November 5, 2015 — GH & Nothing But the GH


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)

I don’t usually post on Thursday, but this was too good to wait.

General Hospital

Carly can hear Jason, but it’s questionable whether he can hear her. Oh good Lord, she just dropped the phone in a puddle.

Laura helps Nicholas get ready for the wedding, but no way is she going. She says her gift to Elizabeth is her absence so she won’t be tempted to tell Jason his life is a lie. “Isn’t that Juicy?” says Hayden as she walks in. Except Laura called Jason “Jake,” so Hayden doesn’t quite know what’s going on. Maybe.

Hayden said she knew something was off about Elizabeth and Jake/Jason as a couple. Nicholas says Laura is only disconcerted because Jake/Jason is missing his memory. Laura concurs, but her face says otherwise. Hayden lets slip that Jake and Sam broke in. After Hayden leaves, Laura tells Nicholas he left that out and obviously Jake/Jason wants to know who he is.

Dammit! Now Carly’s phone isn’t working. Sam and Jake/Jason chat and he tells her she’s lookin’ good. And she totally is in that blue dress. There seemed to be a spark between them for second.

I can’t take this. Carly gets the bars back on the phone and then trips over a rock. For the love of all that’s holy, just sit in one spot and make that call.

Ric meets with Sonny about the custody case. He says that courts often side with the mother, but he has something that will blindside Ava. Scotty is also meeting with Ava. All they seem to have is Julian as a character witness, which isn’t exactly a glowing recommendation. Ava tells him to go earn his money and find something that they can use. Frankly, if I was the judge, I’d take this kid away from both of them. Okay, I really wouldn’t. I’d give Avery to Ava.

Scotty tells Ava that she should try to compromise with Sonny, and co-parent. Ava says she doesn’t make deals with thugs. Um…Paul anyone? She also doesn’t want Carly playing mommy.

Ric has managed to get the case moved up to this afternoon because he had done some favors. This is a just a wee bit outside of my suspension of disbelief.

Jake/Jason is not liking what’s going on with Carly’s phone. Sam thinks it’s just the crappy phone, but Jake/Jason says no, he thinks it’s more than that. Sam has to agree that there’s something wrong, since Carly is supposed to be in the wedding party. They decide to tell Sonny.

Back at Elizabeth’s, they’re doing the something old, something new thing. She gets a gorgeous pair of blue shoes from Felix, and an amazing vintage purse for the something borrowed from Epiphany. It had been given to Epiphany by her grandmother for her own wedding, which hasn’t happened yet.

Laura tells Nicholas that she’ll be back before the wedding…if there is one. Nicholas says she promised not to say anything, and she says she’s honoring that promise, but she has something to do she should have done months ago. Have a proper send off for Luke? I’m still pretty ticked about that. Not even one flashback.

Ava busts in on Sonny and Ric. Sonny says she’s unfit to go anywhere near Avery. Ava says she’d die before giving Ava to him. He comes close to saying that can be arraged. Jake/Jason and Sam overhear this, and think maybe now is not the best time to interrupt. Jake/Jason decides to go looking for Carly himself.

Elizabeth better stop moving around so much. Her updo looks like it’s coming undone already. Nicholas tries calling her and leaves a message that she might be in for a surprise. Hayden walks in on that too, and Nicholas says he’s going to put a bell on her. Ha-ha! Nicholas is still concerned about Hayden going to the wedding, and she says he needs to start trusting her.

Laura shows up at Elizabeth’s. Elizabeth tries to blow her off, but Laura says it won’t take long. She tells Elizabeth that she knows Jake/Jason is still searching for his identity and Elizabeth needs to be the one to tell him. Laura says she thinks of her as a daughter and wants her to be happy, but no real happiness can ever be based on a lie. Elizabeth acts like the fool she is and says Laura is wrong, everything will be cool. Laura says she’s faced worse things, and that they seem to have a real connection, so she should trust him and tell him the truth. I swear, have I gone through all this just to have Elizabeth do the upset?

Today’s theme is trust. I’ve heard this word like 50 times now.

Sam has called the NSA to trace the last call from Carly. Jake/Jason says he wants to be the one to go, and he’ll be back in time.

Laura tells Elizabeth she needs to tell Jake/Jason the truth before someone else does. Elizabeth panics, thinking Laura means herself, but Laura says it won’t be her. Elizabeth is saved by Patrick showing up and everyone is ready to go. Laura says she has to babysit Spencer, and just stopped by to give well wishes.

Nicholas says if he didn’t trust Hayden, he wouldn’t be bringing her to the wedding. Hayden says maybe he wants to keep an eye on her. Or maybe he just likes her company. He says it’s a mystery. She says she hates mysteries, and always wants to know the end before she finishes the first chapter. She adds that she’s pretty sure she knows how this one is going to end. DUN-DUN-DUNNN!

Sonny tells Ava that by the end of the day, Avery is going to be with him, and Ava will be a stranger. He says the only one Avery is going to call “mommy” is Carly. This sets Ava off like a rocket. A couple of Sonny’s goons hold her back. Oh wait, it’s one goon and Scotty. Scotty hustles Ava out.

At this point, even if it all turns out to be a dream about a snowglobe named Rosebud, I’ll be okay with that. Just let it end.

Elizabeth and crew show up at the church. Everyone is whispering and I don’t know why because no one else is even there yet. Michael and Sabrrrina are there, but that’s the same as no one else. “Jake’s” absence is duly noted, but the groom wouldn’t be there that early anyway, so I don’t know why it was even mentioned.

Patrick and Sam are being mushy when Nicholas shows up with Hayden. Hayden says she’s going to go and sign the guestbook, leaving Patrick, Sam and Nicholas alone to insult each other. Hmm…if Hayden doesn’t remember if she likes weddings, how did she know there was a guest book to sign? I doubt Nicholas gave her a rundown of what goes on.

The wedding dress is everything. Elizabeth talks to herself in the mirror, and who walks in but Hayden, who says she’s remembering things. A huge grin spreads across my face.

The show is almost over, and I know they’re waiting for tomorrow to give us the big guns, but this is good, especially for a Thurzzzday.

Sonny and Ric say blah-blah-blah and nothing I’m interested in because I want to get back to the church. Ric is going to prep Sonny for court. Out in the hall, Scotty chastises Ava for acting crazy. She says no offense, but she needs someone who’s a match for Sonny. Good luck finding that by this afternoon, although that could be a year from now in Port Charles.

Laura calls Nicholas and asks if he’s seen Jake/Jason. Since it’s obvious that Elizabeth didn’t listen, Laura tells Nicholas it’s up to him to stop her. He’s like no way see you later. Why did she even bother with those two?

Elizabeth asks what Hayden is doing there. Hayden tells her she’s Nicholas’s plus one. Elizabeth gets nasty and tells her she should leave. Hayden says she wouldn’t miss this for the world. Me neither.

YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!! Jake – who in a minute is going to be Jason – finds Carly. He says, “I found you.” Then she says, “I found you too – Jason.” I am thrilled beyond measure because I have no life.

From the previews, it looks like Jason isn’t going to believe Carly at first, but who cares? The words have been spoken and it’s done. Hayden also reaffirms that her memory is coming back. So it looks like Carly gets to tell Jason who he is and Hayden gets to give Elizabeth her comeuppance. Poor Laura. She kind of got left out of this one.

I’m letting it all sink in.


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