February 16, 2016 — GH, Having & Not, & a Carnival


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Kiki asks Franco for advice, asking how unusual ED is.

Morgan is slinging coffee bags at the warehouse while listening to his iPod. Christina startles him. She asks why he smells like a distillery.

Anna sees Ava at the bar. For the love of all that’s holy, is this the only set they can afford? She wants to talk to Ava, but Dillon interrupts.

Alexis asks Sam who’s going to take care of her now that she’s out of the hospital and Sam tells her Jason is doing just fine in that department.

Monica says that because Jake is still young and growing, he should heal nicely, but she also thinks he’d be better served somewhere other than GH. Yeah, like that place in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Sonny is meeting with Griffin, who says they have a problem. He asks if he should call Sonny “Godfather.” Nothing like getting to the point, but also nothing like being so far out of the loop that you’re in another stratosphere.

Tracy tells Paul to get out. She says unless he’s there on official business, he’s trespassing. She says they have nothing to discuss, but he says they have a son and he needs her help with Dillon.

Ava goes to sit down. Dillon tells Anna he’s doing a photo shoot for Crimson. He says the woman he was supposed to take photos of today bailed, and asks Anna if she would substitute.

Franco says that probably the meds are causing Morgan’s problem. Kiki says Morgan said the same thing. Franco says there are only two types of guys, guys that happens to and guys who say it never happens to them. Ha-ha! I love when Sonny makes a joke. He says that everything will work out eventually.

Christina asks Morgan if Sonny is around. She wants to know if he’s going to Alexis’s wedding. Morgan says that’s highly doubtful. Christina says she was going to get them pasta maker as a wedding gift, but she’d prefer a truce.

Monica thinks the Shriners hospital in Philadelphia would be their best bet. Elizabeth and Jason agree with her recommendation. I guess they’re promoting Shriners hospitals today, because Monica says the name like a thousand times.

Griffin says for all he knows, Sonny is running marathons at night. He says he’s not obligated to treat him for a condition he no longer has and he doesn’t want to lie for him.

Paul tells Tracy that Dillon has severed ties with him and that he needs a father. Tracy tells him that Dillon needed a father years ago, and not an attempt later to assuage his guilt. She says it’s not her job to plead his case with her son and the less Dillon has to do with him, the better.

Anna is flattered, but says she’s not a model. Dillon says that the issue is about real women. He says he’s been shooting the subjects in their own environment, and thinks the PCPD would be perfect.

Franco tells Kiki that Morgan must be feeling down, no pun intended…I think. He tells her that a temporary condition should have no bearing on a long term relationship. Kiki says what if it’s not the meds, and Morgan just isn’t interested in her anymore?

Morgan tells Christina if she understood the business, she’d know what she’s asking is next to impossible. He’s acting kind of manic and Christina asks if he’s taking his meds. The eternal question. He says he’s an important part of their father’s business now. Christina is like, if you say so, and tells him to watch the whiskey shots.

Christina leaves and Darby pops out of the woodwork.

Sam tells Alexis she doesn’t have to look backward any more, and that she and Jason have changed, but in a lot of ways they’re still the same. She says they can talk about everything and nothing and she can’t wait to see what happens next. She asks if she can bring him to the wedding.

Jason tells Carly about taking Jake to Shriners. Carly and Monica play up how great a place it is. Elizabeth says she’ll meet Jason later after she gets the boys set up with a sitter. Monica leaves to arrange transportation. Carly asks Jason how he’s doing and says whatever he needs to just ask. He asks her to keep an eye on Sam

Griffin tells Sonny that he doesn’t need a neurosurgeon, he needs a collaborator, and he doesn’t want to help Sonny promote his business. Sonny says he’ll find a new doctor then.

Paul says it’s not fair for Tracy to feed into Dillon’s problem with him. Tracy says it was all Dillon’s idea, whether Paul wanting to be his father is too little too late or not.

Dillon sets up his equipment in the interrogation room. Anna tries to get information about Paul from him while they work. Dillon tells Anna about how Paul led Tracy on. Anna tells him about how she talked to Paul after their confrontation. She says she thinks Paul feels badly about not being the father Dillon and his sister. She asks if Susan feels the same way. He says they emailed for a while when he was younger, but it stopped. He wishes he could be like Susan and walk away from the whole thing.

Franco leaves and Ava is standing there. Kiki asks how much Ava heard. Ava says it’s none of her business what Kiki and Franco talk about. Kiki asks why Ava is being so nice after what happened with Avery. Ava says it’s water under the bridge and she’s come in peace bearing clothing. She’s brought a dress for Kiki to wear at Julian’s wedding.

Darby says she got Morgan’s text and here she is. She asks him what he wants to do. Stop irritating me, for one.

Alexis says it would be better to let Jason and Julian acclimate on their own, but Julian is going to have to get used to things, so bring him anyway. Sam says maybe she’s right and it would distract Julian to see him on his big day.

Jason tells Carly about how he was with Sam when the call came about Jake. He says he knows she’s a tough chick, but wants Carly to look in on her while he’s gone.

Sonny accuses Griffin of being judgmental.

Commercial break. Yep. Shriners hospital is looking for donations. It is nice of GH to promote them, as they function like St. Jude’s, taking care of very ill children at no expense to the parents.

Dillon says Susan used to send him Christmas cards but not any more. Anna asks if she lives abroad like Dillon had. He says at one point she lived off the coast of Maine and opened a shop called Suki’s, but he hadn’t heard from her since then. Anna says maybe something happened like bad relationship. I’m not sure why she would think that. Dillon asks Anna if she’s interrogating him.

Tracy spaces out during her conversation with Paul.

Kiki asks what the catch is. Ava says she wants them to move on. Kiki says that would be the mature thing and Ava says they’ll have to wing it then. Ava says she wants to get past the Avery thing because she loves Kiki. I want to see the dress already, so I can be the judge of this. Ava asks Kiki to take care of Avery if anything happens to her.

Griffin says it’s not up to him to judge Sonny — only God can do that — but he’s not going to be used. Sonny says he thought Griffin was a good guy. Griffin says he is and he thinks deep down Sonny is too, but he’s going to refer him to another doctor. Sonny says he can give Griffin his word that he won’t have to lie and it will be over soon. Griffin says he hopes that doesn’t mean something bad is going to happen. Carly peeks in the door and asks if she can come in.

Elizabeth fills Franco in on what’s happening with Jake. She says Franco has been surprisingly supportive.

Christina arrives at Sam’s place. She’s all excited about Sam and Jason, but Sam says don’t rush things. The bell rings and Christina says it’s probably Molly who’s supposed to meet her there, but it’s Jason.

Anna says it’s occupational hazard, and even normal curiosity turns into third degree for her. Dillon says he was just kidding, but it helped get fabulous pictures. He says he knows Nina will love them. Before he leaves, Anna says she hopes he finds a way to reconnect with his sister because family relationships are important. He says he hasn’t heard from Susan in 6 years. Anna asks if he knows why she chose the name Suki’s for her shop, which would totally make me wonder why she’s asking such a weird question. Dillon says he’s not sure, but he thinks it was a nickname Paul gave her as a child. He adds that Anna should consider interrogation for a living since she’s good at it.

Suddenly, Tracy asks where she and Paul were in the conversation. Paul says they were discussing Dillon. Tracy says she’s not going to help Paul and tells him to go. Paul says he’s not a bad man and still loves the child they created He leaves and Tracy wonders what’s happening to her.

Kiki asks if the cancer is back. Ava says no, and Kiki asks if it’s the business and if someone has threatened her. Ava says it’s nothing specific. Kiki says she knows they’ve had their differences, but Ava is still her mother. Ava says sometimes risky things cross her path and she’d feel better if she knew Kiki would take care of Avery. She asks if Kiki is bringing a date to the wedding and Kiki says she’s bringing Morgan.

Darby and Morgan are about to get busy, when Darby asks what about Kiki, so I have to give her half a point for that.

Griffin says he’s going to give Sonny some recommendations for treatment. Sonny and Carly leave.

Elizabeth tells Cameron and Aidan about Jake going to Philadelphia. She says they’ll be going to grandma’s until she gets back. She says when she does, she’ll need their help in finding a new house.

Alexis and Christina leave. Sam apologizes for their antics, since they were making amusing remarks about her and Jason. Jason tells Sam about taking Jake to the Shriners hospital.

Tracy is on the laptop, most likely looking up her symptoms on WebMD, when Dillon comes in. She says it’s been quiet and there’s no new news.

Anna is talking to Mac on her cell phone, and telling him to check an island off the coast of Maine for Susan. Suddenly, Paul is standing there.

Ava calls Paul and leaves a message that Morgan isn’t a threat any more because he’ll be at the wedding. I guess that’s when the arms shipment is coming in.

Kiki catches Morgan and Darby going at it.

Carly says that when she came in, Sonny looked like he was trying to get his way and wasn’t sure if he was going to get it. Sonny asks if she’ll be his date to the wedding. She says they weren’t invited, and he tells her about Christina wanting the truce and that he said he’d think about it. Carly says she’ll go if he wants her to, but adds that Alexis looked down on her relationship with Sonny for years and thinks that just because Julian turned his life around, it’s okay for her to forget he was also a mobster and responsible for Duke’s death. She says Alexis is a hypocrite. Sonny says maybe he shouldn’t take the chance that Carly will say something because he doesn’t want anything unpleasant to happen at the wedding. His face reminds me of Walder Frey planning The Red Wedding on Game of Thrones, and I go, hmm…

Franco tells Elizabeth how great she is with the boys. Elizabeth says she doesn’t know how she’s going to keep it together. Franco says she’ll be fine and he asks if he can text her once in a while about Jake. She says sure.

Jason doesn’t know how long he’ll be. Sam tells him to take whatever time it needs. She says she’s feeling pretty good and she’s gearing up for the wedding. They make out like crazy.

Tomorrow, Morgan (who is getting to be a walking cliche) tells Kiki it’s not what it looks like, Nathan tells Dante he thinks Lulu is at The Haunted Star, and Michael tells Sonny that he’s going to get Avery back.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Maggie tells David there’s something wrong with him hanging on to an insane woman. He says it’s not that simple, that he and Veronica built a lot during their good years together. Maggie tells David she can make him forget and asks him what he wants. He says he wants the woman he married. Maggie says she’s moved on. David tells Maggie she’s right and gathers his clothing up. She apologizes, but he says he’s leaving anyway.

David is mighty pissed about the newspaper article. He says the press is having a field day and wants Maggie to issue a statement saying his wife is standing by him. Maggie says his wife had sex with another man in his truck, and David wants to know how she knows that it was in the truck. She tries to cover her ass, but it’s too late. David realizes she was the one who had the picture taken.

David wants to know who the guy is, but Maggie says she doesn’t know. David says if she’s lying, he’s never going to forgive her. He storms out.

Kathryn, Veronica and Jim are still in their cells. Kathryn says she doesn’t even know what day or time it is. She says she can’t believe David isn’t helping Veronica and asks if it’s because of the newspaper article. Veronica says it’s more complicated than that and Jim laughs.

Veronica tells Kathryn to calm down and that they wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place if it wasn’t for Wyatt. Jim and Veronica are starting to verbally spar, when the guard comes in to release Kathryn. Jim tells her to call a certain judge. She says that will be her first call and she’s getting them both out.

Jim asks Veronica if she thinks David is really going to help her with all she’s done to him. Veronica says she’s never met anyone as trifling as Jim and she’s glad they’re not in the same campaign anymore. She also tells him David is going to run for governor, and that he had plans to do that even before they were arrested.

Jim says he’s going to miss Veronica. She asks where he thinks she’s going and he says hell. She says if she is, he’ll be right there with her. He says her ticket is already bought and paid for, and she asks him what makes him think his isn’t too.

Kathryn leaves another message for yet another judge. Judge Carter picks up the phone and she says funny how they always call back when they want something. The judge tells her that the death of the little girl has everyone up in arms and no one wants to get involved. He also tells her that David doesn’t want Veronica out. He says he has to go, and Kathryn says when they get out of this — and they will — she’s not going to forget.

Kathryn calls a lawyer and asks for a meeting. She says there’s a bail hearing in the afternoon and she can’t find a judge to help.

Candace’s friend, Erica, brings her the $500 Benny gave her for the car. She says she didn’t want to take it, but he made her. Candace says she needs her help. She tells Erica she got marked. Erica says that doesn’t happen to them, they do the marking. Candace says she needs to get this guy back, but doesn’t have much information on him. Erica says he must have had help and that she probably already knows who helped him. Candace says it must be Jim.

Erica says it doesn’t sound like Jim’s style. He’s too high for that and to think lower. She says to start at the beginning and asks how Candace met Oscar. Candace realizes Landon was involved because he’s the one who showed her Oscar’s background online, but when she looked herself, she couldn’t find anything. Erica says the bigger the mark, the more players, so who else?

Candace remembers other people along the way. She remembers the child welfare worker pressuring her for proof of money in her bank account and believes she’s a part of it too. She says even the television in the hotel must have been rigged because Oscar showed her his stocks through it. Erica asks how this happened. Candace says Oscar got at her through her heart and promises she’ll tear his out. Erica suggests they start with the child welfare worker. Good, because I started not liking her when she hassled Hanna.

Quita is sitting in a car across the street from Candace’s place. She sees Candance come out to get something from the car and says something isn’t right. Her friend says maybe Warlock was hooking up with Candace. The nosy neighbor tells them they can’t park there and Quita curses her out. The neighbor tells them she’s calling the police, but by the time she does, they’ve pulled away. Again, Quita says something is right and this isn’t over.

David shows up at the tow yard looking for Benny. He asks Mitch some questions, saying he’s a judge. Mitch says Benny isn’t there and David asks when he’ll be back. Mitch asks if he needs a tow, and when David says yes, Mitch tells him he can call to set it up. David leaves and Mitch calls Benny.

He tells Benny that David was looking for him. Benny asks why, but Mitch doesn’t know. Benny says it’s all cool, and Mitch asks if it has anything to do with the burial supplies that were in Benny’s trunk. Benny says no and he’ll talk to Mitch later.

David calls Benny and says he needs to meet with him. Benny asks why and David says he knows why and he has some questions for Benny about his wife. He asks how long they’ve been having an affair. Benny says he doesn’t know what David is talking about and he should talk to his wife. David says he has proof, but Benny insists he doesn’t know anything. He tells David again to talk to his wife and don’t call him again.

DA Jennifer tells Veronica and Jim both their sons are going to testify against them. She says Jeffrey isn’t going to testify against David, but is more than willing to testify against Veronica. She tells Jim that Wyatt is also ready to testify against Jim and Kathryn now that he’s out of their house. Jim wants to know how that happened. Jennifer tells Veronica that David is sleeping with Maggie and struts out.

Hanna is getting ready for work and finds Wyatt asleep with some bimbo on the couch. The bimbo says he’s passed out and she can’t wake him up, and she wants to be paid before she goes. Hanna throws some water on Wyatt to wake him up. He tells the bimbo to leave, but she says again she wants to get paid and he doesn’t want her family coming there. He tells her to get out.

Wyatt acts stupid and insulting to Hanna. She tells him to get dressed. He asks what she’s being paid and she says not enough to deal with him. He tells her she’ll have to find another job. She asks where his parents are and after a bunch of nonsense, he tells her they’re in jail.

She asks why and he says she knows. She tells him the only thing she knows for sure that God will repay everyone according to their deeds, and gives him several Bible verses. She says she’s had a front row seat to the destruction that’s fallen on the Cryer household, and until Wyatt repents and asks the Lord into his heart, he’ll always be in hell. She asks again what she’s supposed to know.

He mentions the car accident. Hanna says deep in her heart, she knew he did it, but she was afraid she’d ruined his life when she told the DA she thought he did it. She thanks him for clearing her conscience and letting her know she’s not crazy. She says she’s sorry for what’s about to happen to him. Wyatt says nothing is going to happen because he has immunity. She says he has no idea how God works. She says we reap what we sow and no judge can give him immunity against what God has in store unless he repents. I love Hanna at this moment.

She goes into the kitchen, which is a total mess, and prays, asking God to help her get out of there.

There’s a knock at Candace’s door. She asks Erica to open it. It’s the case worker, Aliyah. Candace thanks her for coming and asks where her son is. Aliyah says she’s with Candace’s mother and that Hanna has custody. Candace asks why. Aliyah says when Candace didn’t come back to the hospital, the judge ruled Hanna would be better fit.

Candace asks if Aliyah knew Hanna’s house burnt down and asks where she is. Aliyah says a hotel. Candace says when she was staying in a hotel, it was deemed unfit. And it was a nice hotel. She says her mother is probably staying in a fleabag. Aliyah says she doesn’t know. Candace says yes she does and she knows Hanna doesn’t have money Aliyah says they have to do what’s best for the child. Candace says she’s going to ask Aliyah some questions, and her answers will determine how she walks out.

She tells Erica to lock the door and asks Aliyah how much Oscar paid her. When Aliyah says she doesn’t know what Candace is talking about, Candace slaps her one across the face. Then she jumps Aliyah and starts to strangle her. Aliyah admits Hanna knew the judge and that Kathryn Cryer helped Hanna get custody.

Candace lets Aliyah go and tells her not to move. Aliyah says she had nothing to do with it and Erica slaps her, saying it was a bonus. Candace asks about Oscar. She wants to know about the money and where Oscar is. Aliyah says she doesn’t know what Candace is talking about.

Candace comes up behind Aliyah, grabs her by the hair and yanks her out of her seat.

Next week, Kathryn tells Maggie to get out of the way, Jim pleads not guilty, and David and Benny fight.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kathryn is preparing to have the ladies over at her San Diego house. They take Erika’s tour bus to get there. Of course the house is massive and impressive. Is there any other kind of house on this show? LisaV says the house has “a good vibe.”

The ladies sit down to lunch and Eileen asks LisaV who told Yolanda that she’d said something about Yolanda’s kids not being sick. Erika cops to talking to Yolanda before LisaR went to her house. LisaV wonders if Erika is a sh*t stirrer.

There’s a lot of food and attention is brought to LisaR not eating as a general rule. Lisa says there are people who have made her eating an issue. We flash back to Kim telling Lisa to eat a piece of bread. Lisa says vicious stuff went on and it’s difficult to talk about in front of Kyle. Kyle says she knows her sister wasn’t handling herself well, but she doesn’t like the adjectives being used. Lisa says she didn’t know what was going on at the time and it was scary. In her individual interview, Lisa says Kim acted like a rabid dog and she’s right. Kyle says Lisa’s hands weren’t exactly clean in their altercations, but I would have had enough at that point too.

Erika and Kathryn get involved with the conversation, even though it’s none of their business. Kathryn talks about living with addiction. Kyle removes herself from the table because it’s too hard to face reality, even though this is a reality show.

Kyle tells LisaV about the text message LisaR sent Kim, while LisaR tells the rest of the women what her viewpoint was during the whole Kim mess. Eileen is of a mind that everyone deserves another chance. Eileen asks Kathryn what her story is. Kathryn’s father committed suicide when she was 13. She said he had addiction issues, but she had put him on a pedestal and she’s super sensitive to any talk about addiction. She says until you know what someone goes through you can’t just label them, and that inside, Kim doesn’t really want to live that life.

Eileen says it’s hard to explain the dynamics of what went on because it’s all so interwoven. Kyle returns and says that things are better with Kim, but it’s difficult for her to participate in talking about it. Erika explains what Kathryn told them. And since everyone is so superficial, they point out that Kathryn looks good when she cries.

David is going on a trip and acting like he cares about Yolanda and is going to miss her.

LisaV and Ken are having dinner with Erika and Tom. They have a cocktail and Erika shows them around the house. She tells Lisa she can repent of her sins in the chapel, but Lisa says they don’t have enough time for that.

The couples go out to a restaurant. LisaV asks Tom if he goes to Erika’s performances and he says he’s very supportive of Erika’s career. Lisa says he has a twinkle in his eye and maybe a twinkle in his twinkle. Erika talks about speaking with both LisaR and Yolanda. LisaV says Yolanda has put herself up to scrutiny by posting about her illness on social media, but Erika says since they’re her friends, they know the truth.

Tom tells Lisa she’s a formidable opponent because of all her wonderful qualities. He says she reminds him of an alligator, not in looks, but how she can be lying in the sun one minute and snap up a turtle the next. He means it as a compliment and she takes it as one, especially coming from a top lawyer.

Adrienne is having lunch with Kyle. Adrienne is working on a new project and Paul is in business with her. She says it’s taken three years, but they’re getting along now. She asks about Kim. Kyle says they’re talking now. She’s happy and relieved, but still nervous because she knows there’s a lot of work to do.

LisaR lost a sister to suicide and is reading her sister’s poems to her daughters. She says addiction runs in both sides of the family and wants them to be aware. She adds that the conflicts with Kim have affected her deeply. Even though she’s not on the show this season, Kim’s presence is certainly being felt. Brandy, not so much. Ha-ha!

Kyle and Adrienne talk about taking one step at a time. Kim has told Kyle that only 5% of addicts remain sober, which doesn’t sound right to me and makes Kyle feel hopeless. Sounds like Kim is lowballing the numbers to give herself some leeway. Kyle says she hates the holidays and how she and Kim do everything separately now. She wonders how everything went so wrong. She breaks down in her individual interview.

Erika is having a barbecue with a Beverly Hillbillies theme. Since the set-up is a carnival, I’m failing to see the connection. While Erika is getting ready, she says it takes a gay village for her to look this good, although I only see two guys helping.

Eileen and LisaR are taking a limo together. Apparently, Eileen had to explain what Munchhausen’s Syndrome is to Yolanda and Yolanda was not too happy when she found out what it was. Yolanda told her she could say things about LisaR, but she didn’t. Lisa is put off by Yolanda’s righteousness. Yolanda and Kyle are riding together, and she says what LisaR said struck a chord with her because she’s all about integrity. LisaR says she’s a nervous wreck having to see Yolanda again.

The dancers from Erika’s show are in attendance and LisaR says it’s a carnival of butts. Eileen says everybody is feeling a lot of stuff, but not talking about it.

Everyone sits down and LisaR says she wants to talk. She tells Yolanda whether she feels it or not, they all love and support her. She says she doesn’t understand why Yolanda didn’t call her if she had another issue. Yolanda gets defensive and says why should she with all the negativity Lisa put out in the universe. She says she laughed off the Munchhausen thing when Lisa told her because she didn’t know what it was, but when she found out, she got seriously pissed.

LisaR says she heard the remark from someone else. Yolanda says doesn’t matter, she put it out there. Lisa says she didn’t think Yolanda had it, she just repeated what someone else said. Yolanda insists on reading the definition out loud. LisaV tries to explain that LisaR was just repeating something someone else said that she didn’t understand. Yolanda jumps both Lisas asses. She gets loud, says they were labeling her, and keeps mispronouncing Munchhausen. LisaR says Yolanda didn’t listen and she’s right. LisaR brings up Yolanda’s social media posts and repeats that other peole are saying these things. Yolanda tells LisaR to tell her who said it. Lisa doesn’t want to because they’re not there to defend themselves. Erika gets all loud and says she should say who said it.

Ugh! I’ve felt badly for Yolanda up until now, but LisaR is right, she’s not listening. Neither is Erika. Can I leave this party early?

Kyle tries to explain that people are questioning things because of the inconsistency. Eileen says Yolanda wants unconditional support. LisaV tries to explain too, that one day Yolanda says she hasn’t walked in a year and the next she’s running around Beverly Hills on a scavenger hunt. Eileen says Yolanda isn’t around all the time, so people end up talking. Yolanda just wants to know that everyone has her back and will stand up for her if anyone talks smack. Yolanda hugs it out with everyone, but in her individual interview LisaR says it’s like putting a band-aid on a wound that’s still gushing blood.

Next week, the ladies get involved in a spin challenge, LisaR talks dirty with Jenny McCarthy, and Yolanda has mixed feelings.

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