December 14, 2015 — GH, a party at SUR & a Quote


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Paul, Tracy and Monica get together to plan the Nutcracker Gala. Monica wants to get going to push ticket sales, but Tracy wants to decide who’s making the keynote speech. She suggests Paul.

Lulu asks Johnny if he came up with a plan to get rid of Valerie. He says first he needs to know more about her. Lulu gets a text from Dante, but she says it’s nothing important and ignores it.

Dante tells Jordan he signed the final separation papers. He’s surprised Jordan doesn’t give him a lecture, but she says sometimes when things are over, they’re over.

Hayden tells Curtis that to get the gun, he’ll need to bribe someone. Nicholas comes by and asks who her friend is. I’m sure she’ll have a good answer. She’s no slouch in the lying department.

Elizabeth finds Jason on the porch. He’s getting a call from Sam, but he doesn’t answer. Elizabeth gets way too obviously excited. I hope he douses all her hopes with some really cold water because I hate her so much.

Paul balks at making the speech. He says he needs to check with his assistant and steps away.

Johnny asks if that was a text from Dante, and Lulu repeats it was nothing important. She says since he’s a fugitive, they have to use their time wisely, and wants to get going on the plan. She says as long as Valerie is around, she and Dante won’t have a chance at getting back together. Lulu gives Johnny Valerie’s particulars. When Johnny finds out she’s at the police academy, he goes to the website.

Jordan tells Dante that moving on and letting go is part of life. She says if things are really over, then they should be over, and that a lot of people have trouble accepting when good things go bad. She makes a little speech that sounds like she’s talking about herself.

Hayden introduces Curtis as an interior designer that she’s hired to redesign ELQ’s offices, and says that she wanted to surprise him. Curtis is amazing at playing along and has an answer for everything. Curtis is a fine looking man too, so I’m hoping when things finally go south with Nicholas, Hayden will pair up with him. Curtis leaves. Nicholas says yesterday Hayden told him she was going to reduce the work force and today she’s redecorating. He asks what up wit dat?

Too bad Elizabeth. Jason is there to figure out what they’re going to tell Jake about his moving out. Ah-ha! in Nelson voice.

Monica tells Tracy her brain went on vacation and her libido took over. Tracy says the only connection she and Paul have is that he’s Dillon’s father. Monica tells her to be careful and remember what a lout Paul was when they were married. She says the last time Tracy followed her heart, they almost lost ELQ.

Dante says just when he thinks he has a hold on everything, something else pops up. He says walking away from the mess he created isn’t the answer.

Johnny asks for Dante’s password which happens to be Dante and Lulu’s wedding day. Lulu goes down Memory Lane about the wedding. Johnny puts in the password and finds the cadets’ schedule. He says he has to get going and Lulu says hold on, you’re a wanted man. He says it’s not like he’s Public Enemy #1.

Hayden says she’ll be cutting dead wood and insignificant jobs. She says she can tell Curtis forget it though, if he wants. Nicholas says it’s fine, but he needs a drink. He tells her Elizabeth’s fears have been realized.

Elizabeth tells Jason he should take some time to think things out. Nice try. She says maybe she can make up for what she did. Jason says he’s going upstairs to pack. Good. Don’t let her suck you in.

Paul says his schedule is clear and he’ll be happy to make the keynote speech. He tells Monica that he already has someone working on selling tickets and making sizable donations even if they can’t make it. Monica asks if they have any more ideas for raising money and suggests a gun amnesty program attached to the gala. Because that makes total sense…not.

Jordan tells Valerie she’s one of their most promising cadets. She tells her that it’s a critical time and she needs to focus if she’s going to get through training. She says she’s noticed Valerie checking out Dante and just because he and Lulu are separated, that doesn’t mean they won’t get back together.

Lulu wants to know what Johnny’s plans are, but he says the less she knows, the better.

Curtis calls in a favor from a cop he knows and gets into the evidence room.

Nicholas tells Hayden about what happened with Elizabeth and Jason. Nicholas says Jason already knows he was involved and has probably figured out that Hayden is involved too. Hayden asks if any charges can be brought against them. Nicholas says he’s not sure, but Jason will be providing his own repercussions. Hayden says she doesn’t need any legal trouble right now. Although I don’t think there’s ever a time when anybody needs it.

Elizabeth says that if Jason still loves her, it’s wrong of him to leave. Jason says forget about making it up to him, what about making it up to Jake, Sam and Danny? He says she doesn’t really love him because love takes other people’s feelings into consideration. Elizabeth says Sam and Danny didn’t need him like she and Jake did. She begs his forgiveness. He says he did love her, but the love was built on a lie, and that lie is over. Wild applause from me.

Paul says it’s an interesting and unexpected idea, but how is a gun amnesty going to help Toys for Tots? She says it will both reduce crime and spit shine Paul’s profile. He asks how they would make money on it though. Monica says she’ll donate a thousand bucks for every gun turned in.

Dante shows up at the Haunted Star. He says she didn’t respond to his text. Lulu says the less time they spend in the same room the better. He says she’s going to hate him for what he has to say.

Jordan sees Curtis and obviously knows him. She asks what he’s doing there.

Diane shows up at Elizabeth’s with the papers Jason requested. She says it’s a confidential matter and puts them in an envelope and tells Elizabeth to give them to Jason. Elizabeth asks what would stop her from opening it when Diane leaves. “Right you are,” says Diane, and puts them in her pocketbook.

Hayden says Jason can easily make trouble for them, between ELQ and his best friend, Sonny. She and Nicholas are about to embrace, but boo! there’s Jason right next to them.

Dante says they need to talk to each other for Rocco’s sake. He tells Lulu that when he went out for baby aspirin, he left Rocco with Valerie. Lulu barely reacts, so he knows Olivia told her already. He says he thought she’d be furious. She says she thought about making a scene, but decided he’s not worth it. She says she refuses to believe that the family they built was meaningless, but his priorities have changed and it hurts. Still, overreacting isn’t going to solve the problem.

Jordan tells Curtis that if he came to Port Charles for her to give him a job, don’t hold his breath. He says he already has a job and he figured since he was in town, he’d congratulate her on her success. He asks how TJ is and reveals that he’s Jordan’s brother.

Diane says on second thought, she’ll just leave Jason a voicemail rather than relying on Elizabeth to give him a message. Elizabeth says Diane doesn’t approve of Jason divorcing Sam. Diane says her approval doesn’t enter into it. Elizabeth tries to be insulting, but Diane just says, sorry, I’ll be going. Elizabeth then starts to act like the pathetic shrew she is and tells Diane to get out.

Jason wants to know how long Nicholas knew and what it was worth. Nicholas says as far as he’s concerned, everyone is better off without him. Jason punches Nicholas in the face.

Paul excuses himself from the meeting, saying he has to get to court. Monica tells Tracy she’s shameless and Tracy says she was more fun when she was a slut. I love these two together.

Curtis tells Jordan to have a nice day and splits. Outside, he takes the gun out of his pocket and puts it in his bag.

A brawl nearly starts in The Floating Rib between Nicholas and Jason, but a couple of guys step in and break it up.

Elizabeth is all weepy and finds a shirt she gave Jason as a present on the floor. She sniffs at it – what is it with her? – and she folds up like a cheap suit.

Lulu says she’s planning on cutting Dante out of her life as much as possible. He says he won’t let Valerie look after Rocco again without her knowing. She tells him to get lost because she has a lot to do. She looks at Valerie’s website pic and says pay back is a bitch.

Valerie’s car breaks down and who is there to help? That’s right. Johnny.

Tomorrow, Franco and Nina! And we’ll see how Johnny is going to “help” Valerie.

Vanderpump Rules

Giggy! (And another cute little dog in an outfit.) Lisa and Ken are meeting with Arielle, who works with homeless teens. Lisa says she’d love to help out. The kids have never been to a restaurant, so she’s going to host a dinner for them.

Tom and Schwartz are going to have another meeting about promoting Lisa’s sangria. Schwartz says he has a problem with the word commitment. Katie says to avoid the term “non-committal” when she’s around. She says she’s allergic to it and it gives her a tingling sensation around her ring finger. Tom says Schwartz should let him do the talking. He says that Schwartz makes him nervous because he’s nervous. Katie says apparently their plan is to not have a plan.

Lala tells Jax that James keeps texting her, but she’s ignoring him. Jax says that’s probably the best idea. Lala says James is like a sad puppy, begging and apologizing. Even though Britney is moving to L.A., Jax is still avoiding any commitment (I’m going to hate that word soon) because she’s not there yet, so he and Lala make plans for drinks.

James’s mother joins him for dinner at SUR. His mother was an Elite model for many years and still looks pretty good. His mother asks about Kristen, but he says it’s way over. His mom says he’s young and should just enjoy himself and avoid drama, as there will be enough later in life. James tears up and I’m wondering why. Because he got rid of that crazy maniac? Oh, never mind, his parents are getting a divorce. I guess that’s hard on a kid no matter how old they are.

He admits to using alcohol to self-medicate. His mother says that it’s no way to deal with things when you’re in a dark place, and she knows of what she speaks having been in the modeling business. She says she loves him and that she’s proud of him. They hug. 1…2…3…awww!

Kristen tells Jax she has a date with some guy named Alex. They’re at the gym, working out with the punching bags and Kristen pretends it’s James’s face. Afterwards, Kristen says she heard a rumor that Jax has broken up with Britney. Jax says they’re just trying to see where things are at and she’s still moving to L.A. Kristen says no way would she ever get back together with James again. Jax suggests she get a dog.

Lisa calls a meeting of the SUR staff. They wonder if they’re in trouble, but Lisa says for once, they’re not. She tells them about Arielle and the dinner they’re going to have for the kids. Good-hearted Scheana says if Lisa can find the time to help, they can too.

Lisa asks Tom how it’s going with the sangria pitch. He seems vague and she tells him he has to do his research. She says she has the feeling they’re not going to be any better prepared than they were at the last meeting. I have the feeling she’s right.

Scheana says she and Shay are going to start therapy and she hopes it’s the start of him turning over a new leaf. Scheana thinks she and Katie should give Lala another chance at being friends, but Katie doesn’t want to because of Lala lying to them.

Jax tells James he was at boxing class with Kristen. James asks if Jax doesn’t think it’s weird to be hanging out with Kristen. In his individual interview, James says maybe Jax and Kristen were made for each other, and I think that’s a possibility since they’re both d-bags. James wonders why Jax was waiting right there when he and Kristen broke up. Tom, Jax and James all start talking at once and I have no idea what they’re saying.

James goes over to Kristen’s apartment. He mentions that Jax told him about her going out with Alex. He says he thought he’d miss Kristen after they broke up, but he’s thinking about Lala more than her. Kristen says he has a lot of nerve, since a few days ago he was telling her he loved her. She also talks about how he paraded his bite marks from Lauren all around. They start to argue. She tells him that he’s going to drink himself into oblivion, lose his job and lose all his friends. He counters with all she has is Jax, that she’ll never get married and if she does, she’ll be divorced In three years. He leaves, spitting on her door on the way out. That pretty much sums up the maturity level of these two.

Jason tells Lisa that he’d like to say his expectations for Tom and Schwartz are high, but they’re really not. Tom and Schwartz show up for the meeting. Schwartz says after a lot of deliberation, they thought the best course of action would be for the two of them to be brand ambassadors. Lisa wonders what he means by that and tells him it’s not a modeling job. Schwartz doesn’t seem to have a solid idea and Tom says he wishes Schwartz would have let him speak first. But when Tom starts talking, it’s even worse. In his individual interview, Tom says, “What is a career anyway? Except the beginning of the march to death.” Avoidance of responsibility, anyone?

Jason says he wonders what they’ve been doing since the last time they met. He says they seemed excited at the last meeting, but seem to have lost their drive. Pandora says they seemed like they wanted to change careers, but now it’s like they want to be the guy with the tray passing out shots. Lisa says if they started on Monday, what would they do? Once again, they’re unclear. They leave the meeting in a cloud of vagueness and I have no idea if they’re going to continue working on this project or what.

Britney arrives for a visit. Jax says when she’s there, she’s the only one he wants to be with, but it gets fuzzy when she’s not around. He also makes it sound like Lala was hitting on him, but being such a great guy, he only had a few drinks with her during the day time. He says he likes Britney a lot and doesn’t want to screw things up. He says she should stay with him, even though we flash back to where he said a thousand times he wasn’t going to let that happen. This girl must be an idiot if she believes anything he says.

Schaena and Katie are getting ready for the teens to come. Giggy! Tom tells Ariana that he should have never let Schwartz speak first. He thinks he was able to rescue things…a little bit. He says they’re taking baby steps, but he’s taking steps. In her individual interview, Ariana suggests they’re fetus steps.

Lala says she feels a little uncomfortable working with James. Kristen told Jax about the door spitting and he says he needs to have a talk with him, changing her story to say that James spit on her. Lala says she really doesn’t want to be a part of it. It’s funny how they all keep talking about how young and immature James is when none of them are much older and not much more mature. Kristen is the exception to everything because she’s batsh*t crazy.

Tom has the idea to have lemonade mocktails on a platter for when the guests first come in. Ariana is annoyed because he didn’t confer with her first.

Lisa wants the kids to feel welcome and have an experience they haven’t had before. Lisa introduces them to Ken and Giggy. Lisa asks the kids questions about their lives. Scheana says that seeing how grateful the kids are, she realizes there are bigger problems in the world than hers. Gee, really? Lisa says life is about give and take, but giving is more important.

Ariana’s 30th birthday is coming up (“six times cooler than your average five-year-old”) and she’s planning a major party. Peter’s also having a birthday soon, and he’s inviting all the guys to Las Vegas. Ariana is annoyed again because she’s feeling left out. She says it’s nice to know that the day after her birthday, Tom is going on a trip where she’s not invited.

Jax confronts James about his craziness at Kristen’s. He says he didn’t spit on her, just on the door. Which makes it okay. Jax is like, you didn’t have to do that, and James says he’ll apologize the next time he sees her. Jax asks if he’s getting tired of saying I’m sorry, and the two of them get into a shouting match. Lisa breaks it up and tells them to go in different directions, but neither of them will shut up. Lisa tells James to go home and adds that if he raises his voice in her restaurant, it will be the last thing he does. She doesn’t mean she’s going to kill him, but that he’ll be fired. At least I think so.

Lisa tells James to calm down, put a smile on his face, and realize how bloody lucky he is. Lisa tells Jax he needs to lower the volume too. Peter asks James what the blip is going on. Lisa tells him if he doesn’t change his attitude immediately, he’s seriously going home. Some days, she must want to bang her head against a wall when she gets home.

Next week – Ariana’s birthday party and Vegas!

Vanderpump Rules After Show – Quote of the Week

I’m just amazed that somebody used the term heteronormative. I thought it was groundbreaking.  Brandy referring to Ariana on Vanderpump Rules.


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