April 15, 2016 — Two GHs & Three Couches


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital — Thursday

Sonny is home. Carly is thrilled that he’s in one piece. She asks what happened and Sonny says the found Carrrlos and Carrrlos got what he deserved.

Dante comes to see Lulu and they kiss. A lot.

Laura finds Nicholas having coffee that he just put a shot in. The breakfast of champions! He tells her about selling the ELQ shares to Jason.

Jason has sent messages out for the family members to meet him at Tracy’s hospital room.

Finn comes to Tracy’s room, finding her eating a gourmet meal from Cook. She wants to go home and he says it should be soon. Finn asks what a healthy Tracy does with her time. She says believe it or not, she used to have a real job at ELQ.

Jason looks over the shares. Sam knocks at the door. She tells him if he takes the next step, there’s no turning back, and he says he thinks it’s the best solution for the family.

Laura asks if Nicholas sold the shares to Jason because of Hayden. Lulu and Dante walk in at that moment, and Lulu asks what Hayden made him do. Dante goes to deal with Rocco and Lulu asks Nicholas why he sold a company he worked so hard for. He says his business deals are none of her business.

Laura is going to meet a cryptographer at the MetroCourt (where else?). She found “Dr. K” online and Lulu thinks it sounds sketchy. Laura tells Nicholas to go easy on the booze and leaves. Lulu asks what’s going on with him.

Finn says he’s sure the loss of the company was difficult, but Tracy says it’s not permanent. Finn says he has no reason to stay in Port Charles, but Roxie has gotten used to the pampering at the MetroCourt. Tracy says she’d like to see him stay permanently. Monica comes in and Tracy suggests Finn become a member of the GH staff. Finn leaves.

Obrecht sees Finn in the hall and reminds him about a presentation he’s supposed to make later.

Sonny tells Carly that Carrrlos is alive and well, and in police custody. Carly is glad Sonny didn’t kill him, and Sonny says he wanted to. He tells Carly about how Carrrlos pretended to be the padre and what happened at the chapel. He says Anna talked him out of killing Carrrlos, but he also did it for her. He says she wanted him to do things differently and he was worried he’d never see her again when the gun was at his head. He says he loves her with all his heart and they kiss.

Jason meets everyone in Tracy’s room. (Ha-ha! She even has her monogrammed pillow on her hospital bed.) Jason says he’s the new owner of ELQ.

Carly says she knows how hard it was for Sonny. He said that Anna reminded him he could go to prison and he didn’t like that thought. He says the one good thing about being in the wheelchair is that it gave him time with his family and he realized how much he loved them.

Jason gives everyone back their shares. Tracy asks how he got them and Jason says he bought them. Monica balks and Tracy asks what the leverage was. Michael is like what difference does it make, ELQ is back in the family.

Lulu suspects that Hayden is behind the sale of the ELQ shares.

Laura goes to the MetroCourt to meet the cryptographer. It’s Doc! Oh cool, I love him. I’m also hoping Lucy isn’t far behind.

Doc says when he got her email from the cryptographer’s chat room, he never realized she was the Laura who sent it. She says she had no idea he was Dr. K. She asks if he quit being a psychiatrist, but he says cryptography is just a side gig. He tells her with social media the way it is, he doesn’t want to broadcast what he ate for breakfast. He wonders how long you have to get to know someone before you let your geek flag fly.

Finn is being anal with the MetroCourt chef about his eggs. Carly and Sonny watch from a distance. Carly says Finn walks to the beat of his own unusual drum. She introduces Sonny to Finn. He makes pleasantries and says he needs to check on Roxie and take a power nap. Sonny asks if Roxie is Finn’s girlfriend and Carly says no, she’s his service lizard.

Sonny asks about Morgan and Carly fills him in. He says he’d like to see Morgan come home. They both lose their appetites.

Finn gets to his room and gives himself a shot. I’m assuming he’s ill in some way and not on heroin, although that would be a great storyline.

Lulu says she’s not trying to judge Nicholas, but she wants to help him. She says if Hayden pressured him, they have to fight. Nicholas says it was a choice between Hayden and Jason and he chose Jason. Lulu says she can tell Hayden must have something on him and if he doesn’t have her arrested, she will. He says if she does, people she cares about will go to prison. Dante comes in and asks what’s going on.

Jason had everything divvied up according to Edward’s instructions. Tracy says that means she gets nothing and asks if Jason is going to run the company. He says he wants his old job back and for Michael to run ELQ. Everyone is all grateful. Michael asks him to work for the company, but he takes a pass. Monica asks Tracy if she can muster up some grace and say thank you.

Ugh! Breaking news, which is very rarely anything important. The NJ Turnpike is closed. I guess all those people watching TV in their cars need to know this.

Doc asks Laura if there was anything unusual about the reading of the will. Laura says it was on video and the items were weird or downright creepy. She tells him about the dagger left to Alexis. Doc asks if she’s concerned that Helena is manipulating her from the grave.

Nicholas tells Dante it’s just a sibling disagreement. He leaves and Dante asks Lulu what she thinks is going on. Lulu tells him about Hayden really being Rachel Berlin. She says Hayden was trying to swindle Nicholas out of his stocks and she thinks Hayden has something on him. She asks if Dante can arrest her. For what? Nothing happened.

Tracy says she’d rather not be coerced, but says thank you to Jason. She says that even though Edward didn’t want to forgive him, she’s certain that Edward is smiling down on him now. Jason and Sam leave, and Monica says she knows it wasn’t easy, but Tracy says she meant what she said.

Carly tells Sonny that Finn just ordered a couple of cases of distilled water and wonders what he wants it for.

Finn lies down after his shot and goes to sleep.

Michael joins Carly and Sonny, and tells them about ELQ and that Jason put him back in charge. Michael says Jason made Nicholas an offer he couldn’t refuse and that he thinks Jason is really starting to care about the family. One of the staff whispers something to Carly and she says she has to go.

Michael tells Sonny he knows who he is and he’s part of both families, but he’s the man he is today because of Sonny. Sonny tells Michael about Carrrlos. Michael asks about Sabrrrina, and Sonny says sorry, she wasn’t there.

Dante says a crime wasn’t committed. Lulu says she can’t believe Hayden is going to get away with it. Dante wonders who Nicholas was talking about when he said other people would get arrested if Hayden did.

Laura and Doc toast to solving the puzzle.

Sonny says they found Carrrlos in Ecuador but no Sabrrrina and no baby. He says Carrrlos said they were in Puerto Rico, but consider the source. Michael says no point in thinking Carrrlos would tell the truth.

Sam and Jason arrive home. Sam can’t believe Tracy actually told Jason thank you. Jason gets a call from Diane. He has to deal with his offshore accounts in person, so he’s got to fly to The Keys right away. He asks Sam to come along.

Dante asks Lulu if they can stop going down this rabbit hole right now. He says Nicholas knows she’s there for him and that’s the best she can do. They go to eat cookies with Rocco.

Jason says his business shouldn’t take long and they could have some fun. Sam says getting a sitter would be impossible, but she’d like to throw him a party. Now let me get this straight. She can’t find a sitter on such short notice, but she can pull together a party in the same amount of time.

Monica says she knows how much ELQ means to Tracy. Tracy says she’s glad she lived long enough to see it back in the family. She tells Monica she’s proud of Jason. Tracy makes a promise to Edward they’ll never lose ELQ again.

Obrecht ambushes Monica. She says Dr. Finn never showed up for the lecture he was supposed to give. She texted and called, but he never responded. She says he’ll be on staff over her dead body.

Carly is worried because Finn requested a wake-up call and isn’t responding. She leaves. Sonny tells Michael if Sabrrrina wants to be in touch, she’ll call him. Michael says once you’re involved you can’t just walk away.

Carly knocks on the door to Finn’s room. There’s no response. She obviously doesn’t want to, but she lets herself in. She sees him passed out and his works on the floor next to the couch.

Tomorrow, Anna tells Jordan about shooting Carrrlos, Nina asks why Nathan won’t be truthful with Maxie, and Carly wonders what Finn did to himself.

General Hospital — Friday

I came in a little late, so…

Julian tells Ava  that Carrrlos has enough to put him away for so long, he might never enjoy a spring day again.

Anna waits in the interrogation room. Paul tells Jordan that as the DA, he should be present for questioning. Jordan tells him Anna isn’t under arrest, she’s just talking to a friend. Jordan goes in and Anna tells her about shooting Carrrlos. She says Carrrlos took her future with Duke away, and he was right in that he would have ended up going free. She says she couldn’t stand the perversion of justice, but there was no question that it was attempted murder. Jordan says it was a set up and that she knew something was wrong.

Anna says she understands she’s going to be arrested. She tells Jordan the only reason she can accept it is that she knows Julian will go down. Jordan asks what Paul’s connection is. Anna says that he knew if Carrrlos came back, he had a lot on Paul. Jordan asks what Carrrlos knows.

Obrecht walks into Finn’s room. Carly says they’re having a private conversation, but Obrecht wants to know why Finn didn’t show up for his lecture. Obrecht looks in Roxie’s cage and says Roxie is waving her arm in submission to her. Carly isn’t surprised. Obrecht asks how can she trust Finn to be responsible for patients when he couldn’t even make the lecture. Carly tries to defend him, but Finn says Obrecht is right. Obrecht says as soon as he’s done with Tracy, he’s leaving GH. When Obrecht leaves, Carly asks why he didn’t tell her he’s a diabetic.

Franco tells Kiki he doesn’t think his natural child would be as cool as her and he probably wouldn’t make a good father. Kiki says parenting isn’t for everyone, but she wishes she could help with Nina.

Nina says a lie of omission isn’t like Nathan. She asks if the subject of exes didn’t come up. Nathan says no, and later he didn’t want to burden her with the details. In case any men are reading this, here’s a clue. What you did is always minor in comparison to you not telling us what you did. Nina says as a kid, Nathan would confess to things he didn’t even do, so why was he less than truthful with Maxie?

Maxie apologizes for being rude to Griff. She says his father having been murdered must be traumatic. Griff says Duke died before he had a chance to meet him, and explains the history. He says the murderer is now in custody. Maxie says they have Duke Lavery’s killer in custody and asks if it’s the same guy. Griff says Duke is his father.

Ava asks what Julian is going to do now that Carrrlos is in custody.

Anna tells Carrrlos she had her best night’s sleep since Duke’s murder. She says the DA and Commissioner are going to question him. She says she knows she’ll be arrested afterward, so to do what he needs to do. I have the funny feeling Carrrlos isn’t going to do anything. I think he’s going to hang on to this information so he can use it forever.

Nina won’t respond to Franco’s calls or texts. He wants to find her and Kiki says she’ll come along. She says she wants some fresh air, but Franco thinks she doesn’t want to be by herself. She tells him to go ahead, she’ll stay, but there’s a loud noise and she freaks.

Nathan calls Nina out on lying to Franco and then shutting him down. She tells him he’s projecting. She notices that Maxie was researching Claudette on her tablet.

Maxie tells Griff about Duke and says Griff would have liked him. She says she doesn’t believe that love dies, and she tells him about Georgie being murdered. She says she’s never going to forgive Georgie’s killer like Griff will probably not forgive Carrrlos.

Carrrlos says he wants to talk to the DA. Anna and Jordan leave. Paul tells Carrrlos that he’s charged with the murder of Duke and the attempted murder of Sonny. Paul says he’ll go easy if Carrrlos turns on Julian.

Ava says she’ll never forgive herself if Julian goes back to the mob. He says no worries, it’s not that big a deal and just temporary. He adds too bad he didn’t find Carrrlos first though.

Finn says he’s sure Obrecht would frown on his condition. Carly says that’s discrimination and Finn says he doesn’t want to discuss his health problems with anyone. Carly says when he checks out, she’d better not find any stray worms or crickets, or he’s going to be charged with a hefty bill. Finn says she wouldn’t, would she? She makes an oh-come-on face at him.

Franco calms Kiki down. She apologizes and he tells her she doesn’t have to say she’s sorry to him.

Nina says she doesn’t know what Nathan is hiding, but he’d better come clean with Maxie. He says she’s a fine one to talk, but she claims she’s going to come clean with Franco. She tells Nathan to tell Maxie he just wants to see her happy, he’ll do anything to achieve it, and that he doesn’t want to lose her.

Griff says forgiveness is a conscious effort to lose all resentment toward whoever hurt you. He says now that Carrrlos has been captured, he’s made losing Duke reality.

Jordan says it’s good Carrrlos didn’t say anything about Anna. Anna says just give him time.

Carrrlos says if he goes against Julian, he’ll be a target. Paul says he’ll be protected and to just give him enough to put Julian away.

Julian is concerned about what Carrrlos is going to say. Ava says there’s only one way to stop him from talking. Julian is like, wait a minute, I thought you wanted me out of the business. Ava suggests he talk to Hammer. Julian says he’ll think about it.

Finn says thank you to Carly and asks her to keep his health problems between them. She says no one is going to hear about it from her and leaves. Finn tells Roxie not to look at him like that and he knows he screwed up.

Nina comes home to Franco. He says he was worried about her, but it doesn’t matter now that she’s home. She says she had a talk with Nathan and has come to a decision about them.

Griff has to check in with the hospital and steps away from the table. Nathan comes in and tells Maxie that he would sacrifice everything to make her happy as long as she promises they can spend their lives together. He asks her to marry him. Griff sees Nathan down on one knee and says, “Oh my God, it’s him.”

Paul leaves the interrogation room and Jordan asks what’s going on. Paul says Carrrlos wants his phone call to call his lawyer. He says it’s anybody’s guess what Carrrlos is going to say.

Carrlos calls Julian. Julian asks if he said anything. Carrrlos says Julian will find out when he gets there.

Tomorrow, Julian tells Alexis that everything they fear is coming to pass, Sam asks Kristina why she’s avoiding Sonny, and Nina suggest that she and Franco split town.

The People’s Couch Quotes of the Week

She’s gotta have the baby. They gotta name it Hope, because the first new baby after the end of the world is named Hope.
Or zombie snack — Scott and Emerson respectively, referring to The Walking Dead.

There’s no excuse for a handlebar mustache, even in the Apocalypse. — Blake, referring to The Walking Dead.

He’s the winner nobody talks about. They don’t want to admit it happened. — Scott, referring to Taylor Hicks on American Idol.

What if Simon walked out and was like, this is very cruise ship. Scott, referring to Jennifer Lopez’s performance on American Idol.

This is getting tense.
You want a pill? Ayn and Sue respectively, referring to American Idol.

I don’t need to necessarily find out I come from a family of chimney sweeps. — Brandy, referring to Who Do You Think You Are?

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