December 24, 2015 –A Port Charles Christmas


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


General Hospital

Lulu and Maxie take Rocco (who suddenly seems incredibly big for his age) to visit Santa. He says he wants daddy for Christmas. D’oh! This Santa is not Carrrlos.

Michael tells Morgan and Dante that Carrrlos is the baby’s father. It’s also Dante’s anniversary. Bummer.

Jason’s arraignment is today and Carly asks Sam if she’ll go.  Elizabeth calls the court to try and find out about it, but because she’s not a relative, she gets zip info. Ah-ha! in Nelson voice.

Sonny brings fruitcake cookies to Jason in jail. Sonny tells him Hayden said he tried to kill Nicholas on purpose, and Jason asks if Sonny is questioning that.

Emma says she wants to ask Santa for mommy to come home, but surprise! Mommy’s home. This poor kid totally deserves a great day.

Maxie and Lulu are sitting on a bench watching Rocco play. Maxie says she sorry that Lulu has to go through all this. Lulu says four years ago, it was the happiest day of her life, when she and Dante got married.

Dante says Lulu is going to bring Rocco by later for family stuff.

Ana takes Avery to see Santa and Kiki is one of the elves. Ava asks if she’s given any thought to spending Christmas with her and Avery.

Elizabeth brings down the stockings because she’s as behind as I am. This is Jake’s first Christmas back in a while and Elizabeth says she’s saved his stocking and tells him about how she used to fill it with presents. I guess we don’t care that the younger kid might still believe in Santa.

Sam tells Carly about seeing Jason and Elizabeth hug. Carly tells her that’s Elizabeth’s MO. Carly says something about Jason joining them, but Christina doubts he’ll get out on bail with his record.

Jason tells Sonny that Nicholas threw the first punch and it escalated, but he didn’t mean to throw him over the balcony wall. Unfortunately though, Hayden is the only witness. Sonny says he and Carly will put up the bail money.

Emma asks Robin if she stopped loving them. Robin says if she could have come home, she would have, and that a bad man kidnapped her. She says everything is okay now, because daddy rescued her, and they’ll never be apart again. I never noticed how much Emma actually looks like Robin.

Lulu says she wishes she could get rid of her anger and love Dante the way she used to, but all that’s left is sadness. Maxie says she was going to work, but Nina decided to go skiing with Franco, and now it’s too late to go to Portland. Nathan is working as well.

Carly tells Christina not to be so depressing. Christina says she studied some law and Jason has a mile long record so it’s highly unlikely he’ll get out. Carly says she’s expecting a Christmas miracle.

Jake, Cameron and Aiden wonder if Jason is coming by. Elizabeth tells them about baby Jesus and the Christmas story that Steve, and in later years Alan, used to read at the hospital every year. I desperately miss them, and wish they’d picked someone else to recall this.

Sonny tells Jason to do whatever Diane tells him. Jason says whatever happens, Sonny has his thanks. Sonny says family is the most important thing.

Kiki and Ava are sitting outside with Avery. Kiki says Avery is getting big. She should see Rocco. Ava makes comparisons between baby Avery and when Kiki was a baby. Ava says she hopes Kiki will come over later and Kiki asks if she can hold Avery.

Robin promises never to leave again. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Robert and Anna dressed like the Clauses (except a little more hip – well, they are in Paris), bearing gifts and decorations. Emma says she wished for something like this to happen, but she was worried Robin stopped loving her. Robin says never, and Emma asks, what about Daddy?

Emma tells Robin about how Patrick was with Sam, but her husband came back and they broke up. She asks if they’re going to be a family again, and Patrick says let’s talk about this some other time. Anna distracts Emma by telling her about a tree they saw, and that Emma should come with them to get it. Emma asks If Robin will be there when she gets back and Robin says of course. When they leave, Robin suggests she and Patrick discuss being a family again.

Maxie is sad because she’s not going to see Georgie. Lulu asks her if she’ believes in miracles and tells her to look behind her. It’s Spinelli and Ellie with Georgie.

Michael and Morgan talk about how Sonny used to have Max do everything and pretend it was Santa, even though they could tell it wasn’t Santa. Sonny and Carly join them

Sam and Danny are looking at the tree. Christina is going through old photos, so they can look at them while opening presents. Sam says Christina can be evasive about things and kind of let it slip that she’s not doing so well at school. Christina tells Sam she’s busy enough without sticking her nose into someone else’s business. Okay, she put it more nicely than that, but that’s what she meant.

Elizabeth opens the door to find Jason on the porch.

Maxie comments on how big Georgie is. Another one who should take a look at Rocco. She asks how this happened, and Spinelli tells her Nathan set it up. Lulu says she was prepared to tackle Maxie to the ground rather than letting her go home and miss the surprise. Lulu says she’s going to Sonny’s house. Sonny and Carly tell the guys how they pulled strings with Diane to get Jason home for Christmas with his children.

Kiki tells Avery that she’s given her a purpose. She says she’d lost everyone and her life was like a black hole. Ava says she doesn’t blame Kiki for hating her and apologizes for acting like she could easily smooth things over. Kiki says it’s Christmas Eve and she needs her little sister.

Jason comes in with gifts for the kids. Jake shows Jason his stocking hanging on the mantel and asks if he’s home for good.

Sam tells Christina it’s cool and she can talk when she’s ready. Christina asks about Jason, and Sam says somehow she and Jason always find their way back to each other.

Robin asks about Patrick breaking up with Sam. He says it was mutual. Robin says she knows he never asked for any of the chaos she brought into his life. She says she’s sorry and she never stopped loving him.

Ava asks Kiki if Morgan asked her to spend Christmas there, and Kiki says she turned him down. She says that’s his family and this is hers, for better or worse. Kiki says they’ll see how it goes. Ava asks if there’s anything special she wants for Christmas and to just ask. Kiki says, “Anything?” and Ava tells her yes. Kiki says she’ll ponder it. Ava better watch her words. I’m wondering if Kiki will ask Ava to give Sonny custody. I kind of don’t trust her.

Carly passes out the stockings. She has one for Avery because she lives in hope.

Cameron says that Elizabeth just told them the story of Jesus and that they should show compassion and love. He says that Jason should forgive Elizabeth. Jake asks Jason to come back to live with them. Jason says they’ll see him so much they’ll be sick of him, but he can’t come back to live there.

Christina gives Sam a gift. It’s a diamond star necklace from Jason that Sam had lost.

Patrick says he had to convince himself that Robin no longer loved him. He says he had to find someone new to get over her, that he loved Sam and vice versa, but there was a part of Sam that couldn’t let go of Jason. He says it was the same with him, that he couldn’t let go of Robin and he never stopped loving her. They kiss and bluebirds with ribbons in their mouths fly around.

Anna, Robert and Emma come back with the tree. It’s small, but perfect and doesn’t look like a real tree. I’m guessing they didn’t want to be picking up pine needles every five seconds or find them in bizarre places, like their underwear, later. (If you’ve had a real tree, you know this happens.) Emma gives Robin and angel. She says that Anna said if she makes a wish and puts it on the tree, the wish will come true. Robin says all her wishes have been granted and gives Emma the angel to put on the tree, and tells her to make a wish. Emma wishes for them to be a family again.

Maxie calls Nathan to thank him and say what a wonderful guy he is. She thanks Spinelli and Ellie too.

Elizabeth brings the kids to see Santa. Jason says she’ll catch up with them later. He sees Sam and Danny on a bench and asks how their Christmas is going. This episode is a little confusing. Is it Christmas or Christmas Eve? And either way, the kids are just seeing Santa? Everyone also seems to be hanging out on benches in the middle of town.

Lulu shows up at Sonny’s with Rocco.

Sonny gets a selfie-stick for Christmas and has no idea what it is. Kiki shows up with Avery.

Jason holds Danny. He sees the necklace on Sam and remembers giving it to her.

At Sonny’s house, they’re taking pictures with the stick. Lulu, Dante and Rocco pose together.

Next week, Elizabeth tells Nicholas to say it was an accident and the Mac investigates the mystery of Sloane’s death further.

Merry Christmas

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas! I’m off to watch the A Christmas Story marathon on TNT. See you late night Sunday. And just remember – you’ll shoot your eye out!

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