February 9, 2016 — Doings in Port Charles, Savannah & Beverly Hills


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Nathan pays a surprise visit to Maxie. There’s no power or heat at his place, so he’s crashing with her. Oops, so is Lulu.

Alexis and Julian are getting busy when the doorbell rings. It’s Ava.

Anna tells Paul she didn’t want to be alone. He says it poses a lot of questions that she came to see him. She says maybe she’ll have some answers.

Sam asks how Jason found her. He says he doesn’t know, maybe luck. Third wheel Elizabeth slithers in and says she thinks she knows what happened.

Lulu asks Nathan how Dante is doing. Nathan says it’s been a while since they haven’t talked about anything personal in a while. Rocco starts crying. Lulu says he’s been fussy lately and goes to tend to him. Nathan tells Maxie they should move in together, because he’s always wanted to be on Three’s Company. I made up the Three’s Company part.

Anna apologizes for the hour and asks if Paul was on his way home. He says since home is now a hotel room, there’s no rush. He says he’s still processing the visit from Dillon. He asks about her trip, but Anna says she didn’t visit Robin and she lied to him. Hmm…what is up her sleeve?

Ava gifts Julian with a sculpture. It’s actually pretty cool. She says it’s a model and the real sculpture that’s coming later is huge. She thought it would look perfect on their terrace. Gee…thanks. Alexis is stunned and not in a good way. Her phone rings. It’s Monica. Alexis asks how badly Sam is hurt.

Sam tells Elizabeth she has a concussion, but her prognosis is good. She wonders how Jason knew to even look for her. He says that she never picked Danny up. He tells her about Jake’s surgery. He tells her what Jake said when he woke up and Elizabeth begs Sam not to say anything and says they’ll get Jake help. Sam says she fell by accident and Jake didn’t do anything to her.

Julian starts talking smack about Jason, like if something happened to Sam it must be his fault, and Alexis says he was the one to rescue Sam. Alexis runs out and Ava says fearing for your child is the worst. She says other than that, things seem to be going well for Julian. She says she’d give up a lot to live his life. Julian asks if she’s admitting she’s in over her head.

Anna says she wasn’t visiting Robin in Berkeley, she was in a jail in Halifax. After some clever banter, Paul asks how she wound up there, and she says she was investigating Carrrlos.

Sam tells Elizabeth and Jason what happened, how she spoke to Franco and went to Elizabeth’s house. She found Jake with a wounded hand and the window broken, and realized Jake had thrown a rock through the window. She says she told him it would be okay, but he ran to the basement and she followed him and fell. Jason says Jake thought he’d done something wrong and that’s why he ran away. Sam says it could have been worse for all of them. Jason says she told him to trust his instincts and he’s glad he did. Sam says sorry about Elizabeth’s house. Elizabeth thanks her for not blaming Jake.

Jason tells Sam she should get rest, but she’s afraid to close her eyes. Whenever she closed them when she was in the basement, Jason disappeared. He says he’s not going anywhere. Elizabeth is all weepy when she gets out into the hallway. Too bad. You created this situation for yourself.

Maxie agrees that she and Nathan should move in together. She says they should find a place of their own though. She almost gets online to start looking, and then remembers Lulu. She says Lulu isn’t ready to find her own place and she used to live in Maxie’s apartment, so it’s like coming home for her. Maxie says they should wait until Lulu is ready. Being perfect, Nathan agrees with her — in French.

Lulu comes out wearing the coolest coral top ever. They’re all about to toast when Maxie toast to her and Nathan moving in together. Lulu drops her glass.

Julian asks Ava if she’s having second thoughts about running the organization. She says she’s worried about Avery. Julian asks how much trouble she’s in.

Anna says she knows Carrrlos is dead, but she didn’t want to believe it. She’d rather believe there was a cover-up and says she convinced Robert to go along with her fantasies. Paul asks why Halifax, and she tells him her logic, saying it was the perfect jumping off point for a clean getaway. She says Carrrlos’s death is a fact and wonders why she couldn’t convince herself that Duke was alive instead and concentrate on looking for him.

Paul is like whoa, and tells her she’s still in mourning. She says she always will be. Paul says Duke was the love of her life, but she can’t stop living. He strokes her hair.

Sam tells Jason she would have died if it wasn’t for him and thanks him. He says he’s spent too much time not remembering their life together and now he wants to begin knowing her and repaying her for what she’s done for him.

Alexis arrives at the hospital. Sam says Jason saved her, and Alexis thanks him. Alexis says he probably doesn’t remember, but she’s never been very supportive of his and Sam’s relationship. She says she is now. He says thanks and he leaves.

Sam tells Alexis while she was lying in the basement, she knew the whole time that Jason would find her. She explains a little of what happened.

Monica tells Jason that Jake should sleep through the night, but she’s going to check on him periodically.

Ava says sometimes she just wants a normal life. Julian says define normal. She says like what he’s got, home, family, marrying the person he loves. He says she can have that, but she has to make a clean break from the business. He says the choice is hers. She says it’s not.

Anna babbles on about her inadequacies and how she’s looking for a purpose in her life. Paul says he understands and tells her about his meeting with Dillon. He says he had no part in Dillon’s childhood, because he put his ambitions first. He says Tracy put Dillon first, which he’s never done with any of his children. He mentions Susan and Anna says he never talks about her.

Elizabeth hones in on Jason. She says she sees the connection between him and Sam. She says she’s watched it grow over the years and doesn’t think it’s going away. Well, if she’d thought about that months ago, we all wouldn’t be here.

Alexis is pretty freaked about the exploding house. Sam says Jason was there like always.

Elizabeth thanks Jason. He says she doesn’t have to thank him, that Jake is his son. Monica comes out and tells them both to get some rest. Jason says he’s going to stay and Monica offers a place to Elizabeth, who has to go deal with the fire department. She has a place to go, but Monica tells her the invitation is open if she changes her mind. Alexis comes out and tells Elizabeth wants to speak with her privately.

Lulu says sorry about the glass. She’s thrilled for them, but it just surprised her. She says she forgot the feeling of when she was first in love with Dante and wonders how they got so far away from it. She says she didn’t mean to turn the celebration into a pity party. She gets excited about Nathan moving in and makes Netflix plans for the evening.

Ava says she’s in a complicated situation that’s increasingly out of her control. Julian asks if she needs his help, but Alexis comes in before she can answer. Julian asks what happened and Alexis says they should have wine first. He asks if it’s that bad and she says it’s that good, Sam is alive and well because of Jason. Ava leaves.

Anna asks how Susan is and Paul says they’re not in contact. Anna says she’s taken up enough of his time. He says he has an 18-year-old bottle of scotch if she’d like to join him in a drink. She asks for a rain-check. He says his door is always open. When she gets into the hallway, Anna wonders aloud what she’s doing.

When Ava gets outside, her phone rings. She sees that it’s Paul and knows because of the hour that it must be a booty call. She tells him sorry, move on to your next blackmail victim. Paul downs the shot and throws the glass against the wall.

Sam reassures Elizabeth that Jake didn’t push her. She says she knows Jake has problems, but it was an accident. Elizabeth thanks her and she says all she did was tell the truth and that the truth matters. Since Elizabeth doesn’t know what that word means, she has to run an find a dictionary. Jason, not knowing what the word private means, comes in. Elizabeth leaves and Sam tells Jason what they talked about.

Sam asks Jason for a favor. She says her father will no doubt try to blame him, so not to listen to anything he says. He says only if she’ll return the favor by getting some rest. She says he doesn’t have to stay and he says he wants to.

Maxie tells Nathan the four of them living together will be an adjustment, but it’s what Lulu needs right now. He’s so agreeable, we know his character isn’t based on any living human being. Lulu comes down and she and Maxie chatter away on the couch while they watch a movie, with Nathan in the middle.

Paul looks at a childhood picture of his daughter.

Anna calls Mac and tells him to investigate further into Paul’s relationships with his children, especially Susan. She tells Mac that Paul was almost vulnerable when he spoke about her. As Anna leaves the bar, someone is following. While I do wonder who it is, my main question is why did Anna go from Paul’s office to the bar to make a call on her cell phone?

Elizabeth goes to her house. The fire department is there because it’s a serious mess and she can’t go inside. She finds a picture of her and Jason, and cleans it off. She wanders around looking at the chaos, equating it to the mess she’s made of her life. I don’t know if she’s really that deep, but it sounded good.

Jason asks if Sam was ever hurt because of him. She says his love has kept her alive.

Tomorrow, Nicholas and Hayden are back from Vegas and Maxie might become a star yet.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Hanna runs like crazy to the hospital with Quincy Jr. in her arms. The OR doctors ask what happened, but Hanna can’t tell them. She says he told her his stomach was hurting and then he passed out. Hanna calls on Jesus in the waiting room. I was almost going to say, for a Christian woman, she has been pretty bent out of shape for a while, but I guess that’s the point. We ain’t perfect.

Benny tells Mitch he has to go somewhere and he’ll be back in a couple of hours. Mitch says he’s tired of handling everything himself and Warlock hasn’t shown up. Benny says he has to handle something, but won’t tell Mitch what it is. Mitch notices he has a shovel in his car.

Wyatt is still prancing around in his underwear. He tells Jeffrey he’s a happy man. Jeffrey says their parents are in jail and Wyatt says it’s reason to celebrate. DA Jennifer calls and tells Wyatt he passed the drug test. She tells him Kathryn might be getting out soon, so maybe he wants to look for another place. He says he’ll be out by the morning. Wyatt shows Jeffrey the car he’s going to buy. Jeffrey isn’t impressed and Wyatt tells him to quit acting like an old guy.

Wyatt suggests they take a trip to Brazil. Jeffrey says he doesn’t want to go and he doesn’t think Wyatt should either. Jeffrey says Wyatt can’t handle a lot of money and this isn’t good for him. He asks who gave him the money because no judge would have done it. Jeffrey says he cares about Wyatt. Wyatt says if Jeffrey would stop wishing Wyatt would love him, it would be better. Jeffrey says Wyatt needs to start loving himself.

Jeffrey says he’s going back to the hotel. Wyatt tells him to have them book the presidential suite for him. He puts on some loud music and jumps around on the couch like an immature maniac. Jeffrey leaves and Wyatt plays air guitar.

Benny is cleaning like a mad man when Candace comes in with more bleach. She asks what Benny did with the body. Benny says he couldn’t move the body because her neighbor was watching, so he buried Quincy in the yard. Benny tells Candace that the neighbor has cameras focused on her front door, so until the old lady croaks, she’d better be aware of that.

Benny asks if Candace found Jeffrey. She says yes and things are cool. She tells Benny he’s with Wyatt and Benny asks if Jeffrey told Wyatt about what happened. Candace says no.

Dr. Jackson tells Hanna Quincy Jr. will be fine. He tells her that Quincy Jr. has lupus and needs to take medicine for it. She says she just got custody and didn’t know. He says Quincy is in ICU. He tells her that the medicine is very expensive. He can give her some generic samples, but she’ll have to pay for them. Um…that doesn’t sound right. I’ve gotten plenty of samples in my day and also worked for a clinic for a couple of years. There should be no charge for samples. Let’s not make Hanna more broke than she is. The doctor adds that Quincy needs to be kept in a clean environment because of his asthma. Another surprise to Hanna. The doctor tells her that she can’t see him until he’s out of ICU. He tells her to go home and rest, but she says she’s going to sit there all night. Dr. Jackson says she can’t see Quincy Jr. until tomorrow, so she should at least go to work and take her mind off of things. She says she’ll be back in the morning.

Veronica is in the interrogation room. David comes in and hands the guard a wad of cash. David wants to know where Veronica is living He says they need to have trust. She refuses to tell him and he says she won’t get out until she tells him. She says he and Maggie are playing games with her. She mentions the paper. He says for that to have been printed there must be something to it. He asks again where she lives and she says with her man. She asks if it upsets him and starts telling him what she does with her man. David leaves.

Candace’s neighbor is outside when Jeffrey pulls up in a cab. She doesn’t even pretend not to be eyeballing him. There’s no answer at Candace’s and he wants the keys to his car. The neighbor asks him what his name is. She says it was a quiet neighborhood until Candace moved in. She tells him Candace is home, but she’s in there with two men. She asks if Candace is a prostitute. Jeffrey walks off and she says her son is on the police force. Yeah, we’ve met him already and he’s a real charmer just like mom.

Oscar comes to David’s office. David says he has a problem. He says he believes there’s a hit out on his wife and he needs Oscar to find out who set it up. Oscar says David has to give him something to go on. David says Mama Rose told him that Veronica shouldn’t go home. Oscar says neither should David. David says he doesn’t know where Veronica lives. David says he’s sure that Veronica wouldn’t have made it easy, and that she’s good at protecting herself. Oscar says he’ll get right on it, but to make sure Veronica doesn’t go home. David says she can’t; she’s in jail.

David gives Oscar the photo and says he also wants to know who the man is in it. Oscar says he’ll find out and leaves.

Candace, who has an amazing shoe closet, tells Benny she’s really planning on taking the bar, but she hasn’t been able to make it happen yet. She thanks him and says he always comes through for her. She says there’s one more thing she needs. She says it’s easy and he can make a lot of money. He says it’s the same old with her and that he just buried someone in the backyard. He says he’s done. Candace says she promises it’s legit.

She tells him they found out who hit him and he’s rich. She gives him the paper. He asks if it’s the same people Hanna works for. She says yes, and Hanna knew. She says if he sues them, he can get millions. Benny can’t believe that Hanna knew and didn’t tell him. Candace says Wyatt told her. Benny’s head is spinning from all he’s had to take in lately.

The police are running a check on the car Jeffrey was driving. There’s blood on it and he told them he hit a deer. The cop on the case calls Quincy’s sister, Quita (sorry, I’ve been calling her Queen), and tells her the car has been impounded. He tells her that Jeffrey got arrested driving the car. He starts asking her questions that she has no answers for, since she doesn’t even know Jeffrey. He tells her she can pick it up any time. She calls a dude named Delon and tells him to come and get her.

Candace is getting dressed. Her freaking door is wide open and she comes out of the bathroom to see Warlock sitting there. He tells her time is running out. She says she’s working on something and tells him about the lawsuit. He says she just has a week. She asks for more time and he says no. He tells her if she runs, her brother is dead. He says she lied to him and lost everything. She says they all go back to when they were kids. War says he’s never lied to her, but he’s covered for her and protected her, and he’s hurt that she lied to him. She’s no longer blood to him. He says she knows he doesn’t make threats without following through. Then he says he wants to watch her take a shower. Okay. He actually seemed like a normal thug up until then.

David comes back to the hotel. He sees a door open, and it’s Maggie in the next room. She starts to apologize and David tells her to take her clothes off. Alrighty then.

David and Maggie are having pillow talk. For whatever reason, I don’t like these two together. Maybe I’m pissed that she was so pushy and David gave in. Oh, this is nice. He just said they were foolish not to use protection and she’s not on the pill. He says he doesn’t want any more kids and she says she’ll get the morning after pill. He asks if she wants him to get it and she says what? he doesn’t trust her? He says he wouldn’t be there if he didn’t. She asks why he is there and he says he’s getting a divorce, which of course makes Maggie ecstatic.

David says he doesn’t know if this was a mistake or not. She says they enjoyed it and he says that’s not the point. He was angry and used her. She tells him to use her again. Oh brother.

Next week, David confronts Benny and Hanna confronts Wyatt.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle and LisaV meet Yolanda at a place where they have cryochambers. These things are minus 140 degrees Celsius and I have no idea how this works, even though the guy is explaining it. He says they’ll come out different people. Yeah, popcicles. Lisa goes first and isn’t thrilled, but makes a bunch of jokes. Kyle is next. She says she’s freezing her ass off and the guy says that’s why Hollywood does this. Does it promote weight loss too? Sign me up!

Erika’s closet looks like a store. Her stylist is helping her get ready for her gig in San Diego. She picks up a necklace with the c-word on it that she’s bringing it special for Kathryn. Bleh. Why did she have to ruin my like of her? It’s just mean to deliberately make someone uncomfortable.

LisaR is also getting ready. She’s not sure what to expect, so she packs about three suitcases for one night.

LisaV, Kyle and Yolanda go out for lunch after getting frozen. Kyle says her knee was hurting and now it’s not, and Lisa says she does think the chambers were beneficial. Yolanda isn’t coming to San Diego because her bedtime is at 8.

Yolanda tells them about LisaR’s visit. She says she would never question someone’s illness. LisaV says that LisaR wasn’t questioning it, just repeating what someone else said. Yolanda wants to know how Kyle and LisaV contributed to the conversation and if they stood up for her. She says LisaR told her that LisaV questioned her kids having immune deficiency. LisaV repeats what she’d said, that Mohammad said the kids were fine, and Yolanda says Mohammad pays the medical bills.

Commercial break. I see we’re back to pronouncing Teresa Guidice’s name “ju-dice” again, rather than “ju-dee-chee.” Duly noted.

LisaV says from what she’s gotten from Mohammad, the kids are healthy. Yolanda pulls out the kids medical records and wants Lisa to read them, and apologize. She says what Lisa said was discrediting. I think she’s kind of going overboard with this. Lisa says all she said was that she never knew they were ill. Yolanda says she doesn’t like people talking behind her back. It wasn’t behind Yolanda’s back; it was part of a conversation that happened after she left. Kyle says she doesn’t get why they would be dragged into it. Yolanda still trues to foist the papers on Lisa, who refuses them.

Kyle and LisaV part company with Yolanda outside and continue down the street. Kyle says LisaR told her she wanted to apologize and doesn’t get why she stirred up trouble. Lisa says yeah, apologize for your own stuff.

Eileen and Kathryn are out for lunch. They make small talk. Eileen once dated Kathryn’s ex-husband, so Kathryn asks when it was. Eileen says it was before they were married in 1988. Kathryn says hmm…they were dating then too. They laugh about it though. They talk about Erika’s upcoming show.

Kathryn’s husband calls. They’re having renovations done and he’s giving her an update. Even though it’s not finished, Kathryn is having the ladies over. Kathryn is startled to find out that Eileen doesn’t buy expensive purses. Eileen said her bags are janky and she brought one that’s not even in good shape. Eileen says she feels bag pressure. I have to admit, most of my bags look better.

Erika rents a tour bus. She and her crew drink Dom Perignon from plastic cups. Her husband, Tom, is pretty busy, so he doesn’t get to all of her shows, but he checks in.

LisaV is shocked at the amount of luggage LisaR is bringing. The girls all take a limo together. LisaR says she looked up the club they’re going to and Friday night is “pervert night.” This should be good. They drink and compare shoes. Kathryn brings up Eileen’s lack of a decent purse and they talk bags.

Kyle tells them about the cryotherapy. LisaR asks about Yolanda’s health and LisaV says she’d like to know what LisaR said to make Yolanda bring her kids’ medical records to lunch. LisaR says she went to Yolanda’s to be honest about what she said, and didn’t bring up anyone else. LisaR says someone else must be talking to Yolanda. LisaV says she never mentioned Munchhausen and she wants to drop the conversation about Yolanda’s illness entirely and forever.

Erika gets body makeup eveywhere. She moves on to face makeup and Yolanda calls. She apologizes for not being able to make it, but says she’s just not ready for all that yet.

The ladies get to the hotel. Eileen goes to LisaR’s room after they’ve both gotten ready. Lisa says that she’s put things together and thinks that someone else is talking to Yolanda about LisaV, and that someone might be Erika. She says she’s going to get to the bottom of it tonight. Yeah, because this entire group loves to bring things up in the most inappropriate places possible.

Kyle’s closest friend, Lorene, meets them at the hotel. They take a limo to the club. LisaR thinks she’s being a scapegoat and she tells LisaV she’s going to find out who’s talking about her. LisaV suggests they leave it alone.

The club is hopping with a lot of leather and S&M outfits. It’s also wall to wall people, mostly gay men. Erika Jayne is introduced. It’s not my kind of music, but she’s good at what she does. The ladies enjoy it. LisaR says she could be Britney. Maybe Britney a long time from now. After the show, the ladies get on the bus. LisaR says it’s a rock star moment and she’s a rock star in her mind. Me too.

Everyone complements her one the show. Kathryn says she doesn’t like the necklace, although at first she thought it said “candy.” I don’t think LisaV is too crazy about the necklace either, but she keeps it to herself. Erika has a different definition of the word than I do, and probably every other woman I know. Erika says she’s on her turf now, not PUMP or Beverly Hills. They get to Erika’s hotel room.

LisaR tells Erika what happened with Yolanda. I can’t believe these people waste time with this stuff. She wonders who must have said something. Eileen says somebody said something, and Erika says it’s ot her. In her individual interview, she says it was her, but she doesn’t want to talk about it right now, since she’s having her shining moment. Dislike meter going up. Erika starts getting loud, causing several of the women to wonder what she’s upset about. Erika kind of points the finger back to LisaR, and in her individual interview, Lisa says perhaps Erika should start doing some owning. LisaV wonders why Erika doesn’t want to talk about it. LisaR says it’s not her job to make it okay and Erika suggests they drop it. The girls all call it a night.

In the hallway, LisaR says she doesn’t understand it and she’s not happy. The girls decide to go to bed. LisaR is having a hard time finding hers and it’s practically right in front of her. LisaV and Kyle are goofing around with the room service carts and break some dishes. How much have they had to drink? You can dress them up, but you can’t take them out.

Next week,, Adrienne Maloof meets with Kyle, Yolanda has a carnival, and as usual, there’s a big confrontation.

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