April 12, 2016 — GH, Loving Wrong & BH Wives Finale


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Valerie is late and literally runs into Lulu on her way out of the park. Dante comes walking in from the other side.

Nicholas says he has nothing to lose, and tells Jason to go ahead and threaten him.

Hayden tells Curtis the war with Nicholas is over and she won.

Jordan talks to Judge White, who tells her that there’s a warrant out for Anna’s arrest.

Anna tells Paul he deliberately held her back because he knows Sonny will kill Carrrlos. Paul asks where Sonny is right now.

Where Sonny is, is finding out that Carrrlos has replaced the padre. Sonny asks if it’s a trap or if Carrrlos just got lucky. Carrrlos says what difference does it make, since he’s dead either way.

Curtis asks how Hayden pulled off vanquishing the prince. Hayden says she couldn’t have done it without him and he’s glad his work is appreciated. She says she slept with an ice pick, which made her reevaluate things and give Nicholas an ultimatum. She says he’s signing the papers as they speak. Curtis says Nicholas strikes her as the type of dude that doesn’t give up easily. Hayden says she reminded him about Spencer and Laura, and that Spencer would grow up seeing his father and grandmother behind bars. Curtis asks if she has regrets and she says more than she can count.

Sam asks where Hayden is and Nicholas says don’t worry, she’s alive and well. Jason says he’s there to buy Nicholas’s shares of ELQ.

Anna tells Paul that if he thinks she’s going to tell him where Sonny is, he’s more deluded than she thought. He asks why she’s on a self-destructive path and why he has to constantly save her from herself.

Sonny asks if Carrrlos killed the padre. At first he says yes, since he’s going to hell anyway, why not go big or go home? He’s just playing with Sonny though. Sonny asks what Sabrrrina would think.

Awkward moment between Lulu, Dante and Valerie. Dante asks about graduation and Valerie says she just picked up her dress uniform. Valerie asks Lulu what she’s reading and Lulu tells her it’s a workbook for marriage counseling. More awkwardness.

Curtis tells Hayden he knows the feeling and asks what her biggest regret. She says it varies but right now it’s that everyone knows she’s Rachel Berlin, despite her best efforts to start over. He says when pay day comes, she’ll feel better. Curtis says she seems attached to Nicholas and Hayden says in the end, what’s done is done and nothing can change that.

Nicholas says the shares aren’t for sale and he’ll see Jason in court. Jason insists he wants to buy the whole 50%.

Paul tells Anna he’s always tried to work on her behalf, but she says he’s ultimately out for himself, although she’s impressed with his technique. Paul says it seems she’s stuck, and he’ll see what he can do from there and hangs up.

Jordan is about to knock at Paul’s door when he opens it. She asks what the blip is going on.

Franco tells Carly he’s going to check on Kiki. He says he knows what she did for Kiki on the pier and thanks her, although she wouldn’t have been there in the first place if it hadn’t been for Morgan. Carly says of all people, Franco should understand about mental illness. Franco says he just wants to protect Kiki from Morgan. Carly says Morgan isn’t a danger to her, but Franco begs to differ. She says he was just protecting his father. Franco asks what’s going on with Sonny.

Sonny asks if Sabrrrina and the baby are safe. Carrrlos says they’re in Puerto Rico, while he went off the grid where he wasn’t supposed to be found. Sonny says Carrrlos has nowhere to run. Carrrlos says fate brought him to the church and fate brought Sonny to him. Carrrlos makes fun of Sonny looking for him and says Sonny should have been dead a long time ago, and now he will be.

Valerie is about to leave, but Lulu stops her. She says they’ve all made horrible mistakes and when they run into each other, she doesn’t want those mistakes to be all that they see. She congratulates Valerie on the graduation and says she’ll make a good cop. Valerie thanks her and leaves.

Dante and Lulu read from the workbook. Lulu thinks it’s sweet that Dante is taking it seriously and he says he takes their relationship seriously.

Nicholas asks how many banks Jason robbed. He says he can’t possibly have enough money. Jason says he does and shows him a figure like they’re doing a real estate deal.

Curtis asks if Hayden wants him to go with her. She says too many people know what’s going on and Nicholas won’t try anything. She says she’s got good news and bad news. She doesn’t need his services any more, but once she gets the shares, she can pay him with a bonus.

Jordan tells Paul she got a call about a warrant for Anna’s arrest and asks what’s going on. He says he requested the warrant because Anna has lost her mind.

Anna starts wailing that she’s stranded and that she’s trying to save people and can’t. She pretends to cry, and when the guard gives her a hanky, she knocks him out.

Carrrlos says if Sonny had been smart, he would have stayed in the wheelchair, but instead he came looking for Carrrlos. Sonny says he bets Julian is disappointed, which gets Carrrlos pretty angry. Carrrlos makes him kneel in front of the Virgin Mary statue and tells him to pray. He wants to shoot Sonny just as he says “amen.”

Lulu tells Dante they’re supposed to tell the other person something about how they perceive them, and then perceived person is supposed to repeat it back to see if they understand one another. She says she feels that when Dante is in overprotective mode, he doesn’t always trust her.

Curtis tells Hayden that he likes her style and that if she stays in town, he hopes they could be friends. She says it’s the kindest thing anyone has said to her in a long time. They hug. Valerie, who is on her way into the restaurant, sees.

Nicholas says it’s a fraction of what the stock is worth. Jason says it’s more than he gave the Quartermaines. Nicholas says he’s not selling and Jason says he has no choice. If he doesn’t sell Jason the stock, Jason is going to the police with what he knows about Nicholas trying to kill Hayden. Wouldn’t this be a good way for Nicholas to get out of Hayden owning ELQ? What difference does the price make? It’s better than zero. Nicholas says they have a deal, but he wants it all in Spencer’s name.

Paul tells Jordan that Anna is chasing Carrrlos, and tells her what happened with Anna knocking him out. Jordan asks why she should believe him. He says the evidence will prove his story is true. She asks where Anna is now, but he says he doesn’t know.

Anna tells the unconscious guard that she’s sorry and leaves the plane.

Franco says he can tell Carly is hurt and apologizes for his part in that. He says he’s not sorry about Sonny though.

Sonny asks to say a last prayer. He talks about his sins and how he hasn’t always done the right thing. He says he knows he doesn’t deserve forgiveness, but he loves his family and hopes that means something. Carrrlos mocks him and says he sounds as pathetic and weak as Duke did. Obviously, this riles Sonny, and while Carrrlos is gloating, Sonny gets the gun from him and tells him it’s his turn to pray.

Sonny says when he thinks about Duke, in his heart he knows Carrrlos deserves to die. Carrrlos asks if he’s going to shoot him in a church in front of the Madonna. Sonny says that wasn’t the plan, but plans change.

Lulu and Dante attempt the exercise and she wonders how they got so out of sync. Lulu says they have to listen to each other more, so they can fix things before they get so far off track.

Hayden tells Curtis she could use a friend. She leaves and Valerie comes over to the table. He says he was just thinking about her. She says he could have fooled her and asks what’s up with Hayden.

Nicholas tells Sam he’ll never forgive her. She’s like, are you kidding after what you did to me and Danny? Nicholas says she would have been better off without Jason and there’s no good in him. He says Jason tried to kill him twice. I love how he acts like he’s some kind of good guy in all this. Jason says if Nicholas ever touches Sam again, he will kill him.

Dante gets closer and Lulu says the rules are no touching each other until they’re done working. I guess they must be done working, because they start kissing.

Curtis tells Valerie he’s allowed to have friends and Valerie is the only one he’s interested in. She was going to invite him to the graduation, but has doubts now. She says she’ll see him later. Huh?

Sam says Nicholas deserves to lose. She asks what Jason is planning on doing with the ELQ shares.

Hayden comes back and Nicholas says he sent the notary away. She says he has to sign the shares over and he doesn’t have a choice. Nicholas says it’s her that doesn’t have a choice because ELQ is no longer his to give her.

Jordan starts to call the CSU. She says they have to do a sweep. Paul says he thought she would want to keep it quiet for Anna’s sake. Jordan is like, really? He says he had the warrant issued because he wanted to protect Anna. He tells Jordan that she’s tried to kill Carrrlos before.

Sonny stands over Carrrlos with the gun. Anna comes in, distracting him. Carrrlos jumps up and a shot is heard.

Tomorrow, Morgan wants Carly off of his back, Kiki wants to go home, Andre wants to know what’s going on, and we want to know who got shot.

If Loving You Is Wrong

Marcie begs Brad not to open the summons. He does and Randal smiles crazy and nods his head. Brad moves toward Randal, but Louise and Marcie break it up.

Randal keeps laughing and saying he’s the boy’s father. He eggs Brad on and says it will make it easier for him and Alex. Like Alex even wants to be near him. Marcie drags Brad back toward the car.

Brad knocks on Kelly’s door. Alex begs her not to answer, but she asks Brad what he wants. Brad says to just open the door; he says he has something for Alex. Kelly tells him to leave it out front, but he says he has to give it to her himself. Kelly says the kids are there and they don’t need to see this. He keeps banging on the door and the kids come out of the bedroom.

Alex makes the kids go back into the room and lock the door. Kelly calls Ramses and asks him to come inside. He comes in the back door. Brad continues to bang on the door. Ramses answers and asks if they’re going to do this again. The kids see Brad and ask what’s going on.

Paisley asks if it’s about mommy having an affair and asks if they’re getting a divorce. Brad says yes. Peter says Brad told him he has to forgive people and this isn’t fair; they should just make up. Paisley wonders where they’ll go. Brad says he’ll still be close, but he doesn’t know where yet. Paisley pleads with him to stay.

Brad asks Kelly to help and she asks the kids to go back into the room with Justice because their parents need to talk. They give their dad a hug and go back in the bedroom, Paisley adding they’re not getting a divorce. Kelly tells Brad not to do this. He says he keeps getting pulled in.

Marcie tries to get Brad to leave, but he says he has to give something to Alex. He tells her to read it. She asks if he’s serving her and he says just read it. It’s a subpoena. Randal makes stupid faces in the background and Ramses pushes him off the property. Randal asks if Kelly finally got herself a man and insults her in general. She asks if he’s lost his mind and he screams for Alex.

Alex comes out in full attack mode and it’s pretty good. She whacks Randal all over the place and tells him if he plans on taking her child away, he better be in for one hell of a fight. She says she’s not doing this one more day; this is her son and she loves him. She tells Brad to go ahead and not forgive her and go ahead and have sex with Marcie or whoever he wants. She tells Randal if he keeps pushing her, she’ll show him how far a mother will go to protect her child. Randal says she can’t keep her from the baby and Alex says try her. Randal says he will. Marcie and Brad go back to the car and Alex goes inside.

Julius visits his father in the hospital. A woman is there and Julius asks who she is. His father tells her to tell him. She says she’s Tilda and she’s been with his father for 30 years. Julius acts clueless and says his father is married to his mother. Tilda says they’ve been secretly together. He asks how old she is and she says old enough. I honestly can’t believe he asked this, since she doesn’t look like a kid. Tilda says they’ve always loved each other and have a daughter a little older than Julius. Julius asks her to go outside, but his father says no. She tells Julius that Quan is also her son.

Tilda accuses Julius of having her son try to kill Eddie and shoot up the burger place. The old man says he tried to save the business for Julius, but he’s never listened. He starts getting excited and tells Julius not to disrespect Tilda. He says he swears he’ll leave everything to Tilda and his daughter and tells him to get out. He leaves and Tilda says she’s sorry.

When Tilda leaves, Julius gets in the elevator with her. He asks who the hell she is and she says his father just told him. He asks where his sister is and Tilda says she’d never tell him because he’s evil. He asks how his mother doesn’t know about this and she tells him to get out of her face. She says she’s the m-f of the year and get out of her face before she shows him.

Alex is sleeping. I’d be worn out too. Kelly tells the kids to keep it down. She apologizes to Ramses. He says he used to think his mother was stretching the truth about the drama there and Kelly tells him welcome to the neighborhood. She tells him thank you for everything and says how protective he was, and calls him a bad ass. He says it’s his military training. Kelly says he made her feel safe. Ramses says she should always feel safe.

Ramses asks what Randal was talking about when he asked Kelly if she’s buying another house she can’t afford for another man. Kelly tells him it’s a long story and says doesn’t he want to go and take a shower. He says she’s trying to change the subject. She tells him about Travis and how she thought they were getting married and bought the house in anticipation of that. She says the only thing he wanted to ask her is if they could be friends. Ramses says Travis didn’t know a good woman when he saw one.

Ramses says he knew guys like Travis in his unit and Kelly needs a man, not a boy. He leans in and Kelly thinks he’s going to kiss her, but he’s just getting his keys. He says he’d better go take that shower and he’ll talk to her tomorrow, but if she needs anything, he’s right next door. Good Lord, I wish they’d kiss already.

Ramses leaves and Alex comes out with the nameless baby. Kelly asks how long she’s been standing there and Alex says long enough. Kelly asks if she’s okay and Alex says she’s going home. Kelly thinks she should stay the night, but Alex says no. Kelly talks her into having a sleepover at her place with the girls. (How old are we?)

Nurse Tina talks to Andrew, the cop who’s worried about Pete. They know each other and he asks her to keep an eye on Pete. He says Ben is being sent over and she says he’s a drug addict and she can’t believe that’s who they’re sending. She tells Andrew about Ben’s stint in the hospital and how he was overdoing it with the painkillers. He asks that she really watch Pete, especially when Ben gets there. Tina says something is scaring him. Andrew says just watch Pete and call him later.

Natalie calls Lushion and leaves a message that she has something for him. She says she cleaned out some drawers and she’ll see him when he gets home. Esperanza calls and asks if she heard about the sleepover. Natalie asks how things are with Lushion and Eddie. Esperanza says she heard they’re going to be riding separately and Natalie says that’s good, isn’t it? Esperanza says she thinks it’s weird. Natalie says she’s worried about Lushion, but Esperanza tells her Lushion is smart and she shouldn’t worry. Natalie tells her to keep an eye on Claudia and that she was hitting on Lushion. Esperanza says she can’t stand Claudia and she’s trying to get her fired. Esperanza tells Natalie to buy a house and they’ll talk later at Alex’s.

Quan tries to kick some guys off of his corner. They won’t go and Quan says he’ll make a call to his people. Dude says he hears Quan has pissed off his people and he’s weak. He says he tried to kill Eddie and made a mess of things. He says if he catches Quan on his corner, he’s going to be Eddie’s bitch. Quan says we’ll see and leaves.

Esperanza tries to get information on Claudia, calling an old employer, but gets nowhere. She tells Lushion to call Natalie, and that they’re spending the night at Alex’s. She says she needs Lushion’s help with a problem. She says Claudia is doing a terrible job and she’s thinking of firing her. He says Claudia needs the job. Esperanza says she’s endangering people with her mistakes and she spoke to the people at her last job and they don’t know who she is. Lushion tries to defend her and Esperanza asks why and tells him what Natalie said. He says he’ll run Claudia’s file.

Lushion makes a phone call to a guy named Larry Lamont.

Loser Ben is guarding Pete. Eddie comes by and Ben says Pete is gong to pull through. Eddie says dead men tell no tales because he’s cliche like that. He gives Ben something to put in Pete’s IV since he can never do his own dirty work.

Just as Ben is about to mess with Pete’s IV, the nurse makes a phone call.

Next time, Julius tells Randal about his sister, Kelly tells the girls about Marcie and Brad moving in together and Natalie looks at a house.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle is having a party that she planned long before the Dubai trip. Both Lisas are coming, but they’re not speaking to one another.

LisaR says she feels sad about the trip. She meets a guy whose name I didn’t catch for lunch and they discuss her QVC line and a talk show she has lined up. Lisa says her mouth always gets her into trouble, but wants to make some money.

Erika is glad Yolanda didn’t come on the trip. She tells Yolanda about the Munchhausen discussion, and how LisaR called LisaV a liar.

Ken tells LisaV that LisaR is a stupid bitch. Lisa says she thought Ken liked her, but he says not if she’s attacking his wife. You go, Ken!

Eileen tells Vince all about it, but like the average husband, he doesn’t really listen.

Erika says she tends to believe LisaR. Yolanda says she’s seen a pattern in LisaV’s relationships and we flash back to scenes with Kyle, Brandi and Yolanda with LisaV. While of course LisaV can do no wrong in my eyes and I want her to adopt me, this seems unfair. Girlfriends, especially those with strong personalities, are going to have altercations and Brandi is no one’s friend, despite Yolanda’s delusion about that.

Kathryn tells Donnie about it and he actually acts interested.

LisaR says she wishes she could erase the whole thing. Ken tells LisaV that LisaR isn’t “the full ticket,” and don’t listen to that stupid cow. That is so British, I laugh.

Kyle is getting ready for the party. She says everyone in Beverly Hills is always trying to outdo each other with parties, but she just likes to do what she likes to do. Amen, sista. I’d outdo, but in my own way. It all looks wonderful and it’s a house none of the ladies have seen, except for Kim. We flash back to the argument they had there.

Faye is in attendance and Kim is coming. Kim looks a lot better than the last time we saw her. She has some freakin’ color and has gained a pound. Camille is also invited. I love her. She’s a true survivor. Yolanda makes an appearance too. Yolanda and Kim have a chat about their children. Yolanda says she hasn’t found her short hair groove yet, but I think she’s rocking it.

LisaR takes Yolanda aside. Why must everyone always have these confrontations in inappropriate places? Lisa tells her about how she’s butted heads with LisaV lately. She talks about how she had said Yolanda was more manipulative than LVP and she’s sorry for that. In her individual interview, Yolanda says sometimes sorry isn’t enough and LisaR needs to STFU occasionally. LisaR tells Yolanda how LisaV is the one who first suggested Yolanda wasn’t sick, which is a flat out lie and now she’s pissing me off.

LisaR tells Yolanda she can be mad at her, and Yolanda says she’s not going to waste what little energy she has on that. Ha-ha! LisaR didn’t get the attention she wanted with that one.

LisaV says Kim looks great and asks if she’s getting shagged. I don’t want to know.

Erika and Eileen join Yolanda and LisaR. Kathryn comes by and then Kyle. They talk about Gigi doing the Victoria’s Secret stuff. Yolanda decides to have a drink. She sees LisaV at the bar and they go to chat.

Yolanda asks LisaV if she started the Munchhausen’s thing and tells her what LisaR said. Good Lord, I don’t know how much more of this I can take. This has been the main topic for weeks, and throughout Dubai, no less. Yolanda says that Lisa was friends with Mohammad long before her and she wasn’t about to confide in Lisa. The other Lisa craps her pants from a distance. Hope she’s wearing those Depends tonight.

Faye and Kyle join Yolanda and LisaV. They talk about how much better Yolanda is. Erika says something about LisaV’s cuff bracelet, which has been totally distracting me. Kathryn talks to Erika about the pecking order and how she thinks LisaR had worshiped LisaV for that reason. Erika thinks Kathryn has drunk the Vanderpump Kool-Aid and is a spokesperson for the Vanderpump brand now. Now it’s getting even more ridiculous.

Ken talks to Kim. She says she’s living in a more secluded area and loves it.

Erika asks Yolanda about her conversation with LisaV. Yolanda says Lisa denied being the harbinger of Munchausen. Yolanda wants to go sit down and they all go inside. Kim joins them and in her individual interview, LisaR says, and I quote, “Are you kidding me? Why is Kim Richards here?” Is she really this stupid? Why do you think Kim is there? Could it be because it’s her sister’s party? Does Lisa really think that Kyle would prefer her to Kim? Is this enough questions? I’m not a huge fan of Kim’s, but I’m starting to think I’d invite her to a party before I’d invite LisaR. I’ve always liked Lisa too. This has been a bit of a disappointment.

Kim wants to talk to LisaR alone. She says it’s awkward and that the last time they met, it wasn’t the best. Kim says she heard Lisa was enraged that she had lunch with Yolanda. Lisa asks what Kim wants or needs from her. Kim says it sounds like she’s carrying something against her and she wants to know what it’s about. Lisa says it’s complicated, there were things she didn’t know about, and the way Kim chooses to live her life is her business. Lisa says she hopes Kim gets better. Kim says she is better. Lisa says Kim’s life has been complicated, but Kim says she doesn’t know anything about her life. After a little more nonsense, Kim walks away.

Kim tells Kyle that Lisa was attempting to make her feel like she needs help. Kyle thinks Lisa should move on. Kim decides to go home.

LisaR tells Eileen about the conversation. Eileen says nothing has gotten resolved and it’s weird. Lisa says she’s leaving next, but Yolanda beats her to the punch. Yolanda doesn’t want to waste her energy on petty stuff and I have to agree with her on that.

LisaV tells Faye sorry she was rude to her at the other events. Pretty much everyone is leaving at this point. Faye tells Kyle about Lisa’s apology. Kyle says she judges her friends on their best moments, not their worst moments, and it’s a miracle.

The ladies hear about Yolanda’s divorce. LisaV is shocked as she thought their marriage was as strong as hers and Ken’s. We flash back to various times with Yolanda and David. Lisa talks about how David really seemed to be in love with her. Kathryn says he seems like the type who always has to be doing something. Kyle says it’s in sickness and in health, and she doesn’t know if Yolanda’s sickness affected her marriage or vice versa. Kathryn suggests maybe it’s Yolanda who fell out of love, but Lisa shakes her head.

Yolanda says she needed a healing space separate from the home she shared with David, so she gets a new condo. Erika says it has good energy. Yolanda says it feels good to be in her own space. Erika asks if anyone has reached out. Yolanda says they all have, but she feels cautious with everyone except Erika. Yolanda says divorce is like a death and if you stop making each other happy, you shouldn’t be together. She says David was her best friend and she misses that. She tells Erika her best days are ahead though, and Erika says she deserves it.

LisaR and Eileen meet for lunch. Lisa says they don’t always agree, but they always have each other’s backs. They talk about the divorce. Lisa says they knew a lot about Yolanda’s sickness, but not what was going on with the marriage. Eileen says had she been in Yolanda’s place, she might have done the same. Eileen hopes now that it’s out in the open, Yolanda will feel better.

LisaR says she never meant to hurt Yolanda, but she thought there was something else going on. I say she’s making it up as she goes along. Eileen says all she can do is be supportive.

Kyle says she’s mended fences with LisaV and she’s happy with the way things are.

Everyone has new projects coming up and Yolanda feels the best she has in three years. She says one day she and David will be great friends because even though the marriage didn’t work out, she still has love for him.

It’s the finale and we end with Yolanda and David looking at the view of their lemon grove a few months earlier, which is sad.

There was no preview, but next up is part one of the reunion. I wait with bated breath.


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