January 3, 2016 — More GH NYE & Some Atlanta


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Now back to business. I am so glad to see Galavant! is back. I honestly thought I was the only one watching it. While this is too insane of a show to recap (Once Upon A Time is hard enough), it should appeal to anyone who likes a little satire with their 5th Century, or perhaps Game of Thrones as a musical. A bit Spamalot, a bit Camelot and a big risk as a Sunday night show, I highly recommend this silly, yet clever whatever-it-is. And perhaps now I know what they did with the woodland settings from the late Clifton’s Cafeteria in Los Angeles.

General Hospital – New Year’s Eve in Port Charles

Patrick comes home after dropping Emma off for a sleepover. He’s also brought snacks for him and Robin’s New Year’s Eve. Chocolate covered popcorn is in order.

Sonny tells Dante he and Carly are having a quiet evening in. They don’t know what Morgan is up to, and Carly says she’s worried, but Sonny says they’ll just have to trust him. Michael shows up. Sonny asks what he and Sabrrrina have planned. Apparently, he’s out of the loop.

Morgan is at The Floating Rib. He starts to order a club soda and changes it to a beer. No good is going to come from this. The Floating Rib is floating all right. It doesn’t know if it’s an upscale restaurant or a sports bar.

Nina introduces herself to Curtis.

Franco meets some guy on the docks and gives him a bunch of money. The guy hands him an envelope.

Robin gives Patrick a gift. It’s a perpetual calendar. Robin says she wants him to see the infinite number of days they can spend together.

Christina (who I guess is a permanent fixture on the show now) runs into Sam. She wants Sam to join her at the bar and watch “the game.”

Valerie and Dillon are also at the bar.

^$@!&@#&!_!  (Insert your favorite curse words.) ABC just broke in to tell us about Bill Cosby’s indictment. Thank you sooo much because we know that just couldn’t wait for forty-five minutes. @!)#^$&_! again!

Carly asks Jason (who I guess stopped by while I was forced to watch Bill Cosby getting into his car for 10 minutes) if he’d like to stay for New Year’s Eve. He says no thanks. He wants Carly and Sonny to enjoy their newlywed time together.

Michael tells Jason that he and Dante are going to watch college football and asks if he wants to join them. Dante promises that he’s off duty and won’t bug Jason. Jason says okay. I already know this entire thing is just a set up to get Sam and Jason in the same room on New Year’s Eve.

At this point, pretty much the whole under-30 cast is at The Floating Rib. Morgan asks Christina what’s up. She says she’ll fill him in if he won’t tell anyone. She also adds that she won’t tell anyone he’s been drinking.

Valerie tells Dillon that she and Dante barely had a relationship, but it’s over now. He says she deserves better anyway. She asks him to send positive vibes for her team to win. Dillon tells her his father didn’t live up to his expectations. Valerie says she’s sorry, but he says it’s a fresh start and he doesn’t want to mull over the crummy things that happened in 2015. Me neither.

Johnny, in the big disguise of 2016 glasses, is at The Haunted Star. So are Nina and Franco, and I guess I’ll never know what Nina wanted to ask Curtis. Does she want him to model for the magazine? I could totally see him doing that. Franco gives Nina a present. It’s an absolutely gorgeous necklace.

Robin says now that they have a calendar that goes to the end of time, they can fill it with new memories. Patrick tells her she’s the only person he wants to spend every day with and asks her to marry him. Um….aren’t they already married?

Franco has excellent taste, although he is an artist. Nina loves the necklace and has him put it on her. He says if she’s wondering how he paid for it, he sold a painting. She says he shouldn’t have, but I say why not? Isn’t that the usual goal? They kiss.

Curtis approaches Franco and says he knows who he is.

Darby joins Christina and Morgan. Christina excuses herself to get back to Sam at the pool table. Darby asks if Morgan would like to have a good time, but he says he might have to help his dad out. Michael shows up to mess up everyone’s party mind-set.

Dante says hello to Valerie and she makes herself scarce.

Jason sees Sam at the pool table. They talk football and Jason asks if Sam would like to play a game of pool. She asks if he knows how good he is at pool.

Carly says Jason made a good point that last year at this time, she was missing Sonny, and now they’re married. Sonny says by all rights he should be dead or in prison, but instead he’s with her. They both say how lucky they are. Sonny says he’s always going to need her, and that they’re equals, but he was hoping he would be walking by now. More kissing.

Robin and Patrick “accept” each other’s proposals. Even more kissing. Robin says she’s been praying to be back home for so long, it’s hard to believe it’s real. Patrick says he’ll show her how real it is and they go upstairs. I don’t want to know.

Curtis says he was on the Baltimore PD for years, and Franco was on the most wanted list for most of them. He says a bunch of nasty stuff ending with calling Franco “Robert.” Nina comes back and Curtis tells her if she ever wants to shake Franco, to let him know.

Dillon says he’s going to The Haunted Star and stupidly asks if Valerie would like to come. Oh sure! Not too insensitive. She says she’s going home and he says he’ll drive her.

Michael decides to try and police Morgan. Morgan says he has something to take care of and leaves.

Sam beats Jason at pool and they rack up another game. Christina introduces herself to Jason. He asks if they know one another, and she says she can’t count the times he rescued her. She says there’s something to be said for starting over with a clean slate. She also suggests that he should get back together with Sam. Sam is like, cut it out, and Christina goes to mingle elsewhere. Sam and Jason smile and make googly eyes at each other. Yeah, yeah, we all know where this is headed.

Johnny and Lulu (who checked out The Floating Rib for less than 2 seconds) go back to The Haunted Star for a nightcap.

Morgan sees Raj down at the docks, leaving from a meeting with an associate.

Back at the bar, Sam trips and falls into Jason’s arms. Come on now.

Patrick is showing Robin how real things are. Song part.

Sonny and Carly are being real too. Carly interrupts things to get a new bottle of champagne to toast the new year. She says it’s bad luck to toast at midnight from an open bottle. This is a new one to me, although I’m not much of a champagne drinker.

Valerie’s team wins and is in the running for the national championship. It’s so exciting, I can barely keep from yawning. She and Dillon kiss. Valerie says she can’t deal with romance right now and Dillon says bad timing. She says he can stay in the friend zone and he agrees. I’m sure he’s thrilled. I know how much guys like to be there.

Counting down. Sonny is either having a heart attack or feels movement in his legs. Okay, it’s his legs. Morgan sees the fireworks from the docks and Dante happens upon him. Franco says he wants to take Nina home and make love to her. Johnny kisses Lulu and she totally responds. Go lulu. Carly rushes to Sonny’s side and he says it’s going to be a great year. Robin and Patrick bask in the afterglow and say, “Happy new year” to each other.

Everyone else at the bar is jumping around. Jason and Sam wish each other a happy new year and their faces are pretty close, but no kiss yet.

GH can certainly drag things out, but I have high hopes for Monday.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

DonJuan, Kandi and another assistant are discussing Phaedra’s public powwow about the money issue between her and Todd. Kandi isn’t thrilled with Porsha having been involved in her business. The assistant (Carmen?) says something about how you shouldn’t come around with new shoes when you owe someone money and I’m  totally with her on this. There is a couple who owes me a large sum of money who likes to post their vacation pictures on Facebook, while I haven’t had a vacation since 1987.

Phaedra and Todd meet. Phaedra acts like she doesn’t know why on earth he has an issue with her. Phaedra says some baloney in her individual interview about how Todd must be scrounging around for change because some project of his didn’t get off the ground. Pay him his money, you tight-fisted witch. Phaedra makes noises about having had the baby and how it was a priority. Phaedra also says she hasn’t seen the video, but we flash back to her saying how good it looks as she’s watching it. He tells her that they also need a photo from her and shows her the cancelled checks so she gets it through her head that she still owes him a third.

Porsha is hosting an Emmy red carpet event for Dish Nation. I’ve seen Dish Nation. Once. Please don’t tell me they’re up for an Emmy. Porsha’s sister, Lauren, is also pregnant and since she’s Porsha’s right hand, Porsha doesn’t know what she’ll do when Lauren goes on maternity leave. I can just imagine.

Kenya’s dad has come to visit. Kenya talks about the remodel of her new house and how it’s a money pit. Another great leveler. All houses are money pits. Kenya also says she’s dating. Her dad talks about men keeping scorecards. Maybe at a frat house. Kenya says some of her issues with men are the result of a dysfunctional family. Kenya says she has to deal with family stuff first before finding the right guy.

Cynthia is working on an event for her eyewear. Marlo (apparently bucking for the next Wives cast) is helping.

I have to admit, Porsha’s dress is phenomenal. Sometimes she’s got too much going on or her wardrobe is way too revealing, but this is perfect. Somebody coaches her in the limo about doing interviews. She interviews Gary Cole, one of my favorites. She’s pretty excited, takes lots of selfies, and as far as I can tell, doesn’t embarrass herself.

I go get another piece of pie, my waistline becoming a casualty of the holiday season.

Phaedra’s son, Aiden, is taking golf lessons. I wish him better luck than I had.

Kenya shows her dad her new house in progress. He makes grumbling noises because it’s a wreck, but that’s just the stage the house is in now.

Kandi and Todd meet Peter and Kandi for dinner. Peter compliments Kandi on the video release. Kandi tells them about what DonJuan heard outside the event. She thinks that Porsha should have kept her nose out of it. Kandi is annoyed since she’s been supportive of Porsha in the past. They talk about the money Phaedra owes Todd and all her excuses.

Peter asks about Kandi opening a restaurant. Cynthia says be prepared to put in a lot of time and how she thought things never worked well unless Peter was on site. She and Peter get in a small argument about it.

Cynthia is having her glasses event and Kim helps with some of the camera work. Cynthia talks to Kim and Kenya about producing and directing a commercial for her. Porsha deigns to grace them with her presence after the Emmys. Kandi wonders who the real Porsha is.

Porsha approaches Kandi and asks for a side conversation. Kenya says she hopes Kandi’s crew has their health insurance paid up since she knows what Porsha’s capable of. Ha-ha! DonJuan interrupts and kinda, sorta apologizes about butting in to the ladies’ business at the video release. Kandi doesn’t really want to go outside to talk and Porsha says she’s done and walks outside.

Phaedra isn’t there which Kenya thinks is convenient. Kandi’s friend (Carmen?) tries to run interference and talk to Porsha outside, but Porsha literally runs away from the situation.

Kenya’s dad is obviously a negative guy. They sit in the park to talk. In Kenya’s individual interview she says it’s hard to have a conversation with him because she ran away when she was 12 and her dad didn’t talk to her for five years. They’d moved to Texas and she ran back to where she used to live in Detroit. He says he had pain too, because he thought he had failed. That when she decided Texas wasn’t good enough, he felt she thought he wasn’t good enough. Kenya says she didn’t realize how hurt her dad was and her dad says they need to put everything in the past. It sounds like Kenya’s mother was never too supportive either, but he says forget about it.

Kenya wants to have a family reunion in Detroit, but her dad isn’t too receptive. Kenya thinks if she can reconnect with her dad, maybe there’s hope for her mother. They hug.

Kandi and idiot Porsha meet for lunch. Porsha says she invited Kandi to lunch so she can be “the bigger person,” and I gag. Porsha says Kandi’s team caused problems at the event. Kandi says her team knew that Porsha wanted to talk about the Todd gossip, so they should have been included. She also says private conversations usually lead to the person retracting what they said later. Porsha acts like she contributed nothing to the gossip and DonJuan got it all wrong. Porsha says she wasn’t taking sides and it’s all Phaedra. Kandi says Porsha goes whatever way the wind is blowing. Porsha says that she’s choosing a side because maybe Phaedra needs her more. Nice try. I don’t think Phaedra needs anybody’s support.

Now it’s Kandi’s turn to gag. Porsha tries to act like Phaedra is a poor single mother whose husband has left her in the lurch. Porsha asks if there’s anything she can do to get Phaedra and Kandi’s friendship back on track. Kandi says it will probably never be the same and then the two of them act like nothing ever happened. WTF?

Next time, Kenya goes to Detroit and OMG it’s Kandi’s mom.


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