November 23, 2015 — GH, a Yachtee Reunion & Quotes


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


General Hospital

Carrrlos makes tea and toast for Sabrrrina – to settle her stomach after the shock of seeing him.

Paul tells Ava that Kiki has been arrested.

Nathan asks Kiki if she’s hungry because they have donuts. Hahahahaha! Imagine that. Donuts in a police station.

Lulu brings Maxie back to the apartment to get some things. She says it’s officially over with Dante.

Sam comes home to Patrick. He asks how the trip was. How much time does he have? He asks if she found what she was looking for and she says she did. What? A dead Helena? Not that I believe it. Sam says the way Nicholas reacted, she “thinks” Helena is dead. Since he had virtually no reaction, I’m wondering what she’s talking about. She says when she was with Jason, it felt like she was with a buddy, not her husband.

Dante whines to Michael that he should have seen what was going on with Morgan. Then he whines about Lulu accusing him of something he didn’t do.

Lulu says she wants to tear the place apart for signs of Valerie cheating with Dante. Maxie tells her don’t go down that road, and then Lulu finds a renegade lipstick tube in the bathroom.

Ava asks Paul to do something to help Kiki. He acts like he never heard of such a thing before. He says if he starts cleaning up her messes, it will be a red flag that they’re working together. Okay…

Jordan tells Nathan he has a personal connection to the case, and she’ll be handling Kiki’s case from now on. Like this has ever been an issue before.

Carrrlos says circumstances allowed him to fake his own death, then asks Sabrrrina if it’s his baby she’s having.

Dr, Andre comes to visit Morgan at the hospital. (Maddox, his name is Andre Maddox.) Dr. Andre asks if anything has been stressing him out, and Morgan says pretty much his whole life. I can identify. Dr. Andre says he wouldn’t be a good doctor if he went by someone else’s diagnosis, so he wants to run some tests to see what’s up with Morgan.

Christina – the mystery kid who shows up once in a while – is there for Thanksgiving. Dr. Andre tells Sonny it’s too early for a diagnosis and he wants to observe Morgan for a while.

Sabrrrina tells Carlos it’s not his baby and she’s with Michael now. He’s not buying it and neither am I. What’s she going to do when that baby comes out with a moustache and beard?

Paul asks Jordon what’s up with arresting Kiki like he doesn’t know it all already. Jordan fills him in, but says they probably won’t be able to get the DUI to stick, since there were no tests taken. Ava arrives and tells Kiki not to say anything until she gets a lawyer and Kiki tells her to piss off.

Maxie tells Lulu that the lipstick was a Christmas gift from her, which apparently she wasn’t too crazy about. Lulu says she can never trust Dante again, and Dante walks in. He asks what they’re doing there. Is he a total idiot? Don’t answer that. I already know.

Morgan, Sonny and Carly have a conversation so boring, I tune out.

Lulu says she’s there to pick up some stuff. Dante sees the separation papers and Lulu says he was the one who said they’re done. Dante starts getting stupid, making up things that haven’t happened yet. Lulu tells Maxie to hit the road. She and Dante need to talk.

Sam says she had to go halfway around the world to find out her answers were inside her all the time. Then she clicks her ruby slippers and tells Patrick she realizes how much she loves him.

Carrrlos says since everyone thinks he’s dead, they’re free to leave the country. Sabrrrina says her life is there with her baby’s father. If she doesn’t want to go, I will totally volunteer for this mission. Idiot Michael knocks at the door and interrupts my fantasy.

Michael is banging at the door and Carrrlos isn’t budging. Sabrrina says if he knows what’s good for him, he’ll hide in her bedroom while she answers the door. He makes a smart remark about her bedroom, but gets off the couch. Sabrrrina asks Michael to bring the car around while “she looks for her scarf.”

Lulu says she doesn’t see any other way. Dante says they need to work it out. Lulu says she doesn’t want to even look at the bed he and Valerie slept in. Dante suggests they move and asks how he can regain her trust.

Maxie (and Nathan?) are going to spend the holiday in Portland, but Maxie is doing some last minute work in the interrogation room because it’s quieter than the office.

Carly says she wants to drop the charges against Kiki. Jordan says it’s Paul’s call. Paul says it’s Thanksgiving and he’s in a good mood, so okay! Jordan lets Kiki go. Ava tries to get her to go to her place, but Kiki totally ignores her and leaves with Carly to see Morgan.

Since it’s Thanksgiving in Port Charles, I’m guessing we’re getting a rerun on the actual day.

Boring Sonny talks to boring Morgan, who says he should have gone to the doctor when they first told him to. He says he’s scared. Can we get back to Carrrlos?

Sam acts all ridiculous over how much she loves Patrick.

Sabrrina tells Carrrlos he can’t stay. He says he’ll go, but what happens next? She doesn’t answer him.

Lulu says Dante can’t glue things back together and ignore the cracks. I guess what she means by that is they can’t pretend nothing happened and need to get to the root of the problem.

Ava thanks Paul. He says he did it for Carly. Ava asks him if he’s falling for her trailer park allure. He says that’s not it, that it’s to deflect the attention from himself. Paul tells her to keep her eye on the prize – bringing down Sonny.

More boring stuff with Sonny and Morgan. Carly brings in Kiki. Morgan apologizes and Kiki says she’s just glad he’s all right. Carly asks her to join them for Thanksgiving dinner in the cafeteria.  Bobbie shows up with some huge bags of food. They have everything set up by the time the commercial break is over.

Maxie says that she’s putting work aside until Monday and her attention is now totally on Nathan and Georgie. I guess he is going.

Carrrlos is not believing that Sabrrrina’s baby isn’t his, and says he’s not going anywhere. He says this to himself, since she left with Michael.

Sonny runs down all the problems everyone has and what they should be grateful for. Zzzzzzz….

Lulu leaves Dante alone in the apartment. How long before Valerie shows up?

Paul has to go to the Quartermaines’. Ava asks if he’d like to stay for dinner, but he says his son is expecting him.

I am going to pass out if Sonny doesn’t stop talking. Honestly, I can’t take it.

Tomorrow, I’m right about Valerie, and a Quartermaine Thanksgiving. Pizza for everyone!

Below Deck – Reunion Part 1

This time, the yachtees get out of the clubhouse and get a real reunion room.

We start off with TMI from Emile. Moving on immediately. They talk about their favorite charter guests this season, and I’m with Eddie that it was Steve with his foam party.

We get to see a little behind-the-scenes, and wow! it’s close quarters with the film crew there. It’s pretty amazing that we never even see them by accident. Andy asks who the blip Rocky is looking at during her individual interviews, because she  tends to look up at the sky. She says sparkling butterflies and I wouldn’t be surprised. Eddie says something innocuous, and Rocky asks if his girlfriend is there, like the nasty brat she is.

Amy gets it right in saying that Kate is no-nonsense, wants to get the job done, and on a charter there’s no time for fooling around. Rocky whines about how underappreciated she was, but Captain Lee says she’s not giving an accurate depiction of how she was treated. He says she didn’t set her personal sh*t aside. Even Andy says she was a big complainer. Kate says she had no experience when she said she did. Kate says she’d prefer not having her professional and personal character slandered when all she wants is to get her job done.

Andy says Connie flourished while Rocky floundered. Eddie says he and Kate’s styles are different, but I say it’s more like Connie has a work ethic. Rocky acts offended because although Amy sympathized with her, she was still friendly to Kate. Because she’s in middle school. Rocky says she felt bullied by Kate and Kate should get a medal for hurting people’s feelings.

Andy pulls out the tweets. Kate had a lot to say about Rocky, and Rocky says she’s straight-up evil. Why is it so many people don’t understand that it’s called work for a reason?

Andy talks about Eddie’s full plate: losing two deckhands while training a new one, and dealing with his girlfriend. And of course there’s the whole Rocky debacle. He admits to letting his personal business get in the way of his work business. Connie says Eddie was a fantastic teacher and never made her feel inferior. Maybe that’s because she actually paid attention.

Andy asks Emile if it’s hard to be “pretty.” He says that he often has to work against type. I guess we’re leaving his emotional IQ out of this conversation. Andy brings up Emile calling Connie a “whore” for absolutely no reason. He says he can’t and won’t even try to justify it. Connie is a good sport though, saying she has brothers and is used to having her buttons pushed. Emile talks about coming from South Africa and the conflict there. Captain Lee pats Emile on the back for picking himself back up even when he made errors.

Andy brings up the undercooked (dare we say “raw?”) chicken that Rocky cooked for the crew. Amy says the salad was great, and the parts that were cooked were healthy and good. Andy reads a tweet from someone who says no culinary school would suggest grenadine on oysters. Rocky says she just did it to add color. Amy says she has a hard time taking instruction. Rocky says when she cooked the guests’ dinner, they loved it. We flash back to that and, no.

Amy says that Rocky was difficult, and Rocky runs down a list of complaints, including how much of an a-hole Eddie was. Kate says nobody wants to hear it and she’s talked enough. Rocky says, “You’re not my chief stew right now, baby,” and I want to smack her. I hate when people say “baby” or “honey” or whatever in a derogatory way. It’s worse when it’s a man, but I don’t like when a woman does it either.

Kate says she got tips she didn’t earn. Even though Rocky says she hated being a stew, it turns out she’s working for Captain Alex from season one (he was Captain Lee’s second in command). We’ll see how that goes. He didn’t seem like an idiot.

We move on to how Emile eats like a Neanderthal. Andy says he’s a lesson on how not to get a date – drink excessively, say mildly creepy things, creep out your date so much she has to dive overboard. Ha-ha! Rocky says she was never serious about him. Andy asks if Rocky led him on, and Emile says yes. Of course it’s yes. We all saw it. Rocky apologizes and says she’s glad they can still be friends, adding insult to injury. They talk about the kiss off letter Rocky publicly left for Emile because she couldn’t end things like an adult, and she acts like it was the only option. Captain Lee interjects that she led Emile on and needs to own it. He says, “When you get caught with your tit in the wringer, guess what? You put it there,” and I fall off my chair. I love the captain’s witticisms and this one is a classic.

Don the Engineer comes out. He says usually how it works is that you’re an engineer first and deckhand second. Connie says no matter how specific the instructions, he wanted to do it his way, and that’s not how it works on charter. Even Emile sounds more mature than Don. Andy asks why he would jeopardize his job by following Rocky into the water, and he has no sensible answer. They move on to his leaving mid-charter.

Andy says Don’s replacement, Dane, was invited, but has cut off all communication. I guess his 15 minutes wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Andy asks when Captain Lee realized Dane was a problem. The captain recalls him driving the jet ski into side of boat, drinking half a bottle of Jack on his break, and says there was an endless list. Andy asks how close Eddie and Dane were to coming to blows. Eddie says that the night of the beach party, it was late and the owners were leaving. They were gracious enough to tell them to continue to drink, but write it down on the bill. Dane took it as free reign to go crazy.

To his credit, Don apologizes to the captain and the entire crew for leaving them in the lurch. Exit Don.

Emile looks like he’s going to fall asleep. A stagehand brings him something in a can. Probably either Red Bull or or one of those cheap vodka drinks.

They talk about the battle between Kate and Chef Leon. We get some flashbacks of his idiocy. Kate says she’s never had such a toxic relationship with a co-worker. Andy says she can be a snob about being a yachtee. I don’t think she started out that way with him though and it is a certain way of working. Chef Leon also declined to come to the reunion. Rocky is still in contact with him, and says that when he left, he was done. She starts tearing up for some stupid reason and acts like he was treated unfairly because he was criticized behind his back. Amy says Rocky did her share and we see that. They forget all this stuff is on film, and think we have short term memory loss. Kate says his cooking was repetitive and he was a one-trick pony wit hthe beef cheeks, but the real problem is that he couldn’t go with the flow and he lacked skill. Emile says he talks to him too. He’s working on a yacht and it was just the wrong boat for him. This could be true. I had a musical comedy class like that. I took it nearly three times before I realized it just wasn’t a good fit. Eddie says he didn’t seem to care and could have been more passionate and respectful. He did not come off well in some of his individual interviews either. In one, he said he liked to make the girls working for him in the kitchen cry. Rocky acts like he never sad that and it was completely due to editing. Captain Lee says no one told him what to say. He points out a few other nasty things Leon did and said, and calls Rocky out. Go, Captain Lee!

They discuss the fire. Rocky again says it was the fault of the empty pans being in the oven. Once again, Captain Lee interjects, saying it was the skuzzy oven, and that Rocky had even mentioned how filthy it was the day before. He says it was also Leon’s responsibility not to be napping when the guests wanted food. Rocky says she saw a mug nearby with wine in it. I know where she’s going with this and she is such a freaking snot rag.

Rocky says she told Eddie that Kate had been drinking from the mug and Eddie poured it out saying, we take care of our own. Andy asks Kate if she was drinking. Kate says she’d been making popcorn for the guests, and when she went back downstairs, the place was on fire. She also says it

Next : Eddie did it again with Rocky after the show???! What is wrong with him?

Quotes of the Week from The People’s Couch

Because I can’t pick just one.

I’m getting dumber just witnessing it. Brandy, referring to Eddie and Rocky from Below Deck, talking about who initiated their hook up.

I wanna be with them when the damn zombie apocalypse jump off. That’s who you want to be with. Mr. Zeno referring the The Alaskan Bush People.

I’m not going to limit my life to this little rectangle. Teddi, referring to her tablet.

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