April 4, 2016 — GH, Good-by Pump & Hello Charm


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Maxie is shocked about Claudette, saying she thought Nathan would always be honest with her. Nathan says the marriage was annulled.

Nina asks Curtis what low-life weasel is undermining Crimson, when Julian comes out of the elevator. Nina is like, hey, tell Julian too, and Curtis is like, gulp.

Franco tells Elizabeth that the housing market stinks, but he knows a place she can go to. She asks if he means his place, but he says no, Jason’s place. Why?

Meanwhile, Sam and Jason are at the prison visiting Shawn.

Hayden tells Nicholas they’re not getting a divorce because of what she knows about him. She says he has a history of bad decisions, along with faulty execution, and now he needs to pay.

Maxie says just because the marriage was annulled doesn’t fix things. She says they’ve been together over a year and he’s never mentioned it.

Nina introduces Curtis to Julian. She tells him that Curtis won the contest and he’s also a resourceful P.I., who she hired to see who’s sabotaging Crimson. Julian says he told her to drop it, but she says it’s not for nothing because Curtis got the information. Curtis won’t say who the guilty party is, and Nina suddenly realizes it’s Julian.

Finn wants to schedule an MRI for Tracy. Elizabeth says he’s not on the list. He asks if they’re practicing medicine or paperwork. Obrecht comes by and says she expedited matters and he now has privileges. When he leaves, Obrecht tells Elizabeth that Finn won’t he there long.

Sam thinks of possible gunman scenarios.

Hayden goes down Memory Lane about Nicholas and Jake Doe. She brings up the shooting and says the police say it was a mistake. Nicholas says Shawn confessed, but Hayden wonders if she could have been the intended victim. She says there was another hit man, sent by Nicholas.

Nina goes apesh*t on Julian. We don’t see it, only Curtis’s expression and all the stuff she’s throwing. Curtis backs out into the elevator, saying he’ll leave them to it and send an invoice.

Maxie wants to know everything. Nathan says he was still in New York and in uniform. He was hanging out with his co-workers at a bar and that’s where they met. He says they went out a couple of times and he asked her to marry him.

Finn tells Tracy he now has privilege to treat her. She says her thinking is clearer and she’s feeling better, but he says the scans have to be clear for two weeks. She wants to recover at home.

Elizabeth says she’s not showing up on Jason’s doorstep. Geez, thanks for doing one right thing. She’s going to do it on her own. Franco says he’s proud of her. I’m proud of her for giving Sam and Jason five minutes alone.

Sam talks to Shawn behind the visiting room glass. Hi, Shawn! We missed you! Sam asks if he knew who Hayden really was. He asks who she is and Sam says that she’s Richard Berlin’s daughter. She says they wondered if Hayden was an intended target and Shawn says she’s not the first one to approach him about it.

Nicholas thinks Hayden is bluffing, but she says her father told her never to play if she’s not going to win. She says she overheard Nicholas and Laura talking and she also has proof. She gives him a list of demands, including ELQ, or she’ll go to the police. He says if she goes to the police she’ll lose everything, and Hayden says not as much as him. She says one day they’ll laugh about it and that it’s ironic that in trying to protect ELQ, he lost it.

Franco says that Elizabeth was in a time-to-call-FEMA mess when Jason ditched her and it’s an amazing improvement. She thanks him. Obrecht watches from the sidelines.

Nina is still going nuts on Julian. She says she and Maxie were trying to pull Crimson out of the fire, while he was fanning the flames. He tries to explain about the IRS. She says he hired her to kill the magazine and she brought it back to life, and not only are they setting trends, they’re creating them. She says good thing for him she’s mellowed. And then plucks one of her shoes out of his jacket. She starts to call the police.

Nathan says he and Claudette did some New York City things on their second date, although all the things he lists would be impossible to do in one day. He says it seemed like a bucket list, and realized Claudette’s Canadian visa was expiring, so he married her. Maxie says, so it was a marriage of convenience. He says, at first.

Nicholas says if money and ELQ were Hayden’s goals, she could have just taken them and left. He says she wants to rebuild what she broke and still loves him.

Sam asks who talked to Shawn about Hayden being the intended target. He says Hayden herself.

Tracy gets out of bed and Finn threatens to sic Monica on her. He says they don’t know the long term effects yet and she could have another seizure. He says he wants his patients to live because he’s funny that way.

Nina says Nathan would be very interested in what Julian has done. She says it’s one count of fraud for every ad. Julian says if she turns him in, the advertisers will sue and Crimson will fold anyway. She says she’ll be a hot commodity and will just get a job elsewhere.

Nathan says Claudette moved in and they had to know everything about one another because of the INS checks. He says somewhere along they line, he fell in love, but she didn’t. She was cheating on him the whole time and had manipulated him. He says he couldn’t forgive her, and Claudette said love was never part of the arrangement anyway, so he got an annulment. Maxie asks what happened to Claudette, but Nathan says he doesn’t know (leaving it open for her to show up at some point). Maxie says she’s sorry for what happened, but he did a good thing and she wouldn’t have held it against him.

Shawn says Hayden thought there was someone else involved. She asked if he remembered anything odd, but he didn’t. Sam asked when Hayden was there and Shawn says before Thanksgiving. He wonders if she ever got her proof.

Nicholas says feelings don’t just disappear. He says if Hayden forces him to stay in the marriage, they have no chance of rebuilding. She asks if they have a chance of a real marriage. Elizabeth walks in and Hayden says she’ll wait for him at home, and dinner is at 7. She tells Elizabeth she’s no longer welcome at Windemere. She leaves and cries in the hallway. Elizabeth asks what she walked in on and Nicholas says his ruin.

Finn and Tracy play Monopoly. Tracy is winning. She wonders how he can devote himself to a single patient. He says he has other things going on, like research. She says she was pretty certain she was dying and she thanks him for proving her wrong.

Franco asks Obrecht if she wants to go for a drink. Obrecht says she needs to keep an eye on Finn. She also says if he’s going to cheat on Nina to be more discreet.

Nicholas tells Elizabeth that Hayden knew about the shooting and was patiently biding her time. He says she wants to punish him. Elizabeth suggests going to the police, but Nicholas says no. She asks what he’s going to do, stay with Hayden the rest of his days? He says not on your life, but Hayden’s is another matter.

Hayden tells Curtis to put what proof he has somewhere safe. She says she needs an insurance policy in case something happens with her paperwork. She says she had to tell Nicholas what she knew. Curtis thinks she shouldn’t go back to Windemere.

Sam thanks Shawn and says if they find out anything else, she’ll let him know. Shawn wants to speak to Jason. He says that he was astonished when he found out who Jake Doe was and he couldn’t believe he almost killed his friend. Jason says maybe there was a reason he didn’t get a clean shot.

Nathan tells Maxie he was ashamed of himself. He says he should have known she would sympathize, but he was trying to bury his past. He says he never thinks about Claudette, but the glove brought her name back and that’s why he said it when he was doped up in the hospital.

Nina says she’ll keep her mouth shut about Crimson in return for Julian giving the magazine to her. He says he can sell it to her, but if he gives it to her, it will be a red flag to the IRS. She says to give her full control then. Julian doubts her talents, but Nina says he’s been wrong before and asks if they have a deal.

Julian says Nina drives a hard bargain. She says hardly, since he’s leaving alive. Maxie comes in and thinks they had a break-in since everything is everywhere. Julian leaves and Nina says she’ll explain what happened over champagne. Maxie says she found out that Claudette isn’t a dog, but she is a bitch.

Nathan calls Obrecht and tells her to be careful what she says to Maxie regarding Claudette. She asks if he told Maxie. He says he didn’t tell her everything.

Elizabeth tells Nicholas not to try and kill Hayden again. Like someone needs to be told something like this.

Curtis says the closer Hayden gets to Nicholas, the closer Nicholas is to burying her. Hayden says she guesses there’s nothing to stop Nicholas from trying again. Curtis says that’s wrong, she has him.

Finn takes Tracy for a walk to the vending machine. He sees her nose bleeding and yells for a wheelchair. She starts to have another seizure.

Tomorrow, Sam tells Nicholas she’s sorry, Dillon asks if Tracy is dying, and Dante says that Sonny is the prime suspect if Carrrlos turns up dead.

Vanderpump Rules — Part Three

Raise your glasses high, people!

They start off talking about Stassi’s sex tape. Lisa put up $900 to make it go away and they laugh about it going so cheap. Lisa says she wanted Stassi to acknowledge her efforts. Stassi says the dude still has the video though and she didn’t want anyone to give him anything. Stassi says he should have signed a contract and Lisa says she should have written one up then.

Andy asks James why he felt the necessity to broadcast the details of Lala’s sex life. James apologizes, but Lala says it caused a rift between her and an old boyfriend. Lala says she cared deeply for him and now he’s no longer in her life.

They talk about the launch party for Katie’s blog. She says she kept the guest list small, since she didn’t want a bunch of nonsense, and thanks James for causing a ruckus with Kristen. Kristen says she tried to do as much damage control as possible.

Andy asks why Stassi picked Schwartz to approach about becoming friends with Katie again. Jax says it’s the first time he’s seen Schwartz stand up for Katie like he did. Schwartz says Stassi needed to have the smack brought down on her. Stassi says she was surprised, but she respects him. Schwartz says he invited her to the engagement party because he thought she was sincere. Tom thinks she cried to get what she wanted. Stassi says people who think other people are calculated are probably calculating themselves, and she never questions people who are apologizing. I do. I also make them be specific so both of us know exactly what they’re apologizing for.

They talk about Stassi making up with Scheana at Lala’s housewarming. Scheana says she thinks Stassi was sincere. but then they lost contact again and she thought Stassi was just using her to get to Katie. They reconnected later though, and everything is good. Stassi says she knows she’s selfish and is realizing that different friends have different needs. Congratulations on figuring out the obvious.

We flash back to the beach engagement photos. Andy asks James about getting fired from PUMP. Lisa says Kristen provoked the situation. Kristen disagrees, but Lisa says there are a million other places she could have gone to. Tom says James has a small fuse and Kristen should have known better. Kristen says again that James makes her skin crawl. James says when Richardson tried to diffuse the situation, he went off on him too. More flashbacks. Jax says James needs a good face punching. Can I get in line? Lisa says he needs to respect those above him and he’s hanging on by the skin of his teeth. Andy suggests that maybe James shouldn’t drink. Gee, think so, Andy?

Andy talks about Ariana being offended by Kristen taking a dip in the sketch comedy pond. We flash back to when Ariana said she takes comedy seriously. Everyone says Kristen did well, but Ariana says what she saw on YouTube was unoriginal. Why anyone cares about this is beyond me. Ariana gripes about how so many people work hard to get their stuff seen and it’s unfair for Kristen to possibly (in this case, possibly meaning probably not) get something on national TV. We saw like 10 seconds of her bit, so I don’t think any aspiring comics have anything to worry about.

Andy points the finger at Jax for ratting Ariana out. He says he’s not malicious, he just does stupid sh*t. I agree. I don’t think he’s smart enough to be malicious. Talk goes back and forth about things said in confidence being used as ammunition. Man, I hate that. I could never be friends with any of these people because they all do it.

Tequila Katie is brought up — Katie’s personality when she gets drunk and angry. Andy reads some of her rage texts to Schwartz. I drank a lot when I was their age too, but I never once had any of these problems. There’s a discussion about how Katie needs to be calmed down when she’s angry. Schwartz says she doesn’t want to be challenged when she has a feeling, which I think goes for most of us. For some reason, Schwartz says when you’ve seen Lisa Vanderpump topless, everything else is insignificant. We flash back to when the guys found the nude picture of her and we see some new footage of them pretending to — oh never mind.

Andy asks Ariana if she’s withdrawn from the group, but she says she’s more about individual friendships. Jax talks about how Tom distanced himself when he started getting serious about Ariana. Um…that’s kind of normal. Andy stirs the pot in saying Jax isn’t supportive of Tom’s music career, and Jax says he thinks Tom is super talented, but when he gets a bug in his head, there’s no shutting him up.

We flash back to Jax saying he’s the number one guy in the group. Hahahahahaha! That was one of the funniest moments this season. Even he thought he was ridiculous.

The Palm Springs trip is up next, and they talk about Katie’s surprise appearance. Katie says she wanted Stassi to be genuine and that was the best way to do it. We now flash back to when Stassi blew Katie’s friendship off. Katie says she didn’t think Stassi was capable of humility. Neither did I, but it happened, so anything is possible. She also looks a million times better now that she’s put on a few pounds. She probably feels better now that she’s eating. Although I understand being young, broke and living on French bread and jelly.

They talk about Scheana and Katie drifting apart, and Katie having a one-night stand with some guy Kristen was dating (Carter). Kristen says she found him on a dating app and although she didn’t know him, everyone else did, and she did ask Katie if it was okay. To which Katie replied she couldn’t care less. Andy throws out Kristen sleeping with James while she was dating Carter. Kristen acts like it was no big deal, but James says she swore him to secrecy. They talk about James having slept with Jenna and Kristen having a bad reaction to that. Lala says she can’t stand Katie. It’s quiet, but we see it in subtitles. They talk way too long about James and Kristen having sex. Kristen says after it happened, she knew she liked Carter better. Moving on.

Next is the engagement party. Lisa says she didn’t want Stassi or Kristen there, but when they showed up, she put her feelings aside. They talk about Kristen’s too long speech and how Lala yelled at her to wrap it up. Lala claims she had anxiety. I don’t know how, since she was drunk as a skunk. Schwartz says they were less upset about the interruption than her hair-do. Ha-ha! I forget who called it the Shih Tzu look at the time, but that was pretty accurate.

Commercial break with important information. Vanderpump Rules: Secrets Revealed airs Thursday, April 7th at 10 pm.

Andy asks Lala what was in her head when she shoved Kristen. Lala says she apologized at the time, and still feels sorry about it, and she also apologizes to Katie. They move on to how stoned James was the night he decided to stop drinking. He claims to have a medical marijuana card and makes up a bunch of reasons why.

Andy asks why Jax hates James so much. He gives a bunch of reasons, but it boils down to inappropriate behavior. James suggests he’s jealous. They start talking about beating each other up and everyone talks at once. James says he’s 10 times more talented than Jax and Jax tells him he is not the white Kanye West. Several of them say James isn’t taken seriously. Jax and James talk about beating each other up again. Stassi says he’s an a-hole and James says they’re all a-holes. Andy says it’s the ultimate who has the bigger d*ck contest.

Andy asks Stassi what it was like sitting down with Jax after all this time. He says that it seemed like Jax was partly making peace and partly telling her she wasn’t welcome. Stassi talks about Brittany and what a great girl she is.

Schwartz asks if James and Lala have ever had sex. James says once, but it never happened again. More weenie talk.

Lisa says it’s been an amazing year. Andy gives Stassi the “shag, marry, kill” question that I hate so much. James is texting and says he’s upset that Andy didn’t plug the PUMP CD.

Ken and Peter come out with Pumptinis and dogs. Giggy! Lisa says she loves everyone, even Stassi, and thanks everyone for being honest with their lives. Apart from Jax, who’s a liar. Really, she said that.

Until next time.

Southern Charm

We start with a dinner party at Thomas’s new house. He gives a speech, as always, thanking everyone for their support. As usual, he can’t shut up and starts reading everyone. Half the party leaves with Thomas following them, telling them to get out and hurling insults at them.

Three months earlier. Shep meets Cameran for a fishing trip. She handled the sale of Shep’s home when she was just starting out, so she’s chartered a boat as a gift to him. They talk about Craig, who has moved home with mommy and daddy. Cameran says he’s saving money and Shep wonders if he isn’t bored. Shep says placating someone isn’t real friendship and he’s the only one who called Craig out for being a lazy jerk.

Craig says moving back to Delaware has helped to reset his life and priorities. We flash back to him getting fired from the law firm. He says his heart will always be in Delaware, but Charleston is where he sees his life, so he’s moving back.

Cameran and Shep talk about Thomas and Kathryn’s new surprise baby. Cameran says she doesn’t like talking about it because their relationship is tumultuous, yet they can’t be bothered to use birth control.

Craig meets his girlfriend Naomie. Another reason he wants to go back to Charleston. He says she’s originally from France and they went to the same college. Naomie’s parents are letting them use their house to live in until it sells. They decide to have a party. Naomie asks if Craig is going to invite Shep, and Craig says he’d like to put the friendship back together.

Kathryn is home with the baby, and another on the way. She was hoping it would bring her and Thomas closer together, but that didn’t happen. She sends him a text telling him to leave her alone.

Patricia, Whitney’s mom, is getting ready for who knows what. She dresses up to sit at home. Whitney comes in and she asks if he noticed anything missing. Oh no! Michael, the butler or whatever he is, is on vacation. Since Patricia has no interest in an inferior martini, she gives them up when he’s gone. Whitney’s restaurant is already a million and a half over budget and six months behind, but he tells Patricia everything is going swimmingly. Yeah, as in he’s drowning.

Patricia asks if he’s seen Thomas. Patricia thinks Thomas and Kathryn are both morons. Well, at least we’re in agreement on something.

Cooper comes to visit Kathryn. She wasn’t sure if they could be friends, since he’s friends with Patricia, but she says he has her back. She’s out on Thomas’s family plantation, which is about 800 acres and includes a slave cemetery. Kathryn asks why Patricia despises her, and does an imitation of Patricia using a British accent.

Patricia says Kathryn has no proper education or career, and if it didn’t work the first time, why is she having another baby? Patricia says she’s not interested in Kathryn, but for some reason Kathryn is obsessed with her and Whitney. She says she’s glad it’s not Whitney whose involved with her.

Kathryn says Patricia puts Whitney on a pedestal even though he’s never amounted to anything. Wait until Patricia gets a load of the restaurant. Cooper says Kathryn swept into their perfect little world and disrupted things.

Naomie and Craig have champagne. He says he wants to prove to his friends that he’s a different person now. They call Shep and leave a message. Craig says he hopes Shep isn’t still dodging his phone calls after six months. I would.

Thomas’s new house is being refurbished. It was built in 1813 and I cry because all the wrong people have the money. Landon comes over. They’ve been hanging out since they’re new neighbors. Thomas has a black eye and Landon asks what happened. He says some guy was harassing him in a club and when he asked his bodyguards to have the guy removed, he got head butted. I see those bodyguards are earning their paycheck. He gives her a tour of the house.

Landon asks what’s up with Kathryn. Apparently if kids are born “out of wedlock” there, the mother has total control, and she’s using it. He says he wants a court order, but at the end of the day, they’ll have to co-parent. Landon says there’s no reasoning with Kathryn. Thomas suggests shock treatment because he’s such a d-bag.

Craig and Naomie are getting ready for the party.

Landon’s next stop is Shep’s house. She asks if he’s seen Craig. He says he hasn’t, but not because he’s been avoiding him. Landon says Shep hurt Craig’s feelings. Awww! Too bad. Shep says he doesn’t exploit people’s weaknesses, and he gave Craig the benefit of the doubt and in the end felt betrayed.

Kathryn is hanging out with her friend Jennifer. She says Landon propositioned Thomas when he was in London after their break-up. Really? I know he has money, but there have got to better fish in the Charleston sea.

Whitney joins Shep and Landon. Landon says Kathryn hates her because she doesn’t understand platonic friendships between men and women.

The party guests start to arrive. Cameran says Craig still uses too much hair product and looks like an Italian drug dealer, but at least he doesn’t reek of alcohol. She says Craig has gone from a slum dog millionaire to the Fresh Prince of Charleston. Craig isn’t sure if he and Shep will ever be close again, but he wants the friendship back. Shep says he’s so Eurotrash.

Lots of mingling and drinking and catching up. Whitney says he’s lost touch with Thomas but doesn’t miss the friendship. Whitney introduces Thomas to a college girl and Thomas acts stupid. No surprise. What an embarrassment this dude is. Cameran doesn’t know what to say about the pending baby, so she doesn’t say anything.

Kathryn says no one has reached out to her since she got pregnant again.

Time to eat. Kathryn ignores Thomas. He says he knows he should talk to her, but doesn’t know how not to set her off. Craig and Shep have a drink together. Craig says he thinks they can be friends like in the old days. Shep says he tried to be supportive, but Craig was pretty delusional before he left. Craig says Shep was being mean. Waaaah! Shep says he’s only hard on people he likes and Craig says no one ever called him on his bs before. Craig says he hopes Shep will give things a shot and Shep is agreeable.

Thomas sits down with Kathryn. He asks about the baby, but she’s not having it. She asks how he is and he tells her about the house he’s renovating. She says these are the problems you have when you have no problems. Exactly. He says they’re going with periwinkle for the baby’s room. She asks who helped him to pick it out.

He says his decorator helped him. Kathryn notices Landon is wearing a periwinkle dress and wonders if that’s an inside joke. Thomas asks to feel her belly, while everyone stares at them. So much for Southern discretion.

This season, everyone goes to the Founders Ball, Patricia thinks it’s the end of Western civilization, Thomas jumps out a window to avoid Kathryn (because he’s 15 years old), there’s lots of drinking, Thomas and Kathryn continue to fight, and I assume we eventually see the beginning of that dinner party as well.


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