February 23, 2016 — GH, Haves & Nots & Haves


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Lulu is handcuffed with duct tape over her mouth. Raj says she shouldn’t have been there.

Kiki tells Michael about the message Morgan left, including the change in time for the arms shipment. Michael says he’ll handle it. Anna says Morgan is going to walk right into the gun deal.

Morgan says Dixon is disrespecting Sonny in running arms through his territory and if he doesn’t throw his gun into the water, Morgan is going to shoot.

Since Kiki is really, really stupid, she leaves for the pier.

The minister reads 1 Corinthians 13 because it’s a requirement.

Carly wants to get Morgan out of there

Jordan asks Dante where things stand between him and Lulu. He says they’re talking, so he’s wondering why she’s ignoring his texts. Jordan tells him to give Lulu some room.

Raj tells Lulu about the text. He throws her phone into the water. He says he has work to do and looks through the binoculars to the pier.

Paul tells Morgan to cool his jets. All the guns go into the water. Paul says he doesn’t have a gun and Morgan says he doesn’t believe it. He tells one of the thugs to open a crate. Yep, it’s weapons. Dixon tells Morgan he should call his father because he’s 3 seconds away from starting a war. Someone moves and Morgan shoots.

The minister reads the whatever it is that makes you man and wife. Weren’t they writing — oh, okay, usually they do that before the I do’s — Alexis and Julian read their own vows. Alexis says that Julian has made her think all things are possible and that she found the life partner she never knew she needed. Julian says that when he found Alexis, he realized what he truly wanted and he’ll spend the rest of his life doing whatever he can to make her happy. Obviously, I’m paraphrasing.

Anna is calling her lead agent, while Carly and Michael try to explain Morgan’s illness and that they need to go to the pier. They rush out the door, leaving Anna still on the phone.

Jordan tells Dante someone walking their dog heard shots fired at the pier and everyone tears out of the station.

Raj complains about something always going wrong and I identify. He says the cops will be there any minute. He says he has to go and so does Lulu. I’m not sure why he doesn’t just leave her there. It’s not like she even knows who he really is.

Morgan tells everyone not to move. Paul says someone heard the shot and how is he going to make the cops believe Sonny isn’t culpable? Paul tells him to leave before something happens he can’t take back. Morgan says he’s the king of the world and can do anything.

Commercial break. I try to calm down from a plumbing problem I just had a half hour before the show where I couldn’t get the water in the upstairs sink to shut off.

Dixon and one of the thugs rush Morgan and Dixon gets his gun. Dixon says give him a good reason not to put a bullet in Morgan’s head and I can’t come up with one.

The happy couple are about to exchange rings, but Lucas can’t find them.Franco suggests to Nina that Sonny paid someone off to hide them. Molly tells Lucas to check his inside breast pocket and voila! Rings. Brad says it’s bad luck for a wedding to go off without a hitch. Maybe this explains my life. My wedding was relatively trouble-free, except for a friend’s date who tried to keep up with my husband’s friends in the drinking department, and ended up sick in the bathroom for half the night. Ava wonders where Kiki is. The rings are finally exchanged. Applause.

Lulu struggles with Raj who throws her over the side of the boat. Um, her hands are free. Won’t she be able to swim?

Dixon says Morgan is going to pay for messing things up. Morgan says go ahead and shoot him.Dixon say Morgan is trouble he didn’t need. Paul tells him it will just make things worse and there will be huge problems with Sonny if Dixon shoots Morgan. Paul says this is not what he signed up for and that Morgan is crazy. That makes Morgan go crazy.

No surprise, Kiki comes running into the mix. Dixon shoots. Who, we won’t know until after the commercial. I’m guessing Kiki, who should never have gotten involved with Morgan again.

Yep, I’m right. I ain’t been watching this 50 years for nothing. Anna and the Feds show up and tell everyone to get on the ground. An agent tells Morgan to get away from Kiki so he can see his hands. Carly and Michael show up.

Lulu gets to the surface and gets the tape off of her mouth.

The minister says no applause until he actually makes the pronouncement. He does, they kiss, and more applause. Lots of comments among the guests.

Dixon comes running into the church with a gun. He says nobody move. He puts the gun on Sonny and Sonny tells him he has one chance to live. He tells Dixon to put the gun down and get out. Man, he’s got some confidence.

Commercial break. I ponder what a freaking jerk Morgan is.

Dixon tells Sonny it was his kid who caused the trouble. Sonny says the last place Dixon should have come to was the church. Dixon is like, Morgan is a nut and what’s Sonny going to do in a wheelchair. Dixon tells Ava since the shipment was going to her gallery and she’s going to help him now. He tells her that Paul was working for the Feds and asks if she was in on it, or was Paul screwing her too. Well…..

Carly tends to Kiki an they call for an ambulance. Anna asks Paul what went wrong. He says everything starting with lunatic Morgan. Paul tells Anna the details of what happened. He says they had Morgan subdued, but something Morgan said set Dixon off and he ended up shooting Kiki instead of Morgan.

Jordan arrives with more cops. Anna gets on the phone. Carly says Kiki needs medical attention now.

Dante goes to The Haunted Star. Lulu is gasping for air in the water, as he calls her name. I guess she must be weighted down somehow. She tries getting his attention, but he can’t hear her. Instead of trying to form a sentence, maybe she should just yell.

Dixon says if anyone leaves their seat, they’ll be shot. He asks whose idea it was to have a wedding the night of the shipment, and starts talking like he’s crazier than Morgan, having everyone introduce themselves. He says no one will have a better name that Bradley Cooper and they can skip the others. Franco says how disappointed he is and how he’s so unpopular. He says he’s taken hostages in his day and Dixon is going about it all wrong. He suggests Dixon only keep one hostage. First, he suggests Sonny because he’s a lowlife, but he’s in a wheelchair which is problematic, so maybe Julian, since it’s his fault they’re all there. Alexis says why doesn’t he volunteer, but Franco says he’s the worst hostage ever. Dixon tells him nice effort.

Dixon has Brad collect the cell phones and it reminds me of the time Todd held everyone hostage with a fake bomb on One Life to Live. Dixon asks the minister how he gets out of there. The minister explains the layout of the church, for so long that I’m wondering if it’s the Vatican. Everyone whispers among themselves.

Jordan says no one told her about anything. Anna runs to Kiki. Paul tells Jordan to get Morgan out of there and take him to the station for questioning. Morgan doesn’t want to go and Jordan tells Michael to deal with him. Michael tells Morgan he can’t help Kiki by arguing with the police and they’ll do this together. Anna calls for paramedics again.

Brad collects the phones. Dixon wants a show of hands to make sure no one is armed. Sonny tells him to relax and think of a plan. Dixon says who needs it with all the hostages. Sonny says maybe Franco was right, he is wealthy with resources. He says one phone call he’ll have a car with clean plates and two million dollars. Sonny tells him they don’t have much time and if the cops get there, time’s up. Nathan — for whatever reason, since Sonny was doing really well there — decides to jump up. Dixon shoots him.

Lulu manages to call for Dante, but he’s wandering around the boat. He keeps calling for her. She starts to sink, and their relationship flashbacks through her mind.

Morgan is going apesh*t at the station, rambling on about taking his dad’s gun. Jordan says if he doesn’t calm down, she’s going to arrest him. Michael says Morgan isn’t talking without a lawyer. Morgan gets crazier and Jordan reads him his rights.

At the pier, the Feds take stock of the shipment, but they realize Dixon is gone.

Lucas says he can help, but Dixon says the rules haven’t changed and to sit down. Maxie says he’ll have to shoot her too and please let her help. Dixon says he’s a sucker for a pretty face, and she asked nice, so okay. He says anyone who moves gets shot. Then he says maybe he should just shoot Sonny right now.

Tomorrow, Anna tells Paul the sting was a disaster (like he doesn’t know), Ava volunteers to be a hostage, and Maxie says she can’t stop Nathan’s bleeding.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Candace is beating the crap out of the social worker, Aliyah. Candace asks if she’s going to talk now. Aliyah says okay, but she doesn’t know where Oscar is. Candace asks how she was paid. Aliyah says in cash. $25,000. Whoa. Aliyah says Oscar said he’d pay her if a judge needed to see that Candace had money in the bank. Candace asks where the cash is and Aliyah says she spent all of it. Another whoa. Aliyah asks Candace not to say anything because she could lose her job, adding she won’t go to the police. Candace says she could lose her life if she doesn’t come up with the 25K. Aliyah says she’ll go to her credit union. Candace tells her she wants 100K then, and her son. She wants a recommendation that she get custody and gives Aliyah six hours.

Candace tells her to find out where Oscar is too, or she’ll be sorry. Man, this chick has some cojones. After Aliyah leaves, Wendy says they might not find Oscar, so she hopes Candace is thinking about plan B.

Oscar goes to David’s office. The only thing he’s come up with on Veronica so far is the name of the photographer Maggie hired to take the picture of Veronica and Benny. He says the affair started when Veronica got Benny out of jail. He asks that David not give up the photographer’s name because he wants to continue their business relationship. David thanks him and Oscar says he’ll keep David posted.

Kathryn arrives next. She tells David that the DA let her out, but Jennifer refuses to release Jim and Veronica. Kathryn’s cell phone rings. It’s Lloyd from the bank. She says she’ll call back when she has time. David says he’s working on something to get Jim and Veronica out. Kathryn doesn’t believe him because she spoke to Judge Carter who told her David isn’t getting Veronica out. He says she’s safer in jail. Kathryn says he needs to put on his big boy pants and deal. He says it’s not about the affair, and Kathryn doesn’t have the whole picture.

He asks where Veronica lives. Kathryn says she doesn’t know, but what does that have to do with getting her out of jail? Then she asks how David got out. He says Maggie called in favors. Kathryn asks why she didn’t call in favors for the others, and Maggie, standing behind her, says she didn’t want to. She tells Kathryn she needs to put some distance between herself and Jim. Kathryn says if no one will help Jim, she will. Maggie says that’s not wise. Kathryn says it’s not wise for anyone to underestimate her power.

When Kathryn is gone, David tells Maggie she shouldn’t have lied to him about the photos and leaves her standing in his office by herself.

DA Jennifer calls bank guy Lloyd. He says he got her emails, faxes and court order this morning. She asks why he hasn’t responded. She says she knows he does a lot of business with the Cryers and doesn’t want to upset that, but the court order was signed by a judge. He says he knows the family and something isn’t right here. Jennifer mentions the court order again and tells him that when Wyatt comes in he’d better hand over the funds. If he calls Kathryn or tries to interfere in any way, she’ll consider it attempting to tamper with the safety of a witness.

Candace tells Wendy that she had it all, she had money and was going to take the bar, and Jim took everything. She says maybe her mother is right. She says she’s been in deep with people who had everything to lose, now she’s in deep with someone who has nothing to lose — Warlock.

Wendy says she hopes Candace didn’t cross him. Candace says she just didn’t tell him everything. Wendy tells her to remember a couple of other girls who crossed him and please say she has a plan. Candace says the only plan is to find Oscar. Wendy says she has to tell Benny. Candace says she can’t, and hopefully the money from Aliyah will be enough to buy her time. Wendy says that girl isn’t going to come up with the money.

Candace says maybe she can mortgage her place. Wendy says Benny will help if she tells truth. Candace says if Benny finds out Warlock is shaking her down, he’ll go crazy. She wonders why she puts herself in these situations. She says again maybe her mother was right. Wendy says stop saying that because that would mean her preacher father is right. Candace says let’s do what we do. Wendy tells her she’d better tell Benny about mortgaging the house.

Kathryn is at he jail with a lawyer. Veronica comes in and makes me laugh, saying she thought Kathryn would have changed clothes by now. Jim comes in too, and Kathryn says no one will help them. The lawyer says they should see the press. Veronica says they have Maggie to thank for that. Jim asks how bad it is and the lawyer says pretty bad.

Veronica asks if David is trying to get her out. Kathryn says no and Veronica asks why not. Jim asks her if she saw the paper and that he’d leave her rot. I note that Jim realistically looks like he hasn’t shaved in a while. Jim tells Kathryn to tell Veronica the truth. At first Kathryn says David is working on it, but then she admits David isn’t going to help her.

Veronica tells Jim to keep enjoying this. He says he will, but she has no idea how much he’d like her to get out. The lawyer says he’s sure he can get both of them bail. Veronica says she’s going to represent herself. The lawyer tells her that’s a bad idea, but she brings up how many times she’s beat him in court and says she’ll get herself out.

Wyatt comes to the DA’s office. Jennifer tells him his mother is out of jail and his father is having a bail hearing, but he won’t be released . Jennifer gives him paperwork and says she called the bank. She says if Lloyd won’t give Wyatt his inheritance, he’ll go to jail. Wyatt asks what happens if his mother shows up. Jennifer says that’s why she called the bail hearing for today. Man, this is about the most corrupt town ever. She tells Wyatt she’s counting on him. He says he’ll be there. She asks him to please get out of the Cryer house. I hate this woman.

Hanna is sitting in the Cryer’s kitchen when David walks in. He asks what happened and Hanna says Wyatt happened. He asks if she’s going to clean it up and she says no. He says he just came from her house and he’s sorry. She says she bets he is.

He asks if she’s aware of what happened. She says Wyatt hit her son and the little girl and they covered it up. He says she doens’t know the whole story. He says the Cryers might not be home for a while. She says she needs her check and asks why he’s there. He says he was hoping to speak with her about her son.

David asks if Veronica was with Benny the night Benny borrowed his truck. Hanna says she’s had it with all their bs. He says Veronica is a conniver. He doesn’t want Benny caught up in her games and he’s trying to protect him. She asks how, and he says the only way he can answer is for her to tell him all she knows . She says she knows he thinks she’s just an ignorant maid and that he wants her to tell him things he can use against Benny. She says she doesn’t trust him, doesn’t like him and he’s a liar. She says she has nothing else to say. She’s going to sit and wait for her check, and if he wants to know anything, he should ask her son directly. He says he already did and Benny told him to ask his wife. Hanna says she raised him better than that, and Benny should have said ask his triflin’ ass wife. Bye, David. Nice scene.

David calls Oscar (or whatever his name really is). He asks for contacts to reroute phone calls.

While staying at a hotel, Wyatt is picking out a place to live. He’s looking on the realtor’s laptop and chooses a 3 million dollar property. He tells the realtor he wants to close as quickly as possible. The realtor says he’ll get the owner to lease the place to him until the closing. Wyatt says get some chicks over too. The dude says how about some blow too and pulls out a humongous bag of cocaine. One stop shopping!

Jennifer says the people ask for no bail. Jim’s lawyer says that’s ridiculous, he’s been a model citizen. Jennifer says he covered up a murder and has access to private jets. The judge says no bail. Jim basically curses him out and the judge says he’ll hold him in contempt. Jim says who cares since he’s in jail anyway. The judge gives him an extra 30 days. Bail fail.

The DA requests no bail for Veronica too. Veronica says it was a matter of client attorney privilege because she was Jeffrey’s counsel. Jennifer says Jeffrey will testify that she’s not his lawyer The judge says that’s for the trial and releases Veronica.

Benny comes to the tow yard office. Suddenly, they have no tows. Mitch says the phones aren’t working and what’s going on? Benny says he doesn’t know .Mitch says ever since David came in, they haven’t had any business. Benny says that’s got nothing to do with it and Mitch says if he says so. Benny tries calling the office from his cell phone, but the phone doesn’t ring.

Candace calls Landon. She asks to meet him later. He hears idiot Maggie crying in her office and gives her a box of tissues. Maggie says he was right and she shouldn’t have done this. David says no she shouldn’t have from where he suddenly appears in the doorway.

Benny comes in behind David and David says oh, Benny decided to see him after all. Benny says says David decided to do something to his phones. David says he needs to know what Benny had going with his wife. Benny says he wants his phones back and it was nothing with Veronica. David says to tell him everything or he’ll never get his phones back. They start to tussle and Landon comes in saying Veronica is out of jail and David Dashes out the door.

Next week, Quita is still looking for Quincy, Candace sets up Landon, and Veronica is on the loose.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Mauricio and his agency are partnering with Soulcycle for a Habitat for Humanity charity event. Kyle, LisaV, Kathryn and Erika attend. Lisa asks if she heard they’re supposed to bike for 4 to 5 minutes or 45 minutes. She says she hasn’t spent 45 minutes straddling anything since 1984. She isn’t thrilled with spinning.

The instructor is all zen and tells everyone to go at their own pace, no pressure. This looks like fun, but I’d probably poop out after 5 minutes myself. He turns into an evangelist when he asks if everyone is a believer. Lisa is wearing pink patent pumps. Say that three times real fast. The event is a success.

The girls go to lunch afterward. They wonder what’s up with Yolands, and Kyle says they she and Eileen didn’t leave things on a positive note. Eileen joins them and they talk about Eileen’s soap job. Lisa asks about the love scenes and if they’re fun. Eileen says it’s more technical than anything else.

Yolanda joins them. She brought pink flowers for Lisa’s birthday. Yolanda asks how the spin thing went and Lisa tells her be glad she wasn’t there. The girls compare muscles.

Yolanda is hosting a dinner party at a restaurant. They talk about LisaR’s husband being in Mad Men and it getting nominated for an Emmy. Kyle asks Yolanda how things are between her and Lisa and she says fine. Kyle thinks everyone always sweeps everything under the rug. She and LisaV start talking about some conversation after Yolanda left.

Eileen asks what they’re talking about. Erika says something about LisaR saying that Yolanda said she was bi-polar. Yolanda says she only said she could say that and Kyle says that’s no different than what Lisa said about Munchausens. Yolanda gets annoyed for Kyle bringing it up, when she’s the one who horned in on a private conversation. Yolanda says they were being rude and whispering. Yolanda says she and LisaR worked things out. Kyle says fine, it’s none of her business and Yolanda says then mind your own business. Kyle tells Yolanda to give her an f-ing break and I second that. This is really stupid.

LisaR is on Jenny McCarthy’s Sirius Radio show, Dirty, Sexy, Funny. Lisa says Jenny is a girl’s girl and I agree. Lisa says it’s part of her job to stay relevant. They talk about Lisa and Harry’s sex life. Lisa says her mother told her that one day her mouth would get into trouble, but she makes a lot of money from it. I love how honest Lisa is about her hustle.

Yolanda is going on about Kyle talking about LisaR without her being there. Shut up already. Kyle says she’s friends with Lisa. In her individual interview, Yolanda says yeah, when it’s convenient. Yolanda tells Kyle to drop it. She adds that she keeps a lot in the vault, whatever that means. Kyle asks if that’s some kind of threat. LisaV says Yolanda shouldn’t have put it out there that she could call LisaR bi-polar. Yolanda says same with LisaR talking about Munchausens. I’m so startled she pronounced it right, I miss what’s next. Yolanda is suddenly all over LisaV, saying she talked smack about Yolanda’s kids. Lisa says that’s not what happened. Lisa finally has enough of this nonsense. She says she has to do something and leaves.

Kathryn and Erika are having lunch at Erika’s. Kathryn says she wants to be friends, but she needs to know what Erika is about. She says Erika is closed off. Erika says she’s never been liked by girls and was hurt at an early age by girlfriends, so she’s never had a crew. She doesn’t really trust anyone. She says Yolanda is her go-to guy, but she’s a girl.

Erika says her grandmother was the closest female to her, but she passed away. Kathryn volunteers to be her friend and says she’ll have her back. Erika asks what Kathryn thinks of LisaV.

LisaR comes by Kyle’s house. I’m tired of seeing everyone in black. Kyle got an email from Yolanda, scolding her, and it was cc’d to the rest of the ladies. Kyle says she doesn’t know what’s up since she thought they were cool.

Yolanda says she wasn’t able to say what she needed to at the lunch, so she got up in the middle of the night and composed this email. In the email, Yolanda goes blah-blah-blah about how she wanted to have fun at the lunch and Kyle ruined things. LisaR says it’s passive aggression at it’s finest. It’s kind of cool how it’s read, with each of them reading a part of it in succession. Kyle tells LisaR about the vault thing, and LisaR says it’s about keeping secrets to use as ammunition.

This is interspersed with LisaV telling Ken about the lunch and the email. She says she’s got a lot of sympathy for Yolanda, but she has to run because she’s having the ladies over to the house. LisaR can’t make it because she’s going to the Emmys or something.

Erika and Kathryn discuss LisaV. Kathryn thinks she’s sweet. Erika says she’s sweet, but she thinks Lisa “engages from the side, is a sniper from the side and doesn’t want to leave fingerprints.” I like Lisa and wish she would adopt me, so this irritates me a little. Erika says she thinks Lisa is selectively honest and likes to move things to her advantage.

Lisa is in her pool. floating around on a pink flamingo floatie while having a cup of tea. Eileen shows up first and says it’s like Noah’s Ark with all the animals. Lisa has things set up in a private area on the property. Her place is so amazing. Honestly, Lisa, I wouldn’t be any trouble at all. You’d never even know I was there.

Lisa brings out her new puppy and everyone squees. They sit down to lunch. She tells Ken to call the ponies and everyone chimes in with calling various animals and it’s pretty funny. Kyle says the email from Yolanda was awkward. Kathryn says Yolanda was just collecting her thoughts, but Kyle says she was basically reprimanded in front of everyone. Kathryn says it pulls everyone in whether they want to be in or not.

Kyle says she understands Yolanda is sick. They talk about how LisaV didn’t say anything bad about the kids and Kyle backs that up, prompting Lisa to both be startled and thank her. They move on to Kathryn having a boxing class with Erika’s trainers. She says afterwards, they discussed LisaV.

Kathryn says the started off talking about her grandmother and it’s obviously Erika’s soft spot, but she sucked it back in. She says then they talked about LisaV and Erika said not to get caught in her web. Lisa is a little taken aback. She says she doesn’t have time to go to the bathroom much less spin a web. Eileen can’t believe that Kathryn repeated what Erika said. Eileen seems to think it has something to do with Lisa’s apology to Eileen in the Hamptons and how Lisa didn’t really seem to understand where she was coming from. How did this turn into something about her?

Eileen says Lisa has a habit of minimizing and it felt like she dismissed Eileen without a resolution and maybe Yolanda feels that way. Lisa says she needs to work on that, and Eileen thinks she’s being dismissive again. She says she thinks Lisa feels like she’s being attacked. Kyle says everyone is different in the way they need to hear an apology. This is actually pretty astute of Kyle. Eileen doesn’t seem to want to let it go and Lisa says she’s truly sorry. Eileen says they’re good and Lisa says how good because she needs to be really good to move on.

Eileen says they’re fine, but she thinks they’ll never understand the situation the same way. In her individual interview, Lisa says Eileen is emotional and maybe they’re built differently. I totally agree with this. I think Lisa is just British and they do have a different way of expressing their emotions, mostly not at all. Lisa says she doesn’t like to be petty and Eileen says but it’s people’s feelings and therefore important. Lisa says okay, she’s wrong again. Eileen tells her she doesn’t have to play the victim and Lisa asks if anybody wants more wine. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad idea.

Next time, Harry Hamlin meets the girls, a trip to Dubai is in the works, and Kim and Brandi make appearances.

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