What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s TV watching)

General Hospital

Robert and Anna are in a Halifax jail without knowing why. Anna is all what would have happened, but Robert is looking on the bright side — he gets to sleep with Anna again.

Ava is sick with some kind of virus. Kiki comes over to babysit. Ava says she knows Kiki is upset about her not allowing Sonny more time with Avery, but she hopes Kiki will adhere to her wishes.

Sonny asks Max if there’s any news about Ava’s shipment. It’s coming in today. His plans are to shut Ava down and bring Avery home. Michael arrives (is he still on this show?).

Carly is at the hospital and runs into Morgan. She says she’s there about Sonny, but Morgan thinks she’s checking up on him.

Jake is sedated in the hospital. What did I miss? Oh, okay, they fill me in by Jason saying that he was hit by a car. Elizabeth flashes back to when Jake was hit with a car by Luke (?).

Sam, still lying in the basement, calls out for Jake to help her.

Kiki tells Ava to just concentrate on getting better. She’s brought a load of supplies like soup and juice. Kiki goes to get Avery ready when Ava gets a text from Paul saying he’s coming over. She texts something back we don’t see.

Michael says it sounded like Sonny was talking about the business when he walked in and Sonny tells him to mind his own business. Michael says that they’ve at least been able to spend more time together with Sonny in the wheelchair staying put. He tells Sonny that Anna is looking for Sabrrrina.

Felicia and Mac show up to spring Anna and Robert. Felicia says they had to go through a lot of red tape. Anna asks if they explained what the blip happened to get them arrested.

Carly says she got the message when Morgan told her to butt out at the warehouse. She said he has a valid point and she’s backing off. Morgan asks if she means it or she’s just being patronizing. She says she means it.

Jason thinks Jake ran away because they realized he was behind the break-ins at the house. Elizabeth says he deserves a happy, safe childhood and she feels responsible for what’s happened. Monica comes in and says the prognosis is good. Monica says there’s the possibility of internal bleeding, so he’s going to need surgery. She says whatever it takes, Jake will be fine.

Sam tries to get up and falls over again. She realizes she has a concussion. She sees her phone nearby, but can’t reach it.

Ava is all dressed up when Paul rings the doorbell. He wants her to go to the gallery and meet Raj’s boss, Dixon. Ava says Sonny is just waiting for her to make a false move. Paul tells her that the police aren’t on to anything and Anna is indisposed.

Felicia tells Anna and Robert that they were mistaken for a wanted couple.

Michael tells Sonny that Anna was investigating Carrrlos and thinks Sabrrrina might be with him. Sonny tells him not to give up hope on Sabrrrina.

Morgan tells Carly he appreciates Carly’s trust. Carly asks about Kiki. Morgan says that she wants him to stay in the friend zone, but did agree to a date. Carly says they bring out both the best and worst in each other and they’ve both been hurt, so he should take it slow.

Jason asks Monica about Danny, who spent the night at her house. Monica says he’s doing great and has a birthday party after school, and will be ready for Sam afterward. So I guess they won’t be figuring out that Sam is in Elizabeth’s basement for a while.

Sam reaches her phone, but it’s smashed.

Kiki arrives at Sonny’s with Avery. We are just flying through the scenes today.

Michael meets Felix at the hospital. Felix has a postcard from Sabrrrina in San Juan. She says she made the right decision in leaving Port Charles. Michael says he’ll fly to San Juan. Felix says he shouldn’t do it. He says she knows about Michael’s change of heart already because she told him.

Robert asks if the couple has accents. Anna thinks the police were possibly looking for Carrrlos and Sabrrrina. Mac says no.

Ava says she’s not at the gallery because she wants as little contact as possible with the gun runners. She says she lied to Kiki to get Avery out of the apartment. She says that they used to be just business partners, but they’re involved now, so can’t Paul cut her some slack on the murder charge?

Sonny tells Kiki what she already knows about Ava not wanting to give him more time with Avery. She says what Ava doesn’t know won’t hurt her. She says she doesn’t want Avery’s heart to ache like hers did wishing for a father when she was growing up.

Jason sees Carly at the hospital and tells her about Jake being hit by the car. Elizabeth tells Monica she can’t believe this happened a second time because of her. Monica says parents always blame themselves if something happens to their child. Elizabeth says this is her punishment for what she did to Jason. I’ll vote for that.

Sam’s vision is gettig blurry. She starts crawling accross the floor, trying to make it to…the laundry basket?

Elizabeth says Jake is suffering because she’s selfish. She wanted to keep Jason to herself and ignored everyone else’s pain. Monica says that’s not the case, and the best you can do is to be there for your children since you can’t totally prevent them from being hurt.

Carly asks how the accident happened. Jason tells her Jake ran away and explains how he came to the conclusion that Jake was behind the break-ins. He says he shouldn’t have left Jake with a sitter. Carly says his job as a father is to help Jake get better, not blame himself. Monica comes by and says Jake is waking up.

Elizabeth is telling Jake everything will be fine and she loves him. Jason enters and says he loves him too. Jake asks if they’re mad at him. Jason says he didn’t have to run away because he messed up. Jake says that’s not why he ran away. Elizabeth asks why he did then.

Sam gets to the washing machine and leans against it. She pulls the laundry basket down and puts a towel around herself to get warm.

Kiki suggests she and Morgan go to the zoo and Kelly’s with Avery. He asks if she’s asking him on a date and she says it’s more like she wants to get to know the new Morgan.

Paul says destroying the recording of Ava’s confession doesn’t mean she’s not responsible for killing Connie. Paul says she’s too valuable and he needs her as a front. He wants to keep the recording for leverage. He says as long as she cooperates he won’t need to use it. He says since Avery is out and the shipment is going smoothly, they should make good use of their time. Ava says she might be forced to work with him, but she doesn’t have to sleep with him. She tells Paul it’s over and to get out.

Jake starts to talk, but Elizabeth tells him to rest for now. Monica comes in and says they need to prep Jake for surgery. Elizabeth says when he wakes up, she and Jason will be there. Jake says something about Sam.

Sam sees a space heater across the room and crawls toward it.

Michael asks when Felix talked to Sabrrrina. Felix says he called her after she disappeared. He tells Michael that she does’t want to come back to Port Charles. Michael asks if he’s supposed to just forget about her then. Um, that would be a yes.

Anna says Paul might be behind their arrest.

Paul tells Ava he thought she was having fun with him. She says she was, but because he’s blackmailing her, it’s a turnoff. Paul says he enjoyed it as much as she did, but he knows that she did it because partially because he has her confession on a flash-drive. He says let’s do it one more time and Ava says no. He says he thought they were good together, but it’s her choice. She says she’ll let him know if she changes her mind, but don’t hold his breath.

Sonny suggests he take care of Avery so that Morgan and Kiki can have a real date. They agree, so I’m sure somehow Ava is going to find out.

Paul calls Anna and asks how Robin and Emma are. She says they’re having a wonderful time, last night was memorable, and thanks him. When he asks why she’s thanking him, she says for calling. He says he can’t wait for her to get back and hopes to see lots of pictures.

Oh, this is good. Ava is at the bar ordering champagne when Morgan and Kiki walk in. She sees them and asks where Avery is.

Carly tells Michael she’s sorry about Sabrrrina. She didn’t want him to rush things, but says she knows he would have made a great father.

Everyone tells Jake it’s going to be okay and he’s wheeled to the operating room.
Maybe not so okay for Sam. She gets to the heater and plugs it in. Oops! The plug starts to spark, but she’s already half asleep.

Tomorrow, Ava confronts Kiki and Hayden wants to know what could possibly stop her wedding to Nicholas.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Benny says what the hell and Candace tells him Quincy found her and so did Warlock. Benny asks if War called the police. Candace doesn’t think so and Benny says they have to find Jeffrey. Candace says she has a nosy neighbor, and Benny tells her to go find Jeffrey and he’ll handle things. She says she broke Jeffrey’s phone when he tried to call the cops. Benny tells her to make sure Jeffrey isn’t at the police station. Well, he is, but not for what they think.

The guard comes to get Jeffrey. Veronica tells him not to say anything and David tells him to be careful. Jim thinks he’s going to make a statement against them. Kathryn suggests they all collect themselves and just get through it. Veronica says they wouldn’t be in it in the first place if her son hadn’t ratted them out. Jim makes snide remarks about Veronica and David starts fighting with him. The guards break it up.
DA Jennifer arrives and agrees with Jim that Veronica is a cold bitch and Veronica asks her to come closer. Kathryn says she warned Jennifer. Jennifer asks if she’s the boogie man and Kathryn says worse, she’s a woman, and anything a man can think up, boogie or otherwise, wouldn’t hold a candle to what she can do.

David is taken out and Jim thinks David made a deal. David says he has to look out for Jeffrey first. Veronica wants him to try and get her out first, but he says as long as she’s in there, Jeffrey is safe.

In the hallway, David says that leaving them the newspaper wasn’t a good idea. Jennifer says Veronica made a fool out of him, since he’d been faithful to her, making that assumption since he didn’t sleep with Jennifer. Jennifer says she didn’t get him out, Maggie did, and she intimates that David must be sleeping with her because this is all she thinks about. David wants to see his son. Jennifer says no, he’s safer without seeing David or Veronica. She tries to pump him for information about Maggie, but he’s not talking. She tells him he’s free to go.

David comes out to where Maggie is waiting. He asks her why she would put an article like that in the newspaper. She’s like you’re welcome for getting you out. He asks to borrow her phone. He goes into the hallway to make a call. He calls someone named Mama Rose. He wants to know if anyone put a hit on his wife. She says she can’t talk about those things. He asks if Jim put out a hit and she says not with them. Is there a lot of competition in this area? He thanks her and hangs up.

David asks Maggie why she didn’t get Jim out. She says he’s done and the only thing that matters is David. She says he has the potential to be governor or maybe president. He’s pissed about the photo of Veronica and wants to know who the guy is. She claims she doesn’t know. David wants her to put out a statement that the photo was doctored. Maggie says she won’t do it. He then asks how long Veronica has been having an affair. She says she doesn’t know. David gets his belongings and leaves.

The DA meets with Jeffrey. She tells him he won’t be charged with the DUI or obstruction regarding the car that they were all hiding if he testifies. He asks if Wyatt is being charged, and she says no, he’s getting immunity and wanted the same for Jeffrey. She says if he takes the same deal, he has to testify against his parents and the Cryers. He says he won’t and she says he’ll be charged then and she’ll make sure he goes to jail. He still says no. He says he’ll testify against his mother, but that’s it. Jennifer says it might be difficult because they’re all being tried together. He says he won’t do it, that all he knows is what his mother did, and as far as the others go, it’s only hearsay.

Jeffrey says he loves his mother. Jennifer is perplexed. Jeffrey says she’s evil and tried to blackmail him about the car. He says he’s gay and she hates him for it. Jennifer asks if he’ll testify if she has Veronica’s trial separated. Jeffrey says gladly. She tells him he can go, but to answer his phone. She asks if there’s blood on his shirt and he says he hit a deer and had to move it. She asks what’s going on with his mother and father, that David seems unhappy. Jeffrey says he doesn’t want to discuss his parents, but Jennifer says it’s for court. Jeffrey says Veronica treats David terribly. Jennifer then asks about Maggie and if she’s having an affair with David. Jeffrey says he really doesn’t know, but David says he isn’t.

Queen sees one of Quincy’s homies and asks how to track someone on a phone. She gives him a hot laptop and he demonstrates. He brings up the address where Quincy’s phone is. Queen asks him to take her there.

Hanna wakes up Quincy Jr. who says he doesn’t feel well. She feels his forehead and says he’s burning up. He says his stomach doesn’t feel right either, so she tells him to get dressed and she’ll take him to the doctor. She calls for a cab. She asks how much it will be, but she doesn’t have enough. She tells them to send the cab anyway.

Jeffrey goes to Wyatt’s house. Jeffrey says it’s been a long night and his parents are in jail. Wyatt says he knows because he did it. Jeffrey asks why and Wyatt says it was the only way to get away from them. Jeffrey says he’s seen his mother get murderers off and she’s going to figure a way out. Wyatt says he got Jeffrey immunity. Jeffrey says he didn’t want to be a part of this and Jim is going to be pissed when he gets out. Wyatt says Jeffrey should be thanking him, and Jeffrey says he wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place if it wasn’t for him. Good point.

Wyatt ignores that and starts talking about how he’s going to get his inheritance and get out. Jeffrey comes close to telling him what happened with Quincy. Jeffrey says he has to go and there’s a knock at the door. It’s Candace.

Candace asks Jeffrey why he left. Jeffrey says he needed some air. Candace tells him to come with her. Wyatt says something about the police station and Jeffrey getting immunity. Candace thinks he’s talking about Quincy and she says she thought they were in this together. Wyatt asks what she’s talking about and says that he drove the car that hit her brother and Jeffrey and the rest covered for him. Candace asks Jeffrey if he knew this whole time and didn’t say anything to her. She says she can’t believe it. Jeffrey says he can’t believe how screwed up his life has been since he met her. She says he never would have stood up to Veronica or come out of the closet if it wasn’t for her. She says he’s not an innocent bystander, he’s an active participant. I assume she’s alluding to Quincy’s murder, especially since she keeps repeating it and hitting him in the chest and back. Jeffrey says he doesn’t want to talk to her again. She says when hes’s done being used by Wyatt, to let her know. Wyatt, who’s been interjecting snarky remarks, asks her what her rate is. She says he doesn’t have enough.

Quincy Jr. tells Hanna he needs his medicine, but he can’t seem to tell her more than that. She says she’s getting him to the hospital. The cab pulls up. They’re halfway there and she tells the cabbie she only has nine dollars. He says he’ll have to let her out. She tells him that Quincy is very sick, but he’s a bastard and makes her get out anyway and takes her nine bucks. I hate him and hope she sues if anything happens to the kid. Although she probably could call 911.

Quincy Jr. passes out when they sit on a bench. Hanna scoops him up and runs.

Next week, Quincy Jr. finally gets to the hospital, David investigates the hit on Veronica and maybe sleeps with Maggie. Maybe.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle says every time she washes her car, it rains. LisaV says maybe it’s karma and she has a bone to pick with Kyle. She didn’t appreciate Kyle not telling her that Faye Resnick was going to be at her party. Faye was seriously rude to Lisa some time back and Kyle says life is too short to hold a grudge. Lisa asks how Kyle would feel if she invited witch Carlton to a party. Lisa and Kyle are celebrating their 33rd and 20th anniversaries (respectively) together and Kyle says she’s invited Faye to that too. I would have been more annoyed that Kyle called that last one a barbecue when it was a dinner party.

Yolanda, who is feeling a lot better since her surgery, and Erika go for a walk to the beach. Erika tells Yolanda about the altercation between Faye and Kathryn. She also tells her about LisaV saying that Mohammed claimed Bella and Anwar don’t have Lyme disease. Yolanda says she wishes people would use their energy more positively. She says she heard from LisaR, who’d been discussing Yolanda’s illness behind her back. Yolanda says who has time to spend three years being ill who really isn’t ill. Um…Brooks Ayers?

LisaV starts checking out Kyle’s phone in the car and Kyle snatches it back. Hmm… what’s in there? They’re checking out the venue for their Moulin Rouge themed party. Lisa thinks it’s kind of small and tells Kyle she knows one person Kyle could de-invite.

LisaR visits Erika, who has the most unbelievable house ever. Erika gives Lisa the tour. Lisa says the house is exquisite and makes LisaV’s house look small. Erika shows her the chapel where her religious art collection is displayed. Lisa says she’s seen a lot of things in her day, but this is a first.

She’s there to ask for advice on how to approach Yolanda. They sit on the patio and have some wine. There’s also a really nice spread of snacks on the table.

Kathryn and husband Donnie go to the gym. She says since she’s nine years older, she doesn’t want to ever show him she’s going downhill, so she does everything he does as far as working out goes. She tells him about the upcoming anniversary party and that Faye has been invited and it didn’t go the way she thought at Kyle’s party when she’d expected a big blowout. She says knowing someone who was brutally murdered is second only to her father’s death in being painful, and that she and her ex-husband were never brought into it until Faye’s book. She says she can barely look at Faye, but she’ll see how it goes.

Erika brings up the talk of Yolanda’s illness at Kyle’s party. LisaR says if Yolanda wasn’t dealing with her illness in such a public way, people wouldn’t be saying anything. She says unfortunately she’s engaged in it and now she feels it’s necessary to tell Yolanda. Erika says Yolanda will be more understanding than Lisa thinks.

Erika is taking a voice lesson. She says performing is so much fun, it doesn’t feel like work. She’s going to be having a show in San Diego, and all of the ladies are coming.

Eileen and Vince are back from Italy. She’s picking out an outfit for the Moulin Rouge party and the feathers from it our going everywhere from her boa. Vince asks how she’s doing after scattering her sister’s ashes and she says she’s hanging in there.

LisaR comes to Yolanda’s house. She says Yolanda isn’t the easiest person for her to talk to and this is very difficult. They sit down for coffee. Lisa tells Yolanda that she engaged in some negative talk about Yolanda and that the pictures she posts of opposite ends of the spectrum — both happy and ill — tend to confuse people. Yolanda asks Lisa why she thinks she posts the pictures, and Lisa says “awareness.” Yolanda says she got it right, and it’s hard when people you know start talking like that behind your back. Lisa apologizes and says she’s really a decent human being. In her individual interview Yolanda says Lisa is deflecting and she needs to deal with her own issues. Lisa says she didn’t know what Munchhausen’s Syndrome was but someone approached her and said maybe that’s what Yolanda has, and she explains the illness. Oddly enough, Yolanda has never heard of it either. How is it that both of these women of the world have never heard of this?

Kyle’s daughter, Portia, is trying a hat on her dog, Khloe (please tell me she’s not named after a Kardashian). Khloe is no Giggy, but she looks pretty cute. Kyle models her party outfit for Mauricio. Ken and LisaV pick them up and their dresses (or whatever you call them) are difficult to deal with in the limo.

Kathryn and Donnie pick up Erika, whose husband is with a client. Erika tells them about how LisaR came over to ask her for advice. At least this group knows what Munchhausen’s is.

The party begins! All of the costumes are fabulous, lots of feathers and sparkles. LisaR says if Harry (who is also not attending) had seen her leave the house that way, he’d just shake his head and wonder what she was up to now. Camille (who I think Andy Cohen is wooing to come back) is also there. Erika uses the c-word in front of Kathryn who tells her she’s too beautiful to talk like that and Erika says she won’t say it in front of her anymore. In her individual interview though, she says she’ll use it every chance she gets. While I don’t think someone’s looks have anything to do with how they should talk, I’m in agreement with Kathryn that it’s a degrading word and it lessens my opinion of Erika. It actually makes me want to call her one.

LisaV says hello to Faye. If there’s anyone on this show who deserves Erika’s favorite word, it’s that one. Faye tells Kyle that she thinks it’s all good between her and Lisa, but she needs to rethink that. The ladies discuss LisaR’s visit with Yolanda and Kyle does her famous splits. In her individual interview (where she is sporting some dynamite magenta highlights), LisaV says that must be the secret to Kyle’s happy marriage and that she can barely put her socks on. Ha-ha, Lisa! I’ll bet you’re just fine at putting on your socks.

Kathryn, LisaV and Kyle talk about Faye. Lisa says she was nice to Faye. Kathryn says she doesn’t really know her, but she doesn’t trust her. Kyle defends Faye, but Kathryn says she feels Faye capitalized on a tragedy by writing about it and had no businss involving her. Kyle says it was 21 years ago and it’s a new chapter today. Kyle is annoyed that Kathryn is bad-mouthing Faye at her party, but I think she has good reason for her dislike. Apparently, Faye is bucking for a spot on this show and I don’t like her very much either. There’s an air of superiority about her that’s very annoying.

Kyle tries to complain to LisaV about Kathryn’s remarks. Lisa says she can’t change the way Kathryn feels. Hey, it’s Taylor! Kyle is annoyed that Lisa isn’t being supportive she says the last time she sided with the new girl, it didn’t go very well. We flash back to Brandi slapping Lisa.

Next week, we get to see Erika’s show and LisaV finds out that LisaR told Yolanda what she said about the kids.


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