October 16, 2019 – Nina Stands Firm, Girls and Gays Bachelorette, Big Wedding, Another Loss, LuAnn Redo, New Black & a Spell


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General Hospital

On the phone, Chase asks Jordan if she’s sure about that, and says he can do it.

Alexis sits at Charlie’s bar, and tells Julian that her life coach is trying to kill her. She thinks it’s a conspiracy far and wide, since all the trainers at the gym are part of the cabal. He asks what he can get her, and she says it’s her cheat day. She orders a breakfast the size of what The Rock eats on his cheat day. Julian says before he gets it, did she get Olivia to back off? Alexis adds some more food to her order. Julian says, this is Olivia’s latest masterpiece, and shows her a flyer. Last year a dead body; this year, who knows? Alexis says, Olivia isn’t behind it. Does he have any enemies that want revenge. He says not that he knows of.

Brad goes to Nelle’s parole hearing. She says he came, and he says she didn’t give him much choice. She says, it’s going to be the best parole hearing ever. Michael shows up, and wonders why Brad is there. Nelle says they have a big surprise. Brad says, don’t, but she says now that she’s getting out of prison, it’s time Michael knows the truth about his son. Jonah didn’t die; he’s alive. She gave him to Brad and Lucas. Michael says, Wiley is his son? He gets angry, and Nelle thanks Brad for looking after their son. Now that she’s getting out, she and Michael can finally be a family with their son. Michael says, over his dead body, and pushes Brad. He walks toward the door, and Brad asks where he’s going. Michael says, to get his son. Brad wakes up, yelling, don’t go! and Lucas asks, who’s Michael, and why doesn’t Brad want him to go?

Sasha and Michael go to Kelly’s. She wonders if it bothers him to be seen with her in public, and he says he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings, but compared to the scandals in his family, hers hardly rates. Lulu is there with Maxie, and asks, what is Michael thinking? He knew Sasha was an imposter, and didn’t say anything. Maxie says, he’s non-judgmental. Maybe because he’s both a Corinthos and a Quartermaine. Michael tells Sasha, not implicating Valentin was a noble gesture. She says she couldn’t do that to Charlotte, or cause Nina any more pain. Michael says, Valentin was the mastermind, but Sasha tells him, she said yes. Michael says, so did Valentin. It’s not fair that he should skate with zero consequences. Lulu asks if Maxie has seen Nina since the wedding, and Maxie says she did. Nina was on the fence about… correction was on the fence. It looks like she climbed over, and jumped in. Nina and Valentin walk in holding hands.

Martin asks if Nelle read the notes he gave her. Nelle says she did, and thanks him, but she doesn’t need them. He asks if she thinks she can handle her first parole hearing on her own. Nelle says, first and last. Trust her; she’s got this. She’s going to be out of Pentenville by tonight.

Lucas says, Brad sounded freaked out that someone named Michael was leaving. What was he dreaming about? Brad says he doesn’t remember. Lucas says, it seemed intense, and Brad says he feels that, but as far as details, he can’t tell Lucas any more than that. Lucas says he’s been restless at night, and Brad says, sorry. Lucas says, don’t be. Just talk to him. Shiloh is dead, and Wiley is safe. No one is coming after Wiley, but Brad seems more stressed than ever. Brad says he’s trying an anti-anxiety medication, and shows Lucas the bottle. Lucas wonders why Brad didn’t tell him that he was seeing a therapist. Wiley cries, and Lucas goes to check on him. Brad calls Julian.

Julian ignores Brads call. He tells Alexis, if it’s not Olivia, he can’t think anyone else who would want to run him out of business. She tells him, think harder. Kendra walks in, and Alexis says, there she is. The woman who’s making her a better person. Julian says, even if it kills her? Alexis tells Kendra, she just had a workout, and is going to have a whole grain bowl. She leaves out the entire pig of bacon and six dozen eggs she just ordered. Kendra asks if she’s keeping up with her supplement, and Alexis says, about that. She was skeptical, so she had her GPA look at the ingredients. Kendra asks what her doctor said.

Martin didn’t think he’d have to remind Nelle that she pleaded nolo contendere to murder, attempted murder, and a host of other crimes. Even having a hearing this early is tantamount to a miracle. She asks if she should change her plea, but he says, it’s too late for that. Nelle says, it was clearly entrapment, but he says, it wasn’t. Legal terms don’t change because she wants them to. She says she was about to give birth, and was trapped. He says he has two expert’s statements on hormone disorder, as well as an OB/GYN statement on the effect of pregnancy on behavior. It’s doubtless that’s what led to her confession. He says she admitted she was the cause of her ex-fiancé’s death, and conspired to murder. She asks if he submitted it to the parole board, and he says, of course (🍷) not. All they care about is that she’s taking responsibility for her crimes. She says she pleaded nolo contendere, she’s had success in rehab, and has an impeccable record there. If that’s all that matters, she’s walking. He says, there’s no guarantee. Even if the board is inclined to rule in her favor, it can take weeks, sometime months, to get released.

Lulu says, don’t tell her Valentin and Nina are back together, and Maxie says she didn’t think it would be this fast. Lulu says, she thought they would? and Maxie tells her, Obrecht said Sasha acted alone. Sasha confirmed it, and apparently, Nina believes it. Lulu says, Obrecht was in on it, and possibly Valentin too, but Nina won’t listen to her. She tells Maxie to go to Nina, but  Maxie says, no. Lulu says Maxie knows as well as she does that Valentin is behind this. Maxie says, all she knows is, Lulu made huge mess of things.

Sasha tells Michael, she knows it must seem hypocritical to tell a lie to repair the damage, but she couldn’t bear to see Nina left alone. Michael says Valentin knows what he knows. Sasha says she doesn’t expect a thank you, but she might get Valentin to convince Nina to forgive her. He says he wouldn’t hold his breath.

Nina tells Valentin about a play she wants to take Charlotte to, and says he’s staring. He says she’s too damn beautiful. It was the greatest night of his life when she showed up. Better than when she showed up with Jax. She says she’s not with Jax. She didn’t come back so he could be a jealous idiot. He’s just glad she did. Nina says, even if the reason she left is sitting there? Lulu is there too; they’re surrounded. Valentin tells her, forget them, and focus on us. He suggests they go to city hall, and she can marry him right now. Chase walks in, and Michael says he thought he was meeting Chase at Pentenville. Chase says, the plans have changed. He asks Sasha to get up, and Michael asks, what’s going on? Nina tells Valentin that she knows what Chase is about to do; his job. Chase says Sasha is being charged with identity theft, and burglary in the second degree He reads her rights, and she looks panicked.

Alexis tells Kendra that she got the all clear from her doctor. Kendra asks if it’s helping her sleep, and Alexis says, it’s a miracle. She falls asleep, and stays asleep, and she has more energy. She’s going to need a refill. Kendra says, next time they meet. Alexis’s phone dings, and she says she’s got to go. Kendra says, so much for lightening the work load, but Alexis says it’s a family issue, and leaves.

Valentin tells Nina that Jordan wasn’t going to take action unless Nina wanted to. He wishes she hadn’t, and Nina asks why he doesn’t want to see Sasha punished.

Maxie can’t believe Chase is arresting Sasha, and Lulu says, it makes no sense to be putting Sasha in handcuffs while Valentin is in the clear. Maxie says it’s all about Valentin for Lulu. She hates him because he murdered her brother. What better way to pay him back? Lulu says she’d rather him go to prison than just have a bad wedding day, but what it’s really about is Charlotte and Rocco. How can she teach them to be honest if she’s not honest herself? Maxie says, however ethical, all Lulu did was kill Nina’s dreams and have Sasha arrested.

At the station, Michael asks Chase, what’s happening? Chase says, Nina made a statement, and Jordan witnessed Sasha’s confession at the wedding. Michael says, Sasha’s grandmother was sick, and Chase asks if he knows how many times they’ve heard that, and the grandmother is fine. Michael says he checked, and Sasha’s story is true. Chase says he’ll share the information, but Sasha told Nina that she acted alone. Michael says Chase doesn’t believe that, does he? Chase says, the complaint was made, and charges have been filed. He has to do his job. Michael asks, what about Nelle’s parole hearing? and Chase says he’ll take care of it. He tells Michael to stay there. If all goes well, he’ll keep Sasha out of prison, and Chase will do his best to see that Nelle stays behind bars.

Brad texts Julian that Nelle’s parole hearing is today. Michael will be there. What if she tells him? Lucas comes in, and asks Brad to tell him more about therapy. Brad says Neil wants to see the both of them. He’ll just tell him no. Lucas says he’d be happy to go. He wants Brad to feel better, and to stop calling another man’s name in his sleep.

Nelle says Martin has been nothing but negative, and wonders why she bothered hiring him. He says she didn’t. He took the case pro bono. She asks why take it if he thinks she’s going to lose? but he says he doesn’t. He only cautioned her that she may not win today. She asks what she’s supposed to do, and he says the Nelle he met was charming and sweet. Be that Nelle today, not the one she is now.

Lulu admits it wasn’t the outcome she expected, but her conscience is clear. Maxie says, good. Sasha is on her way to jail, and Nina is with Valentin, but Lulu can sleep at night. Lulu suggests Maxie get off her high horse. She had an illegal DNA test done. Maxie says she wanted to keep Nina from being exploited, but she stopped wanting to be right. She saw how Nina would light up when Sasha was in the room. Lulu says, Nina sat by Sasha’s bedside when she was sick. She was terrified to lose a daughter that wasn’t hers in the first place. Maxie says Lulu should have left well enough alone. Lulu says Nina is James’s aunt. If this had fallen in her lap, don’t say she wouldn’t have told the truth.

Nina tells Valentin, Sasha committed fraud, and broke her heart. She doesn’t understand why he’d want to let her go. Valentin thinks holding onto anger and chasing revenge might send Nina into a negative spiral. She asks, who is he? Next, he’ll be telling her to trust karma. Valentin says Sasha hurt her, and he wants her to be whole, and choose to heal, so she can be happy with him and Charlotte. He wonders if that’s enough for her.

In the interrogation room, Michael tells Sasha that he was hoping it wouldn’t come to this. She says, her too, but Nina wants justice, and she should have it. He asks if she’s thinking of pleading guilty, and she says, maybe, but she’s just saying she doesn’t blame Nina. Michael says before Alexis gets there, she should consider making a deal. Sasha doesn’t know what she’d have to offer, and Michael says, tell her that Valentin masterminded the scheme. He had three DNA tests falsified, and is a bigger fish than she is. Robert will jump at the opportunity, so would Laura and the rest of Nikolas’s family. Alexis comes in, and says she has a copy of the charges. Sasha perpetrated fraud and pretended to be Nina’s daughter? Sasha says, it’s true, and Michael asks if Alexis can help her.

Julian tears up the flyer. Lucas comes in, and Julian asks if everything is okay. Lucas says he was hoping Julian would talk him down. Shiloh is dead, and there’s no more threat to Wiley, but Brad is still tense and anxious. He’s was talking in his sleep. He kept saying, Michael.

Chase comes into the parole hearing room, and Nelle asks where Michael is. Chase says, he had a family emergency. Lucky her, right? The board comes in and sits down. A woman says they have an initial application for parole. She thanks Chase for being there, and says they’ve read impact statements from Michael, Carly, and other members of the Corinthos family. Nelle has requested an attorney be present, which isn’t necessary, but allowed. She says they’ll hear from Chase first, and then Nelle.

Julian asks if Lucas thinks Brad is cheating. Lucas says, of course (🍷) not, but since Wiley has been in their lives, he’s been different. He’s hard to read. Lucas wishes he knew what was going on in Brad’s head. Julian doesn’t think that’s going to happen, but Lucas says, it might. Brad’s therapist wants to see them both. He’s glad Brad found a safe space to talk about what’s bothering him.

Martin says Nelle has been a model prisoner. The warden said – and he quotes – he’s never seen a prisoner turn their life around as thoroughly as Nelle, and thinks she would be an asset to the world outside these walls. The woman asks if Nelle has taken responsibility for her crimes, and Nelle says, she has now. Although her hormones were raging because of her sweet little Jonah, she can’t blame her crimes on what was going on inside her. She takes full responsibility for the heinous actions that hurt so many. When she realized what she’d done, she had a breakdown, and was sent to Ferncliff. When she returned, she had the drive and determination to make amends to so many people she’s hurt. No matter what, she’ll never stop trying.

Alexis says, Sasha entered Nina’s home with the intent to commit fraud, but Sasha says that’s not why she went to Windymere, but okay. Alexis says there’s criminal impersonation in the second degree. She pretended to be Nina’s daughter in order to benefit herself or harm someone else. Sasha says she never meant any harm, but it was about money in the beginning. Alexis says, that’s a class A demeanor, and knocks out second degree burglary. She says she needs Michael to leave now; it will compromise the case if he stays. Does he want that? He says, of course (🍷) not. He’ll see what he can do on his end. Sasha asks what he means, but he tells her, good luck, kisses her head, and jets. Alexis says now she wants the whole truth. What part did Valentin play in this?

Nina can’t see why Valentin wouldn’t want Sasha to pay, but he says, of course (🍷) he would. He’s worried about the toll it’s going to take on Nina. She’s going to have to rehash this over and over in court. Nina says, that makes it less appealing, and Valentin says she should focus on what makes her happy, like Charlotte. She says, and him. Valentin says he loves making her happy. Nina starts to say, it’s a consolation, but then says he’s so much more than that. She can’t wait to see where this unexpected new beginning takes them. Valentin says, how about city hall? They can get married today. Her phone dings, and she says, it’s Jax with his own marriage proposal. She laughs, and says she thought it was funny. Alexis is representing Sasha, and needs to speak with her. Valentin says he’ll go with her, but she says, no; stay here. It’s something she needs to take care of on her own.

Maxie tells Lulu when she sees how much the truth hurt Nina and caused her to spiral, no. She wouldn’t have dashed Nina’s hopes. Lulu says, that’s not the question. If she’d known Sasha was lying, but didn’t know how it would play out, would she have told the truth? Maxie says, no. She thinks it would be better to keep the secret. Lulu says, like Maxie did when she was her surrogate? Maxie says, oh my God. I say, I’m not surprised she brought that up. I think Lulu is kidding herself all over the place.

Nelle tells the board, because of her good behavior, she got the privilege of training a support dog, and her sweet mutt Scrapple is going to a loving person. It breaks her heart, but knowing he’s going to a good home makes it less painful to say goodbye. Nothing will ever be as painful as letting go of the child she lost. Beautiful Jonah’s lifeless body was in her arms as she was saying goodbye. The only way for her to heal is to do good for others. She’s also been working at the hospice center, helping ease their pain. As hard as it will be to let them go as well, giving them comfort gives her comfort. If the board sees fit to release her, she intends to work in a hospice. Chase says, give him a break. It sounds pretty loud, but I assume the board doesn’t hear. She says she intends to be a productive member of society, and correct her mistakes. Being in prison gave her the opportunity to fix herself, and she thinks she’s a better person. She thanks them for hearing her case, and dabs at her eyes, looking at Brad. The woman says the board is ready to make a decision.

We see flowers on a grave. Kendra says, nine and a half years, his death went unpunished. We see it’s Kiefer’s grave, and she says, everything has changed. Shiloh told her that Kristina confessed that her mother ran him down. Alexis murdered him. Now it’s time to pay her back.

Alexis tells Sasha that she spoke to Robert. He’s willing to reduce the charges, and there will be no prison time. Sasha asks, what’s the catch? and Alexis says, no doubt Valentin had something to do with the fake DNA tests. Sasha says, she has a friend, but Alexis thinks it’s more than that. She thinks Sasha is covering for him. She asks if he’s threatening her, or if she’s doing this for Nina. Sasha says she never meant to hurt Nina, even though Nina wants to hurt her now. Nina comes in, and says, Alexis wanted to speak to her. Alexis says she has a proposal, and Nina says she’s not interested. Alexis says, hear her out. She’s not undermining Nina’s pain, but doesn’t think putting Sasha in prison will lighten the load. Nina asks if Alexis wants her to drop it, but Alexis says, not at all. She can sue Sasha in civil court. Nina says, Sasha has no money, but Alexis says they can hammer it out. Sasha is prepared to pay back every penny Nina spent; whatever she thinks is appropriate. What does Nina say?

Lulu says Maxie didn’t tell them that the child was hers and Spinelli’s, not Lulu and Dante’s. Maxie can’t believe Lulu is throwing that in her face. She thought they were past that. Lulu says, they are. She’s making a point. By the time the truth came out, she and Dante were deliriously in love with Connie, but it wasn’t Connie; it was Georgie. Maxie says the truth hurt everyone, and Lulu asks if she regrets telling the truth. Maxie says, of course (🍷) not. Lulu knows the truth can tear your guts out, but sooner or later every lie comes to light. The longer you wait, the deeper the pain. Does Maxie get it?

Valentin leaves Kelly’s, and Michael is waiting. He blocks Valentin, telling him, shut up and listen. He doesn’t know if Valentin had a hand in Sasha’s arrest, but he cares about Sasha. She did the noble thing by not implicating him. Valentin says that’s because he had nothing to do with it. Michael says they both know that’s not true, and he’s a lot less charitable than Sasha is.

The board tells Nelle that they can’t recommend parole at this time. Nelle says they can’t be serious.

Brad texts Lucas about Nelle’s parole hearing, and Julian asks if she made parole. Lucas says, she’s still safe behind bars. Julian says, at least until her next hearing.

Brad tells Nelle that he’s sorry. Martin says they only need two votes. She should be disappointed, but not defeated. For the next two years, she needs to keep her eyes on the prize. Nelle balks at two years, but he says it could be sooner. She says she’s trying, but she misses Wiley. Brad says he’ll send her pictures, and she says that will ease the pain until she’s finally free.

Michael says he knows everything Valentin did. Sasha told him everything. Valentin says then she’ll be hearing from his attorney; that’s slander. Michael says, time’s up, and Valentin says, just hers. She was hoping to save herself. Michael says if Sasha doesn’t tell the DA, he will.

Alexis asks if Nina thinks it’s possible to keep this out of criminal court, but Nina says, no. Sasha knew what she was doing was wrong. She could have come clean at any time. Instead, she lied to Nina’s face. Nina mothered her. Sasha allowed Nina to love her, and all that time, Sasha pretended to love her back. Sasha says she does love Nina. Nina says if that’s how she loves someone, God help her enemies. Take her love and take her deal, and the both of them can go to hell. She leaves, and Sasha says she didn’t expect Nina to agree. Alexis says neither did she, but it was worth a try. Sasha asks, what happens next?

Kendra tells Kiefer that she’ll always miss him, but justice for his death will lighten the load. She takes a container of the supplement out of her backpack, and says, Alexis said she needs a refill. She puts something into it, and says she’ll make sure Alexis gets it.

Lulu tells Maxie, Michael better be careful. Valentin is dangerous. Maxie says, Michael has Sonny and Jason. Valentin can’t touch Michael, and they both know that.

Valentin tells Michael to do himself a favor, and stay out of it. Sasha is playing him like she did Valentin. She lied to everyone. Michael says she did lie because she didn’t implicate Valentin. She was willing to save Valentin, but if Valentin doesn’t get Nina to back off, and Sasha goes to prison, he’ll make sure Valentin goes down with her. He walks away.

Tomorrow, Lucas asks Brad what else he’s hiding, Doc says he has to determine if Franco is in his right mind, and Jason visits someone in prison.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Brandi brings Brooklyn to cheerleading practice. In Brandi’s interview, she says when she was Brooklyn’s age, she wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleader, but she never pushed it on her girls. When Brooklyn came to her, she was secretly glad. Everything is a struggle in their relationship, and she has high hopes this might be a bonding experience. Brooklyn tells Brandi that her form is terrible, and Brandi says it’s been twenty years. Brandi stands at the top of a pyramid. She tells Brooklyn that she didn’t have the proper training, and it was hard. In her interview, she says, growing up, her parents couldn’t afford private lessons. She just taught herself. She tells Brooklyn, it’s all about her core.

Kameron meets Stephanie at a coffee shop. She asks how Stephanie’s weekend is going, and Stephanie says, good. She tells Kameron that they had their differences at LeeAnne’s shower, but she’d love to close that chapter and figure it out. She feels like they’re past it. She knows Kameron hasn’t felt accepted in the past, and they’ve both felt judged. She’s sorry. Kameron says she felt like their issues began when she and Brandi tangled. Brandi was screaming in her face, and saying the eff word, and Stephanie just sat there not saying anything. When someone is attacked, it’s appropriate to stick up for them. Stephanie says she’s not Jesus, but Kameron thinks Stephanie feels afraid about what Brandi will think. Stephanie says she’ll defend someone when she sees a clear-cut right and wrong. In Stephanie’s interview, she says if Kameron had just walked away, she would have stepped in, but what Kameron did was ten times worse. Kameron says, a good friend would say, sit down and don’t yell in people’s faces. Stephanie says she was having a hard time during the trip, and Kameron says Stephanie talked to Kary, who she just met, when Kameron has known her for two years. Stephanie says she didn’t feel that Kameron was the person she wanted to go to in that moment. She’d love to have the kind of relationship where they can lean on one another, and be more than surface friends. She doesn’t tell Kameron deep things. Kameron says she thought they had the kind of friendship where they could call one another about anything, and Stephanie thinks Kameron is minimizing what she’s saying. Kameron says Stephanie is telling her the friendship is just surface level. In Kameron’s interview, she says she put effort in to being friends with Stephanie. She reached out, and thought she’d worked it out with her. Now she’s saying Kameron is a surface friend? What the eff?  Kameron tells Stephanie, she can’t. She was attacked, and thought her friend would be there. Now Stephanie is telling her that she’s a bad friend, when she should have been defending her friend about getting attacked. In Stephanie’s interview, she says when she’s fighting with Kameron, she feels like a hamster in a wheel. When it’s over, you feel like you got the sh*t kicked out of you. Kameron says she’s all about being a good person, and apologizes if Stephanie felt it wasn’t there. Stephanie understands that Kameron felt alone, and she’s trying honor those feelings and move on. Kameron wants to move on too. She wants Stephanie to feel comfortable, and she’s glad they talked. In her interview, Stephanie says it’s the most exhausting day of her life. She feels like she’s given birth to a six-foot blonde baby. She tells Kameron that they’ll work together to work it out, and thanks Kameron for meeting her.

Brandi and Stephanie meet for lunch. Brandi tells Stephanie that she knows Brandi is open to the spiritual realm, and thinks it would be fun if they did a haunted house. Stephanie thinks they should get a medium too. In Brandi’s interview, she says she always wanted to go to a haunted house she’s been hearing about for years. They can exorcise their demons. Stephanie tells her about meeting Kameron for coffee. It took a long time, but she thinks Kameron got it. In Stephanie’s interview, she says it’s hard for her. She’s been working with a coach on her self-esteem. She told Kameron how she felt and didn’t die doing it. It’s one small She tells Brandi that she never says how she feels. She doesn’t want to feel fake when she sees Kameron. Brandi says she wasn’t invited to LeeAnne’s bachelorette party, so she’s having a cheer party. Stephanie doesn’t think D’Andra was invited to anything, Brandi doesn’t think she was either, and Stephanie says, LeeAnne is celebrating every moment; there’s a ton of events. Everyone says what they’re invited to in their interviews, ending with D’Andra saying she didn’t get invited to anything, like Charlie Brown getting a bag of rocks. Stephanie says, LeeAnne might as well go all the way.

The bachelorette party is packed with guests. When LeeAnne arrives, everyone cheers. Steve puts a crown with a veil on her head. The veil has Rich’s face all over it. She tells the women that she got her hands filled (meaning, with fillers, not that she has stuff in her hands). She says they’re still swollen, and she slept with ice packs. In her interview, she says, they go between the knuckles with the needle. Ouch. In Kameron’s interview, she says they all know LeeAnne’s hands are not knives. LeeAnne finishes, they’re just hands. Kameron says it’s LeeAnne’s night to do whatever she wants. In her interview, Kameron says, LeeAnne is a true Texas woman, and it’s a total Texas thing to celebrate many, many times before your wedding. They all love it. Cary asks Stephanie if she and Kameron are good, and Stephanie says, peace above everything. Cary tells Kameron that she heard she and Stephanie had a good conversation, and Kameron says they’re good. Cary says she feels like Kameron is lying, and Kameron says she feels like some people are faking something. Cary tells her, go with her gut. In Kameron’s interview, she says she thinks Stephanie belittled her friendship. Kameron agreed to move forward, but she’s not moving any further forward. Steve welcomes the guests to Girls and Gays; LeeAnne’s bachelorette party. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says a tremendous amount of her friends are gay men. Drag queen Jenni P. dances for LeeAnne. In her interview, LeeAnne says she’s a drag queen trapped in an old white bitch’s body. In Kameron’s interview, she says, drag queens are better than strippers. Strippers are all sweaty, and they grab you, but you don’t know who they touched. LeeAnne gets a lap dance. The cake is brought out, and Steve says, it’s LeeAnne riding a wiener – i.e. a dark haired Barbie sitting on a penis cake. LeeAnne thanks them for coming, and there’s lots of hugging. In Kary’s interview, she says she feels guilty that D’Andra isn’t there. D’Andra introduced her to everyone, and they should both be there. She tells LeeAnne that she wasn’t invited to the wedding, and LeeAnne says she was. Her invitation must have gotten lost in the mail; 30% of mail gets lost. In Kary’s interview, she wonders why the credit card bills are always there, and jury duty notices never get lost. She asks LeeAnne why D’Andra isn’t there. Like it’s her freaking business. True story. When I was getting married, a good friend called, saying they hadn’t gotten an invitation. I sent another one, and both arrived on the same day.

LeeAnne says she’s waiting for D’Andra to reach out, and Kary says D’Andra already apologized. LeeAnne asks what if she told Kary that Eduardo was screwing other women, and she should own up to it because she owes LeeAnne that. Kary says she can’t keep bringing it up if she’s over it. LeeAnne says D’Andra committed the sin, but she should be the one that rises higher? Kary says she should be the bigger person, and LeeAnne says she always has been with D’Andra. D’Andra has the courage to talk sh*t about Rich when he’s faithful. She has the courage to trash Rich’s name, and destroy his reputation. Kary says, that’s not moving forward, and LeeAnne says Kary isn’t letting her finish. The one thing D’Andra has no courage for, is to come to her and say she misses LeeAnne as a friend. Kary says D’Andra invited LeeAnne to her party, and LeeAnne said she forgave D’Andra and wanted to move forward. We flash back to LeeAnne announcing that all she cared about was her and D’Andra taking steps to move forward. LeeAnne tells Kary, D’Andra hasn’t taken any steps to do that, and asks if Kary wants to see her phone. Actions speak louder than words. In Kary’s interview, she thinks LeeAnne is a hypocrite when she says she wants to move forward. LeeAnne says she reached out to D’Andra; now it’s D’Andra’s turn to step up and grow up. Everyone else gets it. Kary says she’ll ask them. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says Kary told her that she was the negative one, and now Kary comes to her bachelorette party and acts negative. Kary asks Kameron and Stephanie if they think it’s weird that D’Andra wasn’t invited. Kameron doesn’t think D’Andra is really making an effort, and Stephanie thinks LeeAnne and D’Andra should mend things one-on-one. Kary says, D’Andra apologized, but LeeAnne says, so did she. She’s waited 51 years to get married. She’s screwed a lot of frogs. Kary says, that’s not the point, but LeeAnne says, it is. It’s about her; it’s her wedding, and is only happening once in her life. Kary says, D’Andra’s 50th birthday was important, but LeeAnne says, so is a wedding for a woman who’s waited this long to get married. In Kameron’s interview, she says, this isn’t cool. It’s LeeAnne’s time to have fun. LeeAnne asks if Kary thinks she should invite D’Andra even though she talked sh*t about Rich. Kary says she thought LeeAnne was forgiving D’Andra, and LeeAnne says, Rich hasn’t. We flash back to him saying forgiving is the Christian thing to do. D’oh! LeeAnne says she’s not making her party about someone who’s not there. These are the people who love and want to celebrate her. Kary says, D’Andra is that person, but LeeAnne says, she’s not. Kameron says D’Andra hasn’t come to LeeAnne, and Kary says, D’Andra apologized. LeeAnne says, that’s different. In Stephanie’s interview, she thinks LeeAnne and D’Andra should just move forward, or leave each other alone. LeeAnne is sorry Kary doesn’t understand. The people there have shown her via their actions how much they love her. So when D’Andra gives her action, she’ll get an invite. Until then, she can stand in the vasectomy line. Cary is like, what? and LeeAnne says, it sounds good. LeeAnne goes to Steve, and says she’s getting flack because the great almighty fat cow isn’t there to be worshiped. Meow!

Brandi checks out the haunted house. Hill House Manor owner Linda thanks her for coming. In Brandi’s interview, she says the house is outside Dallas. You can rent it and go ghost hunting. Linda says it was purchased as an investment property, but they couldn’t keep it rented because of the tenants having experiences. She personally had a conversation with someone on the other side of the shower curtain. She thought it was her husband. She tells Brandi, they have ghost hunters there frequently, and they have all kinds of events. In her interview, Brandi says she’s been able to see into the spiritual realm since she was little. As a child, she saw her grandmother. It’s hard to open up about it without looking like she’s crazy. Linda says Brandi has her number, and if there are any problems, text her.

Kary has everyone meet at her place. D’Andra asks Kary if she’s ready. Kary says she’s just going along for the ride. She’s had no personal experiences, but she’s open to it. She explains Mexico’s Day of the Dead. (I love a sugar skull!) She asks if D’Andra has heard from LeeAnne. We see a clip of D’Andra telling Kary that she’ll send a text, but that’s it. D’Andra says LeeAnne texted back, thanking her for reaching out, and saying she thought D’Andra was upset about something that happened in Mexico, and it made her sad. She added that all weddings should be elopements, because it’s too much work. Kary asks if something happened in Mexico, but D’Andra says nothing happened. In her interview, she says she and LeeAnne got along fantastically. LeeAnne doesn’t want to see or include her, and is putting it on her. It’s complete bullsh*t. Kameron joins them, and Kary asks if she’s ready for ghosts. Kameron says she’s afraid.

Stephanie meets Brandi at the house. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she’s never encountered a ghost, but how bad could a ghost be? She thinks Southern ghosts would display good hospitality. She tells Brandi that she’s scared she’ll need an exorcism. Brandi suggests they pray, and asks God, if it’s His will, to open their eyes to things they don’t know. She asks if they should pray for the others, but Stephanie says, they can pray for themselves. Brandi says she’s so bad. I guess we’ll let it slide that this is contrary to any Christian belief.

Kary thinks some people see ghosts. D’Andra says they lived in a haunted house, but her dad always had the ghost visits. Kary asks if LeeAnne believes in ghosts, and LeeAnne says she prays there’s an afterlife. Kary tells her, Brandi says she can see ghosts. In LeeAnne’s interview, she’s not happy with Kary, so she’s ghosting her.

As they pull up to the house, Brandi flashes the lights from inside, and the women get all weird. Brandi tells them to hurry in; she saw something. Kameron says, that’s not funny, and Brandi leads them to the murder room. Kameron screams, and something moves. Kary calls Brandi a stinker, and Brandi suggests they have drinks. Kameron says she needs a lot of drinks, and LeeAnne wonders if ghosts have bars. In her interview, LeeAnne says she thinks ghosts are bullsh*t. Mostly because she grew up in a carnival, where they convinced people to believe that bullsh*t, and took their money. She had a deeply religious upbringing, and was told it was witchery. It’s anti-religious, and against Christian beliefs. What I said, but longer. Brandi says, a medium is coming, and boo! there’s a knock at the door. Medium Lisa introduces herself. Kameron says she’s not a fan. A friend once got in contact with Kameron’s dog using a Ouija board. She felt her dog’s tail brush against her, and freaked out. It’s scary for her. Lisa says on any property, there’s some sort of spirit or ghost activity. She gives each of them a pendulum, and says, it can only answer yes or no questions.  

They go to a room that has toys in it, and Lisa thinks it’s a home for kids who have passed, and come back to play. Kary wants to sit on the floor, and Lisa tells her to roll the ball and see if they’ll play. Stephanie rolls the ball, and says she’d love to play, but nothing happens. Brandi says, they don’t want to play with the ball anymore, and it’s sad. The ball rolls back, and they freak out. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says, you know what balls do? They roll. Unless they’re attached to a scrotum. They go back downstairs, and Kary asks if Lisa does readings. Lisa says she’d rather do that in private, and they go out on the porch. In Kary’s interview, she says she knows mediums are intuitive, and if Lisa is the real deal and can give her insight, why not take advantage of that? Lisa tells Kary that she had a rough start in life, but good things have happened over the years. Kary may have felt… Kary says, it’s not fair. Lisa says Kary made her way through, and is stronger. Kary asks about her husband, and Lisa says, it’s a good relationship. She sees nothing wrong. They hug. Most. Boring. Reading. Ever. And nothing I didn’t know, so I assume nothing Kary didn’t know either.

D’Andra asks the pendulum if she should have more tequila, and answers, yes. Kary comes back in, and LeeAnne asks if Lisa saw ghosts around her. Kary says Lisa told her that she had a rough start, but she’s been lucky. LeeAnne asks what was difficult about Kary’s childhood, and Kary says her parents were alcoholics. Her dad said he couldn’t live with her mom, but he was keeping Kary. Her mom had to kidnap her, and took her to Mexico, where she grew up. Since her mom was an alcoholic, she had to parent herself. LeeAnne asks how young she was when she started going to clubs, and Kary says, fourteen. LeeAnne says she was thirteen when she started having sex. Kary says she was nineteen, and LeeAnne says, people who have been sexually abused, use sex. I Kary’s interview, she says, LeeAnne thinks she’s the only one who had a tough life, and her childhood experiences are more important, but it’s not a competition. Wow. She got all that from one sentence? Kary thinks she could have made excuses, but chose to be positive and enjoy life. LeeAnne asks if that was directed at her, but Kary says, no. I say, yeah, right, and LeeAnne says people have said she uses her childhood as an excuse. Kary says, does she?

LeeAnne says she doesn’t think so, but it can be a catalyst for how she behaves. Kary says maybe people say that because she talks about it a lot. Brandi and D’Andra decide to check out the murder room. In Brandi’s interview, she says she’d rather hang out with a ghost, or the wall, than hear LeeAnne talk about this bullsh*t again. Kameron thinks it’s an explanation for some of LeeAnne’s actions. Kary says they all grew up a certain way, but that doesn’t excuse how they act. LeeAnne says how they live doesn’t have to be the same. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says comparing their childhoods is a joke. Kary needs to reserve her condescending judgement. Kary doesn’t think LeeAnne has gotten over it, and LeeAnne says she doesn’t think you ever do. Kary says, you have to forgive. When she did, she felt lucky to have what does now. There are screams from upstairs, and LeeAnne is 100% sure they’re scaring the sh*t out of each other. Kameron asks if they should get going, and LeeAnne says, she’s convinced nothing good happens after eleven.

D’Andra and Brandi come back downstairs, and D’Andra says they were trying to talk to the people in the rooms. She asks LeeAnne if she wants to go somewhere to talk, but LeeAnne says she’s fine with right there. Kameron looks like she wants to disappear. D’Andra says she sent LeeAnne a text because she was thinking about her. She doesn’t know what happened n Mexico; she thought they were fine. LeeAnne says he did too, but when she didn’t her from D’Andra, she thought maybe she said or did something. D’Andra says she knows weddings are crazy, and didn’t want to invade LeeAnne’s space. LeeAnne says she was trying to start a dialogue. In D’Andra’s interview, she says whatever LeeAnne wants from her, apparently she’s not giving it. LeeAnne is making it difficult to communicate, but maybe LeeAnne feels the same way about her. Kary says she told D’Andra about their talk, and thought she should send a text. She felt guilty about D’Andra not being at the bachelorette party. D’Andra wonders why invite Kary, who LeeAnne barely knows, and LeeAnne isn’t sure she did. Kary says Steve did, and reads his text and invite. LeeAnne says she didn’t give him Kary’s contact information, but thinks he knew she was on the list. In Kary’s interview, she says LeeAnne is trying to pretend she didn’t know Kary was invited, but she made up the list. Brandy asks if everyone is ready for night-night, because she’s used to talking to toddlers. She says, it’s been a spooktacular evening.

Next time, bunny Playboy Bun-Bun Redmond’s funeral, D’Andra thinks about taking out a loan, and Kameron suggests crashing Kary’s happy hour.

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Some snippets of LeeAnne’s wedding. Hint: it’s fabulous.


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At least Tarantino didn’t cut him out.


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LuAnn rebounds in more ways than one.


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Black is the new black.

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October 15, 2019 – Nina Forgives Valentin, Shannon Celebrates Fifty-Five & Silver Earworm


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason comes to the interrogation room, and asks if Sam is okay. Diane says, okay is a bit of a stretch. They’ve gotten bad news. Sam is being transferred to Pentenville tonight.

Jax walks into the hospital, carrying a bouquet of flowers. He sees Carly, and she asks what he’s doing there. He says he was bringing her the flowers, but he’s surprised to see her dressed. She says she’s being discharged, and he asks about Donna. She says Donna has to hang out there for a while, but she hopes not much longer. He’s glad things are going well with the both of them, and asks if she needs a ride. She says Sonny is picking her up, but she thinks he made a stop. She thinks she knows where.

There are flowers on Morgan’s grave, and Sonny says he sees Morgan had visitors today. It should give him comfort. So many loved Morgan and remember him, but right now, all he can think about is how wrong it is that Morgan is gone.

Trina, Cameron and Josslyn carve pumpkins in Sonny’s kitchen. Trina asks, why are they doing this again? Since it’s two weeks until Halloween. Cameron says the pumpkins will be rancid by then. Josslyn says Avery is over the moon excited about Halloween, and she wants to make it fun for her. Dev walks in, and Trina tells him to grab a knife. He asks what they’re dong, and Trina says, carving jack-o-lanterns. Josslyn says, for Halloween. Dev asks if Sonny is around. He wants to borrow a car. If Sonny isn’t there, he’ll just take it, and be back before Sonny is home. He knows Sonny’s other kids would do that. Josslyn says when her brother took the car when he wasn’t supposed to, it exploded with him in it.

At the hospital, Finn remarks that Alexis has a new trainer and a new outlook. She says, Alexis 2.0. He says he was a fan of the original, but happiness looks good on her. She suggests he try it, but he says he is happy. He just has it on a low simmer until Anna gets home. She asks how that’s going, and he says he has Roxie to talk to, but it gets frustrating, since he never knows where she stands on things. Alexis tells him to admit he’s miserable, and he does. She asks what he’s going to do about it.

At the MetroCourt bar, Peter tells Obrecht, no. He doesn’t think submitting her column from abroad will add an air of sophistication. Does her leaving have anything to do with Sasha’s identity scam?

Nina sees the suitcases, and asks if Valentin is running away. He’s not even going to try to explain? Valentin says he can explain, but he won’t try to defend it.

Finn tells Alexis that his misery has to do with Hayden. Alexis thought they had no issues, but Finn says there will always be an issue. That doesn’t mean he wants a life with her. She suggests Finn is high maintenance, but if the temptation issue isn’t the thing, what is the thing? He says he knows Hayden is lying to him.

Obrecht tells Peter, his insinuation isn’t worth a response. He says, if she knew nothing, why the sudden departure? She says, like with him, the masses will assume the worst, that she did a horrible thing to her niece, and she’ll be railroaded to Pentenville. Peter says, one would think it’s where she belonged all alone. One meaning him. She says the winds might change for him as well. Or have they already?

Jax asks how Carly is feeling, and she says, good. She just wishes she could get out of there. He says, and take Donna? She says, the thought of leaving her without her… He says if she took Donna, it would be what she wants, but not necessarily what’s best for the baby. Carly says, it would be selfish to take her now, and he says he’s known her to be selfish in other aspects, but not as a mother. She says she’d like to believe that, but they know the truth. He can say it. He has no idea what he’s supposed to say, and she tells him, if she hadn’t gone back to Sonny, there’s a good chance Morgan would still be alive.

Sonny says Morgan should be out living life, with his potential and gifts, and meeting his baby sister. She’s so cute. When he thinks of the loss and injustice, he gets angry, and the angrier he gets, it poisons everything. That wouldn’t honor Morgan, so he goes on with living life. For the most part, he succeeds, but he misses Morgan. He touches the headstone, and says he misses Morgan so much every day.

Cameron tells Josslyn, Dev didn’t mean it like that, but she doesn’t care. She says her brother died three years ago today. Now is not the best time to make jokes about Sonny’s car. She runs out of the room, and Dev asks if he should go after her. Trina says, definitely not.

Jason tells Sam, don’t make waves; just go through the motions. He knows she’s tough, and tells her to know he can do it. He’ll get her out as soon as possible. A guard comes in, and says they’re waiting to process Sam’s transfer. Sam says, let’s do this, and he takes her out. Diane says Jason just promised to get her out. Tell her how he’s going to do that. it’s not going to be easy.

Nina tells Valentin, start simple, but Valentin doesn’t think that exists. She asks where he’s going, and why. Valentin says he’s taking Charlotte home to Greece. He doesn’t want her being in the same town as Nina. If he loses her all over again, it’s his fault, but he’s not putting Charlotte through that. Nina says, what about Lulu? Won’t it hurt Charlotte not seeing her? Valentin says Charlotte and Lulu have a fine relationship, but Charlotte doesn’t love Lulu the way she does Nina. So he’s taking her home to Greece. He’s sure Lulu will lawyer up, and they’ll hash it out, but it’s important that he and Charlotte be together as far away as possible. Nina says she might not agree, but she understands why. Whether she feels good, bad, or indifferent about him, she can’t argue with how much he loves Charlotte. How could he put Charlotte aside, and have her love and believe she had a new sister based on a lie? Valentin says Nina knows why, but she says she needs to hear him say it. He says it was the only way he could get her back.

Carly tells Jax, sorry. Today is the anniversary of Morgan’s death. He says he knows. He and Josslyn put flowers on Morgan’s grave. She thanks him, and he says, they’re just flowers. Carly says he was Morgan’s stepfather, and made sure Morgan had a happy childhood. There was so much love, and tons of laughter. Jax says he loved being a family. Watching her be a mother made him want a child. Carly says, enter Joss. He’s glad Josslyn is theirs and Carly is her mother. They made Josslyn. Carly says she’s glad too. He says, what happened with Morgan was the result of a lot of choices, not just hers. She knows, and he says, does she? She says she’s trying. He says she loved Morgan the best way she could, and gave him what she could. She she cries a little, and thanks him. He asks if she’s sure he can’t give her a ride, but she says there’s somewhere she has to go, and she has to do it alone.

Dev says he’s seen pictures, and people have mentioned Morgan, but he didn’t know about Josslyn’s brother. Trina says, he was kind of wild, but super nice. Cameron says, he was awesome with his sisters. Trina says, Josslyn doesn’t talk about him often, but it’s obvious she loved him. Dev says, she must miss him, and Cameron says he can’t believe he forgot what day it was. Trina says they both did.

Peter tells Obrecht, throwing his past in his face isn’t likely to keep her paycheck coming. She asks if it’s really in the past, and says, it better be, for Maxie’s sake, calling him Henrik. She says she’ll be across the world, but she’ll be watching him. He asks if that’s supposed to scare him, and she says, it should. If he even once considers letting Maxie see who he really is, she won’t just expose him. She’ll make sure he loses everything.

Valentin tells Nina, once she learned he gave Peter to Faison, she said using a child for revenge crossed the line. She made it very clear, and he felt awful. He’d regretted it the moment he did it. That’s why he entered Faison’s world, so he could watch Peter. He hated it. He’s not trying to diminish what he did, but when she left, it was like she was reliving the pain of losing her own child. He was now the focus of her personal anger. He’s a fixer. He solves problems, and it was a problem he could solve. He could see there was a seven month window between her going into a coma and going to the hospital. He pushed Madeline, and she admitted Nina had a baby girl that was given up for adoption. She asks why he didn’t tell her truth. Then they could have looked together. All of this would have been so different.

Diane tells Jason, up until now, she thought this was nonsense. A couple of Dawnies blaming Sam for the death of their idol. He says, now it’s a different story, and she says, Sam has a list of priors a mile long, some of them Federal crimes. He says, there’s no evidence, and she says, of prior intent, not really, but Shiloh was shot in the back and fell overboard. Sam’s prints are all over the flare gun, and there’s only their word that Jason was in imminent danger and Shiloh wasn’t pushed. He says, that’s not what happened, and she says she knows that, but he’s also a suspect in multiple Federal crimes. He pleaded nolo contrendere, and it’s on record. He agreed to a conviction. He says that was only to get into prison so he could protect Michael, but she asks if he thinks they care. In the eyes of the law, he’s guilty. He says, so she’s telling that the Feds are going after Sam because of him?

Carly arrives at the cemetery, and says she thought she’d find Sonny there. He says, sorry. He knows he was supposed to pick her up, but lost track of time. Carly asks if she told Morgan about his baby sister, and he says he was getting to that. He was telling Morgan how much he misses him. She says, her too.

Jax meets Hayden at the MetroCourt, and apologizes for being late. She says she was catching up on the news. Was Nina’s wedding as horrible as it sounded? He says he wouldn’t know. When he got there, the bride was fleeing the church. Hayden says, yikes. She wonders if Valentin could be thrown in jail before he can leave. He could decide to grab Charlotte and the Cassadine fortune, and disappear. Jax says, or he could be so distracted, he won’t see them coming. She likes his scenario better, and he suggests they focus on the task at hand right now. She says, it’s of the utmost urgency, and he guesses the reason is Finn.

Alexis says, Hayden talks to her dog on the phone? Finn says the dog is named Honeybun, but Alexis thinks that’s kind of saccharin sweet for Hayden. He says, then there was the whole thing with Aiden. She asks if he means Elizabeth’s son, and he says he saw Hayden with a finger painting. She told him that Aiden made it, but when he mentioned it, Aiden didn’t know what he was talking. She says he thinks Hayden is lying about a dog and a finger painting? He doesn’t know, but in some twisted way, he wants her to be lying. Maybe he’s looking for subterfuge where there isn’t any. She asks why, and he says, it’s just a feeling, but maybe Hayden has been lying to him all along, and now that she’s back, brought the truth. Alexis says she’s trying, but she’s not following him. He says, what if Hayden never miscarried? What if she had the baby?

Valentin tells Nina that she has no idea how many times he’s asked himself that question. Why didn’t he come to her with the information. All he can say is, she was so angry, and obviously Madeline was manipulating him to get to her. He needed to be certain, so he exhausted every avenue to find her child, but hit a dead end. His grand plan to win her back was a failure. Maybe he should have left it there. Nina asks what he means. What did he do?

Finn says it’s probably crazy thinking like that, but Alexis says, not necessarily. It wouldn’t be the first time a child was kept from a parent. He wonders how Hayden could do that, knowing how much he loved her. He had to learn the hard way that lying is sometimes how Hayden deals with things. Alexis says, has he thought of asking her? He wonders if he should just call and ask how come she had their have child and didn’t tell him, and Alexis says, not those words. He says he’ll sound crazy or paranoid, like he’s hanging on to something they used to have, and that’s not him. It took a long time for him to move on. Alexis knows he has, but what if he’s right? Then what?

Hayden tells Jax that Finn heard her calling their daughter honeybun, so she had to make up a story. She shows him a picture on her phone, and asks if it looks real. He can’t believe she’s using her time to doctor a photo with an image of a dog. She says, it’s not that hard, and he says, apparently lying isn’t either.

Peter says Obrecht can’t stand him. Why would she want him with Maxie? She says if she had her way, he’d stay as far from Maxie as possible, but it’s about what Maxie wants. Maxie loves him, and he makes her happy. Maxie has lost enough. That’s something  she’s learned; bad people can make good people happy, as long as they keep their façade in place. If he can do that, she has no problem. He thanks her for not interfering, and she says it’s a gift to her late son. Above all, Nathan would want Maxie’s happiness, so happiness she shall have.

Jason asks what Diane’s plan is. She says their best option is to try the facts. It was self-defense on Sam’s part, and the prosecution doesn’t have much to go on. The word of a convicted felon. Shiloh isn’t going to help their case being leader of a cult nightmare. He murdered Douglas Miller, and kidnapped Sam. Jason asks what about the recording and the nurse? She says, pure hearsay, and while they can’t prove the tape was doctored, the state can’t prove it wasn’t. She’s going not petition the judge, tell him that Sam is in jeopardy in Pentenville, and she should be remanded to the county lockup pending her trial. He asks how long it will take, and she tells him she’ll work some magic, but it’s not going to happen tonight.

Carly tells Sonny, October is a big month; Morgan was born and died. Sonny says, and Morgan loved Halloween. Carly says, he was the last of the kids to stop trick-or-treating. Sonny says, he loved the candy, but she says, he loved the experience. He says, Morgan was like that about a lot of things, and she says, he sure was. Sonny says, next year, Donna will be old enough, and Carly thinks she’d make the cutest pumpkin. She won’t be old enough to understand, but when she is, they’ll tell her all about Morgan.

Josslyn comes back to the kitchen, and says she’s sorry. Dev says he’s sorry he upset her, and she says he stormed out like a toddler in a tantrum. It was unfair. He asks if she’s okay, and she says, no. She misses her brother, and she misses Oscar, but she doesn’t want to be that person who takes out her pain on her friends. They’re awesome, and she’s lucky to have them. Is she forgiven? Trina says, there’s nothing to forgive, but they are awesome. Dev asks if Trina has always been like this. Cameron and Josslyn say, yeah.

Valentin tells Nina that he got drunk. He drank a lot, but couldn’t drink it away. He couldn’t get it out of his head. He checked the evidence, over and over again, in his head. He was prepared to tell her, and went to her once, but he didn’t go through with it. She asks him, why? and he says he could never fail her. He’d be failing them. So he turned to Curtis, who found the lawyer who facilitated Madeline’s adoption. He came back with a name – Sasha Gilmore, her daughter. Or so he thought. Here’s my thought. Did anyone ever actually look at a real DNA test for Sasha? I keep thinking/hoping that she really is Nina’s daughter.

Valentin says he didn’t realize he’d given the lawyer a perfect opening; a trail of breadcrumbs to Sasha. At the time, he thought she was the answer to his prayers. When he met her, nothing seemed wrong or off, but he never met the lawyer. He doesn’t know how he manipulated Sasha to do what she did. He believes the lawyer’s intent was malicious, but he doesn’t believe Sasha’s was. She was a good person, maybe down on her luck, following the opportunity presented to her by a bad person. He’s so sorry. Nina asks, why? He didn’t do anything wrong. He says he had a million chances to stop it, and he didn’t. He’ll never forgive himself for that. Nina’s heart is broken, but he can protect Charlotte from this. There’s nothing to undo what he’s done to her, and he’ll always regret that. All he ever wanted to do was love her. He cries, and tries to take her hand. He says, always, and picks up a suitcase. Nina says, about his part in this? She believes him.

Alexis tells Finn, it would change a lot of things. His world will be upside down. She asks what she can do to help, and he says nothing beyond what she’s doing; being a friend. She thinks he should talk to Anna. For something significant like this, she should come back to help. He says, she’s on a mission, and it’s important. She says, he’s important, and if it’s possible he’s a father, he needs to find out.

Hayden tells Jax, it’s none his business what she does. He tells her lie if she wants, but as a father, he thinks what she’s doing, hiding Finn’s child from him, is not okay. She says Finn is none the wiser, and he says she’s already robbed him of years with his child, and she’s robbing herself too. Doesn’t she miss her daughter? She says, of course (🍷), and he says those are years she won’t get back, and neither will Finn because of her choices.

Diane tells Jason to breathe. Jason says, Sam is going to prison because of him. She says, that might be the motive, but the Feds are doing this because of what Sam has done. He’s not solely responsible. When he and Sonny chose a life outside of the law, they knew it could come back to bite them. Sam made the same choice. He asks if she’s saying Sam deserves it, and she says, no, but she can only help if they understand the reality that their up against. He says there’s no one better than her, and he needs her to be the best she’s ever been – for Sam. She says she will be. Sam is walked back in, and Diane says she’ll give them privacy.

Sam says, it’s really bad, isn’t it? and Jason says, it’s pretty bad. There are still some good options, but they have to stop thinking that there’s a quick fix and it will be over soon. It could take a while. She says she can handle it. She knows he can too, but what about the kids? He holds her. I’m seriously confused. Why is no one acting like their normal pragmatic selves? And why isn’t he saying anything about Henderson being the guy that stabbed Andre? I would think that would make Henderson a lot less credible. It’s annoying the hell out of me.

Valentin says, Nina believes  him? and she says, yes. He says, good; he’s glad. He starts to leave, and she tells him, hold on. She gets it. She hates how it ended, but she was on the verge of being the happiest she’s ever been in her life. He screwed up, but he was lied to as much as she was. It’s on Sasha and the lawyer, and probably her mother. It’s their fault, not his. He asks what she’s saying, and she says, the only thing that makes finding out Sasha isn’t really her daughter worse is if she lost him and Charlotte. So she forgives him. He asks if she’s sure, and she says, don’t go to Greece. Please. She loves him too. He drops his bag, and kisses her.

Finn calls Anna. He says he knows they talked this morning, but he needs to see her in person. He hates to ask, but he needs her to come home.

Jax tells Hayden, it’s not a profit and loss column; it’s real life. She’s making decisions for two people who are in the dark. She says Finn doesn’t know what he’s missing, but Jax says, he’s a smart guy. Doesn’t she think he’ll figure it out? She says she does. That’s why they need to wrap this up before it happens.

Peter asks if Obrecht is really going to leave without talking to Maxie. She says, it will be easier this way. Her phone rings. It’s Valentin, who says, forget leaving town, and she says why would she do that. He says, Nina believes Sasha acted alone. They’re in the clear for now. She says, excellent to hear, and thanks him. Peter says, good news? and she says, only the very best.

Josslyn tells Carly, welcome home. Sonny says, they’re carving already? and Josslyn says, Avery is excited. She’ll carve a new one for Halloween. Avery loves the holiday, like Morgan did. Carly says they were talking about that, and Sonny thanks her for putting the flowers on Morgan’s grave. Josslyn says she’s been missing him a lot today. Carly says they all are. Morgan would be happy. Not just because of the holiday and his baby sister, but that they’re happy, and all still together.

Jason tells Sam, it will be okay. Danny and Scout are at the Quartermaine’s. He’ll see them, and find a way to explain. The guard says, it’s time, and she asks Jason to tell them she loves them. Make sure they know, and tell them she’s not scared. Jason repeats, it will be okay. She says she loves him, and he says he loves her too. The guard takes her, and Jason and Diane look sad.

Tomorrow, Alexis says there she is, Nina wonders why Valentin wouldn’t want to see Sasha punished, and Nelle tells Michael it’s time he knew the truth.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Tamra tells Vicki, you can’t pull a train without penises. Vicki doesn’t think Kelly is going to find it funny. Tamara thinks Kelly is over it, but can yell at her if she wants. In Tamra’s interview, she thinks if they’re going on a train, they should make fun of it. We flash back to the endless train discussion. I decide I’d rather walk on broken glass than hear all this again. Tamra says it might be too soon, but thinks they should make fun. Vicki sees all the penis party favors, and says, it’s not a bachelorette party. Tamra says they’re pulling a train. If this was a drinking game, we’d be drunk already. She tells Vicki that Gina is pissed off at Emily. She set Gina up with a guy who had a girlfriend, and Gina is ex-ing her out. Emily’s been texting, but Gina isn’t responding. In Tamra’s interview, she says, Emily is a difficult person to understand. Why set Gina up with a guy who has a girlfriend when Gina’s husband had a girlfriend?

Meghan arrives at the meeting place for Shannon’s party. Emily is there already, and introduces herself. Meghan says she doesn’t know Emily, but feels like something is wrong. Emily says she has good intuition. In Emily’s interview, she says there’s been zero communication between her and Gina. It’s going to be awkward. The others trickle in. Shannon is excited to see Meghan. In her interview, she says she misses Meghan. That girl can drink cocktails. She can’t believe Meghan is the only one dressed up. Meghan is dressed like a conductor/dominatrix, so I’m not sure what’s going on with that. Megan tells them Jim is… somewhere. I tuned out for a moment because he’s a jerk and I don’t like him. Kelly joins them. In Kelly’s interview, she says she and Meghan have had a few rough patches – we flash back to that – but she doesn’t hold grudges. Vicki and Tamra are next to get there. Tamra asks if Shannon feels older. Braunwyn arrives with Gina, and says she knows how much Shannon likes a good theme. She gives Shannon a conductor’s hat. Tamra announces they can’t pull s train without sex toys, and takes out a vodka filled penis flask. The women all hold up a sign that says hot mess express, and take a picture. The real train to San Diego is ready to roll, and they do a shot. Vicki insists she has to not go backward. In Kelly’s interview, she says, the train rumor was absurd. She has to laugh and make it a joke. She’d be lucky if eight guys liked her at once. Kelly points out the traffic, and says they should be glad they’re not in it. There’s a lot of BJ talk, and in her interview, Braunwyn says she hates it. She hasn’t given one since ‘97, unless it’s for a nice handbag. Priorities.

Kelly says she has a little dilemma. Brian was supposed to call her after surgery, and when she called him, he was at a bar. He said he’d had a bad day. Kelly thinks it’s weird that he didn’t check in. She doesn’t expect him to call every minute, but it’s a boyfriend/girlfriend thing. She asks if she’s being weird. Vicki thinks checking in is part of a committed relationship. In her interview, Gina says, single Kelly is very different than committed Kelly. She tells him then Brian called her insecure. In her interview, she says he should be saying he’s sorry, he loves her, and knows how important it is to her, and if he thinks she’s insecure, make her feel secure. Tamra asks Gina how her train is. Shannon asks if Gina is rescheduling the date. Gina says she got stood up; it’s fine. Everyone gets quiet.

The actual conductor asks how going. In her interview, Shannon says, Del Mar is part of where fun Shannon was raised. She and a girlfriend used to down a bottle of Andre champagne and go to the parties. Vicki asks if they’re eating tonight, since everyone is already working on tomorrow’s hangover. Shannon says she wants a birthday kiss, and Vicki says Tamra will kiss her. They reach their first stop, the Poseidon restaurant, where they’re getting cocktails. Like they need more of them.

Kelly and Vicki sit next to each other, and Tamra can’t believe it. In Kelly’s interview, she tells us, Vicki has said the most atrocious things, but everything is copacetic. She’s not forgetting, but trying to forgive because she knows it’s the right thing to do. Tamra tells the waitress that they’re celebrating a birthday and need bubbles. Shannon blows a whistle. They order drinks and appetizers, and Vicki wonders what going on with Gina’s date. Gina wonders how Vicki knows about it. Kelly calls to Emily at the other end of the table, and in Emily’s interview, she says it’s obvious Gina has had conversations with other people that have to do with her. Kelly’s whole I-tell-it-like-it-is, I’m direct thing is bullsh*t. They toast, and Shannon says if she sees someone handsome that she thinks is for her or Gina, she’ll blow the whistle. She looks around, and says, no one is whistle worthy. Vicki pumps Gina for more information, and the non-date is discussed. Tired of hearing it, Emily goes to the bathroom. Meghan follows her. In the bathroom, Emily tells Meghan that she knew Gina would run her mouth. She’s been texting for two days, and there’s been no response, but Gina will tell everyone else. She doesn’t even know why Gina is mad. At the table, Gina says, you should know enough about someone before setting them up. Emily tells Meghan that Gina acts like she murdered someone. She set them up, but they never went out. Braunwyn comes in, and asks Emily to come back, but Emily doesn’t want to. Braunwyn tells Gina that Emily is upset about the situation. Shannon suggests everyone stay out of bathroom. Braunwyn thinks Gina should just talk to Emily. Gina gets up, and says, her worst nightmare. Emily tells Meghan that she tried to do something nice, but it didn’t work out. No harm, no harm foul. It’s not like Gina was emotionally invested and then found out. Gina blows in, and says Emily just met Meghan. She’d never bring a stranger into her business. Emily says Gina didn’t want to talk to her. In Gina’s interview, she says, who TF is Meghan? She and Emily just met, and Emily is going to spill her guts to Meghan in the bathroom? Emily says she called three days in a row, and Gina says she was pissed at Emily. Emily says she’s pissed. She walks out, and says she wants to get a car and go home. In the bathroom, Gina tells Meghan that she can only be a friend as much as she can. She’s allowed to be offended. Emily thinks Gina is abandoning her because she has abandonment issues. Now who’s spilling their guts? Emily sits outside.

Ugh. It’s getting to the point where the NYC and Dallas Wives are the only ones I can tolerate. Maybe it’s time to retire this franchise. Where are the Melbourne Wives when I need them? At least the country was interesting.

Gina goes outside, and tells Emily that she’s allowed to be mad. Back at the table, Kelly says she’s going to the ladies room. Shannon tells her to get them out of the bathroom. This is ridiculous. She blows her whistle. In Kelly’s interview, she says, nothing good comes out of bathroom. Ask Shannon. We flash back to the scene at The Quiet Woman. Kelly finds Emily, and says she thought they were having a meeting in the ladies room. Emily tells her, be careful. She wants to fight someone. Gina should pick up the phone and tell her if she’s mad. Don’t tell everyone else. Kelly gets Gina, and tells her to talk to Emily. Gina tells Emily she was hurt, and Emily says, then pick up the phone. Gina says she wasn’t ready. Inside, Shannon wonders what to do to get the party started. Gina asks Emily what she thought would happen if she set Gina up with someone who had a girlfriend. Emily says she’s never met a girlfriend; what’s her name? Gina says she doesn’t know, and Emily says she doesn’t either. Shannon wants to go, saying, it’s her party. Gina tells Emily, this is what Shane wanted, but Emily says Shane didn’t know the cousin that well. Gina says, why set her up then? In Emily’s interview, she says Shane didn’t grow up with his cousin, and just got to know him recently. He and Gina met at a party a while back, and hit it off, so she thought it would be fun if they all went out. Every time Emily saw the cousin, he was by himself. She tells Gina that she’d never do anything on purpose to hurt her. Gina says Emily should know her better, and Emily guesses she doesn’t know Gina. Gina says if Emily doesn’t know her, don’t set her up on a date with someone who has a girlfriend. This is bullsh*t. She’s done.

Gina tells Shannon that Emily doesn’t know her, and apparently, she’s a terrible person. Shannon says there’s always a problem with Emily, and Gina says, she’s probably sitting in front of the restaurant, screaming at people coming in. Meghan feels badly, and Gina says she feels terrible. Outside, Tamra tells Emily that she thinks Gina built up resentment against her, and Emily says Gina gets pissed over petty bullsh*t, and she doesn’t have time for it. Tamra tells her, then stand up for herself. Go back in with her head held high. In Emily’s interview, she says she doesn’t know what happened with their friendship. Maybe they weren’t meant to be friends. Gina tells Shannon, she’s sorry this happened on her birthday. Emily comes back and sits down. Braunwyn says, her daughter Rowan is having a fashion show for OC fashion week, and she’d like them to come. We flash back to Braunwyn explaining to Shannon that Rowan has OCD bad. Shannon says her daughter Adeline is modeling in it. We see a clip of Shannon encouraging her girls to have a sport, and Adeline saying, modeling is her sport. Shannon can’t wait. Braunwyn says she’d love it if any of them who are free could be there. Shannon wants to move on to a little spot in Del Mar, and says, let the train continue. Gina takes selfies in the taxi with Tamra.

At Sbicca, Shannon warns the staff that their table might be loud. Tamra yells if there are any single guys. Shannon tells the waiter they need shots. They need to get this party started. Shannon says she just wants a kiss on her birthday. In Kelly’s interview, she says, Shannon is full of sh*t. She went to Brian’s office and got the O shot. Shannon says she doesn’t have a vagina obsession like Tamra does. They take another shot, and Shannon says, fifty-five is going to rock. Kelly says, AARP, and they all laugh. They order food, and Tamra asks again if there are any single guys. In her interview, Tamra says Shannon told her specifically that she wanted to meet a guy on her birthday. They call her the expediter. Having no luck in the restaurant, Tamra goes into the kitchen, and says, Shannon is looking to get laid. She comes back to the table, and says, everybody is married. I’m guessing if they’re not, they’re still saying they are. Tamra tells Braunwyn that they’re going to make out, and licks Gina’s face. Shannon tells Vicki what happened in the kitchen. Braunwyn says, no guys are attractive anymore. Gina looks uncomfortable sitting in between Braunwyn and Tamra. In Gina’s interview, she says she feels like she just met Braunwyn, and it’s like, hi, how are you doing? I have threesomes with my husband. Braunwyn and Tamra fist bump, and Shannon blows her whistle. Gina does the same. Emily tells Gina that she loves her. She swears on her children’s lives that she’d never put Gina in a situation that would hurt or embarrass her. Gina says she believes it. Braunwyn sits on Tamra’s lap. Vicki tells them, stop it. Emily tells Gina, when Gina doesn’t talk to her, it hurts. Tamra and Shannon kiss, and Shannon says, no tongue. In Shannon’s interview, she says she’ll kiss a girl dry, but if any moisture comes in, she’s out. Kelly says if they buy her something, she’ll be sexual. Emily explains that Shane didn’t grow up with his cousin because of some falling out in the family. He only just recently started talking to him. Gina says she gets it. Braunwyn announces that she likes women’s lips, and kisses Tamra. Shannon screams. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says, Eddie is a lucky man. In Vicki’s interview, she says she doesn’t know why this is happening. She knows girls kiss girls, but they’re not lesbians, so how are they doing this, and why are they enjoying it? Are they cheating? They get a thumbs up from one of the other patrons. Braunwyn and Tamra keep kissing. Emily tells Gina that she loves her, and it breaks her heart. Gina knows that Emily would never do anything intentionally to hurt her. They hug. In Gina’s interview, she says she knows Emily cares about her and loves her. It’s a character flaw, and makes it difficult. If you have something and damage it, if it doesn’t heal correctly, it’s vulnerable. Vicki says, everyone, go back to your own chairs. In Kelly’s interview, she says she’s been around Vicki long enough to know the chick can be a two-bit hooker. Now she has a cop in her life, and she’s holier than thou? Shannon says she doesn’t want any snatch. Vicki asks if Tamra and Braunwyn are done, but Tamra says they’re just getting started. Tamra sits back down, and almost misses the chair.

The food comes, and Braunwyn tells the waiter that she and Tamra are dating. In Tamra’s interview, she says she married a younger guy for a reason. Nothing is wrong with a threesome once in a while. Tamra asks, what a-hole got fried chicken? and Shannon says Tamra’s girlfriend. Tamra says she thought of Braunwyn when she and Eddie had sex. Braunwyn says that’s her thing when she closes her eyes. She imagines another girl is there. Shannon asks what the other girl is doing, and Braunwyn says, reading Shakespeare. Tamra falls off her chair, and Kelly starts filming. Vicki tries to help Tamra up, and also ends up on the floor. Shannon tells them to get up; they’re making fools of themselves. At this point, pretty much everyone in the restaurant is noticing. Some are laughing, and some, not so much. Gina blows her whistle. Emily says, happy birthday, Shannon. In Gina’s interview, she says when she’s fifty-five, she won’t be rolling on the floor in a restaurant. Mark her words. Except it isn’t Shannon rolling around, so that makes no sense. Does she not know their names? TBH, I think Gina is a little stupid, and is actually the one with the character flaw. She’s known Emily how long, and immediately thought Emily set her up with a dude that had a girlfriend on purpose? Then like a big baby, she refuses to talk. I would never say no wonder she had relationship problems,  but I just did. Tamra and Vicki manage to get back in their chairs, and there’s applause. The birthday cake comes, and everyone sings the usual. Shannon tells the women that birthdays aren’t a good day for her, and she didn’t want to celebrate, but Tamra insisted. Now, her stomach hurts from laughing so much. She’s grateful, and appreciates them. They applaud, and in Tamra’s interview, she says she loves Shannon. They’ve had their ups and downs, and it’s nice to finally see her in a place where she’s happy. Shannon says she’s going next door where the single people are. Tamra says, lead the train. On the way over, Braunwyn says she had no idea that her laughter was annoying.

They head to Jimmy O’s next door, and immediately hit the dance floor. Kelly offers a guy $200 to pick up Shannon. In her interview, she says, aren’t they there to find Shannon a dude? One of the bouncers says, the white dress girl is fine, meaning Kelly. Vicki says Braunwyn bugs the sh*t out of her. In Vicki’s interview, she says, Braunwyn always has to be the center of attention, and it’s annoying. She’s tired of watching it. She tells Shannon that she’s going home. Braunwyn is dancing like a twelve-year-old. Kelly dirty dances with the bouncer, who throws her over his shoulder. Gina encourages a guy to introduce himself to Shannon, and he tells Shannon that his name is Marcos. He grabs her, and they’re sort of dancing. Shannon says he’s a little forward, and Tamra tells him, it’s Shannon’s birthday. He says he heard, and kisses her, but it looks like a soap opera kiss where their mouths aren’t really meeting. In Shannon’s interview, she says, wow, but I’m thinking this looks like it was set up. Braunwyn finds Tamra hot, and is all over her. In Emily’s interview, she says she feels like she’s in Amsterdam. Are animals next? Is there a donkey somewhere? In Kelly’s interview, she finds it bizarre that she’s the one with the rumors. Look at them. Emily says, time to go home, and Braunwyn says she’s so drunk.

At Kelly’s, Brian looks at a ginormous blinged-out bottle opener, and calls it the Liberace of bottle openers. He wonders if you could cut off someone’s head with it. They sit with some wine, and he asks about the party. He says she sent some video of girls rolling around on the floor. He says when she came back, she seemed pissed off. He didn’t appreciate how him not calling affected her. All did not was, not call right away after work. She says, it was six hours. He checks out, and she doesn’t like it. That’s what having a girlfriend is about. Brian says sometimes the clinic can be overwhelming, and in those moments, he needs down time. Kelly says he doesn’t have to be a jerk about it, and he says he tries not to be. It was a tough day, and he wasn’t sure she wanted to keep trying. She says, when you introduce the kids, you can’t just break up. He says he didn’t appreciate her telling him that he didn’t know how to parent after she bought his son a PlayStation 4. He would have preferred she ask him first. It’s a big gift, and he wants his son to appreciate how thoughtful it is. She hadn’t told him Jolie went to camp on a private jet. She says a lot of her friends have private jets. In her interview, she says, Brian isn’t forking over the cash. If she wants to give her daughter a camp experience in London that she feels is educational, that’s her business. She asks if he thinks Jolie is spoiled, and he says he hasn’t spent enough time with her to know. Kelly says she has one child, and has the means to give Jolie opportunities she didn’t have. Brian says Kelly has to teach her to appreciate (his favorite word) those opportunities. That’s the key. In Kelly’s interview, she says she likes spoiling Jolie, but she’s also teaching her compassion. We see a clip of Kelly and Jolie working at the soup kitchen, and Jolie saying they’re blessed to lead the lives they do. Brian says their relationship has had hiccups that weren’t comfortable. Maybe it would have been easier if they’d been friends, but they’ve worked through it. He never had somebody who wanted to hear from him so much. He appreciates (what did I say?) the love she gives him. He can’t promise it won’t happen again, but he’ll be aware, and try to call and tell her. She says she was dancing with a bouncer, and he asks if she used her best moves. She says she did, and he asks if she gave him her phone number. She says, no, and he says, good girl. She says he looks at boobs all day. Does he ever think of motorboating them? He says, no; he doesn’t.

Next time, Rowan’s fashion show, Tamra says Ryan is treading water, Dr. Deb gets disrespected, and Braunwyn has a tirade on the way home.

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October 14, 2019 – Sam Is Arrested, Latest Lawyer, a Proposal On Deck, a Son Lost & Counting Down


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the very beginning, and already the week is off to a great start. Once again, I swear I had extra time, and then I didn’t. The main takeaway points, as I listened in, were: Julian goes to see Franco at Shadybrook, and Kim asks Elizabeth if she really thinks she’s doing the right thing.

Maxie is surprised to find Nina at Crimson, and says she was worried about her. Nina tells her not to worry. She was with a friend last night. Seeing the bottle from Ava, Maxie says, her drinking buddy? but Nina says, no; someone else. Maxie says, talk to her, and Nina says she was with Jax. He was there when she needed someone to listen to her, and gave her a comforting shoulder to cry on. End of story. Maxie wishes Nina had come to her. She loves Nina. Nina says she loves Maxie too, but she needed a neutral space. Maxie asks if she’s okay, and Nina says she’s trying to be. Maxie says that’s all she can do; fake it until she makes it. Nina doesn’t know if she can do that. Her heart is demolished, and she’s devastated. She’s mad at Valentin and Sasha, but especially herself. She opened her heart to a fake daughter, and let Valentin back in her life. Maxie says she’s so sorry. She doesn’t have to see Valentin again. She and Peter can go pick up her stuff. Nina says she already went there. Valentin swears he had nothing to do with it. Maxie says, he’s doing what all liars do – deny, deny, deny. Nina doesn’t believe him, right?

Valentin says he’s traveling light. They can buy things they need when they get there. Obrecht asks if Nina’s child is alive, and Valentin asks what it matters. She says, it’s her family, and he says, according to Madeline, Nina never miscarried. She was in a coma, but didn’t lose the baby. Madeline paid a private nurse, and once the child was born, made arrangements for an adoption. He exhausted every available option trying to track Nina’s child down, and came up with nothing. He can’t prove the child is alive, or even exists.

Franco tells Julian, this is awkward. Normally, if he was in this position with another guy, he’d buy them a beer, but there’s nothing there except apple juice and checkers. Julian says he’s not there for a heart to heart. If Franco wasn’t in the funny farm, he’d lay him out. Franco says he can’t take back what happened, and he’s not entirely sure he’d want to. He does regret Julian got hurt. Julian says, regret doesn’t mean a damn thing. Franco asks what he wants. He agrees these are extraordinary circumstances. Julian says Franco might think Kim is the love of his life, but the love story he’s got going on in his head is a fantasy. He barely knew her, and he doesn’t know her now. Thank you. I kept saying the way Kim and pseudo Drew talk, you’d think they’d been together for years when it was only a couple of months.

Elizabeth tells Kim that she had her husband committed because he’s not well, and can’t protect himself. Kim says, Drew isn’t mentally ill, and has the right to make his own medical decisions. Elizabeth says, his name is Franco, and the fact that Kim cant tell the difference speaks volumes. She and Kim used to be friends. She doesn’t think Kim would have slept with Franco if she hadn’t been in pain, and she has enough on her plate right now. Franco hired a shark lawyer who is going to exploit him, and make a name for himself. Kim says she’s the one who put Franco in touch with Martin Gray, but that’s not why he’s on the case. Well, it didn’t sound like it was out of the goodness of his heart.

Sonny tells Sam and Jason, the black box and instrument data confirm the pilot of Drew’s plane lost control, and it went into the water. Sam says she knew that from the WSB, but was hoping they’d find something else. Sonny says, if the cause had been any different, they would have found it. It happened the way they said it did. Sam asks, what else happened? and he says they’re officially declaring Drew deceased. Carly says she’s so sorry. Sam says it’s nothing she didn’t already know, but this makes it final now.

Edward tells Jordan that he’ll take it from there, but she says his jurisdiction is over Shiloh’s death, not his escape. She tells Henderson that if he has any hope of saving himself, lose the attitude, and start talking. A woman walks in and says, her client has nothing more to say.

Nina tells Maxie, Valentin swore he was just as deceived as she was, and that Sasha is a con artist who fooled them both. Maxie tells her, that’s not what Lulu said. Nina says Lulu also hates Valentin, and what she remembers might not exactly be what she overheard. Sasha never implicated anyone but herself. Maxie says, true. She never said Valentin hired her, but think about it. Obrecht was holding something over Valentin, and she and Peter thought it had something to do with Sasha. They turned out to be right that Sasha wasn’t Nina’s daughter. It make sense that Valentin was in on it, and Obrecht was blackmailing him. Nina says Valentin already told her what Obrecht was holding over him, and Maxie asks what it was. Nina says she’s not getting into that with her. She’s aware of what Obrecht was using as leverage, and it had nothing to do with Sasha. Maxie says Nina knows how good Valentin is at covering his tracks. He had WSB training. Just because there’s no evidence, doesn’t mean Valentin is innocent. Is Nina saying she thinks Valentin is telling the truth?

Obrecht says Valentin hit a dead end and gave up the search? He says he spent more on the search than most people see in a lifetime. Now he knows Madeline was using him to get to Nina, building her hopes up to watch them come crashing down. She asks if he confronted Madeline, and he says, by the time he realized, she was already dead. Obrecht says, what curious timing it was.

Andre meets Peter at Charlie’s, and Peter asks how Andre is feeling. Andre says he’s good, but surprised Peter asked to meet with him. Peter was there supervising during the original memory transfer between Jason and Drew. It’s not a time either one of them is proud of, so he doesn’t know what they have to talk about. Peter says he wasn’t planning on rehashing it, but since Andre brought the situation up, he wants to clarify that he was coerced by his father. He did what he could to mitigate the damage. He asked Andre to meet him because his mother is Andre’s close friend. He was hoping Andre heard from her. He asks if Andre has any idea when she’s coming back, but Andre says he’s not privy to Bureau information or updates on their agents. Andre laughs, and Peter asks if he finds it amusing. Andre says Peter is referring to Anna as his mother. It’s real progress. Peter says he owes Andre his thanks for supporting Anna while they were working through things. Andre says he’s sure she’d do the same for him. Peter says it can’t hurt for them to know each other better. Is Andre staying in Port Charles for a while? Andre says he’s staying until Franco’s medical hearing is completed, so yes. Peter says, if the court rules in Elizabeth’s favor, how does he see it playing out? Can he make Franco into Franco again?

In the hallway, Sam starts to cry, and Jason tells her, it’s okay; take a minute. Sam says she was holding onto hope that Drew would find his way back for Scout. Jason is sure he tried, and Sam says she’s sorry it’s hitting her so hard now. Jason gets it. She and Drew were married, and he’s Scout’s father. Sam says, Drew was a really good man. He was good to her, and a good father to Scout. She guesses Drew is with Oscar now. Scout lost her brother to cancer, and her father to a freak storm. Jason says, if that’s what happened.

Jordan says she saw no attorney on record. The woman says, here she is, and tells them her name is Roz. Introductions are made, and Roz tells Henderson that she’s sorry she took so long to respond. Now that the introductions are over, she needs them to leave so she can confer with her client. Jordan says he’s all hers, and they leave. Henderson says he takes it she was sent by… She interrupts saying, no names. All she needs to know is what he already told them. He says, only what their friend asked him to. That Sam told him to pose as a guard, and help Shiloh escape. She says, good. Now they need to get the rest of his story straight.

Franco says Julian has lost touch with reality, and Julian tells him, says the man who claims he’s Drew in another body. He’s known Kim for two years, and Drew knew her for a couple of months before he was deployed – ages ago. Franco says Julian’s got guts, talking to his face like that. Julian says Kim was starting to come into her own. He doesn’t know the woman who sacrificed everything to raise her son. The woman who watched her only child die a slow death. She deserves better than to have him drag her into a past that never was. Franco says he gets it. Julian is hoping he and Kim will get back together.

Elizabeth says Kim is the one, and Kim says, Drew needed legal representation to get agency over his medical care. Elizabeth says she’s sure it’s costing a fortune. She was wondering how he was paying for it. Kim is bankrolling him. Kim says, he has the right to make his own medical decisions, and Elizabeth says she remembers Kim denying Oscar’s right to make them.

Andre tells Peter, that’s the question of moment, especially with Franco’s medical hearing coming up. Peter says it’s a risky procedure that’s never been done. Andrew says he’ll do his best, but in the absence of any date or case studies, it’s impossible to determine if it would succeed. Peter says he already did it with Drew and Jason. How different can it be? Andre says that was a memory transfer, not restoration. Franco has no baseline imprint. He’d have to wipe out Drew’s memories, and hope Franco’s memories remain intact. Peter says, what if Franco ends up with both sets of memories? and Andre says, that’s an excellent question. It might depend on which personally stronger, but he can’t say which one would prevail.

Jordan, Chase, and Edward go back into the interrogation room. Roz says Henderson is prepared to give full disclosure, as long as there’s a deal on the table. Jordan says she’d have to hear details before a deal is offered. Henderson says Sam reached out, saying there was a job she wanted done. Jordan asks how Sam found him, and he says, she’s a P.I., and knows her way around the back channels. She said she had a score to settle, and wanted to make sure Shiloh never found his way back to his cell. When he heard she’d killed the guy, he connected the dots. Sam wanted Shiloh free so she could take him out. Edward says if he’ll testify, they’ll discuss terms, and tells Chase to take Henderson back to his cell. Outside the room, Jordan tells Edward that Henderson’s story is full of holes. They don’t know if he and Sam ever met, or if any money changed hands until he was offered a deal for his fabricated story. Edward says Shiloh was shot in the back at close range, and Sam claimed she was defending Jason, but Jordan asks if he doesn’t think there should be further investigation.

Sam tells Jason, the weather was bad, but he says it was the same night Andre was attacked and almost killed. Sam says, it sounds strange, but it could be a terrible coincidence. Her phone rings, and it’s Jordan. She tells Sam that she needs to get back to the station for more questions, and she needs to get there right away.

Sonny asks if Carly is okay. Carly says, as much as she can be. Poor Drew. They were close for a while. It was weird when Jason came back, but she hopes he knew how much they cared about him. Sonny says he knew; they settled that. Carly says, Scout already lost a brother. Now she’s going to grow up without a father. She won’t even remember him. Sonny says she has Sam, Jason, Danny, the Quartermaines, and them to help. Carly says she loved how they pulled together for Wiley. Maybe they can do the same for Scout. Sonny says, and Donna. Carly wants to hold Donna, and asks Sonny to go see if she’s awake.

Valentin tells Obrecht that he was ready to drop it entirely, and Nina would have been none the wiser, but Madeline sent clues from beyond the grave. If Nina had started to search, she would have been crushed learning there was nothing to find. Obrecht says, so he found her long lost child. He says he found a charming suitable daughter, who had a giving heart. She says he gave Nina an imposter. He says he had no way to find Nina’s daughter, and Sasha was perfect. He thought it would spare her more hurt than harm. Obrecht says she thought he was Oxford educated, and he says he was. She asks if he took any philosophy courses, and he says, quite a bit. She says, then he must be familiar with the old adage, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

Nina tells Maxie, no doubt she should call the cops impersonating her child, but that’s where it gets complex. Is it identity theft or fraud? Maxie thinks she should take another look at Valentin. Thank of all the times he’s lied. Even if it was with the noblest of intentions, he still did bad things. She’s been there herself, and understands where he’s coming from, but when you hurt someone you love, the only way to heal it is by owning your mistake. Nina says there’s so much Maxie doesn’t know, and Maxie says, even if Nina is right, she has the feeling in Nina’s heart she knows the truth.

At the station, Jason asks Jordan what this is about. She thanks Sam for coming, and says she’ll be with them in a moment. Jason wonders if they shouldn’t wait outside, but Sam wants to stay. She says the sooner they get it over with, the sooner they can get out. Chase walks Henderson past them, and Henderson and Jason stare at each other. Sam says, what is it?

Valentin asks Obrecht when she’s leaving, and she asks if he’s eager to get rid of her. He says, surprisingly, he’s not. He’s ambivalent. He’s grown to respect her Machiavellian principles, and her end justifies the means philosophy, and she loves Nina. She says she respects him too. She thinks, given time, Nina might have taken him back without the whole pretend daughter angle. He hedged his bets, and compromised them both in the process. Valentin says if Nina is doubting Obrecht’s involvement, she’s confirming it by leaving. Obrecht hopes Nina’s anger will cool in her absence. If she allows Nina to miss her, she might be more inclined to give her a second chance. He tells her, good luck. He means it. She tells him, good luck as well. She regrets to say, where Nina is concerned, he’s going to need it. They shake hands, and she leaves.

Peter asks Andre what the other potential outcomes are. Andre says, one is a win, and there are two other contingencies. It could reinforce Drew’s memories, and Franco will remember more clearly. Why does he get the feeling that Peter is pumping him for information. He’s not putting this in The Invader, is he? Peter says, no. He can’t forget that his father set all this in motion. If it weren’t for Faison, Drew would be a decorated Navy SEAL, and would have never been on the plane that went down; Franco wouldn’t be languishing in Shadybrook; and Jason wouldn’t have lost five years of his life. He wishes everything Faison did could be undone, and they could all get on with their lives. Andre drinks to that. Peter says he has another appointment, but tells Andre to have another drink on him. Andre says he’ll let Peter know if he hears anything about Anna, and Peter thanks him.

Julian tells Franco that he knows there’s no going back to what he and Kim had. Unlike Franco, he’s clear on that. Franco asks why he’s there, and Julian says he’s not there to plead his case. If anything, he’s there to plead Kim’s case. Franco says, by telling him that he doesn’t know the woman he loves? The mother of his child. Julian says, Kim lost her child, and she’s grieving so deeply, she doesn’t know what she’s doing. All he is, is a temporary fix for the hole in her heart. He claims to love her. If he does, stop enabling her to be frozen in the past, and preventing her from moving forward and truly healing. Julian says, the ball is in his court, and leaves.

Elizabeth tells Kim, she’s sorry. She shouldn’t have brought up Oscar in that way. Kim says, no, she shouldn’t, and Elizabeth says, no more than Kim should be meddling in her husband’s life. Km says, it’s his life, and Elizabeth says she wants to give Kim the benefit of the doubt, but this situation is completely different. Kim says she couldn’t allow her son to choose, and she was wrong. Thankfully, they patched things up, but it nearly destroyed their relationship. That’s how important it was. Maybe Elizabeth could learn from her story, and give her husband a chance to choose his own fate. She might not have a chance to patch things up before the end. Scotty summoned her, saying he was going to call her to the stand at the hearing. She assumes Elizabeth realizes her testimony isn’t going to help. Elizabeth says she doesn’t know, but if the other side is calling Kim to testify, maybe she should look inward to see if she’s healed enough to know what’s right or wrong.

Sam asks Jason, what’s going on? but he’s not sure. Too many things don’t add up. There are too many loose ends. She asks if he needs to follow up on something, but he says he’ll wait. She says Diane will be there soon. They probably just want to go over her statement for the millionth time. She’ll be fine. She tells him to go. She kisses him, and he leaves.

Andre’s phone rings. It’s Jason, who says he needs to see Andre right away.

Carly holds Donna, and says, hi, beautiful. She’s doing good and they’re proud of her. Sonny says, she’s a brave lady, like the first Donna. Carly tells Donna that she’s getting stronger every day, and they get to bring her home soon. There are so many people who want to meet her, and love her so much. Sonny laughs.

Jason goes to Charlies to meet Andre, who asks what he can do for Jason. Jason says there’s a suspect in police custody who he thought would interest Andre. He shows Andre a photo of Henderson on his phone, and asks if Andre recognizes him. Andre says, vaguely, and Jason shows him another photo with Henderson wearing a beard. He says, how about now? and Andre says that’s the man who stabbed him.

Edward comes out, and Sam says she told the Commissioner that she’s willing to cooperate. She just has to wait for her lawyer if they want to ask additional questions. He says, there seems to have been some confusion. He’s placing her under arrest. Jordan joins them, and asks Edward for a word. He says, it’s not necessary; this is his jurisdiction. It’s a federal prosecution. Sam says. it was self-defense, but he says they’ve received evidence to the contrary. He’s requesting that she be denied bail, and remain in Pentenville until the trial.

Julian runs into Elizabeth, and asks how it’s going. She says she’s hanging in. Him? He says, same. Her phone rings, and she says it’s Scotty.

Kim visits Franco, and he says he wasn’t expecting her. What’s going on? She says she just spoke to Martin, and he has news about the hearing. They have a date.

Elizabeth thanks Scotty. She tells Julian that Franco’s hearing is set to start next week.

Peter goes to the Crimson office, and asks if Maxie is ready for dinner. She says she got sidetracked trying to convince Nina that Valentin was involved with Sasha’s con. Nina is all tied up in knots because Valentin is saying he had nothing to do with it. Peter asks if Nina believes him, and Maxie says she doesn’t think Nina is convinced. She’s all for benefit of the doubt, but you have to see clearly first. She wishes Nina could see the liar staring her in the face.

Valentin makes arrangements to open the house in Greece. He tells them they know the drill, and to make sure Helena’s personal items are out of the room. He tells them not to lock the suite though. He doesn’t want Charlotte to think it’s a dark witch’s chamber, although that’s not far from the truth. He hangs up, and hears someone coming in. It’s Nina. They look at each other.

Tomorrow, Finn tells Alexis that he knows Hayden is lying, Nina needs to hear Valentin say it, and Diane says Sam is being transferred to Pentenville tonight.

💼 There’s a New Lawyer In Town…

Meet Henderson’s attorney.


Below Deck

Chef Kevin is having stomach issues, and keeps running to the toilet. He says, man down. The guests are on the beach with Tanner and Courtney. Tanner says he’d love to set up a hammock, but he likes to work. In Courtney’s interview, she says she needs money, but doesn’t like work in general. Kate asks Kevin if he wants things to go faster or slower, and he says, very slower. She says, awkward, and gives him some medicine. In his interview, he wonders if the pressure of the charter is making him feel sick, and it’s turning into a sh*t show. The guests return to the yacht. Kate walks Simone through what they’re doing that evening. She has a violinist arriving, dinner for two upstairs (the grand proposal dinner), and dinner for five downstairs. In her interview, Kate says if she wasn’t busy she’d be freaking out, but she’s busy. Kevin still has cramps, and in his interview, says it’s a challenge to begin with, cooking for two different tables. Now he’s dealing with stomach issues. This is pretty intense.

Ashton goes over what the deckhands have to do, and says then they can party. Michael asks Kate if she wants a sneak preview, and shows her the ring. No surprise, it’s fabulous. She asks if he practiced, and he says, a little bit. He’s not sure what knee is traditional, like that matters. In Kate’s interview, she says, Michael seems nervous, but he chartered a mega yacht to propose. He should be able to just throw the ring at her face and she’ll say yes. In Ashton’s interview, he says, even though it’s early on, he doesn’t feel like he needs to micromanage the deckhands. Everyone is doing what they need to do, and everything seems cool – for now. Abbi complains that on a sailboat, she could wear shorts and a T-shirt. On a mega-yacht, they have to wear their whites when the guests come, and when the sun goes down, wear a black version of the white thing. Can’t she just chill? Kevin says tonight’s dinner is going to be a classic and expensive surf and turf. Service has been all over the place, but tonight, it has to be on point.

Kate sets up a small table upstairs. The guests get ready for dinner, and the violinist arrives. Kevin has a machine that regulates the temperature of the meat, and it keeps beeping. He doesn’t know how to fix it, and Kate says it’s like Chinese water torture for her ears. He tells her it’s going to keep beeping until the guests are ready. In Kate’s interview, she says, Kevin is spiraling out, and sh*tting himself. It’s not going to end well.

Kevin starts stressing because the guests aren’t seated yet. In her interview, Kate says, charter guests are never at the table on time. They’re on vacation. She doesn’t know why he’s being bajiggity about it. I’m guessing that’s similar to persnickety. Kate shows Michael and Samantha to their upstairs table, and they’re suitably impressed. The violinist plays, and the guests downstairs hear it. One says, someone’s heart is pumping fast right now. In the crew mess, the other deckhands ask Tanner how the excursion was, and he tells them about Courtney complaining that she has to work to get money. Ashton says his opinion of her just went down ten notches. Courtney walks in, and Ashton asks how her day on the beach was. She says she loved every minute of it. Tanner says, no she didn’t, and they all laugh. Dinner is served, and Samantha says, it’s better than any steakhouse. Michael is looking weird, and she says, what is it? He says she’ll find out later. Ashton tells the deckhands to get some rest.

In Kate’s interview, she says she loves Courtney and Simone. They take direction well, and have no egos – yet. Michael tells Samantha that he thinks he owes her for helping him every day. She put up with all the moves startups, and has stood by his side. She says she loves him, and he asks if she would be willing to do that for the rest of their lives. Kate comes up to clear some things from the table. Michael and Samantha get quiet, and in her interview, Kate says, whoopsie. Her bad. Michael tells Samantha that he doesn’t want to do life without her, and gets down on one knee. He asks her to marry him, and she starts to cry. He puts the ring on her finger, and Kate announces they now have an engaged couple on the boat. Michael and Samantha join the others, and Kate says, good job, everyone. Samantha was borderline sobbing. Abbi tells Ashton about being in an open relationship. If she doesn’t want to be possessed, she can’t possess anyone. In her interview, she says she’s seeing a captain named Patrick. She thinks she loves him, but if another guy likes her, YOLO. She asks Ashton if he’s interested in anyone, but Ashton says he needs to be focused on his job.

Captain Lee tells the crew, well done, and congratulates the couple. In his interview, he says, it’s a major event. It puts a smile on his face, and makes him feel warm and fuzzy. Samantha FaceTimes with dog Teddy, and shows him the ring. Ashton asks how Kevin is doing, and Kevin says he hasn’t been on the toilet for eight hours, so it’s a good indication that he’s better.

Kate tells Courtney to iron the epaulettes. One of the guests says, Samantha thought the dating period was long, wait until she sees how long the engagement period is. Samantha doesn’t look amused. Ashton goes to the bridge, and asks how Captain Lee is. The captain says he checked the obits, and he’s not in them, so it’s a good day. Kevin makes omelets, and the anchor is pulled up. Ashton asks Abbi if she needs help, but she says she’s good. He tells her that if she trusts herself, he trusts her too. In his interview, Ashton says it’s the first time he’s docked with this crew, and it’s where they show their true colors. He’s the leader now, and if things go wrong on deck, it’s on him. In Abbi’s interview, she says, a sailboat was easier than this huge-ass behemoth boat. Damaging anything could be thousands of dollars. They dock, but Abbi has a hard time tossing the line to the guy on shore. The captain says they can’t hold the boat forever, and she finally nails it. In Captain Lee’s interview, he says, it’s like landing a plane. There are a lot of moving parts when they’re coming in. It’s not pretty, but it’s effective.

It’s time for the guests to depart, and Michael tells the crew it was an absolutely perfect experience. He starts to walk, and Samantha taps him. He says, one more thing, and adds this is why he keeps her around. He gives Captain Lee an envelope, and everyone says how cute he is. Courtney wonders where her phone and soul are. They clean the boat, and Brian tells Abbi that he used to be temperamental back in the day, but tries not to be like that now. Abbi tells Brian about being homeless while she was going to college. She slept on a bench at the school, and changed clothes for work on the train. In her interview, she says she eventually got a full scholarship to law school. She thinks that makes her kind of badass.

Time for the tip meeting. The captain thinks it was outstanding for a first charter. He asks how Ashton feels about his first time out as bosun. Ashton is glad the first one is done. Captain Lee says he did well, and Ashton says he has a good crew; they made it easy. Kevin says, there were some kinks, and the Captain says he thinks everybody wants to do well. They do the best job they can, and all they can do, is do better as they get to know each other. The tip is $17,000 or $1500 each. In Simone’s interview, she says, $1500 for two days work is beyond. Captain Lee tells them, go out for cocktails; they earned it. But don’t embarrass themselves or the boat. Kate finds Kevin rummaging through a cupboard in the galley. He says he’s looking for something, and tells Kate he wants to sit with the stews, who he calls girls. Kate says she noticed there’s a particular way he likes things. In Kate’s interview, she says it was wrong for him to say there were kinks to be worked out in front of the crew and captain. She is pissed.

Everyone gets ready to go out. In his interview, Tanner says he gave 100%; now he’s ready to party. They get in a taxi, and go to a restaurant in the Thalang District in Phuket. Still refraining from making jokes. In Brian’s interview, he thinks Courtney can be hard to please. It throws him off, but he kind of likes it. Abbi says she hates being salty and wet, and Kate is surprised, since she worked on a sailboat. In Tanner’s interview, he says he’s always been attracted to older women. There’s no drama; they’ve already dealt with the bullsh*t. When cougars come out to play, you know you’re in for a good time. After dinner, they move on to a beach club, where there are acrobats hanging on silks. Brian says he wants liquor, and Ashton gets a bottle of vodka. In Ashton’s interview, he says, Thailand is fun, but you can get into a lot of trouble. He thinks they put something in the vodka there. Some of the crew members hit the dancefloor. In Simone’s interview, she says she loves dancing. Music is like her drug. A beat comes on, and she gets cuckoo. In Courtney’s interview, she says it’s not her thing. She’s like an old woman; she enjoys silence and glass of wine, or good conversation. She doesn’t like people she doesn’t know sweating on her. Ashton flirts with a random girl. Abbi tells Tanner that she thinks Ashton is hot. He asks if she wants to hook up with him; she’s crushing on him hard. She says, not until ten minutes ago. In her interview, she says Ashton being her boss doesn’t affect things. She had sex all time with her boss in Greece. Tanner tells her that she’s hot AF, and she’s good. Abbi tells Ashton that she likes him, and asks if he feels her. In his interview, he says, good idea? Bad idea? Screw it. It’s a great idea. She tells him, come to mama, and he says he’s got her.

Ashton hugs Abbi, and says he loves her. It’s time to go back to the boat, and the crew gets in two taxis. Tanner wants to sit next to Kate, but she makes him get in the back, rather than crowd her and Courtney. Brian tells Courtney that’s she’s pretty, but she needs to smile more. He tells her, please laugh, and she says, be funnier. In Courtney’s interview, she says she does smile, but not when he’s telling her to. He’s an idiot. STFU. Google men telling women to smile, and you’ll see how most of us feel about that. Ashton tells Abbi that she’s his favorite. He tells the deckhands that he’s sleeping on the pads on deck tonight, and they’re welcome to cuddle. They all go upstairs. In the crew mess, Courtney tells Simone that she’s never gone up to a man and say he’s pretty and ask him to smile. She won’t smile because Brian tells her to.

The next morning, the deckhands wake up in their clothes. In Abbi’s interview, she says it would have been less awkward waking up next to Ashton if they’d actually hooked up. It’s going to be a weird day. Kate wonders where the drugs are. She lies on the couch. In her interview, she thinks the vodka if different in Thailand. She’s like eighteen-year-old Kate, partying for the first time, and hung over. It’s not a good look. She tells Simone to do laundry, and Courtney to sort the pantry. Ashton is glad the deckhands don’t have much to do today.

Kate asks Kevin about his daughter. He says her name is Billie, and Kate says she loves girls with boy’s names. In Kevin’s interview, he says he and Billie’s mother broke up twelve months after she was born. It’s hard to be away from his daughter. She’s his life, and what he lives for. He tells Kate that Billie lives in Melbourne. Tanner tells Abbi that she’ll have to talk to him like it’s his first day. Brian asks Simone if there were issues in the car, and she says he whined that Courtney doesn’t like him. He says he definitely drank too much, and obviously said something he doesn’t remember. Kevin takes apart a jackfruit. I only mention this because I recognize it from 90 Day Fiancé. Abbi tells Ashton that he was trying to get it in with her last night, and he says don’t lie. Brian wants to talk to Courtney, and says he hopes he didn’t offend her or do anything wrong, She says he was just annoying her, and he says he’s sorry. She says he was annoying, but she appreciates the apology. He says he wants things to be okay. In her interview, she says she’s not that mad, but she won’t forget it.

Ashton asks what Simone did before she was a yachtie. She says she worked at a sports betting place, did hostessing, anything that wasn’t nine to five. Ashton thinks that’s why they’re all in yachting. They’re all running from that. In Simone’s interview, she says she researched what she could do to earn money and see the world. She went into yachting and loves it.

Captain Lee calls Kevin, Ashton, and Kate to the wheelhouse for the preference sheet meeting. It’s repeat customers, Richard and Helen. In Kate’s interview, she says she loves them. Helen is over-the-top – we flash back to her openly flirting with Chef Adrian – and Richard is the strong silent type. They’re so nuts; she loves them. The captain says Helen owns a Beverly Hills lingerie store, and they don’t know what Richard does. They’re bringing their closest friends. They want to go fishing, and should they catch anything, want to eat it. Regardless, they want that dinner to be a seafood extravaganza.  In Kevin’s interview, he says he’s worried about this charter. These are repeat customers, and there have been problems with service. Everyone needs to know the way he works. The guests also want a beach picnic and an island excursion. Tanner calls his parents, and tells them that the first charter couldn’t have gone better. Then they got hammered at a restaurant. His mom says, sounds like fun, and asks if there were any hookers there. She worries. In his interview, Tanner says he’s the youngest of four, and they’re very close. His dad is retired, and his mom is a flight attendant and his best friend. He would come home drunk when he was in high school, and she’d ask if he was having fun. He could get away with murder. She tells him, don’t get anyone pregnant.

Abbi can’t find her radio. Courtney says she wants a seafood extravaganza; it’s not fair. Ashton tells Abbi to look everywhere for the radio, knowing how much this pisses the captain off. Provisions come in, and in his interview, Kevin says they need a meeting. His standards are high, and the service isn’t matching what he’s trying to put out. He needs them to understand his plan of attack so they’re on the same page. He doesn’t really tell them anything they don’t know already, and points out where he’ll be hanging the menu. In Kate’s interview, she says, Kevin is asserting power. The last time she checked, the chief stew was head of service. He needs to focus on his job being a chef, and she’ll do the rest.

The captain finds Abbi’s radio. He calls Ashton, and asks who doesn’t have a one. Ashton says they’ve been searching for one, not wanting to out Abbi, but Captain Lee asks whose radio they’re looking for. Ashton tells him, and says she’s been looking everywhere. The captain tells him to bring all the deckhands to the wheelhouse. In the captain’s interview, he says he comes apart like a cheap suit over somebody not having a radio. It pisses him off to no end. He tells them the radio was in the wheelhouse, and he hopes this is the last time he’s having this conversation. Abbi apologizes. He suggests they sleep with their radios. It should be part of them. If they don’t have a radio, and something catastrophic happens where they need assistance they’ll find out what sorry is. So will the person whose life they’re trying to save. In Abbi’s interview, she says she doesn’t want to disrespect the Captain Lee, because she respects him, and now she’s effing up his number one rule. She apologizes, and the captain tells her not to let it happen again. The next time won’t be as pretty. On deck, Ashton tells her not to get stressed about it, but be more careful. Sort it out, and move on. They high five. The captain says, ten minutes until show time.

Captain Lee tells the crew to step it up. He sees the guests walking this way. One of the guests thinks the boat’s name is Velour. (It’s Valor.) They’re met with drinks served in hollowed out melons with a thousand umbrellas and such in them. Helen is very excited, and I note that she’s lost weight. She says she’s brought her girl squad. The captain welcomes them back, and says they’re going to get this party on the road. Even he’s tired of saying, get this party started. Helen says she’s ready. Guest Brandy is seriously drunk already, and acting stupid. Kevin tells the captain, the girl in the white dress is really drunk, and Captain Lee says, she’s hammered. Ashton says, it must be the hottest day of the year (which must be pretty hot, since it always seems to be brutally hot there), and she’s already wasted. Another guest asks Kate if she’s the captain. Even if the epaulettes fooled her, this is after the introductions. Kate starts to give the tour, and Brandy wants to go to her room. She gets a panic attack, and one of the women asks who invited her. In Kate’s interview, she’s not sure what they were served before they came there, but she thinks Brandi had a lot of them. Brandi lies on a couch in the small lounge. In her interview, Kate says she’s had guests pass out before, but never within the first hour. She didn’t even get through the whole boat tour.

Next time, Kevin tells Simone that she hasn’t seen rude, the tender gets stuck on shore, Kevin forgets to buy seafood for the seafood extravaganza (what was that about high standards?), and the captain says Brandy needs medical attention immediately.

💔 Heartbreaking…

Captain Lee speaks out on an equal opportunity disease.



🐺 In a Mere Sixteen Days…

The Big Bad Wolf will be out for blood candy.












October 13, 2019 – Alpha Blasts To the Past, Small Talk, Beta Speaks, Tyler’s Latest, Paul Entertains His Bride, Bong Does It Again & Alpha’s Tune


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


This was one of those episodes that goes back and forth from past to present, and I tried to make it as easy to follow as possible. The present is also set in the same time frame as last week’s episode, but from the Whisperers’ point of view.

The Walking Dead

Seven years ago. A car has crashed, and the woman inside is unconscious, but her head is on the steering wheel, causing the horn to blare. Zombies come toward the car, but she can’t get the driver’s side door open. She opens the passenger door, kicking them away, and tries to crawl under the car, but it’s too late. They grab her and rip her apart. A little girl walking with the zombies screams, and her mother grabs her and they run. It’s Alpha and Lydia covered in zombie yuck. Alpha tries to find an unlocked door, and isn’t having much luck. They run to a rehab, and Alpha struggles with the door, but finally gets it open. A zombie pulls at Lydia, but they get inside. Lydia says, sorry. They’re in a hallway, and see a man wearing a ski mask standing in the doorway. It’s Beta.

The present. Beta tells Alpha, it’s time the pack returns. She says they’re far from the enemy, and the pack’s fear will subside. She asks if he doubts her and their mission, but he says, never. Alpha looks at two girls making masks, and says, the sisters have a real gift.

Seven years ago. Alpha tells Beta (at this point, they don’t actually have names, so for clarity’s sake), they don’t mean harm. She asks, can he talk? She moves closer, but he hits a bat against a pipe as a warning. Lydia says she doesn’t like this, calling Alpha mama. Alpha tells him, if he tries to kill them, know two things. She doesn’t tire easily, and he’ll have to kill her daughter. She won’t leave without her. She readies herself, and he says, one night. She thanks him, and he says, do not leave the hallway. Lydia asks Alpha if she can wash up; the smell. Alpha asks, is there water? and he points. Lydia asks if he’s a monster, and Alpha says, we’re all monsters now.

The present. Beta tells Alpha, gather all of them; every last one they can find. As they walk, Beta signals to another Whisperer using two fingers. On of the sisters looks up at clouds. Sister Two sidles toward her, and says he’s watching her. Sister One says she feels different today. Does she feel that? It’s like it’s burning into their skin. Sister Two says, stop it. Her head’s in clouds. She should have left her sister behind while she had the chance. The Whisperers whisper.

Seven years ago. Alpha washes Lydia in an old steel tub. They hear zombie noises, and Lydia covers her ears. Alpha kisses her head. She looks around, and finds some canned goods. She looks through them, humming. Alpha paces in the background, and asks if she’s singing. She says, if you call it that, and he says, don’t do it again. She keeps looking, quietly. He asks if she has a name, and she says, the dead don’t have names; they shouldn’t either. Names are the past. They’re strong enough to be alive. The dead fear nothing, and only feed. They’re free. She asks how he ended up there, and he says he got into a tussle with the dead. They ran over his camp. She asks why he wears a mask, and starts to walk toward him, but he’s not receptive to that. He says he likes it; the sound of the dead. It’s the only song he never wants to end.

The present. Beta looks into a parking  garage containing a small crowd of zombies, and bangs on the security gate. He makes zombie noises, and runs his hand over the gate. The gate rises.

The Whisperers walk through a field. Sister One looks at clouds again, and Sister Two tells her, stop it, but Beta sees her. Sister One flashes back, and we find out she was the girl who had to leave the baby that Connie ended up rescuing. She remembers putting the baby down, and Alpha shrugging. She starts to make anguished sounds, and the real dead notice. Alpha kills them, and Sister Two asks what’s wrong with her? Beta says she will pay. Why he just didn’t let her get eaten, I have no clue

Beta throws Sister One down in a clearing. She whimpers, saying, she’s gone. Beta brandishes a knife, and Alpha says, stop, glaring at him. Sister One continues to weep. Beta asks if she’s uncommitted now. Her actions threaten the entire pack. Her child broke her. Alpha says she understands how Sister One feels, abandoning her child. Alpha’s child was dead to her long before Alpha ended her. She sharpens a knife, and tells Beta that she’s going to the deeper place. She’ll be waiting.

Seven years ago. Alpha tells Lydia that she’ll sleep in there and guard the door. Lydia asks, why not lock it? but Alpha tells her walls could never contain someone like the man in there. Lydia asks if she likes him. Alpha holds out a stuffed bunny, but Lydia says she doesn’t want it. She’s not a baby anymore. She doesn’t want a stupid bunny. She doesn’t want to be scared. She wants to be more like Alpha. Alpha says she’s waited so long to hear that, and hopes Lydia will be. If she can’t, Alpha will have no choice but to leave her behind. Lydia begs Alpha to never leave her, and says she’ll do better. Alpha will see. She says she loves Alpha, calling her mama, and Alpha says stop calling her that.

The present. Sister One goes into a cave. Alpha reveals herself, and Sister One says she’s sorry. She begins to beg, and Alpha tells her to remove her mask. She does, and Alpha says, kneel. Alpha lifts her face, and putting her hands on either side of Sister One’s head, squeezes. Sister One screams. Beta hears. Alpha pets Sister One’s head, saying, shhh. Sister One thanks Alpha.

Omg, the first three commercials have a TWD promo in the background. Are they that desperate to make people look at what they’re pushing?  Just because Michonne and Eugen are the wallpaper, doesn’t mean I’m going with Sprint.

Beta sees Sister One. Sister Two goes to her, and she says she’s thinking about that place. Sister Two grabs her, and takes her away from the group. Beta is like, wtf? He finds Alpha, and tells her it was unwise. Alpha says if Sister One strays again, she’ll skin her alive. Beta says, she unsettles the pack. Her moment of weakness will affect the others. Alpha says, being alive is a fantasy, and Beta says, the pack must learn it again; see it up close. She says, they will; soon. He asks if she’s content, and I laugh, because it seems like an insane question. He says he’s seen her wander away from the camp alone at night. She says she’s right there, as she’s always been. I dunno. Maybe being alive is a fantasy, but being a Whisperer seems like boring drudgery.

Seven years ago. Alpha wanders through the building, humming. A zombie appears, and she pikes it in the head. More zombies come down the hallway, and she nails them one by one, until one gets the better of her, and pins her up against the wall. Beta has been watching, and skewers it from behind, then finishes the rest of them off. She smiles at him, and follows him. They slaughter more zombies together. #Bonding. We can tell, she likes him. She slices into one of the zombies, and puts the guts into a container. She says she’s different. She never trusted people. She doesn’t trust anyone. He asks if there’s a reason why, and she rips open another zombie. She tells Beta that his name is Big Man. He’s like, no, and she says, Mr. B. He says he thought they had no names, but she says, it’s not a name; it’s a letter. He says if B is his name, what’s her name? She says, A. He asks if she can move with them when she’s covered, and she says, you’ve got to become them. Feel what they feel. He asks what they feel, and she says, nothing. There are only two kinds of people left. Those brave enough to walk with the dead, and everybody else. Tell her, which one is he? She reaches toward his mask, and he grabs her hand, saying, don’t. He walks away, and she hums.

The present. It’s nighttime, and the sisters lie together, unmasked. Sister One says, can you imagine? Alpha is so powerful; so calm. Her head feels right again. Alpha sacrificed her daughter. She said when she watched her daughter die, it was gentle. Sister Two says, Alpha doesn’t cry. Sister One says she’s sorry, and Sister Two says she’s risking what they have there. Don’t do it again – ever. Sister Two asks if she meant what she said before? That she wishes she’d left her behind. Sister Two says, did she say that? and rolls over, turning her back.

The Whisperers walk through a field. Beta does that signal thing again. A pack of real zombies ambles toward them. They see the fire streak in the sky from the satellite. Beta is startled, and looks up for a moment. He says, do not break; there’s too many. Sister One smiles, looking at the clouds again. A zombie wearing a baby carrier toddles toward her. She remembers putting the baby down, and Alpha shrugging. She suddenly breaks her zombie character, and jumps on Alpha’s back, yelling, and attracting the zombies’ attention. Beta starts stabbing the zombies, and Sister Two pulls Sister One off of Alpha, throwing her sister into a group of zombies, who feed on her. Beta looks at Alpha.

Alpha asks Sister Two if she regrets what she did, and tells her to take her mask off. Sister Two does as she’s told, and says her sister wasn’t committed. She no longer belonged with them. She had to protect the Alpha. Beta says she did. It’s her destiny; the purest most honest way to avoid chaos. Her purity will never be forgotten. Alpha says there’s a tear in her mask; she should repair it. Beta tells her, leave us, and she leaves. Alpha removes her mask, and Beta asks if she’s hurt. She says, no. She feels calm. He says they lost three of their own. It was mayhem. Alpha says there’s a clarity amid the chaos. She is no more. Alpha walks away. Beta grunts, and follows her.

Seven years ago. Lydia explores the building, and finds the buckets of guts near where Beta is sleeping. Covering herself with them, she walks the hallways, saying, we’re all monsters now.

The present. Alpha tells Sister Two, for her bravery and sacrifice, and putting the needs of the pack above her own. She dubs Sister Two, Gamma. Everyone says, to Gamma. Alpha looks skyward.

I don’t know if it’s me or it’s that the Whisperers whisper a lot, but I’m having a hard time hearing the dialogue in the episode. I don’t think I’m going dead deaf…

Beta approaches Gamma, and says Alpha has been gone for hours. Gamma asks if he’s angry, and he says he feels nothing for her, and Gamma says she’s also empty, as Alpha wants. Beta asks, where is she? and Gamma says, she was moving toward the old camp a while ago.

Seven years ago. Alpha wakes and looks for Lydia, who’s busy roaming the halls. Lydia walks up a staircase, saying, we’re all monsters now.

The present. Beta strides through the forest. Even though he said he feels nothing, I’d say he’s pretty angry.

Seven years ago. Lydia hears zombie noises behind a door, and walks toward it. Alpha follows Lydia’s bloody footprints, and takes a visible breath. Lydia reaches for the door knob, and opens the door. Alpha whispers Lydia’s name. Is she practicing for being a Whisperer? There’s a display case on the wall, and Alpha sees pictures of two men with their faces scratched out; one tall guy, and a shorter guy with a shirt that says, Have A Happy Day. Presumably, the tall guy is Beta. A shadow falls over her.

The present. Alpha goes to the old camp, which is very Blair Witch. Beta shows up, and she asks if he lost his way. He says, has she?

Seven years ago. Beta says he told Alpha never to go over to that part of the building, but she says she doesn’t care. She needs to find her daughter.

The present. Alpha holds the stuffed bunny, and Beta says she kept that? She says, it’s for Lydia, and he says Alpha claimed she was dead. She said she killed Lydia, but she wants Lydia back. Alpha says he shouldn’t have come there. Why? He says, why did she lie? Lydia is never coming back, no matter how much Alpha wishes she would, or how hard she tries to replace her with someone else. She is gone.

Seven years ago. A zombie walks in behind Beta. It’s the guy wearing the Have A Happy Day shirt, and Alpha kills him. Beta says, noo!

The present. Alpha tells Beta, Lydia is her baby; her daughter. She couldn’t kill her. He holds out his hand, and she takes it, whimpering silently. She says they can’t know that Lydia is alive. He says, they won’t. Alpha says Lydia is dead to her; the moment she was born. Lydia wasn’t like her. She repeats, Lydia was not like her. She throws the bunny, and kicks and breaks things, smashing up the old camp. The whole time yelling, she’s not like me.

Seven years ago. Beta throws stuff around, and picks up his sword. Alpha says she knows him better than he knows himself. He’s just like her, but not broken. He goes after her with the sword, and hits the glass case instead. Lydia comes out and says Alpha was trying to save him. She goes to Alpha, and says, she’s strong. Alpha says she is. She’s proud of Lydia, but don’t dare do it again. She holds Lydia, and says, the world went dark so they could see a new path. Beta caresses his zombie friend’s body, and Alpha says, come walk with her in the darkness. He’ll never be alone again. Her Beta. They are the end of the world. She lifts his mask, smiles, and puts it back. She says, come with them. Beta says he can’t leave him, and she says he won’t have to. She hands him a knife, and he peels the guy’s face off.

The present. Alpha tells Beta that she saw smoke by the borders; the enemy crossed. They’re going back. He hands her mask to her, and she puts it on. They interlace their fingers, and say, we walk in darkness; we are free. We love nothing; we are free. We hear nothing; we are free. We need no world; we are free. We embrace death; we are free. We see the pack begin to walk again, as they say, this is the end of the world. Alpha and Beta walk with the pack, but Alpha breaks away to find Carol standing on the cliff, and stares at her. They say, we are the end of the world.

Next time, Gamma tells Daryl to go to the border and wait, the Highwaymen want justice, Alpha confronts says they have to be punished.

📡 Thora Birch (Gamma) and Ryan Hurst (Beta) were guests on Talking Dead tonight, and I got two takeaway points. TWD sounds like a fantastic place to work, and Beta is a funny guy.

⬅ Beta’s Backstory…

Nice interview with the man behind two different masks.


👍 Max’s Boyfriend For President…

Tyler Perry has a new drama coming out, and it stars Ed Quinn, aka Randy from 2 Broke Girls. Pay no attention to that Mariah Carey speech video in the middle of the article. Unless you want to. Personally, I don’t know her.


🎤 Not As Bad As You’d Think…

But no Bradley Cooper either.


🎬 My Kind Of Bong…

The latest from the genius who gave us Snowpiercer.


🎶 Hum Along With Alpha…

Night winds whisper to me/I’m lonesome as I can be.







October 12, 2019 – Sasha Lies About Her Lies, a Little Bit of Soap, RIP Julia, Goodbye Grand, Paul Does It Again, No To Mila, NeNe On Blast, No Shame, a Joke, Quotes On Life & NYC Noise


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Alexis brings Sonny a gift for the baby, a sippy cup that says Corinthos Coffee. He tells her Carly will love it. She asks how Carly and Donna are doing, and he says, great. They’re just waiting to get the all clear to bring Donna home. Alexis gets a text from Julian that he needs to see her asap. It’s about her client. She says, that’s great news; it should take the edge off. Sonny says, the edge off what?

At Charlie’s, Brad gives Julian a new welcome mat, saying it’s more of a welcome back mat, since he’s not leaving. A fresh start. Brad says now that he’s not leaving, Julian will be able to be around Lucas and Wiley all the time. Julian says, there is that. Brad says since he’ll be there, Julian can help out when problems arise. Julian asks what problem has arisen. Obrecht again? Brad says, no. Nelle.

At Crimson, Sasha packs up her stuff. Michael asks if she’s got everything. She nods, saying, it’s just a few odds and ends; her notepads with her name on them. Nina was so great to her. Caring for her as a real daughter, bringing her into Crimson to start a career. Now her life is as random as what’s in the box. Michael tells her she’s strong and she’ll get her footing again. She says, just without Nina. She looks at a picture of the two of them.

Valentin tells Nina that he was worried. She asks if Charlotte is there, and he says, she’s with Lulu. Nina says, good. She’s just there to pick up a few things to tide her over, and she’ll be on her way. He asks where she’s going, and she says, anywhere but here. It’s none of his business anymore, where she goes or with whom. He says, the hell it isn’t.

Sasha asks Michael if he thinks she should leave a note, and he says it’s her call. She guesses not. Nina would just tear up anything that she left. She can’t stand how much she hurt Nina, but Nina isn’t ready to hear anything she has to say. Lucy blows in, and says Sasha is just the person she’s looking for. Sasha says she’s on her way out, but Lucy says, no. She made Sasha a once in a lifetime offer, and she keeps saying she wants to think about it. Michael says they have to go, but Lucy says they can, as soon as Sasha answers her question. Is she going to be the new face of Deception or not? Sasha says she’s way ahead of Lucy.

Valentin tells Nina, whatever happens, he’s still the man who loves her. He’s still the man who would lay down his life for her. She says, the man who would manufacture a daughter for her? He understands why she’s angry. Yesterday was a tumultuous ride for both of them. She says, it wasn’t a ride; it was a betrayal of everything she believed in. He says Sasha’s lies were reprehensible, but they were Sasha’s lies. She asks if he thinks she believes he wasn’t involved. He asks her to consider the source. Lulu had been drinking, and overheard a conversation in a public restroom. She heard what she wanted to hear. Nina says she doesn’t trust Lulu, but she doesn’t trust him either anymore. They were estranged, about to be divorced, and he had a conversation with her now dead mother about her child, who survived and was adopted. Miracle on top of miracle, he found that child. She was so stupid, she took Sasha in, and brought him back into her life. Sasha isn’t her child. Sasha is a con woman, and he’s telling her that Sasha not only betrayed her, but the great Valentin Cassadine. He says she’s right. He went looking for her daughter to get her back.

Dev asks Josslyn, what’s this? She says it’s the homework he missed. It’s better to try and keep up than get hit with a bunch of makeup homework later. He says, it’s not fair. He’s not allowed off the grounds, and now he has homework. All because she ratted him out to her father.

Alexis shows Sonny the text, and he says, that’s a lot of exclamation marks. She says, Julian does have a flair for the dramatic. Sonny asks why he’s not leaving, and she says he’s had a change of plans. Sonny says, Olivia is furious. She’s thinking of suing Julian, and he hopes she cleans him out.

Brad says he wants Julian to help protect Wiley and Lucas. Julian asks if it’s like the Obrecht situation. Does Brad want him to knock off Nelle? Brad says, Nelle is the last wildcard, and he needs help to contain her. Julian says, it’s too much. It’s Brad’s mess; he needs to clean it up. Brad says, what if he can’t, and Nelle spills everything? He and Julian have been seen together. Sonny will do the math, and put together that Julian was in it. And he’s not the only one. How does Julian think Lucas will feel when he finds out his father was a part of it? Julian asks if Brad is threatening him, and Brad says he’s making sure Julian knows where he stands. Julian grabs Brad by the throat, and says he wants to make sure Brad knows where he stands. He doesn’t take kindly to threats. Ava comes in, and says she doesn’t think Lucas would take kindly to Julian strangling his husband.

Josslyn tells Dev that she couldn’t keep lying to her dad, but her dad won’t sell him out. He wouldn’t do anything to hurt Dev because it would hurt her. Dev asks how it would hurt her if he got sent away? She says she’d feel responsible, so she’s doing what she can to fix it. She starts to type a text, and Dev asks what she’s doing. She says, fixing it.

Alexis tells Sonny that Julian seems committed to staying on the right path. She hasn’t seen any backsliding. Has he heard anything? Sonny says, not yet. She says, since Julian isn’t going anywhere, she thinks it would behoove them to continue to cultivate the current détente. He says she has more faith in Julian than he does.

Ava asks Julian if this is the afternoon floorshow, or do they require a referee? Julian says, the show’s over. Right? He tells Brad, give his best to Lucas and Wiley, and shoves him toward the door. Brad jets, and Ava asks if he’d like to tell her what that was all about. He says, it’s a family matter. Brad asked him to intervene, and he told Brad that he didn’t take sides. She says, so he was driving the point home by choking him? and Julian says, sometimes you need to be blunt, especially with people who won’t take no for an answer. She must know people like that. She says, a few, and tells him to pour her a drink and tell her about Nina’s wedding. She can’t believe he was invited. He says he gave Nina her start at Crimson. Ava says he hired her hoping she’d drive the magazine into the ground, so he could write it off as a loss. He thinks maybe Nina wanted to rub her success in his face, but he didn’t go. She was hoping for some juicy details, and wonders if Nina tripped going down the aisle toward her groom of doom. He says he heard Nina’s eyes were opened before they said their vows. He went to the reception to drop off a gift, and it was a ghost town, except for a few people taking advantage of the open bar. Apparently, Nina stormed out of her own wedding.

Sasha tells Lucy that she’s sorry, but has to pass. Lucy says, funny, and good. A good spokesperson should have sense of humor. Michael says Sasha is serious, and Lucy says, that’s insane. Sasha knows it’s an incredible opportunity, and Lucy says, piffle. She didn’t even begin to negotiate yet, and it’s more than incredible. She wants to give Sasha a stake in the company; she’ll have her own voice. Sasha says she might want to rethink that in the light of recent developments. She no longer comes with a Crimson connection. She no longer has a relationship with Nina. The truth is, she never did. She’s not Nina’s daughter. It was all a hoax, and came out at the wedding. Michael is surprised it hasn’t hit the tabloids yet. Sasha says Lucy doesn’t want her affiliated with her company. She’ll be notorious. Lucy says, notorious is kind of great. Notorious sells. She says, they’ll make bajullions, and hugs Sasha.

Jax’s phone signals that he has a text, but he doesn’t check it. Nina says, so Valentin admits it. He says he admits he wanted to find her daughter, and it got the ball rolling, but Sasha’s actions were her own. Nina says they’re done, but he grabs her arm. Jax tells him, let her go, and Valentin tells Jax, get out of his house. Obrecht comes in, and says Nina is all right. She acknowledges Jax, but Valentin says, Jax was just leaving. Jax says he’s not going unless Nina wants him to, but Nina says she can take care of herself, and it sounds like someone wants to get ahold of him. Jax looks at the text from Josslyn. It says, waiting on u; plz help Dev. He tells Nina that he’s just a phone call away. He leaves, and Obrecht says, bagel? Nina says she has no appetite. Valentin tells her, leaving him solves nothing. Nina says, maybe, but it’s a good way to start. She says, it’s over; they’re through, and goes to pack her things.

Ava tells Julian that she knew Sasha was too to be good true. Does he think Valentin paid Sasha to be Nina’s daughter? He says, of course () Valentin denied any involvement, and she says, of course (🍷). Obviously, Nina doesn’t believe him, or she wouldn’t have left him at the altar. He says she’s enjoying this because it’s Nina, but Ava says, a year ago, she may have felt differently. Now that her life was destroyed by an obsessive man’s lies, she can’t celebrate that kind of pain anymore. Not even Nina’s. He tells her, feel that? That itchy, stretchy feeling? It’s called growth. He’s proud of her. Ava asks him to give her his best bottle of scotch and two glasses. He says, scotch? and she says, it’s more portable than vodka martinis, and vanquishes demons just the same. He says, at least she and Nina are free. Nina is done with Valentin, and she’s done with Ryan. Ava says, it’s not always easy to make a clean break. He’s living proof. If Kim hadn’t come along, he’d still be pursuing Alexis. Maybe he would have even worn her down. He says, doubtful, and she says, guess who just walked in? Alexis smiles at him.

Neil says his vitals aren’t bad. Panic attacks aren’t uncommon. Has he had prior experience with therapy? It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and it’s treatable, but first, they have to get down to the root of the problem. We see Brad sitting on the couch, and he says, that’s easy. It’s his father-in-law, and his son’s mother… and his son’s father.

Sasha tells Lucy that she’s hurt Nina enough already. She’s not using publicity from the scandal for her own end. Lucy is sure Nina would understand. Michael says he’s not. Lucy says Crimson’s revenues soared when Nina put Ava on the cover. Nina did that, so don’t act like it’s not a moral thing to capitalize on a good thing when you see it. Sasha says she’s not capitalizing on anything. She can’t do it. Not to herself or Nina. She loves Nina, and hates how much pain she caused. Lucy asks if Sasha believes she’s the first person to be embroiled in a scandal. Lots of people go through it. The public loves when the guilty are redeemed. Sasha says, there’s no redemption here, and Lucy says, yet. Does Sasha think punishing herself will make up for everything she did to Nina? Sasha says, no, but not making a media spectacle is a start. Lucy asks if Sasha really wants to make amends to all the people she’s wronged, and Sasha says, of course (🍷). Lucy asks how she’s going to support herself while she’s doing it. Does she have a new job? She looks at Michael. Or a sugar daddy? Sasha says, absolutely not. Lucy says, atoning is a lifetime endeavor. It’s not just repentance and lit candles. You have to live your life. If Sasha is skittish to take advantage of her mistakes, she can soften that. That’s what a media trainer is about. Forgiveness is two things; reparation and presence. If she wants to make it right to the people she’s wronged, she has to be in their face. She can’t make reparations by retreating into the shadows. Otherwise, how does anyone know she’s repenting? Lucy says she did it. She put herself out there, and went everywhere. Now everybody loves her.. Well, except her dry cleaner, but everyone else loves her.

Obrecht tells Valentin, Nina was still in her wedding gown, and she came in with Jax. Are they supposed to assume the two of them are… Valentin asks Obrecht to tell him. Jax is such a gentleman. Would he take advantage of a runaway bride on her wedding night? Nina comes out, and Obrecht tries to approach her, but Nina says she’s not talking to her. She’ll send for the rest of her things. She tells Valentin, one more thing. He said when he talked to her mother, she’d said her daughter was alive. Was that a lie? Never mind. What was she thinking? She can’t believe anything he says. Valentin says, don’t say goodbye. His life is meaningless without her. She says, that, she can believe, and leaves.

Sonny answers the door, and it’s Jax, who asks if Dev is there. On the terrace, Dev tells Josslyn, only fifty more assignments to go. She says he got off easy because he’s a hero. He asks if they’re still saying that, and she says she did rescue Wiley from that manic. They’re still talking about it. He says, Sam is the hero, not him. She says he still rates, but he says they didn’t know he was in the process of running away. She says, taking off on his own? He’s brave… but stupid. He says her flattery is overwhelming him. She asks where he was going. How was how planning on taking care of himself? He says he can manage. He got to Port Charles on his own. She asks if he didn’t think about the people he would hurt by leaving. He says Sonny would understand. Her mom probably would have been relieved. Max might have missed him taking the car and speedboat out. Who else did he miss? She said, people. Is there someone he missed? Would she miss him? She says, hardly, and he says he’d miss her too. She says she didn’t say she’d miss him. He says, not to his face, but he guarantees it’s in her diary. He grabs it from her, and she says, that’s private. He says, let’s see what she’s writing about him. She tries to take the diary back, and they end up face to face.

She asks if she can have the diary back now, and he lets go. He says he was just having a little fun, and she asks if he would think it was fun if she looked through his things. He says he wasn’t going to read it; her secrets are safe. She asks him to promise he’ll leave it alone, and he promises. Sonny and Jax come outside, and Sonny says Jax has something he wants to tell them.

Alexis asks Julian, what’s so urgent that it required three exclamations points, and an asap? He shows her a flyer, and asks if she knows about these. They’re all over the neighborhood; questioning his A rating, the quality of his meat, and claiming he waters down the liquor. Customers are starting to ask questions. Ava says, the liquor is just fine. She can attest to that. He says he knows Olivia is behind it, so tell her to cease and desist, or he’ll sue. Alexis suggests he give Olivia back her deposit if he wants to rectify things. He says he’s not giving back the deposit. Besides, he already used it to put a deposit on a place in New York. Since he backed out, he can’t get his back, so why should he give Olivia hers? I dunno. Maybe because it’s the law? Alexis says, no justice, no peace, and he says, she thinks this is funny? She asks why he doesn’t finish the sale, and buy something else? He says he likes Charlie’s. He’s put his blood, sweat, and tears into it. She says he’s only been there two years; how invested can he be? Ava says, Charlie’s is more than just a restaurant. It’s where Julian landed when he started over. It’s a new era. AAD – after Alexis Davis.

Neil tells Brad, open adoptions are quite common now. Does Brad’s son have a relationship with his biological parents? Brad would rather not go into details. He just wanted some meds to help with his nerves. Neil says he can’t prescribe something without determining the underlying issue. He assumes Brad came there to get at the root of his anxiety. He tells Brad to take a deep breath, and Neil about his mother. Brad just looks at him, and Neil says, just a little shrink humor to get Brad to relax. Brad says he’s not relaxed. The reason he has anxiety is, his son was kidnapped. He was taken away, and every day Brad worries that it could happen all over again.

Lucy tells Sasha that she knows being the face of Deception might seem like an improbable road to redemption, but Sasha can use the platform any way she wants. Sasha says she just wants to make things better for Nina. Nina had everything taken from her, and Sasha wishes she could give something back. She doesn’t care how the world sees her. Nina comes in, and asks what Sasha is doing there. Sasha says she was getting her things. Nina sees that she has them, and tells her, get out. If Sasha comes there again, she’ll call security. Lucy suggests Nina ease up a little. Nina asks if Lucy heard what happened, but Lucy tells Nina, she’s just saying Nina should take into account that Sasha is extremely remorseful. And she did bring a bit of happiness to Nina’s life. Nina says, all Sasha brought into her life was a pack of lies. She’s lost everything because of Sasha; the man she loved, the aunt who she thought loved her, her home, her self-respect, her reputation, and Charlotte, the closest thing she’ll ever have to a real daughter. That’s why she came there. To remind herself that at least she has Crimson. Her job is the only worthwhile thing she has left. Sasha says she’s wrong. She still has Valentin and Charlotte. Sasha did this on her own.

Jax says now that he’s been brought him up to speed, he’s given the situation a lot thought. He’s not contradicting Sonny’s story. If anyone finds out the truth, it won’t be from him. Josslyn thanks him, and he says he thinks this is the one time taking action would be counter-productive. Jax flashes back to telling Sonny that he’s made a decision about Dev’s situation. He doesn’t want to destroy Dev by uncovering the lie. He won’t put Josslyn through that, and he doesn’t want to put Dev in any more danger. He hates being part of Sonny’s cover-up, but doesn’t see an alternative. He’s going to leave things as they are. Sonny thanks him, but Jax says, don’t thank him just yet. Back on the terrace, Jax tells Josslyn that she’s given him a lot to think about. He doesn’t want to stand in the way of her helping Dev. Sonny started this lie, and they’ll have to live with it.

Sasha tells Nina that Lulu never heard her say Valentin’s name because he wasn’t involved. She got a call from the lawyer who handled her adoption, Carter Buckley. Michael says she doesn’t have to do this, but she says she does. She says he told her that a P.I. was looking for the daughter of a wealthy woman and she’d be about Sasha’s age. He figured they could orchestrate things so it would look like she was that daughter. The plan was to get money from Nina, and they would split it. He was dying, and wanted to provide for his family. Nina asks why he chose Sasha, and Sasha says he handled her adoption; he knew no one was looking for her. She needed the money, so she said yes. Carter died soon after, and Nina knows the rest. What Sasha thought would be a brief meeting turned into so much more. It became harder for her to keep her distance. She wanted Nina to believe the lie, but she wanted to believe it too. She didn’t want to lose Nina. That’s the truth. Nina says she’s good. She’ll give Sasha that, but no way she did this on her own. Valentin had to be the one who set it up.

Obrecht tells Valentin it’s possible she was a bit premature when she suggested there was a way out of their predicament. Nina may never take them back. He says Nina is his life. He can’t accept a future without her. Obrecht says she’s never seen Nina so hurt and angry. Time to get while the getting is good. He asks where she’s going, and she says, Switzerland. It’s lovely this time of year, and since she’s a citizen, it will be impossible to extradite her, should Nina choose to press charges. Valentin might want to follow her example. He says he’s way ahead. He and Charlotte are going back to Greece. She says, with Lulu’s permission? and he says he’s not afraid of Lulu. His lawyers will tie her up in family court indefinitely. He doesn’t want Charlotte seeing Nina or the family. And maybe his absence will make Nina’s heart grow fonder. Obrecht says, or maybe he’s deluding himself.

Alexis tells Julian, she realizes Charlie’s has significance to him, and apologizes for being insensitive. Julian accepts. He says, back to Olivia’s smear campaign, but she says he doesn’t know Olivia is behind it, but she’ll relay his concerns. He says, not good enough. Olivia is messing with his business and interfering with his customers. He may need to sue. She says he’d have to prove she did it, and it will cost a lot. He should take his resources and start something new; change things up. The Rib has Drag Queen Bingo now, and it’s packed every night. Ava says, that sounds like fun, but Julian says, it’s not a drag bingo kind of place. Alexis says it wasn’t a gastro pub kind of place either, until he made it one. He’s a master of reinvention. She tells hm, you know what they say; every morning you wake up anew, so what you do today is all that matters. He asks if she got that from her shrink boyfriend. She says he’s not her boyfriend, and it’s none of Julian’s business. She leaves, and Ava asks if he heard that. He’s not her boyfriend.

Neil says Brad’s son was kidnapped? and Brad says, yes. Neil asks if he was the boy who was in the news recently. Brad says, yeah.  The cult guy. Neil says, so Shiloh is his son’s biological father. Brad doesn’t see what it matters. His son was stolen, and he feels like he could be taken away at any time and any place. No one understands. He can’t sleep or eat; he’s falling apart. Neil says he’ll give Brad something to make feel better. The medication works differently on everyone, so he’ll tweak it until they get the right dosage. In the meantime, they’ll keep talking, but next time, he wants Brad to bring his husband.

Sasha says she never met Valentin before. She only dealt with Carter and Curtis. Nina says Sasha wants her to believe she faked three DNA tests. Sasha says she had help from someone who knows their way around a lab. Nina says, so she and Obrecht are friends now? but Sasha says, not Obrecht. She had friend from college help her. Obrecht only figured it out a few days before the wedding. If Lulu had heard the whole conversation, she would have heard Nina try to convince Obrecht not to say anything. Nina says, the best laid plans, and Lucy says, it’s food for thought. Sasha says Nina has every right to hate her, but don’t cut out the two people who, despite their flaws, love her very, very much. Charlotte needs Nina, and Nina needs Charlotte. Nina says she needs them all to clear out now. They leave, and Nina throws things and cries.

Dev says he’s in Jax’s debt, and Jax tells him, stay out of trouble. Honor the secret, and he’ll consider the debt paid. Jax flashes back to telling Sonny that he won’t tell Sonny’s secret, but he won’t keep it either. If the Feds knock on his door, he’s not going to perjure himself and give them an excuse to kick him out of the country. Like Sonny did. In the present, Sonny says he doesn’t anticipate any trouble. Dev is a Corinthos now, and there’s no one to say otherwise.

Brad asks why Neil wants Lucas to come, and Neil says he’s concerned about the toll the kidnapping is taking on Brad, and that he doesn’t feel supported in the aftermath. Maybe he can open a line of communication. Brad says, couples therapy might help. Lucas is pretty busy. He can’t guarantee Lucas will come, but he’ll ask. Neil says they’ll get control Brad’s anxiety, and address the underlying issue. He’ll feel better when he sees his fear is unfounded. Brad runs into Alexis as he’s leaving, and Alexis says, bad timing? Neil says, not at all. How was her day? Anything to report? Alexis says, nope. Nothing at all.

Julian looks at a flyer that says he’s paying off the sanitary inspector, and crumples it up. He gets on his phone. At one of the tables, Sasha says Michael thinks she did the wrong thing. He says she took the blame for Valentin so Nina wouldn’t lose the people she loves. Sasha says, they love her too. Valentin would never willingly hurt Nina. The whole twisted situation came out of Valentin’s love, so she’s taking blame, but she’s also clearing the way for them to heal. Charlotte is a great kid, and deserves to be happy. Nina makes her happy. Michael doesn’t agree with her actions, but he can’t argue with her motives. She asks what he would he do, but he tells her, it’s impossible to say. He’d like to think he’d tell the truth, and let the chips fall where they may. She says so he would have told Nina that Valentin was behind it? Michael says it’s possible that when she cools off, she would forgive him. There was no malicious intent, and he did hire a wonderful woman to pose as her daughter, but with Sasha’s way, she’s just waiting for another lie to be exposed.

Ava goes to Nina’s office, carrying the scotch and glasses. Nina says she knew she’d see Ava. She was right; it’s a long, long way to fall. If Ava is there to gloat, have at it. Ava says she’s there in solidarity. She knows a little something about horrid, lying men, and hell on earth.

On Monday, Kim asks if Elizabeth is sure she’s doing the right thing, Jordan tells Henderson to start talking, Obrecht asks Valentin if Nina’s child is alive, and Jason needs to see someone right away.

🛀 Soap Suds…

Soap stars and dogs. What’s not to like?


Or as I call him, Colonel Sanders Jr.


😢 Farewell To a Pioneer…

She broke barriers and did it all.


🏨 It Was Grand While It Lasted…

I’m starting to think it’s a conspiracy against Eva Longoria.


💒 Congrats To the Good Doctor…

Let’s hope it’s not botched this time.


🚫 No, Just No…

Is Mila Kunis insane?


🍑 NeNe Needs To Chill…

Kenya might be thirsty, but NeNe wants to drain the ocean.


😔 The Last Bastian Of Shaming…

I totally get wanting to be healthy, but this woman is gorgeous, and it’s sad how trolls have body shamed her.



Senior: I bought a hearing aid. Cost $2,000, but it’s state of the art.

Friend: What kind is it?

Senior: A quarter to 12.

🏁  Quotes of the Week

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. – Marie Curie

In love we find out who we want to be; in war we find out who we are. – Kristin Hannah

Do not stop thinking of life as an adventure. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.Helen Keller

The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. – C. JoyBell C.

It’s life. Lower your expectations. – Max (Kat Dennings), 2 Broke GIrls

🗽 What Fredrik Said…

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October 10, 2019 – The Wedding Aftermath, Fredrik Considers Being Bi (Coastal), Questions On the Move & Will Dance For a Sale


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jax sees Nina sleeping on the couch.

Holding a take-out container, Finn sees Hayden outside of Kelly’s. She says she keeps running into him, and he tells her, she said with disappointment. She says, no; she’s not complaining. He says he has to get to the hospital, and starts to leave. She tells him, have a grand day. He says, grand? and she tells him that she couldn’t decide between good and great, and grand came out instead. He says maybe she can make someone else’s day grand. He barely finished his lunch. She says she’s not really into eating other people’s leftovers, but he says, no. She can take it home to Honeybun. Her dog?

Jason comes into the station, and asks Sam how she is. She says, grateful for Spinelli. It’s finally over. Jordan says, not quite, and Jason wonders, what now? She says, paperwork. She needs everything in order for when Robert officially drops the charges. Just sit tight. Jason tells Sam that he had a talk with Peter and Maxie.

Maxie and Peter arrive at the Crimson office. Maxie says hopefully Shiloh’s accomplice can tell them who broke Shiloh out of jail, and this whole thing can be over with. He says, hopefully. She goes into Nina’s office, and says, Nina’s not here. Peter says, at work? and she says Nina tends to throw herself into work when there’s a problem. She’s getting worried since she hasn’t heard from Nina.

At Kelly’s, Charlotte sits with Lulu and Laura, and picks at her food. Lulu says she’s barely touched her lunch, and Laura suggests Charlotte get one of the cranberry scones, since they’re her favorite. Charlotte says, no thank you, and Lulu says she knows Charlotte is upset that Nina and her papa didn’t get married, but she promises everything will be all right. Charlotte asks how Lulu can be sure? Lulu hasn’t even told her why she ruined the wedding.

At a random coffee shop, Sasha says she’s getting a refill, and Michael asks if she really needs a third cup of coffee. She says she’ll switch to decaf, and he says he thinks she’s stalling to avoid going back. She asks if it’s that obvious, and he tells her to take as much time as she needs. She thanks him for bringing her there. She wasn’t ready to face anyone. She’s still not.

Back at Windymere, Valentin is on the phone. He asks if Nina will just please call him back. Just let him know where she is. He throws the phone as Obrecht is walking in, and she says, hey! He nearly hit her with that thing. He asks how he’d ever forgive himself. She looks at a table full of food, and says she guesses someone forgot to call the caterer. He says he was a little preoccupied. She says, apparently. He hasn’t slept, has he? He asks how he’s supposed to. Nina left the church before they were married, and he has no idea where she is.

Nina wakes up, and Jax is there with coffee. He tells her, good morning. Someone please tell me where I get one of those alarm clocks.

Jason tells Sam that Maxie confirmed Peter was carrying cash in the gym bag. He claims he was going to make an offer on an apartment. Sam says, you’d think he’d use a check or a bank transfer. Jason says, you’d think. She asks if he believes what Peter told him, and he says, Maxie does. Whatever lie Peter told him, he told Maxie first.

Maxie and Peter find Nina’s office empty. Peter asks if Maxie expected Nina to be there, but Maxie guesses she didn’t. He says it will take Nina some time to process all this, and Maxie says she still doesn’t know if Lulu did the right thing. Just because she overheard something, did she really have to out Sasha in the middle of the wedding, when Nina was so happy? On the other hand, a lie is a lie, and maybe it was better not to let Nina marry Valentin. Peter says, there is a silver lining; they were right about Sasha, but Maxie finds no comfort in that.

At Kelly’s, Lulu knows Charlotte feels confused, but Nina and her papa love her. That will never change, no matter what happens between them. Laura tells Charlotte that her mom is right. Right now, all of the adults are involved in a complicated situation, but none of it is her fault. Charlotte asks if Nina and her papa are never getting married, and Lulu says, well… Charlotte says she wants to see Nina now, but Lulu doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Charlotte thinks it will help her feel better. Laura thinks maybe it would, but Lulu doesn’t know where Nina slept. They can try her office. Curtis comes in, and Laura tells them to go ahead; she’ll settle up and catch them later. Laura says she loves them. She goes over to Curtis, and he smiles. Sort of.

Jax says he’s got coffee, and Nina asks what time it is. He says, a little after twelve, and Nina says he let her sleep past twelve? He says she obviously needed it, and she says she has to get going. He tells her, no rush. She thanks him for letting her stay. He wishes he could have given her more comfortable sleeping arrangements, but she says, anything is better than Windymere.

Obrecht is busy at the breakfast buffet, and Valentin asks if she knows where Nina might have gone. She says she loves capers, and Valentin is like, hey. She says she’s afraid she has no idea where Nina ran off to, but it’s safe to assume she got as far away from him as possible. She doesn’t blame Nina. She says she’s not one to say I told you so… Who is she kidding? She told him the truth would blow up in his face. He says she blurted out a closely guarded secret in a public restroom, and she asks how she was supposed to know Lulu was lurking in a stall? Valentin thinks it was part of her plan all along. She wanted Lulu to know. She tells him heartbreak has rendered him paranoid. She stands to lose as much as he does. Her relationships with Nina, Maxie, and James would be in jeopardy, but fear not. All hope not lost. Not yet at least.

Finn tells Hayden, it’s a turkey sandwich. She says, obviously, he’s never had a dog. Dogs don’t eat sandwiches unless it’s by accident. Honeybun is on a restricted diet. He says who thought she would be a good dog mom? She says someone is watching Honeybun while she gets settled, and he says he’s sure Honeybun will be joining her once she does. Maybe they can get Honeybun together with Roxie to frolic; a playdate. Hayden thinks it would be amusing, but she has to go. She goes into Kelly’s, and Chase walks up. He asks what that was about, and Finn says he thinks Hayden is lying. Chase asks, about what?

Nina tells Jax, that’s what she gets for insisting he come to the wedding. She wanted to show off  her great love. She tells him, just say it, and he says, say what? She says that she should have listened. He tried to warn her that Valentin was not a good guy. She doesn’t care if it was intentional. That he went along with Sasha’s lies, or it was his idea, she doesn’t know what to believe. Jax says all he knows is what she told him, that Sasha confessed to not being her daughter. Did she say Valentin was involved? Nina says, no, but that doesn’t mean he’s innocent. Jax says, it doesn’t mean he’s guilty either. He’s the last person who wants to defend Valentin, but she was about to marry him, and he thinks she deserves an explanation about who knew what about Sasha. Nina says her heart is broken. She can’t imagine being in the same room with Valentin, let alone hearing him make his case. Nina says, her phone, and he says she left it in the car. He charged it. Nina says he was in the hospitality business, wasn’t he? She thanks him, and looks at all the messages. She says her phone has had a busy night.

Peter tells Maxie that he feels horrible for Nina, but at least they know the truth about Sasha now. Maxie says the worst thing is, she sees traces of Obrecht in this. She denies it, but that doesn’t mean anything. She loves Obrecht, but she’ll lie to anyone, and it would explain the DNA tests. She wonders why Michael didn’t say anything when he found out. Charlotte and Lulu are at the door, and Charlotte says, what?! Lulu tells her, stay calm, but Charlotte wants to know what Maxie said about Sasha.

Michael tells Sasha the secret is gone; it’s got to feel freeing on some level. Sasha says, it’s been replaced by even more guilt. He says she can’t change what happened, but she can start healing and moving on. She asks, what about the case against Cassandra Pierce? Michael warned her that her testimony could be compromised if she was exposed as a liar. What if that demented woman goes free because of her? He says there’s still a laundry list of crimes Cassandra has committed, and she’ll still go to prison. She says, what about Nina? Her heart is broken. Charlotte loves Nina, and was so excited for the wedding. Now it’s trashed because of her. He says this isn’t solving anything. The only way out is through. The sooner she faces it, she can put it behind her. She doesn’t see the point in going back to Port Charles. She doesn’t have a life there anymore.

Valentin tells Obrecht, maybe it’s the lack of sleep, but he’s following her. She says, think about it. Sasha confessed to her lies and her role in the ruse. She never mentioned his involvement. Let her shoulder the blame, and they can escape culpability, if they play their cards right. Valentin says, Sasha has no loyalty and could give them up at any time. Obrecht says then they must make sure she never has the chance.

Chase asks if Finn doesn’t think lying about a finger painting is a little tame for Hayden. Finn says he overheard Hayden telling someone she loved them. Chase says, like a boyfriend? Finn says, she said it was her lab, Honeybun. A dog. From what he knows about Hayden, it sounds made up. Chase asks if Finn wants him to open an investigation. Dog ownership fraud is a serious crime. Does he think Honeybun made the painting? Finn says, forget he said anything. Chase says if Finn if thinks Hayden is lying about a dog to cover-up a new relationship, it has nothing to do with him. Hayden is his ex, and in the past. His present and future is with Anna. Finn says he and Anna are in a great place, but Chase says he doesn’t sound convincing. Everything is going well, right?

Hayden gets some coffee, and sits with Curtis and Laura. She apologizes for being late, and asks what she missed. Curtis says Laura was bringing him up to speed about what she found on Spoon Island. Laura says she saw a portrait of Helena. Hayden asks if she’s talking about the one Helena left Nikolas in her will? and Laura says, that’s the one. It used to hang in the trophy room, but Valentin took it down. Curtis asks, what’s special about this object of art? and Laura says all the things Helena left to people in her will, were really clues to something else. It was Helena’s way of getting them to jump through hoops from the grave. Curtis says, she sounds charming. Hayden says Nikolas was never able to figure it out. Does she think it has something to do with the codicil? Laura says Doc thinks so. He saw a pattern in the jewel work on Helena’s jacket that seems to confirm the location of the codicil being on Spoon Island.

Valentin asks Obrecht how they’re going to prevent Sasha from giving them up to Nina. Obrecht says, Sasha is the last person Nina wants to see, aside from him. She’s not going to listen to any excuses Sasha tries to offer. Valentin says she’ll want answers. Sasha has already thrown herself under the bus. What’s to prevent her from taking them with her? Obrecht says, they need to send Sasha packing for good. She must ever return to Port Charles.

Sasha thinks she should head for Chappaqua, and Michael asks if he’s not enough reason to stick around. She says, of course (🍷) he is, but if he was smart, he’d run for the hills. He says he knows what he’s getting into, and she asks if he’s a masochist. He says, no, but Sasha agreed to work with Valentin because her grandmother needed money for surgery. That’s why he’s standing by her. Once everyone hears the full story, he knows they will too. She says he wins. She’ll head back and face the music.

Maxie says she’s so sorry. She didn’t know Charlotte and Lulu were there. Lulu says they were looking for Nina, and Peter says she’s not there, and probably won’t be today. Charlotte wants to know what’s going on. Why did Maxie say Sasha isn’t Nina’s daughter? Maxie asks Peter to give them a second, and he says, of course (🍷). He leaves, and Charlotte asks, what’s going on? Lulu says, something bad happened at the wedding. She told Nina something that upset her. Charlotte asks, why? and Lulu says she wanted to tell Nina the truth, and let her decide how she wanted to deal with it. Charlotte asks Lulu to tell her what happened, and Lulu says, there’s been a mistake. Sasha isn’t really Nina’s daughter.

Jax sees the couch empty except for Nina’s veil. He finds her by the window, and asks if everything is okay. She says, given the circumstances. She thanks him, and says she should go. He says she doesn’t have to, but she says she can’t stay there. He asks, why not? He knows it’s light on furniture, but if she wants to lie low, no one will come looking for her there.

Henderson (new information) is brought out, and Jordan asks how he managed to interfere with Shiloh’s transfer. He says he wants his phone call. She asks if he thinks his lawyer can help him after the stunt he pulled. He repeats that he wants his phone call, and she says, fine. Set him up in the interrogation room, and make sure he gets his call. Sam hopes he reveals who helped Shiloh to escape.

Not a big shock, Peter’s phone rings. Henderson says, hey boss, and Peter asks what the hell he’s doing. Henderson says he needs to see Peter, but Peter says, absolutely not. Henderson tells him that he’d better hurry to the PCPD before they start questioning him. Peter says he’s not coming, and Henderson asks if he’s sure. He’s getting impatient, and if he were Peter, he wouldn’t keep him waiting.

Peter says Henderson doesn’t need him; he needs a lawyer. Henderson asks what Peter thinks a lawyer is going to advise him to do when he tells them who paid him to bust Shiloh loose. Let’s talk strategy. Peter says, if he comes there, he’ll expose their relationship. Henderson says Peter had better come up with something fast. He wasted his call on Peter, and the Commissioner is itching to question him. He doesn’t know how long he’ll be able to stall, and he’s getting tired. Peter says, here’s what they’re going to do. Listen carefully.

Jason asks if there will be a delay with the paperwork, but Jordan says, no. Chase will take Sam’s final statement later, but she’s free to go. Sam says she can’t wait. A dude strides in, and says, not so fast. He introduces himself as Edward Caldwell from the FBI, and asks if this is the woman who killed Shiloh. Jordan says they’ve confirmed it was self-defense. Edward says he appreciates the legwork, but it happened in international waters. It’s under their jurisdiction. It’s a federal matter.

Peter asks if Henderson understands what he needs to tell them. Henderson says he’ll take care of it, and Peter says see that he does. Peter jets out of the Crimson office.

Sasha and Michael go to Crimson. He tells her that he’ll be right there, and she thanks him. Charlotte tells Lulu, Sasha is Nina’s daughter. She said so over and over. Lulu says, it’s very complicated, and Charlotte says, everyone keeps telling her that. Even if Nina’s not Sasha’s mom, why didn’t Nina and her papa get married? Sasha comes in, and says Nina was too upset after she found out she lied.

Nina tells Jax it’s a very generous offer, but one night is enough. She can’t stay indefinitely. Jax says it’s not a problem, but she says she needs to face everyone. She has nothing to be ashamed of. She didn’t do anything wrong. She asks who she’s kidding; she’s mortified. He tells her to take her time to process it, but she says, no amount of time is going to fix this. She wanted a child so bad, she fell for Sasha’s lie hook, line, and sinker. Jax tells her not to blame herself. Sasha lied, and took advantage of her open heart. Nina wonders if she’s a victim, a fool, or both. He says, neither. She tells him  that he’s being supportive and generous again, but it’s her mess. She’ll have to learn how to deal with it. She needs to go back to Windymere, and find something else to wear. He says, even if Valentin is there? and she says, who cares if he is?

Finn says he and Anna are doing great. Chase is glad to hear it, but says Finn doesn’t seem glad. Chase doesn’t understand why Finn is so hung up on Hayden. Finn says he’s not. Chase says he gets it. Anna has been away for months (yeah, where is Finola Hughes already?). Meanwhile, his ex blows back into town. He tells Finn, be careful not to fill the void Anna left by bringing Hayden back in his life. Finn says, that’s not what’s happening, and Chase says he hopes not. Chases phone goes off, and he says he needs to get back. He tells Finn to keep his head on straight. Finn says Chase is giving him advice now? Chase says, maybe. Don’t lose track of his priorities. Anna will be back sooner or later.

Curtis hopes Laura has good luck following up on the portrait, and Hayden says they could use some luck. Curtis says, agreed. He tells her, Valentin needs to pay hard and fast for what he did to Nina. Hayden says, sounds like it’s not just a job to him anymore, and Curtis says, damn right. Valentin used him to manipulate Nina into believing a stranger was her daughter. He’s glad Nina kicked Valentin’s ass to the curb.

Valentin says Obrecht makes an interesting point. If Sasha avoids contact with Nina, they should be in the clear. Obrecht says then she’ll have to encourage Sasha’s departure immediately. The doorbell rings, and Obrecht says that wouldn’t be Nina. Perhaps it’s Sasha. Valentin opens the door to Laura, who hopes she’s not intruding. Valentin asks when that’s stopped her. Obrecht says she’ll give them some space, and tells Valentin they’ll continue this later.

Laura sees the food and says, no one called the caterers to tell them the wedding brunch was canceled? Valentin asks if she’s come to gloat… and she says, no, but she’s not going to pretend she’s not happy Nina left. It’s the least he deserved. He asks why she’s there, and she says she wants to inquire about the portrait of Helena that used to hang in the trophy room. He says, the one Charlotte can’t stand? She says she’d like to take it off his hands, but he says, sorry to tell her, he had it thrown it out this morning.

Laura asks what Valentin means, and he says, waste disposal. Is it a new concept? She says the painting wasn’t trash, and he knows it. He tells her, Charlotte was complaining that the animals in the trophy room thought it brought the mood down, so he got rid of it. She asks where it is, and he says, a landfill? She says he had no right, and he asks why she cares. She hated Helena. She says Helena left the painting to Nikolas, and now it belongs to Spencer, who should have had a say. He says Spencer had ample time for that, every time he broke in to kick Valentin’s shins. He doesn’t think she cares about the painting at all, and is just there to kick him when he’s down. She can do that on the other side of the water. He has no patience for this now. She promises he’ll regret this, and slams out.

Curtis says he’s so pissed at Valentin, he could flip the table, and Hayden thinks he’s getting ahead of himself. He doesn’t know for sure that Valentin was involved. Curtis says he orchestrated the DNA test to pretend Sasha was Nina’s daughter. Hayden is sure he’ll get his when the estate is returned to its rightful heirs. Curtis says, not to mention, she’ll get her cut. She says she has her reasons, and he tells her, share. She says Spencer is a great kid. They owe it to him to play it smart. They can’t let Valentin know they’re on to him, or he might find and destroy the codicil. Let him think he’s in the clear. It’s their best shot. Curtis thinks it makes sense, but he’s not satisfied. Hayden tells him, the hard part is, if the cops bring a case against Sasha for fraud, he has to convince Nina not to cooperate.

Charlotte says, Sasha lied to Nina? and Sasha says, it was a big mistake. She told a lie, and it hurt a lot of people. Charlotte says she’s not really Nina’s daughter? Sasha says, no, and Charlotte asks why she lied. Sasha says she heard Nina was searching for her daughter, and thought it would be nice to be part of their family. Charlotte says Nina is rich, but Sasha says she didn’t want Nina’s money. She liked Nina, and she liked Charlotte. She thought she wouldn’t be hurting anyone, but she was wrong. Her lie hurt a lot of people, especially Nina, and she hurt Charlotte too. She’s so sorry. Charlotte is still incredibly important to her. Charlotte turns her back to Sasha, saying she doesn’t believe her. How can she? Sasha is probably lying again.

Jordan says the charges have been dropped, and Sam was cleared, but Edward says, not by the FBI. He wants to review the evidence Jordan has, and she says she has no intention of stepping on their toes. She assumes they’ll come to the same conclusion, and sees no reason Sam should be there. Edward says, she can leavefor now. He tells Sam, don’t leave town until they’ve had a little chat. Chase comes out of the interrogation room, and says, the suspect in Shiloh’s escape case is ready to talk.

Charlotte says Sasha spoiled everything. Why did she lie? Sasha says she made a terrible mistake, but she’s not lying now. She loves Charlotte. Charlotte asks how she can believe Sasha when Sasha lied to her, Nina, and papa. She tells Lulu that she want to go. She doesn’t want to see Sasha now. They leave, and Michael holds Sasha.

Valentin picks up his phone. Nina walks in, with Jax behind her.

Curtis tells Hayden that he doesn’t want to involve Nina. Valentin has put her through too much already. Hayden says, all the more reason to keep her clear of a potential fraud case. The real justice for Valentin will be in losing the Cassadine estate. Curtis says he’ll think about, and she says that’s all she asks. He has to get going. Is there anything else she needs? She says she needs him to find her a dog.

Finn calls Anna, saying he just wants to hear her voice. Give him a call when she gets the chance. He loves her. He looks through Kelly’s window, and sees Hayden. She looks back, and half-smiles.

Sam tells Jason that she didn’t think she was coming home. Jason thinks it’s just a formality. The FBI will review the case, and that will be the end of it. Sam hopes so.

Jordan asks if Henderson is ready to talk. He nods, and she says, without a lawyer present? He says he doesn’t need one. He wants to tell them the truth about why he broke Shiloh out of custody.

Peter goes to the café. He looks at his phone. We see a headline in The Invader that says Media Mogul Murders, with Sam’s picture underneath.

Henderson says the guy was supposed to be a guru and a cult leader, but he’s not a follower or true believer. Helping Shiloh escape was just a job. Jordan asks who hired him, and he says, Samantha McCall.

Tomorrow, Julian tells Brad that he doesn’t take kindly to threats, Lucy tells Sasha that they’re going to make bajillions, Sonny hopes Nina cleans Valentin out, and Nina tells Valentin that she can’t believe anything he says.

🗽 Tonight, on Million Dollar Listing: New York, Ryan’s wife Emilia had a baby girl named Zena., who has tons of hair. Ryan described it as being all perfect, so I guess he can buy gifts now without fear of superstition. Ryan said the love for his family – which they were now – knew no bounds. Zena gave him a new meaning for his life, and everything he’d do going forward would be for her. He had taken a break, but now it was time to get back to work. He hosted a broker viewing party for his video promoting the ground floor Tribeca loft, and encouraged everyone to drink, saying the video would look better if they drank before they watched it. He explained that he did a lot of weird stuff to sell apartments because in a buyer’s market, you have to. He was still nervous, worried that instead of laughing with him, his audience would laugh at him. He didn’t need to worry, since the video was adorable and fun. You can check it out yourself below. Everyone loved it, and the owners – who had shown up, adding to Ryan’s stress – thought it was amazing. He said he’d put it up on YouTube where people are just mean to be mean, so if you watch it, don’t be mean.

Tyler didn’t have as good of a day. First was a listing meeting for an apartment at Columbus Circle, where, along with Central Park, the views never change. He said he researched his ass off, not just what sold, but what condition it was in. He’d promised his bosses to get a listing in the $5-10 million range. The sellers’ daughter, Sarah, showed him the apartment, but things quickly went downhill when she insisted they would want above market price. They’d sunk a million into the renovation, and she also thought the time and effort put into it should reflect in the price. <insert sound of incorrect answer in a game show here> Wrong. I’m not even a broker, and I know no buyer is going to care about that. She wouldn’t let Tyler talk directly to them, but said she’d float his pricing suggestion by her parents. Tyler said in today’s market, a seller needed someone who could be honest, but apparently Sarah and her parents didn’t give a rip about honesty, and went with one of the liars who claimed they could get more than it was worth. On the upside, Tyler met with Tommy, who was selling a two-bedroom in Chelsea near Chelsea Market. The place was covered in art, and Tommy said that’s why he and his partner had gotten it in the first place – wall space. Tyler thought there was a lot going on – he could hardly see the walls, and the furniture was outdated – but believed he could market it. He asked Tommy why he wanted to sell, and Tommy told Tyler that he had a house in New Jersey, but his partner had also passed away four years ago, and there was too much of him there. It was heartbreaking to hear about the restrictions in the 80s when they’d gotten together, and a little surprising. Apparently, Fire Island (now synonymous with gay summering) wasn’t very gay friendly at that time. Tommy said gay men always had a woman with them, because two men together on the dance floor was not allowed. That was also why line dancing was popular. New information! Tyler asked if Tommy was emotionally ready to sell, and Tommy recognized there would be reluctance on his part, but it was something he wanted and needed to do. Tyler was reminded of why he was in the business. It wasn’t just about the money, but helping people through this. I guess Tommy also recognized that Tyler was one of the good guys, agreed with him on a price point, and they shook hands on the deal.

Still in L.A., Fredrik met with his L.A. team, who he loves. He checked out his new corner office, in the same building where Josh Altman and Tracy Tutor-Maltas from MDLNY’s sister show, have offices. The broker said it seemed that Fredrik and Josh needed to do some fence mending, and told Fredrik that Josh thought L.A. was his turf. Fredrik also looked at a rental house with Derek. He wasn’t entirely sold on the idea of Derek and the kids moving west, and him being bi-coastal. He pointed out how quiet it was there, and wondered if it wasn’t boring without the background that NYC has, reminding me of Neil Diamond’s Beautiful Noise. He said NYC was in his blood, and wondered how you can turn your heartbeat off. The rent on the house was $40K a month, which he thought was a crazy number to throw away, but he wasn’t dropping $10 million on a house when a decision hadn’t been made yet. Derek thought the kids would have a better quality of life, but was amicable to waiting. Fredrik had an open house for the property he was relaunching, and although he’d invited Josh Altman, Josh seemed to be ghosting him. He was puzzled once again, since he and Derek often went out with Josh and wife Heather. The other white Josh, Josh Flagg, did show up, and told Fredrik not to take it personally, saying Altman had a big ego and was insecure. Fredrik offered the $160K sportscar sitting in the driveway to anyone who signed at the open house. While Altman didn’t show, Heather did, four weeks away from giving birth. He asked what was up with her husband, and she told him there was a friendship there, and Josh felt Fredrik holding onto information had been shady and slimy. What the info was, I have no clue, but I’m guessing we’ll hear more on that next week.

Steve told us that the first thing he does in the morning, besides get his coffee, is look new listings, because he needs to know the comps and the competition. It wasn’t Steve’s best morning, since he saw Corcoran Sunshine listed the penthouse below the one he was given to list – at a lower price per foot. In addition to messing up his comps, it meant he had to compete with the lower price. He said he couldn’t collaborate if they were going to compete with him behind his back. He met with developer Joel, who seemed to think Steve’s penthouse being on the top floor should be enough to justify the price difference. In Steve’s interview, he said the apartment would seem overpriced, and he’d look like a greedy broker. And I still didn’t understand how a penthouse wouldn’t be on the top floor. He told Joel that a buyer’s market is value driven, and apartments are almost never listed together, but released separately. They want to build momentum, and let a buyer feel that the property is exclusive. Joel wouldn’t budge, and in his interview, Steve said he felt used by Joel just to get publicity for the building. To top it off, when he went to the penthouse, Corcoran Sunshine had obviously been showing it. He said since they had the building, it was their prerogative, but it was unprofessional, messy, and there was garbage all over. They certainly didn’t leave it as they found it. He also wasn’t sure if they were putting his listing down behind his back, and making it seem inferior in order to sell their own. When some potential buyers showed up, he realized his show sheets were missing as well. It sounded to me like he was definitely being undermined. Now all of the potential buyers were asking about the other penthouse’s pricing. He ended up talking to Pam, head of Corcoran, and she agreed he had a right to be sensitive. His name is attached and he had no say, even though whatever happened would affect his brand. Although the whole thing was a huge surprise, Steve rallied well, and Pam promised to help him out.

Next time, psychological warfare, more on Josh’s animosity toward Fredrik, and Steve thinks about walking away from the penthouse listing.

🚕 While I’m not big on game shows, Bravo seems to have acquired Cash Cab, and so far, it’s fun. Kind of like Trivial Pursuit on wheels. In case you’re not familiar with the game, driver Ben Bailey picks up riders and asks them various questions until they get to their destination. If they get the answer right, they get cash, but if they get it wrong, it’s a strike, and they’re only allowed three. If they get three strikes, they’re dumped out wherever they are and get no winnings. I haven’t seen this happen yet, but it sounds like it has the potential for a brawl. If they reach their destination, they’re also allowed a double or nothing video question. There are other components involved, like the contestants being allowed help, but you get the idea. Since it’s Bravo, the occasional Bravolebrity is an added passenger. Tonight, it was Fredrik, who led his team to a double or nothing victory of over two grand.

📹 Ryan’s Masterpiece…

It speaks for itself.











October 9, 2019 – Martin Has an Angle, LeeAnne’s Lingerie Shower & Rainy Thursday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Yep. I missed the very beginning. I was listening though, and the main takeaway points are, Cameron asked if he could testify at Franco’s hearing, and Spinelli has been allowed to listen to the recording of Sam.

Jason and Sam are with Sonny in the kitchen, which seems to be the only room in Sonny’s house now. Jason tells Sonny, Spinelli got access to Peter’s banking records. The same day Shiloh escaped, Peter withdrew $35K. Dev said he was carrying a gym bag at the pier, and it looked like the bag was full of cash. Sonny wonders what the connection between Peter and Shiloh is.

Maxie tells Peter, Nina wanted a deeper connection, and before Sasha knows it, she’s working for Nina, living at Windymere, and they’re bonding like crazy. If she loves Nina, why not come clean? Peter says, she knew how much it would hurt, and Maxie says all the more reason to keep it private instead of being outed by Lulu at the wedding. Sasha was sitting on a timebomb, and knew it. Peter asks if they’re in a position to judge. She knows what he means. She did the same thing to protect Dante and Lulu when she miscarried their child. Peter says, because she loved them, but she says lying about her daughter was the biggest mistake of her life. Like lying to Nina is the biggest mistake in Sasha’s.

Monica tells Franco that she’s sorry. Jason told her how he found out about them from seeing Jason’s picture in the paper. He’d assumed they kept Jason and gave him away. That couldn’t be further from the truth. She’d hoped they’d have time to straighten it out, but then Drew disappeared. He says, still no news? She says, no. How does he feel about that? Franco doesn’t know, but thinks the other guy who’s him seemed like a good guy. Monica says she lost Jason so many times in so many ways, and Franco says Jason is still there. Monica says, there’s a big difference. She’s worked so hard to hang on to the children she has left; she should have focused on what he needed from her, rather than what she could get from him. Franco says he owes her an apology. He was angry, and took it out on her. She doesn’t deserve it. Monica says she’s tough, and so is he. After all, he is a Quartermaine. Okay, that’s better from Monica, but I sure wish she’d focus on what’s for the greater good of everyone.

Elizabeth asks if Camron is sure. She knows he has doubts about how she’s dealing with Franco. Cameron says he doesn’t doubt her love for Franco. Franco told him to look to her for clarity in times of trouble. Scotty says, that’s his kid. Hip, cool, and schmaltzy. He asks if Elizabeth is fine with him putting Cameron on the stand, and she says she is. He says he doesn’t know who’s representing Franco, but they’re going to grill Cameron about his relationship with Franco. Cameron says it won’t be the first time Franco put him in a tough spot. They haven’t always gotten along. They were just starting to when Franco saved his life. Franco looked him in the eyes, and said to tell his mom that he’ll be back. Scotty says, that’s great, and Cameron says he was standing over Franco when the procedure happened, and watched Franco disappear. He was the last one to see Franco.

Kim tells Martin, all they want is another shot at having a life together. They’ve been apart too long. Martin says that it seems like everyone is forcing them to stay apart. Kim says it’s not that she’s not sympathetic to Elizabeth, Franco’s wife, and Martin says Elizabeth doesn’t have much sympathy for Kim. They know the world, and finding peace doesn’t come easy. Before Kim can find what she seeks, they have to make noise – a whole lot of noise. In order to win, he’s going to put Drew in the center ring. There’s going to be a circus of publicity, and when he’s finished, no court will be willing to deny Drew’s true identity.

Jason tells Sonny, when Shiloh called, he made a point of mentioning Peter. Sam says Peter visited Shiloh a few times. He said he was laying the groundwork for a story in The Invader. Sonny says, Peter is always in the proximity of a crime, but never at fault. He’s innocent or it’s bad timing. Jason says, he’s good at covering his tracks. Faison orders Peter to kill him, and instead, he drugs Jason up, and locks him away from his family for five years, so Jason can assassinate his father. Than he turns it around, and makes himself the victim. People believe him because he’s Anna’s son. Sam says, and Maxie’s boyfriend. She believed in his redemption. Jason says he doesn’t care what Peter means to Anna or Maxie if he’s the one who’s framing her.

Spinelli listens to the recording, two guys in suits staying with him. He says, ah-ha… uh-huh… uh-huh… ahh. He puts the headphones on one of the guys, and says, here. The guy says, uh-huh… Spinelli says, and here. The guy says, uh-huh, and Spinelli says, now. The guy says, ah-ha, and they say, ah-ha together. They try to do a high-five, and miss.

Robert asks Jordan how Jason’s mastermind is doing. Jordan says, he’s been in there a while with the tape. They’ll know soon enough. She asks how his interview with the witness went, and he says, Daisy is unhinged. She wouldn’t shut up about what an honor it was for her to give herself to Shiloh. Jordan asks what kind of witness she’ll make, and he laughs, saying, the kind that comes across unreliable. They’ll see how it goes. Jordan asks, what about the nurse? and Robert says he’d rather put Daisy on the stand. His phone rings, and he tells the caller that he knew it was a long shot. He thanks them for calling first. He tells Jordan that he has news he needs to deliver in person, and to keep in touch.

Monica tells Franco that she didn’t want Jason at first; her husband’s love child with another woman. Franco says she had a right to feel that way, and Monica says, she did, but realized it wasn’t Jason’s fault. Then she got to love him as one of her own, and soon, he was like one of her own. It’s how the Quartermaines operate. Franco says, all of them? and she says, there are quite a few who like nitpicking about the stocks and shares, but at the end of the day, family is what matters most. That’s how it was with him. If they had known Drew existed, they would have searched every inch of the earth, and done everything in their power to find him. Even after all this time, it’s good he’s here. She wants him to know that she’s here for him, and he thanks her. He would have reached out if he’d known. In all fairness to him, they have a terrible reputation. She laughs, and says he doesn’t know the half of it. He says if they’d made contact when Alan was alive, maybe it would have played out differently. Monica says, but it didn’t, and here they are now. They can’t regret things they can’t change. There’s been a lot of love that’s come into her life in the strangest ways, and she’s grateful for all of it. Franco says, if things go his way, maybe he’ll stick around and get to know each other better.

Kim wonders if publicity is the right way to go, and Martin says, the ramifications will be precedent setting. The question of identity is in the forefront of our culture; gender, racial, class. Kim says, Drew just wants the right to be himself, and make his own decisions. Martin says, don’t we all? Some will argue against him that Drew was once another person, but that person is gone, erased. Kim says, Drew has no connection to the man Franco was. He says, and Elizabeth won’t accept it? She says she can’t blame Elizabeth. Biologically, Drew is still Franco. He asks if it isn’t fair to say that it’s not even biologically, since it’s no longer Franco’s heart and mind. She says, that’s what Drew believes, but Elizabeth sees it differently. He says Elizabeth thinks she can force him into a procedure where he stands a better chance of being a vegetable than bringing Franco back. Actually, that’s inaccurate. He stands the same chance, and a 50% chance of staying Drew. So, pfft! on Martin being so smart. She says she doesn’t fault Elizabeth for loving her husband, and he says, of course (🍷) she doesn’t. She says, Elizabeth already lost Franco. Should she have to lose Drew again. She’s terrified of what’s going to happen if he’s not able to stop Elizabeth.

Jason says they all know Peter is somehow connected to Shiloh. Sam wonders if they shouldn’t slow down. Maxie’s heart will be broken. Sonny says, it didn’t take Peter long to go after his brother’s widow. Sam is just saying they need conclusive proof. Jason tells her, waiting is going to hurt Maxie worse in the end, and Sam says they can tell Maxie that after they blow her life apart again.

Maxie tells Peter, maybe it’s selfish to say, but she’s proud of them. What they’ve been through, and the work they’ve done to be together. They’ve done good. He thanks her for having faith in him. She makes him want to be worthy of her. She’s glad they did things right. Instead of hiding their insecurities, they were honest. He thinks that’s why they work. They accept each other’s wounds and imperfections – so far. She says, one thing she knows is, she’ll never have to look over her shoulder like Nina. Peter will never betray her like Valentin. He’s not that kind of man. She tells him, don’t look miserable. She just told him how great he is. He says he’s worried she won’t always feel that way, but she says of course (🍷) she will. Just don’t screw it up.

Cameron says Franco came to his rescue. He knew the risks; his memory and his life could all be gone. He was brave. Scotty says that’s the picture they’ll paint. An empty warehouse, the mad scientist, the cult leader in a Nehru jacket, Franco hooked up to a machine. Cameron says he can tell them how terrified he was. He didn’t know if he was going to get hurt or killed. How Shiloh and the scientist drugged him, and he was out of it. Scotty asks if they know that, and Cameron says he doesn’t think so. Scotty tells him, then don’t mention it. It might bring his credibility as a witness into question. Elizabeth says, what if they ask? and Scotty says he’ll cook something up. Cameron says he can make something up, but Scotty says, no. Tell the truth. Paint the picture of Franco as a hero who put his life on the line to save Cameron’s. Cameron says, it sounds dramatic, but it’s what happened. Scotty says he’ll argue that Franco chose to give up his life for Cameron’s, wants to come back, and deserves every opportunity to do that.

Martin tells Kim that they’ll argue that Drew possesses all the attributes of his own emotional life; his memory, and personal intel. Everything except one. Drew isn’t defined by the vessel he’s contained in. His mind and soul embodies him. How’s he doing? Kim says, great. She thinks it’s time he met his client. He needs to know he’s not in this fight alone.

Sam gets a text, and tells Jason that Spinelli needs them to come to the PCPD ASAP. Sonny hopes it’s good news, and Sam says Spinelli will tell them when they get there.

Jordan asks if Spinelli just told Sam to come to the station. Doesn’t he think it’s premature? He asks if she didn’t hear it, and she says she heard, um. He tells her, listen again. She does, and says, uh-huh.

Martin tells Franco that they’re not arguing who he is biologically, but who he wants to be. They’ll insist on a psychological evaluation. Kim asks, to prove his competency? but Martin says, no. To prove he’s sentient; that he’s his own man. Franco says, if  they can find a shrink. They say nothing, and he says, it’s a joke. They’re in a mental institution. Martin says it’s good he has a sense of humor. They can use it. He warns Franco, if he’s pretending in any way… Kim says, of course (🍷) not, and Franco says he wouldn’t do that. Martin says, Franco is no more. Elizabeth has no claim on him, and they’re willing to fight to prove it. Franco says he’s never been afraid of a fight, and Martin says, good. Martin tells Kim to pull together all of Drew’s commendations, his ribbons and medals. They’ll remind the judge that Drew was willing to risk his life for his country. Kim asks Franco what he thinks, and he says, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Kim says she told him that she’d find someone to fight for him. Martin asks if Franco knows of any potential witnesses that could describe what it means to lose him. Is there anyone he can think of. Franco says, there is one person, but he’s not sure he can convince them to take the stand. Martin says, don’t worry. Just point him in the right direction, and he’ll take care of the rest. He leaves.

Robert tells Monica that the plane was indicated as going down in bad weather. The pilots were scrambling before they lost control. The search didn’t turn up any survivors. Monica says, so that’s it then, and he says he’s afraid so. In a couple of hours, Drew is going to officially be declared dead in absentia. Through her tears, Monica thanks him for coming himself. It was thoughtful. Robert is sorry for her loss. If it’s any consolation, the Navy held Drew in high esteem. He was quite remarkable.

Jason goes into Kelly’s, and Maxie asks how Sam is. Jason says, good. There’s some new evidence that should clear her any time now. Peter says he must be relieved, and Jason says he is. Thank God Peter was there to get Dev and Wiley to the hospital. Peter says, right place, right time, and Jason says, lucky. Dev said he was going to work out, but Jason didn’t know there were any gyms by the pier. Peter is puzzled, and Maxie says, his gym bag. Peter wasn’t going to the gym. It’s not like Jason never walked around with a bag of money. Jason asks why Peter would be on the docks with a bag of money.

Sam asks Jordan how long she should expect to stay, Jordan says, Spinelli couldn’t completely debunk the tape, but he attempted authentication. Sam says Spinelli was trying to prove her guilt? Jordan says, he couldn’t do that either. Spinelli says, when listening, particular attention was paid to a frequency known as a room hum. When someone is splicing a tape, they pay the most attention to a middle frequency. He couldn’t identify a precise frequency. (He said a lot more words than that, but that’s the gist.) Jordan says, it was inconclusive. Both sides agree that they can neither confirm or deny that that the tape is authentic. Sam says, and that means…? Jordan says she called Robert, and all of the charges have been dropped. Sam’s free to go. Sam hugs Spinelli, and calls him a genius. He says it’s his great pleasure.

Kim says Drew’s true self, his embodiment and soul differentiate from the body he lives in. Franco says they just have to convince a judge. She says, that’s Martin’s job, and he’s good at it. Franco says he has to be honest. They’ve got a real fight ahead of them. He’s worried about the strain on Kim, but she says she can handle it. After Oscar died, she didn’t think ever breathe again. Then he came back and found her. Franco says, now she can breathe? Kim says, even better now. She can hope.

Elizabeth thanks Scotty for letting Cameron be a witness. Scotty says Elizabeth is allowing Cameron to testify. He’s just the shark lawyer using every trick he knows. Elizabeth says he’s a good man, and he says, don’t tell anyone. She says, who’d believe her? She thinks it’s good for Cameron. It will empower him. Scotty says he still needs something else to go in with. Elizabeth says that’s why she wanted to speak to him privately. She has something else. Kim. Scotty tells her to sit; he’s all ears. What does she have on Kim? Elizabeth says, it’s nothing like that. A while back. Kim had a conversation with Drew after Oscar died. She asked Drew if he’d have another child with her. She’s convinced Franco is Drew, and is desperately seeking a connection to Oscar. Elizabeth feels for her. She remembers what it felt like when she lost Jake. She remembers the pain, but she’s not giving her husband to Kim as a consolation prize. Hey, this brings up another good point. Someone should tell Kim that if she has another baby with “Drew,” it’s still going to have Franco’s DNA.

Maxie tells Jason, the money was for a down payment on an apartment. Jason says, in cash? and she says, it’s not uncommon. It’s not, and Jason should know that. She asks if this is a low key interrogation, and Jason says he’s just curious. She says he’s never just curious, or makes conversation. Peter says Jason is entitled to be suspicious. There’s nothing more to tell. Jason asks if he got the apartment, and Peter says, no. He gave a ride to Dev and Wiley, and by the time he was finished, the opportunity had slipped away. Another oh geez. You mean to tell me that Peter doesn’t know Jason is savvy enough to be able to fact check that?

Sonny sees Robert at the hospital, and asks for a favor. Robert asks if Sonny wants him to deep bury evidence, or look the other way? Sonny asks him to get word to Dante that he has a new sister. He thinks Dante would like her. Robert says, that, he’ll gladly do.

Martin approaches Monica, and tells her that he’s representing Drew. She says she thought Alexis was handling Drew’s estate. She guesses he means Franco, but he says, no. The man formerly known as Franco (like he’s a Prince symbol), who now identifies as Drew. Monica asks what she can do for him. He starts pontificating, and she says as a doctor, she values brevity and conciseness. He says he’ll be as concise as he can. If he loses the case, there’s nothing standing between Drew and the procedure that may leave him a vegetable. She says she’s aware of the risks, and he says she can sit back and see how it plays out, or fight for Drew.

Kim wonders if she’s jumping the gun, but they could start making plans about where they want to live. Franco suggests they not get ahead of themselves. They’ve been talking about making up for lost time, but need to focus on what they have there now. She says he’s right. Now is good. They kiss.

Scotty asks if he heard Elizabeth correctly. Elizabeth says, if it becomes necessary, use Kim’s state of mind against her on the stand. Scotty says, this could get ugly. Elizabeth knows, and she knows Kim is still grieving, but Franco is Franco, not Drew. They have to do what they have to do. Franco is her husband, and she loves him. This is war, and all is fair.

Outside Kelly’s, Jason’s phone rings. Jason asks how it went, and Sam says, Spinelli did it. The charges were dropped. Jason asks if Spinelli proved the recording was fake, and she says, not exactly, but close enough. They also brought in the guy who helped Shiloh escape. Jason tells her to stay where she is, and goes back inside Kelly’s. Peter asks if he’s had any news, and Jason relays the news that the police captured the guy who helped Shiloh escape.

Tomorrow, Finn thinks Hayden is lying to him, Sasha tells Michael that she has to face the music, and Charlotte asks why Lulu ruined the wedding.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Everyone decides on their outfits for LeeAnne’s lingerie shower.

D’Andra is thankful to get another meeting with Travis. She feels horrible about missing the first one. We flash back to her calling him after she canceled. She needs help since her mother gave her a big fat lemon. She’d going to try to be on time. Jeremy asks what on time is for her, and she tells him, stop it,

Kameron tells daughter Hilton that she got the information on sleepaway camp. She asks if Hilton is nervous. She’d going at a younger age than Kameron did, and Kameron says Hilton is braver than she was. In her interview, Kameron says, Texas is hard core about sleepaway camp. They start at age eight, and she had to put Hilton on a waiting list when she was eighteen months old. It’s a great way to make connections for when you grow up. She tells Hilton that she ordered a customized special trunk. She says, mommy is nervous, and Hilton says, peace out. I’m not sure if that applies here, but it’s funny. Kameron says it’s the first time Hilton will be gone from her family, and Hilton says she’ll write letters. Kameron says there won’t be any boys, and Hilton is a tomboy. What’s she going to do? Hilton doesn’t know. In Kameron’s interview, she says she thought she and Stephanie had a connection, but then Stephanie had some deep conversations with Kary, who she just met. It’s hurtful. Hilton says the camp doesn’t have football, and Kameron says, that’s because girls don’t play that. I like Kameron, but clearly, she’s not living in this century. In her interview, she says she was never a tomboy, but her daughter is completely. She’s a daredevil like Court, and likes to push boundaries. The trunk arrives, and in Hilton’s interview, the producer asks why she needs a cool trunk. Hilton says she needs to fit all her stuff in it. She can’t take more than one suitcase, unlike her mom. Kameron loves that Hilton has a bond with her daddy, but sometimes she feels left out. She wants Hilton to share activities and make memories with mommy as well. Court tells Hilton, mommy’s camp is called Dallas.

D’Andra meets with Travis in his office. In D’Andra’s interview, she says Travis has been where she is, and is now an enormous success professionally and personally. She aspires to be where he is. She tells him that she spoke to Stephanie about the trouble her company is having, and Stephanie thought maybe they could talk. The business has been a big impediment in her relationship with her mom, but when her mom finally gave it to her, it was in a rock bottom, bad position. Court says D’Andra’s mom is like his dad. He’s competitive, which is odd for a parent. He says she’s in a unique spot. Businesswise, his question is, is this what she wants to do? She says she does. It’s a legacy. Her mom is a cancer survivor, and was the first woman to have this kind of company. D’Andra lived through the inception in 1996, and wants to keep what’s been built and make it better. She did what she could, but the company is in a sh*tty situation. The trust is locked up, and she can’t touch it. He asks how long it will be solvent, and she says four to six weeks before they’d have to close. Court suggests she look at what’s making money, and get rid of what isn’t. Don’t keep what’s not making money, and do it as fast as she can. She says Jeremy wants her to put it in the house, which would help the cash flow situation. Travis asks what the overhead is, and she says, $8K a month. He says he’d do it in a heartbeat. Business is about making hard decisions. She says she has an accountant and marketing person she’ll have to let go, and Travis says, if she doesn’t, she’ll have to let everyone go. In D’Andra’s interview, she says, it’s a tough pill to swallow. Firing long-time employees is emotional and scary. He says she can’t let the company go down because she doesn’t want to make hard decisions.

Kary and daughter Sofia meet for tea or smoothies or whatever it is they’re drinking. Kary asks if Sofia will be in town for her 21st birthday. Sofia says she never liked celebrating her birthday that much. She’s a college senior, and has three more weeks of school. Kary feels like it’s yesterday she took Sofia to college. She asks if Sofia is still thinking about nursing school. Sofia says she is, but she’s freaking out, wondering if she’s going to get in some schools. Kary asks how long Sofia has been with boyfriend Luke, and Sofia says, three years. Kary asks if it will bother Sofia if she gets married and she’s only had one boyfriend. Sofia doesn’t think that’s a bad thing; she thinks it’s a good thing. She tells Kary that she and Luke have talked marriage. In Kary’s interview, she says, in Mexico, the wife does what the man wants her to. Her mom raised her by herself and had the money, so she called the shots, and did what she wanted to. She tells Sofia that she and Luke should finish school and get jobs first. It’s important to have a career, so you have your own stuff. In her interview, Kary says she ended up marrying a man who had money, and she stayed home and took care of the kids. After a while, she hated it. She tells Sofia, in a perfect world, you’d be married forever. Her biggest regret is not having her own stuff. Sofia says that’s Kary’s own fault. Kary wants Sofia to be independent, and learn from her mistakes. Then maybe she won’t have financial issues. Kary says it’s hard. She doesn’t want any of her kids not to be independent.

Stephanie asks Travis how the meeting went, and Travis says they talked about tough decisions, but he doesn’t know if she’ll do it. She needs to get rid of people. Stephanie says, it’s hard, and he says, it is, but he’d probably scrap the business. Owning a business that’s starting to fail is difficult to rebound from. It’s easier to go on to something else. Stephanie says, Mexico is behind her now. It was the best of times, and the worst of times. There were moments that were fun. They drew names for rooms. We flash back to Kary putting names in a hat. Travis asks if she drew Brandi, and she says, no. Brandi roomed with D’Andra, and she had Kameron. Brandi and Kameron got in a fight, and Brandi got in Kameron’s face. Kameron threw a napkin at Brandi, and called her trash. I just have to weigh in a little here. Do they realize how stupid it sounds to be bitching this long over someone throwing a napkin? It’s not like Kameron chucked a beer stein at Brandi’s head. She also never called Brandi trash. She said Brandi’s behavior was trashy. Travis says Kameron thinks she’s up here, and they’re all beneath her. Stephanie tells him that Kameron said she felt judged. When Kameron gave a toast, saying Kary was welcoming, but she hadn’t felt that way from some of the others. It was like a slap in the face. Travis asks how she feels, and Stephanie says she thinks she drank too much, and got emotional. Travis tells her not to blame herself, but Stephanie says it got depressing. Travis asks if Stephanie can say how she feels without saying it’s her fault. Stephanie says she feels like she can’t do anything right in her friendship with Kameron. Kameron makes her feel like she’s a bad person, or not enough. Travis says she’s the greatest, coolest person he’s ever met. Stephanie wonders how to put boundaries up, and he thinks she should tell Kameron that she’s now all that. Everyone should be told that. Stephanie says, it sounds mean. In Stephanie’s interview, she says Travis used to not take her seriously. Now she feels like he listens to her, and gives her great advice. It’s like she’s hanging out with a friend, not just her husband. If she didn’t know better, she’d think he’d grown a vagina overnight. Travis says, if it comes from the heart, at the end of the day, if Kameron gets mad, she gets mad. Stephanie says the shower is LeeAnne’s day, so she doesn’t want to start anything. Travis asks if she’s wearing lingerie, and she says, it’s lingerie-ish. He thinks she should wear the dirty stuff, but she says she’ll do that just for him.

Stephanie and Cary (from previous seasons – not to be confused with Kary) meet outside the venue for the shower. Stephanie thinks the theme must have been Cary’s idea. Cary says she does love to wear skimpy outfits. Stephanie says this is the first party in a million of them. They have this, the shower – she knows she has to bring a gift – and the bachelorette party. Obviously, math is not her strong suit if she thinks that adds up to a million. In her interview, Stephanie says she’s hosting this with Cary, but LeeAnne planned the Moulin Rouge/lingerie theme, hired the caterer, and did decorations. She’s just cutting the check. Cary says D’Andra wasn’t invited, and Stephanie says LeeAnne felt they weren’t in the right place. They’re making steps, but LeeAnne doesn’t know if she’s inviting D’Andra to the wedding. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she never thought she’d be hosting a shower for LeeAnne with Cary, and D’Andra wouldn’t be there. She tells Cary that she loves Kameron, but feels like she looks at what Stephanie does wrong instead of what she does right. Cary says it’s Kameron’s problem, and Stephanie says she knows. Carly says, put it back on her.

LeeAnne comes in wearing a bustier with garters, a sexy tuxedo coat, and top hat, carrying a crop. She says she tried to leave in just the outfit, and Rich was like, uh, coat? She says, it’s her circus, and she needs monkeys. In her interview, she says she’s having the lingerie shower, a bachelorette party, a couple’s shower, the rehearsal, the wedding, and reception. That’s good considering most weddings easily have ten to twelve parties. In Texas they do it big. Guests arrive. Kameron is wearing a modest silk robe, and in her interview, LeeAnne says Kameron could walk into church straight from the shower. In Kameron’s interview, she says she doesn’t need to see everyone half-naked, especially in this this group.

In Brandi’s interview, she says she and LeeAnne didn’t leave Mexico in a good place, and she feels bad. LeeAnne says she thought Brandi hated her, but Brandi says she wouldn’t be there looking like a prostitute if she hated LeeAnne. In Kameron’s interview, she says, if your legs are exposed, and your cleavage is flying out at the same time, you’re a ho-ho. LeeAnne tells Brandi, let’s party. She thanks Brandi for coming, but wants to be transparent. She was scared to have Brandi there after Mexico. Brandi says she’s not proud of what happened, and she’s sorry. LeeAnne thanks her. She was afraid that, no matter what she said, she wouldn’t get through. Brandi’s reaction to trash is the same as LeeAnne bringing up her past. In Brandi’s interview, she says she doesn’t know what LeeAnne is talking about, but thanks for sharing. LeeAnne says she doesn’t want Brandi’s pity, and more than anything, wants them to be at peace. They hug and exchange I love yous.

Everyone looks hot. Even the waiters are half-naked. Like me, Kary says, no fruity drinks.  Kameron says she’s the youngest one, and she’s in the grandma outfit. In Kary’s interview, she wonders who in the world has a lingerie shower at 1 pm on a Wednesday. I guess that would be LeeAnne. Kary is wearing a black nightgown with a plunging neckline, and says Kameron helped her pick it out. We see a clip of Kameron telling her that it’s something she can wear outside that doesn’t make her look like a ho. Everyone agrees it looks amazing, and I’m wondering why Kameron didn’t choose something like that for herself. LeeAnne tells Cary how Kameron peed behind a trailer in Mexico. Cary says it’s not on brand for Kameron. She’s proud of her. LeeAnne says D’Andra got so drunk, and Cary says she didn’t invite D’Andra. LeeAnne says she want to move forward, but doesn’t want the continued hostility. Cary says, you have different friends for different reasons, and they don’t have to be at everything.

Jeremy goes to D’Andra’s workplace to help. He says he doesn’t want work for her, but she thinks he’s enjoying himself. He just doesn’t want to admit it, because then he feels like he’s not doing his life’s work. In D’Andra’s interview, she says she really needs help. She needs family help. She knows it’s not what Jeremy was planning on doing, but it’s do or die time. Jeremy says he’s been picking people’s brains, and sees three choices. She can have an investor come in now and put up money, take out a loan, or shut down now and do something else. He thinks her best option is to close it down, and move it into the house. D’Andra says Travis said she’d be saving money on overhead, and had similar advice. She feels like the last step is moving to the house, and she’ll have to make employee changes. Jeremy says she’ll have to lose good people, and D’Andra says, they’re the same people who need the money, Jeremy says, welcome to the world. They all have pressures. D’Andra says, it’s not that. She didn’t think she’d be in this position at 50, having to start over. In her interview, she says if she was her mother, she’d have extreme guilt. Her mother talked her out of her career in DC. Phone call after phone call, asking her to come home. She said she’d give D’Andra the business. She tells Jeremy that she trusted her mother, but her mother lied to her. Jeremy says he believes that. D’Andra says, it’s hurtful on so many levels, but it’s hard to be angry. He takes her hand. She says she’s trying to have a relationship with her mother. She’s 78, and her father isn’t there anymore. She’s trying to do the right thing. Jeremy says she’ll surpass, and  make her own legacy. They’ll do it together. She says she doesn’t want to look back, and wants to see it through. Jeremy says she’ll step up, see it through, and move it into the house. She doesn’t know how she’ll get out of the lease, but he says that’s the least of her problems. They can do it. She just made her first decision in her new career. They kiss.

At the shower, a woman comes out and says, ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between. Step right up. The guests gather, and she tells LeeAnne, this is her circus, and these are her monkeys. In Kameron’s interview, she says it’s Mad Hatter/Moulin Rouge, and she’s all for it. It’s LeeAnne’s special day. A cake that looks like a circus tent is brought out, and LeeAnne fawns over it, saying she doesn’t want to eat it. Cary says, LeeAnne is pretending like everything is a surprise, when she set it up. They all sit, and Cary says she called rich, and they had a colorful conversation. She asked him some questions, and they’re going to see if LeeAnne gets the answers right. If LeeAnne was a carnival game or ride, which one would she be? LeeAnne says, either the Himalaya or the Tilt-A-Whirl. Oddly enough, I know exactly which rides those are. Carly says, she’s correct on Tilt-A-Whirl. She asks what’s LeeAnne’s sexiest article of clothing or accessory, and LeeAnne says, her skin. Cary says she’s right, and asks what’s the weirdest place they’ve done the deed. LeeAnne says Rich will kill her, but Cary says he gave her the answer. LeeAnne says Rich drilled a hole in the neighbor’s fence. I really don’t want to know any more, but Cary asks if he stuck his d*ck through it. LeeAnne says, be careful; there are splinters. In her interview, Stephanie wonders why they didn’t find a chain-link fence. Cary says, that’s not the answer, and I steel myself. She says they were at a friend’s house for a party, and did it in the bathroom. LeeAnne says they didn’t just do it, they took a picture. With one of their third hands, I guess. In Kary’s interview, she says, wakala, and we see from the subtitle, it means disgusting. LeeAnne opens her gifts, which are all lingerie/sex related. She gets leather handcuffs from Brandi, and in Kameron’s interview, she says Court would freak out if she brought those home. He’d think she was going to lock him up, and steal his credit cards. LeeAnne gets a pair of briefs with Rich’s face on them, and puts them on. She toasts to the first party for her wedding, and thanks everyone. In her interview, she says the first event means she’s really getting married.

Stephanie asks to talk to Kameron. In her interview, Stephanie feels like Kameron is being insensitive. She could squash her feelings, but she doesn’t want to feel resentful. She just wants Kameron to know how she’s making her feel, and hopefully, change things. She tells Kameron, she thought they were getting along great in Mexico, but she feels like Kameron is looking for things to prove Stephanie isn’t good enough. Kameron made her feel like she’s not a good friend. Kameron says she only stated facts, and Stephanie says she’s not bringing up the past, but she thought they were good. Kameron says, if they’re good, why was Stephanie leaving the room all the time? The argument wasn’t between them, but Stephanie went to Kary and talked about personal issues. Kameron says Stephanie has known her for two years. She put her heart on the line getting to know Stephanie, but she opened up to Kary, who she just met. Stephanie says she was having a tough time emotionally. It had nothing to do with Kameron, and she wanted to talk to someone out of the drama. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she was depressed, overwhelmed, and vulnerable, but Kameron is making it all about her. Kameron says she has friends who go through the same thing, and she’s there for them. It breaks her heart that Stephanie didn’t think she’d be there for her, when she would have been. Stephanie reminds Kameron that she said Stephanie wasn’t a good friend, but Kameron says that was because of the situation they were in. Stephanie says trash is a trigger for her too, but Kameron says she didn’t say it to Stephanie. It was between her and Brandi. She’s apologized 200 times, and promised herself that if anyone said the word again, she’d walk away. She’s not being part of the drama. She felt like she was spiraling when Brandi threw the eff word in her face, and no one did anything. She’s done with this. No one cared what Brandi did. In Kameron’s interview, she says friendship is about sticking up for people when things aren’t appropriate, but everyone just sat there, and didn’t do anything. Kameron says she doesn’t know what to do, and Stephanie says don’t call them trash. Kameron says she defended herself when she was being attacked, and now she’s the bad guy. She walks out, saying, seriously, she’s done with it.

In her interview, Kameron says she was blown away. Stephanie wants to be the victim, and she wasn’t even in the conversation. Brandi sits with Stephanie. Kameron comes back inside. Stephanie tells Brandi that she felt judged, but it’s Kameron not her. Kameron tells LeeAnne that she feels sick. She was attacked for saying a word she regretted. She said she was sorry, and she’s not talking about it anymore. Stephanie tells Brandi, maybe she can’t be friends with Kameron. A friend should let you speak. Brandi says she loves Stephanie, and hugs her. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she felt defeated and humiliated. No one else was in the conversation, but Kameron got up, threw a tantrum (geez, she has kids, but apparently doesn’t know what a tantrum is?), and made people believe Stephanie is a horrible person. She tells LeeAnne that Kameron said she was attacking her, and she wasn’t. LeeAnne tells Stephanie, stop it. She’s a beautiful human being

LeeAnne asks for a group photo. In her interview, Stephanie says she’s never stood up to Kameron. She usually apologizes just to get out of the situation, but she’s not doing that anymore. She created her own hell. She wants to be Kameron’s friend, but not her bitch.

Next time, a girls and gays party, Kameron likes drag queens better than strippers, LeeAnne says it’s about her, and a visit to a haunted house.

☔ It Certainly Is This Week…

As a matter-of-fact, I’ve seen enough rain to last a lifetime this year. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a cool tune to go with it.