November, Friday the 13th, 2015 — GH & a Z Storm


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)

General Hospital

Paul wants to know why Anna is still sticking her nose into the Carrrlos case, when they both know what really happened. She says she thinks Ava is involved with something somewhere, and still wants to hunt down Sonny’s shooter.

Since everyone waited too long to let her know, Spencer finally tells Emma that “Jake” is Jason, and that he is still Sam’s husband.

Nicholas tells Laura what happened at the wedding. She says she’s sorry about what happened, but not sorry the truth came out. She asks if Elizabeth confessed to her part, and Elizabeth walks in saying, no and neither did Nicholas. Laura is like, for shame, and says they must have been acting their hearts out. Hayden walks in and asks where her Academy Award is.

Jason wants to leave, but Sam tells him she still feels their connection and wants to know if he does too.

Hi, Robin! Patrick calls Robin to fill her in on what happened. He tells her Jason is alive. She’s at the lab and she tells Patrick there’s a lot he doesn’t know. Oh please, what now?

Anna says Sonny’s shooter is still out there, and they should be concerned with that. Paul says he considers it saving resources. Anna asks if they’re only giving justice to people they think should have it and that if Sonny is a target, anyone around him might get hurt. Paul gets blunt and tells her to drop the case.

Emma says her dad said they would talk about things later. Spencer tells her that adults think kids don’t understand things, but his father couldn’t run his life without him. He might be right about that.

Hayden admits to having remembered everything, and says she just wanted to watch Elizabeth squirm. Ha-ha! Good job! Elizabeth is about to clock her one, but Laura holds her back. Elizabeth asks her what she wants, and Hayden says she and Nicholas have worked it out and she’s happy with how things are. She says everything is going to work itself out now that Jason knows who he is. She says that he turned to Sam for help, and inside he still loves her. Elizabeth tells her to shut up.

Jason says he’s sorry, but he just can’t remember. Sam tells him he’d said he’d never stop loving her. Jason says he didn’t feel anything when they were at the Lucky Buddha and if it was going to happen, it should have happened then.

Robin is about to tell Patrick something important, when a dude comes up behind her and takes the phone. Patrick thinks they just got cut off, but dude tells Robin no way is she going to tell him anything. Patrick tries calling her back, but dude won’t give her the phone back. She says her family will get suspicious and tells him if he’s not going to answer, to press some message button. While his back is turned, she hits him over the head with a flask.

Emma is pretty upset because she wants Sam and Danny to stay with them. Spencer says that since Jason doesn’t remember, everything might still work out.

Elizabeth goes blah-blah-blah Jason loves me, in that whiney voice of hers. Hayden says Jason seems to have a way with the ladies, but she thinks whoever gets Carly’s vote will probably be the winner. Elizabeth says it’s not a competition, but Hayden says she thinks it is and I agree. Actually, I think they should have a talent/swimsuit challenge or maybe bring in Jeff Probst to set something up.

Jason says he doesn’t think the memories are going to come back.  Sam reminds him of how Helena sent him to kill her and he couldn’t do it. Then I get a memory of, yeah, that’s right, he did remember something when that happened.

Anna leaves and Tracy enters. Tracy tells Paul that she thinks Anna hasn’t recovered from Duke’s death yet, and wonders why Paul hired her. She tells him Anna is more trouble than she’s worth.

Patrick asks Anna (Paul’s office must be in the hospital because she’s there already) if she has another number for Robin, but she doesn’t. Anna says Robin seems happy, but doesn’t call all that often. Patrick says when she calls, she seems to want to get off the phone quickly. Robin manages to call Patrick back and says she doesn’t have much time, but he needs to know the truth about Jason. I can’t imagine what wrench she’s going to throw in. That’s Robin in a nutshell now. She shows up once in a while and stirs things up.

Lots of cute banter between my favorite TV kids, Spencer and Emma. Spencer says that he knows Hayden and Nicholas are in love, but there’s something between them he’s not grasping.

Laura says that one day Jason will find out the truth about her part in everything, and he’ll hate her if she doesn’t tell him now. Good.

Jason says he gets broken segments of images. Sam shows him the wedding ring and admits they had problems, but they’d found their way back to one another. She said when he left, he was on a mission to help someone else, and she was devastated when he disappeared. Is she going to kiss him? Whoa! He remembers kissing her, and they mutually kiss. YES! I hate Elizabeth with a passion, and desperately want this to work out. Sorry, Patrick.

Tracy asks Paul if he wants to have lunch, but Paul says he can’t right this minute. Paul says he’s smart enough to know she doesn’t just want lunch. Tracy says that she wants to escape Monica’s exuberance over Jason’s return. She thinks eventually Jason is going to hook back up with Sonny and cause problems. Paul says, bring it on, because he’s a fan of cheerleading movies.

Robin almost gets out what she wants to say, but Dude #2 comes busting in with a picture of her and Emma. Using Emma’s picture as a threat seems to be a trend. She makes up some BS to tell Patrick and says she has to go.

Spencer says grownups are complicated, but mean well. Emma says her mother came back and didn’t stay. She says Sam made everything better, but now she’s going to leave too. Spencer brings up trying to give a ring from his father’s safe to Emma, and wonders why Nicholas got so mad since it was actually Sam’s ring. Is this kid going to end up outing his father?

Jason says he can remember a few moments, but everything around it is a blank. He says what they’re doing is wrong because they love other people now. Oh, come on! He says he’s no good to himself or anyone else until he finds out what happened to him. She asks him to let her help.

Hayden says if she was going to say anything, she’d have done it by now. She leaves them to “talk amongst themselves.”

Jason says he has to do it on his own. Sam asks where he’s going to start, and he says with Nicholas. He tells Sam he wants the best for her and wants her to be happy.

Patrick gripes that Robin blew him off. Anna says she wonders why Robin distances herself and thinks it has something to do with PTSD. Are these two brainless? Wouldn’t their first thought be that it has something to do with her working for the Cassadines? Helena isn’t even pretend dead.

Dude #2 says he’s going to punish Robin for her insubordination and shows her a laptop where a hidden camera is on Spencer and Emma. Spencer gets a phone call (that even sounds stupid, a child getting a phone call while in the park) and tells Emma that her grandmother will pick her up soon, but he has an appointment or something. He’s probably the CEO of LEGO. Dude #2 points out that Emma is all alone. Like, really? Can’t these people come up with a new threat?

Commercial break. If aliens looked in on us, they’d think none of us can go to the bathroom properly.

Anna is at Paul’s office again. She says she’ll back off trying to find Sonny’s shooter. She says he’s made his expectations clear and they both know where they stand with each other. Whatever that means.

Hayden sees Tracy on a bench, and pretends Tracy lost something. Apparently, this is a clandestine meeting. Tracy says something about them being in business together.

Nicholas tells Laura and Elizabeth that Hayden won’t say anything because she’s having too much fun. Laura says considering what Nicholas has become, maybe they’re a good match, and she leaves. Nicholas reassures Elizabeth that Jason won’t find out anything. Oops! Jason just showed up.

Sam is mooning over her moment with Jason, when Patrick comes home. He catches her looking at the wedding band and she says Jason came to see her.

Robin tells Dude #2 she gets it, but he says she has to have consequences. On the laptop screen, some lady tells Emma she lost her dog and asks Emma to help her look. Isn’t this like one of the oldest tricks in the book to steal a kid? Has no one ever cautioned this child?

And we’re out.

Z Nation

Roberta and Vasquez are giving mercy to a whole load of zombies. And then get romantic. This must be a dream. Yep, Roberta’s dream. I knew it when Vasquez turned into a zombie In the middle of a clinch.

OBM is headed toward the Grand Canyon. There’s a cloud in the distance that looks like a dust storm. Doc says he hopes it’s not what he thinks it is. Addy continues to try getting Citizen Z on the radio. Citizen Z has his own set of problems, as zombies have invaded the North Pole complex.

Addy finally gets through. Citizen Z asks how “the package” is and Murphy interjects that he hates being called that. It’s either Murphy or The Murphy, thanks to him. Citizen Z says his place is kind of a mess due to zombie issues. They ask him how going west looks and he tells them that it’s no good; they’re headed right for a z-storm, miles wide and long.

The truck breaks down, and Addy, Murphy, Vasquez and Roberta leave on two ATVs. They’re soon stopped by a guy who says it’s tribal land and they have to leave. Roberta addresses him in Native American and explains the situation.

Doc and 10K are scaling a mountain, as there wasn’t enough room for all of them on the ATVs. They see some movement in the trees at the top, but it’s not zombies. Suddenly, Doc is hit in the head by some makeshift nunchucks and as 10K is checking him, he gets hit with some kind of stick. A guy in a hoodie stands over them on a horse.

Murphy and company are invited into a casino by Danny Firecloud (“what kind of an Indian name is Danny?” asks Murphy). Danny and Murphy banter a little. Doc and 10K don’t have the same luck and have been captured by a group whose leader says they have “white man’s disease.” And not in a good way.

The leader, Red Hawk, tells them they’re trespassing on sacred ground. 10K tries to tell him about the zombie horde coming their way. Red Hawk claims that the zombies aren’t interested in his people, only the white man, all the time beating the crap out of them. Finally, a girl steps in who is obviously his sister, she tells him to knock off the tribal schtick, and takes them to the infirmary. The sister, Ayalla, tells 10K that her brother thinks they can just wait things out. Ooh, their dad is Danny.

One of the casino guys sets up a radio for Addy. He says they were big Citizen Z fans there. They hear morse code coming through, saying “CZ”, which I guess is all Citizen Z has to work with. The guy translates and gives Addy the coordinates.

The medicine woman tells Doc she’s a pain management specialist and takes Doc to smoke some peyote. Doc and the medicine woman (she says she’s a real medicine woman the same way he’s a real doctor) look at some hieroglyphics that Doc says are speaking to him. They talk about cosmic things.

Holy! What if Citizen Z runs out of bullets? Pup is fine, but I’m scared for both of them. Citizen Z makes a safe place for Pup and leaves to fight what’s left of the zombies.

Danny doesn’t want to leave, and Murphy says trying to reinforce the place is like plugging a hole in the Titanic with toilet paper.

As soon as 10K and Doc are patched up, Red Hawk says he’s letting them go. When start to leave, they end up in net traps, suspended above the road. He’s leaving them to be eaten by the zombies and says if they’re right it won’t matter anyway since they’re all dead. Doc is still super high and doesn’t mind, but 10K wants to get out before he passes out.

Oh Lord, here comes a zombie. With a cleaver in his back. Maybe 10K can grab it and kill this thing. Sorry. Give mercy to it. Doc hallucinates killing it while wearing war paint. Somehow, Doc really did kill the zombie. He tells 10K it was astral projection, but the peyote is wearing off.

Just as a female zombie is about to grab Doc, she gets an arrow through the head. It’s Ayalla on horseback. Doc asks if she’s a guardian angel and she says she just hates seeing innocent people mistreated. She needs a favor though. She says her father is just as stubborn as her brother, but maybe he’ll listen to them.

Citizen Z is having a hard time with the last (I hope) zombie. He calls Addy & needs instruction on some sophisticated weapon. Roberta talks him through it. The battery is cold though and it won’t fire. She says to put it someplace warm, and he shoves it in his pants, but the zombie is here. Citizen Z has to jet and almost loses the gun. I’m going to have a heart attack. OMG, he dropped it and he’s down. He’s up again. He’s fishing for the battery in his pants. He loads the gun. Please work.

It does. Blowing a hole right through the zombie and incinerating him. OBM applauds on their end.

Danny says he can feel the horde coming, but he still doesn’t want to leave. Citizen Z has his cameras up and tells them it’s there and to take cover.

OBM gets on the ATVs. Danny is still refusing to leave. He says his place is there and that his wife’s spirit is there. He sends his daughter in his place, leading the ones who want to go. I think Danny is making a bad decision here.

The caravan leaves.

Citizen Z is watching the screen and doesn’t think OBM is going to make it out.

Danny is goofing around with a pinball machine called Zombie Outbreak and hits the jackpot, the irony not lost on him. He hears them coming and grabs his gun. (haha! I mistyped it “guy”) OBM sees the casino collapse from a distance. I guess that’s how strong this horde is – they can knock a building down just coming through.

Ayalla tells her brother the casino is gone and their father wouldn’t leave. He was stubborn just like him. She says he can’t be stubborn anymore and he agrees. He tells OBM they are welcome there, and they should be safe because the one narrow passage is blocked and zombies can’t climb.

But they can crawl and here comes one and they have to get out of there. Too late. Roberta says they have to divert them. Doc looks at the hieroglyphics and asks if they think zombies are as dumb as buffalo. I don’t know what this means, but it sounds like a plan.

They beat some tribal drums and build a wall of fire. There is some really cool background music that’s going with the drums. I’m sure without it, this scene wouldn’t be nearly as good. The zombies are coming by the thousands. For whatever stupid reason, Murphy suddenly wants to save them because they can feel. Forget it Murphy. They’ll eat your friends.

The wall of fire makes the zombies turn. Oh man, this is awesome! Zombies falling everywhere off the cliff into the canyon. Geez (although that’s not really what I want to say). There is always one scene in every episode that makes my mouth hang open and this is it. OBM watches from higher ground, but Murphy is bummed.

Back at the ranch camp, the brother puts more hieroglyphics up so that everyone will know about OBM and their bravery in generations to come. Medicine Woman gives Doc a pendant and also some peyote for the road. Both sides of the tribe are now united, and it’s time for OBM to get moving.

Murphy is still bummed, and tells Roberta they didn’t have to kill the zombies. Roberta says it’s down to us or them. She tells Murphy that one day he’s going to have to decide what he is, human or zombie, and to remember which one tried to save him and which one tried to eat his brains.

Murphy ponders this as they travel down the highway.

Next week, Anthony Michael Hall guest stars, and it looks like they’ll be in a corporate environment. One of the things I like about this show is that they never stay in one place, so you see how various people and cultures are handling the apocalypse. It’s kind of like The Warriors.


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