December 28, 2015 — Is Christmas Over Yet in Port Charles?


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


General Hospital

Sabrrrina asks Michael if he’s come to any decisions.

Paul tells Tracy they need to talk, and sees his packed bags. Tracy says that Alice packed his things, so she wouldn’t embarrass herself by throwing them out the window.

Mac joins the reunion with Robin at Patrick’s house. She asks if Felicia knows that he’s moonlighting as a P.I., and he says she does and it’s cool with her.

Nicholas comes to. Hayden tells him he’s in the hospital and asks if he remembers what happened. She says Jason tried to kill him, and Elizabeth pops in out of nowhere with, “Are you sure about that?”
Jason and Spinelli meet in the park. Spinelli is pretty happy to see him, and Jason seems to have a twinkle in his eye. I missed a lot of the shows with the old Jason during the Sam/Elizabeth/Spinelli period, but I wasn’t that crazy about Steve Burton. Nothing personal. I just didn’t see him as that character, but I know I’m going to enjoy Billy Miller playing him.

Michael tells Sabrrrina he thought she was different from lying Kiki. She says she’s sorry, and he says she should have told him the truth to begin with and he would have accepted things. She says she was only with Carrrlos the one time before she and Michael got together, and when she found out she was pregnant, she wanted to believe Michael was the father. He asks if she knew when he asked her to marry him. She says she wasn’t certain because she hadn’t had a sonogram, but reasonably sure.

Paul tells Tracy they’d never made any firm plans and he made a mistake. She says she’d have to care to be hurt and she doesn’t. Oh yes she does.

Elizabeth tells Nicholas that she rode with him in the ambulance and helped keep him alive. She says she doesn’t know what happened. Hayden pipes in that she does. Elizabeth tells her she should make something up for the police. Hayden is like, I can’t believe you’re doing this after all Nicholas has done for you.

Jason tells Spinelli not to call him “Stone Cold” again because he’s on edge as it is. He says he’s angry that Elizabeth kept his identity a secret from him. Spinelli is sympathetic, but Jason says talking about it will just piss him off all over again and because he and Elizabeth share a son, he has to deal with her. Spinelli asks if he and Sam might rekindle things.

Sam shows up at Patrick’s and sees the reunion with Robin. She says had she known, she wouldn’t have come over and asks if Patrick and Robin are getting back together. Geez, it might be nice if she asked how Robin is doing first. Robin says it’s a convoluted story that Patrick should probably tell her, and she’s got a doctor’s appointment anyway. Robin thanks Sam for taking such good care of Emma while she was gone and Sam says it was a pleasure. After Robin leaves, Patrick tells Sam that he didn’t want to hold her up from hope with Jason, and now there’s hope for him and Robin too.

Mac jokingly suggests to Anna that they lock Robin and Patrick in an interrogation room until they get it together. Anna says if she needs help she’ll ask. Mac gets a call from the assistant medical examiner. He ran a DNA check on Sloane and Carrrlos. Mac says they can prove Sloane is dead.

Hayden chastises Elizabeth because Nicolas kept her secret and how he nearly died for it.

Jason tells Spinelli about how he didn’t believe Sam and how unfair he was to her because he thought Elizabeth was honest. Spinelli says he’s sure Sam has forgiven him. Jason says that he could see how Sam grieved for him. Spinelli says that doesn’t apply anymore because he’s back, but Jason says not really since he doesn’t remember squat.

Michael says that Sabrrrina told him that they didn’t know each other well enough to get married and she was right, he didn’t know her. She tells him he’s right that family is about love and asks if he could love her child.

Paul asks for another chance. He says he and Tracy have been doing pretty well up until now. He says they’ve spent the better part of the last 20 years ignoring each other, and he doesn’t want to return to that. He asks for her forgiveness.

Patrick admits that he should have done more to find Robin. Sam says she should have seen that Jake was Jason. Patrick says he isn’t proud of how he handled things, but Robin’s rescue was actually due to Sam still having feelings for Jason.

Jason says Jason Morgan isn’t someone he can hide form because he is he. Spinelli tells him that’s an astute observation, but Jason says it was Carly who told him that. He tells Spinelli about the altercation with Nicholas at The Floating Rib and what happened with Nicholas at the gala. He asks what such an angry guy has done to deserve Spinelli’s loyalty and Spinelli says he’s his best friend.

Elizabeth begs Nicholas to tell the police he fell by accident. Hayden says that Jason almost killed Nicholas and now Elizabeth is trying to protect him. Elizabeth tells Nicholas that she’s sorry she didn’t listen to him, but please make the right decision and to lie. Hayden says she doesn’t care how much history she and Nicholas have, she won’t let Elizabeth get away with this.

Elizabeth sees Robin. Robin says she’s sorry that Helena took Jake for all those years, but Elizabeth says she’s just glad to have him back. Robin also mentions the engagement, and Elizabeth tells her what happened. Robin is a little astonished that Elizabeth could have kept Jason’s identity from him.

Sabrrrina tells Michael she loves him. He says he thought this was what he wanted and they could be a happy family. Sabrrrina says they can do that now, and he says he’s not sure of anything except that she lied and she should have wanted better for the baby.

Anna and Mac go over all the Sloane/Carrrlos stuff. Mac asks what the common denominator is and Anna says the DA.

Tracy talks about the bad year she had with Luke and that she was looking for some entertainment and Paul was there, and she thought he was sincere about reconnecting with Dillon. Paul says he was, but he’d also wanted to reconnect with her. Tracy says he’s trying to get around that he would lose his job if anyone finds out he’s sleeping with Ava and might even go to prison. She asks why she shouldn’t make a announcement to the general public.

Patrick and Sam talk blah-blah-blah about their true loves. Patrick asks if she’s going to try to get back together with Jason.

Jason says the two things he knows are that he was married to Sam and he killed people for Sonny. He reflects on how he killed those goons and it didn’t faze him. Spinelli says he was still a noble guy and that he became friends with Sonny because Sonny was there when Jason really needed him. Spinelli says he’s the fairest person he’s ever met and also a generous guy. He says those who call him killer don’t know him, and those who call him friend do. And that even if he never remembers, he’s still Jason’s friend.

Nicholas asks Hayden how they can play Jason’s arrest to their advantage. Methinks he’s been awake for a while.

Elizabeth tries to justify why she lied. She says she didn’t know Jake Doe was Jason at first, but when she found out, she lied to keep the family together. She says she knows it was selfish and unfair, but she’d do it again. Robin says she’s not there to judge and Elizabeth is punishing herself enough. Well, I don’t mind judging her and I don’t think it’s been nearly enough punishment.

Michael says he understands Sabrrina wasn’t being malicious, she was just scared. Sabrrrina says she’s moving back in with Felix and Michael offers financial help. She says she never wanted his money, she wanted him, and things haven’t changed. She starts to leave and he gives her Christmas presents for the baby. Good riddance to him. Next to Carrrlos, he’s incredibly borrring.

Patrick says they both had miracles. Sam says not every miracle has great timing. (Really? What kind of miracle is that?)

Nicholas says he used his injury to his advantage in calculating his next move. He says thanks to Hayden, his options are wide open in regard to Jason.

Jason says Diane is as good as everyone says she is, getting him out on bail with his record. He tells Spinelli thanks for believing in him and Spinelli says he looks forward to the day Jason believes in himself. Jason says he sees why he valued Spinelli’s friendship and that he still does.

Anna tells Mac that “Sloan” had said he had her gun and Carrrlos’s ID. Mac says Paul killed Sloane, dumped his body in the river with Carrrlos’s ID and both got rid of Sloane and got leverage over Anna. He thinks they have enough evidence to open an investigation.

Tracy says she’s opting to protect her own privacy, and therefore protect Paul’s, but she’s going to find a way to repay him. He says he’d like to part amicably, and she says too bad, get out. Good for her.

Sam says she has no expectations where Jason is concerned. She says the last time she saw him, he was in handcuffs with Elizabeth hugging him. She says whatever happened, probably Nicholas started it and Patrick agrees. He says that he loves Robin, but he’s still grateful for the time he spent with Sam. She says just because it didn’t work out doesn’t mean it wasn’t real. Sam leaves. Jason is probably on her porch. Or a porch somewhere. That’s always where he seems to show up.

Nicholas says he wants to hold off talking to the police until they decide what story to go with and that a freed Jason might be worth more to them than a Jason in prison. Elizabeth is eavesdropping or at least peeping through the room window.

Jason sees Robin on the bridge. Even though they don’t recognize each other’s faces, he asks if she’s Robin, and she says, “Jason?”

Tomorrow, more Robin and Jason and maybe will get to see which story Nicholas concocts. And what about a New Year’s Eve kiss with Sam and Jason?

Brief Note

Most of Bravo is on hiatus, and they’re gearing up for the new season of Untying the Knot. Knot a whole lot to say about that one. Sorry. Just had to. Basically, it’s the divvying up of a divorced couple’s items without going to court. While there have been a few interesting items – and often some duds like on Pawn Stars – and some half-hearted disagreements, I didn’t find this one too interesting.

I’m longing for the Shahs of Sunset myself.

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