April 13, 2016 — GH, Little LA, Little Family & a Lotta NYC


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Carrrlos has been shot.

Michael asks Carly what they should say to Morgan about Sonny. Carly wants to see how he’s doing first.

Kiki video chats with Morgan and shows him her wound. She says she’ll never wear a bikini again and will have to make up a story about being in a knife fight, because the truth, which most likely made the front page, isn’t interesting enough. She’s getting out of the hospital today.

Julian and Alexis are relaxing at the bar. Alexis is happy about coming to an understanding with Kristina. She says as progressive as she thinks she is, she was caught off guard and didn’t react well. She says meeting with Parker was over-the-top, but beneficial. Alexis worries about how Sonny will handle it.

Jordan finds what Paul’s telling her about Anna difficult to believe. Paul says Carrrlos was unarmed when Anna shot him. Jordan remembers Anna saying something about the truth coming out and asks Paul how he knows all this. Paul says Anna’s the one who told him.

Sonny is about to shoot Carrrlos again, when Anna asks what he’s doing. He says getting justice for Duke. No, no, no, Sonny. That was not the agreement.

Morgan asks how Kiki is doing. She says despite her overreaction when the orderly dropped the tray, she’s doing well. Ava comes in and so does Carly on Morgan’s end, so they hang up. Ava tells Kiki that she’s getting discharged. Kiki says she’s looking forward to a new view. She says she wants to go home and live with Ava and Avery.

Julian talks about Lucas coming out to him and gives Sonny the benefit of the doubt. Alexis says something about Julian getting out of the mob and he practically chokes on his drink. She goes to see if their table is ready, and Julian’s phone rings. It’s Hammer. Isn’t there a Hammer in 13 Ghosts?

Jordan wonders why Anna would have told Paul anything. He says he thought it was the confession of a guilty mind. He says he has no intention of pressing charges, but just wants to get Anna back home. He leaves and Jordan leaves Anna a voicemail to call her immediately. As she’s about to leave, Andre is on the porch and asks if Anna is in trouble. Jordan says she thinks so, but he probably already knew that.

Sonny prattles on about everything bad Carrrlos has ever done. He says if he doesn’t kill him, his position is weakened. Anna says Sonny doesn’t give a damn about justice. He says it’s personal and good business. Anna says what about Julian. Sonny says he’ll get his too. Anna says Duke was the man she loved and they’re doing it her way.

Carly says Morgan seems more upbeat. He says he doesn’t have a choice since it’s mental health 24/7 there. Carly asks how the meds adjustment is going and Morgan says he thinks they’re getting closer and he feels less stoned. Carly says Sonny went through that and BTW, Sonny won’t be making it today. She tells Morgan about Sonny going after Carrrlos in South America.

Sonny says he doesn’t take orders from Anna. Anna says her business is justice and she’s tried her whole life to uphold the law, but abandoned it when she shot Carrrlos. She says she’s done sacrificing her principles and Carrrlos has to face charges. Sonny says what if he doesn’t agree and Anna says then he’ll have to kill her too. She says he might think it’s futile, but bringing Duke’s killer to justice is the last thing she can do for the man she loves. She asks Sonny to be a gentleman and let her do that. Sonny steps away and Anna handcuffs Carrrlos.

Andre says he was there earlier and Anna was acting strange, so he came back to check on her. Jordan tells him about the arrest warrant.

Paul comes to the hospital. Dillon sees him and says Tracy is asleep. Paul says he’s not there for a visit. Dillon asks what’s up with his wrist and Paul says he’s there to get it looked at. Dillon asks what happened.

Kiki tells Ava she felt they were making progress before she got shot and the nurses have told her how Ava has been looking after her. Ava says how wonderful it feels to hear her say that. Kiki say she wants to be a family with her mother and sister, but Ava says she can’t.

Julian tells Hammer they need to set up a meeting. Alexis comes back and asks what’s up with the phone call. Julian says it’s work related. She says she overheard the word “trouble,” and got angina, and asks what’s going on with the business. Julian says there’s something she doesn’t know and it’s time for him to confess.

Morgan says he wishes he could help, but he knows that’s not what Sonny wants and it’s best he stays away from the business altogether. He says there’s no point in worrying about what he can’t fix and he just wants to get back to his life and Kiki.

Ava tells Kiki she wouldn’t be safe. Kiki asks if Avery is in danger and Ava says she’s been staying with Sonny. Kiki asks how much trouble Ava is in. Ava says some people are unhappy with her because of her involvement with law enforcement.

Alexis asks if the truth is going to jeopardize their life together. Julian says he hopes not and tells her about what happened with Crimson and how Nina ended up with complete control. Alexis says what Julian did is probably unethical, but not against the law; still, he did the right thing. Alexis says she has to admit when she heard the word trouble, she thought he was back with the mob.

The padre wakes up and Sonny explains what’s going on. Anna sterilizes Carrrlos’s wound. She says she wants him to be totally healthy when he stands trial. Carrrlos says she shot him in cold blood and asks if she thinks this will make up for it. Anna says the sooner they can get out of there the better.

Sonny tells Carrrlos he owes Anna his life. Carrrlos says she’s going to be disappointed because he’s going to walk. Sonny says he’s going to die one way or the other. He disrespected Sonny and now he’s going to pay with his life. Sonny, a man of cliches.

Jordan tells Andre what Anna did to Paul. Andre has a hard time believing it. He says as vengeful as she seems against Carrrlos, he doesn’t think she could kill him. Jordan tells him about Anna shooting Carrrlos. She adds that clearly, it isn’t news to him.

Morgan says at first, he thought the pills would fix everything, but once he understood he also had to pull his own weight, he felt better. Carly says everyone is proud of him and loves him. She says she talked to his doctor though, and there’s still more work to do, and he needs to focus on more than just getting out. Morgan says he’s supposed to set goals and that’s what he’s doing. He says everyone needs to stop telling him how to feel. In her quest to keep it real, Carly has become a wet blanket.

Kiki says she thought something was going on between Paul and Ava. Ava says it was only business, but not business she wanted to be involved in. She says she hopes Julian can help set things right and that Kiki should focus on her recovery. She suggests Kiki move back in with Franco.

Dillon asks how Paul got hurt. Paul says it was a refresher course in defense. Paul tells Dillon it’s time to start focusing on his own life and find a girl. Dillon says he’s finally got a great job and Tracy is doing better, so he has everything he needs right now. He’s also glad that Paul is acting like a dad and Paul says he’s thrilled to be one.

Andre says as a professional, he’s learned not to react, and he’s just trying to process things, but Jordan says she thinks he’s hiding something. She says she needs to know if Anna shared anything with him as a patient.

Back on the plane, Sonny tells Carrrlos to shut up or he’ll knock his teeth out. Anna says she has chloroform if he needs it. Ha-ha! They’re ready to leave, but the guard comes in and says they’re not going anywhere — except maybe to jail for assault.

Andre says he’s a doctor and he takes his oath seriously. He says his allegiance is to his patient and that includes confidentiality.

Anna apologizes, but says they had an urgent matter and that Carrrlos is wanted in the US. Sonny concurs and the guard says Robert already called him, so he knows they’re telling the truth. However, no matter what the US government has to say, he doesn’t like being assaulted. Carrrlos tries to act like they should stick together, but the guard tells him the only place he’s going is jail. Sonny brings up some bigwig’s name, saying he does a lot of business with him, and all is forgiven. When the guard leaves, Anna asks Sonny if they know what kind of business he does with the bigwig and he says probably not. Neither do I. Since we’re never told exactly what it is that Sonny does.

Morgan says Kiki needs him. Carly says the doctors are helping her recover and that’s what Morgan needs to do. Morgan says Kiki is gong home today and that’s what he needs to do — go home.

Kiki is ready to leave and sees Dillon. She says he’s that guy from Halloween and mentions the infamous sizzle reel. He says that’s a bad first impression and introduces himself. He says he’d like to apologize. She says for what, a bad video? He says no, that his dad is Paul. She says it’s not necessary, she has the same deal with her mother, and he’s not responsible for what his dad does. She says she won’t ask him about his dad if he doesn’t ask her about her mother. There’s a somewhat loud sound and Kiki freaks a little and crouches down.

Carly says if Kiki is going home it’s because her doctors decided that, not her, and Morgan has to wait for his doctors to give the okay. Michael says he won’t do Kiki any good if he leaves too soon and has another episode.

Like Kiki is having right now. She tells Dillon now he knows her secret, she’s a big chicken. Ava comes back and tells Kiki to get back in the hospital rule wheelchair and wheels her out.

Andre says he’s told Jordan everything he can. She says the conversation is over then, and she has to get back. She tells him if he hears from Anna, to let her know that Jordan needs to talk to her asap.

After he leaves, Andre calls Anna’s voicemail. He tells her to call him right away when she gets the message.

Paul tells Julian about Carrrlos being brought back to Port Charles. He says he understands that Carrrlos is a new father and might not want to spend too much time in jail. He says Carrrlos might turn on his former boss. Julian acts clueless. Paul says he might want to get his ducks in a row in case he wants to take care of anything.

Carrrlos tells Anna it’s not too late to let him vanish along with what he knows. He says she could get arrested too. She says she’s okay with whatever happens next, as long as he pays. Sonny says he will. Anna has his word on it.

Tomorrow, Sonny and Anna come home, Jason is going to make a big step, and Dante wants to know what the hell is going on.

Little Women: LA

Jasmine and Terra are out for a walk and discussing working out. Jasmine asks Terra how she’s doing after the line-dancing incident. Terra says the Christy thing has blown up into epic proportions. They discuss how Briana can’t give a straight answer on whether she wants to still be friends with Terra or not. Jasmine says Briana is a proud person and it’s hard for her to admit when she’s wrong.

Terra asks how being the maid of honor is going for Jasmine. Jasmine says with Briana everything seems to be last minute. Terra tells Jasmine she should encourage Briana to invite her family, but Jasmine thinks enough is going on already.

Briana is meeting with Sue Wong for her dress fitting. I love the dress, but Elena thinks it doesn’t fit that great. She tells Briana it’s a lot, especially if she’s going to wear jewelry. She says she wants Briana to look sophisticated, not like a girl playing dress up.

They talk about the guest list. Briana knows she doesn’t want Terra or Tonya there, but she’s feeling badly about Christy, especially since she was in Christy’s wedding party. The last time they got together, it didn’t go well though, and she doesn’t want drama at her wedding.

Christy tells her mother she has no idea if she’s invited to the wedding. She hasn’t gotten an invite yet and really wants to go since she and Briana were once best friends. Christy thinks since she poured her heart out to Briana, this should make them square. Her mom suggests she just ask, but Christy doesn’t want to ask a question where “no” might be the answer.

Todd says Matt called him. He says they’ve moved past their differences and he understands where Christy is coming from. Matt wants to invite them and surprise Briana. Christy is nervous that Briana won’t know and I think it’s a really bad idea. Christy says what if she doesn’t want them there.

Tonya is seeing a specialist about a weak muscle in her eye that causes her to see double. She wants to get it corrected so she can get Lasik surgery. The specialist thinks it should be the other way around and she wants to get a third opinion. Two out of three.

Terra asks about Kerwin. Tonya says she knows he loves her, but she’s tired of hearing he’s scared to commit. She wants to tell him to either take the leap or move on. Terra wonders if Tonya could move on, but Tonya says the circus is about to close down.

Elena and Terra go shopping. Elena has been working on her Little Palette makeup line, so they’re checking out the store. Terra asks Elena if she’s having a C-section. Elena wants to deliver naturally and Terra asks if she’s insane. She thinks any OB whose had experience with little people is going to tell her to have a C-section.

It’s wedding day! Briana and Jasmine are getting their makeup done. Briana is waiting for her friend, Lisa, who’s going to walk her down the aisle. Jasmine asks if Briana invited her family, and Briana says no. Jasmine hopes she doesn’t regret it later.

Jasmine shows Briana her dress. It’s black and Briana gets a little weird. Jasmine says she thought she was picking up a red dress and thats’ what she was given, so she thought Briana had changed the color. Briana says she wanted black and red, so I wonder if the other girl ended up with a red dress. In her individual interview, Jasmine says Briana only has herself to blame for the mix-up, since everything is so last minute. I’ll assume she’s right, since I’m confused as to what Briana is even talking about.

Tonya video chats with Kerwin. She says their yo-yo relationship is insane and he has to make a decision. She asks if he’s planning on moving out there and having a future with her. He asks if she’s in love with him. She says yes, and asks if he broke up with the woman he was living with. He says that’s over and he’s ready to have a committed relationship with her. Tonya says it’s taken 20+ years for them to figure things out. Check.

Jasmine says hopefully that’s the worst thing that will happen. In excellent timing, Christy is at the door. Briana is wondering what’s next. Christy tells her that Matt called Todd and that’s why she’s there. Briana says it’s an interesting morning and obviously Matt is coming from a good place. Christy says it’s her day and Briana helped her on her wedding day when she was a hot mess, so she wants to give some of that back. Christy says she’ll see her when she walks down the aisle and goes to join the guests.

Jasmine asks if Briana’s okay with this. Briana says maybe Christy will see things her way and want her to be happy. Jasmine is concerned about all the social media surrounding Christy. She says Christy is a people pleaser and she’s not sure about Christy’s motives. She doesn’t want Christy going back and forth with Briana anymore.

Elena is shocked that Christy is there with her mom and Todd. She asks if Briana knows she’s there and Christy says Matt invited them. Elena wonders if Matt invited anyone else Briana didn’t want there and tells Christy she hopes that’s the end of the surprises for today.

Actually the black dress seems to have worked out well with the other two attendants. Christy says without her and Todd, the place would be a ghost town and she’s hoping not inviting Briana’s family doesn’t put a bigger wedge between them.

Everyone is gorgeous walking down the aisle. We flash back to different scenes with Matt and Briana, and also some of the conflicts with the girls regarding Matt. Briana says they’ve been through a lot, but they’re even stronger now — and pregnant. She says with their kids there, it feels complete. I’m loving Briana’s fascinator headpiece and Matt looks dapper in his fedora.

They come to that part about if anyone objects to this union and looks are shot all over the place. Frankly, I don’t think they even say that anymore. It wasn’t included in my wedding and that was 30 years ago. The only time I’ve ever even heard it is on TV. They do the traditional vows and then recite the ones they’ve written for themselves. It’s very sweet. The rings are exchanged, they become husband and wife, and kiss.

Elena says if Matt makes Briana happy, she should go for it despite what anyone else says, and it’s the happiest she’s seen her in a long time.

Tonya and Terra are having a spa day and all mention of the wedding is off limits. Tonya tells Terra about her conversation with Kerwin. Terra says until she sees him rolling up in a U-Haul, she’s not going to believe it. She wonders if they shouldn’t do a trial run first. Tonya says she doesn’t have time in her life for goofing around and she’s ready to settle down.

The newlyweds are introduced at the reception, and they have their first dance. Christy says while she’s had her doubts, they’re very cute together and she hopes it will work out. Applause, applause.

Christy asks Elena to go for a walk. She says she’s grateful that Matt called them. Elena asks about Christy’s injury and if she’s pressing charges. Christy doesn’t want to talk about it and then says how hard it was and that she thought she was going to die. I dunno about all this. They showed the scene again at the beginning of the show, and while it looked like maybe the glass grazed the top of Christy’s cowboy hat, no way did it hit her in the head.

Christy tells Elena she had a concussion and that her vision is just coming back now. She gets all upset and starts wailing about the press. Elena asks how they found out. Christy says she doesn’t know. In her individual interview, Elena says it sounds a little suspicious that the press just suddenly discovered Christy in the hospital. Elena tells her not to worry and take care of her health.

The cake is awesome! It has two blackbirds on top of it, and red flowers on black branches throughout the icing. Matt and Briana make a little speech thanking the guests. Cake is eaten.

When Christy leaves, the paparazzi is waiting. Christy is all no comment. She doesn’t want it to ruin the wedding and she talks to the producers about getting them out of there. She asks for no cameras

Next week, Matt & Briana honeymoon, we see a sonogram of the twins, a baby shower happens for Elena, Christy and Terra finally cross paths, and Jasmine wants to rip Matt’s face off. It doesn’t look promising for the marriage.

Terra’s Little Family

Penny is going to her 8 month check-up. She also needs to be approved for her MRI. The MRI will tell them if she needs shunt surgery. The doctor says she’s a little anemic, but otherwise in good health and okay for the MRI.

Terra brings pizza home for dinner. Joe has been looking at RVs. He says they need a vacation. He says the last few months have been stressful on their relationship and it’s time for them to get away. To San Bernadino Mountain. Without Penny.

Terra says it can be Penny’s first camping trip, but Joe wants it to be like when they first got together. Terra asks if she’s going to get some on the trip. Joe makes jokes and Terra play smacks him.

Terra meets Elena for dinner. She wants some advice. She wants to know how to make things more romantic. She says Joe thinks she has an ulterior motive and is cutting off the resources. Elena suggests a trip and Terra tells her about the camping weekend. Elena doesn’t think that’s romantically productive. She tells Terra to just handcuff him to the bed, have her way with him and be done with it.

Elena makes up some funny role playing scenes. Terra says she has tons of costumes. They toast to being creative.

Joe and Terra look for an RV. These things are huge. Joe tells Terra no way she’s driving since he wants to get there alive. Terra wants the more luxurious model, but Joe wants to go for the more manageable one. They test the pedal extenders on the RV Terra likes, but Joe thinks it doesn’t look safe. Terra ends up giving in and they take the smaller one.

Terra isn’t looking forward to leaving Penny. Grandma Olivia is going to take care of her. Terra says she’s going to call repeatedly and Olivia says she’s going to ignore it. Joe is with Olivia in that they don’t need to check in every five minutes. Terra has a hard time saying good-by, but they finally get out the door.

Since she has to leave Penny, Terra insists on driving. Joe says a prayer.

Terra asks if she’s going to get some tonight. Joe says he needs to be wooed and asks if she brought any lingerie. Terra wants to call Olivia already, but Joe isn’t sure if they have reception. Joe says he also doesn’t want to piss off Olivia since she scares him. Terra makes the call. Olivia tells them to enjoy themselves and not call again.

They get to the campsite and put out some chairs. Joe makes the guy next to them out to be a mass murderer who knows they can’t run fast. Terra wants to call home again, but Joe says it’s for her own good that he’s siding with Olivia. He says they hired her to have an important role in their lives for a reason. Terra says Joe has spent nights away from Pennny and she hasn’t. Joe tells her to relax. Terra says she’ll try.

Joe suggests they go fishing. The lake is beautiful and so is the weather. Joe says some of his best memories are fishing trips with his dad. The fish aren’t biting, so they decide to go kayaking. Terra is in front and Joe isn’t rowing even though he claims to be.

It’s quite a project for them to make the bed in the RV. Terra says she’s never been a fan of bed making. I tend to agree, since it’s a reach for me too. They make chili and hot dogs for dinner. Terra says it’s like date night. Terra calls Olivia again. Olivia tells her she needs to learn to relax and not to call again. She says she’s going to change the phone number. Joe tells Terra she worries so much. Terra says being away from Penny makes her realize how much she wants a big family.

Joe says because Penny is so cool, he wants more kids too. He’s ready to start trying. He wants Penny to have a brother or sister. Penny says Joe makes her happy and they exchange I love yous.

Terra says she has a surprise for Joe. Terra goes into the RV and comes out in a sexy bear outfit with a hunter outfit for Joe. Joe says he can work with it. He tells her let’s go make a cub and they retire to the RV.

Joe makes breakfast. Terra brings out a stool. She wants to get on top of Tucker (the name of their RV) and try to get better reception on her phone. She calls Olivia, but there’s no answer. She warned them. Joe tells her breakfast is ready. He says Olivia said she wasn’t going to answer the phone. Terra tries calling again and decides she wants to go. She’s been calling all morning long and there’s been no answer.

Terra says her nerves are shot and Joe agrees to leave. He says even one day is a victory. Baby steps.

Olivia asks why they’re back and Terra asks why she didn’t answer the phone. Terra says she was flipping out. Olivia says they trusted her and there was no reason for her to be stressed out. Terra says it has nothing to do with trust, but communication. Terra says they’d discussed the communication and doesn’t think a few phone calls a day is asking too much. Olivia says she’s hurting her feelings and being disrespectful. Olivia storms off and Joe says Terra should have approached it differently. He says Olivia is offended that they would think Penny wasn’t safe with her.

Terra feels like Joe isn’t taking her side. She says they’re supposed to be co-parenting and Joe says he wasn’t going to be the third person acting like a fool.

Next week, Joe is challenged by the physical aspect of parenting, another surgery might be on the horizon, and having a second child is rethought.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Jules is making breakfast. She has an old-fashioned peculator. I assume her husband usually makes the coffee since she says she doesn’t know how and it can’t possibly be the first cup they’ve ever had. Next, Jules gets the kids ready and Michael takes one to school. Jules walks the other to pre-school or daycare or wherever.

Bethenny has a big birthday coming up and is getting a piece of jewelry designed. Dorinda meets her at the designer’s studio. Bethenny says she’s having  tailgate chic party in the Hamptons. She has fire pits she wants to use and has built the party around them. I understand. I’ve built outfits around a pair of earrings.

They talk about John and in her individual interview, Bethenny says not everybody has to like everybody’s boyfriend. She wonders why Dorinda has to push John’s greatness on them and what they don’t know about him.

Carole shows up. She tells them about her lunch with Ramona. Dorinda thinks she’s a good person, but Bethenny says every time she let’s Ramona in, she gets burned. We find out that Dorinda uses Nair on John’s back. In graphic detail. Blerg.

Sonja and the Countess are hanging out at Sonja’s place. The Countess is ready to settle down and would like to get married again. Sonja says she and the Countess are in a different place, whereas Ramona is just starting to date. The Countess says she’s been seeing quite a bit of Bethenny and says Carole is up Bethenny’s “anus.” Oh, that’s right, Carole is dating the niece’s ex-boyfriend and the Countess doesn’t like that.

They move on to Dorinda for a second and then Sonja talks about saging her kitchen. I mean burning the spice, not cooking with it. Does that help you to cook better? Out, Guy Fieri demons! Out!

Dorinda visits Ramona. Ramona got the apartment in her settlement and she’s redecorated. She says you’d never know Mario was ever there. Snap. Dorinda talks about it being time for her daughter to move out and how she’d like some time to herself before having John move in.

They sit down to lunch. Dorinda is having a lingerie party. They talk about most women not knowing their correct bra size, which is true.

Carole meets Bethenny for dinner. Bethenny asks how it’s going with Adam. Carole says it’s been a year. Bethenny asks if they’re in love, but Carole says she doesn’t say that. She says Adam wants things like children. She says she has five good summers left while he has twenty. Not meaning she’s going to be dead, but she might be at another place in her life. Bethenny asks about Carole’s friendship with the Countess and if it’s irreparable. Carole says the Countess has been trashing her on social media and she should worry more about who she’s sleeping with and less about who Carole is sleeping with. Bethenny says she doesn’t know if the Countess is as in control as she thinks she is. She says she was out of control over the summer, meaning more than just partying. She says things always seem calculated and there are strings attached to everything. Carole says she’s never seen someone so completely clueless about who they are and she’s not interested in a friendship.

Dorinda goes to John’s cleaning establishment. She is wearing amazkingly humongous earrings that look like a piece of chain-mail. She’s getting some dry cleaning things done and says she’ll meet John after the lingerie party.

Bethenny and Ramona talk about the lingerie party. Ramona wonders if she should tell Dorinda about what John said behind her back. He was talking inappropriately about their sex life to some friends of Ramona’s. She isn’t sure how Dorinda would feel about it, but wants her to be aware of it. Bethenny talks again about how Dorinda pushes John on them.

Lots of nighttime NYC shots tonight. Dorinda goes to the space where they’re having the party. It’s a cute set up, with hors d’oevres and displays of the merchandise. It turns out Bethenny rented the same place for one of her birthday parties.

Jules touches some shrimp by accident and puts her hands in the ice bucket for purification because she’s kosher. Unfortunately, she doesn’t tell anyone, and they continue to use the same ice bucket for the drinks. Jules gets introduced to Carole. In her individual interview, Carole says Jules seems problematically thin, which is what Bethenny had said when they met.

Dorinda gives a bra speech. She says the bra experts can measure women just by looking at them and has the girls write down what they think their size is. It actually looks like fun. Dorinda says that the Countess said she’ll see her at Bethenny’s birthday party. Bethenny says the Countess is RSVPing and she hasn’t even been invited yet. Somehow Ramona makes it all about her with Carole and whines about how Carole didn’t call her over the summer when she was going through the divorce. Carole says she saw Ramona a bunch of times and even took her out to lunch when she had her book published.

Dorinda says something about not pretending and Bethenny takes this as a cue to tell Dorinda that she feels the need to sell John to them. She tells Dorinda about John pitching her business ideas and asking for her number when Dorinda wasn’t around. Dorinda says if he crossed a line, she’ll definitely put a stop to that. Dorinda says if Bethenny wants to believe she sells John, fine, but she chooses to have him in her life and too bad if anyone doesn’t like him.

Ramona chooses now to pipe up, since they’re “letting it all out.” (In her individual interview, Bethenny is saying, “Abort! Abort!” Ha-ha!) Ramona tells Dorinda about John telling her friends about sex with her, but Dorinda isn’t believing it. She says even if it’s true, she should talk to her on the side about it. Dorinda says she married someone, she buried someone, she pays her bills and she can do what she wants. She tells everyone to stop the bs, but Bethenny calls her on her bs. She says that Dorinda talks about not drinking over the summer when she practically had to be carried out of somewhere.

Dorinda gets a glass of wine and when she comes back, says she’s not staying with Ramona this weekend. Ramona says if nothing is wrong, why is Dorinda reacting this way. Dorinda says she wouldn’t bring up Ramona’s Mario problems in front of everyone.

Dorinda says she considered Ramona one of her best friends. Bethenny says Dorinda should be more mad at her. Dorinda says with Bethenny, it’s just her perception, but with Ramona, it’s a personal thing, since they’ve been friends a long time.

The bra experts suggest they get down to business and Dorinda steps outside.

Next week, the argument continues, John shows up to escalate things, the Countess looks at apartments, and Jules’s husband gets a load of what it’s like to be on reality TV.


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