February 12, 2016 — GH VD & the Couches Speak Greak


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & receps from today’s TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Dillon says the photos have captured Maxie’s soul. Nathan comes in and wonders why they’re at the bar and not at work. Doesn’t he know that all of the characters’ waking hours are spent there now? He checks out the photos and asks Maxie when she became a model. Dillon says the next issue of Crimson is about real women, and who’s more real than Maxie?

Nicholas googles Baxter. He’s an investment advisor, but that’s all I can see from the article.

Elizabeth is still with Jake. The nurse meets her out in the hallway, and tells her a lot of donations have come in for them.

Sam wakes up and Jason is there. She asks about Jake and Danny. Sam wants to get sprung, but Jason tells her she needs to stay at the hospital for a while. After all she only fell down the steps, got a concussion and smoke inhalation, and escaped from an exploding house. Alexis pops in and says she has a surprise. She’s brought Molly & Christina with a bunch of balloons.

Griffin asks Sonny why he’s hiding his progress from Carly and himself. Sonny says he needed to know he could trust Griffin, and he doesn’t want Carly to have to keep a secret. Griffin asks why it should be a secret, and Sonny tells him sometimes it’s better to be perceived as weak when you’re really strong.

Griffin says he didn’t realize business was so cutthroat. He gets the message that Sonny doesn’t want to answer any questions.

Nicholas starts to Google the name Rachel together with Baxter, and a news item about Elizabeth’s house pops up.

I had an interruption, so I missed about 20 minutes here.

Sam tells Jake he didn’t do anything wrong. He says he’s sorry and he just wants to go home.

Nicholas tells Elizabeth it’s not their fault about what happened to Jake and the best thing is to just move forward. He offers her and Jake his place. He says it can offer Jake stability. Elizabeth asks if he thinks Hayden wants roommates. It’s a freaking castle for goodness’ sake. Why is this even a factor? Only three people seem to be in residence right now and I assume there are some servants hiding somewhere.

Hayden tells Tracy not to talk about her father again. Tracy says she idolized hers. Me too– I loved Edward and miss him and Lila. Dillon comes by and asks what’s up. He says they both look tense. Tracy tells him that Hayden and Nicholas were just married. Hayden tells Dillon to tell his mother to see a doctor and leaves.

Nathan admits he hated when Maxie was making the movie with Dillon, especially the love scenes. He says looking at the pictures, it seems like she’s looking at Dillon in a special way and it makes him want to punch Dillon in the face. He wonders about all the other guys who will see the pictures. He says he can’t beat up a million guys. I don’t know how many guys will be reading the “real woman” issue of Crimson.

Molly tells Sonny that Alexis loves Julian and he should make a truce. It will make him seem gracious and magnormous (sic). He asks where she learned her strategy moves and she tells him from Shakespeare. She says he should read Henry IV 1 and 2, and that he might recognize himself. I suggest Richard III.

Alexis says she thinks Christina is using other people’s troubles to cover up her own and wonders about school, since Christina was on her way back and now she’s in Port Charles again. Christina says she’s not going back to school. She says she had an “experience” with one of her professors. Alexis asks if it’s Parker.

Dillon asks Tracy what she’s hiding. She says she’s not sick and she’s never felt so good. Dillon asks why Hayden would tell him she needs to see a doctor. He wonders if Hayden meant a shrink. Tracy says she has no daddy issues and maybe Hayden needs a shrink. Dillon says, face it, they all have daddy issues. He asks who Hayden’s father is and why she would be so upset at Tracy mentioning him.

Hayden says when she found the house empty, she thought maybe Nicholas took his mother’s advice and got an annulment. Nicholas says his mother is over-protective. He starts talking about Hayden’s family and says he doesn’t know any of them. She says she barely knows anybody in his. He says those she doesn’t know are a matter of public record. Hayden says her parents are dead.

Jason tells Jake that the doctors want him to stay for a while. He suggests bringing the boys in to visit. Jake says he’s getting tired. Jake is going to take Sam back to her room, but she tells Jason to stay with Jake.

Elizabeth is on the phone with Cameron. She tells him a lot of donations have come in for them, and he needs to stay strong for Aidan who follows his example. Griffin has overheard the conversation and asks if he can help.

Sonny is like, who’s Parker? Alexis fills him in, telling him that Parker is Christina’s professor turned friend that she’s doing independent study with. I’m letting a joke pass here. Sonny asks what about the professor is causing her not to go back to school.

Maxie says she can feel jealous sometimes too. She says anyone with eyes can see Nathan’s hot, but she also knows that he’s a good person and he’s hers, the same way that she’s his. He says there’s more to her than just a pretty face, and goes on about her good qualities. She says thanks, but never say something like that to a fashion editor again.

Tracy says she’s going to get ELQ back if it’s the last thing she does.

Hayden says she doesn’t like speaking about her parents, and Nicholas and Spencer are her family now.

Griffin tells Elizabeth he read about her predicament and he’s sorry. He introduces himself and says if there’s anything he can do, to let him know. She thanks him and says that hearing that Jake will make a full recovery is the only thing she needs. He says that they both understand how fragile life is and know what goes on behind the scenes, but she’s also a mother. He says love contributes to healing. Elizabeth says she needs to check on Jake and welcomes him to GH. I always think it’s funny when they call it GH on GH.

Christina lies her ass off and says Parker told her that her independent study would be better done at home, that there will be fewer distractions. She said back at school, everyone is partying and not studying. She goes off with Molly, and Sonny asks Alexis if she thinks Christina is telling the truth. Alexis says not for a second. It did sound pretty lame.

In the hallway, Molly is shocked that the “P” in Christina’s diary is a woman.

Jake tells Elizabeth he’s glad Sam isn’t dead. Back in Sam’s room, Jason thanks Sam for telling Jake what she did and says Jake seems calmer now. He asks what he can do to return the favor. Some normal food? Magazines? What? She says there is one thing he can help with — getting her out of there.

Tomorrow, Molly asks Christina if she’s gay, Jordan asks Curtis what the hell he’s doing, and Nicholas and Hayden get busy. Is there maybe another little prince in the works?

General Hospital — Friday, the Valentine’s Day Episode, Part 1

It’s Valentine’s Day in Port Charles! Where do you think everyone is? That’s right, The Floating Rib!

Nathan and Maxie are having a drink and making googly eyes at each other. Nathan suggests they celebrate Valentine’s Day at home.

Jordan goes up to Curtis at the bar and tells him he has to leave. He’s like or what, and she says a whole bunch of nonsense, and tells him to stop following her. He says he’s not there to see her. Here comes his date. It’s Valerie.

Lulu is working at The Haunted Star. Laura calls and wants to meet her at the boat since she’s going buggy at Windermere. Hayden shows off her new bracelet from Nicholas. Laura says it belonged to Helena, but it might not be his to give. She shows him the invitation to the reading of Helena’s will.

Christina tells Molly it’s not what she thinks. Molly tells Christina it’s okay to tell her that she’s gay.

Sam wants Jason to spring her from the hospital, but he says fat chance. She’s recovering from major trauma and he can’t. She says can’t has never been in his vocabulary.

Valerie asks Maxie about the new magazine issue and then meets with Curtis. Maxie asks Nathan who he is and Nathan says they should mind their own business. Maxie says she will after she minds Dante’s.

Andre asks Lulu if an engagement ring in a glass is a good idea. She flashes back to when Dante gave her a diamond necklace in a glass of champagne and she almost choked on it. She tells Andre to go with his gut, but know the Heimlich maneuver. Isn’t Andre moving a little fast?

Laura asks Nicholas what Helena would have wanted to leave her. Nicholas thinks it’s just another one of Helena’s games and he wants no part of it. Laura says Helena’s games choose their own players whether they want to participate or not. She leaves to meet Lulu.

Jason asks if Sam has always been this stubborn. She says she’s read her charts and doesn’t need to be there and that Danny is the best medicine for her. He asks if she has something to wear.

Christina says the “P”in her diary is for Peter, but Molly isn’t buying it. She sees Brad and says maybe he can explain things. Since he’s gay he must know everything there is to know about gay people everywhere.

Jason is sneaking Sam out when they run into Lucas. Lucas asks if she didn’t like the hospital gown and she says it wasn’t her color. He suggests they can find something more suitable, but finally gives in. He tells Jason to make sure she gets fluids and rest.

Molly says the idea of telling people she’s gay must be intimidating to Christina. Christina asks if Molly is pushing her own issues of her dysfunctional sex life on her and says maybe TJ and/or Molly is gay.

Andre gives Jordan some roses and she gives him an Indiana Jones hat. He says he can tell Jordan has something on her mind. She tells him Curtis is her former brother-in-law and they’re not on good terms. Curtis says they should relocate, but she says Curtis isn’t leaving and neither is she.

Maxie asks Nathan to wait for her. She’s going to make something of this Valentine’s Day for Dante and Lulu.

Laura tells Lulu about the letter from Scotty about the will reading. Lulu says she got something from Scotty’s office too, but had been to busy to read it.

Nicholas tells Hayden he has a copy of the will in his safe. He says the estate is passed on to the oldest male heir, which means Spencer will eventually get it. He says Helena didn’t have much to leave since she went to the well once too often. He tells Hayden not to worry, she’ll always have everything she wants, then carries her off like Tarzan.

Elizabeth looks for Sam and Lucas tells her that Sam went home. Elizabeth asks if they discharged her and Lucas tells her it’s more like she was done with the place. Elizabeth wonders how Sam was able to manage with all she’s been through. Lucas tells her she had Jason’s help, which stabs Elizabeth in the heart. Or would if she had one.

Jason tells Sam she’s going to stay on the couch while he takes care of her. I like him so much more than the old Jason.

Molly tells Christina not to bottle things up and that it doesn’t have to be this hard. TJ calls and Molly says she’s on her way. He says The Floating Rib is packed so maybe they should meet somewhere else. Of course it’s packed. No one goes home.

Jordan tells Andre she’s sorry Curtis is intruding on their date. Andre says the best thing to do is confront him. He asks what the story really is. Jordan says Curtis was in the DEA and her husband was in the military. After her husband’s death, Curtis recruited her to the DEA.

Dante lingers around Curtis and Valerie like the fool he is. Valerie says she wants to know Curtis better. Nathan asks Dante if he wants to play a game of pool while he waits for Maxie.

Laura says Helena probably left them another curse. Lulu says she thinks she’ll wash her hair instead of going to the reading. She says that whatever is in the will is meant to cause them suffering. Laura says she’s still going and Lulu tells her to be careful. I’m betting that Helena left a video will. Or a hologram.

Nicholas and Hayden get busy while I admire his tattoos and once again wonder if they’re real.

Maxie goes to The Haunted Star and tells Lulu she shouldn’t be working and needs a night of massage and pampering at the MetroCourt. She gives her a key to one of the rooms and tells her the masseuse is waiting. Lulu tries to make excuses, but Maxie won’t have it, so Lulu finally takes the key to room 501. Good thing it’s not the key to room 237. (Stephen King fans will understand that reference.)

Maxie calls Nathan and tells him the fox is in the henhouse. He asks her to speak English and she says she means Lulu is going up to the room. She gives him instructions. He says it’s not going to work, but tells Dante it was the desk sergeant on the phone and something needs to be checked out in room 501. Dante volunteers to do it so that Nathan’s date isn’t ruined.

Jordan tells Curtis that things might have gone a different way if Curtis had just left them alone, and she wants to protect TJ and Valerie.

Elizabeth is talking to the insurance company who suggests she put her husband on the phone. This is probably the only time I’ve ever been annoyed along with her and she has my sympathy. She says if they don’t want to talk to her, they can talk to her attorney.

It’s Danny’s bedtime. Jason is going to help him get ready and read him a story.

Lucas has tickets for him and Brad to go to a show. Brad suggests he talk to Christina first. Lucas tells Christina that Sam is home now and if she has plans, she can go. When he finds out she doesn’t, he invites her out with them. She declines, but asks what it was like to come out and says she’s asking for a friend. Why does anyone think that ever fools anybody?

Molly meets TJ at the bar. She says maybe they should go to her room and have sex.

Nathan tells Christina that he instinctively knew he was different from the other boys when he was growing up, that he seemed to relate to the world in a different way. He says it took a while, but after lot of soul searching, he figured it out. Brad says he came out of the womb singing and dancing, but that his parents are from the middle ages, so he never came out to them. Lucas tells Christina that friends can always be relied on.

Jason comes back downstairs after Danny falls asleep. Sam says she’s happy they’re all there right now and Jason says he is too.

Laura stops by the hospital and tells Elizabeth to take a break and go to Windermere. Elizabeth says the last time she left Jake at the hospital, Helena kidnapped him. Laura says she won’t let anything happen to him. Although I don’t know how she’s going to do that from The Haunted Star.

Nicholas is asleep and Hayden slips out of the room.

Andre says TJ and Valerie are adults. Jordan says she guesses that means she should trust them to make their own decisions. Andre says she said it, not him, and they order another round.

Curtis tells Valerie that he used to be a cop. She says he doesn’t look like the type. Whatever that means. She tells him she’s a cadet. He kind of puts cops down, but then apologizes. Valerie goes to the bathroom and runs into Jordan. Jordan tells Valerie that Curtis is trouble and if she knows what’s good for her, she’ll walk out and forget about him.

Lulu and Dante meet in room 501.

Valerie says she thought Jordan would be thrilled that she’s no longer pursuing Dante. Jordan says that Curtis’s fondness for drugs is going to wreak havoc on Valerie’s career. She tells Valerie to ask Curtis about his cocaine use.

TJ is shocked that Molly wants to have sex. He says he doesn’t want to pressure her, but she says it’s the choice she wants to make and it’s time.

Christina makes a phone call. She leaves a message saying happy Valentine’s Day and I love you.

Lulu says she must have been sent to the wrong room. She tries to leave, but the door is locked and she can’t get out.

Maxie tells Nathan nothing like being trapped in a room to force a conversation. She says that Dante and Lulu might not be together by the end of the night, but they’ll be on the way.

Laura calls Scotty and asks to be apprised of the will reading and that she intends to be there.

Nicholas wakes up, wondering where Hayden is. Where she is, is messing around with the safe. Sneaky snake Elizabeth comes up behind her and asks what the hell she’s doing.

Sam says she doesn’t want to pressure Jason. He says he feels like he‘s the one pressuring her because he‘s taken over her house. He asks if she wants him to leave. She tells him no, and that she knows he‘s just here as a friend. He says more than that. He tells her that he doesn’t remember their lives together, but he remembers what it‘s like to be close to her. When she asks what that means, he finally, finally, finally kisses her.

I do several cartwheels and blow off some fireworks. In my head. Anyone who reads my posts knows I’m not in this for the romance, but these two are one of several couples I root for.

Tomorrow, Nathan gives Maxie a special gift and Hayden gloats to Elizabeth that she snared Nicholas.

Quotes of the Week from The People’s Couch

One of the reasons I love this show is the way the people relate to one another. You can tell they genuinely enjoy hanging out together and it makes me want to hang out with them.

This week, the live TV performance of Grease was included. There was some talk among the couches about Vanessa Hudgens’s professionalism, as her father had passed away the day before the show. From the clips they showed, she was amazing, and I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been. I loved her in Sucker Punch and think she can probably accomplish anything she puts her mind to.

Here’s our quotes:

Why does Danny Zuko look like he’s ready to start a 401K and plan for retirement? Brandy referring to Aaron Tveit in Grease Live!

God, I wanna throw pompoms at somebody. Blake referring to Sandy in Grease Live!

Where are the two old queens in the balcony?
We’re them now.
Scott and Emerson respectively, referring to Statler and Waldorf from The Muppets.

Reenactresses, my favorite. Blake, referring to Untold Stories of the ER.

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