December 15, 2015 — No GH, But Lots of Wives


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


Not that I don’t realize I’m mostly writing this for my own amusement, just in case, I have no General Hospital recap today. It was on, but I was also on the phone with a friend who is ill with pulmonary fibrosis. She’s bedridden and will eventually succumb to the disease, so she trumps everything with the exception of a house fire.

I did have it on though, and it doesn’t look like it was too exciting. The takeaway points I got from the muted TV were that Johnny did nothing to Valerie – yet. He “fixed” her car and gained her trust so that she won’t suspect what’s coming; and Elizabeth told Carly what happened and I’m sure Carly did cartwheels in her head.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

LisaV and Kyle are enjoying shopping in Italy. Kyle says it’s fun shopping in Europe because you can get things you can’t get in the US. In other words, make your friends jealous with something they can’t run out and buy. She still needs to find a dress for Nicky’s wedding, which just boggles my mind considering how many dresses she already owns. She should have known she was going to end up re-invited. Lisa says Kyle isn’t in an easy position because of the family drama. She says because she doesn’t have any sisters, it’s hard for her to totally get it.

LisaR is taking her daughters for mani/pedis.  One of the girls wants to stay out past 11 and Lisa says that nothing good happens for a teenager after 11 pm, but she agrees. I always thought it was midnight, but okay. She says with teenagers, it’s negotiation all day long. She tells the girls about LisaV getting the tiny horse for Ken’s birthday.

Eileen has the same problem we all do. Vince likes to sit around while she’s busting a move getting kids ready and cleaning up before she goes to work. Soap stars, they’re just like us! Her son, Jesse, had been home schooled in a co-op the previous year, so she’s nervous about him going back to regular school. She says she doesn’t know what it is with men but they don’t hear a female voice. Then she ends up repeating herself and becomes annoying to herself. Soap stars! So much like us it’s sad!

LisaV and Ken are going to Monte Carlo, while Kyle goes on to London for Nicky’s wedding. Giggy! Ken is going to be 70 soon, so Lisa is not only getting him the smallest horse in the world, she’s planning a big birthday lunch.

Yolanda is having a vitamin C IV to boost her immune system. She says she’s pretty much done it all at this point. Her friend, new Housewife Erika, is going with her. Erika doesn’t look too pleased about that needle going in though. She says next time she takes a needle with Yolanda, it had better be Botox. What’s going to happen years from now when they find out what putting botulism close to your brain really does? Remember when your mother telling you that your face was going to freeze like that was a bad thing?

LisaR and Eileen meet for lunch. They’re both wearing leopard prints, so Lisa leaves her jacket on. Kyle joins them. Kyle says the trip was great, the wedding was magical, but she’s glad to be home. Eileen asks about Kim. Kyle says she’s in rehab, but she doesn’t know much else. We flash back to Kim’s craziness. Eileen says she thought Kim escaped. Lisa says the word used was “fled.” I thought she just checked herself out and then went on to shoplift. They talk a little about Kim getting nailed for drunk and disorderly at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Kyle feels a little uncomfortable talking about it and I can understand that.

Eileen says Yolanda isn’t looking too good. Kyle says if Yolanda is doing everything with no improvement, maybe she needs to consider it’s not Lyme disease. Kyle talks again about how she had so many symptoms after her mother died and it turned out to be depression.

The two Lisas are going to pick up the horse in Ohio. LisaV has told Ken she’s having a spa day. They fly to Ohio in a small chartered plane that looks pretty comfortable on the inside. LisaR says “yee-ha!” when they get there, but LisaV says she doesn’t think this is yee-ha country. Being from Ohio, I concur. While they’re in the limo, a huge thunderstorm comes up and LisaR hopes it isn’t a sign from God.

New Housewife Erika was a broke waitress when she met her husband, who had been her customer for a year before she gave him her number. He’s a famous lawyer who was involved in the Erin Brochovich case. She says being broke sucks and being rich is better, but it doesn’t change anyone. If you were an a-hole to begin with, you’re a rich a-hole, and the same if you’re a sweetheart. Erika says she’s been called a golddigger and knew it was coming because of the age difference. They’ve been married 15 and a half years though, and it sure looks legit to me.

The tiny horse, Rosebud, is wearing a tutu and I squee. So do the two Lisas. LisaR says she can’t wait for Rosebud to be a part of the family and thinks Ken is going to love her. Who wouldn’t love the tiniest horse in the world? LisaR says the horse is a little fat. LisaV says don’t say that because the horse might hear. Rosebud doesn’t seem to walk quite evenly, but the owner says she’s fine. The two Lisas aren’t so sure though.

The owner says if there were going to be problems, Rosebud would have exhibited them by now. Hmm…isn’t favoring a leg a problem? The two Lisas confer and LisaV says she wants to take Rosebud home, but she isn’t sure if she can handle a horse that will have future issues. She calls Ken and tells him what’s going on. So much for the surprise. LisaR says she can see LisaV has fallen for the horse. LisaV decides that she’s going to have a vet look at the horse and if all is well, have the horse delivered. They can’t get to the alcohol fast enough.

Giggy! Even though the surprise has been spoiled, but Ken is okay with that. I’m sure when it comes to Lisa, he’s probably okay with just about anything.

Erika says her alter ego is Erika Jayne. Apparently, she’s a video artist and says she’s had 8 number one hits on the Billboard dance charts. She’s meeting with her fashion designer and then having a rehearsal. I’ve never heard of her, but it looks like she knows her stuff.

LisaV is preparing for the birthday lunch with Kevin Lee helping. No surprise, everything looks fabulous. Lisa has a hat tree for the ladies to select a beautiful hat to wear. The lunch is being held in one of the gardens. Taylor shows up with her new husband. “Here comes a certain amount of trouble,” Lisa says. Taylor is moving back to Beverly Hills and says there’s a house available on Lisa’s street. Lisa says, no.

LisaR shows up with a pony on a stick like little kids play with. Lots of Giggy since Ken is carrying him around, along with another Pomeranian wearing clothing. I wonder if they took in another pup with alopecia. Camille and Kyle arrive and they talk a bit about the little horse. Kyle thinks it’s a possibility the horse might be pregnant and now that she said it…um…yeah.

Rain clouds threaten to ruin things, but they sit down to lunch. Taylor brings up how Yolanda’s selfies look happy one day and not so much the next. There’s some discussion about Yolanda’s treatments, and Taylor intimates maybe she’s not really sick. Both Lisas think she’s overstepping a bit.

LisaV makes a toast to Ken. She says she’s spent half his life with him and he continues to inspire her. At the end, she adds that he “might be 70 in a few days, but I guarantee you’ll be staying at 69 very soon.” That’s a direct quote, so don’t blame me for what you can’t unhear.  I actually think they have an amazing marriage and wish I had married an older rich guy.

It finally starts to rain, so they move indoors. A few of the ladies stay outside under a gazebo. Kyle decides to wade in the infinity pool and Eileen joins her. The Lisas follow and soon everyone is in the pool with their clothes on.  LisaV says it was an elegant English garden party and suddenly it turned into wet and wild. Ken gets dragged in too, and she adds that with him floating in a pool surrounded by a gaggle of gorgeous women, he’s not likely to forget his birthday anytime soon.

Next week we see what Ken ends up getting for his birthday and some of the ladies discuss the possibility that Yolanda has Munchhausen’s Syndrome.


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