valentin wants some coffee, but Valentin says he’s agitated already from being arrested without cause. He wants to talk to his lawyer. Finn comes into the station, and tells Jordan that Peter is still missing, and most likely kidnapped by Obrecht. Jordan says she’s waiting on the DNA test from the cabin. Curtis joins them, and says she might not have to. Obrecht is on a rampage.

Lulu startles Maxie on the pier. She tells Maxie that Dante always says she should wear a bell. Maxie asks why she’s there, and Lulu says she had work to do at The Haunted Star. She says, Maxie’s turn, and Maxie says she’s waiting for the launch. Lulu says it’s not running; Spoon Island has been quarantined. Maxie says she’s got to be kidding. She doesn’t believe it, and wonders if Valentin is sick in the head.

The stables are ablaze. Nina tries to get Peter out, but he can’t stand.

Curtis tells Jordan that he and Sam spoke with Maxie, who hasn’t seen Obrecht since she left the hospital with James. Chase thinks the trail is cold, but Curtis says they questioned Franco, and the person who knocked him out wasn’t Valentin. It was Obrecht.

Lulu says Valentin’s not sick in the head. Arrogant and amoral, but the sad part is, he really does love Nina. Maxie says Nina is obviously still in love with him; she’s been going through a lot. Lulu asks why Maxie is intent on going when the island is quarantined. Maxie says there’s no quarantine. Lulu asks how she knows, and Maxie says she just does. She has to get there right away, and wants to leave it at that. Lulu says, The Haunted Star has a zodiac that can take us over. Maxie says, us? Lulu tells her if she wants a ride, start talking. She says Obrecht has been acting strange; strange for her, which is really strange. Even weirder than normal. Nina isn’t around, and Peter disappeared. Curtis and Sam think Obrecht is holding him captive. Even worse, they think Nina is with her.

Chase tell Valentin that he’s free to go. Valentin thanks him for being professional and wasting his time. He jets, making snarky remarks all the way out the door.

Nina tells Peter they have to get out. Obrecht walks out, but not as fast as I’d be walking. For a moment, I think she might lock them in, but she leaves the door wide open. Nina shouts at her to help, but that’s not happening. She tells Peter that he has to stand, but he can’t move. He wants her to go, but she says she’s not leaving him.

Sonny tells Jason that Diane appealed to the court to visit Carly, so she can monitor the situation. Sonny wonders what Carly was thinking, and Jason says she thought it was worth the risk. Sonny says it didn’t do any good. Michael married Nelle. He can scream at Diane all day, but there’s nothing he can do.

Diane is shocked to see Carly in a padded cell. Mary Pat says Carly is violent and unstable, and managed to overpower her. Diane wonders if it isn’t a conflict of interest, but Mary Pat says she’s a professional. She has no issues with Carly. She tells Diane she has five minutes, but she doubts if Diane will need them. Diane goes into the room, and finds Carly barely conscious

Michael brings Nelle a healthy snack. She asks about Monica, and he says she’s still sick and keeping her distance sick, but sends her love. Drew joins them and asks how Nelle is feeling. Nelle says Kim gave her the all clear. He bets Monica is happy, and Michael says she knew before they did. He tells Nelle he’s going to put her things in her room; he thought she’d be more comfortable for her to sleep alone. She says that’s thoughtful, but she fully intends on sleeping with her husband tonight.

Chase says it’s the first time in his career that a suspect said they had nothing to do with an assault, and it was true. Michael calls Chase, who asks if there’s been any progress. Michael says they’re acting like a blissful, loving married couple. He’s giving her a lot of attention, but making excuses to leave the room, so she suspects he’s stringing her along. Chase tells him to be careful. Nelle is smart, and more than paranoid. If she figures out it’s a trap, she’ll become even more dangerous.

Drew asks Nelle if she needs anything; they’re family now. She says she has very little of own family, and Drew says she does now. The Quartermaines are good people, although they’re complicated. Nelle says they have a lot in common. He came in as an outsider, with a troubled past, and so did she. It gives her hope that they’ll accept her like they have him. He says if she does right by Michael, everything will go fine. She says she’s trying, but everyone judges her. She asks how he overcame everyone looking at him and seeing a killer.

Sonny apologizes for being negative, and Jason says they have other resources. Sonny says, they can do what they can to get Carly out of Ferncliff, but no matter how many resources he has, nothing can stop Alzheimer’s. Jason asks if Mike had a bad day. Sonny says Mike didn’t know who was who. He thought people were coming to attack him, but Felix calmed him down. Jason is glad Mike has a good caregiver, and likes Felix. Sonny says Felix believes it’s time to think about permanent care. Jason asks what Sonny thinks. Sonny says he can’t farm Mike out to strangers. No matter what, they don’t know him, and don’t love him. Mike is his dad, and they’re not family (which is the theme for today).

Diane approaches Carly, and asks if Carly can understand her. Sonny sent her. Carly says, Sonny? Diane says he’s very concerned, so she came to look in on her. Carly asks if Sonny is there, but Diane says he can’t come. She came as Carly’s attorney. She’s working hard for him to visit. She tells Carly this is important. Does she know what drugs they’re giving her? Carly says she doesn’t do drugs; they’re bad. Diane says the doctor or nurse prescribed them. Carly says, tell Sonny to stop Michael from marrying Nelle.

Jordan tells Finn that there’s an APB out on Obrecht. Finn says she’s probably long gone. Curtis thinks Franco knows more than he’s saying. He’s her only friend. If she was desperate enough to knock him out, she’ aware her time is getting short. Finn says, so is Peter’s.

Maxie tells Lulu about Nina asking how she’d feel if Peter died, and about Wyatt finding the cabin. She says if anyone is capable of kidnapping Peter, it’s Obrecht. By the time the police got there, the cabin was abandoned, but they found evidence. They’re running forensics now, and the quarantine on Spoon Island makes sense. Lulu says it sounds suspicious, and Maxie can’t believe she followed that. Lulu says they have to let the police handle it, but Maxie says Obrecht might do something to Peter. She has to save Obrecht and Nina from themselves. Lulu is shocked that Nina is involved, but Maxie says, she’s grieving. They’re out of their minds. Lulu wonders what Maxie thinks she can do to stop them. Maxie thinks they need someone who loves them to pull them from the brink. Like magic, Valentin appears, and says he couldn’t agree more. Who wants a ride? Little hearts pop out of my eyes.

Peter tells Nina to go. She says she’ll get help, but she can’t get past the flames outside the door. She screams for help.

Nelle tells Drew sorry to be blunt. She knows she can be annoying that way. He says he doesn’t think they look at him as a killer, and he doesn’t look at himself that way; not anymore. She says, at one point, he thought he was Jason. The things Jason has done, most people would be in prison. She asks how he did it. How did he get away with murder?

Sonny tells Jason every patient is different. Jason thinks he’s doing a great job. Sonny says he should have handled Croton differently. He shouldn’t have pressed Mike. After that, he started to deteriorate. Jason tells him not to put the pressure on himself; that’s not how Alzheimer’s works. Sonny says Jason has done some research. Jason says Sonny is the one who will remember, not Mike. The choices he makes have to feel right. He has to live with them.

Carly tells Diane that Sonny has to stop them. Nelle is going to hurt Michael. Diane says Sonny and Jason won’t let her. Carly asks what if that doesn’t happen. Diane asks her if she was given a shot or pills, but Mary Pat interrupts, saying, time’s up.

Curtis tells Jordan that Sonny has a presence in the area; maybe he knows something. Jordan says she can’t put herself in the position of owing him. Finn says tell Anna that when they find Peter’s body. Curtis says it will be on him. Chase calls Jordan over to his phone. Jordan tells Finn that they’re doing everything they can. They’re also dealing with the West Nile quarantine on Spoon Island. Finn tells Curtis there’s no West Nile. Why the quarantine?

Outside the stables, Obrecht says, sorry, Nathan; sorry, my son. It was not supposed to happen this way. Valentin runs up to her, and asks, where’s Nina? Obrecht thought Nina was behind her, and says she wasn’t supposed to be there. He looks at the burning building. Maxie and Lulu join them, and Valentin tells them to call 911. He starts to move toward the stables, and says, get the coastguard. They’ll need paramedics and a fire squad. He goes into the building. Lulu calls 911. Obrecht says, Nina was right. This would break Nathan’s heart. Maxie asks what she’s done, but she just keeps repeating, Nina was right.

Finn wonders if Valentin realizes the quarantine was bogus. Curtis bets his ass on it, and Finn thinks they should go there before all hell breaks loose.

Maxie tells Obrecht not to talk about Nina in the past tense. She starts to head in after Valentin, but Lulu says she can’t go in there. Maxie insists she’ll be careful, but Lulu says she’s not a firefighter, and can only get killed. Maxie says she hates Valentin, but he cares enough to go after Nina. Lulu says, every safety manual says the same thing – wait. Maxie says they’re on an island; it will be too late by the time they get there. Lulu says her son won’t have a mother. She has kids. She needs to put them first.

On the phone, Jordan tells Michael to be careful. His life depends on Nelle not catching wind that it’s a sting. Michael is confident that she’s buying what he’s feeding her, mixing his metaphors. He says she’s on the verge of turning to Chase for help. He asks her to give Chase the phone. Chase tells him not to push. If she gets suspicious, the operation will be blown. Don’t get over-confident. It’s a lethal cat and mouse game, and there are variables. Nelle might not play by their rules. She could turn to someone not on their radar, or matters into her own hands. You never know.

Drew asks if something is on Nelle’s mind. She’s fascinated; he’s led an interesting life. He’s a one-man podcast. Drew says he has no desire to impart that wisdom. If she wants inside knowledge about that, she’ll have to look elsewhere.

Sonny says he rarely visited his father, for good reason. When he left, Sonny’s mother ended up with Deke, who beat the hell out of the both of them. The facts haven’t changed, but his feelings have. He doesn’t know if he forgives Mike, but he doesn’t resent him. He doesn’t see the rage that used to be between them. Jason says Sonny’s anger was hard on Mike, but harder on Sonny. It was like a weight he kept trying to put down, and he would for a while, but then something would happen, and he’d pick it back up. Sonny guesses that’s it; the weight is gone.

Mary Pat asks Carly how the visit with her lawyer went. She’s one pushy lady. Carly asks, who? and Mary Pat says since it was that taxing, she has something to help her manage. Carly can barely speak, but she says she doesn’t want it, and leave her alone. Mary Pat says she’s worked up. She knew she shouldn’t have let Diane barge in; some people don’t listen. Carly started out that way, but she’s learning.

Obrecht stands on the pier. She flashes back to Peter saying she should have given Nathan the information about his father years ago. He could have prepared, and had a strategy; made a plan. Even if she kills him, she’ll never escape her own guilt. Curtis is suddenly there, and tells her to be careful. There are all kinds of dangerous characters out on the docks at night. She turns in the opposite direction, and Finn is standing there. He says, nope.

Valentin finds Nina lying on the floor, and picks her up. Poor Peter! Valentin carries Nina outside. Lulu is on the phone, asking them to please hurry; the fire is spreading. Maxie asks where Obrecht is, and Lulu didn’t see her leave. Valentin puts Nina down. Maxie doesn’t think she’s breathing. Valentin does mouth to mouth, ladies everywhere unite in romantic thoughts.

Sonny knows his father is getting older and losing his memory, but it’s the first time he’s felt this close to Mike; not since he was six years old. They can laugh and talk, and he can see why people like him and why his mom fell in love. Now he’s slipping away, just when Sonny is getting to know him. Jason says, something good came out of it. Sonny wishes he had more time. He knows it sounds selfish, but one reason why he didn’t want Carly going through what she is, is that he needs her with him. Diane walks in, and he asks if she saw Carly. Diane says, for five whole minutes, which is all the court order stipulated, and all Ferncliff would allow. Sonny asks how Carly is, and Diane makes a serious face.

Mary Pat looks in Carly’s mouth. She says they might need to redouble the dose. She’ll be sleeping tonight. Carly says, no more pills, but Mary Pat says, the doctors dictate treatment, not the patients. Carly asks when she’s seeing Doc. Mary Pat says he’s away for a few days, but Carly is in good hands. Dr. Lazarus is a visionary, and has had success with lost causes. He has something special in store for her.

Nelle apologizes to Drew for crossing the line. She says she has a morbid curiosity in crime shows and mysteries. She didn’t mean any harm. He’s sorry he doesn’t share her enthusiasm. Michael comes back, and Nelle asks, what took so long? He says he wanted everything perfect for his new bride. She says she’s tired, and can’t wait to snuggle up to her new husband. They leave, and Drew ponders.

Nelle and Michael get into bed and spoon. Michael waits for her to go to sleep, and gets up She opens her eyes. She thinks about Chase saying she deserves a guy who loves her for herself. This marriage of convenience will fizzle out, and Michael will cut her loose. He’ll use the baby as a weapon against her, and claim her child. She’ll be alone again.

Chase does his quarter flipping thing, and looks at Nelle’s picture. He flashes back to meeting with Jordan and Michael, and Jordan saying the fewer people that know, the better. Michael says it will be cruel to his family, but Chase tells him if he wants her out of the family, he’ll have to live with it. This time, Nelle won’t get away. Period. Nelle calls, bringing Chase back to the present. She says Chase was right about everything. She can’t stay married. She needs his help.

Michael goes downstairs. Drew asks if he can’t sleep. Drew points out that they haven’t spent night together for a long time. It might take a while to get used to it. Michael prays it never gets that far.

Diane tells Sonny and Jason that Carly is heavily medicated, and in a padded room wearing restraints. Sonny says he’ll talk to the judge. He wants her out, and doesn’t care about technicalities. Diane says she did try to escape. She also has a new doctor. Sonny asks if he can get to him. Diane doesn’t think there’s anyone Sonny can’t get at, but advises against it. The DA is just waiting for a chance to get him. He’d be leaving himself wide open for extortion. They could transfer Carly to a facility where he can’t reach her. Now is the time to strategize, not use brute force. It will not serve him well. Sonny says he’d have more faith if her last strategy hadn’t put Carly in Ferncliff to begin with. Diane says there were a lot of factors; the DA being one of them. She shoulders most of the blame, let her make this right. She’s going to ask for an independent investigation. Once it’s documented that Carly is over-medicated, she can be transferred to Shadybrook. At the very least, her treatment will be supervised. Sonny says it’s her last chance. Make it work.

Carly is all shaky, and out of it. Mary Pat says Dr. Lazarus is moving in a new direction. It’s unorthodox, but a novel approach to the challenging cases. When he’s done with Carly, she’ll be a piece of cheese. I swear that’s what it sounded like she said, but I cheat and look elsewhere. She said, changed woman.

Finn gets to the island. He asks how long Nina has been out. They explain she was in the fire, and they don’t know. Finn asks if Nina can hear him. She comes to, and coughs. Lulu produces some water, and Finn gives it to Nina. She says she was stuck inside, and almost suffocated. How did she get out? Maxie says Valentin saved her.

Jordan arrests Obrecht on the pier, and reads her rights. Obrecht stoically nods when asked if she understands them. Curtis says he can’t reach Finn. Peter’s location was believed to be Spoon Island. Jordan tells the officers that she’ll have Obrecht transferred, and the WSB can take it from there. There’s a police boat waiting. Obrecht says to tell Anna, now we are even.

Finn asks where Peter is. Maxie says they haven’t seen him. Nina says they have to get him out. Valentin says the smoke was thick, but he didn’t see Peter. Nina tells them that Obrecht had Peter tied up. She lost it completely, and started the fire. Nina wanted to try and get help. Maxie says there are no other entrances. Finn says Peter is still inside, and looks in.

On Monday, Josslyn comes on to Oscar, Drew asks Margaux what business the DA has with his company, and Finn goes in to save Peter.

💍 90 Day Fiancé – the gift that keeps on giving. Tonight was the season premiere of 90 Day Fiancé: What Now?. There seems to be no end to this franchise, which is fine with me. It’s a train wreck I could watch all day. Maybe they should have their own channel. They have enough spin-offs. This one revisited couples down the road. Myriam came to the U.S. to visit Patrick. Meeting his mother was a hurdle, since at the Tell All, mom was not too friendly. And rightly so. It wasn’t so much that Myriam had a boyfriend, but Patrick had to schlep all the way to Paris to find out. As the Countess would say, uncool. Danielle still has one more thing with Mohamed, but that’s coming in the next episode. I can’t wait. I have the feeling there is always going to be one more thing with Mohamed. Until I see him in the headlines anyway. I also can’t wait for this season’s Tell All on Sunday. I’m hoping to get some commentary together about it, since the season was quite lively. Especially when Pedro’s whiny, bitchy sister came for a visit, and he started a fistfight at the home of the Family Chantel. David and Annie are living above storage units in exchange for David working there, and Jorge might have a ten-year-old daughter. I don’t know what’s sadder. These outrageous people who deserve each other, or that I can’t stop watching them.

📮 Quotes of the Week

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.Henry David Thoreau

The mystery of life is not solved by success, which is an end in itself, but in failure, in perpetual struggle, in becoming.Patrick White

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. – T.S. Elliot

I think it’s good for a person to spend time alone. It gives them an opportunity to discover who they are and to figure out why they are always alone.Amy Sedaris, I Like You

All that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about.Charles Kingsley

When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.Honore de Balzac – Good one!

It’s hard to take back stupid.Dr. Phil

My weave is exhausted. – LeeAnne Locken, The Real Housewives of Dallas

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July 19th, 2018 – No More Options, Charmers Reunite, a Charming Quote, a PS & Incoming


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny talks to Diane on the phone. He doesn’t care about procedure. He just wants to get in to see Carly. Felix thinks he and Mike should go finish something upstairs. Sonny says, impossible is not an option. Mike sees the picture of himself and Charlie. He tells Felix that he knows these guys, and asks if Sonny is in trouble.

At Ferncliff, Carly paces wearing a straitjacket.

Elizabeth leaves another message for Franco. She’s getting worried leave. Griff asks if she’s okay. She tells him Franco went to the police with something, and sometimes the more he tries to help – Griff finishes, the more hot water he finds himself in. He thinks it’s natural to be worried

Valentin goes to the launch on the docks. He hears Franco groaning, then sees him struggle up from behind some crates. Franco starts to walk toward him, saying, I know you, but falls over before he reaches Valentin.

Sam sees Maxie at the hospital. They make small talk about James, and Maxie tells them to come by and see him. Sam asks if she has a minute, and Maxie says her parents just absconded with her newborn, so she has nothing but time. I guess she also has a maid. Sam tells her that she’s been crossed off the list of suspects in regard to Peter. Maxie asks if there are any other leads. Sam asks when was the last time she saw Nina?

Nina has untied Peter, and starts to help him up. Obrecht walks in with a Molotov cocktail in her hand, and says, you break my heart, niece, and Henrik has come to end of the road. Nina says he can barely walk, he’s starving, and stinks. Obrecht says it’s every bit of what he deserves, but Nina says no one does; not even Peter. Obrecht says, Henrik killed her brother. Nina says, and he’s not coming back. She tells Obrecht to put the bottle down, but Obrecht says, no; it’s over. She’s been left no choice.

Felix suggests he and Mike finish a game they started. Mike shrugs him off, and asks if Sonny knows who it is in the picture; it’s Charlie and he’s connected. Sonny says he’s not around anymore. Felix touches Mike’s shoulder, but Mike tells Felix to get his hands off of him, saying he doesn’t know him. Sonny says, he’s Felix, his nurse. Mike says he probably works for Charlie, but Sonny says no one there works for Charlie. Mike says he needs Sonny’s help. He needs to get a message to his son. His name is Michael Corinthos Jr., but he goes by Sonny. Does he know him? Sonny says, yeah, and Mike asks if Sonny is one of his enemies. Sonny says, not today, and Mike asks what he means. Sonny says they work together. Mike says he has to find him, and tell him to stay away from Charlie’s place. Nothing good is waiting for him there. Sonny promises.

Rupert and Mary Pat walk into Carly’s cell. She asks if Mary Pat had to brig reinforcements. Mary Pat says she’s clearly agitated, and Dr. Lazarus has prescribed her a sedative. Carly says her psychiatrist is Dr. Collins, and Mary Pat says he’s visiting his wife in Europe. Carly says Dr. Lazarus doesn’t know how to treat her, but Mary Pat says he was walked through her history, including her recent outburst and elopement. Carly is like, elopement? and Mary Pat says, the word escape has negative connotations. Carly says Mary Pat told the doctor her story, now it’s her turn, but Mary Pat says Dr. Lazarus is all about control, not talk. Carly knows her rights, and says she refuses treatment. Mary Pat says patient decisions aren’t up to her.

Valentin asks if Franco can hear him. He starts to make a call, and he sees the broken bottle. He picks up the shard with the label on it, using his handkerchief, because everyone carries those. Chase appears, telling him to drop the weapon, and put his hands where he can see them.

Maxie suggests they back up. Obrecht has every reason hate Peter, but she sees her all the time; she was at the shower. Sam says they discovered she hasn’t been living at home, but in a cabin in the woods. Curtis says she claimed she was meeting someone special there. Maxie says, good; she needs to lighten up. Curtis say the evidence suggests she’s been keeping someone against their will, and the CSU found traces of blood. Maxie asks if they think she killed him.

Obrecht says she knew this day would come. Nina never had the spine or stomach for it. Nina says she’s right. If she had a backbone, she’d have stopped this insanity. Obrecht says they’re past the possibility of letting Henrik live; it’s not up to her. Nina says if he knew about this, Nathan would be ashamed of both of them; what they did and what they’re capable of. It’s over. Obrecht is inclined to agree. Nina says she has two choices. Plead her case as a grieving mother, like she is, or run. Nina is hoping she stays.

Valentin tells Chase he was about to call for help. Chase says, with a broken bottle? Valentin says, no, with a phone. He saw the bottle, and thought it might be the instrument used to knock Franco out. Chase thinks it sounds plausible, but tells Valentin to exercise his right to remain silent until he’s downtown. He can explain it there.

Griff ask if Elizabeth has had any word from Franco. She says, not yet. She’s going through some files, and says she gets angry every time she sees David’s name. Griff says, innocent until proven guilty, but she thinks he should be suspended until the case is settled. Griff wishes he knew what to tell her. She asks how Kiki is doing, and Griff says some people have asked her how can she ruin a man’s career. Elizabeth wonders how she responded to that, and Griff says she told them, if he’s such a good man and cared about his career, he wouldn’t have done what he did. In the meantime, he and Kiki have to walk the same halls. Elizabeth says at least she has their support.

Sam tells Maxie there’s no proof Peter is dead. Maxie says it’s understandable that Obrecht would want him to suffer. but she adores James. She has the chance to get moments she never had with Nathan. Sam asks if she’s been around, and Maxie admits, not really. Curtis wonders if Nina would know where she is, and Maxie asks if he’s suggesting Nina is involved with Peter’s disappearance. Sam tells her that they’re not saying she was involved, and Curtis says, but she might know something. She has the motive and means. If she had the opportunity, would she take it? Maxie says, no. She hates him, but would never do that. Curtis says Nina is his friend too. It’s the last thing he wants to believe, but it’s imperative they find out where she is. Maxie asks if they’re trying to rule her out, and Sam says, even if she’s not involved, she could lead them to Obrecht.

Obrecht asks if Nina expects her to throw herself on the mercy of the police – and Henrik. Peter says she’s right not to trust him, considering how she grew up. She says her childhood, her whole life with Faison, was one long parade of inadequacies. She was never good enough for her parents, Faison, or Anna. Nina says, screw Anna. Obrecht says she might have failed in their expectations, but they also failed in hers. She doesn’t owe anyone anything, and is going to finish it her way.

Sonny tells Mike that when he gets the all clear, he’ll send the message. Mike says he has to go now, but Sonny says to trust him. Felix approaches Mike, who tells him to stay away. He asks, who this guy? and wonders if they should be talking in front of him. Sonny says it’s Felix. Mike’s son hired him; he has his word. Mike asks, who the hell is he? Sonny’s phone rings, and Felix says it’s probably the all clear. It’s Diane, and Sonny tells her that he doesn’t care. Find a judge that owes him a favor or needs one, or he’ll find a way to get in himself. Mike grabs the phone, saying the place could be bugged. Sonny says he just got he all clear. He’s going to go, and asks Felix to stay. Mike insists it’s not safe, but Sonny says his son asked him to take care of Mike. Mike asks Sonny what his name is, and Sonny says, Michael.  Mike says it’s the same as his son’s. Sonny says, and his. He tells Mike that he’s Sonny’s right-hand man. His son cares a lot about him. Mike says he doesn’t know about that, and Sonny says he talks about him all the time. Mike sarcastically says he bets it’s all good, and Sonny says, about 60/40. Mike says that sounds about right; 60 bad, 40 good. Sonny tells Mike that his son asked him to keep him safe. He knows he’ll treat Mike with the same respect and concern that he treats his own dad. He asks if Mike can let him honor him by taking care of him. Mike nods and breaks my heart yet again.

Mary Pat tells Carly to hold still; it’s easier if she doesn’t fight. Carly asks if it’s worth losing everything she cares about. He’ll take everything she think is hers, and bankrupt her when she’s sued for over-drugging Carly. She has people to avenge her, and they’re experts. What sounds better, to take her back to her room or lose everything?

Curtis tells Maxie that they’re working on a theory. Nina is the closest connection to Nathan. He asks if she’s spent time with James, and Maxie says Nina has been busy. Sam asks if she’s been at Crimson, and Maxie admits her assistant complained she’s been AWOL. Curtis asks if she’s been distracted or preoccupied. Maxie says she just left her husband; it’s enough to throw anyone off. She went home to pack her bags. Curtis says there’s a quarantine on Spoon Island, and Sam asks where Nina is staying. Maxie says at the MetroCourt, and remembers her take-out order was huge enough to feed two or three people. She says, oh crap. The other day, Nina asked how she would feel if Peter died, but Sam asked her the same question. Curtis asks what she said, and Maxie says the same thing she told Sam. Peter deserves to suffer, but it won’t bring back Nathan. She tells them to keep her in the loop, and if she sees Nina, she’ll let them know. Curtis gets a call, and thinks they should turn their attention to Franco.

Nina says Obrecht left her in an impossible situation. Obrecht says Henrik gets her brother killed, and she’s the villain? Nina tells her, you can’t be torturing a man if you don’t want to be thought of as a villain. Obrecht says she gave up Nathan to protect him. She didn’t even gaze in his direction; she was so afraid Faison would take him. Peter asks why she loved him. She says she couldn’t help it, but she was never blind. He wanted a son to be like him. Now her beautiful boy is buried in the ground, and his son is still breathing. So she must finish this her way, with or without Nina.

At the hospital, Elizabeth asks Griff how bad Franco’s injuries are? Griff says he has a nasty cut, and they’re waiting on the CT scan. Chase pops in, asking if Franco is still out. There’s a suspect in custody, but he thinks they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Griff says he’s been in and out. Chase asks if he mentioned any names. Griff says, no, but he’s had one helluva blow.

Nina says Obrecht lost time with Nathan; she did too. She missed him growing up, his childhood, and the incredible man he turned into. She feels the loss every second of every day. She hates Faison and Anna, but that doesn’t justify what they’ve done. It’s crazy. Revenge won’t bring her brother back. Obrecht says she needs to think. Nina begs her to let Peter go. This is over.

Felix tells Sonny that Mike is resting. Sonny doesn’t know what’s wrong. He knows, but he’s never seen him that bad. Felix asks how Sonny is doing, and Sonny says he’s not the one fading away. Felix says, with all due respect, he’s going through a lot. Carly is at Ferncliff, now his father. Felix knows Sonny doesn’t open a vein easily, and doesn’t have to talk to him, but he’s there. Sonny appreciates it, but he has people who love him. Felix knows that, but they’re not there all the time, and don’t know what he’s going through. His dad’s days are more confusing, and his lapses are lasting longer. He asks Sonny if he’s looked at the brochures Stella brought. Sonny says, the facilities? He’s not ready for that. Felix says because he loves Mike, he feels like he’ll be throwing away precious time left, but he wouldn’t be; not if he did it right. He could see Mike every day, and let the staff deal with the headaches and tantrums. They can be a buffer, so he can spend quality time with Mike. Sonny says he makes it sound appealing. Felix is just asking him to think about it, and Sonny promises he will. Just not today. He has somewhere to be.

Rupert tells Mary Pat that maybe Carly is right. They should take her back to her cell, and continue with the regiment Doc provided. It would be better for them. Mary Pat is surprised at Rupert, and Carly says he has a better take than she does. Mary Pat tells Rupert to hold her tight; she needs a big dose. Carly says, Sonny Corinthos. Remember that name. When everything goes bad, she’ll know who did it. Mary Pat plunges the syringe into Carly.

Maxie tells the nurse at the desk she’s looking for updates on the West Nile virus, since she has a newborn, and there’s a quarantine. The nurse looks on the computer, and tells her there’s no quarantine. There’s been no case listed in Port Charles for over ten years.

Valentin tells Chase if anyone has dusted for fingerprints they won’t find his. Chase says he could have wiped them off, and Valentin says they won’t find any then. Chase says he believes Valentin. Guys like him hire people; they don’t like getting their hands dirty. Valentin says, thank you, and Chase says he deduced that before he looked at Valentin’s file; he has a record a mile long. Valentin is impressed with his prowess. Now can he use his reasoning to get him out? He has to get to Windemere. Chase says he saw the sign that it’s under quarantine. Nothing life or death is happening there.

Sam tells Elizabeth that she takes it Franco never made it to the police station? Elizabeth explains about Franco getting hurt, but Sam says it’s not exactly a straight line from the docks to the station. Curtis says they’re not accusing him of anything, and Sam adds, not this time. Franco calls out for Elizabeth, and she runs into the examining room. She says she was worried about him. He asks what happened, and she asks if he remembers who attacked him.

Obrecht says she thought Nina understood. She can’t let Henrik go. Nina says she doesn’t have a choice anymore, but Obrecht says, there are always choices. She sees Nine, whose heart is just as fractured, made hers; Nina is supposed to be on her side. Nina starts to cry, saying, she is. She brought Obrecht this far because she knew Nathan wouldn’t want his mother grieving alone. It’s not grief anymore; it’s madness. Obrecht says madness is a world in which filth like Henrik endure and thrive, and those like Nathan are extinguished. Nina can call her mad, but is she not entitled to her voice? Nina asks what she’s talking about. Obrecht says she’s done so much for others; for Faison, for Nathan, and even for Nina, but now it’s her turn. At last, she does something for Liesl.

Felix asks Mike how his nap was, and Mike says it was just what he needed. He asks where Sonny is, and Felix tells him that Sonny is running errands. Mike says something wrong is wrong, but Felix says Sonny is a capable man. Mike says, a father knows things like this, and he’s in trouble.

At Ferncliff, Sonny sees Rupert, and says he wants to see his wife. Rupert says he can’t help; it’s not up to him. Sonny says they had an arrangement. Rupert is powerless? He’s not. He has a lot of resources and a long memory. Those who help him, get rewarded; those who don’t, will see what’s coming. It’s his last chance. Where is she? Rupert says he wishes he could help, but he can’t, and jets.

Carly is falling out, and Mary Pat says, isn’t this better? It’s not so hard being good, is it? And look what she found. She shows Carly the burner phone, and says this type of thing is a no-no. Nothing must disrupt the healing process. She leaves, and we see Carly is in a padded cell. She leans against the wall.

Nina says she doesn’t know what’s going on in Obrecht’s head, but she needs to snap out of it. Obrecht says they need to complete the final chapter with the man who killed her son. Nina says Faison is dead; mission accomplished. Obrecht says there’s one more character who needs to exit. The story is over, and it’s time to close book once and for all. She takes out Faison’s lighter.

Valentin tells Chase if he values his badge, he’ll take off the cuffs and let him go. Chase says he was found at the scene of a crime, standing over the victim. Until Franco clears him, he’s staying. Valentin says, then he wants his lawyer. He has matters to attend to.

Sam asks who attacked Franco. He says he had the most amazing dream. He says, and you were there, looking at Elizabeth, but you weren’t there, looking at Curtis and Sam. I die laughing. I love Todd… I mean, Franco. Curtis tells him to answer the question. Elizabeth asks he remembers who did it. He says it was Obrecht.

Maxie sees the quarantine sign at the pier. She talks to someone on the phone, asking how soon the launch can be at the pier. She needs to get to Spoon Island. She takes the sign down.

Peter scoots across the floor, trying to distance himself. Nina begs Obrecht not to do it. Obrecht quotes from The Severed Branch. Now all that’s left of my father is me and the memento took before our final farewell. I knew the day would come when I might have to burn my life down. She lights the rag, and throws the bottle.

This episode was rather sad. Lots of excellent performances too.

Tomorrow, Nina yells for help, Nelle asks how to get away with murder, and Diane visits Carly.

Southern Charm – The Reunion – Part One

The cast prepares and has breakfast. They’re waiting on Kathryn to get her boobs situated in her dress, and we see a few clips of what’s to come. We watch Ashley get out of the limo.

Andy tells us to spike the sweet tea and get ready for the dishing the drama. He says Kathryn’s girls look bigger, and she says perhaps they grew unnaturally. Andy wants a pillow from Craig, and Austen brought him some beer. Naomi says she and Craig have moved past awkwardness, but from the look on his face, I’m not so sure about that. Thomas won’t be joining them. The message from his attorney claims that Bravo and their client made a mutual decision not to attend, because of the pending investigation. Thomas is being fully cooperating with authorities, and expects to be completely vindicated. He sends his best regards to his fans and fellow cast mates. Cameran thinks it’s the right decision. Shep says there’s a part of Thomas that he doesn’t love. We see Kathryn’s Instagram shots with him and the kids, but she’s staying out of it until the investigation is concluded. Andy says he’s being accused of raping the nanny. Naomie says he’s always been lovely to her, but he can be volatile. Andy announces that Ashley will be joining them, and Kathryn says, yay! She’s nervous about it, but Shep says he’s interested in what she has to say. Andy says she didn’t call Shep a bad mother.

Andy asks what changed, since there was a lot of girl power this season. Naomie says that she knows Kathryn can be a friend, and they talk about hanging out through the summer. Kathryn says girl power means standing up for your self-worth, knowing it, and acting accordingly. We see a clip of Naomie lacing into JD (bleh). Naomie says she didn’t want him to rule the narrative because Elizabeth wasn’t there. A viewer doesn’t think Naomie has room to talk after tolerating Craig’s lies. She wishes she hadn’t put up with it, and says it’s why she was so rude. She should have left sooner. Craig wants to know one lie he told, and she brings up the bar exam. He insists he never lied. My respect for Craig has waned this season. The pillow thing with Patricia clinched it.

Andy says Chelsea called JD a con artist, and she says she heard about his late nights with young women, although he comes across as a sweet, family man. Cameran says he has a reputation, and she wasn’t surprised. Austen wants more evidence. A viewer says Kathryn’s comments on the good old boys era dying were brilliant. She says the MO was to paint a woman as crazy to discredit them. Andy says Elizabeth attacked Naomie on Twitter after the episode aired, and said the allegations she made about JD and the family weren’t true. Chelsea asks if JD got Elizabeth’s password. Naomie tells them everything she said had been approved by Elizabeth, and it’s a shame she’s covering for him again. Naomie says she knew 100%, and thinks she backtracked when it got attention. She thinks JD is controlling and manipulative.

Andy asks if current climate has influenced things, and Cameran thinks it did for Thomas. Shep says the men have had to take stock of the last twenty years of their lives. Andy brings up Chelsea’s bad experience with Shep trying to kiss her. He asks if Shep feels a shift in his sense of entitlement, and Shep says he does. Andy asks, now that Cameran has a daughter, does she look at the antics of her male friends any differently. She says, yes, and he asks who she’d pick for Palmer to date. She says, Austen, and Craig says, that’s because he’s the only one who would date a two-year-old. Ha-ha!

Ashley talks to the hairdresser about how she flips her hair when she’s nervous, and asks if she can do something. Besides knock her out? BTW, she looks like crap.

Craig ask if Ashley is listening, but Andy says she isn’t. He says their favorite realtor has moved into a new development called motherhood, and is juggling everything without being rattled. Cameran says it’s not all puppies and rainbows. Palmer crawled for the first time yesterday, but she missed it. Andy asks if her husband attended birth classes, and she says she watched YouTube videos. He’s desensitized, and not the most supportive; she expected more. Andy asks if he was a good partner during labor. She says he was in the room, and the nurse finally told him he need to get up and help his wife. Andy is surprised he wasn’t a more active participant.

A viewer asks why Patricia’s guest list wasn’t made according to Cameran’s wishes. Cameran says according to Patricia and the etiquette book, whoever is celebrating the guest of honor, chooses the guests. She says she didn’t agree with not inviting Kathryn, and called her beforehand. Kathryn says she didn’t want Cameran to be concerned, since the day was about her. Andy asks who was behind the cake design – a baby popping out of a vagina – but Cameran says the only agreed if it wasn’t revealed who they were. Everyone laughs about Craig’s half-made teddy bear that he gave to Cameran, and we flash back to that. Cameran says she was laughing because he was so earnest. It didn’t come to fruition, but he tried. She does think it represents the bigger picture. Craig makes the excuse of using too advanced of a pattern. Austen says he thought it was a sweet gesture.

A viewer thinks Cameran seems emotional detached, like she’s not crazy about motherhood. Andy asks about post-partum. Cameran says she was never diagnosed, but cried every day. It’s a shock to your system, and your life is forever different. Now she feels genuine overwhelming love, but it didn’t happen immediately; there wasn’t an instant connection. Andy asks if Kathryn felt the same way, but she says she broke in tears when she saw her babies for the first time. Cameran says it’s not the same for everyone. Cameran announced on Twitter that she was retiring her boobs by choice and quitting breastfeeding because she’s over it. She says she got some negative comments, but a lot of women felt the same way. They get pressure from society, but the mental health of the mother is more important than the extra nutrition the baby might get. Kathryn thinks society has a standard that everything has to be perfect, non-GMO, green, and everything is fine. Andy asks if there’s more pressure in Charleston, and Cameran thinks there is more in the South. They have the expectation of the white picket fence life. Andy asks for her best piece of advice, and she says, accept help. She wishes she had accepted more. Moms need a break.

Ashley says blah-blah-blah to the hairdresser, and that she’s looking forward to it being over.

Andy tells us that Craig went on an eat-drink-sew journey. He tried to pursue his pillow passion, until he stabbed himself with a butter knife. Andy assumes he was drunk, and Craig says they were taking down a wall in the new house. He saw the butter knife, and went to stick it in the wall. He hit a stud, and his hand kept going. Craig shows everyone his wonky finger. Andy mentions Cameran being skeeved out by Craig’s house, and the consensus is that he’s always been a slob. Andy asks if he has any plans to practice law. Craig says he’s an attorney now, and plans on doing twenty to thirty pro bono hours a week. He thinks it’s a good way to get his feet wet. Shep likes his pillow gig.

They talk about Craig saying his life would be easier if he was gay. He thinks he should make a pillow that says, straight guys can sew too. Andy says, real men watch Bravo, and asks if he would be Craig’s first call. Craig says he had to leave the gardening and woodshop behind after he moved, but he gets high off creation. Andy brings up him blowing his opportunity with Patricia. He says he bit off more than he could chew (one whole pillow design), and put it off. He thinks people are controlled by things, and he doesn’t want to be controlled by people, and deadlines are initiated by them. I think this is code for, I don’t want to work. Andy says he lost the job, and Craig says art and commerce don’t mix. Deadlines aren’t important. Naomie begs to differ, saying you have to pay your taxes on time. She’s still getting notices from the IRS about him not informing them of his new address. Andy says it’s the reason he and Naomie broke up. Craig doesn’t think that’s the reason. He says love is unconditional, and he would have loved Naomie no matter what. Andy asks if he doesn’t want more for a partner, and Naomie thinks he’s romanticizing in his head. Naomie says he keeps talking over her, and he does. It’s annoying me too. She tells him she doesn’t miss that, and Craig says her life is sad, even though she says she’s happy. She posts pictures on Instagram to prove it. She asks why he’s bothering her there. He says he didn’t, until she posted a pic of her new boy and his (meaning Craig’s) cat. Craig says she admitted she doesn’t have feelings for the new guy. Naomie is like, what? and he says she told someone that. She says that’s completely made up, but Kathryn says she did say that. Naomie asks if she’s in the Twilight Zone? Kathryn reminds her about a conversation about not getting butterflies anymore, and Naomie says she was referring to Craig. Kathryn admits maybe she misunderstood.

Andy says Craig admitted to the life coach that he was a good liar, and master manipulator. Craig claims he didn’t say he lies, but that he’s good at it. Wow. That’s a good spin. He was referring to how, in the past, he’s been incapable of holding himself accountable. He would justify and excuse things, lying to himself. He thinks it doesn’t ultimately matter unless there are severe consequences. Shep says he tells lies that don’t hurt anyone, but they stack up. Cameran says sometimes the lies are stupid. Andy asks if he’s still seeing the life coach, and he says he talks to her every week. Naomie isn’t buying it. Craig says Naomie wants to believe she didn’t throw away one of the best things to happen to her. She would have been rolling in pillows. Maybe. If there wasn’t a deadline on that.

Andy says, from feeding on Craig’s soul to stalking him, Naomie had a transformation, and he’s not just talking about her nose job. I hadn’t even known she had one, until Craig mentioned it on Watch What Happens Live. She says she wanted it since she was eight years old. Craig says he cried when saw it for the first time. It was a physical representation of losing the person he wanted to live his life with. Oh brother. Maybe he should write romance novels. Andy says there was a mixed reaction, but she says she’s unaffected by that; she’s happy with it. Craig thought she looked beautiful before. She still looks great, but he finds it sad to know she looked in the mirror and didn’t like what she saw. Naomie says it was just a tweak.

Andy states that Naomie suffers from psycho ex-girlfriend syndrome. We flash back to her telling the other girls how she’s been tracking him after they broke up. A viewer says if a man did that to a woman, it would be abuse. Andy asks if Craig knew, and he says they’d both had trackers, but he didn’t realize her tracking didn’t end when she said it did. Everything in her life is a lit. Shep says his life is an open book, and if you track him down, he’ll ask you to join him and buy you a beer and shot. I’m in. Andy asks if in another world they would get back together, and Naomie gives that a hard no. Craig says he would love to date the person he used to know. Andy thinks it seems like Craig is still in love with her. Craig says the y traveled the world together, but they’ll never find what they had again. The nose job was final confirmation of that. He’s not in love with her, but despises and hates her. Andy asks how many think he’s still in love with Naomie, and that would be everyone. Andy calls for a break.

Ashley continues to chatter backstage. She says Thomas told her to be authentic and sweet. Basically, the polar opposite of what she is. She says he’s seen her fiery side. He knows when she feels attacked, she lashes out. She says she doesn’t get angry, she gets even. She could have fooled me.

It’s Kathryn’s second year of sobriety. Andy says she’s done some serious work to better herself, and it’s admirable. She was twenty-one when the show started, and she’s now twenty-six. He asks if it’s her first time living on her own, and it is. He says there have been a lot of tweets about her cracked phone. She says while she’s been in recovery she’s done a lot of things, but finally got new phone, and shows everyone. A viewer asks if she’s never been on a job interview. It was one of the most excruciating things they’ve ever seen. It was pretty bad, and we flash back to that. Cameran says she had to change channel. Kathryn asks if she topped Landon, who I forgot was ever on this show. Cameran says they’ve all shopped at Gwenn’s. Andy wonders why Kathryn was nervous; she’s faced tougher situations. She says she didn’t want to disappoint them. She’s now moved up to brand ambassador, and does promotion. They just did a spread in Chelsea magazine, which I assume is a Southern thing. We see pictures, and Kathryn looks gorgeous. Andy says it’s nice to see her interact more with the kids. Kensie is her mini me, and Saint seems very grown-up. She says they started with every other weekend, and she now has joint custody; one week on, one off. He asks if she still has to take random drug tests, and she says she just took one. He asks if a part of her resents it, especially given what’s going on with Thomas.  She says she doesn’t have resentment, and knows she’s not going to fail it, but she knows it comes from a place of spite. Andy asks what helps her stay sober, and she says her kids. He asks what she attributes to getting along with Thomas, and she tells him that she’s numb to a lot of things. She wants to be a positive person. Andy says he’s still with Ashley; how hard is that? Kathryn says she tries not to think about it, and still believes she’s not going to be around forever. They haven’t spoken since the Ball.

Kathryn says she didn’t have a large support system last season, and she didn’t trust anyone, but now she has faith in humanity after getting to know everyone. Andy says her calling them friends is a watershed moment. She says that chapter is in the past. Everyone here has given her the opportunity to be herself. She gets teary, Cameran says she sees Kathryn in a different light now. She was more of a victim. When Thomas met her, she was still a child, and he took advantage of her and manipulated her. Thank you. She says he manipulated them to be against her. Looking back now, as a mother, she can’t imagine being alone. She has a husband and support, and has empathy for Kathryn. Cameran starts to cry, saying she can’t imagine how Kathryn felt. She apologizes, and Andy passes out tissues.

Kathryn tells them that Thomas convinced her of a different life than what transpired; he promised to support her. We see a clip of him doing just that, saying he’d back her with all that’s his. Cameran says they had been judgmental, and she can’t imagine what Kathryn went through as a mom with no support. Then, what she had to go through on top of that; it makes her sick. She has resentment and anger that Kathryn was treated unfairly. Kathryn says she knew how convincing Thomas could be, and this gives her affirmation that she wasn’t the crazy one. She knew nature would take its course. She appreciates being in a place where she’s understood. Andy says Cameran described her as a victim, but she flipped it around. Cameran says, she’s grown up. It’s been tough, and Kathryn has gone through more than all of them. Being so poised and put-together after being through hell says a lot about her.

Kathryn says she intends to have the last laugh. She’ll look back and it will all make sense. She tells Cameran, it means more than she knows. They’ve seen her grow up. Cameran says she’ll always be in Kathryn’s comer. Kathryn says it’s overwhelming. She’s let go of past; it’s all resolved. Andy asks if she feels like a different person, and she says, absolutely. She looks back, and knows that person. She became a shell of that person, and she’s different now, but better. Cameran feels awful, and doesn’t think they knew the half of it. Kathryn does a good job of putting on a great face. Kathryn says she had no option. Andy asks Cameran if having a child makes her look at things differently, and she says, for sure. She can’t imagine what it was like; Kathryn not being able to see her kids. She’s been away from Palmer for just a few days, and it makes her physically sick. She says you don’t know what it’s like unless you have a child. I dunno. I’ve supported Kathryn since the beginning, but I’ll let it pass. Andy assumes Cameran watched what Ashley said to Kathryn. Cameran calls Ashley a horrible human being.

Next time, part two of the reunion; Shep and Kathryn’s relationship is discussed, Ashley joins the group (to quote Kathryn – yay!), Andy brings up Ashley’s now non-existent relationship with Patricia, Craig tells Ashley that she looks like sh*t, Ashley asks if it’s an intervention, and Kathryn says she’s done with Ashley. This looks really good.

🍸 A Preview Quote…

You’re completely out of touch with the fact you’re a complete a-hole. – Kathryn to Ashley

🍬 A PS About Yesterday…

Although I managed to catch MasterChef (see July 19th’s post about July 18th), I had to skip 24 Hours to Hell and Back. I was disappointed, since there’s almost nothing better than Gordon Ramsay revealing things that make you never want to eat in a restaurant again. But you can’t watch ’em all and you need to sleep sometime.

🏇 About the Weekend…



July 18, 2018 – Franco Reasons with Obrecht, NYC Wives Invade South America, Kenny Returns to the Deck, a Remark, a Quote & Done


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

On the phone, Sonny tells someone to call in any favors they can. Jason joins him, and Sonny says Carly is on lockdown at Ferncliff. Jason asks what about the appeal. Sonny tells him that Diane is working on it. They have to get her out, and she’s making it worse. Not that he blames her for wanting to protect Michael.

Chase meets Michael in the elevator at the hospital. He asks if it was a fun wedding night, and the best thing Michael can say about it is, it’s over. They have Nelle where they want her, and he’s ready for the next step. Chase tells him, God speed.

Kim tells Nelle the baby is in great shape. Nelle asks, what’s up with the stomach pains? Kim says she ran every test, and they were negative, but she might know what’s causing it.

Valentin says, I know you, to the MetroCourt bartender, but he says he has one of those faces. Valentin says they’ve met before, and the bartender says he’s been in Port Charles a while. He introduces himself as Chip, and Valentin says they can start with him explaining exactly who he is.

Peter asks Nina what he’s supposed to do next time, when she’s not there and Obrecht tries to kill him? Nina tells him to shut up. She’s got this; a way out for both of them He’ll be safe from Obrecht if he’s behind bars.

Sam tells Elizabeth that she and Curtis have some questions about Franco.

On the docks, Franco asks Obrecht if she’s okay. She asks him to excuse her state. She didn’t anticipate running into anyone else. He asks if she’s crying, and she says it’s allergy season. The pollen is ruthless this year. He doesn’t think that’s it.

Julian visits Sonny, who asks what he’s doing there. Julian says nice to see him too. He shows him the picture of Charlie and Mike.

Michael visits Nelle at the hospital. Kim thinks the culprit is indigestion. It’s like heartburn on steroids, and common in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Nelle feels like she was being melodramatic, but Kim tells her not to feel that way. They’re going to make sure she’s hydrated, and then she can go.

Sam tells Elizabeth, more specifically, they have questions about Franco’s relationship with Obrecht. Curtis says they have reason to believe Obrecht is hiding Peter from the authorities. Elizabeth asks if they’re talking about the cabin in the woods. Franco already told the police everything he knows.

Franco tells Obrecht to be honest; he already knows everything. She asks what everything is, and he says she lied. She didn’t have a woodsy hunk at the cabin; she had Peter tied to a bed, and she knows where he is. She says nothing gets past her Franco. He tells her that Elizabeth said to go to the police. She asks if he heeded that little snitch’s advice, but he says Finn already told them. She says, how predictable. A known drug addict couldn’t wait to cast dirt. He says, not dirt. She’s been holding Peter hostage, and he was found by an innocent kid whose probably scarred for life. She suggests Wyatt have a few sessions with Franco, and he’ll be fine. He says the cops aren’t just after Peter anymore. They’re coming after her.

Peter says Nina’s solution is to surrender to the PCPD? If he turns himself in, Robert will make it his mission to keep him in a cell for the rest of his life. Nina says he’ll be alive, and it’s better than what Obrecht has planned.

Valentin says he’s definitely seen Chip before. Chip says he’s an actor. Chip Morris. He’s worked in several metro areas, and did a local commercial; it pays the bills. He asks if this rings a bell, and pantomimes the advertisement he did. Valentin says he remembers, and grabs him by the front of his shirt. He says, it was some show on the pier, and asks who hired him?

Julian tells Sonny it’s a small world, and Sonny says, sure is. Julian says he’s been making room for the expansion, and found the photo. Sonny never mentioned Mike was buddies with the guy who owned the joint. Sonny says he didn’t know. Mike saw the picture of Charlie on the wall of the pub, and started talking about the old neighborhood. He lit up when he was talking, so Sonny wanted to buy the place. Julian says, it’s a hefty price to pay for nostalgia. Sonny says he’s lucky he’ll never understand what living with Alzheimer’s is like. He wanted Mike to be able to work there once in a while. Julian says he has no intention of selling, but Sonny’s dad is always welcome for coffee on the house, and not because Sonny forced him to. He tells Sonny to keep the photo, and leaves. Jason asks how much Sonny thinks he knows?

Nelle thanks Kim for being supportive, and Kim says she made it easy. She congratulates them on their marriage, and Nelle shows her the ring. Kim says it’s the first hospital wedding in her medical career, and Nelle says, everything is falling into place. Kim tells her to enjoy the end of her pregnancy, and get as much sleep as possible before the baby comes. She leaves, and Michael says it’s a relief. Nelle is glad it didn’t completely ruin the wedding. When she woke up, she felt like a different person; like how she was supposed to be. She can’t wait to start their new life. Michael’s phone dings. He says Alexis is supposed to meet him to go over logistical stuff with his will. He says he’ll be back before Nelle is discharged, and she says she’ll get her hydration on.

Chip threatens to call security, and Valentin asks him if all DEC agents are looking for extra work, or just him. Chip admits he was playing a part, and Valentin says, so it was just a hoax; why? Chip says he didn’t mean to start trouble. A lady hired him. She didn’t give her name; she just said it was part of a project. Valentin asks him to describe her. He says she was tall, athletic, strawberry blonde, and intense. Valentin says he knows who Chip means.

Nina says she’ll get Valentin to the MetroCourt, take him up in the freight elevator, and tip the police off. In exchange for setting him free, he’s going to tell them that he never saw his captors. Spin it however he wants; he’s good at fiction. Just keep her and Obrecht out of it. He says, no matter what he promises to say, how does she know he won’t give them up when he’s in police custody?

Elizabeth understands the think Obrecht has Peter, but when Finn and Franco got to the cabin, no one was there, but the ropes still were. Curtis asks why Franco didn’t tell the police, and Elizabeth says he didn’t want to jump to conclusions. Sam says they just came from the PCPD, and Franco wasn’t there. Elizabeth says they must have missed each other. She calls Franco to prove he was there.

Obrecht thanks Franco for the heads up. He asks if she’s disassociating, and she tells him not to shrink her. He says Peter is a fugitive, and they know she has him. If they catch her, she’s done. He wonders how she convinced herself that any of this was a good idea. They won’t care about her motivations, only her choices. She says she’ll make sure they don’t find him, and Franco says she’s not going to kill him. He’s not letting her do this to herself.

Kim goes to the pub. Julian says she caught him in the middle of organizing. She says she had a window between patients, and thought she’d swing by to show him some ideas. She wants to make sure the place feels like them. Julian asks if she means him and her, and she says, of course. He’s says things have gotten more complicated than when he started, and she asks, how so?

Jason tells Sonny that Julian knows something is up. Sonny says that’s why he told him that he wanted the pub for Mike. The closer the lies are to the truth, the easier they are to maintain. He’s going to force Julian to sell or take him out altogether. Jason says he’s Sam’s father and Danny’s grandfather, but if Sonny says he has to go, he’ll take care of it. Michael walks in, and says Nelle is being discharged, so he needs to follow through on the next step. Sonny thinks it’s time to fill him in on the specifics of the plan.

Chase visits Nelle, and she asks if it’s time for her daily lecture. No more kissing; she’s officially a married woman. He says he came to check on her, and apologize. He still has feelings for her, but he didn’t realize how strong they were until he kissed her. He could tell she didn’t feel the same way, and he felt like an idiot, so he lashed out. It’s for him to deal with, and he shouldn’t have said what he did. It’s not his place to interfere. He wants her to be happy, and if she says she is, it’s good. She tells him that he was right about Michael. She found out he’s planning to cut her out of his will.

Franco tells Obrecht it’s the only way. She wants justice for Nathan, but he says, murder isn’t justice. She says, close enough. He thinks she can make a better set of choices. She says, like him? He knows what she feels. He felt rage and wanted revenge, and then he faced the guy who hurt him. Obrecht asks if he let him live, and he says he didn’t have to make that choice. She says, lucky him. Franco tells her that if he’d killed him, he would have lost everything, and she will too, if she doesn’t step back. She says it’s too late; she’s already lost everything. Her son is dead, her daughter is in prison, and most people would be better off without her. What does she have to live for? He says she still has him.

Elizabeth leaves Franco a message. She guesses he must be giving his statement, and probably answering questions. She’ll let them know when he calls. Sam says they’ll be looking forward to it.

Curtis asks Sam if she thinks Franco is lying. She says he’s always lying, only the scale changes. They need to figure out where Obrecht is.

Valentin shows Nina’s picture to Chip. He says, that’s her, and Valentin says she’s his wife. Chip says he had no idea he was getting involved with a marital dispute, but Valentin says he’s not to blame, adding he’s a good actor and had him convinced. Chip tells him to spread the word about the show. He gives Valentin a flyer, and Valentin says he’ll get right on it. Valentin wonders what Nina wants.

Michael tells Sonny the less he knows the better. Sonny will have to trust him. Sonny says he married a woman who killed her last fiancé. She’s dangerous. Whatever he’s doing to neutralize her, Sonny wants in. Jason says Michael owes it to his father to tell him what he’s planning.

Nelle tells Chase that Michael is meeting with Alexis, and writing his will. Chase thinks that’s morbid, but he’s not sure why she’s worried. He probably wants to add their child as a beneficiary. She says their child is the only beneficiary. He’s leaving nothing to her. She asks if he’s going to say, I told you so, but he says he’s not going to gloat. She says Chase said Michael didn’t love her. Between the prenup and the will, Michael is making sure she gets nothing if the marriage ends.

Curtis and Sam see Valentin. Curtis tells Valentin that they’re having trouble getting ahold of Nina. She’s not answering her phone, and she’s not at Crimson. Sam tells him they think Obrecht might be keeping Peter captive. Valentin remembers Nina telling him that because of his silence, her brother is dead, and because of him, she had to take justice into her own hands. Sam asks if he has any idea where Nina is, and he says, as a-matter-of-fact, yes.

Nina says Peter could go back on his word, but she has to take that risk. He asks if she’s rediscovered her conscience. She says because of his choices, Nathan is dead, Maxie has no husband, James has no father, Obrecht has no son, and they have no brother. He’s dead, but now Peter has the chance to make it up and protect the people Nathan loves. Even if she’s wrong, could he seek revenge like his father would? She thinks he’s better than that. Peter says he’ll do it her way. Get him to the MetroCourt, and turn him in.

Franco tells Obrecht that she’s not the only person there who’s suffered losses. She hugs him. He tells her to turn herself in. She’ll miss out on some things, but not because she’s in prison. She’s been harboring a fugitive against his will, and it won’t go easy, but she won’t be there. He thinks she should leave Port Charles for good, and go somewhere safe. She can tell him where Peter is, and he’ll handle it. Assuming he’s alive. She says he was the last time she saw him. He says she can never return, but it’s better than life in jail. She says they may never see each other again, but he says they’ll see plenty of each other. She says he’s a good friend. He turns the other way, and takes his phone out. He asks where Peter is. He’s guessing Spoon Island. Obrecht comes up behind him, and hits him over the head, knocking him out.

Sonny asks Michael if he’s really going to goad Nelle into killing him. He says she’s nine months pregnant, and will need help. She thinks Chase is in love with her, and wants to run away with her. Sonny asks if he’s assuming she’ll ask Chase to kill him. Michael says when she does, it’s all the proof they need for attempted murder. Sonny asks if he’s considered the outcomes. Michael says Chase is a cop, and trashed a career for her. She thinks he’s infatuated with her. Jason says there’s no time to look for outside help; he has to move soon. Michael says Nelle has already signed the prenup, and knows she’s not getting anything in the will. She has to kill him before he files the papers, so he’ll die intestate. Sonny says he’s acting like he can’t get hurt. His mom will lose her mind for real if anything happens to him. Nelle has cost her enough. Michael says he’s the one who set it in motion, so it’s on him to stop it. He loves and respects Sonny, but it’s not his problem to solve; it’s Michael’s.

Nelle tells Chase to be honest. Does he think Michael is setting her up? Chase says it seems like text book rich people protection stuff. Those people aren’t like them, but if she and Michael love each other, she has nothing to worry about. He tells her to stop stressing and be happy. She’s earned it.

Sonny respects Michael taking the initiative, but thinks there are better ways to deal with Nelle. Michael is asking Sonny to let him finish what he started. He’s not as naïve as people think, and is fully aware of what has to be done. He wants Sonny’s blessing to do things the way he knows he can. Sonny puts his hand on Michael’s shoulder, and says he trusts him, but if Michael wants his blessing, there’s one thing he has to do for him.

Kim asks Julian how Sonny reacted. Julian says he got the point, which is that Julian knows Sonny has an ulterior motive for buying the pub. Now he knows that Julian knows. Kim says she told him she’d accept what he’d done in past, because he assured her that he had a new life. If he gets drawn back into anything criminal… He says Sonny was trying to strongarm him, but Kim says he just admitted to goading Sonny. Julian says he was putting him on notice. It makes her uncomfortable, and sounds like he wants to provoke an attack, so he has a reason to retaliate. Then he’ll be drawn into an illegal war? If he continues with this, she’ll need to rethink their situation.

Valentin tells Sam and Curtis that Nina is dealing with Crimson, and had to fly to Manhattan. He chartered the jet. Sam says that’s pretty nice of him, since they’re estranged, but he says he still wants to be supportive. He asks if Nina is in trouble, and Curtis says not unless she’s with Obrecht. Valentin leaves, and Sam says he’s lying. He definitely knows something.

Obrecht tells an unconscious Franco that she wishes she didn’t have to do that. She says to look after Maxie and James, and give them support. She knows he can. He’s a better man than when they met. Few people change, and those who do, seldom change for the better. He did, but alas, she can’t. She says, no more delays. She knows what must be done.

Julian asks if Kim is trying to break up with him. She says she loves spending time with him, but won’t turn a blind eye. He says she’s over-thinking it. He’s not trying to one up Sonny. He just wants to run his business his way, without Sonny breathing down his neck. The expansion isn’t just a business move; it’s an investment in the future. He hopes their future. She wants the man she’s come to know, not the one he used to be, and promised not to be again. He asks how about if he backs off Sonny, and puts peace and space between them? She asks if he means it. He kisses her, and she says she’ll see him later. He calls her cruel, but she says he has to be patient. It’s worth waiting for.

Chase comes by Sonny’s place at Sonny’s request. Sonny says Michael told him about the plan to incriminate Nelle. He thanks Chase for his genius idea, but Chase doesn’t think they should discuss an active operation. Sonny says it involves his son. if the plan backfires, and Michael gets hurt, he’s going to hold Chase responsible.

Nelle messes around on her phone. She hers Jason and Michael talking in the hallway. Jason asks Michael if he’s sure he knows what he’s doing. Michael says, obviously, Jason doesn’t think so, but he has to trust Michael’s judgement. Jason says he has Michael’s back, and Michael says Alexis took care of everything, while he’s putting the rest in motion. Jason says so he’s going through with it, and Michael says once they baby comes, he’s filing for divorce, and getting full custody. Nelle listens in.

Elizabeth leaves Franco another message. She’s getting worried.

Valentin goes to the docks. He hears Franco groaning from behind some crates.

Sam tells Curtis that she had Spinelli monitor the hangar, since they’d wondered if Valentin used it to help Peter. The jet hasn’t left Port Charles in weeks. Curtis wonders why he lied, and Sam says, because Nina knows where Obrecht is.

Peter thanks Nina, who tells him to save it for when he gets out. Obrecht walks in, holding something that looks like a Molotov cocktail. She says Nina has betrayed her, and Henrik has come to the end of the road.

Tomorrow, Chase goes to the docks, Carly refuses treatment, and Mike needs Sonny’s help.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Tinsley is excited to be taking the girl to Cartagena. Everyone is packing. Ramona had been in Marrakesh, and had to leave early. In her rush to switch gears, she’d fallen. She got up, but her ankle was twisted. Bethenny says she’s not in the best place for a trip, since she won’t be coming back to the apartment again. She isn’t feeling the love from Carole and Dorinda either.

Fastest. Plane. Ride. Ever. Ramona takes a wheelchair to one of the limos. She asks if they speak Spanish there, and Dorinda tells her they speak German. Ha-ha! In the other limo, Bethenny talks about Brian being persistent; he won’t stop texting her. LuAnn asks if that’s the one Ramona was trying to maul. Bethenny says Ramona said she went for drinks with him, but he said when she saw him with some other people, she abandoned her Uber to join them. He said, nice woman, zero interest, but Bethenny used it as an out, since she’s not interested.

Tinsley says the girls are used to their typical vacation being private beaches and catering to them hand and foot. This won’t be like that, but she thinks they’ll like it. She says the main exports are coffee, cocaine, and beer, and Dorinda asks how anyone works.

They arrive at the hotel. LuAnn thinks the city looks like a mix of New Orleans and Cuba. The house manager greets them, and introduces the house butler. LuAnn says the house has a lot going on; courtyards, staircases, elevators. They take a tour, and there’s an amazing spread already being prepared in the kitchen. Tinsley announces how they’re determining rooms. Each room has a Tiffany box containing one of their initials. In her interview, Sonja says this is where the vacation unravels. Tinsley wants it civilized, fair and random. We flash back to Bethenny trying to be fair picking names from a hat. She says it wasn’t her fault Ramona and Sonja acted like complete animals.

Everyone seems happy with their rooms, which is a miracle. In her interview, Ramona says it’s genius She didn’t know Tinsley was that smart. Ramona tells the chefs no butter for her. As usual, she harasses the staff about helping her unpack.

The dining table is high, and being short, I know how they feel. I often feel like those two kids in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Lunch is served. Bethenny is allergic to fish, and Ramona forgot to mention it’s in the soup, even though she knew. In her interview, Bethenny says it’s like a poison inside. She needs a Benadryl, but doesn’t do well with medicine either. Tinsley apologizes for only having the budget for silver necklaces instead of gold.

In her interview, Ramona says Bethenny has a major allergy and should tell people, divesting herself of responsibility. Everyone gets ready for dinner. Tinsley is excited. Scott booked her glam team to come along, and it’s the way to her heart. A wheelchair arrives for Ramona. Dorinda says she’s dehydrated, and asks for some wine. I have no idea what Carole is wearing. She says it’s sexy, but I’d call it convoluted; some kind of corset under a sheer dress, which I’d normally like, but no. Ramona gets stuck in the elevator. No one notices, but she finally gets herself extracted. LuAnn comes out in a wig to channel Sophia Vergara. In her interview, Bethenny says she’s proud of LuAnn powering through without alcohol.

The girls head to the restaurant. Carole says only Ramona would be in a wheelchair on old cobblestone.  LuAnn says she feels better not drinking. She tells Bethenny she’s been charged, but has one felony pending for battery, so she’s still not out of the woods. Bethenny asks the odds of her going to jail. LuAnn thinks it’s none, but says, knock on wood. Their table is in a room that looks like it’s outside, with a lot of trees, but still enclosed. LuAnn says she never made it to South America over the holidays, and toasts to making it there. Bethenny says it was a motley crew at speed dating. Carole says she went out to dinner with Brian. In her interview, Bethenny says Carole never mentioned anything to her. They’re not best friends, but it’s basic. Ramona says she could have talked to him for hours. They all acknowledge that she tried, and Sonja insists Ramona liked him. Carole says he thought she was funny. She talks about hosting a fitness party with Cosmopolitan, which I’m shocked is still in existence. Sonja asks if Brian is coming, Bethenny says he would; he’s running game. Carole says he’s friends with Bethenny, who says, no they’re not. Carole seems skeptical, and Bethenny asks if she would believe him over someone she’s known for years. In her interview, Bethenny says Carole is acting like Brian is her high school boyfriend and they’re going to the prom. She wants to piss on him and stake claim. Tinsley asks what running game means, and LuAnn explains it means he’s hitting on everyone. Dorinda asks if Bethenny went out with him, but Bethenny says she doesn’t want to date him. Carole tells Bethenny that he didn’t want to date her either. Apparently, she doesn’t know Bethenny was getting a million texts from him. Bethenny says it’s unusual for someone to be circling one group. She says Carole seems to be acting smug, like won prize; a consolation prize. In her interview, Carole wonders where this is coming from. She’s done nothing to elicit this nastiness and judgement.

Carole says Bethenny knows everything, and surprisingly, Bethenny says, no, she doesn’t. Sonja says Bethenny is worried about Carole because Brian is a player. Carole calls her crazy, and says it’s not that complicated. In her interview, LuAnn says they’ve lost their mojo as a group. They used to have fun before the fighting started. After dinner, Bethenny tells LuAnn it was torture, and two hours of her life she won’t get back. In her interview, Dorinda wishes Bethenny and Carole would have it out already. The tension is exasperating. Bethenny says she’s tired, and not feeling good energy. She’s going back to the hotel. Outside, as they watch the others go off to a bar, Bethenny tells LuAnn and Sonja that this is the motleyest crew ever. In her interview, Carole says it’s classic Bethenny. If she’s not in charge, she’s unhappy, and wants to make everyone else miserable. Ramona complains that she had to hang up her own clothes.

Bethenny says it’s painful, and LuAnn agrees. The three of them decide to look around the town. In her interview, LuAnn says she would look at a guy differently if he’d been texting her girlfriend for two months. Bethenny is enjoying LuAnn and Sonja’s company, because they want to be on vacation and silly.

Carole wonders why Bethenny is angry. Ramona decides she’s not feeling sexy in a wheelchair, and pretty much abandons it in the street. Miraculously, she can walk. Bethenny, LuAnn, and Sonja find them in the bar. Sonja says they got the Colombian vibe while they were walking around. Bethenny says she’s just tired. Tinsley thought she wanted to go home because Dorinda said she was unhappy. In her interview, Bethenny says Dorinda loves to find gasoline and light a match. She tells Dorinda that she doesn’t need to share everything. Dorinda tells Bethenny all she said was that she didn’t seem happy. Bethenny compares it to when she’d though Carole was sad, and Carole got mad about it. In her interview, Dorinda says it was like Bethenny was wearing a sign that said she hates it there Dorinda tells Carole that they need to sort that sh*t out. Carole says she and Bethenny are in two different places. Dorinda insists she doesn’t share important things. In her interview, Bethenny feels like she’s back in high school or in the Hunger Games. She starts to get weepy. Sonja says don’t let minutiae get her down. In her interview, Carole says, if you don’t want to be there, stay home, but if you come out, buck up. Bethenny tells Sonja that Carole is probably having a later-in-life crises, but she doesn’t want to be judgmental. Sonja would rather see Bethenny be a bitch than cry. She hates what Bethenny is going through.

The next morning, Ramona says, it’s paradise, and her foot is good. Tinsley organizes s shopping trip. Bethenny swims with Sonja in the pool. Tinsley watches, and Bethenny apologizes to her. Tinsley just doesn’t want Bethenny to be unhappy. Bethenny says she has a lot going on. The custody case is causing more tension, and she’s not close with Carole anymore. She’s also moving. In her interview, Bethenny says, inside, she’s upset that she doesn’t have the same friendship with Carole, and feels like an outsider.

A fabulous breakfast is served. Tinsley says it’s her and Scott’s anniversary. It’s been a year since they started dating. Bethenny says they’d better get engaged soon, and Dorinda says he’s moving in soon. LuAnn says it’s a good way to figure out if it’s going to work, and talks about Rey, who got desperate when she dumped him. We flash back to him drunk, and hitting on women while looking for LuAnn at a party. A huge heart made of red roses arrives from Scott. It has tm + sk in white roses in the middle. There are 365 roses, one for every day they’ve been together. Carole gives Tinsley a gift and card that she’s been holding for him. It’s a bracelet Tinsley wanted. I don’t think she even bothered looking at the card. LuAnn says they should celebrate over lunch. In her interview, Bethenny says she wants to come back as Tinsley. Sign her ass up. Mine too.

Bethenny tells Dorinda that the restraining order – against suckerfish Jason Hoppy – is up in a month, and they’re still embroiled in a custody battle. We flash back to the reunion, where Bethenny says there’s no way to describe the torment. Dorinda says she has so much going on, she’s going to explode, but she’s not running around talking about her. In her interview, Dorinda says she isn’t gossiping, she’s agreeing with an observation. Bethenny says if she tells Dorinda something, don’t tell anyone. They get ready to go shopping, but Bethenny doesn’t think she can go. She breaks down crying, and tells Dorinda that she’s having a panic attack. Dorinda sits her down, and tells her to take a deep breath. LuAnn pops her head in, wondering about the shopping trip. Bethenny says she can’t have more people around her.

To be continued…

Next time, Carole can’t engage with someone who’s always crying, Bethenny says she’s not welcome there, and Carole wants to address the elephant in the room that’s affecting everyone.

Below Deck Mediterranean

In Naples, the dock party breaks up. Brooke tells João that they have blatant chemistry, and he kisses her. Kasey is like, wtf just happened? He’s been pining for her, and treating her like a princess, and she feels like an idiot. She and Jaimie clean up, and she doesn’t even look at them. Fireworks happen (literally), and he kisses Brooke some more.

Back at the boat, everyone winds down. Kasey says João was all over her all night, and told her he knows what he wants, insinuating it was her. Hanna tells Conrad he’s the guy, and needs to be a big spoon. I guess that’s drunk non-birthday talk for she wants to spoon. João says Kasey and Brooke are like yin and yang in his mind. In her interview, Brooke says she’s drawn to players. She wants to change them and make them a better person. Good luck with that. She and João make out on deck.

The next morning, Conrad gives instructions to the deck crew. Colin asks João if Brooke is into him João likes Brooke because she doesn’t judge him. In his interview, Colin says João is his closest friend on the boat, and it’s not the first time this happened to him. In college, he brought a girl to a party, and his friend went home with her.

At the preference sheet meeting, we find out the infamous no-onions Kenny will be the primary, along with his wife Amber. Adam is nervous to have him back. We flash back to the onion incident. Adam says in their industry, you don’t get a second chance. Former NBA player, Desmond Mason will also be on board, celebrating his engagement to girlfriend Rebecca. There are also a couple of Texans coming along. Hannah says they went through eight bottles of vodka in one day, so she’d better order it. They left a surprisingly big tip last time. Captain Sandy tells them to have fun on their off time. Adam gets rid of everything in the onion family that’s on the boat.

Jamie asks João what’s happening with him and Brooke, and what about Kasey? He says he wouldn’t have kissed Brooke if he didn’t mean it. He’ll have to be less flirty with Kasey. He knows what he wants now. Which is exactly what he said to Kasey the night before. Jamie isn’t feeling too good, and keeps coughing.

The crew gets ready to go out. João says it’ a tough crowd. Jamie says he’s screwed up the dynamic of the boat. Brooke tells Hannah that when they kissed, it was amazing. Colin is ready to hang out on the beach, and cruise in the catamaran. In her interview, Hannah says she thinks some people need to make their own mistakes. She tells Brooke that he has two strikes with her, and it’s important he doesn’t do it again. She says if Brooke is going to do something with him, stay the eff away from her.

Hannah takes pictures, and they get on the catamaran to go to the beach. Hannah tells Adam that the men in her life are usually friends or someone to play with, but she thinks Conrad is the guy. Adam loves watching it happen. Brooke thought João was more into her than anyone else. Apparently, there’s no such thing as girl code for Brooke. Hannah says it escalated quickly, and Colin is upset. João joins them, and they abruptly stop talking about him, and discuss the weather. Brooke asks Colin if he’s having a good day. In his interview, he says he wants to tell her, but now is not the right time. Kasey says actions speak louder than words, and nothing he says means anything anymore. In her interview, she says it feels good to show off her two piece, so he can see what he missed out on. It sucks for him. A small boat meets them at the catamaran, and takes them to the beach.

They’re met with champagne, and are being treated like guests for the day. João jumps from the deck after one of the staff tells them not to. Hannah, Conrad, and Colin sit in lounge chairs, while João and Brooke continue to make out. The others go on a hike up the mountain. Jamie says she’s not well. The location is stunning, but she’s feeling like sh*t. Hannah asks Colin how he’s feeling about Brooke and João. He says it’s hard, but they’re into each other. Hannah asks if he wishes she’d fallen in love with him. Adam picks figs, and is trying to enjoy the day off, but it’s difficult with Kenny coming. There’s never been a charter guest he’s wanted to redeem himself with more. Brooke and João take the paddleboard out. Kasey says when he’s around her, he flirts with her, and when he’s around Brooke, he flirts with Brooke. Hannah says it’s a d-bag move, and he’s a d-bag. Adam says he’s sure she’s not missing anything. Jamie goofs around with a water gun shaped like a penis.

Everyone dresses up and goes to eat at the restaurant. Jamie keeps coughing. The wine glasses are gigantic. Hannah tells Kasey that Brooke has to learn for herself. João talks some smack about Colin, who says he can hear him. Colin asks Brooke if she’s João’s second or third choice. In her interview, Brooke says she wants to keep Colin waiting in the wings in case anything happens. Nice. Hannah is proud that Kasey didn’t throw up today. The food arrives. Brooke seems bummed. In his interview, João says Hannah is fake. Everyone goes back to the boat.

Conrad cares about Hannah, but thinks she’s obsessing over João. He says he knows she’s fuming, but she doesn’t need to have go at him. She says she’s just being passionate with what she’s talking about, and she’ll talk to someone else. In her interview, she says he’s not being supportive, and it makes her sad. Colin falls asleep on deck, and the other guys play Buckaroo, a game where you stack things on a sleeping person until they wake up. They manage to stack a lot of things on him, including a cooler, and also put fancy sandals on his feet. When he finally wakes up, he’s a good sport about it.

Jamie says no one realizes how sick she is. Everyone goes to bed. João and Brooke talk on deck. She thinks they should hang out after the season is over. He says she should come to Zimbabwe. She’d love it, but there’s a lot of crime. He talks about his mother being beaten in front of him, and how he had a gun held to his head when he protested. He says it’s the worst thing he’s been though, and Brooke says his experiences are worlds away from everyone else on the boat. Maybe, but it still doesn’t excuse him from being a d-bag. Colin slams down Pringles directly from the can in the galley.

Conrad asks Hannah what the deal is. In his interview, he says this is why it’s bad idea to talk when there’s alcohol is involved; it won’t go well. João cries in the bathroom. Brooke hunts him down. He doesn’t want her to see him cry, but she says it’s fine. She probably loves it. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it. In his interview, he talks about recurring nightmares of not being there for his family. He tells Brooke that some have it worse. He wants people see the positive side of him. She says he’s awesome. In his interview, he says he convinced himself that he’s not in pain, but when he talked to Brooke, it came out.

Conrad goes out on deck for a smoke. Hannah joins him, and says she isn’t coping well. What she’s feeling for him is beyond what she allows herself to feel. He says he’s here to stay, and they’ll do it together. They kiss. In her interview, Hannah says the important male figures in her young life either passed away or left. She thinks she might have abandonment issues. She holds back because she’s waiting for them to leave. At 4 am she bugs Conrad. She tells Adam that she feels panicky.

In the morning, João says chewing seems like an effort. Everyone gets ready for the guests. Jamie coughs. Captain Sandy says she’s patient zero. If she spreads what she has, it will kill season. The captain sends Jamie to the doctor.

Conrad asks if Hannah is feeling better. Kasey says they have to be supportive, put what’s already been done in the past, and focus on now. Brooke thinks no one takes her seriously. Kasey thinks Colin is a good person. The crew puts last minute touches on the boat. Brooke asks if Hannah is okay, and Hannah says she’s having a full-blown anxiety attack.

Captain Sandy is annoyed that she hasn’t seen Hannah all morning, and calls her to the bridge. Hannah says she’s a bit ill, and they both go back to her bunk. The captain asks Conrad if they all ate the same thing yesterday, and he says, no, but Jamie was sick before that. Captain Sandy asks if Hannah wants to see a doctor, but Hannah says it’s anxiety. She’s struggling. When she falls in love, she goes away, and she can’t get away without quitting. In a shockingly compassionate response, the captain asks if she wouldn’t rather experience love, than not know it, and tells her to rest. My mouth falls open.

Conrad comes to Hannah’s bunk. He says he needs to be there, but can’t let his personal life affect his work. Hannah grabs on to him, and says the environment being closed makes her more anxious. He tells her to rest.

The crew changes into their whites. In her interview, Hannah says she’s suffered from anxiety for ten years. She thought she had it under control, but guesses she doesn’t. The captain says it’s a repeat client, and to – let’s all say it together – knock it out of the park. Hannah isn’t well, and Jamie is sick, so the rest have to pick up the slack. She tells Hannah greet Kenny, then rest. Brooke doesn’t want to feel disgruntled. They’re a great team, and it’s what team members do for each other. Jamie comes back, telling them she has bronchial something. The captain tells her that she’s quarantined for a while, and gives her a room away from the others.

Kenny arrives. Adam says, it’s D-day. Captain Sandy says she’s happy he’s back. He pretends to be leery of getting on the boat if Adam is there, and then says he’s just kidding. Adam apologizes, and says he’ll do everything he can to make it up. Hugs all around. Colin is a sports nut, and freaks a little over Desmond, saying, he’s huge. The captain is happy Kenny is giving it another try, and Adam can redeem himself. She tells them it’s a bigger boat, and Hannah gives the tour. Conrad wonders if he’s super weak or the suitcases are super heavy. Hannah says they have 150 bottles of Grey Goose on board. She tells them she might not be around too much today. In her interview, she says she looks fine, but her body is closing down. No job is worth her health.

Anchor is pulled, and the guests wander around the boat. Adam says, Hannah is down, Jamie is sick, and Kenny is on board. Who’s screwed? This guy, referring to himself.

The guests put on bathing suits. Kasey says she can step up and do her work without constant criticism. Lunch is prepared, and Kenny gives Adam a trucker cap that says #noonions. Anchor is dropped and locked. Kenny thinks it should be beach lunch, even though the table is already set. He’s going to be that guy. He tells Brooke that they noticed a great beach, and it would be cool if they did lunch there. In her interview, she says she can’t make magic; it’s a bit frantic. The captain tells Kenny that they’re putting the toys in the water, and Kenny tells her about the beach. In his interview, Conrad thinks Kenny doesn’t realize how much of an insane request it is. I think he does. Brooke tells Adam about the change, and he thinks it’s payback.

Later this season, more fabulous scenery, more drinking, more water; Captain Sandy sees everything, and tells them, no hookups upstairs; Kasey gets mad at João; Adam forgets a crew dinner; a table goes flying; Conrad says accept him for who is or eff off; the captain gets pissed at Hannah, and doesn’t want to babysit; Conrad says João is an a-hole; and Captain Sandy wants to fire Hannah.

🍳 On MasterChef, the mystery box was filled with fresh seafood, which the chefs had to cook New Orleans style. Taylor faced some serious criticism about her red fish and spicy shrimp. Gordon spared her, but told her to never put a dish like that in front of them again. Gulp. Matt was out, but he’s only been cooking for two years, so he was proud of himself, as he should be. Joe predicted there was more great food to come from him. Matt hoped to be an inspiration for others to follow their passion. Gordon said it was a stern reminder that everyone has to bring their A-game every time. The judges picked two from each of their teams to be safe from the elimination test, which was recreating a frozen Salisbury steak dinner, with potatoes and green beans. Gordon displayed the real thing, frozen since 2004, and those who were safe assigned cook times – from 30 to 45 minutes – to the competitors. Gordon said SJ, Gerron, and Emily knocked it out of the park (he must hang out with Captain Sandy), but Chelsea with the blue hair (who hadn’t plated well), Lindsay, and Shanika overreached, overthought, and underdelivered. In the end, Aaron told Lindsay that it wasn’t her night tonight, but her dream of opening a bed and breakfast with her wife was within her grasp. In parting, she said she was going to continue with her culinary dream. Next time, something different. The contestants partner up for a game of chicken, and a grueling challenge returns – a dish that strikes fear in the heart of every home cook. I have no clue what that might be. Risotto?

🐮 Tonight, Bravo got us prepped for the future by airing The Real Housewives of Dallas: How They Got Here. I can’t wait to see what craziness LeeAnne pulls in the coming season.

👂 A Quote That Can’t Wait…

The only greens I want in my chocolate is weed. – Andy Cohen, after finding out avocado chocolate bars exist.

👍 Because I Did It…







July 17, 2018 – Jordan is Ready to Question Obrecht, an Explosive HAHN, Med Postponement, the Shahs Are Coming & Vacation


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Funny. That doesn’t look like General Hospital. Unless they’ve combined it with The Apprentice. Luckily, I don’t miss too much. Rather than tussle with the online video, I leave you to make up whatever you want about the beginning.

In an examining room, Valentin tells Finn that Spoon Island has been quarantined because of West Nile virus. Finn doesn’t buy it, but tells him sit and roll up his sleeve. He asks if Valentin has had any flu-like symptoms, headaches, or disorientation, but he feels fine. He says since he there, he might as well get tested. As Finn prepares the syringe, Valentin suggests Finn might take this opportunity to kill him. Finn says it’s just a simple blood test, but don’t distract him. If he does something wrong, it could be fatal, although his death would be fast and painless.

Oh nice. Commercials, one scene, and then more commercials.

Peter tells Obrecht that James needs all the family he can get. She says Maxie has a mother and a stepfather, but Peter says no one loves him like she does. She says Maxie tolerates her because she’s Nathan’s mother, and everyone else would be ecstatic if they never laid eyes on her again. The only person who enjoys her company is Franco, who knows what it’s like to be despised. Peter thinks she should follow his example, and turn herself in. Obrecht says everything he’s telling her is futile. She doesn’t care what happens to her. He asks, why? Because she blames herself for Nathan’s death?

At the MetroCourt, Nina tells Maxie that she doesn’t care about Valentin’s professions of love and incredible surprises. She refuses to forgive him. Maxie says she’s sorry. Nina’s take-out food comes, and Maxie says there’s no way it’s all for one person. Nina says, comfort food, and tells Maxie to get back to James and give him kisses from Aunt Nina.

Finn asks if Valentin has heard anything from Peter, adding that Anna would like to know where he is, or at least how he is. Valentin says he’s heard nothing since they last met at the PCPD. Finn says, since Valentin broke him out, but Valentin insists he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He’ll let Anna know right away if Peter makes contact.

Elizabeth can tell something is on Franco’s mind. He sees Finn, who tells him that he showed a photo of Peter to Wyatt, who couldn’t ID him. Franco says maybe Obrecht was playing dominatrix with a consensual partner, but Finn says it’s more likely Wyatt didn’t recognize Peter because it’s been weeks since he’s been under Obrecht’s power.

Jason and Jake sit in the park, since the Woodchucks game was canceled. Jason says that makes two; maybe the third time is the charm. Jason asks if Jake believes in fate. Jake isn’t sure, and asks, what about him? Jason says sometimes things happen that seem random, but when you look back, maybe it was some kind of plan. He believes opportunities come along, and we make choices that determine our fate. Unless it’s out of our hands. He asks if Jake called the friend he was bringing, to tell them the game was canceled. Jake says it wasn’t a friend. It was Drew. And here he comes.

Obrecht says she’s not at fault in Nathan’s death; Peter is. He tells her that he was forced into a corner. If she had told Nathan the truth, he would have had time to prepare, and make a plan. Obrecht wanted him to be free of the knowledge that Faison was his father. Peter says he had the right to know. He could have prepared, and made a plan to keep his family safe. She says she knows it – every minute of every day, and he tells her to stop taking it out on him. She says he has his own share of the blame, but he says he didn’t know Nathan was his brother. She was the only one knew, and she didn’t tell anyone. Even if she kills him, she’ll never escape the guilt. She runs out the door. He struggles against his bonds, and makes frustrated sounds.

Franco says Elizabeth is right, and he needs to tell her. At this point, he’s not sure she wants to know, but Elizabeth says, tell her. He says that Nathan’s death hit Obrecht hard, and she’s likely doing something illegal. Elizabeth says, let’s hear it.

At the PCPD, Curtis says now that they have the security footage, they should be able to see the laundry cart better. Sam adds, and who’s pushing it. She tells Jordan that only a few places sell the Sesso Sesso brand shoe, and only one in Port Charles. She’s going to talk to the owner. Jordan asks if they have anyone in particular on their radar, and Curtis says, Obrecht. She has a motive, and it’s not like she has no experience in the area. Sam says she was behaving weirdly at the shower. Jordan says she noticed that too, but they need more leverage. Finn walks in, saying he has information that he’d certain is about Peter.

Jake thanks Drew for coming. Drew says Jake asked him; that’s how it works. He hadn’t said his dad was coming too, but Drew is cool with it. Jason tells him it was his birthday present, so he could invite who he wanted. Jake has a question for Jason, and tells him it’s okay if he doesn’t want to answer. He asks if it was hard, coming back after being gone for so long, when so much changed. Jake says sometimes it’s hard for him too, remembering how weird he was. He was mean to his brothers. Jason says it’s not his fault, and Drew says no one blames him. Jake says they’re like a team now. When Aiden has nightmares, he comes to him instead of bothering their mom and Franco. Drew calls him a good big brother, but he says it works the other way too, when he’s upset, Cameron talks him down. Now he has his two dads together. He knows Drew is really his uncle, but their all family, and that’s the best thing. Jason says they both love him for sure.

On the phone, Maxie tells Amy to get there when she can. An employee asks her where the manager’s office is. It’s his first day. Maxie wonders where she knows him from, and he says he’s an actor. He’s playing Conrad in Bye, Bye, Birdie now, but he was Cogsworth in Beauty and the Beast last year. He’s also the pseudo officer who hung the sign for Nina. Maxie says she didn’t recognize him without his clock face. She took her daughter, who loved it. She tells him where the office is, and tells him, break a leg, not a glass. Valentin walks in, and Maxie says Nina isn’t there. She says he thinks he’s being romantic, but he’s being selfish. If he loved her like he claims, he’d leave her alone.

Peter struggles some more. Nina arrives, and asks where Obrecht is. Peter says she didn’t tell him her plans, but when she left, she seemed upset. Maybe she’s tired of this. The way she nags at him to confess, he’d rather die. He tells her that Obrecht’s notebook is missing. If it’s in the hands of the PCPD, it’s only a matter of time before they find him.

Finn gives Jordan the notebook, telling her about Wyatt finding a man tied to a bed in a cabin.

Franco tells Elizabeth that Wyatt never saw her face, but he recognized Obrecht’s voice and shoes.

Finn says the notebook is from the cabin. It seems to be notes for a new story, using characters from The Severed Branch. Sam says that’s the book Peter wrote, using Faison’s alias, PK Sinclair.

Franco says it seems to have something to do with a sequel.

Finn explains that he and Franco went there. It’s northeast of the campgrounds. When they arrived, Obrecht showed up. They entered the cabin together, but there was no one there.

Franco says they saw restraints, but Obrecht said she was involved in some kind of consensual sexual adventure, and it was her personal love shack. He doesn’t want to believe she was holding Peter captive, and Finn showed Wyatt a picture of Peter, but he couldn’t ID it, but the more he thinks about it, the more he thinks Finn’s theory makes sense. Elizabeth says if she’s trying to avenge Nathan’s death, he knows what he needs to do. Go to the PCPD now.

Jordan says she’s going to the cabin. Finn tells Sam and Curtis that he thought he was overreacting. Curtis says they were starting to suspect Obrecht too. Sam says it’s not up to her to avenge Nathan’s death.

Jake talks about his batting averages, and Jason says maybe he’ll make it all the way this year. Jake says their seats were perfect; he might have caught the ball. Drew says he has the best hands in Little League. Jake says that’s because they’ve practiced a thousand hours. Drew says he should probably go back to work and be a boring adult. He leaves, and Jason says it sounds like Jake is quite a ball player. Jake says he needs more power in his throws, and Jason suggests they play catch, since Jake brought his ball. Drew wanders over to the hot dog cart and gets something to eat. He suddenly realizes he has mustard all over his back. He turns around, and Margaux is there holding a squeezy mustard bottle. She says, sorry; it was her.

Maxie tells Valentin that Nina seems jumpy and distracted, and isn’t coming to see James. She’s twisted up, and doesn’t know what she’s doing. Valentin thinks she’s been her usual confident self, but Maxie says she’s not showing how much pain he caused her. No amount of ad space can make up for him giving an innocent child to Faison. He took an innocent child, and gave him to a psycho. Her heart breaks for Peter. He’s done terrible things, but at least he has an excuse; look who raised him. Valentin says he had no idea, but Maxie asks how hard it is to do that math. Nice, adoring parents versus a murderer; who has the better home? She suggests he put Nina’s needs first, and get out of her orbit. Let her heal.

Nina tells Peter the police aren’t going to find him. He says Valentin will. Nina says he thinks Spoon Island is quarantined. Peter says he’s known Valentin longer than she has, and he doesn’t miss anything. He picks up inconsistencies, and it won’t take long for him to figure it out. Nina says he’s booked at the MetroCourt. Peter says it’s time to admit this was a mistake. Kidnapping will turn into murder, and hen something else. She’s getting in deeper and deeper, and it’s not going to end well for either of them unless she turns it around.

Curtis tells Jordan if Obrecht has Peter, he could be in danger. Jordan wants to talk to Wyatt, and thanks Finn for coming forward. He hopes Peter is alive for Anna’s sake. He asks them to let him know what they find call. He almost crosses paths with Franco out in the station, but Franco ducks into somewhere. Curtis asks Sam what went down with her and Drew last night.

Margaux tries to clean the back of Drew’s shirt. She says since the Woodchuck game was canceled, she thought she’d eat a hot dog. She tells him that she’ll cover the cleaning, but he says it’s no big deal. He’ll buy a new shirt if it doesn’t come out. She hands him her card, and says to send her the bill. He says, she’s the new DA?

Jason tells Jake he has a good arm, and by the end of the season, he’ll be at home plate. Jake says he’s working on it. Jake asks Jason if he thinks Sam is worth going after. Jason says she’s great and amazing, but what happens in the future isn’t up to him.

Drew finds out that Margaux is a Woodchucks fan, and she says maybe they’ll run into each other at a game. She can buy him a hot dog. She tells him to keep in touch, but he says it’s just a shirt. She says the good news is, he looks good in yellow. He’s like, hmm…

Jason tells Jake that sometimes people need time to think; to be alone and think things through, so they don’t’ make a mistake. Sam is doing that, and it’s out of his hands. Jake doesn’t think they’re talking about the same thing talking. He was talking about a baseball player, and Jason thinks he’s talking about Sam Sam. Jason suggests they play some more catch.

Sam tells Curtis that she and Drew were able to attend the wedding without the world ending. It’s getting easier. Curtis thinks maybe it’s time for both of them to move on. Jordan comes back, and says the cabin was abandoned, but the restraints are still there. It looks like there had been a captive. Curtis asks if it’s enough to arrest Obrecht, but Jordan says they need to collect evidence. If they find proof that Peter was there, they have everything they need.

Elizabeth sees Finn, and says Franco told her everything. She knows about Obrecht and their visit to the cabin. He says now the police know too. He gave the notebook to them. She says Franco decided to go to them on his own a little while ago. Finn says Franco must gave gotten there after he left.

Jordan says, right now, the case is circumstantial. She needs concrete evidence for an arrest, but she has enough for questioning.

Franco sees the quarantine sign on the docks, and says, not suspicious at all. Obrecht walks out onto the docks.

Peter asks Nina what she thinks is going to happen. They might be good for another day; then what? Obrecht is unhinged, and she’s not stopping until he’s dead. People are questioning things. How does she know she isn’t a suspect? The walls are closing in on her – on him too. What is he going to do the next time he’s alone with Obrecht, and she tries to kill him since Nina isn’t there? Nina tells him, shut up. She has this. He says, what? She says, a way out for both of them.

Maxie tells Valentin to leave Nina alone. He says, if that’s what she wants, but he doesn’t think it is. She asks if he knows better what Nina wants than Nina does. He says he regrets giving Peter to Faison, but he can’t change that, and he’s not giving up on his wife because of it. Maxie tells him not to kid himself; she’s already gone. Maxie leaves, and he sits at the bar. He sees the bartender, and says, I know you.

Tomorrow, Valentin wants to know who the bartender works for, Franco tells Obrecht he’s there to help, and Nelle asks Chase if he thinks Michael is setting her up.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Candace looks out the window, gathers her stuff, and jets. She sees RJ in the hallway, and they go into another room. She says Oscar is. She pushed him out of a widow. She needs RJ to write a note, and not get fingerprints on it. I can’t take it anymore. I can’t do this life anymore. I love you I’m doing this for you to put you out of your misery. She tells him to put it on the desk in Oscar’s room. RJ says he doesn’t have the key, but she knows he’s stolen the master.

RJ tells Candace it’s done. He asks how the hell it happened. Candace says Oscar slammed her in the elevator, choked her, and hit her. He stole four million dollars from her because he thought he deserved it, and she stole it back, plus interest. RJ says he didn’t deserve it, and says she’s a bad bitch. He tells her that he’ll comfort her in this tough time, and starts to take his suspenders down. She says he needs to get back to work, and find out what the police are saying, and put his suspenders back on.

Kathryn wipes her eyes, and gets it together. She gets out of the car, and goes back into the police station.

The desk sergeant tells Hanna that Benny isn’t there; he’s in the patrol car. Hanna sees Kathryn, who says she needs to talk to her. She needs to hear this – Benny didn’t hurt that man. Hanna asks how she knows, and Kathryn says, because Wyatt did it. It was a drug deal gone bad. She’s sorry. Hanna asks how long she’s known, and Kathryn says, not long. Hanna asks if Kathryn knew the night she told her about Benny. She says she knew Wyatt hurt someone, but not who. It wasn’t like last time. She came to turn him in. She says Marty is on his way. Hanna says Kathryn needs to tell the police, and Kathryn says they already know. Hanna thanks her for telling the truth this time. Kathryn says she can’t breathe, and Hanna knows it hurts. She had to do this with Candace when they were looking for Quincy’s murderer. Kathryn asks if it gets better. She knows she’s doing the right thing, but it’s her child, her baby. Hanna says all she can do to help him now, is let him pay for his crimes. They do what they can to raise these children. Kathryn tells her, when Marty gets there, he’ll get Benny out. She has to talk to Wyatt. Hanna promises it will get better.

At the Artisian, Jim and Gia come down to the lobby. The place is crawling with police and firemen. Gia asks Jim what’s going on, but Jim has no idea. They part company, and Gia calls George. She says she got Jim talking about the murder; he trusts her. She doesn’t know when she’s seeing him again, but they have to be ready.

George tells Sarah that they’re Informant is ready to wear a wire. He says a body fell out of a window at the Artisian, and he needs to know what’s going on. When he leaves, Sarah calls Jim. She tells him there’s a wire. He says, if he goes down, they all go down together. She says that’s why she’s telling him; bye.

Jim sees Justin in the lobby. He calls Justin Officer Shut-the-hell-up, and says, remember him? They met at his son’s house. He wants information about what’s happening, or he’ll bring charges against Justin so fast it will make his head spin. Justin says they have a jumper. Jim asks, who? and Justin tells him, Oscar Whatever-his-last-name-is (my words). He asks if Jim knew him, and Jim says, no. Justin says it’s a sad story; there was a suicide note. The DA is on the way to check it out. Justin sees Jeffrey in the elevator as the doors are closing, and he watches what floor Jeffrey is going to.

Erica explains something about teacups to David. He suggests they exchange the furniture, and she says, for what? She likes his house. He says, their house; he means it. She says she’ll get a cab and go to the store, but he tells her to come with him. Outside he shows her a new car with a bow on it. It’s not one of those really gigantic ones, more like an extra-large regular bow. She says she has insurance, but he tells her to keep the money. She tells him that she loves it. Jim pulls up, and David introduces his lady. Jim calls her the mystery woman, and she says, is she? Jim says he’s Just meeting her, and he’s David’s best friend. She says he’s making sure she’s not crazy. Jim says David wouldn’t hang out with crazy, let alone marry one. Erica goes back inside.

David asks, what’s going on? Jim asks what is it with the people David hangs with. Not Erica, Oscar. He killed himself. David says, no way, and Jim says, way. He saw him; he did it. And Jim didn’t even get his money yet. David says he knows Benny has it, but he’s in jail. He’s been keeping tabs on him since he got involved with Veronica. Apparently, he robbed a Malone. Vinnie Malone; he has a bar. Jim asks if he can get in to see him, and David says he can make a call. Jim says, call him now; he’s on his way to the station. David looks puzzled.

Erica asks David want to go for a ride, but he has to take care of some business. He suggests she go to the store while he’s gone, but she says she wants to do it together. He says he won’t be long. As he gets in his car, a dude across the street pretends to be doing some work, but is watching.

Veronica’s secret phone rings. Dude says he’s on It, and she tells him, don’t call. He says he thought she’d want to know he bought her a new car. She says to make that his play, and he says he thought she’d say that. It’s going down in a couple hours. It will be big; no turning back. She says, good; do what she told him to. He says, done, and she says, goodbye. Her other phone rings, and she tells someone she’ll meet them there. On her way out, she tells her maid, Alice, to do something with her blind ass.

Benny says he ain’t talking to anyone but a lawyer. Jim asks if he recognizes him. Benny says, he’s Jim Cryer. Is he his lawyer? Jim says, kind of, and Benny says he didn’t do this. Jim says he knows it, and Benny says, get him out. Jim says it’s not that simple. There are witnesses; he has a problem. Benny says he didn’t do it, and Jim says he know because he knows who did. Benny says, tell them, but Jim says Benny has something that belongs to him, almost nine million dollars. His sister took it from him, and put it in an account with Benny’s name. Benny pretends he doesn’t know what Jim is talking about, but Jim tells him, don’t play dumb. Or maybe it runs in the family. He knows the Malones well. They’ll take everything he has, everything his family has, and everything he ever wanted. And they’ll laugh while they’re doing it. They have a reputation to uphold. He can be the guy who gets him out or leaves his ass in jail to get killed one of two ways. He gives the money back now or down for this. Benny suggests he break Jim’s neck right here and now. Hanna and Marty come in, and Hanna asks what Jim is doing there. He says he’s having a conversation with her son, and she wonders about what? Jim says a come to Jesus moment. Marty says Benny is free to go. They found the real perp. Jim asks who it is, and Marty tells him he’s afraid it’s his son. Kathryn turned him in. Hanna says she had a come to Jesus moment. When Jim is gone, Hanna says Benny is going to tell her what that was about.

Justin calls Jeffrey, who answers the phone, what is it? Justin asks if that’s all he has to say. Jeffrey says he’s tired, and Justin asks where he is. Jeffrey says, the place he ransacked. Justin is sorry about that, but wants to see him. Jeffrey’s not in the mood, and Justin asks how long he’s going to punish him. Jeffrey says he’s not punishing him, even though he needs to be punished. Justin asks who’s going to do that, and Jeffrey says, goodbye. He’s tired and not doing this. He ends the call. Justin calls back, and listens at each door as the phone rings. RJ comes out of the elevator with champagne. He goes to Jeffrey’s door, and Jeffrey lets him in. Justin watches.

RJ asks if Jeffrey is enjoying his stay. Jeffrey says he lives there. RJ guesses he must like it at the hotel, and says it’s a nice bed, as he sits on it. Jeffrey asks what he wants; he’s an escort. RJ says he’s insulting, and asks him to have a drink. Jeffrey doesn’t want one, and says RJ needs to leave. RJ says he just got there. There’s a knock at the door, and RJ has slipped off his suspenders. Apparently, this is his come-hither move. It’s Justin, who says RJ has been in there a long time. He recognizes RJ; he arrested him. He sees what’s going on; they exchanged numbers in the cell. RJ says he just came up with room service. Justin thinks he’s lying, and should get his ass out of there. RJ starts to leave, and Justin asks why the bed is messed up, why there’s a towel there, and why RJ’s suspenders are down. I think Justin is messed up, especially since RJ was just sitting on the bed, and it’s barely wrinkled. Justin tells Jeffrey that RJ jas a record longer than his arm; robbery, threatening to rob a guy. He’s taking the champagne bottle to the lab. If there are any drugs in it; he’ll arrest his ass.

Justin tells Jeffrey that he should be glad he was there. Jeffrey asks what it takes to leave him alone. Justin says, his death. Jeffrey told him to stop threatening him, but Justin says he just meant, till death do us part. Jeffrey goes into the bathroom, and closes the door.

Benny gets home, and Hanna asks if he’s not going to tell her what Jim said? He doesn’t want her in this. He has to talk to Candace, and Hanna asks if she got the money from him. She says it never stops. He asks to use the car, and she says, fine, and gives him the keys. He drives off.

Hanna is about to make a call, when Veronica and a guy we don’t know come by, looking at the house numbers. Hanna asks what she’s doing there, and Veronica asks what she’s doing there? Hanna say she lives there. Veronica says, it’s a step up, and Hanna says Benny isn’t there. Carry her ho’ing ass elsewhere. Veronica says she’s not here for him, and asks if Melissa is there. She has a court order. She reads from it like Hanna doesn’t understand English, saying that Melissa has to talk to this man so he can evaluate her sanity. She says they have a court order to check the premises, and tells Hanna to go in and get Melissa. She doesn’t want to mess up Hanna’s dime store furniture. Hanna rings the bell, and Veronica asks if she doesn’t have a key. Hanna calls up for Melissa, saying someone is there for her.

Melissa comes out, and Veronica introduces the doctor, saying he’s going to take her to get help. Melissa says she doesn’t need help, but Veronica says she tried to harm herself and Veronica’s grandbaby; she’s trying to protect her. Melissa says she doesn’t give a damn about her. She’s not going anywhere. Veronica ruined her life. Veronica says, stop being dramatic. Hanna says Veronica isn’t coming in; go get the police. Veronica asks the doctor to call them, and Hanna asks if she has a warrant. Veronica wants to know if Hanna has a hood degree. The girl is a danger to herself. Hanna says Veronica is the danger to her.

Melissa stands on the edge of the roof. She says, I’m tired of you, bitch. I’m sick of you. Hanna screams, no! but Melissa does a swan dive off the roof. Everyone on the street is horrified, even Veronica.

Kathryn visits Wyatt. He says, it keeps getting worse. Kathryn says he has no idea. She came to look in on him. He says she’s seen him; leave. She wants to talk. Someone else might be blamed for the man he hurt. She asks if he remembers Hanna’s son, and he says, no, and he doesn’t care either. She says Benny Young, the man he ran over with the car. He walked into the bar after Wyatt left, and the police think he did it. Wyatt thinks that’s pretty good, but she says, it’s not good at all. He did it, and needs to pay the consequences. Wyatt laughs. He asks if this is because he told the DA that he’d testify, but she says it’s because he needs to accept responsibility for his actions. He calls her self-righteous. She says she’s done everything she could for him. This is it. He needs to pay for what he’s done. He says they took all his money, but she says money can’t pay for this. He tells her to have a seat and look at him. He hates her and Jim; absolutely hates them. There’s nothing he hates more in this world. They were always sending him and his sister to lessons, camps, and boarding schools. They did everything they could not to have them around. He wants them dead. She’s sorry he feels that way, because she loves him. She may have sucked as a parent, but she was the worst mother who held him in her arms when he came home from camp, after the priest… She stayed up every night, and took his phone calls from college, and rehab after rehab. The mother he ran home to after he hit Lizzie and Benny. The first person he called when a man was going to kill him for a bad drug deal. She does love him. Wyatt asks if she knows why she was the first person he ran to. She was a bigger devil than any devil he’s faced. He laughs. She says she might have made come bad decisions, but she knows one thing for sure. Whether he’s smiling, laughing, crying, high, strung out, or in coma, they both love him. He says they have the strangest way of showing it. He wouldn’t be there today if not for her. She says they always did what they thought best, and it’s why she has to do this. He asks, what? and she gets up. She opens the door, and a police officer walks in. He says Wyatt is under arrest for the attempted murder of Vinnie Malone.

Erica comes downstairs. David comes out, and she asks if everything okay. He loves when she says that. He asks if she’s taken the new car out for a drive, and she says she drove around the circular driveway. She wanted to wait for him. He says, let’s not waste time. Uh-oh, I think I know what’s going to happen. Erica gets in car. As David is walking around to the passenger side, she starts the car. It blows up.

HAHN will return on Tuesday, August 14th.

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July 16, 2018 – The Wedding Must Go On, the Return of the OC, Savannah & Annabelle


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

As Ned says, if anyone can show cause that Nelle and Michael shouldn’t get married, speak now, Carly pops out of nowhere and says, hell no. Her son will not be getting married today. Sonny asks what she’s doing, and Carly says he knows what she’s doing. Jason tries to stop her, but she won’t have it. She refuses to let him marry Nelle. She says Nelle is not only dangerous, but deadly. Everyone is like, whaaat? Except for Ava, who gets on her phone.

Michael tells Carly that he loves her, but she can’t stop him; they’re adults and going to do what they want. She says it’s not going to end the way he thinks, and he says Nelle is the mother of his child. Nelle adds that they love each other. Carly says she wouldn’t survive if anything happened to him. Chase is on his phone. Sonny tells him not to involve the cops. He’ll call his lawyer and make it go away. He says the DA is gunning for him, and will make it into something it’s not. Carly isn’t a criminal; she’s a concerned mother. Chase says, too late. It’s on the record that she’s here after escaping from Ferncliff. Bobbie tells him that Carly is trying to save her son from making the worst mistake of his life. Carly says she’ll go, but wants Sonny to make sure it doesn’t happen. He says he’s coming with her, and Sam offers to take Mike home. As she’s being escorted out, Carly says Nelle didn’t do it alone. All the crap she pulled, she had help. She looks at Ava. So does Griff.

Bobbie says Ava wasted no time in calling the police. Ava asks if she should have waited for Carly to cart Nelle off to a stairwell. She was just looking out for a friend and her unborn baby. Bobbie says she was probably waiting with bated breath. She saw Ava at Nelle’s shower. When Avery called Carly mommy, Ava looked like she’d swallowed a cactus. Ava admits she resented how Carly kept her from her child, and Bobbie says this was probably the highlight of her year. Ava wonders if she’s the only person residing in reality, and Bobbie suggests she offer compassion. Ava says she’s fresh out. Bobbie says what Ava has done to Carly is going to come back to bite her, and she wants a front row seat.

Josslyn tells Oscar that she can’t believe what happened. Carly didn’t seem crazy. She kept it together, and was rational. She was different than she was at the baby shower. Oscar suggests maybe Ferncliff is helping her. Josslyn says she risked a lot to be there, and can get in a lot of trouble. It was obviously worth it to her to talk to Michael.

Ava asks what’s a wedding without drama, and if Nelle wants to take it from the top. Bobbie says they’re not seriously thinking of going through with it now. Nelle isn’t considering not doing it. She’s not letting Carly ruin the day. She suddenly gets a cramp, and Michael calls Lucas over. Nelle says she’s fine, and to go on with the ceremony, but she’s not fine. Michael leaves for the hospital with her. Her wedding bouquet lies on the floor.

At the PCPD, Sonny insists there’s no reason they should be there. Jordan says his wife escaped from Ferncliff, but he says she wanted to keep her son safe. Jason says, she didn’t do anything wrong, but Jordan says she overpowered the head nurse, and injected her with a sedative. It’s up to the judge to decide if she goes back to Ferncliff. Sonny says, or somewhere worse.

Sam tells Mike that she’ll take him home. He asks what happened to Michael, and Drew explains he had to take Nelle to the hospital. Mike guesses there isn’t going to be a wedding, and Drew says, not today. Drew decides to go with them.

Bobbie would say Nelle was faking, but she left before the I dos, so something must be wrong. Lulu hopes the baby is okay, and Brad says, not Nelle? Did it ever occur to them that she loves Michael and wants to start a family with him, and there’s no ulterior motive? Bobbie says it never occurred to her. Brad gets a call and steps away. Ava sees Griff, and says she’s been missing her handsome date. He says it seems like she’s been trying to avoid him.

At the hospital, Michael asks how Nelle is. Lucas says Kim is there; he can breathe. Nelle and the baby are fine, but they want to keep her overnight for observation as a precaution. She’s asking for Michael, and he goes into her room. He tells her that she gave him a very big scare. He’s glad nothing is wrong with the baby. Nelle adds, or her? and he says, of course. He thinks she should relax and get some rest, but she says they need to finish what they started. They need to get married tonight.

Michael says, not tonight, but Nelle says, if they don’t, Carly wins. He says it’s not about her, but Nelle wonders how he can say that. Francesca tells Michael that she can’t allow Nelle to be upset, but Nelle wants him to stay. Lucas asks how it’s going, and Michael tells him that Nelle wants to go through with the wedding. She says after everything they’ve been through, if they don’t do it now, she’s afraid it will never happen. Michael says, then let’s do it. Get married right here, right now.

Ava asks Griff why she’s be avoiding him, and he says, you tell me. She says she can’t, because she’s not. He says she’s distant, but she tells him that she’s worried about Nelle. Griff notes that in Carly’s parting shot, she looked at Ava. Ava says she’s used to being on the receiving end of Carly’s vitriol. It just proves she’s delusional, and clearly her paranoia has just been fueled. First, it was irrational hated toward Nelle, now she’s imagining a grand conspiracy. He can’t be buying into Carly’s ranting.

Michael calls Ned, and tells him they’d like to finish the wedding at the hospital. He say he’ll be there, and tells Olivia, apparently, they’re dead set on getting married tonight. They must want their child to have what Leo has; two parents, a house, and a loving relationship. Olivia says she’s not taking away from anyone, but maybe he should pump the brakes. Ned promised to come, and asks her to join him, but she says it would be too crowded in the hospital room.

Jason doesn’t understand why Carly did this. Jordan tells them about Michael taking Nelle to the hospital. Carly thinks she’s faking it; Nelle barely looked at her. Jason says they can’t prove it, so it doesn’t help her case. Michael calls Jason, and tells him they’re going ahead with the wedding. He needs his best man. Jason tells the others that apparently, Nelle is well enough to go through with wedding, and Carly says Sonny has to stop her. Sonny says, Michael has a plan, but Carly says, it’s not worth his life. Jordan tells Chase to try and have a chat with Nelle. Sonny says Carly’s goal was to get out of Ferncliff, but now she’s made it harder. She says her goal is to save her son.

Sam and Drew take Mike back to Sonny’s house. Drew says it’s been a long time since he was there; it feels like another life. Mike knows how he feels, but says, it is what it is. He asks if they’d like a drink. They would, and he asks how Drew and Sam met.

Brad sees Lucas at the hospital. Lucas says if he’s here for the wedding, it’s going down now. Nelle is determined to marry Michael tonight, come hell or high water. Brad says he’s there with news about the baby.

Josslyn and Ned show up at Nelle’s hospital room. Michael didn’t know if Josslyn would make it, thinking she must be upset at their mom’s surprise appearance. Josslyn tells him she said she’d be there, and she is. Nelle thanks her. Nelle says it must have been awful, hearing her mom spew horrible lies, but she must know Nelle’s heart belongs to Michael. She’d never hurt him. Jason arrives, and Ned says, it looks like the gang’s all here; let’s get this show on the road, sounding like someone out of an old Bob Hope movie. Chase lingers in the doorway.

Ned says no one would blame Nelle if she’d rather wait. They’d understand if she wants all the bells and whistles. Nelle says everything she’s ever wanted is here in this room. Chase disappears.

Sonny asks what Carly is thinking. She wants him to look Michael in the eye and make him understand. Sonny says it’s being handled, but Carly says, he’s not handling it, since he’s marrying a murderer.

Ned wants to cut to the chase. No, not that Chase. He asks Michael if he takes Nelle, blah-blah-blah, and he does. Ned says ditto to Nelle, and she does too.

Carly asks Sonny what the worst moment of his life was. He says she knows. She says they’ve been to hell and back, and lost people they didn’t want to, but she wants to hear him say it. He says when he pulled over and saw the wreckage of the car, and was told Morgan was gone. He didn’t believe it, and searched and searched. Everyone was watching and… He asks why she’s doing this, and tears up. Carly kisses his forehead.

Jason gives Ned the rings. Michael tells Nelle that he gives her this as a symbol of his love, blah-blah-blah, for as long as he lives. Nelle says the same, and they exchange rings.

Carly asks Sonny to remember the night he told her. She refused to believe it. She kept calling Morgan’s phone to make it not true, but when she realized she’ll never hold her baby again, it was the worst moment of her life, the worst pain ever, and she’s never going to feel it again. She refuses won’t lose Michael. Sonny says, so she drugged Mary Pat, and broke out of Ferncliff? She says she would do it again. She doesn’t care if people thinks she’s crazy. Sonny understands why, and isn’t sure he’d do it any differently, but now she has to go back.

Ned pronounces Nelle and Michael husband and wife. Michael kisses the bride.

Ava joins Griff at the bar. She knows Sonny is his friend. She doesn’t understand it, but accepts it. She knows he feels compassion for Carly, but he has to acknowledge that she’s completely irrational. He says there’s nothing medically wrong, and Ava says that proves it’s psychological. Griff says, probably, but not necessarily. Carly swore she got the message to go to the cemetery. Ava says, then poof! It was gone. Griff says Carly smelled his cologne too, and the both of them smelled it the other day. Ava says so Josslyn got Oscar the same cologne her brother wore. Griff wonders if it’s possible someone was wearing it when Carly smelled it. Ava says, at Morgan’s grave? He says, by accident or on purpose, but if it was real, how do they know the message wasn’t real? Ava asks how it could be there one minute, and gone the next, but he doesn’t know.

Josslyn congratulates Nelle, who’s grateful that she was there. Jason tells Michael that he’ll always have his back, and he knows it.

Sonny tells Carly that his influence is limited. Maybe he can get her out, but he doesn’t know how long it will take. He has to call in favors, but if he’s too obvious, the DA will shut him down. Carly says she’s scared, but can handle it and wait to get out, but she wants Sonny to get Michael out. Whatever it takes.

Francesca tells Nelle’s guests that she warned them; they have to keep it short. Ned says they still have to sign the marriage license. He asks if anyone has a pen, and Jason gives him one. I wonder if it’s invisible ink.

Jordan says Carly has been remanded back to Ferncliff pend judicial review. She’s sorry, and hopes it’s over soon. Carly tells Sonny to take care of Michael. He says, whatever it takes.

Ned presents Mr. and Mrs. Michael Corinthos. Josslyn takes a picture, telling them to say married. Nelle thanks them, and says it was nice to have a family member officiate. Ned says they’ll have a proper toast when the baby is born. He’s taking the license to be filed. Francesca says her patient needs some downtime, and they leave. Francesca congratulates the couple, and Michael guesses he should go too. Nelle doesn’t want him to leave on their wedding night, but he says they have the rest of their lives to make up for it. When he’s gone, she looks sadly at her ring.

Lucas asks Brad if it’s good, and Brad says, no; great news. Their baby passed the last checkup with flying colors. Their baby is perfectly healthy. It’s happening. They’re about to become parents.

Michael asks Josslyn if she wants a ride home. He says she seems distracted, and wonders if it’s because of Carly showing up. Josslyn says that, and a situation she doesn’t know how to handle. He asks if it’s about their mom. She says she’s worried about her, and Sonny, but they have Jason to make sure things are okay. It’s about Nelle and Chase.

Chase goes into Nelle’s room. He says he couldn’t leave without kissing the bride. Isn’t it supposed to be just the husband who does that?

Drew tells Mike that he and Sam used to be married. Mike is sorry to hear they’re divorced. Drew says maybe it’s not meant to be. Mike says he told himself that about Sonny’s mom. You have no way of knowing what’s will happen going in. You can only follow your heart. Sam thinks it’s time to get some sleep, and Mike says it’s time to mind his own business. He goes upstairs, and Drew and Sam clink glasses.

Jason asks Sonny where Carly, and Sonny tells him, Ferncliff. Jason say she did this for nothing. Now it’s going to get bad, with Mary Pat’s retaliation alone. Sonny says he should have known. She was calm and reasonable when she heard about the wedding. She did say she hated it, but didn’t act like she normally would. Jason says she knew the risk and the consequences, and no one on earth could have stopped her. Sonny has no control over Ferncliff, so Michael’s plan better kick into high gear, before Carly is in too deep.

Back at the Cliff, Rupert tells Carly that she had a sweet deal. Mary Pat doesn’t like her, but Doc was her guardian angel. Her husband even got special privileges for her. Carly says he’ll be grateful and generous if they continue. If they don’t, he’ll be disappointed, and nobody wants Sonny Corinthos disappointed. Rupert ask if she’s threatening him, but she says she’s stating a fact how is it going to go

Griff thinks they should call it a night, and Ava asks if he means together. She knows something is wrong, and he says he can’t stop thinking about Carly. She says, that’s just what every girlfriend wants to hear. Ava says she’s concerned about Nelle, and has Kiki’s trial to worry about. Weddings are supposed to inspire romance, and she’s feeling inspired. She kisses him, and they leave.

Sam says, Mike is right. All you can do is follow your heart. Drew asks, even if it leads to disaster? and she says, disasters happened every day, whether they’re brought on by ourselves or random. If you’re afraid to fall in love because you don’t want to get hurt, that would be a complete disaster. She thinks you would be cheating yourself. He asks if she had it to do over again, even knowing how it ended up, would she? She says when she signed the papers, she said she didn’t regret the time they spent together, and she never will. He kisses her shoulder.

Olivia asks Ned how the nuptials went, and he says short and sweet. Once it’s filed legally, they’re married. Lulu would have bet money that Carly could get through to Michael, and make him believe her. Olivia says, who said he doesn’t? It might be as bad as Carly says, but at the end of the day, Nelle is the mother of Michael’s baby. Like Carly demonstrated today, nothing changes your priorities like parenthood. They toast to the couple and their bundle of joy.

Sonny calls Diane to work on a strategy in light of recent events. Jason says they don’t have to prove Carly was set-up to make the DA look bad. Sonny says the DA wanted to get a Corinthos, and when she couldn’t get him, she got the next best thing. Imagine how embarrassing it would be. Jason thinks they might agree to vacate the sentences to make it go away. He calls Spinelli.

Carly tells Rupert that Sonny always pays his debts, whether he owes a favor or payback. I guess he’s also part Lannister. Rupert says he’s just an orderly, and does what he’s told. It’s Mary Pat she has to worry about never. She never lost control of a patient until her, and she didn’t like Carly to begin with. Any special arrangements will have to be made with her, but he doesn’t think she’s be very interested. He asks Carly why she did it, and Carly asks if he’s heard stories about mothers lifting cars off of their children. They’re true. When a child is in danger, a mother can do anything.

Nelle tells Chase that he almost had her convinced Michael didn’t love her, and was only obligated because of the baby. He had every opportunity to back out or postpone it, but he wanted to get married as much as she did. Chase asks, what now? A ring won’t stop Michael from taking her child; it’s just a piece of jewelry. If Michael really loves her, why leave her alone on her wedding night? He wouldn’t. He kisses her, and she moves to slap him, but he grabs her wrist. He tells her congratulations, and leaves. She gets out of bed.

Josslyn tells Michael, when she came back from getting ice, Chase was kissing Nelle. Nelle stopped it pretty quickly, but she got the feeling Nelle kissed back. Michael says he’s not worried about it. She says he’s not worried about his wife making out with another man? Michael tells her to trust him. He has everything under control. Nelle overhears from around the corner.

Tomorrow, Franco needs to tell Elizabeth something, the DA asks what Sonny and Jason’s involvement is, and Drew needs a new wife.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

They’re ba-a-a-ack! Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson are the newbies this season, replacing Peggy and Meghan.

Tamra and Eddie are moving. Eddie lived in the house with his ex, and Tamra wanted a place they could call theirs. Eddie wants a housewarming party but doesn’t want to invite Vicki. Tamra asks what if she apologizes, and he thinks that would be a start. In her interview, Tamra says it’s been baby steps with Vicki. She tells her mother about Eddie being diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AFib), and needing heart surgery. They have to cauterize part of his heart. She says his body is letting him down at age 45. Her mom says she’ll have a hard time keeping him down. Tamra tells her that Eddie said he doesn’t want to die that way, and she starts to cry. Her mom hugs her.

Vicki asks Steve when he’s moving in, and he says he can’t be any more in. In her interview she says he’s been living with her for two months, but hasn’t done a change of address. She doesn’t understand why he can’t commit fully. She tells him how Shannon is hurt by David moving on. Brooks is getting married next weekend, but she pities the girl he’s marrying. In her interview, she hopes Steve proposes. She doesn’t like being alone, and wants a husband. She’s happy she and Tamra have been able to not harbor bad feelings and move on. She needed to make it right. She tells Steve that she’s keeping her opinion to herself from now on, and Steve says, some things are better left unsaid. She tells him the girls mean a lot to her.

Tamra directs the movers to where the furniture should go. They’re moving in while the house is still under construction, because they wanted to do it before Eddie’s surgery. Shannon calls Tamra, who says she has no sink, and it won’t be done for another twenty-eight days. She’s worried the others think the new house is something special, and it’s only 4000 square feet. Only. Shannon says it’s more special than where she and Kelly live right now.

In her interview, Shannon says it’s hard to be a single mom to teenage daughters. It’s disappointing that, after twenty years, her family is breaking up. She also went down to 4000 square feet. Boo-effing-hoo. She says each of her daughters is different with emotion but they all want their parents to be happy, and weren’t seeing it at home. She’s worried about she and David’s future at being co-parents. They’re only communication is through text and email, and it’s not pleasant. There’s a lot of bitterness on his part.

Kelly says dating post-divorce is like fishing with dynamite. She doesn’t like everybody, but it’s easy to find a date. She’s loving her new townhouse. In her interview, she says she and Michael had separated before for two years, but Jolie understands more now, and she’d rather they not be fighting. Jolie does her homework, and Kelly is no help. She says the only prime she knows is hers at 42.

Shannon meets Vicki. She’s trying not to obsess, and is down ten pounds. In her interview, Shannon says the last time she and Vicki interacted, she saw authenticity in Vicki’s remorse about she and David divorcing. We flash back to that at the reunion. Shannon says she has high hopes they’ll get to a better place. She tells Vicki that she and the girls are doing well, and they order breakfast. Vicki asks if Shannon’s heart is broken about David having a girlfriend. Shannon says it hurts to know how easily replaceable she is. The first couple of months made her sad. They talk about his posts on social media, and how Shannon found out that way. She says he’s doing what normal people would privately in a text. She thinks the girlfriend is young, and wants to be taken care of. Shannon says, after a lot of tears, she’s excited to see where this year will take her. Vicki says positive thoughts will being positivity to her life. I look to see if she’s reading a bad fortune cookie. In her interview, Vicki hopes Shannon knows she’s there for her. Shannon is glad they’re in a place where they can have a normal conversation.

It’s Eddie’s surgery day. He and Tamra leave for the hospital. She’s still trying to process it, but knows everything will get better. He says he’s a spartan, and she says, strong like bull, as my father used to say. She thinks she should be the one having issues. In her interview, Tamra says Eddie is tired of not being able to work out. His world is health and fitness, and when you take something away that someone loves, it changes them. She’s worried about the surgery.

Ryan and Tamra get coffee while Eddie is in hour six. She tells Ryan that she’s flustered. She gets the good news that Eddie is out. Ryan asks how it went, and she gets teary. She says they fixed the problem with AFib, but found out that his heart is beating irregularly, which makes him at greater risk for it coming back. Vicki calls, and Tamra says she’s holding up. She explains about Eddie’s heart still not working properly. Vicki offers to get Tamra a juice or something, but Tamra says she’s with Ryan. Ryan says, juice helps people in troubling times. Giving us our best quote of the week so far.

Kelly and Jolie go out for dinner. Vicki joins them. In her interview, Vicki says Kelly was unhappily married, and we flash back to that. Kelly says she’s doing well now. For the first time in her life, she’s doing things on her own. Vicki tells her David is dating a 34-year-old, and she hopes Michael finds a girlfriend. Kelly thinks Shannon should date, and Vicki says she has a friend of Steve’s for her. Kelly insists she’s not dating, but Jolie pipes up that she is, and Vicki says she knows way too much for sixth grade. Kelly thinks they should go on a ropes course to build trust. Vicki says she’s not good at athletic sh*t.

Tamra meets friend Emily in the park. Emily is a party planner by night, and a kickass attorney by day. They met three years ago, but something happened that pissed Tamra off, and they haven’t seen each other for two years. Emily says she’d invited Ricky to her 40th birthday party, but didn’t know the circumstances between him and Tamra. We flash back to Ricky making comments about Eddie being gay. Emily thinks she’s seen Gretchen once since then. In her interview, Tamra explains that Emily was hanging out with people that she needed to distance herself from. Tamra tells Emily that she never had anything against her, but saw pictures of them on social media and couldn’t be part of it. Emily understands, but at the time felt like she was in the middle and was like, screw you. She missed her though. In her interview, Emily says she decided to reach out after she was in therapy to resolve issues with toxic relationships. She thinks when the trust comes back, they’ll be great friends. They talk about Eddie’s surgery. He’s now at home, going crazy.

We watch Emily chase after her kids. She calls daughter Annabelle, her feral child, since it’s like they picked her up in the woods. She also has Luke and Kenner, three-year-old twin boys. She tells us she’s from Ohio and grew up poor. She was the kid in the free lunch program. Hey, I washed dishes in exchange for lunch. It pissed me off when, not too long ago, it was made to seem like a crime to offer a kid this option. It saved money and taught me the value of a dollar. Mini rant over. Emily feels appreciative of where she came from, since it made her who she is. She wanted an education and a better life. She tried to make good choices, and it worked out. Husband Shane comes home. She says they’d worked together, but never really dated. They became friends, and one day he asked her, hey, want to get married? on Google Chat, and she had nothing better to do. They got married a few weeks later. It’s their anniversary soon, and Shane says he got her a card. They lose Keller in their massive house, but he’s found on the couch.

In her yard, Shannon comes across the great leveler – dog poop – and picks up after Archie, who is adorable. Tamra visits, and asks if Shannon is staying there a while. Shannon says, no; she’s just renting. Tamra wonders if, when the divorce is over, she’ll get some money. Tamra feels badly for her, but says David has moved on, and it’s time for her to sign the divorce papers and figure out next part of her life. Shannon says she’s frustrated that in less than three months after her marriage of seventeen years ended, he’s found a girlfriend. In her interview, Tamra says she was the first to find out, and stalked them. She found out the relationship went back as far as when David and Shannon were still married. Tamra was worried about telling Shannon, but Shannon says it’s over; it doesn’t matter. Tamra says it’s time to take her ring off. Shannon says it doesn’t represent David, but that she’s a wife and mother. In her interview, Shannon says not be wearing a wedding ring means she doesn’t have her whole family together anymore. Tamra says it’s like the final step.

Shannon says she’s never taken it off except when she was pregnant. It will seem like she’s naked. She knows the marriage is over, and she never wants to go back. It’s tight, but she suddenly decides she wants it off. Tamra helps using some soap. Shannon tells Tamra to rip her knuckle off. It finally comes off, and Shannon says she feels naked and like her hands look old.

The girls drive to the ropes course together. Kelly wants to talk about her date. Shannon says she claimed she wasn’t dating, and Vicki begs to differ. The course looks high up and scary. Shannon says the activity is really about making a commitment and trust. Everyone has trust issues, and Vicki says they’re rebuilding what’s broken. They put on helmets and harnesses. Vicki falls over before they even get on the course, and we flash back to her doing a lot of that over the seasons.

The guide explains the course, and the girls start to climb up. Tamra and Shannon go first. Kelly asks if it’s scary. Shannon is afraid of heights, and says, eff you. Tamra encourages her to walk on these floating logs, but she says she’s not strong enough and starts to panic. From down below, Kelly says it’s nothing compared to what she’s been through, and it’s good for her daughter to see. Shannon says she’s kind of right. Vicki and Kelly start to go up.

Tamra tells them not to look down; one step at a time. Shannon explains how to get across to Vicki. The guide says they’re a group. Shannon gets stuck, but it’s also made the ropes trap Vicki’s hand, and Vicki starts squealing. Shannon starts crying, and somehow, Tamra helps extract Vicki. Kelly is the first to zipline back down. In her interview, she says it’s the most terrifying thing she’s ever been through. Shannon gets scared, and tells Tamra, if she dies, let the kids know she loves them, and tell David to eff off. IMO, the ziplining looks like the easiest, and least scary part, so I’m confused. Not that I’ll ever be doing one of these.

Shannon says she feels strong, and can do whatever she sets her mind to. She knows they have her back. They’ve all been though what she has, and are there to support and lead her through it. Tamra says it was a good thing for them to do. Trust is gigantic, and as friends, they have to help each other. There’s a picnic waiting, and they toast to a new beginning. In her interview, the OG of the OC, Vicki, says she’s learned her lesson. She’s moving on and having fun. They all cheer to Team OC.

Next time, Gina is introduced, Vicki has one more hurdle – Eddie, and Vicki tells Kelly not to care about Michael moving on.

🍹 Southern Charm Savannah started its new season tonight, but I only watched it peripherally. I’d been on the fence about it, but was starting to like the couple with the little dogs. Then they broke up. Now I’m on the fence again.

😔 Very Sad News…

Annabelle Neilson from Ladies of London has passed away. She was only 49, and so far, no details about how she died. I loved that show, and was praying for its return. She was one of my favorites too. She was quite the equestrian, and had gotten severely injured during (I think) the first season. She was a trooper though, and things seemed to be looking up. I wonder if there were eventual complications from the accident. Unfortunately, it also sounded like she was depressed.

From USA Today:


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July 13th, 2018 – No Way to Start a Wedding, Improv Fun, a Hoarder Speaks, PentaQuotal & Pass the Windows


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nelle and Michael stand at the altar. When Ned says Michael may kiss the bride, Nelle stabs Michael in the stomach, and says that’s what she calls the kiss of death. Carly wakes up, and says, not my son.

Olivia helps Michael with his cufflinks. She tells him it’s okay to be nervous; it’s normal. He says there’s nothing normal about this wedding.

Mike says, will wonders never cease. Jason is wearing a suit and tie. He asks what’s happening, and Sonny says they’re going to a wedding. Mike thinks it’s Jason getting married, but Sonny says it’s not him; it’s Michael. Mike says Michael is finally settling down. It’s a cause for celebration, isn’t it?

Nelle tells the baby, we did it, baby; we’re in. She looks at the prenup, and remembers saying, as long as she and Michael are together, the papers are meaningless. Ava comes in, and takes the papers out of her hand, saying the door was open. Nelle says she was thinking about something. Ava says, like the prenup? She sees Nelle has signed it, and says it’s strategic, but that’s her thing, isn’t it? Nelle says, prenups can be dissolved, but Ava says, a Quartermaine and his money aren’t soon parted. Ask Tracy, whose father took his money to his grave. But of course this is a true love match; she and Michael together forever. Nelle says, till death do us part.

Sam sees Drew at the MetroCourt. He says they must be the first ones there.

Mike wonders why they’re not happy for Michael. Sonny says Michael has had share of bad luck with women and relationships. Mike asks if he knows what he’s doing with the woman he’s marrying. Sonny tells him, he says he does, and they have to take him at his word. Jason says, he’s a grown man, and it’s his decision.

At the hospital, Brad tells Lucas that they have to get going, but Lucas wants to take a detour to the beach. They haven’t been there in a year, and the sand and warm water would be perfect. Brad says they have to be there in less than an hour. Lucas says Michael won’t miss them, but Brad says, Nelle will. She’s his friend. He thinks Lucas’s mom got to him. Lucas says he’s not the only one who realized Carly’s life tanked when Nelle came along. He tells Brad that he’ll go, but don’t expect him to throw rice.

Carly flashes back to Nelle’s visit, and Nelle asking if she can call Carly mom.

Josslyn is getting ice for Nelle, but sees Oscar, who tells her that she looks beautiful. He says Julian was trying to give him fashion advice, and she says he doesn’t need any help; he looks great and smells great. She asks if he likes the cologne, and he says he loves it, but mostly because she gave it to him. Josslyn needs to get back.

Ava asks if anyone is helping Nelle, and Nelle says Josslyn is her maid of honor. Ava starts to leave, and says, with all sincerity, she wishes Nelle the best. Nelle hopes she means that. A lot of people in her life are fake. Ava says it’s no secret that his family loathes her, but Nelle says they’ll come around when the baby is born – if they want a relationship with her child. Ava tells her not to overestimate the power of marriage, and don’t let her guard down. Sonny and Jason won’t rest until Carly is free, and when she is, she’ll try to break them up for good. Nelle says she got rid of everything that would point to her, and Ava says, not quite. Nelle asks if that’s a threat on her wedding day, but Ava says it’s just a reminder. Nelle says, better a reminder than a revelation. Imagine if Griff found out about the test results Ava kept on her phone. She adds there’s no point in them threatening each other. You do you, and I’ll do me.

Olivia hopes Michael doesn’t mind her filling in for his mom. She would be there to help if she could; she loves him. Michael knows that, but says she wouldn’t help with this wedding if someone was holding her at gunpoint. Ned comes in and says he sees Michael is ready. He has his notes, and asks how Michael is feeling. Michael says he’s been thinking about this day for a long time. Ned asks if he’s ready, and Michael says, that’s one way to put it. He says he’ll see them at the hotel. Ned and Olivia leave, and Michael’s phone rings. The number says unavailable, but he answers. It’s Carly. She’s glad she caught him.

Sonny says there’s no point in putting it off, and Mike hopes it works out. Jason is worried how Carly is going to take it. Michael thinks it’s his responsibility because he let Nelle in, and now thinks the problem is solved. Sonny says he told Carly that it’s Michael’s game. Even if she wanted to fight, she can’t do anything.

Michael says he didn’t think they let patients make calls, and Carly says they don’t. He asks how she’s calling then, but she says it doesn’t matter. He can’t marry Nelle. She knows he has a plan to neutralize her, but it’s dangerous for him and the baby. He says it will get better, and she says it will when he and the baby are safe. He says keeping the baby safe is all that matters. Carly says she doesn’t have much time. She didn’t push Nelle. Nelle is lying, like she did about everything else. She tells him that he can’t marry her; it’s not worth risk. He says everything will be okay; he promises. She tells him that she loves him, and ends the call. He says he loves her too, to an empty line. Carly sees the phone battery is low.

Drew tells Sam there seems to be a lack of empathy for the sacred union. She says Michael is marrying Nelle because of the baby; she’s not feeling the love. Oscar comes in, and takes a picture of them. Sam asks how his summer is going, and he says he’s interning at Aurora. She likes it. Drew says he could be working on his tan, but he’s in boring strategy sessions. Oscar says they’re planning a world take over,

Ava doesn’t want every encounter with Nelle to be so contentious; she just wants to know where they stand. Nelle says, shoulder to shoulder against Carly. They’re in it together. Josslyn returns, and asks why Ava is there. She says she was just leaving, and Josslyn tells her that she’s sorry Morgan couldn’t be there. Ava leaves, and Josslyn says she knows Ava is Nelle’s friend, but when she sees her, she wants to punch her. She asks what she can do to help, and Nelle asks about the ice. Josslyn says she forgot. Geez, she had one job. Josslyn gives Nelle a gift box. Inside, is a hair ornament that was her grandmother’s. Her mom gave it to her, and she’s loaning it to Nelle, so Nelle can have something old, borrowed, and blue. She thought they could have something to tie the families together. Nelle says, other than Michael and the baby. Nelle takes a photo of herself and Josslyn, saying she can send it to Josslyn’s mom. So she can have a tie to the wedding, even if she can’t be there.

Oscar take photos. Lulu says Dante is away, but he probably wouldn’t be thrilled. Olivia tells her, the fewer harsh words we say, the fewer we have to take back. Lulu says most of the guests are here under duress, and Ned says he has too much in his own past to pass judgments. It’s Michael’s life, and it’s what he wants. Lulu says, this can’t be it. Who gets married on Friday the 13th? Olivia says, when in doubt, smile, and Lulu says, no comment. Oscar takes the picture, and Lulu’s face is priceless.

Brad tells Lucas that he turned his life around; maybe Nelle did too. Lucas says the only thing Nelle did was get pregnant. Brad thinks she should be given half a chance, and if he’s wrong, he’ll eat his words. Lucas can hold it over him for the rest of his life. Lucas supposes that’s a no on the beach. Once they have the baby, there will be zero time for spontaneity. Brad says if Lucas plays his cards right, there might be spontaneity tomorrow tonight. Right now, they’re going to welcome Nelle into the family. Bobbie joins them, and says, let’s do this. We don’t see her, but Lucas and Brad look surprised.

Mike asks where Carly is, and Sonny says she’s not going to be there. Mike says, no Dante, no Morgan, and where are the grandmothers? Ned tells him Monica has the flu, but Bobbie will be there. She walks in with Brad and Lucas. She’s dressed entirely in black. Olivia says, that’s how to make a statement.

Carly throws a chair at the door, and yells she wants out of there. She’s sick of this place. She pounds on the window. Mary Pat is outside the door showing Doc a video of Carly with her phone. She says she’s never seen anything like this in her life. Really? In a hospital for the criminally insane? She tells Doc that Carly needs restraints and heavy sedation. Leaving the wedding, Doc tells her not to do that. Mary Pat says Carly is liable to hurt herself. He says he’ll make that assessment when he gets there. Mary Pat tells him that she’ll take any action that Carly’s behavior warrants. She tells Carly to behave, and tells Doc to hurry, before her patience wears thin.

Brad asks for minute with the bride, and Josslyn promises to get ice for real. Brad gives Nelle a present, saying, it’s a little something for luck. It’s a beautiful pendant necklace. Brad puts it on her. It’s funny how when bride’s get surprise jewelry in movies and TV shows, they’re never wearing any already. Nelle says in a few minutes, she’ll be walking down the aisle with a man no one thinks she deserves. What luck does she need? Brad tells her to let it be a reminder she has a friend in her corner. She hugs him, and says she’ll treasure it forever.

Jason sees Michael at the Quartermaine’s, and says he could put an end to it. Stay there, and he’ll make the apologies. He says, do not marry Nelle.

There’s a knock on Nelle’s door. Its Chase.

Griff introduces Oscar to Ava, who says Julian mentioned he was an impressive young man. She notices his cologne, and he says Josslyn gave it to him. Ava tells Griff the cologne Josslyn gave Oscar is the same one Morgan wore. Griff says Carly imagined the cologne at Morgan’s grave; it was brought up in the trial. He says personally, he wouldn’t know one from another.

Carly screams to let her out. Mary Pat says she needs a strong sedative; a good twelve hours. Doc arrives and wants to see her alone. Carly tells Doc that Nelle is going to hurt Michael, or worse, she’s going to kill him, like she killed Zack. She has to stop the wedding. Doc asks how she expects to do that, and she says Michael’s life is at stake. She can’t lose another son.

Michael tells Jason that he’s sticking to the plan. He gets that he’s taking a risk. Jason says he has a lot on the line. He has people who care about him, and Nelle is dangerous. Michael thinks it’s worth the risk, but Jason asks if he’s sure he’s not punishing himself, making it his fault. Michael says he ignored what was in front of him. He thought he could fix Nelle, and brought her into their lives. Now she’s bringing an innocent life into the world that she can use as leverage. It’s his responsibility as a father.

Chase tells Nelle to get her stuff and come with him. She says, why, and Chase says she doesn’t love Michael. Michael loves his child. He’s a stand-up guy, but thinks it’s his obligation; there’s no real connection or basic understanding. He says she deserves real love, not the imitation she’s settling for. Nelle says when she marries Michael, she’ll never have to settle again. He says money can’t make her happy; he can. She says she never saw the charm in being poor and in love. He asks if she’s admitting she loves him, but she says she didn’t admit to anything. He tells her to look him in the eye and say she doesn’t think about him. She says, what she thinks about, is getting everything she’s ever wanted with Michael. Chase says she deserves a guy who loves her for being herself. She’s empty inside, and thinks wealth and a big house will fill the void. If anything, she’ll feel more lonely than before. Michael will come to resent the marriage of convenience, and the glow will fizzle out. He’ll cut her loose, and claim his child. She’ll be alone again. Then what? He cares about her. He always has and always will. When it falls apart, and it will, what is she going to do. She starts to say, it depends on… but he grabs her and kisses her. Josslyn walks in, and gives the second-best face of the day.

Josslyn gasps, and Nelle says, get off me. Josslyn tells Chase to get away from her. He apologizes, and Nelle says she’s getting married. She loves Michael; leave her alone. Josslyn pushes him out. He says he was wrong, and hopes Nelle gets everything she deserves. Josslyn asks why he was there. Nelle says he pushed his way in, and tried to convince her to run away with him. Josslyn thinks she should tell Michael, and Nelle says she can later. Right now, she just wants to get married and be with Michael. They’ve been through enough. Josslyn says, whatever she wants, and Nelle thanks her. She says Josslyn is the best sister-in-law in the world. She’s lucky to have her.

Carly tells Doc that she used to complain she didn’t know where Morgan was going, and didn’t know what he did. When he left, she’d wonder if she said goodbye or I love you. Doc says Morgan knew how much she loved him. She says she found pieces of her beautiful baby boy. The night he died, he was confused and in pain, and she wasn’t there. She couldn’t protect Morgan. Michael is in danger, and she can’t protect him. He’s going to die. Doc says she’s just overwhelmed. He promises it will be okay. She says she has to help him, but doesn’t know what to do. Doc says he can give her something to help her anxiety, and tells her to breathe.

Doc comes out of Carly’s room, and tells Mary Pat that she’s suffering an acute panic attack, probably triggered by the wedding. Mary Pat thought as much, and Doc agrees a stronger dosage might be applicable.

Sam asks Brad what he thinks of Bobbie’s dress. Brad gives credit for well-thrown shade, but wonders if it’s dawned on anyone that Michael might want support. Jason asks to talk to Drew. Lucas wonders what that’s all about, and Brad says if there’s a fight, he bets Drew throws the first punch. Sam says there’s not going to be a fight. She hopes.

Jason tells Drew about Nelle’s last fiancé dying under questionable circumstances. He doesn’t want Michael to be next. Drew says they’re all living under the same roof. Jason says Nelle is good at staging accidents, and Drew promises to keep eye on things. He knows Jason cares about Michael, but he does too.

Mike wonders if Bobbie thinks it’s a wedding or funeral. He hopes Michael knows what he’s doing. Mike asks Sonny why Bobbie is mad, and Sonny says she doesn’t approve, but don’t worry about it. Michael asks for a moment with Sonny to get some marriage advice. Sonny tells him, don’t go through with the marriage, but he ants to talk about his mom. She called him. Sonny says Jason gave her a burner phone, and she took a chance. Michael says she begged him not marry Nelle, but he has to do this. Sonny explains that parents don’t always see their kids; they listen with their heart. His mom is afraid for him, and so is Sonny. Michael asks Sonny to visit Carly tomorrow, and reassure her that he knows what he’s doing, because he does.

Mary Pat says what a pity Carly is making a spectacle of herself on her son’s wedding day. She couldn’t hold it together and be happy. Instead, she had to make it about her. Self-absorption shows no evidence of recovery. She told Doc that his optimism was premature, but what does she know? She gets a syringe ready, and says Carly won’t be getting out anytime soon, but Carly grabs her arm and says, guess again.

Everyone takes their seats. Josslyn comes down the aisle, followed by Nelle. Nelle is wearing a sweet empire waist number, with bling at the waistline, a bow in back, and the cutest little lace cap sleeves.

Doc looks in on Carly, and sees someone sleeping under the blanket. What he doesn’t see, is the syringe on the floor.

Ned starts the ceremony. Chase scowls. Ned says if anyone can show just cause that they shouldn’t be joined together, speak now. Carly appears, and says, hell no. Her son is not getting married today. Bobbie smiles.

On Monday. Brad has news for Lucas about the baby. Griff thinks Ava is avoiding him, and Carly says Nelle is dangerous and deadly, and Michael can’t marry her.

😂 Bravo has been running mini marathons of Whose Line Is It Anyway? If you’ve never seen this show, you’re in for a treat. Featuring Aisha Tyler and Wayne Brady (one of my favorites), among others, it’s all improv, and one of the funniest shows ever. Not being talented in that area, it amazes me how clever this group can be off the tops of their heads. Using props, suggestions from the audience, and music, it will have you rofling in no time.

💥 I saw a hoarder on Dr. Phil this week. Two of my favorite things – I thought my head might explode. She also gave me a quote for my Hall of Fame: You just never know when you might need a wheel.

🎤 Quotes of the Week

You’ve heard of Doctors Without Borders? We were nurses without credentials. – Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), 2 Broke Girls

There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.Ron Swanson

When did heat get so hot? – Caroline (Beth Behrs), 2 Broke Girls

What the eye can’t see, the heart won’t grieve over. – Mrs. Patmore (Lesley Nicol), before deciding to serve chicken that fell on the floor, Downton Abbey

Death is a passage from this brutal world. You don’t deserve the exit. – Ake (Zahn McClarnon), Ghost Nation warrior, to the Man in Black (Ed Harris), Westworld

🏡 Keep Passing the Open Windows…

As I quoted from John Irving to a friend this week.



July 12, 2018 – West Nile on Spoon Island, the Winter Wonderland Ball & My Spirit Animal


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Valentin tells Nina the stable master had a family emergency, so he has to take care of the horses himself. He’ll say hello to Lumiere for her. When he’s gone, Nina calls Obrecht, but it goes to voicemail. Nina says, put down whatever torture device you’re using and answer the phone.

Peter talks about what’s important in life as he dictates the book, ending with, the first time a mother reached out to hold her baby. Why, Octavian thought, do we never understand life’s value and true meaning until we’re about to lose it all? Obrecht calls it drivel. She says it’s supposed to be a brilliant sequel. His fate depends on it. Peter says they both know how it ends. When he finishes the story, she finishes him. She says, back to work. He has a deadline; no more stalling. No one is coming to his rescue.

Curtis meets Sam and Jordan at the MetroCourt. Curtis says they have footage that might prove how Peter vanished. Sam says, it’s more like he didn’t have a choice.

Stella sees mike Sonny and Mike at the hospital. Sonny says they’re waiting for a prescription. Mike says Griff suggested he take tango lessons, but he needs a dance partner. Sonny says Mike is an incurable flirt, and Stella hopes they never find a cure. She loves to tango, and Mike says he has himself a dance partner. Stella leaves to put a rush on the prescription. Sonny asks if Mike is okay, and he says he was just kidding around with Stella. It would be nice to have one last tango with someone that lovely. Maybe tonight at the wedding. He tells Sonny that he’s not losing a son, but gaining a daughter.

Alexis arrives at the Quartermaine’s. Michael thanks her for coming on short notice. She’s surprised he didn’t call Diane, but he says she’s his father’s lawyer. He’s his own man, and thought he’d get his own lawyer. She says, as opposed to the ELQ army he has. He says, that’s business, this is personal. He wants her to draw up a will. It wasn’t what she was expecting to hear from a groom on his wedding day. He says he wants to get it out of the way – the sooner the better. With the baby almost here, he can’t put it off. After today, everything changes. He wants to put the happiness and welfare of his family first. He wants to make sure the person who means the most is taken care of after he’s gone. Nelle listens from around the corner.

Mike talks about dancing with Sonny’s mother at their wedding. The family didn’t approve of him, so they eloped. He remembers someone saying, you may kiss the bride, and he did. Sonny’s mom said he was a terrific kisser. They had first dance. Adela loved to dance, and when he held her… He’s never forgotten how much he loved her. He says, when you find that one person… Sonny knows what he means.

Jordan tells Curtis and Sam there’s no way to tell if it’s Peter under the laundry, or who’s pushing the cart. Sam tells her to check out the shoes. They seem to be sensible work shoes, but look closer – a heel. Jordan assumes they’ve traced the brand. Sam says there’s only one website that sells them. Jordan says now they need a face to do with the shoes.

Peter asks Obrecht if Nina is coming back. He’s hungry, tired, and in pain; it’s not conducive to creativity. Obrecht thinks she has half a caramel stashed in her bag, but he says he doesn’t need a piece of candy; he needs Nina. Obrecht asks if she’s his muse, and he says she’s less likely to do him bodily harm. Obrecht shows him a riding crop, and says, instead of thinking of it as an instrument of pain, think of it as inspiration. He asks, what if Nina was arrested, and the police are on their way? She says it would be lucky for him. Her phone buzzes. She says it’s probably someone trying to sell healthcare, but checks it.

Nina finds Valentin at the docks, and tells him that he can’t go home. She got a call from environmental department, and they’re checking for West Nile virus on Spoon Island. He says it sounds a panicked bureaucrat afraid of losing their job, but she says it’s serious. She doesn’t think he should go there, and says it’s a good thing Charlotte is staying at Lulu’s. She tells him to stay at the MetroCourt; she’ll drive him. He says for someone whose divorcing him, she’s very concerned about his welfare, and asks if there’s another reason. An officer comes out. He says he’s been trying to get ahold of Valentin, and puts up a sign saying the launch is closed, and tells Valentin that Spoon Island is quarantined until further notice.

Sam tells Curtis they can cross Maxie off the list. She was in the hospital when Peter disappeared. He ask if she knows someone who would do it as a favor. She says, only Jason, but he’d tell her. He says Nina has the funds to hire someone to do her dirty work. Sam reminds him that she hired them to prove Valentin was an accessory. He says that leaves one woman who has the means, opportunity, and motive. Obrecht.

Peter says he warned Obrecht that the story might not end the way she wans it to. She says no one knows they’re at the stables. He says unless Nina let it slip. She only wanted justice. Obrecht says that’s what she wants, but Peter says, she wants revenge. Nina knows it’s wrong. Maybe in a moment of clarity, decency, and sanity, she confessed. Obrecht’s phone dings. The text says, West Nile detected. Obrecht says Nina managed to divert all curious parties away. She suggests they pick up where they left off.

Jordan sees Stella at the hospital. She’s looking for TJ, and Stella says he’s spending his spare time in medical library. Jordan tells Stella that she and Curtis would like her help in planning the wedding.

Mike asks Sonny what’s wrong. Sonny says, nothing, but Mike doesn’t buy it. He has that concerned look, like when he’s worried. He asks if something is wrong with the wedding, and Sonny says he might say that. Mike asks if the groom is getting cold feet.

Alexis tells Michael she’ll make a boilerplate, and when he gets back, they’ll fill in the blanks. She asks what’s the rush, and he says he wants to make sure the person he loves most will be completely taken care of. Alexis says she’ll make that happen. Go forth and get hitched. When he gets back. She’ll make sure his wishes are crystal clear. He says it’s pretty simple. He’s going to leave everything to his child. The sooner, the better. Alexis says, understood, and he thanks her for making it a priority

Stella tells Jordan that it’s early to be planning, especially without a date. Why not enjoy an old-fashioned courtship? Don’t spoil it. Jordan gets that they’ll never be best friends, but she and Curtis love each other, and they’re going to be married. It would mean a lot if she’d sit down to supper and plan the wedding with them. Stella agrees, but when Jordan is gone, she calls Shondra. She leaves a message, saying that she was thinking Shondra should visit. Curtis would love to see her. The sooner, the better (phrase of the day).

Curtis says it wouldn’t be the first time Obrecht crossed the line. Sam says she’s a doctor, and has access to sedatives. Sam says she was just with her at Maxie’s baby shower, and has a hard time believing yjr same woman celebrating her grandson’s birth is the one in the video. Curtis says maybe she’s upset that her grandson is without a father. She has a big ass motive that just got bigger. He thinks Nina knows or saw something. Either way, they’re talking to her.

Nina tells Valentin that he’s a refugee in a five-star hotel; boohoo. He says she cares about him, but she says Charlotte would be upset if he keeled over from West Nile. She has to deal with the magazine. He might have bought hem some time, but she has to provide real ads from real businesses with real products. Unless he wants her to be the laughing stock of the publishing industry and the entire world. He says she could have let him find out on his own, but instead, she raced to the docks. It could only mean one thing.

Nelle joins Michael, who wasn’t expecting to see her until the main event. He asks if she shouldn’t be getting dressed, and she asks if he loves her.

Nina tells Valentin, despite her non-positive feelings, she doesn’t want him walking into a mosquito hot zone. Human decency is the only reason. He says if he’s taking a suite there, they might find themselves next to each other. Curtis comes to the office, and Nina tells Valentin to go. Curtis tells Nina that he and Sam have a new theory. What can she tell him about Obrecht?

Peter dictates. A small glimmer of light, a symbol of hope. He drove into the night. The road long and dark stretching on forever. He stops and tells Obrecht she looks like needs rest. She says, when he’s dead. He says he was watching her, and she looks like she could almost be a mother, a mother in pain. She says that’s who she is, and don’t forget who caused it. He tells her, Cesar Faison. It was inflicted on him his whole life. She doesn’t seem like bad person. She asks if he’s developed Stockholm Syndrome. He says they’re going about the sequel wrong. It shouldn’t be about him. She says the first book was about him and his father. Why wouldn’t it be about him after his father’s demise? He says he left out a compelling character – her.

Jordan finds TJ, and tells him there’s been a stumbling block in planning the wedding. He assumes it’s Stella, but Jordan says she stepped up to the plate. The other hurdle is the bride needs someone to give her away. Speaking for the bride, she can’t think of anyone better than her son.

Stella tells Sonny the pharmacy is backed up, but their working on Mike’s prescription. Mike asks Sonny to go to the pharmacy and wait. Stella says he needs to get to a wedding, and she’s trying to avoid one. He asks if she means her nephew and the commissioner. He ask if she’s ever missed a funeral, and she says it’s her Christian duty to attend. He asks, then why deny seeing two people’s happiness?

Alexis sees Sonny, and tells him that she’ll accommodate Michael’s wishes. It’s a first to draft a will hours before a groom takes his vows.

Michael says of course he loves Nelle. Why is she doubting it? She says she put him through so much, and then the baby. He says it’s the best thing that ever happened to them. She loves him more than anything, but can’t live with the fact that he might think she’s using the baby to trap him. He says, he’s the one who proposed, and wanted to be married today. If anyone is trapping, it’s him. He says after they’re married, they’ll be so happy. He hugs her, and practically rolls his eyes.

Valentin reserves a suite on the executive level, and asks if they’re sure things will work out. Sam says she couldn’t help overhearing; it’s an occupational hazard. Valentin tells her about Spoon Island being quarantined tells her. Sam says, don’t worry. They don’t want anything to do with it anymore.

Nina asks Curtis if Obrecht is a person of interest. He says she has one hell of a motive. Other than Maxie, who has more reason to hate Peter than Nathan’s grieving mother? He asks if Nina has noticed any odd behavior. She says Obrecht is brilliant, but also a lunatic. She’d be suspicious if Obrecht acted normal. She needs to get back to work. Curtis says if she runs into Obrecht, they never had this conversation. She says, what conversation?

Jordan doesn’t want to put TJ on the spot if he’s uncomfortable. TJ says it’s not that. His dad’s been gone a long time. Like he told Stella, he thinks his dad would want them to be happy. She asks if that’s a yes.

Stella says Mike would understand if he knew the circumstances. There are many reasons why they’re all wrong for each other. He asks if they know reasons, and she says, they do, but want to go ahead anyway. Against reason, decency, and common sense. He says she’s been a good friend, so he’s giving it to her straight. He takes her hand, and says, life goes by in the blink of an eye. If two people are lucky enough to find love, they should grab it. Anyone who tries to take it away, is not doing their Christian duty. They’re robbing themselves of the most precious thing; time to love. He tells her not to make that mistake.

Sonny tells Alexis that Nelle’s last fiancé died before they got married. She thinks Michael’s too smart to take a chance. After they’re married, she’ll revisit the will and work out the details. She leaves, and Sonny says, that may be too late.

Nelle says she’ll see Michael at the chapel. He says he can’t wait. When he’s gone, Nelle calls the lawyer again. She has a quick question for a friend. she became sick with no will, and is terrified her husband and daughter won’t get anything. She asks what happens if someone dies with no will, Michael listens in.

Sam meets Curtis. He says Nina didn’t kidnap Peter, but she knows more than she’s telling. She couldn’t jump through enough hoops to avoid answering questions about Obrecht. Sam asks about the West Nile virus, and Curtis says it’s not there. She asks how much thinks Nina knows.

Nina thanks the officer, and gives him something for his time and expenses. He gives her a flyer from the theater troupe he’s in. They’re doing Bye, Bye Birdie in the park, and he’s playing Conrad. She asks him to leave he sign, and tells him to break a leg.

Valentin makes and appointment with Finn. He needs an infectious disease specialist as soon as possible.

Obrecht rejects Peter’s attempt at flattery. He says the entire story was only about the father and son; they need a mother. It’s time for a story not with a secondhand viewpoint, but her own words. She says no one ever asked about her. It was always Cesar, Cesar and Anna, Cesar and Robin. No one considered she might have story to tell. He says, now’s her chance. She says she’s not a writer, but he says neither was J.K. Rowling before she gave the world Harry Potter. He says pretend he’s the reader, and begin anywhere. Repeat after him, once upon a time… She says, there was a little girl that absolutely no one understood.

TJ tells Jordan, it’s a definite yes. He hopes the wedding is everything she and Curtis would want. She hugs him.

Sonny comes back. Stella says she stopped by to help his father, and he turned the tables and helped her instead. Mike says he still has a few surprises. She says, he certainly does, and tells him not to miss wedding. He says, her too. Outside, Stella calls Shondra again. She says, on second thought, it’s not a good time. She forgot to mention Curtis is getting married.

We see an empty desk chair. On the desk, the phone says a missed call from Stella.

Mike tells Sonny that he loves weddings. Who’s getting married?

Nelle says, so in New York state, if intestate, the spouse inherits everything? Her friend will be glad to hear that. Michael eavesdrops.

Tomorrow, Lulu asks Ned who gets married on Friday the 13th, Carly wants out, and Nelle stabs Michael.

Southern Charm

The Winter Wonderland Ball is being set up and Patricia approves. Kathryn flips through Patricia’s book, The Art of Southern Charm.

Cameran visits Craig at his new house. She asks if he’s swept the floors since he moved in. He says yes, but she’s skeptical. She suggests he hire a cleaning service. He offers her something to drink, and she says she’ll take some wine if it’s not old. From the look on her face after taking a sip, I think it might be. He asks if the baby is awesome, and she shows him a picture. He thinks she’ll make a kickass mom. He’s waiting on a character fitness profile from the bar, which verifies they’re comfortable letting him represent people. At present, it’s pending. Craig tells Cameran about his pillow-making operation. She asks if pillow-making is a passion, and if the end goal is to make a business. He says there’s no reason for it not to, and shows her his pillow covers. She tells him it’s not rocket science to stuff them. She says it’s nice, but in her interview says, wtf?  Cameran says, God bless him, truly, but she thinks it’s nothing more than an excuse not to do what he really wants to be doing. Craig says he needs to focus on one thing; it’s been a pattern in his life. He needs some soul searching to find out why he can’t stick with one thing and follow through. Cameran asks what his life coach said, and he tells her that he stopped calling back. In his interview, he thinks it’s because of shame. We flash back to her asking why he’s a liar, and how they have to work on his vulnerability. Cameran says he has to learn to be accountable, and he believes that was the problem with him and Naomie. Naomie said it more harshly, but she was right. Cameran thinks it would be cathartic to talk to her about it, and also get his house cleaned.

Naomie visits Kathryn, who says they didn’t get to talk at the polo match, because she got sucked into a conversation with Thomas. He was expressing how he and Ashley aren’t doing well, and he’s not happy. She thinks he feels stuck because he’s paying for everything. Kathryn tells Naomie that she got an Instagram message that Ashley was a high-end escort for polo men in Santa Barbara. Naomie heard she was a polo rat. In her interview, Naomie thinks Ashley must have some kind of monetary ambition. Naomie asks if Kathryn is nervous, and she says, not about Ashley, but seeing Patricia will be intense. We flash back to Kathryn telling Shep that she thought she was being served when she got the invitation. Naomie thinks Patricia is over it. In her interview, Kathryn believes it’s a test. Patricia picked the most formal type of event for her to eff up. She tells Naomie that she’s going with Shep, and Naomie says Craig texted her about asking someone else, and seemed to be trying to make her feel like it was her decision. Kathryn asks, why can’t he be straight up? and Naomie says, because he’s Craig.

Craig and Austen pick up their outfits for the Ball, which is tails for the men and gowns for the ladies. Austen tells Craig last night was not an early night. We see a clip of Austen and some of the other guys doing karaoke. Craig says he made it there. Austen says he’s never worn tails. Shep joins them, and says it’s been a while since he’s worn them, explaining that the vest must be even with the coat. In his interview, Shep says the girls get to wear cool dresses, while the men are like Star Wars stormtroopers; everyone looks the same. Craig says he might have to paint his brace. He asks if that girl is still around; the one Thomas is dating. Shep says she is. They talk about Ashley asking if they’d date her, and in his interview, Shep says it’s like she’s hedging her bets. Craig thinks Thomas is throwing money at her to shut her up. She still has no job. Austen thought she was a nurse in California, but Craig says she’s not working now. He asks if Whitney didn’t ask Thomas how much it would take to pay her off. We see a clip of just that, and Ashley suggests five thousand. Being the gentleman he is, Whitney says it should be more like fifty, and suggests Thomas do it.

Everyone gets ready. Ashley asks Thomas for a stiff drink. In his interview, Thomas says if it wasn’t for Ashley’s persistence, they’d have broken up. She feels they still have a chance to make it, and he thinks she has a point. He gives her a cocktail, and a present. He hopes things start looking up. In his interview, he says he doesn’t want to waste his remaining years looking for a partner to share his life with. Ashley opens the box, and its’ a locket with their initials on it. She says she’ll never take it off, and he puts it on her. In his interview, he says he doesn’t want any regrets, and wants to make sure he’s given it everything he has. Ashley says she’ll probably see his baby momma there. Thomas asks if Ashley is going to chat with her, and Ashley says she wants to feel comfortable. Thomas says he gets along with her well.

Chelsea goes to Kathryn’s hotel room, since getting ready with two kids isn’t doable. Ooh, Chelsea is wearing a fur stole, hopefully faux. Chelsea says it’s like a Dior commercial. Kathryn says it’s her first invite in five years. Patricia thought she was a liability. She’s been obsessed with white tie, so there’s no room for criticism. Chelsea says Patricia needs to know her outside of Thomas. Kathryn says she doesn’t care to. She says, Patricia was a single mom going after a single mom. In her interview, Kathryn says Patricia believed Thomas. It’s too bad Patricia didn’t know her outside of that. Austen calls Chelsea, and says he’ll be there in ten. Kathryn says she’s always ready on time, but I’m not sure if she’s being sarcastic.

The quartet plays. The steps outside are covered with bubbles that look like snow. Everything is sparkly and beautiful, including Patricia. Glittering Christmas trees and white lights are everywhere. Champagne is served. Ashley tells Thomas that she hopes to enjoy the company of their friends, but she doesn’t really have any.

Jennifer tells everyone that her child’s favorite word is boobie – in public. Everyone trickles in. Cameran says it’s like the Titanic. Whitney tells Ashley that she looks like Ava Gardner, 1961. Quite debatable. JD (bleh) walks in, saying, let’s get the party started, wearing fur coat over his shoulders. Elizabeth tells him that he looks good. That’s what stress does to you.

Cameran asks if Ashley and Thomas are still together, and Naomie says, very much.  A dude whose name I can’t catch, says there’s an awkward rumor, and Cameran asks if Ashley is pregnant. He says that’s the wrong tree; it’s in the opposite direction. Cameran says, an escort? He says he heard it from a family friend in Santa Barbara. Jennifer isn’t buying it. Craig walks in with his date, Bella, and Naomie gets all weird.

Cameran asks Craig what kind of date it is, and he says they know each other. Cameran says she’ll shut up then, but I’m not sure what all that meant. Thomas asks Whitney, who’s that, looking at Kathryn. He says he didn’t recognize her, and now he lost his train of thought. Kathryn says she’s going the My Fair Lady route. In her interview, Patricia says enough people have told her Kathryn has been redeemed; she wants to see it for herself. She doesn’t want to think of this as test, but… Shep tells Kathryn to let the party settle before she approaches Patricia.

Mingling happens. Shep asks if Kathryn is okay, and she says she’s always good. Austen says Ashley reminds him of Cruella de Vil. That’s certainly more accurate than Ava Gardner. Danni talks to Jennifer, who says her relationship with JD is transforming. Danni says, next stop, boyfriend. Jennifer says she has three little boyfriends at home. Patricia explains to Austen how to sit in tails. Everyone sits down to diner.

Kathryn takes her gloves off with her teeth, and Austen says that’s definitely the way it’s done. Shep pulls them off for her, pretends to sneeze in them, and puts them in his coat pocket. She tells him to keep them. Dinner is served. Cameran FaceTimes with Jason. Whitney says he’s missed. Patricia tells a friend that Kathryn is the one with the tiara. Kathryn knows their staring at her, and says she wants to thank Patricia for inviting her. In her interview, Kathryn says Patricia has a statuesque resting bitch face, and she can’t read her. Bella cuts Craig’s food for him. I have no words. Bella steps away, and Cameran asks if he’s going to talk to Naomie. He says he needs a few drinks first. Jennifer says she’s had no contact with Kathryn, and Ashley says she burned that bitch. Kathryn tells her table about last seeing Jennifer at the deposition where she lied. We flash back to the reunion, and Kathryn calling her a liar. Kathryn says Jennifer deserves no acknowledgement from her. Ashley tells Jennifer that Kathryn says she never thinks about her, but she’s delusional. Every night, she thinks about how Ashley Jacobs is winning. Thomas looks like he has a headache.

Kathryn asks Chelsea about the rumor. She’s not being mean, just throwing it out there. Chelsea asks how much escorts make, since she’s a businesswoman. Naomie makes fun of Bella, who doesn’t know to take her gloves off for dinner. Jennifer tells Thomas it’s not going well with Ashley, and he says she lacks diplomacy. Jennifer says she’s not from the South. Austen starts to talk about the rumor, and Thomas says it’s absurd. Jennifer says she moved there for Thomas; it’s not fair.

Austen says women can be nasty, but it’s being said Ashley is an escort. Jennifer says she has a career, and his remarks are incendiary. Ashley appears in a puff of smoke like the wicked witch. She asks if Austen thinks she’s a nurse. Austen says he has no idea. He’s never seen her do anything but spend Thomas’s money. Jennifer says that’s insulting, and says he called her hooker. Austen says he was just relaying what’s being said. In his interview, Austen says if it was his girlfriend, he would hope someone would tell him. Jennifer asks what if it was Austen’s sister, and they start to argue. Patricia watches from her table, telling Elizabeth the dynamics are interesting. Ashley tries to shove her nursing license in Austen’s hand, and when he won’t take it, shoves it in his face. Cameran asks Whitney what’s with the card Ashley is pushing at Austen? Craig thinks Thomas is happier when Ashley’s not there. Ashley screeches at Austen that she needs a South Carolina license to work in South Carolina. He asks what’s happening with that, and she squawks, it’s called a process. She says there’s no reasoning with him. Thomas tells her to stop it, and be above it.

Austen tells Chelsea that Ashley brought his sister into it. Ashley gripes that Thomas didn’t have her back, and he says he didn’t want to stoop to that level. Dude whose name I don’t know says, the party isn’t going in your favor if everyone says you’re a hooker. A cautionary tale for us all. Ashley doesn’t want Craig to think she was hitting on him; she was just flattering his ego. Then she says it was a joke, because she can’t make up her mind which story to go with. Back at the table, Austen says she attacked him, and told her no one here was calling her that. Chelsea says, only their whole table. Ashley tells Craig that he’s not a backup. He has her confused with Kathryn. She’s not going to break up with Thomas then screw his friends. Craig says she’s not working, she’s spending Thomas’s money, then she says she’d date him or Shep if they were older. It as guy code to ask Thomas if he’s sure about her motives.

The music starts. Patricia wonders what deal is with Kathryn. She invited her, but is yet to be thanked or acknowledged. Elizabeth tells Patricia that Kathryn does want to talk to her. Patricia says, that, and a quarter, making me laugh. (In case you’re not familiar with the phrase, the rest is, will get you on the bus. In other words, it’s meaningless unless Kathryn puts her desire into action. Although the bus costs a lot more than a quarter now.) Kathryn dances with Shep, and Kathryn calls him aggressive. Austen and Chelsea dance. Kathryn asks Shep what to say to Patricia, and he tells her to be contrite. Thank her for the invitation, say she doesn’t want to bother her, but it’s such a lovely party. And it’s so much better than two years ago. They laugh. In her interview, Kathryn says five years ago, she was in exile, blacklisted, and painted as a psycho. We flash back to Patricia calling Kathryn a shameless strumpet. Kathryn wonders, do they hug? Kiss? Shake hands? She didn’t google the etiquette; she just googled the clothes.

Kathryn approaches Patricia, and thanks her for the invitation; it means a lot to be included. It’s been a while, but she wants Patricia to know how much she appreciates the beautiful evening. She says Patricia also looks lovely, and Patricia says, as does she. Patricia takes Kathryn’s hand and thanks her. Elizabeth gets up, and tells Kathryn to sit down. Watching, Shep is excited, saying, it’s all happening. Kathryn says it gives her a chance to be acceptable; it is very different from five years ago. We flash back to Kathryn screaming Thomas’s name while chasing him down the pier. Cameran tells Whitney that it’s jarring. He says like the mailman shaking the Doberman’s hand (isn’t that paw?)>Enemies coming together. Patricia tells Kathryn that Thomas said she’s doing well, and is having a good time with the babies. Kathryn says she also has a job, and structure is good for her. Being a mother is difficult, but it brings joy. Patricia asks about her job. When Kathryn says it’s at Gwenn’s, Patricia she always liked clothes, and looked good. She likes to get on her soapbox about women having careers. It’s important, and gives them a sense of accomplishment, whatever happens in life. Kathryn admits to looking up white tie, and Patricia is glad she did, because she looks perfect. Kathryn says she researched the history. Thomas comes over, but Ashley won’t have it, and can’t drag him away fast enough. Jennifer sits down, much to Jennifer’s dismay. Kathryn says she didn’t mean to interrupt, and takes her leave. In her interview, Patricia says she was pleasantly surprised. Kathryn was gracious, charming, and she was impressed by her demeanor. She feels a genuine liking for Kathryn. I nearly get tears in my eyes, if only because Kathryn has worked so hard to better herself against all odds. I also have to add that she does look fabulous. Her hair is in an updo with whitish streaks (probably extensions). She’s wearing an off-the-shoulder velvet gown that has a thigh-high side slit. The updo also sports a delicate tiara.

Kathryn tells Shep about how Patricia appreciated her googling white tie, and said she wore all the right things. She wanted Patricia to realize that she respects her. Shep says there’s not one person against her in the room. Kathryn says, actually, there is, but it’s irrelevant. He hugs her, and calls her his demure, well-behaved, wonderful date.

Thomas and Craig twirl in their tails. Whitney dips Cameran, and she tells him that he’s secretly the one she’s wanted all along. Kathryn goes back to her original table. Craig approaches Naomie and says he wants to apologize for things in their relationship. When she’s ready to talk, let him know. She says he’s not a genuine person and to eff off. He says, that’s not mature. In her interview, Naomie says it’s the moment she’s been waiting for; him saying she’s not the only problem. But he picks the night it stopped mattering. He says he’s sorry for everything that happened, and she tells him to go away. He mumbles apologies, and wanders off, telling someone, that went well.

There’s sporadic dancing. Patricia says, there’s no crazy going on, and wonders if she missed something. Kathryn goes out for smoke, and Ashley follows her. Kathryn is sitting outside on a bench, and Ashley asks if she can join her. Kathryn says she’d love it. Ashley says she didn’t want to talk upstairs. With everyone around, it gets her charged. Kathryn says she’s resolved her issues with everyone, even Patricia, and she’s in a good place. She’d like to understand where Ashley is coming from, since she has no clue. Ashley wants to begin by apologizing. She says things got heated at Hilton Head, and she’s sorry for her part in it. How about the part where she started it?  Kathryn has no idea where Ashley’s head is at. One minute, Ashley respects her, and the next, she’s a terrible person. Ashley crossed the line in so many ways. Ashley immediately becomes her true, evil queen self, and tells Kathryn, don’t deflect, which makes no sense whatsoever. Kathryn says she’s not. Ashley tells her not to forget her kids were taken from her. Kathryn says she can’t ever forget that. Ashley starts to rant, and Kathryn tells her to calm down. Ashley says, there she is. Kathryn says all Ashley is, is a gold-digger. No one likes her, including her boyfriend. Ashley says she’s not going anywhere, and Kathryn says it’s all in her head. Ashley insists that she and Thomas are best thing to ever happen to one another. Kathryn asks why he’s miserable and depressed then. She says they talk. Ashley gets all weird and shaky, and says when Kathryn calls or texts, it gets Thomas stressed. He can’t stand her. Kathryn says they talk all the time, and Ashley is freaking her out. Ashley tells her to be careful. She knows a lot of information. Kathryn asks if Ashley is threatening her, and Ashley says, yeah, she is.

Kathryn calls Ashley psychotic, but Ashley doesn’t care. Kathryn tells her to back the eff up, and realize her place. Ashley says she has life Kathryn wants; that’s why she’s so threatened. Ashley heads for the door, telling Kathryn God bless. Kathryn says, peace.

Ashley confronts Thomas, asking if he’s been talking smack about her with Kathryn. He insists he hasn’t. Ashley says Kathryn is nasty, and Thomas tells her to stop. He suggests they leave. Kathryn calls him over, and tells him that his girlfriend is a psycho. Ashley tells him not to be a p*ssy, and to speak up. Tell Kathryn how great their relationship is. Kathryn says they’re not talking about her, and Ashley tries to pull him by the arm. Thomas tells her that he’ll be there in a minute. She wants him to tell his baby to find someone else to screw. Danni has her head in her hands. Kathryn points out how Ashley treats her. She knows he’s in a hard spot, and has to go. She says Ashely is scary, and probably scares him too. She won’t accept Ashley being around her kids. She tells him to be careful. If Ashley threatened her, she’ll threaten him too.

Ashley says she wants to save Thomas, and tells him to give her a hug, because everyone thinks they’re breaking up. Kathryn says Ashley must be pretty flexible, since she manages to have her foot in her mouth and her head up her ass at the same time. She walks over to where Thomas and Ashley are standing. She tells Ashley to look her in the eye. She says Ashley crossed line as a mother; screw her. Ashley says she’d hoped they could be cool, and Kathryn says they’ll never be cool. She’ll be gone in a week. Ashley tells Kathryn she’s not the best mom, and does she want her kids to see her like that, pointing to the slit in her skirt. Oh man. Kathryn says Ashley needs to hear her. She’s such a child, and needs to STFU. She doesn’t want Ashley coming around her or her children. Ashley says, good luck with that, and smiles, edging closer to Thomas. Kathryn says she screwed with the wrong person, and screwed with the wrong family. Ashley says they’re not a family. She’s just an egg donor. Kathryn says it’s her effing town, and Ashley says she’s not going anywhere; God bless. Kathryn says, peace, bitch. Ashley tells Kathryn that she’ll in her prayers. Kathryn suggests she pray for herself. Danni cracks up, and Kathryn says, effing psycho.

The text tells us: Six months later, Thomas and Ashley are still together, but Thomas and Kathryn are joyfully co-parenting. And now, Kathryn has 50/500 custody. Yay!

Next time, the reunion.

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