February 26, 2016 — GH, GH & a New Couch


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

Usually, I post this on Friday, but it was postponed due to need for sleep.

General Hospital — Thursday

Morgan is now restrained in a hospital bed. Michael comes in and tells him it’s just a precaution. Morgan asks how Kiki is and Michael tells him no one knows yet.

Griffin tells Ava he’ll be doing the surgery. Ava asks if Kiki will recover, and Griffin says they’ll do everything they can.

Hayden is at the pier and runs into Curtis.

Jason and Monica are at Shiners Hospital visiting Jake. More advertising for the hospital. Monica says she admires Jake putting away his differences with Elizabeth for Jake’s sake. She says if it weren’t for Jake and Jason, she’d never talk to Elizabeth again. Elizabeth the sneak, who has come in behind them, says she doesn’t blame her.

Laura asks Dante how Lulu is and he says she should make a full recovery. Laura thanks him for saving Lulu’s life. He says he loves Lulu with everything in him, and Lulu and their son is all that matters to him. Lulu hears him.

Monica starts to apologize, but Elizabeth stops her. She thanks Monica for her kindness to Jake. Elizabeth says the hospital set her up in Jake’s room and they’re still evaluating the tests, after which, they’ll come up with a treatment plan.

Michael says Kiki is stabilized. Not so Morgan. He insists on seeing her and Michael says there’s nothing he can do. He asks if Michael knew Sonny could walk the whole time.

Griffin says they have to remove the bullet fragments. Ava asks if Kiki is going to be paralyzed, but it’s too early to tell.

Lulu asks about Rocco and Laura says he’s fine at Windemere. She leaves and Lulu tells Dante how scared she was. He says it’s going to be okay and she says, is it?

Hayden tells Curtis she was just getting air. Curtis says, at a crime scene? She says she just happened to come upon it while she was walking. Curtis says he likes her and she’s been one of his favorite clients. She says their business is concluded now, but they continue to talk.

Nicholas tells Laura things could have been a lot worse and Hayden is fine just in case she was wondering. He says he thinks the melee at the wedding triggered memories of what happened to her last spring. Laura asks if that’s a polite euphemism, and what happened to Hayden was that Nicholas tried to have her killed.

Dante asks Lulu why Raj threw her in the water. She says he said something about a shipment and had seen a problem on the pier. He didn’t want any witnesses, and pushed her in.

Ava tells Franco that Paul blackmailed her into using her gallery as a front for the arms shipment. She says he told her he had a taped confession and threatened to use it against her. Franco asks if she knew Paul was working undercover. She says it doesn’t matter. She let herself get roped into something that hurt Kiki.

Morgan talks about how he wanted to prove himself to Sonny. Michael says he should have called someone. Morgan says he had the thugs where he wanted them and Kiki came in the middle.

Nicholas says all he can do now is make it right with Hayden. Laura asks if that’s why he married her.

Curtis says it’s understandable that Hayden’s memories about being shot should be stirred up. He suggests she talk to her husband

Jason tells Monica that Elizabeth has taken responsibility for her actions and he wants to put it past them and would like her to do the same. Elizabeth apologizes to Monica. She accepts and says she wants to move on for Jake. Elizabeth tells Jason that Jake failed to grasp that they weren’t together anymore because she didn’t want to see it. The same way she didn’t want to see that Jake was really behind the break-ins at the house.

Dante asks Lulu if she can describe Raj. She says yes, and he says he’ll bring in a sketch artist.

Hayden asks how Curtis knew she was married, and he says he couldn’t help but notice the huge rock on her finger. She tells him she married Nicholas, but she doesn’t want to discuss the shooting with him because it makes her vulnerable. Curtis asks if he wanted her dead.

Laura asks what if Hayden finds out the truth? Nicholas says for all she knows, she just got caught in the crossfire of Sean’s gun. Laura wonders why she would marry him.

Jason says he knew Jake was having a hard time, but didn’t know what it was about. Elizabeth says Jake was picking up on her anger and disappointment. She says she was so busy rationalizing and justifying her actions, she missed what was going on with him. Jason says the best they can do now is stand by Jake while he heals. Elizabeth suggests they need some healing of their own. Jason says they should try to be the friends they were before anybody knew who he really was.

Morgan acts normal until Michael leaves. Then he tries to get out of the restraints. He presses the button for the nurse and tells her he needs to relieve himself. She says she’ll get a urinal bottle. He says the idea of her holding a bottle is traumatizing and it would make things worse for him. He asks if he can just use the restroom real quick. The nurse says he knows the protocol, but finally gives in because she’s a total pushover who doesn’t know her job.

Ava talks about seeing Kiki hooked up to the machines. She compares Kiki to Connie, and how Ava took her life like it was nothing. She says it isn’t Morgan’s fault Kiki was shot, it’s hers. She thinks Kiki is paying for what she’s done wrong, and her punishment is watching Kiki hover between life and death.

Morgan suddenly appears and Ava gets loud. Franco tells him being sorry doesn’t help and to go back to his room. He disappears as quickly as he came and a doctor comes out with a Kiki update.

Elizabeth says blah blah blah, and Jason says he meant it when he said let’s put things behind them. Probably because he wants her to stop talking.

Hayden asks why she would marry someone who tried to have her killed. Curtis says it beats him and wonders if being a princess is that important. Hayden says that’s not it. Curtis says if Nicholas finds out she knows, he could finish the job. She says she has proof the shot didn’t come from Shawn’s gun and she might need it as leverage in the future. Curtis asks her please not to say she’s in love with Nicholas.

Laura is concerned that Hayden is going to take advantage of Nicholas. Nicholas tells Laura that as much as he loves Hayden, he’ll protect himself and Spencer at the first sign of any trouble.

Nicholas visits Lulu. He says given everything that’s happened, does she think that she and Dante can tear up the divorce papers and start over.

The doctor says removing the bullet fragments is more complicated than anticipated and that Griffin will let them know the prognosis later.

Commercial break. Mostly for Shriners Hospitals. If you’d like to donate, here are the links: Lovetotherescue.org and Loveshriners.org

Elizabeth said owning up to things freed her. She asks Jason what’s next. He says doing his best to be a good father to Jake and Danny. He says he loves the other kids too and would like to be involved in their lives. He also says he has a lot of money so he won’t have to shovel snow anymore. He says he knows a lot more than he did last year at this time, so that’s a positive.

Curtis says great, Hayden’s giving her heart to the man who put her in a coma. She says it isn’t like that anymore. Curtis says to keep his number just in case she needs a bodyguard, and she should turn in her prince before he turns on her. He says he doesn’t want to read about her in the newspaper.

Lulu says just because Dante rescued her, doesn’t mean their troubles disappeared. Nicholas says she and Rocco are welcome to stay at Windemere for as long as they like, but asks if she’d try to welcome Hayden into the family.

No surprise, Morgan has disappeared. Dante asks Michael if he needs help, but Michael wants to look for Morgan himself, since Morgan is so easily jazzed. And why he’s not under sedation, I have no clue. Michael goes to look for him and the doctor tells Dante that Lulu is going to be released.

Ava goes down Memory Lane about Kiki as a toddler. She says Kiki has always been too fearless and wonders why she’d throw her life away for Morgan. I wonder that too.

Monica says Jake is still sleeping, but the doctor’s would like to discuss a treatment plan with Elizabeth and Jason. Elizabeth tells Monica that she and Jake talked, and they’ve decided their relationship is to be good parents to Jake. Monica says without her, Jason might not have survived the accident.

Hayden shows up at the hospital. She and Nicholas hug.

Dante tells Lulu she’s being released. She can’t wait to see Rocco and says she was afraid she’d never see him again. Dante says they have a lot to t alk about and work through, but asks if she and Rocco would like to come home with him. She says sorry, but she’d be more comfortable at Windemere for now.

Michael fills Ava and Franco in on what happened at the pier. Ava says she knew Kiki must have been protecting Morgan. Michael asks if they’ve seen Morgan. Franco says he showed up, but he thinks Morgan went back to his room. Michael says if they need any help, o let him know. Franco says keeping Morgan away from Kiki is the only help they need.

Ava says she prayed all night, begging for Kiki’s life and wonders why God would listen to her. Franco says because she was praying for something other than herself. They pray together and I alost start crying. Griffin approaches them.

Idiot Morgan goes to the roof of the hospital. How come no one is looking for him, since he’s a suicide risk? It’s been like a half hour. He teeters on the edge of the roof.

Tomorrow, Paul tells Jordan she can’t arrest Ava, Andre calls out the idiot nurse who let Morgan loose, and Morgan is found.

General Hospital — Friday

Obrecht is singing a lullaby in German to Nathan. Nina is like, that’s nice, but unnecessary, especially since Nathan doesn’t know German.

Paul holds a press conference, telling the people how the arms deal was foiled and Port Charles is safer now.

Andre tells Sonny that Morgan has been admitted under his care. He says Morgan is in restraints. Fat lot of good that did. Sonny balks at that and Andre says it beats the alternative — jail. Carly says Morgan isn’t understanding that he’s a danger to himself and others.

Morgan teeters at the edge of the roof, babbling about Kiki.

Griffin asks to speak to Ava in private. She says she just wants information as to whether Kiki is okay or not.

Morgan sees Kiki on the roof. I assume this is a delusion, since she’s still pretty bad off.

Nathan tries to get out of bed. Obrecht says they’ll put a security guy outside if necessary. Nina says she’ll pay for it and she and Obrecht leave.

Jordan says Paul fed the reporters a bunch of bull to make himself look good. She says he didn’t bother to notify any of the local authorities of his plans to bust the gun ring. He says he is a local authority and the PCPD wasn’t exactly shiny clean before he got there. Jordan brings up both Nathan and Kiki. She says he also needs to finish the job.

Paul is like, what? and Jordan says what about the local contact, since the crates were labeled Jerome Gallery.

Morgan tells “Kiki” how sorry he is. He realizes she’s bleeding and all of a sudden she removes a bullet from herself, asking if Morgan did this to her.

Griffin tells Ava that they were able to remove the bullet without damaging the spinal cord, but her future mobility is uncertain.

Carly says Morgan should have been committed and Kiki was shot because they left Morgan to his own devices. Andre says he’s in the hospital now and his medication will be adjusted. He also suggests frequent blood tests to make sure he’s taking it. And more therapy. Carly asks what if he won’t comply? Andre says if he doesn’t, Morgan will go to prison. Sonny doesn’t like that, but Andre says it’s all the leverage they’ve got.

Fantasy Kiki asks if this happened because of Morgan. He says she wasn’t supposed to be there and she brings up the phone message he left. He gets ready to jump again, saying no one can help him. Kiki says she can, the only way to stop the pain is to end it and they’ll do it together. She takes his hand.

Paul says he’ll deal with Ava in his own time, in his own way. He says obviously Jordan is feeling left out and Jordan says she has every right to be involved. She has a warrant for Ava’s arrest, but thinks there’s more to the story and she’s going to get it from Ava. Paul says the case is bigger than the local PCPD and she can’t arrest Ava. Jordan says watch.

Real Kiki is going to ICU. Griffin tells Ava that Kiki is young, strong and has people that love her, so have faith.

Obrecht points out Ava and Franco hugging, and tells Nina that Franco needs her attention. Wise move.

Carly tells Sonny she’s terrified for Morgan, and that because of the guns, Kiki is fighting for her life. Sonny again says they’re not his guns. Carly says it’s still not normal the way he runs his life. Sonny might as well go legit, since we don’t know what he really does anyway. For all I know, he hangs out in the park all day.

Andre calls out Nurse Ashley for her terrible nursing. Obrecht says someone is fooling around on the roof.

Fantasy Kiki tells Morgan if he ends it, there’s no more pain. One more step, and both of their suffering will be ended. They get ready to jump, Morgan says he’s ready. Michael pops out of the roof door and asks, ready for what? Are all of Sonny’s kids this stupid?

Maxie says she hopes Nathan isn’t soured on weddings because there’s still one more to go. He asks who’s getting married. Maxie gets in the bed with him, and asks him to marry her.

Franco tells Ava the doctor was probably lowering her expectations so he looks like a genius when Kiki recovers. Nina gives Ava Kiki’s jewelry for safe-keeping.

Paul comes in and says he’s sorry to Ava. Ava says it’s all his fault and she’s going to kill him. Not so loud, Ava.

Carly goes to the bathroom to wash the blood off of her hands. She spaces out, thinking about the events at the pier.

Michael tells Morgan he’s been looking for him and what is he doing on that ledge. Fantasy Kiki tells him to get rid of Michael. Michael asks who he was talking to. Morgan says Kiki, but Michael tells him he’s in ICU. Morgan says to go away, he wants to be alone. Andre pops out and Morgan starts talking about killing himself. It’s getting like Grand Central Station up on that roof.

Kiki is scrubbing her hands like a maniac. Griffin comes in and asks if she’s all right. She tells him no.

Morgan says every day is worse and he wants to stop hurting people. Andre says if he commits suicide that everyone will want to know why. Morgan says the pills were supposed to fix everything an they didn’t.Andre says give it more time.Morgan talks about his ED and says what kind of life is that, so he went off the pills to prove he’s a man with a purpose and then did stupid things. He talks about Darby, Kiki, and what happened at the pier. He says he screwed up and Kiki was shot because of him. Andre says it’s a lot to think about, but think about a time he was happy, before he felt like he was down a hole.

Morgan talks about seeing his baby sister. Andre says it wasn’t that long ago and he can get back to that. Sonny pops out and says he can fight his way out of the hole.

Maxie says she realizes that she was on an anti-marriage tear, but things are different now. She loves Nathan and wants a future with him. He says he loves her too, but no.

Ava goes crazy on Paul. Paul says she won’t do Kiki any good in jail and asks to speak with her privately.

Carly asks Griffin how Kiki is. He says she’s off to a good start, but that’s as much as he can say. Carly says yeah, doctor/patient confidentiality like he had with Sonny. She asks if he knew that Sonny was keeping his progress a secret to better fight his enemies. She asks how the Hippocratic Oath and “do no harm” is working for him.

Anna asks Jordan if she’s going to arrest Ava since Paul isn’t too keen on it. Jordan says Anna knows more since she was working with Paul behind her back. Anna says she learned about the shipment five minutes before it happened and there are a lot of loose ends. Jordan says she’s going after Paul for the Carrrlos cover-up. Anna says if she does that, she’ll have to arrest Anna too.

Paul tells Ava that Jordan is planning to arrest her. Ava says if she goes down, she’s taking him with her.

Morgan babbles about Kiki and Sonny tries to talk him down. Sonny says he knows how Morgan feels and that he wanted to do the same thing at one time, but now he’s living proof that you can find a way out. He asks if Morgan wants to hurt his family. Sonny gets on the ledge with him. He says if Morgan jumps, they’re jumping together. Then Michael pushes them both off he roof. Not really. Just seeing if you’re paying attention.

Nathan says maybe one day he’ll marry Maxie, when she really wants to get married. He reminds her of what she said on Valentine’s Day. She says things have changed. He says that’s only because he got shot. He wants her to want to get married on her own free will and he wants to get it right because she’s worth it.

Anna tells Jordan about how Paul caused the Carrrlos trail to go cold, and there’s been no arrest for Duke’s murder. She asks for more time and tells Jordan she’ll have more people to arrest than she knows what to do with. Anna begs her for a few weeks. She says she wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t vital to the case. Jordan says okay, but she’d better not regret it and Anna is pushing the limits of their friendship.

Griffin says he heard about the violence and wondered if he played a role. He wondered if it would have been different if he hadn’t kept Sonny’s secret. Carly says a lot of people were to blame, including herself, but not him. He gets a text that Kiki is going to ICU. He tells Carly that he doesn’t see a failure, but a woman struggling to do what’s right for her family, but it’s not easy considering Sonny’s line of work.

Morgan says Sonny has no reason to jump. Sonny says Morgan is the reason, because if he jumps, sonny has failed as a father and he’ll die of a broken heart anyway. He says we either jump or go back in and be with family and friends. Morgan steps down.

Paul tells Ava they’re on the same side. She says only because he forced her. Griffin comes to get Ava she tells Paul she doesn’t care what he does, just deal with it.Ava goes in to see Kiki.

Maxie says she supposes Nathan is right. He’s getting drowsy and she leaves.

Jordan tells Paul she has a warrant for Ava’s arrest. He asks to see it and then rips it up. He tells Jordan Ava was cooperating with the justice department the whole time and has immunity. Bye, Felicia…I mean, Jordan.

Ava speaks to Kiki even though she’s unconscious, telling her that her mother will be right there. Then she sings All Through the Night while we see what everyone is doing.

Sonny brings Morgan back to the hospital ward and Carly hugs him. Andre takes him back to his room. Lots of pondering from everyone.

Next week, the question of who is Claudette is posed, Jason asks about the Jake’s surgery, and Anna says go ahead and arrest her.

People’s Couch Quotes

We have a new couple this week, Budd and Mackenna, who are boyfried/girlfriend. They seem funny and cute and have a large dog which is always a plus with me.

Dogs played a part in this week’s episode, since the Couches watched the Westminster Dog Show. Joe, of the Resnick family, brought in a special guest for the occasion, a sweet, plump, older Pug, who seemed to react only when there were dogs who looked similar to him on the screen. A couple of the Couch’s dogs did tricks, with Mackenna’s dog throwing up and eating it slightly off camera (thank you), proving once again how pets are out to embarrass you; and Peewee, who watches TV with Julie and Brandy, giving a demonstration of humping his toy penguin. Although he was egged on by Julie.

Does no one else see that Kanye West is doing an entire fashion line from this look? Scott, referring to the zombies in The Walking Dead.

The only appropriate condiments are sweet relish, ketchup, ranch dressing and Miracle Whip, not mayonnaise. Emerson while watching Recipe for Deception.

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