February 5, 2016 — Double the GH & Triple the Quote


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital — Thursday

A strange man comes up to Hayden, calling her Rachel. He says it’s been a while, but doesn’t she remember him? It’s Baxter Courtland. (Is he related to Palmer from All My Children?) Nicholas is back and says Baxter must be mistaken; his wife’s name isn’t Rachel.

At the bar, Dillon tells Valerie that when it comes to her and Lulu, he’s Switzerland. He says that doesn’t mean he’s a pushover though and wants a pool game rematch, since she trounced him the last time.

Morgan apologizes for kissing Kiki because he thinks he’s moving too fast. Kiki tells him to lighten up, it was no big deal, they got carried away in a romantic moment.

Jason tells Elizabeth that the doctors don’t anticipate any complications and that Jake is going to be fine. Elizabeth mentions that she knows what goes on behind the scenes. He says there’s no point in focusing on the things that can go wrong. Lucas tells them it looks good so far, but there’s still several hours to go, so they should go home to eat and rest. They say they’re not going anywhere.

Sam hears something and calls out that she’s in the basement. She goes back to sleep though and the cord to the heater is starting to smoke. And I don’t mean it decided to have a Marlboro.

Elizabeth tells Jason he doesn’t have to stay. He says they’re both Jake’s parents and he’s not leaving. She hasn’t eaten since yesterday, so Jason says he’ll go get some food.

Hayden says Baxter must have her confused with someone else. He says Vegas can be disconcerting and congratulates them on getting married. Nicholas wonders who the guy was, but Hayden distracts him with newlywed talk. She says he’s done so much for her, that she wants to do something for him.

Kiki and Morgan go back to Kiki’s place. He says they should go ice skating, but she says she’s a wrecking ball on skates. Me too. I spend more time on my butt than on the skates. She sees a note from Franco telling her he’s out with Nina and not to wait up.

Curtis interrupts Dillon and Valerie’s setting up the pool game. He says it’s his table, unless Valerie wants to play him. She says okay and Dillon goes to get drinks.

While Elizabeth peruses pictures on her phone, Cameron shows up at the hospital.

Curtis asks Valerie if he intimidates her. She breaks and Curtis can already tell she’s a pool shark.

Lulu comes into the bar and Dillon comes up to her. He asks if she wants to go somewhere else and she thinks he’s a nut, but he points out Valerie being there. Lulu says it’s a free world and they can both be there, and promises not to start a bar fight. Maxie comes in next and asks Lulu if she wants to go somewhere else. This is getting to be a habit.

Morgan and Kiki decide to just hang out. He asks if she wants to watch a movie, but she says she’s seen everything on cable. She says they’re home alone and what is there to do? They start to make out. That’s one way to pass the time. I guess Morgan is out of the friend zone.

Hayden wants to make it the most spectacular night Nicholas has ever known. Nicholas says they’ve set a high bar already. Hayden says she’s going to look for a special piece of lingerie to rock his world. I’ll bet she’s really going to hunt down Baxter. Yep.

She sees Baxter and tells him they need to talk.

Jason tells Sam to wake up. I think she’s dreaming unless he went all the way back to Elizabeth’s house to get food.

Kiki wants to take a break. She apologizes for making boundaries and then breaking them. Morgan says it might be a good time to renegotiate the boundaries. Kiki says she’s tempted, but doesn’t want to screw up what they have. Morgan agrees they should take it slow and asks if she wants to play a board game.

Hayden tells Baxter her name isn’t Rachel and they’ve never met. He says, see you around not Rachel. She says not likely and adds not to tell anyone he saw her there.

Dante and Nathan come into the bar, which is not the start of a joke. Curtis says he thinks he’s being hustled. Lulu tells Maxie they’re not going anywhere. Maxie says Valerie should have gone somewhere else. Lulu says they’re all grown-ups and they need to move forward. She says the only way to do that is to apologize to Valerie. Dillon suggests writing a letter, but she says she has to do it right now. She tells Valerie they need to talk.

Cameron gives Elizabeth something the kids at school made for Jake. She says it will be a while, but they can visit eventually. Jason is there, so I guess unless he has a doppelganger, Sam is hallucinating.

Dream Jason tells Sam she needs to get out of the basement. She says she can’t, and he says she can, just come to him.

Back with Nicholas, Hayden comes out in some lingerie he calls elegant. She says she wanted something outrageous, but realized they already did the most outrageous thing already, trusting each other enough to get married.

Morgan and Kiki play Scrabble. He asks if she wants to make it more interesting. He said it’s not what she’s thinking, strip Scrabble, but the loser has to tell the winner their most embarrassing moment. Kiki says it’s not that interesting since he’s been with her for her most embarrassing moments. He tells her he used to sleep with a stuffed rabbit when he was little and will tell her its name if she wins. She uses up her tiles with “exquisitely.” She asks what the bunny’s name was and he says he doesn’t like this game anymore. Hey, inquiring minds want to know now. She says she’ll make it up to thim and kisses him. So much for boundaries.

Maxie asks Nathan why he brought Dante to the bar. Because apparently there are no other watering holes in the world. She tries to get him to leave. He says it’s going to be awkward until it isn’t awkward. Very astute.

Valerie says they have nothing to talk about. Lulu says what she did was terrible and that she was thinking irrationally. She says she let everything get out of hand, and she’s extremely sorry. Valerie says it was brave of her to say and she sounds sincere, but Valerie doesn’t accept the apology. She says she carried a lot of guilt about Dante and told Lulu it was a mistake over and over, but it wasn’t enough. Lulu wanted to push Dante away and point fingers at Valerie. She says Lulu didn’t just almost cost her her job, but she almost lost her life. So family or no, she doesn’t forgive Lulu.

Cameron tells Jason that when Jake came back, he didn’t feel like his brother. Jason says it was hard for everyone to adjust, but Cameron did well. Cameron says he doesn’t feel that way any more, that he feels like Jake is his brother now, but what if he dies? Jason tells him everything will be fine.

Jason tells Sam to run to him and that he’s waiting for her. She manages to stand.
Nicholas and Hayden are honeymooning like nobody’s business. Does he really have all those tattoos?

Morgan says what about boundaries. Kiki says she changed her mind and wants to get down and get funky. I’m starting to think she’s bi-polar.

Maxie still wants to leave, but Dante says they’ll have to get used to it. She says they’re all crazy except Nathan, who is perfect.

Curtis tells Valerie she’s fantastic, being cool in the epicenter of drama. She says he deserves to hear the whole story.

Jason is about to call Sam, and Elizabeth comes back with some candy bars.

Dream Jason tells Sam to run to him. She says she does’t think she can, but does and then he disappears. She sees herself lying on the floor. Huh?

Lulu leaves and Dillon asks if she wants a ride home. She says she wants to be alone. He says he doesn’t think being alone is a good idea and she says she doesn’t want to talk. Dillon says he’ll be quiet on the walk then.

Curtis says that was a great story and I’m glad we didn’t have to sit through the whole thing again. Valerie says she wishes it wasn’t all true. He asks what’s up with her and Dante? She says they’re just friends and now she’s goig to beat Curtis at pool. Curtis says he feels badly that there’s no prize for Valerie to win, but he can take her to dinner. She says why not?

Maxie says Nina wants her to come in early, so she’s going to leave, but Dante gets the hint. He tells them to enjoy themselves and leaves.

Morgan stops the action between him and Kiki and says he can’t.

Nicholas and Harden are finished with the action. She says she loves him and he says, “I love you too, Rachel,” startling the crap out of me. He’s just fooling around and she says that Baxter was freaky. Nicholas calls her Princess Cassidine. Cool! And as much as I don’t like him, I want to marry him.

Baxter is calling someone and says they’ll never guess who he ran into in Vegas. I see he really adhered to “Rachel’s” request.

Jason tells Elizabeth that Jake woke up long enough to tell him that he loves his mom. Elizabeth says he deserves better since she’s in pity party mode. Elizabeth says if the positions were reversed, she could never forgive Sam. Lucas comes out and says there are complications with Jake’s surgery.

Tomorrow, Sam struggles to get up and Kiki calls Morgan an SOB.

In Between

I checked out the second half Bernie Madoff movie, as well as Bernie Madoff: After the Fall. I’m sure both are available On Demand and both are worth watching. The film contained eerily accurate portrayals of the real players in this sad-but-true drama. Richard Dreyfuss and Blythe Danner are exceptional as Bernie and his wife, Ruth, but really, everyone is excellent. The documentary that followed the film is important, as it gives the real life victims their say. It was sad to see how many of the people involved have died since then, both those behind the ponzi scheme and those ruined by their greed.

General Hspital — Friday

Franco and Nina are out at the bar (sigh). Franco says all the drama with Elizabeth and Jake is getting to him. Nina is trying to eat healthy for her impending pregnancy.

Christina sees Molly where else? Molly says she’s owed an explanation after Christina’s hysterical phone call asking her to meet Christina there.

Morgan jumps up and says he has to get to work. Kiki says hold on there a minute. She asks how he can do this and he can’t leave until he tells her the real reason he has to go. Yeah, nobody’s that anxious to get to work.

Nathan tells Elizabeth and Jake there’s a complication with Jake’s surgery.

Real Sam is back down on the floor again and the room is getting pretty smoky.

Nathan says Jake is fine. They found a secondary source of internal bleeding, but they were able to take care of it. Nathan tells them that Jake may need another surgery down the road, but for now he’s fine and in stable condition.

Molly and Christina sit down. Molly says she can tell Christina has more problems than just her grades, but she should consider telling Alexis. She says Alexis would do anything for them and is more understanding than Christina thinks. Christina asks Molly if she brought what Christina asked her to bring. It’s her diary. Molly asks who “P” is?

Morgan says nothing is wrong, he just has to go. Kiki calls him an SOB, and says she thought she could trust him, and now he sees he can get anything from her. Morgan says — ohhh, he keeps saying “it’s not working,” and she thinks he’s talking about their relationship, but he means he’s having ED. Aw, I don’t know whether to laugh or feel sorry for him. It could be the meds.

Commercial break. I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy, but I wish I did. The ads always look really good, but I’ve never been able to squeeze it in. I did see an episode with Seth Green in it on a diner TV, but it was so depressing, it nearly put me off my Reuben sandwich.

Molly reads an excerpt from the diary. Christina says she can’t believe Molly invaded her privacy. She says it was a disaster and it’s over. Molly asks if that’s why she’s in trouble at school. Christina tells her yes, and Molly says it’s always some guy with her. Guess again.

Kiki wants to talk, but Morgan doesn’t. Kiki asks if it’s something she did and Morgan says no, she’s great. He doesn’t want to talk about it and Kiki says if he wants to make things work (this time meaning their relationship), they have to talk. Kiki says he’s probably putting too much pressure on himself, so they should just take a breather.

Nina wants to get the ball rolling with adopting a baby. She says the process takes a long time anyway. Franco says it’s going to take forever because no adoption agency will consider them.

Elizabeth talks to unconscious Jake, telling him she’s going to be a better mother from now on. Jason tells Sonny and Carly what’s going on. Sonny leaves and Carly and Jason talk about Jake’s surgery. Carly says he’ll be fine because he has Elizabeth and Jason to be strong for him. Jason looks skeptical about that.

Nina asks why. Franco says he wouldn’t make it past the door. Nina says she has good lawyers, but Franco says his misdeeds are well-documented. She says it’s also well-documented that he had a brain tumor. He says her background isn’t stellar, but she says that doesn’t mean she’ll be a bad mother. She says it’s obvious he’s making excuses, so she’ll do it on her own.

Molly says whoever “P” is, he’s got her messed up. She mentions how anxious Christina was to get the diary, when Molly could have mailed it. Christina says she doesn’t have an address and makes something up as to why.

Kiki tries to romance Morgan and he says it’s still not working. She says it happens and he says not to him, which is what men always say in a movie when this happens. He says it’s his meds.

Sonny is in the chapel lighting a candle. Another guy is in there, and starts talking to Sonny about how they’re there praying about things they can’t control.

Elizabeth sees Carly, and Carly tells her Sonny is praying in the chapel. Carly says she and Sonny are there for both of them. Jason is sitting next to Jake when he wakes up. Jake says he’s sorry. He says it was an accident and he didn’t mean to do it. When Jason says what, he says he didn’t mean to hurt her.

The smoke alarm goes off in the basement, but Sam doesn’t move.

Christina tells Molly it’s complicated and that there’s a wife in the background. Molly asks if he’s hot, and Christina talks about things like smoldering looks across the room. Molly says it’s too bad it didn’t work out. When Christina’s surprised she would support this kind of relationship, Molly says it’s easy to because it’s over. She tells Christina she can stay with her.

Dude asks if Sonny has always been in a wheelchair and Sonny says no, it’s new to him. Dude asks if Sonny is getting treatment at the hospital. Sonny says if dude is worried about it, that General Hospital is the best. He says that GH is the beating heart of this town and I almost tear up. Dude says thanks that was helpful. He drops a medal of St. Aloysius, the patron saint of youth and also plagues. Dude talks about the plague of AIDS.

Elizabeth blames herself and Carly tells her not to. Carly tells her she’s a great mother, a fantastic nurse and would sacrifice anything for her kids, and I almost get ill. Elizabeth says she’s got a lot to apologize for. Carly says they have a lifetime and she’s going to throw it in Elizabeth’s face every chance she gets, but not today. Nathan comes to get Elizabeth.

Jason is asking who got hurt, when Jake slips into unconsciousness again.

Sam comes to, but can only sit and look at the smoking outlet.

Nathan tells Jason and Elizabeth to go home and rest. He says Elizabeth would advise her patients the same and he needs them to have energy to deal with what’s to come. He says at least eat something. Jason says he’ll go find something and bring it back. I hope he’s going to Elizabeth’s house to find it.

Franco says Nina can’t adopt on her own because her career takes up so much time. Nina says if he won’t go along with it, she’ll set up a daycare at Crimson. He says oh yeah, for the baby she doesn’t have, and adds that her only chance of adopting is if she ditches him. She says she doesn’t want to do that, but she does want a baby. He asks what changed.

Morgan says the meds are ruining his life. Kiki says this is temporary and talk to the doctor about it. Morgan says why? So the doctor can give him more meds? He tells her it’s not the only side-effect and runs down a list. She says his mental health is important. He asks if he seems healthy. He says that his life has sucked since starting the pills and he just wants to get rid of them.

Nina says she’s always wanted a baby and something reawakened in her. Maybe she has more love to give. She says she thinks parenting is easier when not fighting extradition. Franco says he doesn’t want to do it. Nina says she has faith in the two of them, but she guesses he doesn’t.

Kiki says he’s not ditching his pills. Morgan asks if she likes him this way. She says their relationship is more than that and even if they had sex right now, the best part of the day would be cuddling at the skating rink. She tells him this is temporary. He says ah-ha! she does care about it. Kiki says that sex is a bonus, but she cares about all of him and she would be okay without it. He says he wouldn’t and that he can’t handle this right now and leaves.

Sonny tells Dude, whose name I just looked up on google and it’s Griffin, that he lost someone in 1995, before the medical advances. He tells Griffin he doesn’t want to keep him and Griffin says best of luck and leaves, almost running into Carly who’s coming in. She asks Sonny who that was. He says they didn’t exchange names, but he seemed like a friend.

Lucas recognizes Griffin from med school. He tells Nathan thanks for the heads up on the job opening. He’s going to be the new neurosurgeon.

Jason walks into the bar talking to Alice on his phone. Sam never picked up Danny. He sees Christina and Molly and asks if they’ve seen her. They says they haven’t seen her since yesterday, and it’s not like her not to show up. He asks where they saw her, and they tell him she was on her way to Elizabeth’s.

Sam is choking on the smoke now. She tries to reach the plug.

Kiki leaves Morgan a voicemail that she doesn’t like the way they left things. She wants to talk and she wants a second date.

Morgan’s phone alarm goes off to take his meds. He thows them away.

Nina and Franco come home. Franco asks Kiki how the date went. She says it’s complicated and she has to go. Franco says see what a great surrogate parent he is? He tells Nina since they’ve been together, they’ve either been on the run or had some other problem, and maybe they should take a break before responsible for a tiny human being. He says they’ll know it’s time when they know and should enjoy their alone time. They start to get romantic when her phone rings. Then his phone rings and he says rain-check.

Morgan goes to the bar and tells the bartender to set him up. He sees Christina and Molly. Christina says she thought he wasn’t supposed to drink. He says he thought Christina was supposed to be in school. Molly reminds him of the pact they made New Year’s Eve. Morgan says I won’t tell if you don’t.

Nathan tells Griffin that General Hospital is a great place. Nathan gives him some charts. Sonny’s is at the top.

Jake wakes up yelling that he’s sorry. Ekizabeth asks him for what. He says he told his dad, but he didn’t think Jason believed him. Elizabeth asks him again what he did and Jake says, “I killed her.”

Sam tries to pull the plug out. It sparks and she passes out again. Jason comes in the door, hears the smoke alarm.

Tomorrow, Paul is getting suspicious of Anna, Michael is headed for Puerto Rico since he can’t take a hint and Jason calls out to Sam.

Quotes from The People’s Couch

This is a recipe for disaster. Princella, referring to Stassi moving in with Kristen on Vanderpump Rules.

The person who left the dog alive didn’t think the dog was gonna snitch, but he did. Princella, referring to The People Vs. O.J. Simpson.

The fashion here is almost as big a crime. Emerson, referring to The People Vs. O.J. Simpson.


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