March 2, 2016 — GH & Twice the Little Women


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Nathan is home from the hospital. All he wants is peace and quiet, but Nina is there with a surprise welcome. She’s also made up the spare bed for herself.

Sam tells Jason she’s comfortable taking risks and liked living on the edge, but he’s the first person who really made her feel safe.

Sonny is in the chapel, praying for his kids. Dante comes in. He came to see Morgan, but he can’s get in. Sonny tells him what happened with the roof incident. Dante tells him that Ava is going to skate on the gun charges.

Ava says she can’t have a clean slate if Paul still has her confession on the flash-drive and wants him to give it to her. He won’t.

Dr. Mays says several things could be wrong with Tracy. She says she’s been having headaches and has been zoning out. She was wondering if she has epilepsy. Dr. Mays says he doesn’t think so. She says she’s also been forgetful and wonders if it’s early Alzheimers. He isn’t ruling it out, but says he doesn’t think that’s what it is.

Nina says she’s there to help indefinitely. Maxie asks about the magazine, and Nina says they can set up shop there. Nathan says he really doesn’t need all that. Nina sees the stuffed poodle and Maxie explains the dog story. Nina lets fly that their dog’s name was Mittens and Maxie asks if Nathan lied to her.

Dante tells Sonny about the immunity deal. Dante has also caught on to why Sonny claimed he couldn’t walk. He says Sonny didn’t care what anyone was going through as long as he got the best of his enemies. Sonny says the only way he knew how to protect Avery was to lie and he’d do it again. He’d kill to protect his family.

Paul tells Ava that if she was in his position, she wouldn’t hand over the drive. She says he just wants to push her around, and Paul gives her a laundry list of her wrongs. He says she’s avoiding prison because he let her go. She also blames him for Kiki. He says she’s using that as a get out of jail free card. She says he’d understand if had a better relationship with his son.

Dr. Mays says the CAT scan isn’t conclusive, but there are lesions on Tracy’s brain. She asks if it’s cancer and the doctor says they don’t know yet. Nooo! Tracy is one of my favorites. And we’ve lost too many Quartermaines already.

Sam tells Jason that her father was a con artist and the only person there for her was her brother until she found Jason. She says she knew from the start she could trust him and that was a new experience for her. He asks if she can trust him now?

Nina goes to order food. Maxie asks why Nathan lied. Nathan says Mittens died and they got Claudette, but Nina wasn’t there by that time. Maxie says that it will bring up Nina’s coma years,and she’s sensitive to that. He opens the door to ditch the poodle and Obrecht is there with homemade dumplings. She asks what Nathan is doing with that “cloying object” in his hand. I love Obrecht.

Paul says if Ava had the recording she’d stab him in the back and it’s his only leverage. Ava wonders how Dillon would feel about that. Ask him, since he’s right there. Ava leaves and Dillon says that he’s seen all the stuff about Paul in the papers, and congrats on the bust. Paul asks why he’s there. He says he’s looking for Monica. Paul wonders why he looks upset and why he’s looking for Monica.

Dr. Mays says it does no good to speculate. They’ll do an MRI and go from there.

Dante tells Sonny there’s a better way to protect Avery, including him and the police. Sonny says that hasn’t worked so well so far, and he doesn’t trust the law or the courts. He says it’s up to him to protect his family, but he understands Dante has a different perspective and doesn’t love him any less for it. Dante leaves and Sonny talks to God about him. Like God doesn’t know all about it already. Ava comes in to the chapel.

Jason says it was a stupid question, since he doesn’t even trust himself. He says he’s making it up as he goes along. Sam says that’s how life works. If you have a choice between a lie and the truth, try to tell the truth; and if you have a choice between being a bastard and a decent person, go for decency. He asks if it’s that easy and she says no, it’s actually hard. She says she’s learning to trust the person he is now.

Nathan asks Maxie to help Nina get the take-out while he talks to his mother. He asks Obrecht to never bring up the stuffed dog to Maxie or anyone else. He says it’s complicated and has to do with Claudette. Obrecht says it’s a problem then.

Dillon brings Paul to see Tracy. Tracy says she doesn’t need him or anyone else. Dillon says she told the doctor not to share her information with anyone and Tracy says she’ll share what she wants. Paul says, come on, she’s been having seizures and she tells him not to pretend he cares. He says she’s the mother of his children, so he does care. She tells them to sit down, but what they’re going to hear won’t be easy.

Sonny says he doesn’t know what angle Paul is working, but Ava was involved in gun deals and putting Avery at risk. She says Sonny knew he could walk when Dixon had them hostage, when he could have done something. He tells her she’s the reason Dixon was there in the first place and she needs to pay for that. She says she’s already paying with Kiki in the ICU.

Danny comes out with a book for Sam to read to him.

Nina and Maxie get the take-out from the MetroCourt, because there is nowhere else in town to eat. Nina asks Maxie what the business with the poodle was about. Maxie says it has to do with Claudette.

Nathan tells Obrecht what happened at the hospital and how he told her Claudette was his childhood pet. He says he knows Madelyn told her about it, but he wants to explain why it’s a sensitive subject. Not now though, because Dante is at the door. Nathan asks how it’s going with Lulu. Dante fills him in and says it’s amazing what honesty can do. D’oh!

Tracy says she’s been having episodes. She says they’re happening because she stopped taking her medication too abruptly. Dillon says what medication and she says she didn’t want to tell anyone but she was on antidepressants. She says she went on the vacation so she could go on medication in private. When she started feeling better, she stopped the medication abruptly. She says that the problems started afterward but now she has a plan with the doctor to wean her off of them. Tracy says the media might be fawning over Paul, but she knows who he really is. She says she’s tired and would like them to leave. Paul says he’s glad she’s going to be okay.

Ava says even if Kiki lives, she might never be the same. Sonny says they’re all praying she recovers. Ava asks if he thinks God listens to the likes of them and he says he hopes so. The babysitter suddenly shows up with Avery.

Danny has fallen asleep and Jason tucks him in.

Maxie tells Nina about what Nathan said about Claudette. Nina says of course he would have another dog in the many years she was in a coma. She says she’s happy to have a brother who wants to protect her and Maxie is lucky to have him.

Dante leaves and Obrecht tells Nathan not to pay attention to his drivel, that there are some occasions where honesty is best, but this isn’t one of them. She says if Nathan tells Maxie the whole truth, he could lose her.

The babysitter says she has to leave because her mother isn’t well. Ava wonders what she’s going to do now, and thinks of calling Julian. Sonny says or she could leave Avery with her father. Ava asks how she knows Sonny won’t steal her. Sonny says Morgan is in the hospital too and he’s not going anywhere. He says they shouldn’t treat her like a football and should do what’s best for her.

Maxie comes back to Nathan setting up flameless candles. I love those! He says he doesn’t want take-out, all he wants is her.

Paul asks Dillon if he’s all right. Dillon says finding out his father is a hero and Tracy has depression is a lot. Paul says he knows it’s hard to believe, but he cares about both of them

Dr. Mays has scheduled Tracy’s MRI for the morning. She reminds him that everything they discuss is in confidence.

Ava allows Sonny to take Avery until Kiki is better. He is seriously cute with that kid. He tells Avery life is full of surprises and you make the best of it.

Tomorrow, Diane says Morgan could be looking at prison time, there’s good news and bad news, and Nina wants to make a baby.

Little Women: LA

Tonya is sofa shopping with Elena along for the ride. Again we are shown something those of us who are average sized take for granted. We fit on furniture. Tonya talks about Terra defending Jasmine at the party and the subsequent freak out. She says that Terra told her she didn’t need to come to the hospital for Baby Penny’s surgery, but maybe she should have gone anyway. Elena says pretty much the same thing. Tonya says everybody needs help and Terra wants to act like Superwoman. They both feel badly and want to apologize.

Briana and Jasmine are having some retail therapy after the party craziness. Jasmine asks what’s up with Briana and Christy. Briana says although they left things on a cool note, it really wasn’t cool, and their friendship is rocky. She says they left it at Christy saying she loves Briana and they’ll take it a day at a time. Jasmine suggests she and Christy have dinner together, taking a baby step.

It’s moving day for Christy and Todd. Christy is excited because they’ll have a lot more room. Todd makes me laugh when Christy asks where they want the book shelf and he says the real question is where does she want the book shelf?

Christy feels embarrassed and concerned about Todd huffing and puffing. Christy talks about Tonya and Terra being at odds, and thinks they should have a girls cooking night. She thinks making pizza will give them some zen and they’ll realize how petty their beef is. She also talks about Briana and Todd says just try to be a friend. Christy says it’s not the same though.

Elena and Preston are making a video message for her mother-in-law’s birthday. Preston is on camera with Elena directing. She tells him what to say, but it’s so long, I’m sure Preston won’t remember. Elena has an ulterior motive though, and  drops the bombshell that she’s pregnant within the message. Aw, I think Preston is going to make a great dad. Elena wants to go to the doctor to make sure all is well before she tells the other girls.

Elena tells Preston that it’s probably going to be a high risk pregnancy and result in a C-section. He asks if she’s scared and she is, but she’s also excited.

Christy and Briana meet for dinner. Christy says she doesn’t know what to expect, but she’s open to friendship possibilities. Christy says she has to be able to say what she thinks. What she thinks is that Briana needs to get back together with her family. She says she hears their desperation to meet Matt. Briana says when the opportunity arose, it didn’t go well. She says she’d rather discuss their friendship. She says Christy was always her best friend and Christy says she never went anywhere. In her individual interview Christy says she realizes Briana didn’t apologize, but it’s time to move forward. Briana says she wants to know that they’re making progress toward being the friends they used to be.

Jasmine visits Terra. She asks how Penny is. Terra says she’s doing well, but the chaos at the restaurant was a bit much. She says Tonya went through the same surgery and she wanted some comfort from her when she was so scared. She says Elena knew how frightened she was and she didn’t come through either. She’s leaving out the part where she told them not to come though. Jasmine says all Terra has to do is ask if she needs something. They go in to see Penny napping.

Matt and Briana meet with Briana’s ex-husband, Leif. Why? They share custody and Briana asks how the schedule is with him. He says it’s good. Leif seems to want to start an argument over nothing. Briana says it’s the most awkward conversation ever and I agree. Briana tells Leif about her family issues and Matt chimes in with telling Leif how Briana’s step-mother ignored him when they had a chance encounter.

Leif says all families are weird, but they’re there for you. Briana says yeah, if they treat you right. Leif says maybe they should all go to therapy, but Matt says there’s no way he would do that, because he’s a tough guy.

Matt and Briana are walking a pier where a donation bought a spot with her name on it. They go over the lunch with Leif and Briana says she can’t even. Matt says she’s handling things well. Briana says that if she’s going to move forward, she needs more positivity. Christy has invited her to the pizza making thing, so she thinks she got through.

They talk about having a “real” wedding. Briana says the first time around wasn’t what she wanted, so this time she’s having the wedding of her dreams. Matt asks if she’s going to invite her family. She says she doesn’t know and will see how things are going when they make their final list.

It’s time to make pizza! Christy thinks the best way to bond is with food and I tend to agree. Terra is there first and Christy tells her about the dinner with Briana and says she thinks Briana is making an effort. She asks where Terra is at with Tonya. Terra says she doesn’t know and that Tonya wasn’t there for her when she needed her.

Everyone is there and the instructor welcomes them. They all look kind of scared. In her individual interview, Elena points out that Terra didn’t hug her or Tonya, which is unusual. She wants to be friends again, especially since she’s pregnant. Cristy says Terra and the other two have separated themselves, and it’s not the outcome she was hoping for. Tonya says she’d like to apologize but Terra isn’t giving her a chance.

After the fastest pizza cooking ever, they sit down to eat. Tonya apologizes for not being there for Terra with Penny and says she loves both her and Penny. Elena is glad Tonya took the first step, and apologizes as well. Terra starts crying and says she realizes that she did tell them not to come. Elena says after her surgery, she preferred alone time, so she misunderstood.

Terra brings up the party, and Elena says she’d like a fresh start with Jasmine, suggesting lunch. Hugs all around. I see both Briana and Tonya leave the end crust on their pizza. I do that too.

Commercial break. Joe and Terra are having another baby! Another season of Terra’s Little Family begins on March 23. I also recommend Trader Joe’s won ton soup. I’m having it for dinner and it’s better than my local take-out place. How do they get their dumpling dough so thin?

Jasmine and Elena meet for dinner. Jasmine starts off apologizing about not inviting Elena to the moms party. Elena appreciates that, but admits to being too sensitive. Moving on. They talk about their families and Jasmine asks if Elena is holding off having kids. Elena says they’re trying, although now that I look at her, you can tell in her face that she’s pregnant. Jasmine talks about her hair condition and how her husband has seen her at her worst. She says Preston really seems to love Elena and it’s going to be amazing when they have a child.

Christy and Todd are taking a baby CPR class in preparation for adoption. Her mother is taking the class with them as well. Christy is glad to learn CPR for Todd’s sake too, since he has sleep apnea. She says that she couldn’t sleep the night before because he was snoring so loud. Todd says she gets mean about it. She says she’s worried he’s going to stop breathing one day and tells him he needs to lose weight. She says her greatest fear is adopting a baby and then have Todd keel over, especially since she’s been a single mother. She wants him to learn how to take care of himself first before they take care of someone else. She talks to her mother about it outside.

Christy says she’s done and her mother says she’s just speaking out of anger. Christy tells her she can’t take care of Todd and a child. She says he has to lose the weight because he wants to the same way she got sober for herself. She says she feels like food is more important than his wife and he needs an intervention. Her mother tells her to try and be kind.

Preston and Elena go to the OB/GYN. She’s taken two home pregnancy tests, but wants to confirm things. She also wants to know what she faces as a little person. The doctor comes in and says she’s really pregnant and they’re going to take a sonogram. He tells them to brace themselves because he has unexpected news.

Why doesn’t this show have previews for the next week?

Little Women: Atlanta

This is more excruciating than The Real Housewives of Potomac.

Bri and Emily rehash the fight with the twins. Emily thinks the twins feel like they have to prove themselves all the time. She says she already knows they’ll try to say she started it.

The twins think the Cheeks are jealous and threatened by them. They also rehash the fight. Andrea says Emily is ratchet for being pregnant and fighting. She wonders what a pregnant woman is doing twerking and picking fights. I wonder why any woman would do that. Andrea says Emily is always the one starting things. All of the girls are supposed to go out tonight. Why does everyone always want to hang out with people they hate?

The Cheeks meet Monie and Minnie outside the club. Minnie asks what was up with the fight with the twins. She says they all need to get it together. She says they’d better start getting along because in Atlanta everybody knows everybody. Bri says they used to be friends with the twins until their egos became inflated.

Inside, Minnie repeats that she wants them all to get along. And here come the twins. Emily says she’s not going to play nice and immediately says they look dumb. Minnie tells everyone to cool their jets. Emily says if they’re going to be in the same environment, the twins need to control themselves. Andrea (I think) says Emily is the one who needs to control herself. Monie asks if they can agree to disagree. Bri says they should squash it and just have fun.

Wooda (shooda cooda) is at the park with Bri, playing with their son. Since the retreat, Bri has been thinking about their non-relationship. She tells him she’d like to go to counseling to better things between them. Wooda says he’s good and doesn’t need counseling. In her individual interview, Bri says he needs to go for Malik’s sake. They live and parent together and they need better relationship skills. She walks away and Wooda changes his mind and tells her to schedule the appointment.

Minnie is doing Monie’s hair. She says she’s still shocked Minnie lied to her, but she knows Minnie is also embarrassed. Minnie tells Monie she’ll be straight from now on. Monie says she has a friend making a music video, Hubble Bubble, which is apparently a new term for booty. She says there won’t be any pay, but she’d like Minnie to be in the video. Minnie says she wants to lose weight first. How long does she think they have?

Wooda and Bri go to counseling with the pastor and his wife who hosted the retreat. They explain they live together and have a child together, but no relationship. Wooda doesn’t want one, but Bri does. The pastor’s wife asks if Wooda wants a relationship (didn’t we just cover that?) and he says not right now. He also says he sees other people. Bri says there’s a double-standard with that. The pastor asks why she accepts that. She says it’s what she’s used to. The pastor says Wooda might be a great guy, but Bri can do better. His wife say she shouldn’t settle.

The pastor and his wife leave to let them discuss. Bri says they don’t need to be living together anymore and Wooda asks what she wants to do, saying he’ll be supportive of whatever. Yeah, as long as it’s not a normal relationship.

Bri and Malik are going to stay at Emily’s. Bri says it’s times like this she misses her family and wants them to come for a visit. Emily gets a text from Monie about the video and calls her. Monie asks if they’d like to be in the video. They decide to talk later. The Cheeks discuss it, hoping it’s not janky.

Monie and Minnie meet for ice cream. Monie has the bad news that Minnie’s not the right look for the video. Monie says she wasn’t given a specific reason, but we all know it’s the weight. Minnie is bummed, especially since she’s been dieting. Monie says there are girls of all sizes, but they just said she wasn’t a good fit. Minnie starts talking smack about little people in videos being a gimmick, but Monie says she’s trying to make sure that doesn’t happen, and wants to bring Minnie along for discernment.

Bri’s mother and brother are visiting. Her mother is a little person, but her brother, Justin, is average sized. Emily is wearing some seriously distracting blue lipstick. Bri tells her mother about the counseling session and that she moved out afterward. Her mother says she can’t change Wooda, she can only change herself. Justin suggests they get drunk. I don’t blame him. It’s hard to even watch these people sober.

Emily’s boyfriend, Lontel (where are they getting these names?), is going to her ultrasound appointment with her. The doctor points out various things and says the baby looks in proportion, but it’s too early to tell if it’s an average sized or little person. It’s also too early to tell the sex.

Emily says she really wants Lontel around for the baby, because she was a single mom the first time around. The doctor comes back and Emily needs to eat better and her blood pressure is off the chain.

Bri talks to her mom about her non-relationship with Wooda. Her mom says her father was the same way. He would do whatever he felt like and that she’d always still be there. Bri says she grew up with her parents fighting and doesn’t want that for Malik. Her mom says just because they have a child together doesn’t mean they should stay together.

It’s time for the video shoot. Monie says as the casting director, she has to make sure all runs smoothly. Um, I think that’s the production manager’s job. The girls show up and director, Brent, tells them they’re going to be doing a little dancing. Minnie has shown up for support.

Emily asks how the video is going to be promoted and Brent is vague. She asks what the point of the video is and if they’re using little people twerking as a gimmick? Emily says she’s not feeling well, so she’s going to sit it out, but she’s really concerned about her reputation. Such as it is. Backstage, Emily explains they can do whatever they want with the footage and doesn’t want to be exploited. The twins wonder why they’re not getting paid, but Monie said everyone knew that beforehand.

Minnie adds that the whole thing doesn’t seem very professional. Monie tries arguing with her. Minnie says they might as well put on elf costumes. Monie says she needs to make sure the girls aren’t being exploited. She talks to Brent, who says it’s going to look good no matter what.

The set up the first scene which is with Monie alone. Emily thinks the director doesn’t know what he’s doing, having had experience with music videos. Brent continues to call Monie by the wrong name. I’m not sure why, since it’s pronounced “money.” He also calls the Tiny Twins, the Doublemint Twins. The girls start to complain and the director says it’s a wrap.

Monie says he’s been nothing but disrespectful and now he wants to blow them off. Brent says, “I don’t chase, I replace.” Whatever. Minnie is like, hell no, and little people chaos ensues. And lots of shouting. The girls walk out and I’m thinking the scene seemed really contrived.

Next week, another ridiculous party, Monie brings up up Minnie’s lie about Troy again, and Minnie says talking to Monie is like talking to a tree. This show is so profound, I can’t stand it.


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