February 29, 2016 — GH & the Rules of Vanderpump


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Nathan is drifting off to sleep when Maxie tells him she loves him. He says, “I love you too, Claudette,” prompting Maxie to asks who the blip that is, but he’s already asleep.

At the MetroCourt, Alexis goes over the events of the wedding with Julian. She adds that the good of being married to him outweighs the bad stuff. Sam comes along to check up on them.

Tracy is reading about Paul’s arms bust on her tablet. Hayden comes along and asks how she’s doing. Tracy says apparently she misjudged someone, meaning Paul. Hayden goes over Tracy’s romantic history and how she ignored ELQ for a long time. Hayden wonders why she’s so interested in the company now.

The doctor at Shriners tells Jason and Elizabeth that Jake is out of surgery. The surgery was successful and the doctor goes over what they did, and also explains some things about Shriners. They’re going to keep Jake overnight, but he should be able to do his therapy in Port Charles.

Alexis tells Sam they have a lot to be grateful for and Julian adds that it could have been worse. Sam asks about Kiki and gives Alexis and Julian a gift certificate for dinner and a night at the hotel. Because no one can ever spend enough time there.

Elizabeth and Jason drum up contributions for Shriners. The boys come in with a surprise for Jake.

Lucas tells Anna that Nathan is going to be okay. She asks about Kiki and he introduces her to Griffin. Anna asks if they’ve met before, but he doesn’t think so. He says Kiki is critical but stable and the prognosis is wait and see. He keeps looking at her in a strange way.

Felicia comes running in. She talks with Anna while Griffin walks away looking perplexed.

Nathan is awake. Maxie tells him that he was talking in his sleep. She asks who Claudette is.

Felicia muses over them thinking the bad guy, Paul, is now the good guy. Anna says that might not necessarily be the case.

Nathan says Claudette was his dog when he was a kid. He asks Maxie if she’s jealous and she says no, it’s sweet, but kind of odd. Nathan says it’s probably the pain killers. She also thinks Claudette is a weird name for a dog, but he says not a French poodle. I don’t think it’s weird for any dog. I like when dogs have human names. Felicia drops by. Actually, I have a dog named Felicia. She’s not named after this Felicia, but after Felicia from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. See, Maxie? Not all that weird.

Anna goes to the chapel and Andre comes in.

Nicholas is with the boys and they tell Elizabeth the surprise is from Spencer. Nicholas explains that Spencer had wanted to open a lemonade stand, but realized it’s not very profitable in the wintertime. So instead he manufactured and sold the bow ties the boys have on and cleaned up, along with Nicholas adding a few zeros. They talk about Shriners again and Elizabeth takes the boys to visit Jake.

Jason tells Nicholas thanks, but it isn’t going to change anything regarding the lawsuit.

Alexis asks if Jason knows what happened. Sam says she doesn’t think so, because he’s been wrapped up with Jake’s surgery.

Hayden asks why Tracy is interested in running ELQ. Tracy says perhaps her family legacy has something to do with it. Hayden says Tracy left Port Charles for years and tried to shake her family. Tracy says her father was a samurai at business and could make the person who invented tough love cry. Hayden says the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Tracy says her father was still her father, and is the reason she’s so involved, but Hayden wouldn’t understand considering how her father is. Hayden says Tracy doesn’t know squat about it and tells her to be careful; her next words could determine her future.

Hayden says Tracy might have read about Hayden’s family, but she doesn’t know any more than the reporters did. She said her father was no saint, but there was more to him than his worst day. Tracy apologizes, knowing what people thought of her own father. They agree their relationships with their fathers were complex and complicated. Tracy says they’re here to talk about the other man in Hayden’s life — Nicholas.

Jason tells Nicholas not to get comfortable with ELQ being his. Elizabeth comes in and reminds them why they’re at the hospital. Jason goes in to visit Jake.

Felicia tells Nathan better to go after the bad guys when you’re armed. Maxie says it’s her fault for telling him to take off his gun because it ruined the line of his tux. Felicia suggests they talk to Lucas and she and Maxie leave.

Andre sits with Anna. She says she has to reevaluate what she knows about Paul now. She says she hasn’t processed the turn of events yet and is going to concentrate on finding Carrrlos. When that’s done, she’ll get justice for Duke. Andre asks her what happens after that, and she says she goes to prison.

Anna says she should pay for the crime of shooting Carrrlos. Andre asks why. Anna says it must be difficult for him, Anna being his patient and him dating Jordan. He says he’s been doing his job for a while and part of it is keeping secrets. He asks what bringing Duke to justice means for her and will she be able to move on once it’s done.

Jason comes in to Jake’s room where the boys are signing his cast. They talk about playing baseball and Jake seems like a normal kid for once.

Elizabeth thanks Nicholas. He says he’s always there for her and her sons and she can stay at Windemere for as long as she likes. Elizabeth says she kind of hates his wife, and right now she wants to focus on Jake and getting him to open up about his years with Helena, which no one has really addressed. Yeah, perhaps they should do that before he has children of his own and locks them in the basement.

Elizabeth asks about the wedding. Nicholas tells the story and Jake walks in. He asks about Sam. Nicholas says she’s fine, but Jason wants to call her.

And he does. Sam confirms she’s fine and will fill him in later. He says Jake is doing well, and asks if Danny could come for a visit.

Felicia says she just wanted to get Maxie alone and asks how Nathan is. Maxie tells her about Claudette the poodle. Maxie says him having a French poodle doesn’t make sense. Really? We just got done with an episode where he’d explained that he grew up privileged and has two tuxedos. Maxie tells Felicia about finding the glove in his jacket pocket. Felicia says Nathan loves her and never gave her a reason not to trust him. Maxie says Dante never gave Lulu a reason not to trust him either.

Hayden tells Tracy that Nicholas took to the boys to see Jake and maybe he’s not as ruthless as they thought. As Julian and Alexis are leaving, Tracy says there goes the happy couple, and that she bets that’s a wedding Hayden wishes she hadn’t gone to. Hayden says it was a great wedding until it wasn’t.

Anna says she doesn’t know where her life is going at this point. Andre wonders how her family would feel if she went to prison. She says how often does she see them anyway? Andre asks if she wants to go to jail. She says at this point in her life she has no reason to be free. Andre tells her she needs to get some sleep. I think she needs some antidepressants. She tells him he’s right and he should charge her. He says he’ll listen to her problems and feelings, but won’t tolerate her running herself down. He tells her everyone is allowed to be weak and have regrets. He says she’s feeling her humanity and he hates to break it to her, but she is human.

Nathan tells Maxie he doesn’t want her to doubt his love. Felicia comes in with a stuffed poodle.

Julian and Alexis introduce themselves to Griffin and ask how Kiki is. He says she’s holding her own. He says she has a long road ahead and they don’t know the repercussions of her injuries yet.

Tracy says the gunfire must have brought back Hayden’s getting shot. Tracy says it must have been traumatic. Hayden wonders if Tracy isn’t as ruthless as she seems. Tracy says she has a reputation to uphold, but starts to space out again, making me wonder what the blip is happening with her.

Ava is in with Kiki, who is only allowed on visitor at a time. Alexis suggests she and Julian use the gift certificate. Like moths to a flame, they head for the MetroCourt.

Felicia asks if Nathan is going to name the poodle Claudette Junior? I’m not sure if she just thinks the whole thing is funny or she’s trying to accuse him of something. Felicia suggests they look into getting Nathan released. When they’re gone, Nathan tells the poodle not to look at him that way

Nicholas goes in to visit Jake and Sam shows up at Shriners. Jake wants to stay at Windemere, so that settles that.

Andre tells Anna to call him if she needs him. He says a lot of people care about her and it would be a shame if they were forced to be without her.

Tracy starts to have a seizure and Hayden calls for help

Tomorrow, Jordan wants to talk to Hayden, Elizabeth realizes how serious Jason and Sam are (sigh — how dim is this woman?) and Hayden yells for someone to call 911.

Vanderpump Rules

Hahahahaha! James got the boot from PUMP. I know it was last week, but I just had to laugh again.

Scheana says the best day to be at SUR is payday. IMO, that’s the best day to be at any job. Katie tells Scheana about being upset about Ariana faking having fun with them. For whatever reason, Schwartz was unsupportive, so Katie sent him many drunk texts saying she’s sorry she ever met him. Right now, he’s not talking to her.

Katie says Ariana is being icy and condescending. Lisa comes in and asks if the girls are working tonight. They aren’t, but they stick around and tell Lisa about the Palm Springs trip. Lisa is concerned that Katie won’t stand her ground with Stassi, but I think Katie has that down at this point. She and Scheana haven’t told anyone that they’re going to show up, since Katie doesn’t want Stassi to have some speech prepared.

Jax and Schwartz are helping Peter babysit his girlfriend’s son. They start with having a drink. Schwartz talks about Katie’s rage texts. He says he knows it’s the alcohol, but it still hurts. He says Katie is the Shakespeare of rage texting and it‘s brutal poetry, which is kind of poetic itself.

Sarah and her son, Liam, arrive at Peter’s place. Liam immediately wants to know who is going to play the princess. Schwartz gets the crown. Sarah gives them a list of rules, but Schwartz says all bets are off once she leaves. He thinks babysitting is awesome because you get to be a kid again. Obviously he’s never been a full time babysitter. Although it is fun playing with the new Christmas toys.

Rachel, Kristen and Stassi arrive at the Palm Springs house. Kristen says it belongs to Rachel’s parents, and since they’re away, the girls are going to act like teenagers whose parents are gone. How this is different from the way any of them normally act, I’m not sure. Stassi says she used to be the one who decided who was going on a trip or not, and now she’s the one people stay home to avoid. I know someone like that IRL and I’m surprised Stassi actually gets it.

No surprise, they start drinking immediately. Palm trees, old people and unbearable desert heat is how Stassi describes it. James texts Kristen and the other two tell her to block him. Stassi says Kristen has gone beyond bad boys and on to losers.

Lala asks James what’s up with the date he brought to the beach. Since she popped in from nowhere, it was obvious it was to make Kristen jealous.James says he didn’t want to be the only one showing up alone. Lala suggests he invite Kristen to dinner and actually talk to her instead of acting like he’s 12. Good luck with that.

Tom says he has a lot on his plate. Jax suggests he’s separating himself from everyone. Tom says he’s been a good friend and it seems like Jax is talking a lot of smack about him. Tom says Jax exaggerates things, and wants to make Tom look bad, because he gets jealous when his friends get ahead and he’s out of the limelight. Jax thinks Ariana is causing Tom to be more negative. Tom tells him that he’s low man on the friend totem pole at this point.

Kristen rehashes the beach. Stassi says it seems like every week that she’s missing big events in Katie’s life. She says, miss enough of them, and you realize you’re no longer a friend. Well, yeah, you didn’t want to be her friend. That’s how this started, remember?

Katie and Scheana ring the bell. Katie says it’s Stassi’s chance to admit everything she’s done wrong and if she doesn’t, it’s a problem. Everyone is shocked to see them and I laugh at the expression on Stassi’s face. She looks constipated and pained.

Katie says they were invited, but she’s here to talk to “this one,” meaning Stassi. Stassi starts crying immediately, since she knows she’s doomed, and Katie says let’s talk in the other room. Scheana says they’ve booked a hotel room just in case.

Katie says she did nothing to warrant what Stassi did. Stassi says Katie going to Scheana’s party when she thought Scheana was involved with the sex tape debacle was hurtful. Katie says everything isn’t always about Stassi and that she‘d put her life on hold for her, and that’s not how friendship works. Stassi says she gets that now and realizes how many selfish decisions she made.

Katie says friends aren’t disposable. She says she was an amazing friend and it was shameful that Stassi could never admit when she was wrong and ultimately dumped her as a friend. Stassi says when she felt hurt, she would cut people off rather than let them hurt her again. Katie tells her it’s too little too late. Stassi starts crying again and Katie says she doesn’t have time to go through something like that again and she’d be a fool if she did.

Jax and Tom are bartending. Schwartz comes in for a beer and Lisa asks what’s up. He tells her about the Katie/Ariana disagreement and the texts that resulted. Lisa says sometimes you just have to listen. She thinks Katie gets frustrated because she feels Schwartz isn’t on her side. She says with Ken, even when she’s wrong, she’s right with him. She tells Schwartz, better to be wrong and happy than right and sleeping on the couch. I think this is a problem in general that most guys don’t grasp and Lisa is lucky that Ken gets it.

Jax is worried that everyone will become friends with Stassi again and ditch him. Because everything is always about him. He says he’d like to be a fly on the wall in Palm Springs. I’d like him to be a fly on the wall so I can swat him.

Stassi says she missed out on a lot and she knows what a good friend Katie was. She says she’s sorry for everything. Katie thanks her for apologizing. She says she’s waited a long time for it. In her individual interview, she says she doesn’t think she’s ever heard Stassi admit she’s wrong about anything, and that taking responsibility goes a long way with her. Me too. She tells Stassi she’s welcome to the engagement party. They hug. Hopefully, Stassi is being truthful and Katie isn’t getting sucked into anything. Although I don’t think she’d let that happen again.

Katie and Stassi rejoin the group. Scheana says whatever Katie wants to do is cool, although the room is paid for. Stassi says she ordered some male strippers. Kristen is all happy because it’s like the old days. Scheana calls the hotel to tell them they’re not coming.

First thing in the morning, Kristen asks if Scheana would like a cocktail. She says no until Kristen starts talking about Ariana and what she said about Rachel. Scheana says that Ariana knows what she and Shay have been going through, but acts like a bitch to her and not Shay.

Ariana tells Lala that guys who want to look at your boobs are the lousiest tippers. Interesting. She tells Lisa that she’s glad to be working this weekend and have a break from the other girls. She doesn’t want a complicated dynamic, but Lisa says sometimes you have to deal with that when you have friends.

Scheana tells Katie that she feels badly because Katie doesn’t look at her like a best friend anymore. Lisa says that she saw the strength of Arina and Scheana’s friendship and that it’s a shame to let it go. She suggests maybe Ariana needs to put more effort into her friendships, and she should talk to Scheana. Ariana says Scheana is like a different person.

Katie compares what’s going on with Scheana and Ariana to her and Stassi. She talks about her texts to Schwartz. She says the weekend has been all about forgiveness, but she’s not sure where she stands with him right now.

What it looks like to me is that this group just doesn’t get that sometimes dynamics change among friends, especially when one of them has things to do other than drink and hang out. Again I wonder if this is a west coast thing. I left home at 18 and don’t remember any of my friends acting this ridiculous when I was younger. Although maybe that’s because we all actually had lives.

Katie says it seems surreal, since she didn’t think she and Stassi would be friends again. Stassi thanks her for her forgiveness. She also says she’s aware things take time and doesn’t want to overstep her bounds. Katie says she does still have reservations and she’s going to be cautious. She wants them both to be real and get to know each other again. Stassi says Katie can ask her anything.

Kristen says she’s as desperate as Stassi and she’d like to delete the past two years and have everyone be friends again. Stassi says the weekend was pretty intense.

James meets his mom, Jacquie, at a restaurant. He tells her about being fired from PUMP and how he went into work drunk. He says he realizes he let both her and Lisa down. He says Kristen came in and things escalated. Jacquie asks if Kristen hadn’t been there, would James have gotten fired? James says yes, it would have happened eventually and that it wasn’t Kristen’s fault. Jacquie says she never sees Kristen without a drink in her hand, and James says she’s a fine one to talk. Jacquie is like, hold on there, don’t be comparing your mother to Kristen. In his individual interview, James says that his mom and Kristen are very much alike.

He tells Jacquie about inviting Kristen to dinner. He says he has a plan to quit alcohol, get ripped in a different way at the gym, get his job back and be a success. A sure fire way to go back to drinking. Over-extend yourself.

Katie comes home. Schwartz asks if he smells Stassi. Ha-ha! Katie tells him about Stassi crying and says she also had time to think about her texts to him. He asks if he can still pawn the ring. Schwartz is a real comedian tonight. Schwartz wonders if there isn’t a nugget of truth though, and maybe she has some doubts. Katie wants him to have her back. She says she felt unheard and misunderstood. She says she felt that he was taking someone else’s side. He says he does’t look at it that way, but he gets that if she feels hurt, he needs to be supportive.

Next week sounds like a doozie. James tells Kristen she broke his heart; Tom films his video; Jax isn’t ready for marriage, but Brittany is; Katie wants the engagement party at SUR, but Lisa doesn’t want Stassi there; and Jax’s possible jail sentence still hangs over his head. Whew!

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