December 20, 2015 — Lonely Atlanta


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


No Once Upon A Time tonight due to The Sound of Music singalong version of the film. I shudder at the thought of this and I like The Sound of Music. Oh the irony of the movie title in this case. No Walking Dead either; another Into the Badlands marathon. And speaking of marathons, I hope those of you who get the Chiller channel have been enjoying Z Nation this weekend.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

The ladies invite Glen, Jaron and Oliver back to the ranch rental place. While they’re on the boat, Porsha gets the bright idea to play “Never Have I Ever” which sounds like a game she just made up so they can have sex talk with strangers. Never have I ever heard of it before. Cynthia says she’s learned her lesson about drinking on boats and is going to quit while she’s ahead. In her individual interview, Kandi says something about Porsha having thrown her boyfriend Duke a big party five minutes ago, and now she’s inviting dudes back to the house.

They hang out at the pool. Glen says something to Kandi about having attitude. I have no idea what he’s talking about and Kandi is obviously pregnant, so keep it to yourself. Porsha has on a barely there bikini and is shaking her booty and twerking all over the place. She has her eye on Oliver. She tells him how she doesn’t need a man for support and I laugh since her quick move on to the next guy is because Duke hasn’t paid enough attention to her lately since he’s on the road.

Glen is a bit of a d-bag. Kenya puts it out there, saying he’s erratic and crazy. His aunt, Tammy, is pretty drunk, and Kenya asks her to have him leave, but she doesn’t seem capable of that. Porsha, who started this whole thing, says she sees it’s getting messy, so she’s going to escort Oliver out and call it a night. Nice.

Kenya tells Glen he’s being weird and is making people uncomfortable so he has to leave. He advances on her and security comes out. When Tammy tries to talk to him, he knocks her to the floor. Geez, what up wit dat? Security takes Glen down. I mean they wrestle him down; they didn’t shoot him or anything.

Tammy comes to and asks where Glen is. Cynthia feels badly because she brought Tammy on the trip. Kenya says only the person behaving badly is responsible for their own behavior. The police escort Glen out and Tammy goes to the hospital. Somehow this all becomes Kenya’s fault with Porsha, Sheree and Phaedra. They claim the reason Kenya wanted Glen to leave was because he wasn’t interested in her. Sheree says she added fuel to the fire, and Kim says that if you shake a hornet’s nest, hornets are going to attack you, but this is a guy, not an insect nest. I don’t see as Kenya did anything wrong. She was being a little silly at first, but she had every reason to want those guys gone. They were getting drunk, unpredictable and insulting.

Kim’s had enough and decides to go to a hotel. When the girls start picking on Kenya, Kandi sticks up for her saying that Glen was weirding her out. When Kandi talks to Todd on the phone, he isn’t happy that she put herself in that position. She tells Kenya that Tammy came back to the house later and she can’t believe Kenya slept through it. Kenya says Tammy must have jumped the gate, and it’s like something out of a horror movie. “Girl, this is not Children of the Corn Rows,” she adds.

Someone has this reappearance filmed on their phone. Tammy comes to the door in a robe and hospital socks. Security ended up taking her to a hotel because they didn’t want the guys back on the property. In her individual interview, Cynthia objects to the video, but when she sees it, she’s laughing along with everyone else. Kandi goes home and Kenya says pretty soon it’s going to be just her and Porsha there.

Phaedra is still blaming Kenya for that idiot Glen. Sheree says that it’s wrong to label people and she and Phaedra get in a conversation about labeling African American men as aggressive and how this can make people afraid and unnecessary deaths happen. They say that the men are already an endangered species and Kenya was like any white suburbanite acting afraid. Huh?  That sure sounds like a label to me. And I don’t even know how they got there from this incident because Glen was wrong and deserved to get kicked out.

Cynthia calls Tammy and asks how things at the hospital went. She has a concussion, but other than that she’s peachy keen. Phaedra invites her for dinner. I’m assuming sans Glen.

Porsha has rented a couple of mini Hummers for the girls to get around the city. They look something like golf carts without roofs.

Kim is back home where she belongs and is strolling in the park with her husband and kids. For someone who works in show business, she certainly can’t handle much outside of the house. Husband Chris (who is really quite funny) talks about not liking her being in a dangerous environment. Kim says Kenya tried to stir the pot again, and wonders if she’s going to be removed next. Not too much overreaction and paranoia. Kim says Kenya wanted to work with her, but she’s not so sure she wants to now and that she’s starting to like Kenya’s friends more than Kenya. What is wrong with these women? Did they see the same thing I did?

Porsha has a date with Oliver and Phaedra suggests she spray fragrance around her private area. I don’t suggest that anyone do this.

Cynthia says ever since she brought up her marriage issues with Peter, that’s all anyone wants to talk about. She calls Peter and says she’ll be home tomorrow and they can go out to dinner. Zzzzz…

Oliver and Porsha go to a fancy restaurant. There’s some flirtatious talk, but when Oliver moves in for a kiss, Porsha acts like she’s never heard of it. She does give him a kiss at the end of the meal for dessert. I don’t get her roll, but Oliver seems to like it. Everyone is sleeping when she gets home, so she wakes them up. She says the date was amazing and Oliver likes to talk. Cynthia says their own evening of cooking at home was blessedly uneventful.

Phaedra says if they could forget about almost everything, it was a great trip.

Todd’s daughter, Kaela, has moved back to Atlanta and Todd teases her about having a boyfriend that she’s been “making googly eyes at” on Instagram. Kandi tells Todd about the trip and says the communication between her and Phaedra seems better. She says that Phaedra has a split personality – one prim and proper, and one that has a good time – and she picked the latter to stick with on the trip.

Kim and Kenya go out to lunch. Kim says Kenya should be proud because she’s done a girl’s night out and a trip with them. Kenya says it was only a half trip to Miami though. Kenya thinks Kim really just wanted to get home to her family, but Kim continues to blame Kenya for the situation with Glen, saying that she was manufacturing drama. Did Kim have blinders on? It wasn’t like Kenya forced him to be an aggressive moron. Kim says that she didn’t want to take part in Kenya provoking someone. We flash back to Glen acting like an a-hole. Kenya says he was acting in a threatening way and that Kim wasn’t in the Jacuzzi with them. She says that she could see that if he kept drinking, it would have escalated. Kim says maybe that’s her truth, but at the end o the day she didn’t feel safe. Kenya says she appreciates the honesty. Kim says as long as there’s mutual respect and they can agree to disagree “like grown folk,” she’s okay with that.

Next week, Mr. President starts kindergarten and Phaedra is called out for her workout video that wasn’t.

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