January 31, 2016– Potomac, Atlanta & a Galavanting Thought


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & receps from today’s TV watching)


It was really good of ABC to show the finale of Galavant! during the live performance of Grease on FOX. While it’s not one of my favorite musicals, I’m loving the recent promotion of live theatre and enjoy watching just about anything. I’m sure this one is going to draw a large audience, so it’s a shame ABC didn’t care enough about their own program to give the last episode of the season a better chance at bigger ratings. I’m hoping this doesn’t affect their renewal possibilities.

Obviously, I chose Galavant! If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have found out his first name is Gary.

The Real Housewives of Potomac

Some of these women have some weird relationships going on. One is divorced, but still sleeps in the same bed as her husband, and another one isn’t really engaged, but likes to “keep it muddy” when discussing it with friends. Either you’re engaged or not, or you’re divorced or not.

Katie is meeting with an editor from Washington Life. Ten years ago, she graced the cover and now they want to revisit her life. She’s promoting a charity called the Rost Foundation. Katie talks about her old money background and muddies the waters as best she can when asked about her love life. In her individual interview, she says everyone will know Andrew belongs to her when they magazine come out. Isn’t Andrew’s opinion at least somewhat important?

Karen asks to meet with Gizelle. Karen tells Gizelle her intentions were good, but her delivery was wrong with adding Charrisse and talking in a public place, even though they’re in one now. Karen says when she’s wrong she owns it, but she’s rarely wrong. Karen suggests Gizelle speak with Charrisse, but Gizelle says she already apologized and she’s done.

Ashley and her husband are having dinner with Katie and Andrew. Katie asks Ashley how she and Michael met. Katie says she could learn something from Ashley on how to lock it down. Katie asks how Ashley liked the other girls, and she wasn’t too impressed. Andrew makes some snarky remarks about Karen which aren’t unwarranted.

Robyn’s ex-husband, Juan, didn’t grow up with a good father figure, so he wants to be there for his kids. He used to be in the NBA, now coaches for the University of Maryland and wants to eventually coach in the NBA. Robyn says that Juan wants their relationship to work out and I’m wondering why they’re divorced in the first place, since they seem to function well as a couple. They hit hard times financially and Juan might get a job out of state. Robyn is deciding whether she and the kids are coming along or if they’re going to part ways.

Karen’s daughter is getting ready for her senior prom. Of course she looks amazing and so does her date. Karen says she’s a helicopter mom and I’m not surprised. She says she’ll have to put some of that passion into her own life now. Look out, Potomac!
Robyn is with her mother at a consignment bridal shop where they’re leaving Robyn’s wedding dress. They talk about when Robyn got married and Robyn says she thinks she was too young. They take a last photo of Robyn and the dress (not in the dress).

Karen is out shopping with Charrisse. She says she and Gizelle buried the hatchett. Karen says she suggested Gizelle meet with Charrisse as well and Charrisse snorts, because she is a barnyard animal. Ashley and Katie join them. Karen is getting her daughter a bathing suit and wants the girls to try them on. Ashley is having a whiskey tasting and invites Karen. Karen gives her the advice that respect of the hierarchy is everything if she wants to get ahead socially. In her individual interview, Ashley says she can learn a lot from Karen. Yeah, like how to be a ridiculous hypocrite.

Gizelle is going to the whiskey tasting and her elementary school daughters are helping her pick her outfit. Why not? Everyone on this show acts like they’re ten.

Katie and Andrew are going to a networking event to promote the foundation and she asks how she should introduce him. As finance maybe? She’s really obsessed with needing to be engaged.

Karen is aghast to see that the whiskey tasting is in a rustic bar. Ashley suggests she open her mind. Good luck with that. Robyn is surprised about the whiskey part since it “seems like a grown-up man thing.” Sigh. Maybe she should take advice from Gizelle’s kids too. Gizelle is also dressed up and complains that she has to walk down a whole flight of stairs. Charrisse claims she likes to make the best of every situation as she adjusts her tiara. I’d believe that from Karen first.

This looks like a lot of fun, with some light appetizers in between, but these ladies clearly are not whiskey drinkers. Uh-oh. Gizelle must be getting drunk because she tells Karen how much she appreciated their talk and then turns to Charrisse. Charrisse says she feels like Karen disrespected her in her home. Whatever. Gizelle says she already apologized. Double whatever. Karen jumps in and decides to tell them how it’s done in the hood…I mean, in Potomac.

Katie and Andrew get a cocktail and work the room. Katie says there’s a lot of pressure on her to make the foundation a philanthropic force. They’re having a casino night and are basically drumming up supporters. Someone asks if they’re engaged and Andrew says not yet. Katie says you have to be married to be taken seriously in Philanthropy World because she lives in a land of veils and bouquets.

Ashley says Gizelle and Charrisse are acting like five-year-olds, but then proceeds to pick on Gizelle. I look away for a second and Gixelle and Charrisse are hugging. What? Ashley says, see what a little whiskey can do? and that explains it.

Andrew and Katie rehash the event at home. She wants Andrew to braid her hair like the guy did in 50 Shades of Grey. It fails miserably. They talk children and she doesn’t like the way he’s joking around. She says she’s a woman with three children and needs to know if he’s taking things seriously. He tells her that if she wouldn’t have brought up getting engaged for the past six months, they would have been engaged already. Katie doesn’t seem to understand this.

Well, I understand and he seems very controlling. I get that he’s tired of hearing it, but if his love is based on her behavior, he doesn’t really love her and she should run in the other direction. If this is how he’s dealing with her needs now, I highly doubt he’s going to be on board with for better or worse.

Next week, Charrisse questions her marriage and someone is declaring bankruptcy — I think Robyn.

Honestly, Bravo scraped the bottom of the barrel with this one. Cleveland, anyone? Portland maybe?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

The girls are going to Jamaica, so Porsha hired a stylist. Because she can’t possibly do something as difficult as picking out a swimsuit on her own.

Cynthia is psyched for shooting the commercial. Peter is coming too (ugh!). Nene is also coming, but the others don’t know it. This ought to go over really big. Cynthia has decided to go with Kim as director for the commercial, but hasn’t told Kenya yet. She’s counting on Kenya being understanding, which is not too likely. Cynthia is not going to win a popularity contest on this trip.

Kenya’s boyfriend, Matt, is coming along. Since they were together on Watch What Happens Live tonight, I assume things went well. Kim is hauling all her kids along. At least Cynthia got a surprise too. Sheree’s ex-husband, Bob, is also joining them. Are they getting back together?

Porsha and Phaedra make a lot of sexual remarks on the bus going to the hotel, and I wonder if Kim brought ear plugs for her kids. Somehow Cynthia starts talkig to Kenya about Kim directing the commercial, which is something that should be discussed privately. Kim says they need to work it out betwixt themselves and points out that she used that word.

Cynthia and Peter have arrived a day early and great everyone in the hotel lobby. This is Peter’s native land, so he seems to actually have some energy. Everyone has a gorgeous suite and they’re all pretty excited. Bob is obviously trying to get with Sheree, but she isn’t having any…yet.

Back in Atlanta, Kandi asks Todd if he thinks they’re missing out. Todd says the trip is probably extra cool because Peter can show everyone off the beaten path stuff.
Kim meets Cynthia outside and tells her that she’s shaved more off the budget. Kenya joins them. Cynthia tells Kenya she was pressed for time and liked Kim’s idea, but she’d still like Kenya to be involved. Kenya says it was disrespectful not to at least hear her pitch. Cynthia says Kenya didn’t show at the pitch meeting. Kenya says if the shoe had been on the other foot, she still would have listened to Cynthia’s ideas. She says Kim is also wrong about the producer and director always being the same.

Kenya tells Kim she feels like Kim is alienating her from Cynthia. Kenya asks how many commercials Kim has done. Kim says it doesn’t matter as Kenya isn’t the client. Kenya says Kim is just saying that because she hasn’t done any. Kenya says if Kim wants to discuss her experience, to put it on the table. They start to talk over each other about growing up, which is kind of ironic. Kenya starts to make Facts of Life references and says Kim is tired. Kenya gets a little weird and pulls Kim’s chair out with her in it. Kim decides to disengage and Kenya applauds her for best exit.

Kenya tells Cynthia she was willing to work with Kim and what happened was unfair. Cynthia tells Kenya that what she did was not cool.

Phaedra doesn’t get why Kim brought her kids along with her sitter, and wonders why the sitter couldn’t sit with the kids at home. Me too.

Kim tells her husband about what happened with Kenya. Kim gets pretty worked up over the whole thing. She says had Kenya touched her, they would have seen another side of her. Her husband tells her to slow her roll, and that she took the bait. He says to let Kenya be wrong. He seems very smart and supportive.

Cynthia and Peter meet with Nene and Greg. They all have a cocktail and Cynthia tells them about what happened with Kenya and Kim. Nene tells her to just move on.
Kenya is bummed out about going to dinner. She thinks Cynthia’s decision was based on Kim’s dislike of her. Matt says they said they’d go, so they should go.

The girls are already at the table when Cynthia and Peter make a grand entrance with Nene and Greg. Some are glad; some, not so much. Oddly enough, only Porsha has the smarts to remember that Nene and Cynthia were not on good terms like yesterday.
Peter thanks everyone for coming. Porsha says that Nene kept the secret very well. Nene says Cynthia wants her to be involved with the commercial. They all joke about wanting to be in the “mercial,” but Kenya isn’t having any. Peter wants to know what’s up and Kenya says she’d rather die in several different ways than talk about it.

Kim talks about how she’s tried to be nice about everything and while she’s talking, Kenya and Matt leave the table and walk away. A few of the ladies talk about Kenya and Cynthia being BFFs, but Nene says that’s not possible and asks Cynthia if that’s the case. Cynthia says not really and again Porsha is the voice of reason, saying Cynthia is a flip-flopper.

Peter says to move the BFF along because they have plans for the morning.

This place is so awesome, I’d be glad not to be involved in the commercial and just sit in a lounge chair being served umbrella drinks by cabana boys.

Sheree comes to Nene’s room. We flash back to some good and bad times with them over the seasons. Sheree says they’ve always had mutual respect, and Nene says she’s glad they moved past the past. Nene asks Sheree how everyone took her arrival. Sheree says they were all surprised.

Cynthia, who lives her life with blinders on and so would I if I was married to Peter, still thinks everything is cool with Kenya. Nene tells Sheree that with Kenya, it’s a BFFN, best friends for now. She says had it been her, she would have been understanding, but I wonder about that. By the pool, Porsha tells Phaedra that Oliver (from a few episodes ago) called her and they talk dirty about them for a while.

At home, Kandi is having a family dinner. She says that she’s not really sorry she missed the trip, since whenever they go somewhere, there’s drama. Kandi and Todd talk about a nanny. She says her mom will be able to babysit, it’s the least she can do since Kandi bought her a house. Todd says she’s not going to want to deal with a baby all the time at her age.

Someone is banging on Cynthia’s door. It’s her sister, Malorie. Peter arranged it, so maybe he has changed. Sheree, who must be traveling room to room, visits Kenya. Kenya says Kim’s boring voice droning on compelled her to leave dinner early. She also says she’s glad she didn’t know Nene was showing up or she might not have come.

Sheree asks Kenya if she considers Cynthia a best friend. When Kenya says yes, Sheree stirs the pot by telling her about the conversation when she left. She says Cynthia is throwing Kenya shade because she’s friends with Nene again.

Kenya goes to Cynthia’s room and after saying hello to Mal, asks to speak to Cynthia alone. Kenya says she was flabbergasted to hear Cynthia said they weren’t friends. Cynthia says she considers Kenya a close friend but not a best friend. Kenya says she’s hurt and that after she was replaced on the commercial, she was replaced in Cynthia’s friend circle

Next week, the commercial moves forward and Sheree tells Kim there are rumors that her husband is gay.


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