January 22, 2016 — GH 2x, Junior Chefs 4x & Quotes 3x


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


General Hospital – Thursday

Sonny tells Carly that the court appointed supervisor is a nightmare and is a stickler with a timer. Carly says Ava is a witch who will exploit the situation however she can.

Kiki tells Ava, who must be glued to a seat in the MetroCourt, that she can’t talk until she has a break. Ava says she isn’t there to infringe, but she’s starving. For some reason, this is focused on a little and it makes me wonder if Ava is pregnant. The subject of Morgan comes up and Kiki tells Ava she and Morgan are good for each other.

Sonny meets with a doctor who wouldn’t shut up about his celebrity patients. Sonny gives Carly a bunch of gossip. Max says that the doctor has worked on Diane’s favorite character on The Housewives of Beecher’s Corners (not a real show, so don’t check your TV guide). Carly realizes the doctor is on the show and Morgan asks if he’s Sonny’s new doctor. I’m hoping for a show within the show, like One Life to Live did with Sorority Row.

Elizabeth asks Jason why Sam is there. He tells her Sam is there in her PI capacity. Sam wants to take a look around and Elizabeth says absolutely not.

Ava says she’s truly happy that Morgan and Kiki are in each other’s lives. Kiki says she’s trying to make sure he takes his meds. Ava asks her to try to keep Morgan from getting into trouble.

Sonny says no way is he going to a celebrity doctor. Morgan is at the hospital to see his therapist. Max has to go and Sonny asks Morgan why he was on the docks on New Year’s Eve. He says there was illegal activity going on and Morgan had better not be planning on getting into Sonny’s business.

Hayden and Nicholas make sweet talk. Hayden’s phone rings and she says it’s the office and takes the call in another room. It’s Curtis, who says she owes him money.

Elizabeth says that the police didn’t find anything, so Sam won’t either. Evil seed Jake pipes up that Sam is the one who broke in and Sam says she’d never do anything to hurt him or his family. He gets sent upstairs where he belongs. Sam says the police could have missed something and asks Elizabeth if she can put her feelings aside for second, or is she worried Sam will find something she doesn’t want anyone to know about?

Nicholas says he spoke to his lawyer and if Jason doesn’t get put in jail, the lawsuit is going to be more difficult than he thought.

Jason tells Elizabeth let’s just get this done. Elizabeth says just do whatever you need to do and that she has nothing to hide. She goes upstairs where she belongs. Sam tells Jason they should finish the walk through.

Sonny tells Morgan that he loves him, but if he’s involved in anything illegal, he’ll ship him overseas. Morgan says he’s a grown man, but Sonny says he’ll do whatever he has to in order to protect him.

Ava tells Kiki that if Morgan doesn’t take his meds, he could find himself in a dangerous situation, like what happened at the cabin. She adds that with Sonny recuperating, Morgan might try to get involved in the business. Kiki wonders why Ava is so concerned, and asks if Ava knows something. Ava says no, and Kiki says she’ll take that at face value, but she’s still suspicious. Carly stops at the table and tells Ava she needs a favor. Sure, Ava says, anything you want. Not really.

Ava asks what kind of favor Carly could possibly want. Carly says it’s a favor for Sonny. Ava makes noises about Sonny’s business, and Carly says Sonny would never let anything happen to Avery. Kiki suggests that to get on her good side, Ava drop the animosity toward Carly, and be civil. She goes back to work. Carly asks if Avery can spend a weekend with her and Sonny.

Sonny says he remembers how difficult it was for him in finding the right combination to combat his illness. Morgan says he feels like he’s not living his life. Sonny says he understands that it’s a feeling of being “flat” with no emotions. He says Morgan can’t isolate himself and it will get better. Morgan asks when it got easier for Sonny. Sonny says he’s not sure, but eventually his feelings came back without the crazy highs and lows. He talks about holding Avery and how it made him almost explode with joy. He says it’s inside Morgan too. He says if Morgan doesn’t take his meds, he’ll have another breakdown.

Hayden meets Curtis and gives him the money. Curtis says don’t ever make a payment until you get the goods, and doesn’t she want to know if the bullet that hit her came from a gun other than Shawn’s? She says of course. He gives her the report and says it’s all the proof she needs.

Jordan goes to see Nicholas. She tells him she’s there as a courtesy to tell him what’s happening with Jason’s case. She says there’s an eyewitness who says Jason didn’t try to hill him.

Sam and Jason don’t find anything, and Elizabeth says they can go now. Jason’s phone rings. It’s something about his case, so while he takes the call Elizabeth and Sam are left along. Sam tells Elizabeth that Jason really knows what’s going on; he just doesn’t want to admit it. She says that there was no sign of forced entry, no strange fingerprints, and even though kids were playing right outside, nobody saw anything.  She says true to form, Elizabeth made it all up and she smashed the photo herself.

Sonny reminds Morgan of how crazy he went when he went off his own medication. Morgan says he’s doing his best, but when he wakes up the first thing he thinks about is his disease. He says he’s getting through the day, but isn’t living his life. Sonny tells him to keep doing what he’s doing. Morgan says he doesn’t feel like a whole person and it would help him to know he was helping Sonny. Sonny says he’ll give Morgan a job.

Ava balks at leaving Avery alone with Sonny and Carly for a weekend. Carly says Sonny cherishes the time with Avery the most when she just wakes up. She says Avery needs Sonny as much as he needs Avery. Ava says no way.

Curtis asks what Hayden is going to do now. Hayden asks why it matters. Curtis says all of a sudden it seems like she’s not as interested in the results and asks if she’s changed her mind. He says she’s only alive because whoever shot her thinks she blames Shawn, and when they find out, they’ll try to kill her again.

Jordan tells Nicholas that the eyewitness saw the whole thing, that Nicholas started the fight and was propelled by his own momentum when he fell over the balcony. She wonders why he really wants Jason put away. Seriously, she’s the commissioner and she can’t figure out why?

Elizabeth asks why Sam thinks she would do such a thing. Sam says she’s trying to manipulate Jason so he feels sorry for her. Jason comes back in and says he’s off the hook with Nicholas. Elizabeth whines to him that Sam is accusing her of staging the break-in. Sam says it was staged by someone who lives there.  Elizabeth says it wasn’t enough that Sam stole Jason away from her; now she’s accusing her of terrorizing her own children. She says Sam ruined her life. No, you ruined your own life, you witch.

Hayden tells Curtis she’s safe and that the man who wanted her dead doesn’t anymore. Curtis is like, are you kidding? And asks her why she doesn’t expose him. She says she’s not ready. He asks if she’s saving it for blackmail. He says that she was lucky and now she’s pressing her luck. He says he’s not going to say anything, but she should “pPut this cat behind bars before he puts you in the ground.” Hayden tells him that he has his money and they’re done. She leaves and Curtis says they’re not done, they’re just getting started.

Nicholas says both he and Hayden told Jordan what happened. Jordan says Hayden waffled all over the place, along with claiming to be hysterical, but they now have a real eyewitness.

Elizabeth says she owned her mistake with Jason. Sam says she was given ample opportunity to do that, but didn’t until she was forced to. Elizabeth starts whining to Jason again. Sam adds that Elizabeth tried to keep him from his own son, jeopardizing his relationship with Danny. Sam says Jason knows this was staged and just doesn’t want to say it.

Sonny wants Morgan to work at Corrinthos Coffee. He’ll be starting at the bottom and Sonny says the physical activity will be good for him. Sounds like stock work to me. Morgan isn’t thrilled, but says he’ll do it. Sonny says he’s proud of Morgan. Morgan leaves for his appointment. Max says he’s been monitoring the dock activities. Sonny asks if he has information about Raj and Max says yes, and it’s not good.

Carly asks if they can they have her for an overnight, even if they can’t for a weekend. Carly says Avery needs her dad and Ava asks how Carly would know what Avery needs. Kiki comes back to the table, and says she wished for a father as a child, but she never had that experience until later because of Ava’s machinations. She tells Ava to stop apologizing and show her she’s willing to learn how to be a better mother. She says Ava can start by letting Sonny have his visit with Avery.

Hayden gets back to the castle. Nicholas says he might not have ELQ much longer because Jason has been exonerated. He says it could be worse, but he has Hayden and she’s more important that a stupid lawsuit. He says that Spencer keeps saying n is in love with her and he’s feeling it. Hayden says she can’t do this.

Jordan sees Curtis at Kelly’s. She says he keeps turning up like a bad penny. Curtis asks if she’s meeting her son and Jordan says don’t mention his name. Curtis says he misses his nephew.

Max shows Sonny some information and asks what they do now. Sonny says they wait and make sure everything is done right. He adds that he doesn’t know what Ava is up to, but she’s putting Avery in danger.

Ava says she’ll think about it. Carly says that’s better than a no, and thanks her. She leaves and Kiki says the way to be a better mother is to think of what her daughter would want.

Morgan comes in, says he got Kiki’s text and what’s up. She asks why Ava would think he’s going to get into trouble. He says he has no clue, but he’s going to be doing grunt work for Sonny’s coffee company.

Ava calls someone and tells them not to tell Paul about seeing Morgan at the docks.

Sam tells Jason that Elizabeth is taking advantage of how he feels about the boys. Elizabeth tells her to get out. Sam tells Jason he’s smarter than this and leaves. Elizabeth whines to Jason some more and when she sees his face, asks if he believes Sam.

Tomorrow, Laura asks for an explanation from Lulu and Elizabeth swears to Jason she’d never do anything so terrible. Unless he suddenly has short term memory loss, I’m guessing he’s not buying that.

General Hospital – Friday

Dante is using the punching bag like a mad man and Sonny asks if he’s working out his Lulu aggression.

Laura comes over Lulu’s place. She says Lulu left her with Rocco, ran off, and then later the police were looking for her. She dropped Rocco off at Windermere and now she wants an explanation.

Hayden wants Nicholas to back off. He asks what’s wrong.

Carly is planning something for Jason’s birthday.

Elizabeth says Jason can’t possibly believe Sam. Jason says the last time he asked her not to believe Sam, she was lying, so what makes this time different? Good point.

For the love of all that’s holy, we don’t really need to know that it’s going to snow tomorrow morning. Thanks, ABC News, for breaking into Friday’s GH for this. None of us knew that coastal flooding can cause damage either, so I appreciate that information, as well as letting me know that if it isn’t that bad, you’ll adjust your reports accordingly. OMG – there’s a recording coming in on my phone too. And they’re telling us we should stay inside during a blizzard. I guess no one has been through winter before and we all just fell out of trees yesterday.

And when they were finally done? We come back to a commercial. Because God forbid we miss that. The Bernie Madoff movie looks good though.

Hayden says the thought of love is overwhelming and that she’s never really been in love before. She says when the money ran out, her ex-husband did too. Nicholas says things changed when he was in the hospital and he can say he loves her now, but all he sees is fear in her eyes. Hayden says she’s afraid to love him as much as she does.

Michael tells Sonny that there’s nothing he can do about Sabrrrina. Dante says Lulu would have been facing 15 years in prison if Johnny hadn’t taken the fall for her.

Lulu says everything changed when Dante left Rocco alone with Valerie. She told Johnny he could stay if he’d get Valerie out of her life and that’s how Valerie ended up tied up in the cabin. Laura freaks about the fire and asks if it’s intentional, and did Lulu and Johnny mean to kill Valerie.

Dante explains how Johnny set Valerie up. He says Lulu was in on the set up, but he doesn’t think she meant for it to go the way it did. He says Lulu will never legally be charged, but he doesn’t know if he can get past it.

Lulu says she knows how it looks, but she wasn’t trying to get revenge. She just wanted Valerie to leave town. Laura asks if Dante knows. Lulu says yes, and she’s never seen him so angry. She says the last she saw him, he was going to check on Valerie, and for all she knows, he’s still with her and she has no one but herself to blame.

Sonny said what Lulu did was vindictive, but that’s not her normal behavior. He says Dante should acknowledge the hurt he caused. Dante says he has. Maybe, but he also expected Lulu to get over it in a day. Sonny reminds Dante of his better or worse wedding vows and says that he let anger come between him and Carly. Dante says he and Lulu are nothing like Sonny and Carly.

Sam tells Carly about her break-in theory and says she raised the possibility of Elizabeth being behind it, and Jason was there. Carly asks if Elizabeth responded with tears of wounded innocence or offended outrage. Ha-ha! Sam says she doesn’t know if Jason will be up for a party, but Carly says he might want to be around people who aren’t trying to manipulate him. Carly talks about Jason and Sam getting back together and Sam says she wants him to get there in his own time.

Jason says he can’t move past Elizabeth letting his wife and child grieve for him when she knew he was alive. Elizabeth says they loved each other at some point and what about her opening her home to him when she thought he was a stranger. She says she would never do anything as horrible as frightening her own child and swears on her love for him, she had nothing to do with the break-in.

Jason says their focus should be on who broke in the house. Elizabeth swears it wasn’t her, which means nothing. Jason asks if they’re going to be okay in the house. She says yes, and he says he’ll call her in the morning. Jake asks if Sam made his dad go away again.

Nicholas gets seriously mushy about how love can change your life and it’s a risk worth taking. Hayden says what if she doesn’t deserve him?

Lulu says Valerie seduced Dante, and she has a right to be angry and lash out, but it went too far and now she’s the villain. Laura tells her to slow her roll and hold still until she gets some clarity. Lulu says she wishes she’d listened the first time. Laura says she does too, and she’s sorry, but she has to get back to Rocco. She tells Lulu she loves her, and Lulu says ditto. Laura opens the door and Dante is standing there.

Laura tells Dante that Rocco is at Windermere and everything is fine. Then she leaves. Dante asks if he can come in. Part of me wants them to work it out because Lulu obviously loves him, but the other part wants her to forget about him because he’s such a tool.

Jason comes into the bar. Carly says she and Sam were just talking about how Sam got the attempted murder charges dropped, and Sam acts all modest. Carly wants to celebrate, but Jason says he was just going to have dinner in his room. Sam says that’s cool, but Carly says wait a second, happy birthday!

Jason says he knows he wasn’t born in January. Carly tells him that he’d considered this day his birthday because of being reborn after the accident. Carly says a whole bunch of stuff that I can boil down to today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Elizabeth tells Jake nobody made Jason go away, and that they’ll see him tomorrow. She tells him his dad loves him very much, but they’re not getting married or living together. Laura knocks at the door. It’s Jake’s bedtime, so upstairs he goes. Laura asks if everything is back to normal, since they’re back at the house. Elizabeth says nothing is back to normal.

Sonny tells Michael he hopes Dante doesn’t throw everything away and that obstacles are made to be overcome. Michael says that some obstacles can’t be overcome. Sonny says, the quickest way to lose is to refuse to try. He tells Michael that he hates doing exercises, throwing combinations while he’s in the wheelchair, but he does everything for his family and so he can be the man they need him to be. Really? Is that why he’s a mob boss?

Lulu says he’s glad Valerie wasn’t hurt and that she knows she did wrong. Dante says she jeopardized Rocco. Lulu says she does understand and she’s sorry, but maybe they can make this a turning point, face their mistakes and stop punishing each other. She says she never imagined what was going to happen, that they loved each other and it must be still there. Dante says she did horrible things because she loved him. She says that’s true, everything she did was for them. These people all have bizarre concepts of sacrificing for their families.

Hayden says she started off blackmailing and then grew to care for Nicholas, but didn’t realize how much until he was in the hospital. She says maybe she has too much baggage and that she should leave and they should both start fresh. He tells her to stay forever instead. Because that’s the only other option.

Sonny tells Michael to go to the party Carly is having for Jason to be supportive. Michael says he learns from Sonny’s example every day. Alone at the gym, Sonny looks thoughtful.

Elizabeth tells Laura that Jason asked Sam to investigate the break-in and that she came to the conclusion Elizabeth staged it. Laura acts all surprised and appalled.

Jason says he isn’t feeling it. The chef brings out the cake and he apologizes. Carly says she’d rather he be honest and he can take the cake home if he wants. He says that he’s sorry he can’t be her old friend. Carly gets kind of pissed and says her birthday wish for him is that he stops separating who he used to be and who he is now, and just be himself. She hollers “happy birthday” at him and storms out. Jason tells Sam to have some cake; he’s going out for air.

Dante tells Lulu that when he told Valerie they’d gotten close over Christmas, she ended things, so Lulu didn’t need to go to such extremes. Valerie was already gone. Lulu asks if he was sad, and Dante says no, he was relieved because he’d wanted to be with Lulu the whole time. Ouch!

Lulu says they can fix it and as long as they love each other, they can find their way back. He says they at a time when they should have clung to each other, they didn’t, and now it’s over. Lulu suggests counseling, but Dante says they know too much now. He says he never thought he could cheat on her and he did, and he never thought she could be so vindictive and horrible, but she was. He says they’re not who they thought they were. She says they can be and should for Rocco’s sake. He says for Rocco’s sake they should part and he’s going to talk to a lawyer. He leaves her crying hysterically. This almost makes me want to cry, but because it’s Dante, I don’t.

Nicholas suggests he and Hayden get married. Hayden said they’d already talked about it. Nicholas says she’d offered it as a business proposition, and that when he turned it down, she stayed. He says love shouldn’t be about stocks and bonds, and that all he knows is that his life is better with her in it. He says more mushy stuff and I almost like him. I do like them together, but I love to hate him. He gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. Awww!

Elizabeth whines to Laura, asking why Sam can’t just wallow in her victory and leave poor, innocent her alone. While she and Laura talk, Jake sits on the steps drawing a scary, dark picture of Sam.  DUN-DUN-DUNNN!

Sonny tries to lift himself out of the wheelchair. He’s able to stand. Sort of.

Michael sees Carly and asks where the party is. She says Jason didn’t want one. She says he was gracious, but she got emotional. She says she got upset about him talking about himself in the third person, as in Jason her friend, as though he was someone else when he’s the same person. Michael says of course he’s the same person, that’s why he being stubborn.

Sam brings a piece of cake out – man, it looks good! – to where Jason is. He says he has to start living the life he made for himself, even if he doesn’t remember making it and appreciate the people living it with him. Sam says he should thank Carly and feeds him a bite of cake. It starts to rain and they run inside. Jason says, this always happens to us, doesn’t it? Sam asks if he remembers something and he says yes, them on a rooftop in the rain. He says he doesn’t just have the memory of them, but he remembers how it felt. He talks about them dancing and kissing. He says he remembers how Sam felt and smelled, and I try not to make a joke here. He tells Sam he doesn’t remember how and why they were there, but it feels real. Sam says it was real

Tomorrow, Jordan and Curtis clash, and Tracy sees…someone.

MasterChef Junior

It seems like the season just started, but we’re down to four contestants.

Ha-ha! The judges reveal the kids’ parents heads on platters (the rest of them is under the table). It’s a little creepy how the kids don’t freak out much.

The first challenge is a soufflé. I’m out. I like to tell myself I’d cook like this if I had that pantry, but that’s highly doubtful.

Not one of the soufflés falls. Even the kids are shocked at themselves. I think the judges minds are boggled too. There are some cooking nuances I don’t have a clue about that will make the decision. My girl Addy wins the challenge.

Addy gets to choose which of the four cuts of pork each of the other contestants has to cook. Of course one is pig ears, which I wouldn’t have the vaguest idea of what to do with. The kid who gets those makes them into a salad that looks amazing, but the strips of ear are undercooked and I go, ewwww! when Graham stretches them like a rubber band. I remember from the Little House on the Prairie books that those kinds of things should be crispy. Unless the next dish isn’t cooked at all, this kid is going home.

The nine-year-old got pork belly and gets some serious props from the judges. Graham says something about luck, and she says it’s not just luck, she’s a competitor. I wasn’t much younger when I  thought it would be a good idea to put a Tupperware container directly on the stove burner to heat some soup.

The nine-year-old is moving on to the grand finale. Gordon is hemming and hawing about how hard the decision was, but we all know the undercooked pork kid is going to go.

YES! Addy is in. It’s going to be her against the nine-year-old.

As for the two who are going home, feel proud of yourselves. Any mistakes you’ve made, none of us would have ever noticed and when most of us were your age, we didn’t even know what a soufflé was, much less have been able to cook one. And this is something you’ll remember your entire lives. Good job!

Next week, the finale. Where does the time go?

The People’s Couch – Quotes

I probably laugh more during this show than anything else I watch. They’re like the perfect friends to watch television with, but better dressed. Galavant has been added to their line-up. Princella describes it as “The Princess Bride with music” and I think that’s a perfect description.

Favorite quotes this week:

We know where Potomac is now. Shadesville. Emerson, referring to The Real Housewives of Potomac.

He is killing this audition to be jack Nicholson for the next four decades. Emerson again, referring to Leo DiCaprio accepting a Golden Globe.

Mob Wives is also back for its final season on VH1, as evidenced by their subtitle, The Last Stand. Karen gave me one other irresistible quote:

She has the mentality of a moth ball.

Even though I wasn’t always a steady watcher of this show, I’ll miss it. It also has one of the best soundtracks on television.

If we all get snowed in this weekend, at least there’s cable.

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