March 9, 2016 — GH & Twice the Little Women


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Carly and Sonny explain things to Michael about how Morgan has to be committed, but they don’t use that word. They’re at the MetroCourt (of course) and Jason comes by. He tells Carly he’s leaving.

Anna and Paul meet at the bar. She asks if he has an update on Carrrlos. He says she’ll be the first to know when he does.

Dr. Mays says Tracy is late for the biopsy prep. Monica says she’ll try to reach her. Meanwhile, Tracy is in the crypt, communing with her family. Don’t start me crying, Tracy. She talks to them and it’s actually a bit funny. She tells them she’s not ready to join them.

Paul says he hasn’t heard from Carrrlos yet, even though we know he did. Anna gripes about the immunity agreement he wants to give Carrrlos. Paul says he cares about Anna and she says call her when he hears from Carrrlos.

Griffin runs into Felix at the bar. Felix tells him how much the nurses appreciate him because he actually knows their names and makes eye contact. He bitches about Dr. Mays and Griffin agrees. Felix says he’s got a reputation for annoying the new people and if Griffin needs anything, he should go to Monica.

Tracy says all she has as a formidable opponent now is Monica and it’s not the same. Stop it, Tracy, I’m tearing up. She keeps leaving Lila out of all her complaints very pointedly, making her monologue a little less sad. She says she wishes Lila were there to hold her hand and she’s scared. She says she can feel the lesions growing in her brain and ticking her life away. She hears the door open and asks if its Alan, but it’s Dillon. Yeah, as much as I loved Alan, that ghost storyline never worked for me.

Jason says he’s leaving for his own place, not leaving Port Charles. He tells Sonny that Sam caught him up on Morgan. Michael says they’re all a real fun bunch and leaves for wherever. Carly asks Jason about his new place, but Sonny says he has to leave. Jason says he must have surprised the hell out of Dixon by getting out of the wheelchair. Sonny says he wishes Jason had been there.

Jason tells Carly that Sam said the same thing about wishing he was at the church. He says he would never let any of his loved ones be in danger, but he’s not going to work for Sonny again. Carly says good, because she doesn’t want him to.

Anna gets a fax of Carrrlos and Sabrrrina’s picture. The doorbell rings. It’s Sonny.

Griffin tells Monica he’s been doing some research and has a theory about what’s going on with Tracy. Monica says he must not agree with Dr. Mays, but Griffin says the doctor has made it clear he’s not letting Griffin in on anything and he needs the biopsy results to be sure. Monica says she has the final say, but Tracy hasn’t shown up for the tests.

Dillon asks what Tracy is doing there and she says it’s peaceful. He asks what name she called him and she blows off the question. He tries to get her to come back to the house and have Alice make tea. She gets confused as to who Alice is and has another seizure.

Carly says she doesn’t want Jason working for Sonny and Jason says since when. She says if that was his decision she’s honor it, but she’s sick of the violence being acceptable. He asks what that means for her and Sonny.

Anna asks Sonny how Morgan is. Sonny says he’s getting the help he needs. He wants to thank her for going to his house to warn him about the pier. She says she appreciates everything he did to bring Dixon down. He asks why she thought he would listen to her. Anna says they’ve had their differences, but they also have mutual respect and Robin would have wanted her to be honest. He asks for a glass of water and snoops around, seeing the Carrrlos picture. When Anna comes back, he asks her if Carrrlos is alive.

Carrrlos calls Paul again. Paul asks where Carrrlos is, and Carrrlos says wouldn’t Paul like to know. Paul tells Carrrlos that he’s no longer safe and the only way out is to come home.

Tracy is wheeled into the hospital. Dillon explains what happened and says he already called Dr. Mays when they were on the road. Griffin tells Dillon he did the right thing. Dillon tells him about the anti-depressant story Tracy told him. Griffin tells him the biopsy was scheduled, but Tracy didn’t show. Dr. Mays enters. He says he knows the word cancer is frightening and Dillon freaks a little.

Dillon asks Dr. Mays if he thinks Tracy has brain cancer. Griffin asks to speak with the doctor in private and Dr. Mays tells Dillon they’ll talk later. Griffin says without a biopsy, the doctor can’t assume Tracy has cancer. Dr. Mays says the MRI points to tha, and rattles off his million credentials. Griffin says maybe the doctor’s years of experience have clouded his reading skills, because it appears Tracy doesn’t have cancer at all.

Monica tells Tracy she’s not leaving until they get some answers, Tracy asks if she’s going to die. Monica says not today.

Anna comes clean with Sonny about Carrrlos. He asks about the corpse and she says she’s not at liberty to discuss that. He asks about Sabrrrina and if she was kidnaped. Anna says she believes she’s there of her own free will.

Carly says she feels like the world’s biggest hypocrite. Jason says things change and Sonny should accept that. Carly says Sonny did listen to her an agree to consider alternatives.

Sonny says he’s going to hunt down Carrrlos and kill him. No! Not my Carrrlos! And hey, that’s no alternative to violence.

Jason says Sonny should realize that not every argument needs to be settled with a gun. Carly says there are worse people than Sonny who would like to take what he has. Jason asks how she ended up having a son with his brother. She says she went looking for Jason, found AJ and accidentally slept with him. How’d that happen? She talks about how the Quartermaines tried to take Michael away, but Jason helped her to keep him. He asks if his family was that bad and she reminisces about Lila and how wonderful she was and how Jason’s last name came from her. She says there’s still a plaque in the crypt with his name on it.

Griffin says there are other possibilities. Dr. Mays gets stupid about Griffin looking at the MRI and goes on about his experience. Dillon tries to ask a question and Dr. Mays tells him to get out and don’t come back.

Felix tells Michael about a note from Sabrrrina where she said she’s happy and not coming back. Michael says if anyone can raise a baby alone, Sabrrrina can. Felix tells Michael that Sabrrrina really loved him. I dunno about that though.

Carrrlos says he sees no reason to come back. Paul says life on the run with a baby can’t be good. Carrrlos asks why, after spending all the money and time, Paul wants him back. Paul says for now, Carrrlos just needs to play his part.

Sonny says Anna wanted him to see the picture. She says he has resources and any help he can give would be appreciated. She says Julian is the one they need and if it all goes according to plan, they can nail Julian. Sonny says Duke deserves justice. Anna says the only way they can do that is to get Julian. She doesn’t care if he’s squeaky clean now. He’s still the one responsible. Anna asks Sonny to keep her informed and shell do the same for him. Sonny says, done.

Carly and Jason go to the crypt. He says you don’t see your own name on a grave every day. Carly tells him about the family, and how Edward had big plans for him and how much Lila loved him. She says Emily was kind and generous, but nobody’s fool, and she always tried to run interference to make everyone get along. She tells him Alan had difficulty accepting he wasn’t the son he once knew, but in the end made peace with it. She pretty much blows past AJ, not wanting to dredge that up.

Carly tells Jason just because he’s not going to work for Sonny doesn’t mean he has to go back to the Quartermaines.

Carrrlos says Paul is asking to get him killed. He asks what about Anna? Paul says he’ll get immunity if he testifies against Julian, but he’s never to mention any crimes committed by Paul or Anna. Carrrlos says it’s not his job to make Paul’s life easy. Paul says Carrrlos’s job is his family. Carrrlos says he’s never coming back and to wire his payment to the offshore account. He wants no new deal with Paul.

Sonny sits with Michael and Michael says Felix showed him a picture of s baby. He says if he’d been more understanding she’d be there with him, instead of in Puerto Rico raising a baby by herself. Sonny says it’s not right and he has something to tell Michael.
Jason is trying to pry the plaque with his name off the crypt. He finally has success and says it’s official, he’s alive. Carly says she’s got to go, but she’s a little creeped out, so she’s not going out by herself. Jason says he’ll walk her to the car. He says the crypt is a good place to back and think.

In the hospital, Dillon asks if he should call Ned and Tracy says she doesn’t need more family members around telling her life is beautiful. She asks for a couple of minutes alone before Dr. Mays starts digging in her brain. Dillon tells her he loves her. Tracy says Monica told her it’s a minor procedure, but she loves him too.

Dillon tells Monica that Griffin said it might not be cancer and he’d like to talk to him.

Griffin is at Anna’s. He tells her he’s been following her.

Tomorrow, Dillon talks to Griffin, the chapter is closed on Helena, and Sam approaches Hayden.

Little Women: Atlanta

Morlen (again, these names, he sounds like a wizard) is taking Monie out to cheer her up. Because life is so stressful when you basically do nothing. They make their own bouquet at a flower shop and she tells him about he music video debacle. She says she thought she was doing a good thing, but it didn’t work out that way. Morlen suggests she step things up around the house and maybe cook dinner once in a while.

Since Emily is pregnant, she’s been working more behind the club scenes, and getting bookings for Bri. She’s gotten a call from a club who wants Bri and the Tiny Twins. Bri flashes back to the disaster that their last booking together was. They need the bucks, so Emily suggests they invite everyone and make a vacation out of it.

They twins visit Monie to help her with her cooking skills. They discuss the video while making a meal. Emily calls about the gig while the twins are there. She tells them her idea of the girls all staying at a beach house. Monie says she needs a vacation. From what?

Everyone packs for the trip. Minnie drives with the Cheeks and Monie drives with the twins. Emily pats herself on the back for getting the twins a job.

The gig is in Savannah which looks beautiful. Their rental is by the water and close to town. It’s pretty freakin’ nice too. Trying to get all the suitcases up the stairs is quite a project though. Minnie says the struggle is real when you have to carry around suitcases as big as you. Truth!

Monie wants to clear the air about the video. She apologizes for the rudeness of the director. Emily says they were just being used. Monie says little people are often taken advantage of and she’s over it. Minnie says it was unprofessional and a waste of time. Monie says Minnie went a bit overboard, which makes Minnie go a bit overboard.

Minnie says she was defending all of them and the director deserved her wrath. Emily brings up Monie defending Minnie at the party and also being extreme. Minnie says she thought they were over the Juicy situation. (Ha-ha-ha! Can you believe I just typed that?) She and Monie exchange words and somehow Monie brings up Troy.

Emily is like, no matter what they do together, there’s always an altercation. Minnie says Monie claimed to accept her apology, but she keeps bringing it up again. They agree to try and have a nice vacation.

The Cheeks are having breakfast with Minnie, who says Monie is dwelling on the past. She thinks Monie is taking out the video fail on her. In her individual interview. Monie says it’s hard to get past the lies. Please, she lied about having a boyfriend. Big deal. The twins think it’s ridiculous and feel stuck in the middle.

The Cheeks go shopping with Minnie and bring up how awkward it is at the house. Minnie’s feelings are hurt because the twins seem to be hanging out with Monie now.

The girls meet and ride to the club in some kind of pedal bus. It’s very cool and has a bar. I love the pedicabs in NYC, but they don’t serve drinks.

The girls have a private room to get ready at the club. Minnie decides to talk to Amanda. Amanda says nothing has changed, but Minnie says she feels things are different. She has difficulty explaining herself and starts to cry. She says she feels awkward around them and that’s why she’s been distancing herself. Amanda thinks Minnie should talk to Monie. Minnie says she will.

Emily says bringing in the twins is a risk to her reputation. If they act the fool, no one will want to book the Cheeks again. It looks like a half lodge, half tiki bar. The twins start dancing on stage with Bri, and all the girls work the club. Some women starts dancing with them and acting stupid. Emily says they’re used to anything and everything and people act crazy, but it’s part of the job. Monie says this is more a waste of time than the video and leaves. The rest pat themselves on the back for getting along.

In the morning, Emily tells Bri that Monie is packed and ready to go, and the rest aren’t even up yet. She says everyone else had a good time, and Monie wasn’t even supportive the night before. Emily says she’s tired of Monie’s drama.

Everyone is ready to go. The twins are pissed about Monie flaking the night before. They question her about it and she says she was tired. She says she has to drive and she needed her rest. She says she’s not mad at the twins, but Minnie is another story. The twins repeat what Minnie said and say they should talk. Monie says she tried, but she’s not going to kiss anyone’s ass. The twins say they’re getting along with the Cheeks, so why not Monie and Minnie? Minnie wants to deal with it now and asks Monie to step outside. She tells Monie she can feel the tension and wants to know what’s wrong, because it seems like Monie has changed. They start talking about the twins, but Monie talks over Minnie. Monie brings up how she defended Minnie to Juicy. Minnie says she appreciated it, but Monie took it to another level.

Monie says Minnie hasn’t been keeping it real and Minnie says Monie has been a stuck up bitch. Monie disagrees and says if that’s how Minnie feels, deal with it. She doesn’t think she can trust Minnie again. Minnie says she apologized and told the truth, so what’s the problem now? They talk a bunch of nonsense. Minnie says talking to Monie is like talking to a tree and Monie says ain’t nobody got time for that. She stomps off.

Magically, Minnie is back in her room. The Cheeks ask what’s going on and Minnie tells them about the Monie conversation and how she keeps bringing up the past. She says it’s hurtful because Monie was her girl and they can’t get things back on track. She says if she can’t be Mama Bear, she doesn’t know her place in the group. The Cheeks say that what stinks is Monie is spreading the negativity to everyone.

Monie and the twins leave, with Monie grumbling behind the wheel.

Next week, Morlen talks babies, Emily finds out if it’s a boy or a girl, and Minnie gets a DNA test done to see who her father is.

Little Women: LA

Elena is getting a sonogram. The doctor gives her and Preston the news that they’re having twins. The doctor says it will be high risk and she’ll be going to a specialist after the first trimester. He says she’ll most likely have a C-section, she only has to carry until the babies can be born healthy. They’re fraternal twins, so not only could they be a boy and a girl, they could be one little person and one average sized baby.

Christy doesn’t want to be rejected by an adoption agency because of Todd’s weight. Since she can’t force him to get gastric bypass surgery, she’s trying to set an exercise example. The new house looks pretty good and Christy wants to have a house-warming party.

Tonya is having vision problems and she’s having a doctor check her out. Her daughter comes along to the appointment, and Tonya brings up getting back together with her father. Angelique is skeptical that things will work out. The doctor says ten years ago, Tonya’s right eye was turning inward and wants to check that. He sees it’s still happening and wants her to get surgery. The next step is seeing a specialist. He wants to make sure she’ll follow through, as he’d suggested it before, and he makes her pinky swear. I’m not kidding. He really did.

Jasmine and Briana are getting pedicures. Briana tells Jasmine that she and Matt want to have a “real” wedding. Jasmine asks if she’s going to invite all of he girls and Briana says no. Terra and Tonya have never been supportive, and she wasn’t invited to Terra’s wedding. She’s unsure about Christy. Jasmine suggests a bachelorette party in Mexico. She has an ulterior motive of reconnecting the ladies. She tells Briana she might see that relationships have changed under the Mexican sun after a few Margaritas.

Elena and Christy are meeting their mutual friend, Ali, for lunch. They knew each other back in the day when working in a club. Ali recently had surgery, is feeling great, and she’s working in one of my favorite places, the Venice Beach Freak Show. A&E did a reality show about them and I loved it. But then, like when you find a style of shoe that fits perfectly, they stopped making it.

Christy invites Ali and her husband Matt to the house-warming. Elena tells her not to be intimidated by the group, and Christy says watch out for Tonya.

Terra says she and Tonya have known each other forever, and have never fought like they did at Jasmine’s party. Terra is proceeding with caution, but wants to move forward. She hopes that they never have a repeat performance. They meet for a drink and Tonya tells her about the upcoming eye surgery. Terra says she’ll be there, the inference being even though Tonya wasn’t there for Penny’s surgery. Tonya says Terra likes to throw shade, but she learned from the best. They talk about the upcoming party.

Elena and Preston have invited Preston’s dad over to share the good news. Preston does a little presentation with a remote-controlled truck to annouce the pending birth. Elena tells him he’s getting two grandkids for the price of one. Elena is both excited and nervous about possible complications.

Matt and Briana are having a date night. She tells him about Jasmine throwing her a bachelorette party in Mexico. He says it’s the first time he’s seen anyone in the group go out of their way for her. Briana tells him Jasmine’s idea of her trying to reconnect. Matt says every time all the girls get together, there seem to be problems. Briana thinks with Jasmine in charge, they’ll have a great time.

Christy visits Jasmine. Jasmine wants to get Christy involved with the bachelorette party. Christy invites her to the house-warming. Jasmine tells Christy about the Mexico trip. Christy feels hurt because she’d hoped to do those things for Briana. Jasmine says she’s never sure where Christy stands with Briana. She says she gets how they’re both hurt, but they need to forget the past and move forward. Jasmine tells her if they keep pushing at Briana, she’ll cut them off, and Briana needs a friend right now.

Terra wants another baby and she and Joe have been looking at larger homes. They’re meeting with their real estate agent to see if they’re approved for a loan. The agent says there are some red flags on the application. Terra’s credit isn’t great and it’s keeping them from getting the loan. She says the worst case scenario is they’ll have to wait another year. Terra is concerned that Joe will use putting off a new home as an excuse for putting off having more kids.

It’s house-warming time! And time for cocktails! Christy has created a beautiful atmosphere. Everyone is out in the backyard where there are lots of candles. Terra talks to Jasmine, who tells her about the Mexico trip. She says if they want to rebuild a friendship, it’s a good start and Briana is good with everyone being invited. Terra has doubts, but Jasmine asks her to give it a try.

Elena doesn’t think tonight is a good night to give her news about the twins because it’s Christy and Todd’s party. Christy tells Terra that Ali and her husband are coming, and Terra isn’t exactly receptive. She says in the little people community, instead of six dgrees of separation, it’s more like two. She thinks it’s risky inviting a new person without letting everyone know.

Briana and Matt show up. Jasmine tells them she’s going to announce the bachelorette party tonight. Tonya comes and Terra pours wine down her throat to help ease Ali joining the party, since she hates surprises and new people. Tonya doesn’t seem to remember Ali from anywhere though. Ali introduces her husband, who comes off like a drunken jerk right away.

Jasmine invites everyone to Mexico. In her individual interview, Elena says she has no desire to be throwing up from morning sickness alongside the others throwing up from too much tequila. Terra, in shit-stirrer mode, asks Briana if it was her idea to invite everyone. Briana says Jasmine made a good argument for it and whoever wants to come, should come. Pushing further, Terra asks if Briana’s family will be there.

Briana says right now it’s not on the table, but it doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. Terra and Tonya jet to the kitchen for dessert. They act like it’s an outrage that Ali was invited without their prior knowledge. Terra asks if Jasmine hadn’t put the bachelorette party together, if Tonya thinks Briana would have invited them. Tonya says no, and she doesn’t want to be supportive, but she doesn’t want to discuss it here. Terra wonders if Jasmine is twisting Briana’s arm.

Ali and Briana get to know each other. Briana is glad to meet someone new who isn’t all up in her business.

Christy comes in the kitchen, and Terra and Tonya say they would find it weird to go to the bachelorette party. Christy says she’s all for forgive and forget. Terra says they don’t feel supportive, and does Christy really want to go? Christy says if she wants to salvage her relationship with Briana, she’d better go, and they’re going to go with her. Christy says what if no one goes, and Terra says that’s not too far-fetched.

Still to come, Tonya questions Briana’s happiness, the Mexico trip and the wedding go forward.


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