March 28, 2016 — GH & the NeverEnding Reunion


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Tracy wants to see Finn immediately. Obrecht says Dr.Mays is the best. Tracy says he misdiagnosed her and she wants Finn.

Finn’s phone is ringing but he’s busy doing meditation. Dillon leaves a message asking him to come to the hospital. Obrecht says until he’s fully vetted, he can’t practice there. She says her first priority is the patients. Tracy says then give her what she wants.

Ava is on the phone, saying things aren’t safe right now. She says not from Sonny, but someone else. Paul comes up behind her.

Laura tells Elizabeth about the textbook. Elizabeth says steer clear of the living room; all hell is breaking loose.

Not really, but Nicholas is pretty miffed. Hayden says it hasn’t taken away the love and happiness they’ve had. He says all he knows is that she’s not the woman he married, but a stranger.

Dammit! Breaking news about a lock-down in the capital. The shooter is in custody, so what else do we need to know? It sounds like a garden variety nutjob. Terrorists usually don’t send in a lone gunman. Please go away and don’t come back until 4.

Finn comes to the hospital. Tracy says she’ll be cured and released by the time Obrecht gets the paperwork together.

Paul tells Ava it’s been a long time (like 2 days) and Ava says not long enough. He asks if he can do anything for her and she says yeah, give her the recording. He’s not going to do that. She says because of him she has a target on her back..

Jason asks Sam out on a kidless date. She says it sounds good, but right now, she has to work. Jason says she must be getting paid a lot. She says not at all. Her client told her to let it go, but she can’t.

Nicholas says Hayden took advantage of him. Where? She says she’s the same person she was when she married him. He says no she’s not, and he wonders what else she’s lying about. She says he of all people should understand wanting to escape the past. He says that’s a fantasy and it’s impossible.

Elizabeth tells Laura about Hayden really being Rachel Berlin. She says Hayden was just looking for another payday. Laura says Nicholas has convinced himself he’s in love with her and she’s concerned he’ll overlook the whole thing. Elizabeth says it’s time Hayden was dealt with the only way she understands and she’s calling the police. Laura says that’s a bad idea,since Nicholas has done worse to Hayden than she did to him. Oh yeah, that pesky murder contract.

Ava says when Paul gave her immunity, she was marked as a rat. Paul says it wasn’t his intention to harm her, and that it was the quickest way to absolve her of the gun running. She tells Paul to leave her alone, that she has it under control. He says no, she doesn’t.

Jason guesses that Sam’s client was Nicholas. She says why would she do something for him, but Jason isn’t buying it, so she says it’s really for Spencer. She asks Jason if he wants to be a partner. He balks at that, and she says the offer is on the table if he changes his mind.

Tracy asks why she wasn’t told her condition was fatal. Finn says in less developed countries, it’s a death sentence. He says if it’s caught early enough, it can be treated, and they’re just making it. He says he’d be remiss not to apprise her of the worst case scenario.

Elizabeth says Hayden doesn’t remember, but Laura says the police might open up a can of worms and investigate her shooting. She says it’s Nicholas’s decision and they have to respect that. Like Elizabeth has every respected anyone’s decisions except her own.

Hayden says she should have trusted Nicholas, but she was afraid when he heard the truth, she’d lose him. He says she’s been working to take everything away from him and Spencer. She says he lied to Sam for months about Jason. He says he was trying to protect Elizabeth. Hayden says no, he was trying to protect his bank account, when she was just trying to make a fresh start. She says what he did was worse and suggests he’s lying to her right now.

Paul tells Ava to take his protection. She says they worked well when things were simpler, but he wasn’t who she thought he was. He says they should get to know one another again. He says she’ll land on her feet.

Finn tells Tracy to rest. He says the medication is working, but her immune system is still compromised until the treatment is finished. Monica walks Finn out. She apologizes for Tracy. Obrecht comes by and asks Finn to come to her office.

Sam and Jason come to the hospital with Danny. Monica says she’d like to visit and asks if they’d like to take a turn monitoring Tracy. She says she’s just kidding, but Jason says if she wants, he’ll do it.

Hayden says just because Nicholas hears something from Elizabeth, he believes it. Nicholas says he’s going to the MetroCourt to clear his head, he wants this wrapped up before Spencer comes back from spring break.

Sam and Jason go in to visit Tracy. Sam talks about the magazine and Tracy asks Dillon why he didn’t bring her a copy. Sam gets a call and has to leave.

Elizabeth asks where Nicholas is. Hayden says gone and she must be disappointed because she didn’t get a front row seat. Elizabeth says she guesses Hayden wants to be by herself, so she’ll catch up with Nicholas later. Hayden grabs her arm and tells her she’s not going anywhere.

Paul asks about Kiki. Ava says she’s getting better all the time. He says if she needs anything, don’t hesitate to call. Ava says she actually believes that he’s being sincere, but he should concentrate on his own family.

Obrecht says Finn should remove himself until they get the paperwork. Finn says no thanks, but he’ll be happy to let the board know the disregard for patient care.

Jason is left with Tracy and tries to make small talk. He suggests the pudding. Tracy says the pudding is his legacy. She says when he was in the hospital the last time, he complained about the lackluster pudding and Monica had Cook give them her recipe.

Hayden says Elizabeth can’t stand not controlling all the men in her life. She wants to destroy their hopes of happiness unless they involve her. Elizabeth says she’s forgotten more things about Nicholas than Hayden can even knows. She says he keeps searching for the same woman that he once loved and only comes up with substitutes to share his bed until the right woman comes along.

Nicholas asks Sam to go back on the case. He tells Sam who Hayden really is. He says she swears she wasn’t trying to con him. Sam asks if he thinks that’s the truth and he says he doesn’t know, that’s why he wants Sam to look into it. She suggests he call the police and he says he doesn’t want Hayden anywhere near the police.

Laura tells Scotty about the book she found. She asks if he would know why Helena had it. He says after he and Laura fell apart, he sold his textbooks, but he doesn’t know how Helena would have gotten ahold of it. Laura tells him about how Helena said she’d find what what she loved and lost. He says she’s cracked the riddle and he’s the solution.

Scotty suggests Laura loved and lost him, so case closed. She says they had one than more chance, so that’s a no. He can’t come up with anything else, so she shows him the letters circled in the book and asks if he did that. He says no way, and she says maybe it’s some kind of code.

Obrecht asks if Finn would have the hospital shut down because of one patient. He says that Tracy could have died and talks about Dr. Mays blowing Griff off when he tried to help. Obrecht says it’s an isolated incident and Finn says he’ll be back later to check on his patient.

Paul asks Dillon how Tracy is. He says she’s doing better. Paul says she really doesn’t want to see him and Dillon says he’ll get him a visit somehow.

Ava makes a call saying she has a proposition.

Nicholas says they know Hayden lied about who she is, but doesn’t know if she’s lying about their relationship. Sam says the longer they wait, the longer Nicholas can be exposed.

Hayden says she’s not a placeholder and Nicholas will be back. She says she’s not leaving

Tracy says she knows the pecking order, and she’s at the end of it. Suddenly, she calls Jason “daddy” and says they’ll get ELQ back and he’ll be proud of her. Jason says he’s already proud of her. She says if she can’t get it back, she’ll have to go to Jason, but she has a secret weapon named Rachel.

Ava meets Scotty.

Laura tries to crack the letter code.

Nicholas looks out the window and broods.

Obrecht tells Monica that Dr. Finn will be cleared by tomorrow.

Finn gives himself a shot in the arm. We have no idea with what.

Dillon comes back to Tracy’s room and Jason asks him to get a nurse or doctor. He says they’re having a little confusion. Jason asks who Rachel is, and Sam says otherwise known as Hayden.

Elizabeth says Nicholas is only her friend and Hayden is just mad because she lost him all on her own, and Hayden is incapable of honesty. Hayden says the only man Elizabeth had a chance with was Nicholas, so she wouldn’t let something like marriage get in the way. She tells Elizabeth to find someone else to add to her illegitimate brood. Elizabeth slaps her across the face. Press charges!

Tomorrow, Scotty asks what he can do for Ava, Finn tends to Tracy, and a masked gunman comes into Kelly’s.

Vanderpump Rules — The Reunion, Part Two

Yay! It’s those crazy kids from SUR, back again for part two of a reunion of people who see each other every day.

Andy talks about Gay Pride Day and James showing up with the hell scratched out of him. And it wasn’t from a drag queen. Kristen looks like she’s going to laugh and throw up at the same time. Lala says he deliberately tried to embarrass and disrespect her, especially since it was Lauren who she’d been confiding in. Why Lala is still attracted to this d-bag is beyond me. Lisa is like, this is what I have to deal with.

Andy asks if James’s rivalry with Jax has anything to do with his pursuit of Lala. He says no, but really? Tom says Jax and James are a lot alike. Why does James look like he’s going to cry? Or maybe he’s stoned.

They talk about Katie and Schwartz getting engaged. Katie says it was everything. It was pretty cool how he set it up and fooled her. Andy asks how much longer he would have had if he hadn’t proposed and she says they were about at the end. Scheana says she told him to make sure Katie was looking good that night. They talk about Katie and Schwartz’s sex life and I go, la-la-la! with my fingers in my ears.

Andy asks when Tom and Ariana are getting married, but Ariana doesn’t want to. Tom says it’s like reverse psychology.

Brittany joins the group. She’d never seen Vanderpump Rules before dating Jax and only knew Lisa from the Wives. She didn’t Google him either. Andy asks how uncomfortable his horrible reputation is, but Brittany shrugs it off. She says they clicked in a way she hadn’t felt before. Andy asks Jax what was so special about Brittany that he dropped his harem and he gives her a bunch of compliments. Scheana says she’s glad Brittany didn’t listen to their warnings, since she’s an amazing friend.

They talk about Brittany’s boob job and we flash back to the discussions about that. They’ve also moved from the studio apartment. Andy asks if it bothers Brittany that Jax takes a dump with the door open and I go, la-la-la! again.

The non-internship as sangria ambassadors with Schwartz and Tom comes up. We see the meeting where they had no idea of what place they should even have in the company. Katie says she was miffed because of Schwartz’s lack of commitment to things.

They talk about Scheana drifting apart from Ariana and closer to Katie. Andy asks if Scheana is Ariana’s best friend and Ariana says she doesn’t really like that term. Neither do I. Katie says Ariana was kind of a downer this season. Ariana says it’s hard to come around when everyone is throwing shade every five minutes. Ariana says it’s a toxic environment and it blows her mind that the others don’t notice. Well, they’re minds are probably too crowded with thoughts of themselves. Duh.

Andy asks for a show of hands as to who thinks therapy has changed Kristen. Everyone is positive, except Ariana says it’s changed her knowledge of how to behave around other people. They talk about the Hawaii trip. Tom says the point is, when they were planning the trip, he was attacked about why he didn’t want his ex-girlfriend going. He says Jax had no problem with her not going until everyone else jumped on the Kristen bandwagon.

They talk about the texts that Scheana sent to Ariana’s mom about Tom. Ariana was pretty pissed about that. They go over the texts which Ariana has handy. Lisa has to remind everyone not to curse. Ariana says that her mother believed the texts for a while. Scheana insists that her mother was concerned, but even Ariana’s mother later said that wasn’t the case. Scheana said she already apologized. Lisa says with everything Scheana had going on with Shay, how would she have felt if Ariana texted her mother? Lala says she would be pissed for sure. Everyone starts talking at once.

Andy stirs the pot about the toplessness in Hawaii. He asks why Katie was so offended. She says she wasn’t offended by the boobs, but by Lala’s behavior. Lala says something juvenile. Schwartz steps in and says Katie is a free thinker, but she didn’t like it being flaunted. Andy asks Brittany if it bothered her. Brittany says she already didn’t have the best opinion of Lala and thought it was just an attention grabber. Yep. Lala says Katie should have approached her if she had a problem. Lisa is like, I didn’t see anyone with a top on for 20 years in Europe.

They go over Jax flirting with Lala and telling her Brittany wasn’t coming to some dinner they were at. Brittany says she wasn’t too happy about the whole thing. Brittany says she just wanted to know what was going on, since she was turning her whole life upside down for him. Lala says the worst thing was Jax lying right to her face. Brittany defends her defense of Jax at the time, saying she didn’t know Lala at all. Lala says if they’d wanted to sleep together, they would have, and Jax says it didn’t happen, so let’s drop it.

Andy says he’s sure Jax is tired of telling the story, but what was up with the sunglasses? Jax says it was the last day, they went on a booze cruise, he went through a store on his way back and grabbed the glasses. He says they hunted him down and he thought just giving the sunglasses back would make everything okay. Andy asks what Jax has been arrested for in the past. He says he’s been in jail about five times, but not for anything major, just stupid stuff. Andy asks Lisa why she didn’t fire Jax. She says she didn’t want to kick him when he was down. James brings up Jax stealing from the restaurant, like he doesn’t wolf down free liquor.

Jax says he’s far from perfect and needs guidance. Tom says he needs to remember the past guilt before he does the next idiotic thing. Jax says he has a wonderful girlfriend now and has changed his stance on marriage…somewhat. Tom says maybe he can steal Brittany a wedding ring. Ha-ha! Brittany says they bring out the best in each other, and even I have to admit, she makes Jax a better person. Brittany exits, and it’s time for Stassi to make an appearance.

They go over the work Stassi’s had done. Andy asks how it was coming back. She pretty quickly tells James she hopes he watched his own scenes because the way he talks to women is despicable. James says his temper just leads him to have a nasty mouth and that he aspires to be a gentleman. Stassi says if he doesn’t acknowledge what he’s doing is wrong, he’ll never change. He smack talks Kristen and she says being in the same room is making her skin crawl.

Andy brings up that when Stassi was last there, she never wanted to see any of them again, yet she humbled herself when she came back. She says she realized how much hatred and anger she had, and that she was only hurting herself. Jax says she went after Kristen first because Kristen is the weakest link.

Andy brings up Stassi crashing on Kristen’s couch and Tom says the timing was interesting. Stassi says no matter what she says, he finds fault. Tom says it doesn’t have to do with bashing her, but he’s protective of his friends. Lisa interjects that just because an apology happens, that doesn’t mean the hurt goes away. She says that she believes if the show wasn’t happening, none of them would have heard from Stassi again. Everyone agrees.

Andy says Lisa had concerns about Stassi coming back. She says at first she thought Stassi was being genuine, but in watching the show, she realized that it was disingenuous. She says as soon as the cameras were rolling, she trash talked Lisa. Andy asks if she feels like she owes Lisa anything and Stassi says respect. Lisa asks about the opportunities she was presented with. Lisa says she begged Stassi not to walk away from everyone the way she did.

Next week, The Reunion Part Three, Katie and Schwartz argue, Scheana talks about old feelings, James calls everyone a-holes and Andy wonders why was Stassi’s sex tape was only worth $900.


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