November 25, 2015 –Loving & Thanksgiving Pizza


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


If Loving You Is Wrong

Stalker Randal won’t leave Alex’s hospital room. He goes on and on with declarations of love, and is totally freaking her out. He makes these pleading faces that I can’t stand. Alex rings for the nurse. Randal is borderline hysterical. How he even got in here is beyond me.

The nurse tells Randal he has to leave. Randal says he’s not leaving without holding his son. The nurse threatens to get security. Brad walks in and tells Alex to let him hold the baby. This is all so sickening, I’m feeling the pit of Alex’s stomach.

The nurse threatens Randal with security again, and Brad insists Alex let Randal hold his son. The nurse asks Alex if she should get help, but Alex says no. Randal tells Brad he should leave, and they start going back and forth about Brad having sex with Marcie. Brad says Randal sounds crazy, and Randal says Brad has no idea how crazy he is. I think I have a pretty good idea. I’ve thought he was weird from the first episode. Brad wants to take it outside, but Randal says he wants to spend quality time with his son. We should have a drinking game where we take a shot whenever they say “son.” We’ll be three sheets to the wind in no time.

Brad accesses the video of him and Marcie on his cell phone. We don’t see it, but there are a lot of noises. Brad is like, I’m going to do it again when I’m not so drunk. Randal tries punching him and misses. Brad locks the door and proceeds to kick the bejesus out of Randal. I don’t think you’re allowed to do this in the hospital. Well, maybe General Hospital.

Eddie introduces himself to Claudia. Eddie is seriously getting on my nerves. He asks her if she saw the video of the shooting. She says something about the poor cop who got shot and Eddie says he thought the dude shot himself. She says she’s unclear about what she saw. She needs some creamer and Eddie gives her some from his desk. She introduces herself to Lushion. This business with the creamer seemed unnecessary. Maybe I’ll think differently later.

Faun brings Joey to her house when her father is out of town. I don’t think these two have any idea of how much trouble they’re probably going to get in eventually. Joey is impressed with all the cool stuff, but her room looks like it was furnished from PBTeen. Faun brings out a joint.

Faun wants Joey to do a striptease and takes the bank bag out of her purse. She starts throwing the money around, and thinks this is a real hoot. I’m guessing her father thought she was more responsible than this. They start making out on top of the money, which looks like Monopoly money, but maybe it’s the lighting.

Ramsey asks Kelly, who is sitting in her car, how she’s doing and she says fine. He says she’s been sitting there a while, but she’s like everything is cool, go away. He insists on knowing what’s wrong, and she says she had a bad blowup with a friend and is trying to get herself together before her son comes home. Ramsey asks if she’d like to come in. She suggests they go to her house.

Ramsey says he can’t wait to sell the house and get out. It’s depressing living at his mother’s house now that she’s gone. He starts singing some song his mother sang, and Kelly knows it and sings. He says she has a beautiful voice, and she says he doesn’t. Ha-ha! She gets them some wine and he says he hasn’t been able to track Marcie down. Kelly says Marcie has a lot going on right now, which is an understatement, but to not give up.

He says he doesn’t want to be the guy who cries every time he thinks about his mother and wants to leave. Kelly says it’s cool and don’t go. He says he’s a military man and is used to being the strong one. Kelly says she’s pretty stressed and Ramsey asks if it has to do with Alex. Kelly is like, how the blip did you know about that? And he says his mother had heard them in the shed. Ramsey says Kelly has no idea how much he misses his mom.

He tells Kelly she’s beautiful and now he’s got to go. He says a friend once told him in moments like this, you should only be around people you trust. She’s like, what? and he says he doesn’t trust himself. They have some pre-romantic banter and Ramsey leaves.

They start to kiss on the porch and that idiot Travis shows up. He’s all what is this? like he owns Kelly. He follows Kelly into the house and asks if she’s seeing someone behind his back. What is wrong with this guy? He’s the one who just wanted to be friends and was engaged to someone else. I’m totally not getting this. She tells him to get out, which seems to be a regular thing now.

Esperanza interrupts Eddie trying to chat up Claudia. She says Eddie is the father of her son and tells Claudia to get back to work. Eddie thinks she’s jealous, but I think she’s just running interference because of what Natalie told her.

Faun asks Joey if they’re dating. Since they’re naked in bed among bills of various denominations, is that what they call this kind of thing now? Too late for an answer. Faun’s father walks in with a shotgun. He tells Joey to get dressed and wait in his car. I’m guessing it’s not to give his blessing to this union.

Marcie is ready for work and Louise says she’d like to stay a little longer. She says she wants to make sure Marcie and Randal are okay. Marcie says she’ll be staying a long time then. Louise apologizes for Randal’s actions and says he knows better. She says she’s talked to him and thinks he feels sorry.

Randal walks in. Louise asks what happened and he says he kicked Brad’s ass. Marcie says it looks like Brad kicked Randal’s ass. Louise tells them to knock it off. Randal sits down and lights up a cigar, and sings some song as he goes upstairs. Louise and Marcie are as puzzled as I am.

Lushion asks Ben why he does everything Eddie tells him to. Eddie tells him to mind his own business. Lushion finds Pete in the locker room. Pete isn’t thrilled with patrolling a good neighborhood on a bicycle. He says he’s working on something that’s going to shake up the whole department. Lushion tells him whatever he’s doing, he should drop it. Lushion says he has no idea what’s going on there and you can’t trust anybody. Pete thinks he’s special and Lushion tells him his ego is going to get him in trouble. Yep.

Mr. Kym takes Joey home and tells Natalie what he found. He tells her to keep an eye on her child and fires them both. He tells them not to come back to the burger place.

Natalie is like thanks a lot to Joey and what is she supposed to do for money now? She says he can’t listen and that she told him to leave Faun alone. Natalie throws his stuff at him and tells him to get out. It’s not a good day in whatever the name of this town is.

Ben asks Pete why he doesn’t want to talk to him anymore. Pete says he has stuff with his girlfriend going on. He really says that. Ben continues to be pushy and wants to hang out. Ben says riding together all day was enough and Ben finally leaves.

Pete the rookie jerk goes in to see the captain. He’s going to spill the beans about the video, I just know it. He says he has some information about Eddie. The captain says he has a meeting, but to talk to his immediate boss and leaves. Pete says he’ll wait for the captain. His boss isn’t happy about him jumping the chain of command.

Ramsey goes to see Marcie. Ramsey says she looks great for having just had a baby. She’s like what the what? She goes outside and there’s a giant stork that says It’s a Boy for Randal & Alex!

Next week, Alex comes home and Brad acts like a normal person.

General Hospital

As always, I’m wondering how pizza will end up being the Quartermaines’ Thanksgiving dinner.

Paul is going to prepare the dinner, with Dillon as sous chef. That might explain how it’s going to happen.  I just can’t imagine Paul cooks that often.

Ava goes out to eat with Avery. I’m sure it’s at The Floating Rib. The waitress asks if she can take the order without Ava looking at a menu. Although everyone eats there so often, maybe they have it memorized.

Julian, Olivia and Leo join Molly and Christina (who?) at Alexis’s house.

Michael and Sabrrrina arrive at the Quartermaines. Jason was invited, but has yet to arrive.

Sam and Patrick are getting the table ready. Anna is there and Dr. Andre shows up. Patrick invited him. Dr. Andre is from Chicago (chicken in the car and the car won’t go – sorry, but that always pops into my head when I hear Chicago) and can’t get home for Thanksgiving. I’m wondering if he and Anna are going to end up together. He’s pretty fine looking.

Lulu and Rocco (I still laugh over a baby being named “Rocco”) get together with Laura at the restaurant.

Dante is watching football at home, which is probably what everyone else wishes they were doing. He’s about to sign the separation papers (I almost typed “commitment papers” – ha-ha!) and what a surprise, Valerie is at the door. Does that woman have no shame?

I’m hoping they’re not going to make me cry. Monica mentioned Ed, Lila and Alan, and I already feel on the edge. I miss them terribly. And while we’re on the subject, I miss the reading of the Christmas story. Once Alan died, they changed everything. Bah, humbug.

Ava shows up at Alexis’s and gets the door slammed in her face by Olivia. Nice, since she has the baby with her.

Paul goes to tend to the turkey. Dillon asks Tracy how she’d feel if Paul was seeing someone else. She says they’re just friends and he says he wishes he could feel the same about Lulu.

Valerie brings Dante a plate from the PCPD. Oh Lord, she notices the football game and is apparently a fan. Of course Dante asks her to stay.

Jason arrives at the Quartermaine mansion.

Commercial break. It’s that one for Clorox where the woman in the designer dress pours the bleach. I want to know if that’s an Oscar de la Renta dress, because it sure looks like one.

Julian lets Ava in. Olivia has a lot to say, but she’s overridden. Christina (who?) starts off by introducing herself and insulting Ava. So far, I’m not impressed with her.

Emma tells the story of A Christmas Carol, and how ghosts made Scrooge into a better person. Anna mulls this over, except Carrrlos ain’t no ghost.

Monica is the only one without an agenda in regard to Jason. She says she realizes his joining them doesn’t mean that he’s accepted them as his family, but she’s glad he’s there. Michael tells him about the baby, like no one has noticed Sabrrrina is pregnant. Jason talks about his visit to Helena (who is suddenly being called He-lain-a) and Elizabeth (who invited her?) says she’s dead and not coming back (I still don’t believe it). Young Jake drops a glass when he hears this. Did anyone ever bother deprogramming that kid?

Commercial break. A news blurb says that Frank Gifford’s brain is being donated to science research and I refrain from the many sarcastic comments in my head.

After dinner, Dr. Andre says he’s feeling like a turkey himself, and tells Anna he had no idea he was going to be having dinner with a patient.

Julian makes nice with Molly, who’s feeling generous because of the baby. Ava brings in some baked goods.

Valerie and Dante continue to watch the game. These are two of the stupidest people ever, since if history is any indication, Lulu will be coming by.

Lulu tells Laura she dropped off the separation papers, but hoped Dante would tear them up. She says she doesn’t feel like she can trust him, but she still loves him. Uh-huh. She’s going over there after dinner and you know it.

Elizabeth, who should have her children taken away from her by CPS, asks Jake if he’s okay. She asks if there’s anything he wants to talk about, and Michael interrupts, asking if Jake wants to go to the kitchen for cookies. I see what kind of father he’s going to be. The ignore it and it will go away kind.

Jason answers the door at the Quartermaines’ (because he lives there and they have no butler) and it’s Sam. From the look on his face, I don’t care what he’s saying, he still loves her. I actually like this actor a whole lot more than I ever did the original Jason (which I’m sure is an unpopular opinion).

Sam has brought Patrick and Danny with her. She says she didn’t know Jason would be there. (No inkling? Really? He’s Monica’s son, for Pete’s sake.) Sam goes with Danny to give Monica some flowers. Jason says to Patrick, “I take it you’re not a member of the Jason Morgan fan club?” And Patrick says, “Far from it.” We’re off to a great start. Although it’s probably not much different from many family gatherings at Thanksgiving.

Carrrlos texts Sabrrrina and I faint dead away because he is so smooth. Dr. Andre and Anna are having coffee. Anna says, “You know I killed someone and I know you’re single and from the Midwest.” Ha-ha! Dr. Andre says they’ll have to rely on each other’s discretion.  He asks if she’s free from the ghost of Carrrlos now. Anna just happens to have the pendant with her in a plastic bag and gives it to him, saying that ghosts don’t drop keepsakes. Oh, okay, so she’s not so jazzed she didn’t come to that conclusion. Hide, Carrrlos! Hide!

Laura asks Lulu what she’d do in an ideal world. She says she would fix it. Laura says maybe she can’t trust Dante, but she can trust in their love for one another. And she ought to know, since she’s certainly put in her time with Luke.

Valerie asks Dante if the papers came about because of her email thanking him. He says he can’t continue to be questioned about his every move. I’d agree with this if more time had passed, but it was five minutes ago and he continues to work with Valerie.

Lulu says she’s hurt and angry, but she doesn’t want to lose everything she loves. Laura says she should go and tell Dante how she really feels. Lulu says she’s going right now. Can I call them or what? Back at the apartment, Valerie’s team has a last minute win. They hug. And then they kiss. 3…2…1…

Ha-ha! Alexis says she cooked everything herself and Ava produces a receipt. Alexis says she didn’t lie; it was home cooked, just not by her.

Patrick says it’s unlikely Jason will regain his memory after all this time, which I know is true and he’s not saying it maliciously. Jason says he just hates disappointing the people who love him. Patrick says, “Like Sam?” because he can’t act like a grown-up at this moment, and Jason replies, “Like Sam,” because he is a grown-up.

Elizabeth has corralled Sam. She says they should find a way to get along for the boys’ sake. Sam’s like, sure, since you got what you wanted. Elizabeth takes that as a no and takes her marbles and goes to the other side of the room

Suddenly, the lights go out. So I guess it won’t be Paul’s fault.

HA! HA! HA! The rest of the neighborhood has power. It is Paul’s fault. They blew a fuse with the deep fryer. The side dishes hadn’t been heated up either. The oven is electric and the deep fryer is fried, so a generator is out. And the electrician is at his own Thanksgiving meal. Pizza is officially suggested. By Jason. A hush falls over the room.

Anna says either someone is messing with her or Carrrlos is alive. She says if he is, it gives her leverage with her blackmailer. Dr. Andre says she needs to be careful, but since they’ve already blurred the lines, to call him any time. And it doesn’t have to be for a session. Hmm…

Paul gets a text that a shipment is coming in and he calls Ava to be ready. I expect to never know what’s in that shipment, since I still don’t know what Sonny imports after all these years.

The pizza arrives. Monica asks Jason if he remembers the yearly pizza incidents, but he says no, he just thought it would be fast and easy. Monica is like okay…. Michael gives a toast that’s as boring as he is, and gives thanks for Jason’s return. He quotes Jason as having said, “The secret to living well is not to stay down.” Whether he remembers or not, Michael says, Jason is surrounded by people who love him and welcome home.

They sing We Gather Together and I tear up, getting serious nostalgia feels. Thanks for keeping the Thanksgiving traditions alive, GH!

Laura suggests Lulu wait. Dante pushes Valerie away, but she dives right back in. Witch! They start getting naked. Double witch! I hate them both.

Everyone in Port Charles says what they’re grateful for. Mostly jobs in a world where most soap operas are but a distant memory and they’re still going after 50 years.

Next week – tomorrow is a rerun and it’s college football on Friday (pfft!)  — things come to a head between Dante and Lulu.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! See you after Z-Nation on Friday.


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