November 17, 2015 –GH, Last Charter & Couch Quotes


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


General Hospital

It’s Nina’s first day of work. Kiki is skeptical she knows how to work.

Lulu interrupts Alexis and Julian’s dinner at the only restaurant in town, and tells Alexis she wants to file for legal separation from Dante. Alexis tells her to call the office because this probably isn’t the best venue to discuss a pending case and she would actually like to eat dinner.

Dante is some kind of stakeout with Valerie. This just would not happen.

Paul wants Ava to get info from Morgan. Ava says she won’t be Paul’s whore. So there!

Sonny tells Carly they can end the marriage as easily as it started. She says she’s calling his bluff, but then doesn’t really. She asks him what he’d do if she walked out and never looked back. Sonny acts like a tough guy idiot, telling her if she can’t pull her weight she needs to get out.

Since these poor people can’t have dinner in peace, Olivia drops by Alexis and Julian’s table, telling them all about baby Leo’s latest diaper change.

Franco tells Kiki she’s being unfair and maybe she should look for a job, since she seems to need a purpose. What happened to her job as town drunk?

Maxie is hard at work at Crimson already. Lulu comes by the office because nobody is allowed to do anything without interruption in Port Charles. Lulu makes a crack about Nina. Lulu says the magazine is in trouble, but she’s confident they can save it. Nina comes into the office and hears Lulu say she doesn’t think Nina will last 3 issues. Geez, how does anyone even know what she can do yet? Maybe she’s a freaking genius. She can pick out amazing clothes.

Nina introduces herself to Lulu and is more gracious than I would be. Maxie gives Nina a huge binder with all the info on Crimson. She explains that the magazine isn’t doing well. Maxie suggests bringing Crimson back to its roots and making it fabulous again. Glad she has a specific plan.

Seriously, would Jordan have allowed Dante and Valerie to even be near each other?

Carly says Sonny is trying to force her to leave before the going gets tough. Sonny says because he had a weak moment, he lost Avery, and you can’t show weakness to enemies. Carly reminds him that she’s not his enemy and says she took her vows seriously. She says if he didn’t, he needs to tell her.

Kiki is staring at the liquor bottles like they might come alive. And they do! No, not really. Morgan is at the door. He says he’s making sure she’s okay after the custody hearing.  She tells him Franco was right; she needs a job.

Franco has to take a psych exam to get back his job at the hospital. The shrink says he notices a preoccupation with death. Franco says that his past involves taking people’s lives, but he had a brain tumor. The shrink says they need to talk about what he did afterwards.

Julian stops by the magazine for a progress report.

Sonny apologizes to Carly. She says he has to stop taking out his frustration on her. She says she knows it’s difficult, but he needs to understand that he’s still the same indestructible guy he was before, and that throwing tantrums is…what? Stupidity, Sonny says. Carly says that’s right. Today’s lesson learned. Nathan drops by and says he has info about Carly’s accident.

Lulu is at the hotel bar, and Olivia tries to talk to her about Dante. Lulu says she has no idea what she wants.

Dante tells Valerie about him and Lulu checking into the legalities of the embryos remaining. Why is he telling her his personal stuff?

Nathan says they have a witness who gave them the make and model of the car, but then has to dash off. Enter Epiphany, who seems entirely out of context.

Paul says he heard Ava’s voice when Morgan was there, and wonders if she would have thrown herself at Morgan if he hadn’t been there. Ava smacks him one. He just smiles because he oozes cool.

Epiphany is Sonny’s physical therapist. Carly tells her that Sonny has been skipping exercises. Bad Sonny! Epiphany says that for someone who spent so much time in the hospital yelling about how he’s going to walk again, he’s certainly working against it.

Kiki and Morgan are discussing her work experience which is pretty much nothing. Nathan knocks and says he’s there to see Franco.

The shrink brings up Franco’s hand in Nina kidnapping the baby. He says he was only trying to get her to bring the baby back without damaging her psyche.

Julian says that Maxie and Nina should work on something that doesn’t cost money, like upping the magazine’s profile on social media. This actually isn’t a bad idea.

Olivia suggests counseling. Lulu says you only go to counseling when you want to work things out and she’s pretty angry. Olivia says she’s having both sides of the conversation by herself, and if she doesn’t want to see a counselor, she needs to talk to Dante. Lulu calls Dante, but he tells her he’s in the middle of a stakeout. She says he can take Roccco for as long as he likes tomorrow.

Ava tells Paul not to question her ambition, and that she’ll get the job done without Morgan. He says maybe that’s good since he doesn’t want her to be distracted. She almost smacks him again, but Carly is at the door and he hides. He must be getting tired of hiding. Carly tells Ava to get ready for the fight of her life and it isn’t over until Avery forgets who she is. Ave tells her buh-bye, but Carly sees the blanket Morgan brought over and wants to know what it’s doing there.

Ava says Morgan was there, but not by her invitation. Carly says she protects her children and Ava says she controls them. Carly threatens her with “resources” and leaves.

Kiki gets rid of Nathan and says she was nervous he was there for her. (Um…it was Franco’s car, you twit.) Carly calls and& says she wants to see Morgan now. Yep, controlling.

Why this is any of the shrink’s business, I don’t know, but he asks if Nina and Franco are lovers. When Franco says not yet, the shrink asks why. Franco says a lot of reasons, but he’s financially strapped and doesn’t want to live off of Nina’s money. The shrink asks if he’s willing to work hard. (No. What a stupid question.) Obrecht come in the shrink says Franco didn’t fail, but didn’t pass either, and he wants another session. Obrecht says too bad, the deal was one session and she welcomes Franco back to the staff. Franco tells the shrink that if you wants to entertain himself, he should read Obrecht’s file.

Lulu cancels the appointment with Alexis and runs off. Somehow I think this isn’t going to end well and she’s going to reissue that appointment. Alexis invites Olivia and Leo to Thanksgiving.

Epiphany bosses Sonny around and won’t even let him take a phone call. This should be good.

Ava gets ballistic in front of Paul. She says she’s going to take what she wants from Sonny and then from the rest of Port Charles. This really turns Paul on and they grapple. In a good way.

Nina is panicking about not being able to run the magazine. Maxie says she’s smart, stylish and makes good decisions. She says Nina has to embody the magazine, and walk the line between classic and in the moment.

Valerie falls asleep against Dante’s shoulder. Yep, before I could even say it, Lulu sees them from behind the car.

Kiki goes to Olivia to apply for a job.

Epiphany says she’ll be back every day. Sonny asks if she’s threatening him and asks, do you know who I am? She says yeah, my patient, and Sonny can barely keep a straight face. These two are going to be fun together.

Carly shows Morgan the blankie and tells him he’s going to see a shrink. That dude is going to be busy in this town.

Nathan arrests Franco.

Below Deck

It’s the finale. How long was this season? Like two weeks?

Emile wants to be a big shot and get in Eddie’s face about dumping Rocky. You know he thinks if he does this, he can get with her.  Not. Going. To. Happen.

Chef Ben cutting onions is like looking at a magic trick. Uh-oh, the trick didn’t work. He hurt himself. That was probably his billionth onion though. If I cut onions that way, I’d lose my whole hand on the first try. Crap. He really did a good job. Eddie says it’s down to the cartilage and I don’t even want to look at it. Ben says he has a big dinner to accomplish in 40 minutes, which is hard enough with two hands.

Rocky tries to approach Eddie, who isn’t having it. He says he thought she understood there wasn’t anything between them, but apparently not. It reminds me of when Julius Krug told Little Edie that the only thing they had between them was sex in HBO’s Grey Gardens. Ben says he’ll need Rocky to literally be his left hand. Hopefully he’s right handed.

Captain Lee calls Connie to the wheelhouse. She says, “If you hear the captain call your name, be scared; if you hear the captain call your name to a specific place, be more scared.” Connie had nothing to be scared about though. Captain Lee offers her a permanent position. She says this almost never happens with a first timer. I think he made a wise choice. It’s obvious that she’s the hardest worker he has – and she loves her job. I could totally see doing this if I was 30 years younger.

Emile is so immature; he should really be working at a fast food place.  Or maybe be in day care. I don’t mean working in day care. I mean being literally in day care. Rocky complains about being Ben’s bitch because he’s giving her instructions. Amy says she shouldn’t complain even though she has Eddie stuff going on, because the galley is where she’s always wanted to be. Let me remind everyone of the raw chicken she cooked. Maybe she wants to be there, but that’s different than knowing what you’re doing there. I don’t blame Ben for micromanaging. He also had a vision for the dinner.

Ben gives her a warning. She asks what happens after a warning. He says he doesn’t know, but it’s nothing that will make her life easier. Rocky says she realizes that Chef Ben is right. He says he started off peeling carrots and it took a couple of years to move forward. Captain Lee is having dinner with the guests as well.

Chef Ben says if there’s one devious trick he’s learned as a chef, it’s that the way to a woman’s heart is through her tummy. And he’s totally right. He gives Rocky a nice sampling of food and she calms down.

The guests light up some Chinese lanterns and set them free. Let me tell you about the one I found in my backyard still on fire once. Good thing it didn’t land in a tree. Please, people, do not do this at home. Kate and Amy light a lantern away from the guests, and Kate thanks her for being a good stewardess. I don’t care what anyone says, I like Kate.

Everyone seems to be in the galley cooking breakfast. Ha! Eddie says Emile is making a meal. That was good. Amy says Emile is like a ticking time bomb and she knows no good is going to come from this. The guests are served breakfast and it’s time to dock for the final time this season. I would say it went off without a hitch, but without a hitch, they can’t dock.

My favorite part, time for the tip, is early in the episode because they’re going to focus on the crew. The primary guest is ecstatically happy and says he doesn’t know how he’s going back to real life. This bunch was relatively low maintenance, but I’d be happy just being there.

When the captain pulls out the envelope, Ben says that’s a load of plane tickets. This is only funny if you know that if a crew member really messes up, they get their tip plus a plane ticket out. $13K equals $1300 and change each. Wow. They’ve made almost $150K in tips this season. I didn’t add it up, the captain just said that.  Kate has flowers in her hair and looks really pretty. Rocky suddenly gets an attack of mature, and apologizes for being an a-hole and thanks everyone, especially Kate, for their patience and guidance. Well, good for her. I still don’t like her, but good for her. The yacht owner has arranged for a beach party for the crew.

Eddie is video chatting with his girlfriend and says they’ll have things to discuss when he gets back (I’ll bet), but they both seem excited at the upcoming reunion. I don’t know what he’s going to discuss, but I guarantee she’ll get excited when she sees this season. And not in a good way.

Amy gives Eddie a heads up about Rocky having blabbed about them. Eddie stomps off to find her, and Ben asks wtf? Amy tells him what’s going on. Eddie asks Rocky (pretending to be asleep) what she thinks she’s doing talking about this stuff. He wants to know what he did for her to make him look like this. She says she doesn’t want to do this now and hides under the blankets. Oooh, he says nothing happened. Bad Eddie! Emile, whose nose is in there too, asks why she would make something like that up. Rocky tells them all to leave her alone.

Amy stays behind and Rocky tells her they hooked up multiple times. Emile asks why Rocky would lie, and Eddie says maybe to make Emile jealous. Emile says Eddie is a d-bag and I have to agree, even though I don’t want to. Connie tells Emile she doesn’t believe Rocky because Rocky is nuts. It’s one of those boy who cried wolf situations. Kate just shrugs it off and says that explains why laundry wasn’t getting done. Ha-ha! She says she doesn’t give a flying if they’re doing it right now, because tonight she has off work and it’s all about her.

In his individual interview, Eddie says of course he’s going to deny it at first. Of course? What?

They have a drink on the beach, which is beautifully decorated, and Rocky looks like she might kill someone. They sit down to a beach dinner and Eddie builds a bonfire. Kate says it’s the most beautiful beach party ever and they have a sad love triangle ruining it.

Rocky approaches Eddie and asks to talk. Eddie says she’s a bright girl, he screwed up, he’s sorry if he hurt her, but she shouldn’t have blabbed their business to everyone, that they could have worked it out between them. Eddie apologizes in his individual interview. They decide to finish the season as friends and hug.  When they get back to the others, Eddie raises his glass and says it’s true, they shagged, which made me literally lol.

The girls burn their white work shirts. The shirts have the name of the boat on them and it changes every season, so I guess they don’t need them anymore.

Rocky says it was wonderful with Eddie, and she and Eddie banter back and forth. They’re saying some really inappropriate things, and needless to say, Emile is not happy. The captain says that he’s disappointed in Eddie. Me too. Eddie asks how he can make it right. Captain Lee says you can’t go back and change it, but he needs to own it and what he does moving forward is what counts. Did Eddie just say, “Thanks, dad?”

Eddie tells Rocky he made a mistake and suddenly becomes a d-bag again. He makes it sound like it’s all Rocky’s fault. She teased him and forced him to have sex with her. I’m on her side with this one. He says he’s off to tell his girlfriend and she wishes him good luck.

Ben tells Kate she deserves a really good guy, but he’s not there yet. Kate says she knows. He says he always wants to be there “even as a friend” for her, and we all know what that means. Although who knows with those two.

Rocky and Emile make plans to meet up in California. Emile says he doesn’t really have a crush on Rocky. I believe it if he believes it. He claims he’s not arrogant, he’s truthful. I have no idea what that means.

It’s time to say good-by. Kate gives Rocky a cold adios and Rocky takes one more dive off the boat. Kate says at first, you always want to run free on land, but then you miss the camaraderie and life on the water.

Captain Lee says it was a real sh*tshow, but at the end of the day, they made a ton of money, so they must have been doing something right.

The People’s Couch – Quotes of the Week

This show is so inappropriate. Mrs. Zeno referring to Scream Queens

The whole thing about this show is, don’t think too hard. Blake referring to Scream Queens

You’re a has-been at 15 today. Teddi, referring to Project Runway Junior

The People’s Couch is the funniest hour on TV. And that includes the hour The Big Bang Theory is in. I’m not a sitcom person, but I love that show. I used to hang out with a group of engineers and physicists, and it’s really like that. Just not as much fun. Next week, it’s the season finale for People’s Couch. Come on. They’re taking away my favorites, even though The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills being right around the corner (December 1) alleviates some of the pain.

Important information: The Beverly Hills Uncensored special is on Sunday, November 22 at 9 pm. Be there or be out having actual fun.


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