April 20, 2016 — GH, Lotsa Little & NYC Wives Plus John


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Carrrlos picks on Anna saying she’s just another perp. She says she’s sure he’s happy, but he says he didn’t turn her in; he never said a word about her. Anna calls him soulless and he says his soul belongs to Sabrrrina and his baby.

Felix and Michael talk. Michael is hoping Sabrrrina comes out of hiding and Felix says if he hears anything he’ll call Michael. Griff says sorry to eavesdrop, but he heard Felix talking about Carrrlos. Felix asks why he would be interested and Griff says he’s Duke’s son.

Michael drops by Dante’s place. Dante is obviously getting ready for a date night with Lulu, lighting candles and opening wine. He tells Michael it’s part of their couples therapy. At the MetroCourt, Lulu tells Laura she’s got a sitter for Rocco because she and Dante are doing a couples’ exercise. Laura says she’s looking pretty good for just doing therapy.

Lulu tells Laura it’s been a while since she and Dante consciously coupled. Laura thinks tonight is a good opportunity, but Lulu says the therapist said that’s a no for now, and she doesn’t want to jinx things. Laura tells Lulu she’s meeting with the cryptographer again and tells her that it’s Doc, and his hobby is breaking codes.

Michael tells Dante about his conversation with Felix and wonders if there’s any news about Sabrrrina on Dante’s end. Dante tells him they’re building a case against Carrrlos, but the rest is up to the Feds. He tells Michael not to be stupid looking for Sabrrrina.

Felix explains to Griff who Sabrrrina is to him and to Carrrlos. Griff is surprised to find that Carrrlos is a father.

Anna says that Carrrlos understands what it’s like to be a parent. She says part of it is being responsible for your actions, which is why they’re both there. She tells him how he didn’t just shatter her life, but Emma’s and Robin’s, and she has no sympathy for him whatsoever. She says now that he’s known the joy of being a parent, she hopes he suffers more being separated from his child.

Jason comes in to tell Sam good-night. She says he doesn’t have to leave. Looks like he’s staying.

Griff says he thought being on staff would be a good opportunity to meet people who knew his father, but he didn’t anticipate meeting people who knew Carrrlos. Michael comes by and tells them about Anna being arrested.

Carrrlos says he has family too, and did she think of that before she shot him? Anna says it was a set-up. He says she could have trusted the system but didn’t. She says Duke was unarmed. Carrrlos tells her to stop kidding herself and that Duke was no angel. Anna says he was getting out of the business and Carrrlos stole their second chance at happiness. She says he stole it from Duke’s son too, and he’ll never know his father because of Carrrlos.

Laura asks what happened to the envelope that Helena left to Lulu. Lulu says she shoved it somewhere and hopes she forgets about it. Funny. I could have sworn she left it at Windemere. Lulu says Helena said she’d need it when her life is empty and it’s hardly that. She leaves and Laura has a Helena memory. Doc comes in and asks her if she’s all right.

Michael wonders why Anna confessed since Carrrlos isn’t dead. Felix says maybe her conscious bothered her. Michael says Carrrlos says Sabrrrina and the baby are safe, but his word is meaningless.

Griff comes running into the jail, since everyone can just come and go with no security, and asks what he can do for Anna. He doesn’t believe she shot anyone, but she says yep, she did.

Lulu arrives at Dante’s and asks if Maxie helped him with the atmosphere. He says no, he wanted things perfect for her. She makes it clear she wants to stick to the plan and not risk progress by moving too fast. Dante wants her to see something first. He takes her hand.

Laura says she’s fine, and she and Doc sit down. She says she was just remembering how horrible Helena was and how relentless. She says she half-expects Helena to come and sit down at the table. Doc says, isn’t she already? How psychiatrist of him.

Jason and Sam are making out and Jason has a memory flash. He says they were on the bed kissing. Sam says it was the last night they were there together before he got shot. She says she’s memorized every detail of their time together and never thought they’d be there together again. She says it’s a miracle and he asks why she isn’t smiling then. She says she knows how fragile life is and she couldn’t stand to lose him again.

Dante shows Lulu a new bed, since the old one didn’t make Lulu too happy the last time she was there. They work on the exercise — rebuilding intimacy. They both sit on the bed. They’re supposed to stare into each other’s eyes for four minutes with no talking or touching.

Michael says Sabrrrina is in a lose-lose situation and he has to find a way to fix it. He’s going to have to go to Puerto Rico.

Anna explains what happened the night she shot Carrrlos. I guess Griff doesn’t notice Carrrlos in the next cell. Griff is finding Anna’s story hard to take because he doesn’t want to believe she would shoot someone in cold blood. She says she violated her principles and ran from it. She says she wanted to face the consequences of what she did. Griff says he’s having a hard time wrapping his head around it and Carrrlos says believe it, he was there. Anna tells Griff that’s Carrrlos.

Doc tells Laura he decoded two words — heartbreak hotel. He asks if that means anything.

Sam apologizes for being afraid and says she never used to be that way. She says everything changed when Jason got shot. She had lost the man she planned on spending the rest of her life with. Jason says he’s not planning on going anywhere, so they’re good. They kiss.

Griff says in the name of some meaningless mob war, Carrrlos killed his father in cold blood. Anna tells Griff he didn’t stop there, and this is the man he wants them to forgive. Carrrlos says he was trying to feed his child and it’s more complicated than Anna spins it. Griff asks if Carrrlos is sorry.

Dante keeps touching Lulu’s leg and talking. They start to kiss. So much for the exercise. The timer goes off unnoticed.

Jason and Sam have pillow talk. She says she used to dread the mornings because for a second when she woke up, she would forget she was a widow. Jason says now they can wake up next to each other every morning.

Laura wonders if Helena was an Elvis fan. Doc asks if there’s any significance at all. Laura says everyone has been lonely in a hotel. Doc says he has, and tells her about when Lucy was revealed kissing Scotty at the Nurses Ball. He says it’s ironic the book belonged to him. Laura talks about when her marriage to Scotty ended. She wonders what anything has to do with Helena.

Sam wakes up hearing noises. She envisions Helena, who asks if she can’t sleep.

Michael says he can at least talk to Sabrrrina’s father. Felix says he’s coming along.

Carrrlos says to be sorry, he’d have to admit guilt, and even if he was, what difference would it make? Griff says he could start to forgive him. Carrrlos says he doesn’t need Griff’s forgiveness. Griff tells Anna that if they don’t find a way to forgive, they’ll never be free and Carrrlos will have taken their souls the same way he took Duke. Anna tells Carrrlos that Griff is sweet but doesn’t speak for her. she’ll never make peace with him.

Lulu and Dante bask in the afterglow. She wonders what to tell the therapist since they failed the exercise. Dante says it seemed pretty intimate to him. He says he didn’t remember it being so good. Lulu says she was so angry for so long, she can’t believe she was so willing to let everything go. She says she’s happy. Dante thinks they should do more exercises.

Doc asks what Helena said on the video. Laura tells him she said that Laura had taken from her what she loved the most. Laura isn’t sure if she meant Mikos or Stavros. She said she was being the better person and giving Laura the key to what she loved and lost. Doc said if Helena is telling the truth, something Laura loved and lost in a place that’s like a heartbreak hotel. What a genius! Laura thinks they’re wasting time. Doc says he just needs to spend more time with it and wonders if the hotel is literal or symbolic. They toast.

Helena tells Sam she didn’t pay attention to her words and she should have. Helena tells her to remember the curse, and that Sam and her loved ones will never know happiness in this life or any other. Sam calls out to Jason who was checking on Danny. She says she had a nightmare, but he tells her everything is fine.

Tomorrow, Carly tells Sonny to make a wish, Olivia sees Ned, and Paul tells Anna she’s not getting out on bail.

Little Women: LA

Matt creates atmosphere in the honeymoon hotel room with rose petals. I honestly don’t understand that rose petal thing. They stick to you and die quickly. On second thought, maybe it is appropriate here. Briana talks about Christy showing up at the wedding. She says she was nervous at first, but was glad Matt called her. That ought to be good for extra honeymoon nookie. Briana is hoping with time, the others come around and accept their relationship.

I’m starving and my soup is too hot. This has nothing to do with the show. I’m having dinner.

Christy says she has big news for Todd. She brings out a cupcake and tells Todd it’s like a fortune cookie. There’s a plastic baby inside. They’ve been matched at an adoption agency. They have to hurry with the paperwork as there are other couples in line, but they’re the best fit. The baby is from Bulgaria.

Tonya and Terra go baby shopping with Elena. She’s five months along and has nothing. They want to throw her a baby shower. Elena wants all the girls to be there. She tells them about Briana’s wedding, saying there weren’t that many people, but it was beautiful. She tells them about Christy showing up and Tonya asks if she was in a wheelchair. Ha-ha! Terra doesn’t really want to see her after she made such a big public deal about getting “injured” when Terra threw ice tea at her. Elena claims Christy wants to apologize.

Briana and Christy go out for ice cream. Now I want ice cream because my soup is still too hot. They talk about the baby shower and Christy wonders why there isn’t one for Briana. Now, why would anyone expect Terra and/or Tonya to do that when they weren’t even invited to the wedding? And shouldn’t Christy be the one to throw it? Christy talks about her injury. She says she’s willing to drop the charges, but wants a public apology from Terra. Good luck getting that.

Commercial break. Who thinks the La-Z-Boy commercial where Brook Shields is married to “Stavros” is a nod to General Hospital? Raise your hands. Yep. Thought so.

Elena is at the doctor with Preston and Terra tagging along. They’re going to find out what the sex of the baby is and whether Elena will be able to deliver naturally. The doctor says women with twins are higher risk whether a little person or not. The doctor isn’t opposed to Elena trying natural birth, but she suggests a C-section. Elena says she’s pretty sure little people deliver naturally in Russia all the time.

We find out that Elena is having two boys or “double trouble,” as the doctor calls them.

It’s baby shower time! Only Christy hasn’t RSVP’d. Terra says she’s going to be cool with Briana because she’s pregnant. Briana tells Terra that Christy wants a public apology and adds that on the way there she got a call from a detective. Terra says all the more reason for her not to say anything. As if on cue, here comes Christy.

Terra, whose lipstick matches her purple scarf, says she lost her appetite. Terra and Tonya toast to the babies. Elena and Preston reveal the gender with silly string. Terra says Penny will have two boyfriends to pick from.

Terra talks to Briana and Jasmine and says she knows how Matt feels a little bit now, with all the lies going on. She says whenever anyone does a background check on her, for a job or anything else, it’s going to come up in the search.

Jasmine and Tonya approach Christy. Jasmine says they were both in the wrong. Tonya tells her that even if Christy drops the charges, it’s a matter of public record now. Terra says she has nothing to say and walks away. Tonya tells her to just let Christy talk, but Terra says that the police report will always be on her record.

Christy tells Elena that what Terra did was aggravated assault. Terra leaves, and everyone else starts to trickle out. Christy feels responsible for putting a damper on the party.

Matt insists he and Briana are having a boy. Like Elena, Briana isn’t getting an amnio test because it’s risky. Yep, it’s a boy. Briana already has a girl, so she’s pretty excited.

Three weeks later. Terra talks with Tonya and Jasmine. Matt is sending d*ck pics again. A few women have sent cell phone conversations to Terra. She says he was doing it the whole time they were in Mexico. Jasmine feels sick, since she’s been supporting him. Apparently, Matt also had a conversation with Joe where he said he’d never kill or hurt Briana, but he sexts with other women. That’s somewhat distressing.

Tonya says now Jasmine sees what they’ve seen all along. Jasmine asks if they can put the issues with Christy aside and get together to discuss it. They agree. This is sad.

Terra discusses the intervention with Joe. He wonders why they’re wasting their time. Terra also found out Matt has a Tinder account and wonders if he’s physically cheating on Briana too. She tells Joe about Matt’s previous relationship where there were abuse charges. She discovered he made a plea bargain when he’s been saying the charges were dropped. Terra says she wouldn’t be a good friend if she didn’t make a try. Terra wants to let Briana stay at their house, but Joe says no because of Penny. He says they have their own problems and he doesn’t want a dangerous situation around Penny. Terra walks out.

The girls gather at Jasmine’s place. Briana has been staying away from the group since she found out that Matt has been sending inappropriate texts again. She found out on Valentine’s Day, no less. She wanted to kick him out, but she says they’re married and she felt that she couldn’t do that. Jasmine asks if Briana considers it cheating and she says yes. Terra says he talks poorly about Briana in the texts as well. She says she’s gotten messages from five different women.

Briana says she’s torn because she knows people have issues and make mistakes. She says her mind can’t grasp what’s happening and she can’t turn to her family. She says it’s for better or worse and you work it out. Elena says it’s beyond a second chance now. Tonya says Briana is making excuses and the relationship is toxic for both her and the children. She tells Briana she got married under false pretenses since Matt’s actions don’t show he loves her.

Briana feels confused. Elena says he’s just a man in her life, not her life. Elena thinks she’s scared that she won’t find someone else, and she needs to learn how to love herself. Christy thinks Matt has an addiction problem. Elena thinks that’s just an excuse, but Christy says he needs to go to rehab. Briana makes more excuses and Tonya brings up that he’s been doing it for a while and he was doing it in Mexico. Briana feels violated and embarrassed. She wants to hate Matt and feels sorry for him at the same time. She tells the girls she’s literally lost. They just had their wedding and were celebrating her pregnancy. She says no one sees what she sees.

Jasmine says she’s been supportive of Matt, but she doesn’t think he cares about Briana. if Briana stays with him, she’ll hurt forever, but if she leaves, it will just hurt for a while. Jasmine is very astute tonight. She tells Briana that her home is open to her, her daughter and the baby. In her individual interview, Jasmine says she’s scared for Briana and wants nothing to do with Matt. Terra says despite the past, Briana has family in all of them and she should never feel trapped.

Briana thanks them, but says she wants to take time to make a decision. She has to talk to Matt, so she’s going to leave and deal with that. Terra gives her copies of some of the texts.

Briana says whatever she decides, it will be in the best interest of her children.

This is the finale. Briana is still with Matt and still can’t decide.

Terra’s Little Family

Terra agrees to talk to Olivia. She tells Olivia she doesn’t want her to leave, but they need to communicate better. She says Penny is her first child and can they agree to twice a day phone calls. Olivia says that’s fine.

Traci has had her baby boy. Terra visits with Joe and Penny. Traci’s baby, Jacob, is average sized. Joe watches football with Traci’s husband while the ladies talk.

Terra tells Joe she’s signed them up for yoga class. Joe is like, no way, and makes a million excuses. He says he’d rather they get a Brazilian wax together. I’ll bet not though.

Penny shoots some hoops with her brother. She tells him about wanting another baby and how Joe isn’t keen on it. She says a lot of things are a challenge for Joe because of his back. She wants Joe to see a doctor. Her brother tells her not to bite off more han she can chew.

Terra forces Joe to go to yoga class. He says parts of his body are being bent that haven’t moved in years. No surprise, he makes jokes throughout the class. Terra notices that Joe has to modify all of the positions. She suggests again that he see the doctor and says he should do it for Penny. Joe had four surgeries when he was younger and doesn’t want another one. Terra says sooner or later, he’s going to have to do something. Joe has to admit his life would be better and agrees to making an appointment.

One week later. Joe tells the doctor he’s felt a degeneration in his back. The doctor asks about holding Penny and Joe admits it’s difficult. They look at Joe’s back X-rays and it’s obvious there’s a serious situation going on. The doctor says it will be a progressive problem. They’d be doing a fushion with rods implanted. The doctor says it’s fixable, but it will be an eight hour surgery. In the meantime, Joe can get steroid shots, but it’s only a temporary solution.

Joe wants to take a year to prepare, but Terra thinks he should just get it over with. She asks the doctor about his recovery time. The doctor says he’ll need help with most things.

On the way home, Terra says she was surprised at how extensive the problem was. Joe says they need to wait on baby number two. Terra says he should have the surgery soon then, but Joe says he thinks it should happen when it’s absolutely necessary. They both think the other one is being selfish. Joe thinks they should have as few children as possible. Terra doesn’t want to abandon her dream of a bigger family. Joe adds that all kinds of things could go wrong. He says at the end of the day it’s his back and he needs support in his decisions. Joe says right now he’s not ready for back surgery and he’s not ready for another baby.

Joe’s band is playing a gig. They’re a cover band called Nirvanish. Terra also has a show coming up, doing some songs from Penny’s Playlist. She asks Joe to play for her and he wants to make a wager. He says more people will show up for his band than for her performance. If he wins, she has to dress up like a French maid, if she wins, he has to bathe the dogs. Joe’s band gets a pretty good crowd.

Terra thinks they should start water safety measures since they have a pool and a baby. Joe thinks it’s crazy and that Penny is too young, but both Terra and I disagree.

Joe and Terra take Penny to swim class. It looks like a lot of fun. First they just pour water on the baby’s head and make whee! sounds, then the babies get dipped underwater. The instructor helps Terra with that part. Joe claims he had a couple of mini strokes while watching.

Terra is trying to expand her brand with the Penny’s Playlist album. Joe’s band will play when she and Tonya are making costume changes. The crowd isn’t exactly huge, but the kids seem like they’re having fun. Terra feels that it was a success and Joe tells her to get out the French maid outfit. Terra actually looks more like a Swiss maid.

Elena and Tonya meet Terra for lunch. She asks Elena how the pregnancy is going. Elena asks her if she’s convinced Joe to have another baby yet. Tonya thinks another baby will be hard along with Joe’s surgery. Elena agrees. She tells them to shut up because she’s pregnant. Elena asks if she’s kidding and Terra runs from the table.

Next week, Terra is scared, Terra tells Joe about the pregnancy, and Joe gets an injection.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Back at the bra party, Dorinda is having a smoke outside. Jules tries to smooth things over and they both go back inside. Jules tells Ramona that Dorinda is upset. The bra ladies just ignore all of it and keep working on fittings. Bethenny suggests Ramona apologize to Dorinda.

Ramona practices her apology and apologizes the same way she walked the runway — like an awkward robot. Dorinda calls it a drive-by shooting. Ramona leaves and Jules says Ramona has no filter. Dorinda no longer wants to go to Ramona’s for the weekend. She calls John.

At first he’s on speaker and obviously knows he’s been talked about. Bethenny wants to know who the rat is. John comes upstairs. I like him less every time I see him. Bethenny and Jules are still there, and Bethenny says he’s a little “lit up.”

John asks if Bethenny knows his friend who owns SkinnyCow and says something about her stealing his name. Bethenny explains that a girl and a cow are different. Dorinda tells him not to start problems with Bethenny and to get out. Bethenny says something about the issue they’ve been hiding and I’m not sure what she’s talking about, except she did say something about doing lines. Dorinda keeps telling John to leave and says they’ve both hurt her.

Dorinda calls John an embarrassment and finally gets him out the door. Bethenny tells Jules she feels vindicated. Dorinda comes back and says it’s unheard of. Bethenny says no it’s not, and tells her she’s in a relationship where she obviously doesn’t know what to do. John pops back in and Jules gets him back out again.

In the hallway, John tells Jules that Bethenny is jealous. She tells him not to give everyone ammo. He says he’ll wait downstairs for Dorinda and to send her up. What’s wrong with this sentence? Bethenny tells Dorinda nothing is a big deal. Dorinda says she doesn’t want to move forward with the other women or John, she just wants to go home and cry. After they’re gone, Bethenny tells Jules that John doesn’t make Dorinda happy like she says.

Carole calls Bethenny and asks what happened when she left, since she passed John on the way out. She says when she left, she thought it couldn’t get any worse, but she was wrong. Bethenny says they’ll talk later and asks if Carole is coming to her party. Carole says she’d rather not be around the Countess, but she’ll ignore it. She asks if it’s a bad time to call Dorinda, since she forgot the bras she bought, but Bethenny says she should wait on that.

The Countess is meeting with a realtor who she was once roommates with. Sonja comes along to look at apartments. Do I really need to say how fabulous the apartment is? And how great the view is? The realtor wants to show her something downtown as well, but Sonja is like, why?

Why? Because it’s even more amazing than the other place.

Bethenny is going over a new Skinny Girl promotion with her assistants. She also has to sign off on one of the many divorce bills. Ramona comes by the office. She reads a bunch of messages from Dorinda who basically blew her off. Ramona thinks she’s taking what she said too hard and thinks she hit a nerve. Bethenny says the reason she’s so defensive is that she knows what they’re saying is true. She tells Ramona about John showing up at the bra party. She says what they’ve been saying showed up. She thinks Dorinda is hooked on the action, but knows that John isn’t good for her.

Ramona asks what Jules said, but Bethenny doesn’t remember. They call her. Bethenny tells her that Ramona is there and asks about her view of the situation with John. In her individual interview, Jules says she felt like she was under seige. Jules somewhat defends them since they’re the ones who introduced her to the group.

Bethenny suggests she, Ramona and Dorinda have dinner. Bethenny wonders if John will honor her dry cleaning gift certificate now and says she’ll go in under the name of SkinnyCow.

John and Dorinda are staying with Jules and Michael in the Hamptons. John says he’d rather sleep in his car than at Ramona’s house. Jules fills Michael in that they’ll be staying with them, even though their house is under construction.

Commercial break. In the new line picture of the NYC Wives, they’re all dressed in black and look like vampires.

Bethenny is getting ready for the dinner with Dorinda and Ramona. She wants Dorinda to admit she needs to reevaluate her relationship, but realistically knows it could go several different ways.

Jules and Michael’s house is massive. She says it’s a never-ending project. They do a quick Shabbat using Hawaiian Punch and breadsticks. I like it.

Dorinda and John (bleh) arrive. Dorinda excuses herself for the dinner. She says she just wants to say her peace, but she and Ramona’s friendship is liked a cracked mirror now. She says Bethenny thinks she’s being helpful, but Ramona has been her friend since the earth cooled. She says if you’re not nice to John, you’re out. Michael asks what she wants and she says not anything really. She says she feels betrayed and humiliated and gets teary-eyed.

Michael and Dorinda have to explain “Et tu, Brute?” to Jules, while John pretends to know what they’re talking about.

Ramona meets Bethenny at the restaurant first. Ramona tells Bethenny that Dorinda isn’t staying at her house. Bethenny thinks Dorinda shouldn’t be mad at her. Ramona says being a true friend means no restrictions of topics. While I usually don’t agree with her, I do this time.

Dorinda has every intention of letting Ramona know she’s a piece of doo-doo. She arrives at the restaurant and calls it round two. Bethenny asks if she and Ramona are okay. Dorinda says she doesn’t understand how Ramona could have said what she did in front of everyone and it was despicable. Bethenny says she should check herself and that when John came in, he proved her right. She says Dorinda is in denial. Dorinda says she can do what she wants. Bethenny says John attacked her and Dorinda says she is sorry for that. She says she chooses John though, and maybe she should see them apart from him.

Dorinda says she’s has enough negativity. Bethenny says she’s sorry Dorinda is so torn and Ramona says she didn’t mean to hurt Dorinda. Dorinda says she loves John and Bethenny tells her not to settle for less then she deserves. Dorinda belives Ramona is truly sorry for crossing the line, but she’d be lying if she said all was well.

Next week, the Hamptons, John apologize…sort of, and the Countess and Carole tangle.

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