November 30, 2015 –Keeping Secrets in PC; Not So Much in LA


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


General Hospital

Jason wants to see Diane to get his financial stuff together. Elizabeth suggests he seek a divorce from Sam while he’s at it. No surprise there.

Morgan is getting reevaluated at the hospital. Sonny is fretting about Dante and Lulu. Carly tells him to give Dante some space. They talk about mystery child Christina, who is apparently getting over a broken heart.

Ugh! Valerie wakes up next to Dante and I want to throw up. These two disgust me to no end.

Laura (who is looking really good) calls Lulu to tell her good luck with Dante. Laura has no idea how much Lulu is going to need, especially when she walks in and Valerie is in her shower. Nicholas is back with the news that Helena is dead, but I don’t believe it. She’ll be back. They always are. Laura says she’s sorry for Nicholas’s loss. He’s like, really? After everything Helena put her through? She says Helena was still his grandmother. He says it’s hard for him to grasp that she won’t be around to wreak havoc anymore, but in a way it’s a relief. Laura says at least he and Elizabeth are in the clear. Hardly.

Hayden goes to the bar at the only favorite restaurant of Port Charles. She meets a guy named Curtis, who Sean sent to help her expose who really shot her.

Patrick has to go to work (at least somebody does) and Sam wants to plan a romantic evening. I get the feeling her heart isn’t entirely in it though.

Ava asks about Morgan and Carly tells her to just hand over Avery for visitation time. She says she agreed to supervised visits and behold! the supervisor.

Sam calls Jason and asks if he can arrange a play date for Jake and Danny. Elizabeth of course volunteers to drop Jake off. Jason tells her to stay at work, he’ll handle it. I wonder if anyone ever puts in a full day at the hospital and how anything even gets done in Port Charles. You’d think these people all work for the government.

Dante answers the door to find Lulu. She starts to talk about fixing things, but here comes that witch Valerie, wrapped in a sheet. Seriously, does anyone ever really walk around wrapped in a sheet like they do on TV or in the movies? I’ve never once done that. Valerie says she’ll get dressed in the bathroom. Lulu asks Dante if he’s going to say it’s not what it looks like, but he says it’s exactly what it looks like.

Carly tries to argue with Yvonne, the child visitation supervisor, saying that Avery is Sonny’s daughter. Why is she bothering with that, since she knows they have to go according to the court order?

Laura says that with Helena gone, the truth about Jason is gone. She tells Nicholas the only one he has to worry about now is Hayden.

Hayden tells Curtis she knows who shot her, but she needs evidence.

Elizabeth tells Patrick that Jason is going to talk to Diane about a divorce, even though that’s not exact;u what he said he was doing. Although why should Elizabeth tell the truth about anything at this point?

Jason drops off Danny at Sam’s. They say blah-blah-blah about how they want the best for each other. He tells her he’s going to see Diane and Sam says it’s time for them to get a divorce and he won’t have any problem with her about it.

Patrick says he’s not surprised about Jason getting a divorce. Jason told him Sam is just a friend and he belongs with Elizabeth, who gloats like the cat who ate the canary.

Jake spills something and asks Sam not to be angry. She tells him that she once spilled a whole carton of milk and blamed it on the cat, and that this is the first time she’s ever told anyone. Since she shared this secret with him, she asks if he would like to return the favor.

Nicholas says he can trust Hayden. Laura says she doesn’t want to see him get hurt like what happened with Britt.

Curtis says if Hayden knows who shot her, why not just call the cops? She says she doesn’t want to involve them. Curtis is hesitant, as he doesn’t want to end up in prison with Sean.

Some guy is in the gallery when Ava walks in and she says she’s going to get the police if he doesn’t leave. Paul pops in and introduces her to “Raj.” He also tells her that he’s brought a new piece of artwork, which we know isn’t really artwork, but will probably never find out what it really is.

Carly asks Yvonne if she can give Sonny some space and just hang around outside. Surprisingly, she agrees, which I seriously doubt would happen in real life. Oh sure, I’ll just go get coffee when I’m supposed to be supervising the visit.

Lulu is like, I can’t believe it. Dante says she gave him separation papers, ignorant of the fact that the body isn’t even cold yet. She says he couldn’t even wait one day? and that she had come to tell him she’d made a mistake. She should really get rid of him. He’s just way too impulsive and has proved this over and over. Since that’s still her house, she should also drag Valerie’s ass out, dressed or not. And burn that sheet she was wearing. Maybe with her in it.

Jason is back at the hospital and tells Carly he wasted the trip to Greece. She says maybe he has to look inside himself for the answer. (More Wizard of Oz wisdom.) He says he has what he needs with Elizabeth and the kids. Carly says, what about Sam? and Jason acts like he’s never met her. Patrick tells Elizabeth he’s not so sure Sam doesn’t still love Jason.

Sam tells Jake to think of a secret and she’ll try to guess what it is. When she asks if it’s about his mommy, he practically spills every bean, except the actual secret.

Laura tells Nicholas that Spencer got attached to Britt and now he’s getting attached to Hayden. Nicholas says he knows what he’s doing and Laura says she hopes so.

Hayden tells Curtis that she thinks there’s a bullet in the wall at the garage. He says it might not provide the information she wants, but she says just get it and she’ll do the rest.

Ava asks my eternal question – what the blip is our business? Paul says they’re in international shipping and what difference does it make? Well, for one it makes a difference to customs.

Sonny teaches Avery Beautiful Dreamer. Ok, this is pretty cute and he actually knows words to the second verse.

Dante says Lulu said they were over and he believed her. Oh, I see. This he believes, even though he’s constantly double-checked everything she has to say up until now. Valerie, instead of keeping her stupid nose to herself, has to put in her two cents as she walks by, that it’s Lulu’s fault because she gave Dante the separation papers. Lulu is like, well, you were right there to jump in, and Valerie acts all high and mighty like the blippity-blip she is.

Lulu goes off like a rocket. Valerie says she wanted to play the victim and make Dante grovel. What’s wrong with that? I ask before screaming, “Smack her!” at the TV. Valerie says she was sorry for sleeping with Dante, but she didn’t destroy Lulu’s marriage, Lulu did. She leaves before I’m able to find something to throw at the TV.

Laura goes out for a glass of champagne and does a whole thinking out loud monologue that they rarely use on the soaps anymore. I love it! She makes a silent toast to Helena’s death, vowing to fix things with Nicholas that Helena messed up.

Jason tells Carly he wants to move on with Elizabeth and if it doesn’t fit her expectations, too bad. Carly says Elizabeth has tried to put him into a cookie cutter life and that he’s running from who he really is. She says Jason isn’t a stranger, Jason is him. Jason says get used to the new him.

Sam digs deeper to find out what Danny knows. When he seems uncomfortable, Sam tells him his secret with mommy is his secret with mommy and he doesn’t have to tell her. Sam makes a phone call to someone saying she needs to talk to them right away.

Sonny wants more time with Avery. Yvonne tells him she has to go by the rules and doesn’t want t o tattle to the judge, but Paul intervenes and says it’s cool if Sonny wants more time. What up wit dat?

Lulu asks Dante if Valerie is speaking for him and if he agrees with her. He says he speaks for himself and shows her the signed separation papers. Even though I detest him, I was hoping he’d rip them up for her sake. But nooooo.

Sonny thanks Paul for the extra time. Paul says he had the same experience with Tracy a million years ago. Paul says they also share a love for Port Charles and he wants to put an end to the kind of criminal activity that put Sonny in the wheelchair. Sonny says a lot of DAs have come and gone, and Paul says he isn’t like the rest.

Ava is trying to get into the crate that’s been delivered. She gets it open and there are weapons inside. I’m pretty shocked that this has been revealed, and wonder if the weapons are a front for something else.

Hayden tells Nicholas it’s been too quiet without him. He says he’s glad Spencer didn’t create chaos. She says that’s not the kind of excitement she’s looking for and they kiss.

Carly grabs Elizabeth and says she wants her to let Jason go. Jake leaves a message for Diane.

Patrick tells Jason thanks for divorcing Sam & it’s about time.

Sam opens the door to Laura.

Tomorrow – Franco! And more of Carly getting on Elizabeth’s case.

Vanderpump Rules

I gotta say, Lisa is an incredibly gorgeous woman. Lisa asks Scheana how it’s going with Shay. She says they’re going to hit the gym five times a week and eat healthy. Lisa says addiction isn’t cured by scrambling some egg whites. Amen.

Jax is pretending to stock the bar and probably slipping several bottles of wine into his car as he does it. He’s one of those people who can’t comprehend that cheating, lying and thievery is wrong. He says he has milk with a longer shelf life than Scheana and Shay’s marriage and generally throws them shade. Lisa chides him and tells him to keep his new nose out of it. It’s amazing how her beauty and her accent allow her to totally insult people and they don’t mind.

Lala is hung over and apparently made out with James at whatever party/bar/get together they were last at. James told her he and Kristen had broken up. He says in his individual interview that they have, they just haven’t broken up yet.

Kristen shows up at SUR and asks Lala (who she doesn’t know) to tell James that she’s waiting for him. Lala says it’s like a horror movie. Just wait. James is like, you’ve got to be kidding, and steps out to see Kristen. She’s a psychopath, but she knows how to pick an outfit. Her dress is amazing. Kristen is just back from a modeling shoot and there are two different stories according to the both of him. In James’s version, she went on a bender, probably had sex with some guy and never called the whole time; and in Kristen’s, she went out with friends and her phone died.

James tells her she will never see his gorgeousness again. He says that the only time that will happen is if she stalks him like she did Tom. In the meantime, Lala is telling Jax and Tom that she’s freaking because she made out with James and crazy Kristen is outside. Jax tells her that on a one to ten scale of crazy, Kristen is probably around 457. I’m making that up. He actually did a crazy scale with hand gestures, but I know he’d agree with my numbers.

Kristen brings up stuff that she’s done for James. He tells her that she’s crazy and a joke. She says she’s sorry her past has affected him, that she’s worked hard on herself and that it’s obvious he’s just trying to hurt her. She tells him he’s gorgeous (debatable) and talented (also debatable) and he’s throwing it away (still debatable because he’s only like 12). James says the only thing screwing up his life is her and tells her it’s over. He can’t help tossing back more insults as he walks away, saying he has a date tomorrow and it’s going to be a better time than he ever had with her. I can’t stand Kristen, and maybe James has a reason to be saying all this, but I’m liking him even less than her in this moment.

Scheana and Shay are having morning coffee. She has on these phenomenal blue framed glasses on that I’m sure weren’t cheap. She says they shouldn’t be as out of shape as they are at their age, and Tom is going to give them cooking and nutrition lessons.

Tom and Ariana arrive. Tom is going to cook them some omelets. As it turns out, he’s quite the omelet whiz and was once a professional omelet maker who cooked rich peoples’ breakfasts. The breakfast looks awesome, but there’s no way I’d do all that first thing in the morning. With the exception of Kristen, I think these kids are all good hearted, but misguided if they think babysitting Shay is going to keep him sober.

Peter is getting a haircut! I’ll bet this will make him look 10 years younger. When men wear long hair after a certain age, it just ages them. Maybe because it seems like they’re trying to hard to look younger. Jax tries to tell on James dating Lala (I guess she’s his tomorrow date?) and misuses the word “fraternization,” but Lisa isn’t having it. She says he’s just jealous. He says he doesn’t want to date Lala; he just wants to sleep with her. At least he’s honest. Although sleep is not what he means.

Rachel is the friend Kristen inflicts with her problems. Or in her words, when she’s having difficulties with her life, Rachel is the person she has a drink with. Or five. Her “girl power” friend. You go, Psycho Spice. Up until now, James has been telling Kristen that Lala is a whore, but she’s put two and two together that Lala must be his date. She barely slept and threw up all day. Have another drink.

Peter goes to the salon and brings his posse with him (Jax and Tom). The hairdresser is rocking some sort of natural style with a shocking pink blaze in the front. Peter’s ponytail gets cut and his head must feel lighter. He asks what was up with James the other night.

For whatever bizarre reason, Jax says the SUR bunch have invited both Kristen and Lala out for drinks at a club. Are they insane? Yes. Tom says he doesn’t think Jax will ever have a real relationship because he loves to stir the pot. He and Ariana are distancing themselves from the drama.

The girls go for pedicures. Scheana says that Kristen has been blowing up her phone. Scheana wants to call Lala out for being the type that goes after other people’s boyfriends. She thinks everything is okay with her and Shay, ignoring the fact that he’s been addicted for many years. They’ve decided to pretend the last week never happened, and she’s threatened him with divorce if he ever takes another pill. She seems to think this can replace rehab or meetings. Ariana is concerned that they will continue to sweep things under the rug.

Lala and James go to some burger place. Yay! They’re in time for happy hour. Lala says she was nervous all day. I would be too. Kristen is probably in the next booth. In her individual interview, she says he’s not her usual type, and that she usually goes for the steak, but she’s enjoying the string beans. James says it’s obvious Jax told Kristen what’s up with them. Lala doesn’t seem too concerned though, and I’m guessing she can hold her own against Alex Forrest Kristen Doute.

Lisa has brought in Jesse and Jen to teach the staff about wine and wine pairings. They hate being schooled, but at least Jax keeps his remarks to himself this time. Scheana stays behind and Lisa asks her for an update. Lisa says it’s not a good idea for Shay not to be working. Scheana says it’s more important that they work on their marriage, but Lisa tells her she’s going to end up resenting it. And she has on a fabulous pink sparkly ring! Frankly, I think that dude needs to start doing something with his time other than working the remote. Scheana says he’s trying, and Lisa says maybe not hard enough. If I was married to him, his behind would be out looking for a job, even if our last name was Rockefeller.

It’s time to go to the club for the interrogation drinks. Shay took a pass on the event for obvious reasons. Scheana starts off by saying she’d like to get to know Lala better, but dives right in to how James was still going out with – and there she is. Lala wonders why Kristen is there when everyone says how much they hate her. That is a really good point.

James tries to put his arm around Lala, and she tells him to have some respect. He says she’s no fun anymore. Really. It sounds like I made that up, but I didn’t. He said that. James follows Kristen, Jax and Tom outside, but sits separately. Kristen gives Jax some BS about how she’s so chill now. Lala bravely steps in and introduces herself and Jax runs like hell. Lala  tells Kristen that James said they were broken up. Kristen says James has called Lala a slut and a whore. In her individual interview, she says James was no doubt covering in case Kristen caught him texting her, which he’d been doing for a while.

James sits down, Lala says she’s offended, and the girls leave him sitting there by himself. Everyone reconvenes in the club. Lala tells James she didn’t like what he’d said about her. James acts like Kristen must have lied to her. Scheana says it really wasn’t cool and Jax is laughing his head off. Of course nobody has actually told James what they’re even talking about. James says it was before he really knew Lala and he was only talking about her outfit.

Next week – Gay Pride Day and Shay at the gym. Lala also gives James the brush off.

Tidbit from the After Show

Kristen says she smacked her face on the bumper of an Uber, which is why she has a black eye. Hmm…

I was okay with the bitch until he attached the basic to it. Lala, referring to James’s insults.


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