March 14, 2016 — Helena’s Will & Vanderpump’s Finale


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

It’s time for the reading of Helena’s will. Finally.

Nathan tells Dante he’s keeping mum about Claudette with Maxie.

Talking on her cell phone, Maxie says the real woman issue of Crimson will be even more stellar than the green issue. She literally runs into a half-dressed Griffin in the scrub room and her papers go flying everywhere.

Nicholas says no one is looking forward to the reading of the will and he couldn’t be more wrong. I’m sure I can speak for most fans when I say that we’re all looking forward to it. Lulu, Liz and Laura gather. Helena didn’t get up to the M’s yet. Elizabeth is going to leave, but Scotty stops her because surprise! Helena included her.

Laura asks how Scotty became executor and he says it beats him. I vote for Helena thinking it would be amusing. Nicholas says it’s going to be over-the-top and horrible, just like Helena. Laura says none of them have to stay, but they all want to just get it over with.

Sam tells Alexis that Laura seems to believe in Helena’s curses. She and Alexis discuss Jason’s plaque and Sam am tells her how she cut herself on it.

Andre and Anna are at the MetroCourt. Anna says she doesn’t want to tell Andre what she thinks she found out about Griffin yet. Jordan interrupts their lunch.

Nathan tells Dante that Maxie told him she didn’t care about Claudette and the past is the past. Dante says who is this Maxie who’s letting things go?

Maxie gathers up her papers. Maxie and Griffin introduce themselves and she says she’s looking for Epiphany. She slips on the wet floor and Griffin catches her. Lawsuit! Just kidding. Maxie has hurt her ankle and Griffin says to use him as a crutch. She says it wouldn’t be the first time she used a man for that. BA DUM CHHH! Griffin says she can listen to him now and leave with a limp, or end up on crutches tomorrow. He goes to get dressed.

Nathan says if Maxie changes her mind, he’ll remind her about what she said. Dante is like, that’s highly unlikely to help. Both guys are feeling pretty happy with their relationships.

Jordan says her meeting was canceled. Anna says she and Andre weren’t having lunch, just conferring. Anna says Jordan should know something about Andre and her.

Alexis and Sam get to Windemere. It’s just as I predicted. Video will!

Helena says if they’re watching this, all of Robin’s efforts are for naught and she did not achieve immortality. She adds if you’re going to kidnap a scientist, make sure it’s the right one. She says she can guess the circumstances of her death, but doesn’t really know how it will happen. She says she’ll live on in all of them. OMG – I love Helena so much! I’m so excited!

When Helena starts with the “being of sound mind and body,” Alexis is like, really? Helena, who already knows what kind of remarks that would bring, tells them no pausing for conflict.

Sam is first. To be divided with Kristina and Molly is one cent because that’s all Alexis’s kids are worth. Sam is like, cheap insults? Scotty pauses the video and gives Sam a penny in a jewelry box, telling her not to forget there’s an inheritance tax on that. While that was funny, I actually think under 10K, there isn’t any.

Alexis, formerly known as Natasha (I always forget that), is next. Helena says she’s the result of a lack of judgment on Mikkos’s part, and she wants to be remembered always. Scotty gives Alexis a locked box.

Dante tells Nathan the he and Lulu’s divorce papers brought them back together. He says they’re not moving back in together yet, but they’re moving forward. Nathan says he’s sure they’ll work it out. Dante says as long as they’re open and honest with each other, they have a shot. He says he’s not making a comment about Nathan’s decisions about Maxie though.

Whatever Griffin did with Maxie’s ankle did the trick. She says she’ll put in a good word for him, but he says keep it between them because he didn’t follow procedure. She says she has the same MO and she and her ankle thank him for bucking the system. Maxie tells him about the real woman Crimson issue and he says she won’t find anyone more real than Epiphany. She says they’re considering doing an issue on real men, and he’d be perfect. And her professional opinion is that he’s drop-dead gorgeous. Griffin says he appreciates the offer, but he wouldn’t make a good subject. She asks if he’s worried about a scar he has that looks like it’s from a bullet wound and he suddenly has to get back to work. He says he’s flattered, but the magazine isn’t for him.

Alexis opens the box and it’s a music box, playing a song from Madame Butterfly. There is also a program from the same opera in the box. Alexis says it’s the last song her mother sang before she died. Further inside the box is a dagger. Alexis picks it up and calls Helena a bitch.

Alexis says it’s the dagger that Helena used to slit her mother’s throat. Helena asks what Natasha thinks of her legacy and says that her mother got what she deserved. She says she grew fond of Alexis and that’s why she didn’t dispatch her the same way. Alexis has had enough and she and Sam leave. Sam tells Scotty to keep the penny

Next is Elizabeth. I can’t wait.

Anna tells Jordan that she and Andre are friends, but she’s also his patient. She says he’s helping her deal with Duke’s death and she didn’t want Jordan to get the wrong impression. She leaves and Andre asks if Jordan is okay. She says she’s a little thrown that a good friend is telling intimate things to the man she’s seeing. He says Anna was his patient before they started dating. Jordan asks if they don’t usually confer in his office and he says they were just talking as friends.

Dante tells Nathan they all have their history and baggage and he’s sorry he made a big deal out of it. Nathan says Claudette wasn’t just an ex-girlfriend. She was his wife. D’oh!

Helena knows exactly what everyone is saying and tells Nicholas to stop defending Elizabeth. She apologizes for keeping Jake from Elizabeth for so long. Scotty gives Elizabeth a box and inside is a handmade book called Jake’s Adventure. Nicholas suggests she throw it in the fire, but she says Helena is right, she’s not a fragile flower, and leaves.

Helena suggests the book be shown to Jake. (Hmm…. I wonder if it will trigger something if he sees it.) Nicholas is next. She’s leaving everything to the Cassadine Foundation and he gets nothing because he betrayed and disappointed her. He says he never became the Cassadine she wanted him to be.

Scotty brings out an easel. Helena says Nicholas thinks he’s clever, but she knows how much of a Cassadine he is. She says actions speak louder than words and to take a look. It’s a portrait of Helena drinking tea.

Nicholas says he knew she wouldn’t go quietly and would want to torture him. He says the painting isn’t as innocuous as they might think. He has a little flashback to when Helena keeled over. Did he poison her tea? He puts the painting aside. Helena says her image signifies that the two of them will never be finished.

Helena says Lulu has done the most for her, more than she’ll ever know.

Maxie drops in on Nathan. She wonders why he and Dante look so serious.

Griffin calls Brad and leaves a message to let him know about Tracy’s biopsy. Anna comes out of the elevator and runs into him. He seems to be in everyone’s way today.

Elizabeth looks at the book. It talks about a boy named Jake going into the woods, meeting an old woman and having an adventure, but we don’t see most of it.

Sam and Alexis go back to the bar and get stiff drinks. Alexis says there’s nothing Helena could have given her that’s more morbid and cruel, but it’s the last morbid and cruel thing Helena will do to her.

Helena says she owes Lulu something and she might not appreciate it right away, but there might come a time when her life is empty and it will give her what she needs. Lulu opens an empty envelope. Helena says it might seem puzzling, but she’s smart and will figure it out. There’s writing on the envelope, but I don’t know if it’s important and we don’t really see it. Lulu leaves the envelope on a chair.

Last is Laura, who Helena says had the biggest impact on her life. She says she had a final moment with Luke before he left for parts unknown and she’s going to have a final word for Laura. She and Laura have come to an end. She took from Helena the thing she loved most, her beloved Mikkos, but because she’s the bigger person, she’s giving Laura a key to what she loved and lost.

There’s a key in the box. Helena says remember, it’s the key to what she loved and lost.

Nathan says Dante just gave him huge news. Dante tells Maxie that he and Lulu are getting back together.

Andre has a patient and has to go. He asks Jordan if they can resume their date tomorrow. He says he knows it was awkward, but he couldn’t tell Jordan that Anna was his patient before she did. Jordan says she understands.

Anna says she thinks she knows who Griffin is and why he’s been following her.

Elizabeth gets to the end of the book that says Jake and the old woman had more adventures. The old woman’s last words to him are, “Never forget, Jake, and never tell.” DUN DUN DUUUUN!

Alexis is wondering what to do with the murder weapon. Ebay? She says she’s getting rid of Helena’s trash and tells Sam not to worry about any curses, but be careful of self-fulfilling prophecies. She gives the box to the bartender to throw away, but then changes her mind.

Lulu tells Laura to throw the key away and forget what Helena said. Laura says she hasn’t decided yet, but Lulu has to get to work. Nicholas asks if she’s going to pursue what the envelope was about.

Tomorrow, Valerie tells Dante that her personal life is none of his business, Anna figures out who Griffin is, and Ava freaks out over Kiki.

Vanderpump Rules

Jax is back from Hawaii. Apparently, he’s not in jail. The felony was dropped to a misdemeanor and if he stays out of trouble, it will be dropped from his record. He’s so grateful, he won’t stop complaining and he’s being a complete ass to Brittany.

Stassi has found a new apartment and claims to have her mojo back. We’ll see. She and Kristen chug champagne from the bottle because they are sooo classy.

Jax continues to bitch at Brittany because the apartment is too small. He says being in the jail cell was the most peace he’s had in a while. I’m sure it can be arranged for him to go back if he liked it so much. What a d-bag this guy is.

James tells Tom and Ariana that he and Kristen went out to dinner. He’s still interested in Lala and is just holding out for the best opportunity.

Lala is surprised that Katie invited her to the engagement party. She says she’s going to need a lot of liquid courage. How is this different from any other party? Scheana says she’s more worried about Ariana being there. James has graciously told Lala that Kristen called her a ratchet whore. I can’t believe she’s even interested in that scrawny dweeb, although they deserve each other.

Tom says he’s known Jax a long time. Jax has stolen from him, slept with his girlfriends, talked smack about him, yet he’d miss him if he was gone. Sigh.

Lisa asks Jax how it went and he says the court doesn’t have time for people like him. Lisa says not to minimize it. She says he’s being aggressive and he says he’s just tired. Lisa says the only way to learn from a situation is to be accountable and it’s doubtful Jax will ever learn that. I added that last part.

It’s almost time for what’s sure to be the engagement party from hell. It’s a million degrees out and Katie never thought of umbrellas for the tables, so she borrows some of Lisa’s.

Tom is playing at the after party. Ariana says she needs to have closure with Scheana

Kristen and Stassi have decided to crash the party. Stassi says good thing Kristen doesn’t have self-respect and dignity weighing her down. Why borrow umbrellas? Katie can just use Stassi’s shade. James has been texting Kristen. He claims he still loves her. It sounds like she kinda sorta wants to get back together with him.

Many of Katie’s family members arrive, as well as Schwartz’s mother. Katie’s brother has a man bun and I cringe. I’m allergic to man buns, meaning the hairdo. If Lala really drank what she says she did before getting there, it’s a wonder she isn’t passed out already. Ken and Lisa arrive. Giggy! There is miniature golf and bubble-blowing going on.

Here come the gate crashers. Kristen is all what if, and Stassi tells her to stop talking. James says he sees trouble. And yep, it’s coming.

Katie welcomes the girls, but everyone else is so startled, they stay put. Schwarz says this puts him in an uncomfortable position with Lisa. Lisa says apparently two gates aren’t enough to keep them out and tells everyone to do what they want. Stassi meets Brittany and more drinking happens.

James shows Lisa the PUMP CD. She’s put it on hold, but he still made a demo. Lisa says she’s proud of him for doing better, but if he drinks, he’s going to fail. James says hi to Kristen. Lala says everything about Kristen pisses her off, right down to her shoes. Kristen says James will go places if he can overcome being his own worst enemy. Stassi ignores Jax.

Lisa gives a little speech, giving Katie and Schwartz her blessing. She asks if anyone wants to say anything, and amends that to anyone except Kristen, who gets up to talk anyway. Lala makes faces while she talks. Tom says it’s the longest speech ever and Kristen lacks self-awareness. Lala yells for her to wrap it up and Katie says if anyone is going to be rude, they can leave the way they came.

Afterward the group goes to SUR. More drinking! Selfies! More drinking! Scheana asks to talk to Ariana. She says she feels like they’re not on the same page anymore and asks if Ariana still wants to be friends. Ariana says that depends. Scheana’s been talking smack behind her back and Ariana thinks it has to do with her great desire to be popular and liked by everyone. Scheana starts to cry and apologizes. Ariana says this is the real Scheana and maybe they can salvage the friendship.

More drinking! James is all over Lala, totally grossing me out. Kristen calls Lala a walking STD. Lala says she’s the one person Kristen doesn’t want to mess with and pushes her, telling Kristen to sit down. Frankly, this is another show where it’s debatable who I like least. Seriously, is it because they’re millennials or from L.A. or what? When I was in my 20s, no one I knew behaved like this.

James breaks it up and says enough. Stassi tells Lala she should own it and say she screwed up. She should know better than to argue with a drunk. It’s time for Tom’s band to play and there’s Lala sitting on James’s lap. Good luck getting back together with Kristen now. The band does their video song and Lisa wonders if it’s a comedy act.

More drinking? Giggy! Ken and Lisa have joined the group. James brags about how much weed he ate and smoked beforehand. Kristina says he’s wasted and he curses her out. Jax says you can’t talk to women like that and James is clearly not sober. James tries to get Jax to fight with him because Jax is on probation. Both Schwartz and Peter try to get James to shut up. James continues to goad Jax who wants to punch him in the face, and Lisa comes over and tells them to knock it off. Really. Grow the blip up.

Lisa tells James to take a seat. Jax says he solves things with his fists which isn’t good for someone on probation. Yep. James leaves, telling Kristen he’ll text her tomorrow. James meets Lala outside and goes to her house. He so creeps me out.

Jax and Lisa talk about Stassi. Jax goes over to Stassi and asks how she’s doing. They make awkward small talk. They talk about their relationship and we get a bunch of flashbacks. Jax says he’ll always be there for her. Stassi says there’s something to be said for history with people and they started this group of friends together. She talks about him cheating on her and he says he thinks things didn’t work out with her boyfriend and she came back with her tail between her legs to the friends that she dumped. I’m torn between being astounded at how astute Jax can be on occasion and being startled that this conversation went downhill so fast.

Jax says he’s not saying this to hurt her. They talk about Brittany and Stassi says that she likes Brittany, and hopes he doesn’t screw it up, adding that he’s been treating Brittany unfairly. Knowing that Stassi is right, Jax tells Brittany he loves her and says let’s go home.

Katie tells Stassi that she’s not saying they can’t be friends again, but she doesn’t think they can be the same friends they once were. Katie and Schwartz thank Lisa and go home.

Lisa says some have made important steps and gone through dark says and some will never learn, adding the more things change, the more they stay the same.

This was the finale, so next week, The Reunion.

One last Giggy! Lisa and Giggy are on Watch What Happens Live, along with a new Pom from the pound, Harrison.

Sadly, tonight is also the finale of the Vanderpump After Show…sniff….


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