October 27, 2015 — Port Charles Pre-Halloween, Yachting, Loving & Couch Quotes


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)

General Hospital

It’s almost Halloween in Port Charles. Emma is trying on various costumes for Anna, and comes downstairs dressed as “Joy.” The doorbell rings and it’s Death, I mean Paul scaring the crap out of Emma.

Hayden and Nicholas are now living at The Floating Rib. Sam walks in and Nicholas asks why he shouldn’t have her arrested for breaking into his house and hacking into his computer. He makes a good point, except that his own unlawful doings might be exposed.

Alexis is teaching Julian how to change a diaper. Um, if he doesn’t know by now, he probably doesn’t want to know. Olivia asks Dante and Lulu to keep an eye on baby Leo. She wants them to be his godparents.

Maxie has done well with fundraising for Dillon’s movie. She has a large check, but tells Dillon he’s not going to get it unless he tells her his secret. Loose lips will sink Dante yet. She says she’ll tear the check up if he doesn’t spill it. He calls her bluff, but says he’ll tell her after he shows her something.

Sam suggests they call it a draw, since Nicholas invaded “Jake’s” privacy. She tells Nicholas that he got his wish, that “Jake” is so discouraged at this point, he’s going to stop seeking his true identity and marr Elizabeth.

Paul apologizes for scaring Emma and offers her a lollypop. (Geez, I think a Snickers bar might be more appropriate here.)Emma says she’s not supposed to take candy from strangers and Anna says he just seems strange. Ha-ha! Emma goes back upstairs and Paul tells Anna he’s there to discuss Carrrlos.

Sabrrrina tells Michael that they’re not strong enough as a couple yet, that it’s too soon to get married. She doesn’t want to get married just because she’s pregnant, and says that’s not a good enough reason to spend the rest of their lives together. He says he eventually was going to ask her anyway. She says that even love isn’t enough and suggests they wait until they see how they handle the pressures of having the baby first. Tracy and Monica come in arguing about Danny having played hide-and-seek in Tracy’s closet.

I think Dillon might really tell Maxie. When she asks if he actually has anything on Dante, he tells her yes. She’s surprised, since she was just “fishing.”

Paul says that Anna seems oddly interested in Carrrlos’s corpse. She says it’s because he killed Duke and she wants to know more about how he died. Which makes perfect sense…not.

Nicholas tells Hayden that he knows Sam and she was telling the truth. While at the same time Sam gets a text from Spinelli. Hayden hints around for an invite as Nicholas’s plus one to the wedding. (Lots of fishing in this episode.) She says if he brings her, they will be “official” as boyfriend/girlfriend.

Sam and Lucas check out the new house Julian had built for Alexis. Julian tells them that he and Olivia will be sharing custody of Leo.

Anna gives Paul a song and dance that I’ll bet even she doesn’t believe. Emma comes down in a “Princess Evie” costume. When she tells Paul that Evie is evil, Paul asks why. Emma says that she really isn’t but she thinks with her heart, not her head. Paul is like, I know someone else like that, while shooting eyeball darts at Anna.

Dillon shows Maxie her performance, but she gets so worried about what her hair looks like, she forgets all about the secret. Too late. Dante and Lulu show up at The Haunted Star to do some Halloween decorating.

Monica didn’t know about Sabrrrina’s pregnancy, and is disappointed that Tracy knew before she did. Sabrrrina tells her that she didn’t tell Tracy, Tracy just figured it out and knew even before Michael. Tracy says Michael didn’t notice because he was too much all up in Sonny’s business.

Emma goes upstairs to change once more. Paul tells Anna that she’s no longer authorized to dig into police business, and unless she tells him what she was really up to, he’ll press charges. Anna tells him she’s suspicious that the body wasn’t Carrrlos.

Nicholas tells Hayden that it should be obvious that he has feelings for her. She says prove it and take her to the wedding. She says she wants to feel like a part of things and have fun again. Nicholas caves and says he’ll bring her. I’m starting to wonder now if it will be Hayden that blows things up.

Olivia shows up at Julian and Alexis’s place and apologizes to Lucas and Sam for lying about baby Leo. It doesn’t look like Lucas is accepting that, even though he says he is.

Anna tells Paul her instincts tell her that it isn’t Carrrlos’s body, that someone made it seem that way. She thinks it’s some kind of cover-up. Paul says that Anna ought to know all about it.

Tracy thinks that Carly is the reason Michael and Sabrrrina aren’t getting married. Sabrrrina says no, she was the one. Tracy says it’s because Michael is involved in the coffee importation business. Michael and Sabrrrina step outside and Tracy and Monica pretend to argue. Tracy looks like she’s going to start laughing any second.

Dillon is on his laptop when Dante walks in and acts like the a-hole he is because he sees a freeze frame of Lulu. Dillon says she walked into a shot, but if he was smart, he would have added that he was trying to figure out how to edit it out. He says he might not keep his word to not say anything about Dante and Valerie.

Paul says Emma has come down in the best costume yet, and she says these are her regular clothes. He does some cute bantering with her and says he’ll be in touch with Anna.

Monica and Tracy have a drink and share some Quartermaine memories.

Sam gets another text from Spinelli saying they’re a step closer to “Jake’s” real ID.

Hayden says who knows, that her memory might come back at the ceremony, which is probably not a good thing to say if she really wants to go.

Dillon tells Dante it’s over for him, and then tells Lulu he has to tell her something. Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!

Below Deck

When we last left our yachtees, there was a fire in the galley. Eddie puts on his super hero cape and gets it contained. Since she’s prone to insanity and hating Kate, Rocky stupidly says that it’s Kate’s fault because she put a pizza in the oven when there were other pans in there. That would be a no. Kate says that if the oven is like the rest of the galley, it was probably the grease. Eww! That makes me think of Kitchen Nightmares and how disgusting some of the kitchens can be. I wouldn’t expect it on this yacht. On second thought, it’s lazy Leon, king of getting over. Captain Lee says a fire on a small boat like this can turn into some really bad news. He says they’ll deal with the incident report in the morning.

The next morning, Leon completely ignores the fact that there was a fire In his galley and that he slept through the fire alarm. No surprise, since he ignores everything else. Rocky tells him about what happened with the pizza. Leon says that Kate is waiting for him to fall on his face. Gee, maybe she wants you to actually give a flying about your job.

The primary guest, Alan, is having a 50th birthday party. Another shark dive has also been scheduled for them. Connie has to pull up the anchor because Eddie worked the night shift, and we already know this can be a problematic chore. Success! While I don’t always like her personality, I love Connie’s work ethic and how she can be one of the guys. I grew up riding on a truck with Teamsters, so I can identify.

Champagne for breakfast sounds good to me. Captain Lee says they’re going to make Alan’s birthday memorable. The ladies are going somewhere for drinks while the guys go on the dive. That would be a tough choice, but I think I’d go on the dive.

Captain Lee calls Kate to the bridge. Since the oven looks like it hasn’t been cleaned the entire season, it’s no surprise it caught fire. I don’t think the other pans that were in there did it, but I’m sure that Leon will blame Kate. I’m also pretty sure this will backfire on him.

Captain Lee takes individual statements because he says if everyone is there at once, it will be a clusterf**k. Rocky tries to blame Kate, adding a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with the fire. Captain Lee says he could give two sh*ts about what she thinks of her superior and just wants to get the reports. His deduction is that the filthy oven was the culprit.

Leon is the last to be interviewed. He tries to blame Kate, but Captain Lee says that clean, dry pans don’t start fires. Leon says Kate was drinking, but has to admit he didn’t see her drinking that night, so it basically has nothing to do with anything. The captain says that Leon is more interested in blaming Kate than he is that there was a fire in his galley. Captain Lee says he asked Leon to get with the program weeks ago, but he’s not doing it. Leon says whatever the captain says, he’ll agree with, and the captain says they should agree that this is Leon’s last charter, but he would appreciate him going out In a blaze of glory (no pun intended). The captain says to Eddie that with Leon, everything is someone else’s fault.

Leon tells Rocky that he’s been asked to leave. Rocky says if he goes, she’s going to. Bye, Felicia.

Instead of acting like an adult and finishing out the day, Leon leaves everyone hanging. Congrats on being an even bigger a-hole than Dane was. Rocky whines to Eddie that she has no respect for Kate or the captain. Amy suggests she have respect for herself and act like an adult. Rocky stamps her foot and says Kate should be the one to leave. Eddie tells her both Kate and Leon were at fault with being rude to one another, but at least Kate knows her job. Rocky is like, how dare he after I slept with him. This actually gives me more respect for Eddie, putting the truth above nookie, but Rocky acts like the immature idiot she is, and dives into the water. Captain Lee is pretty disgusted at this point. Me too. It’s more like a kindergarten class than a yacht charter. That girl better find a rich man to marry because she’s never going to be able to hold a job.

The charter guests are coming back, and Amy gets on the intercom and tells everyone to buckle their seatbelts and prepare for a sh*tstorm. Ha-ha! Captain Lee wants to buy the guests lunch for Alan’s birthday. Way to get them away from that storm. Amy is going to accompany the guests, while Captain Lee figures out what the blip to do without a chef. Eddie says who the blip does Rocky think she is and he’s pretty bothered by the whole thing.

Amy makes noises about standing up for what she believes, which is being a lazy moron. She whines on the phone to her mommy. Mommy tells her she needs to finish what she started. Frankly, I think they should kick her ass back into the water and let her swim home.

Rocky approaches the captain to apologize. Captain Lee says he’s not big on apologies because they’re more for the person doing the apology. Thank you. He says she’s walking on thin ice and she says she doesn’t want to leave everyone hanging and that she’s the only one who can get this birthday dinner off the ground. Really? She made raw chicken the other week. I wouldn’t trust her to make microwave popcorn. How old is this chick? Five?

Alan has never had a birthday cake, so Kate calls around looking for a lava cake. And also looking for a fireworks display. Just keep opening those champagne bottles and everything will be okay. Rocky offers to help with the dinner. Eddie says after the last time, he’s going to have to keep an eye on her cooking. Rocky wants to put crumbled cookies on the salad and I’m like, please don’t. I don’t even like fruit in my salad. Unless it’s a fruit salad. This even looks stupid. I hope all future employers are watching this, so they don’t take any chances i\on hiring her for anything.

She also puts grenadine on the oysters, and Amy hopes the guests are too drunk to notice. Alan throws up in the bathroom. So far this dinner is going just great. Eddie takes over in the galley. Aww, poor Rocky is hurt. Who the blip cares? OMG, this girl is such a loser, I can’t stand it. Eddie concurs and says he’s sorry he ever went near her.

Rocky acts like she’s been disrespected because Kate says she should put the steak on the plate with the vegetables and didn’t tell her this at 10 that morning. The cake arrives and it got squashed on one side. Everything is a freaking disaster, but these guys are so good at their jobs, the guests have no clue. They’re loving the meal, and when the cake comes, Alan says it’s the best 50th anyone could ever have.

At least the fireworks go off without a hitch, and it’s finally time for the guests to debark. It’s 10:30 pm and Kate says she hopes to never have another late departure. Alan and the other guests tell the crew that everything was more than fabulous. We’re on to my favorite part – the tip.

Rocky pats herself on the back. Kate says that Rocky is a ticking time bomb that she has to compliment all the time, but even that doesn’t work. Rocky acts ridiculous, sarcastically saying how awesome Kate is. I just can’t even comprehend acting like this at any job and thinking it’s okay. Kate says ain’t nobody got time for Rocky and her many personalities. Seriously, there is something wrong with her.

Amy says she doesn’t know what to say to Rocky, and that she owes them all an apology, but Rocky doesn’t understand why she should apologize. Eddie is embarrassed about hooking up with her now and wants to distance himself. Come on, Eddie. Anyone with half a brain would have told you to stay away from her, no matter how good her ass looks.

Tip time! Captain Lee says this was the worst charter he’s ever been on, but the guests were happy. Eddie says Rocky should have gotten down on her hands and knees and apologized.  $1950 each!

It looks like Chef Ben is going to step in for Idiot Leon and I’m psyched! I really missed him this season. He says he wasn’t available at the beginning of the season, but he’s glad to be back. He also says that often chefs don’t work out and he’s pinch hit before. Kate and Ben didn’t always get along, but their problem is they’re too much alike. Ben is crazier too, but in a good way.

A fresh vibe comes to the boat with Ben’s arrival. Leon was fun to hate, but I was feeling pretty badly for the crew having to deal with him. He’s the kind of guy you like to watch, but you don’t want to bring him home to your mother.

Ricky whines about Leon leaving – he was her best friend, she says. She also whines about Eddie saying he’s glad Ben is back and putting Leon down. Eddie says he’s embarrassed again. Kate and Ben flirt.

Next week, Cynthia from The Real Housewives of Atlanta is the primary guest. And Rocky gets put in her place by Ben.

If Loving You Is Wrong

Kelly bangs (probably the wrong word to use) on the shed door and tells Marcie and Brad to get out now. She tells them she’s completely disgusted by the both of them. Not only that, Brad left his kids alone to go off to his rendezvous.

Marcie comes flouncing back in the house in her negligee while Randal is nursing on his mom. Just about anyway. Sorry, but I don’t feel sorry for him. Not that I think what Marcie is doing is right, but he just got done begging Alex to continue with the affair. Whoa! Mom just slapped Marcie and Marcie cracked her one back. She’s going on and on about Marcie having done it in the shed, which is ironic because that’s where Randal and Alex were doing it. Marcie lets fly with all the information to Mom. Marcie tells Randal she hates him and he needs to leave and take Mom with him. She adds that if he doesn’t go, she’s going to do it with Brad every night until he does.

Natalie is awakened by a phone call from Mr. Kim. Mr. Kim is checking to see if the restaurant was locked up. She finds Joey’s room empty, but tells Mr. Kim Joey is sleeping. When Mr. Kim asks if Joey has seen his daughter, Natalie pretends to ask about it and makes like it’s Joey’s voice in the background saying he hasn’t seen her. This is kind of stupid, but I guess it works.

Alex calls Marcie, whose head must be spinning right now. She tells Alex that she found Brad in the backyard and everything is cool. Just as Alex is talking about him never returning her calls, he sends her a picture of the shed. She insists Marcie tell her what Brad was doing in the backyard and tells her about the picture. Marcie asks her if anything else was in the pic, and if that’s not a red flag, I don’t know what is, but Alex just says she has to go.

Another whoa! (And it’s only been on 20 minutes) Natalie catches Faun and Joey going at it in the burger place, and throws a bucket of cold water on them. She tells them to gather up their clothes and for Faun to go call a cab. She has enough presence of mind to ask Joey where the condom wrapper is, but there’s no answer for that, so… She tells him to bleach down the counters.

Lucien comes by Natalie’s to pick up the girls for school. He can tell something is wrong. He brings up the house they planned to buy together and she gets standoffish. She tells him that Randal is clearly the father of Alex’s baby. She tells him she needs his help with Joey. She needs him to tell Joey about the birds and the bees. Lucien starts laughing when she tells him about Faun and Joey, but he says he’ll talk to Joey. Natalie takes the girls and Lucien tells Joey what a condom is.

Eddie visits Brad’s office. Brad wants to talk to Alex’s dad. He’s also Eddie’s uncle. Brad wants him to see his new grandchild; I’m sure because his father-in-law is a total racist. Eddie asks if Brad understand the amount of hell he’ll be bringing on, and Brad says he does. Eddie lights up a joint in Brad’s office and Brad takes a hit. What kind of a loosey-goosey town do they live in?

Travis brings Kelly’s son home from a ballgame and she tells him to take a hike (Travis, not her son). Travis says he’s tired of being treated like a yo-yo. He asks if there’s someone else. I don’t get this guy. Doesn’t he have someone else? She tells him he has no say-so in her business and pushes him toward the door. Ramsey is at the door and Travis acts like an idiot, asking him who he is. Ramsey says he’s not doing well, and wants to thank Marcie for last night. When Travis acts like a bigger idiot, Ramsey explains that his mother had just died. Ramsey leaves and how many times does Kelly have to tell Travis to get out?

Eddie begs the captain to let him go back to work. The captain says he can’t let him come back until the doctor okays it and that it’s department policy. Ben is back on desk duty. He wants to go for a beer with Pete after work, but Pete doesn’t want to go if Eddie is there. Ben says Eddie is cool, but Pete says he still doesn’t want to be around Eddie. He agrees to have a beer with Ben. With weird, ominous music playing in the background, I think something more is up.

Mom tries to give Marcie a hangover smoothie. She tells Marcie about how her husband had an affair with one of her closest friends. She says she sat in extreme pain, but still didn’t retaliate, and that doing the right thing takes strength and courage, and that Marcie has that in her. She adds that what Marcie does next will determine the rest of her life. She tells Marcie that gritting your teeth and sucking it up while surrounded with grief is called being a woman. You got that right, sister.

Marcie sees Brad fiddling with the grill while he’s wearing a white shirt and tie. (???) He says he was going to burn some photos, but now he has a better idea. When Marcie asks what it is, he tells her to ask Alex.

The People’s Couch

They’re watching that variety show hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, and the B52s are singing Love Shack. I sometimes sing at karaoke (quit laughing) and the woman who owns the business went to high school with Fred Schneider. He comes to her annual Christmas party and occasionally comes to karaoke. I don’t think it counts when you’re singing your own songs though. Anyway, he’s a really nice guy.

It was kind of funny the first time I met him at one of her parties. I recognized him, but couldn’t remember from where. I was glad I didn’t ask him if he went to karaoke. It would have been like that scene in Animal House when Flounder asks the guy in the bar, “So, where do you go to school?”

Quote of the week – it was a toss up:

I would like a guy in a sparkly dress with a champagne glass to show up and tell me what to do. Scott, in reference to a scene in Jane the Virgin.

I do love history and I do love getting drunk. Julie, in reference to Drunk History.

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