April 22, 2016 — Happy Earth Day, GH & a Quote


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital — Thursday

Carly comes into Sonny’s office. She says he left so early, she didn’t get a chance to wish him a happy birthday. She pulls out a muffin with a candle in it.

Julian takes Alexis’s last bite of toast at the MetroCourt, but he’s really being nosey. He doesn’t get a chance though, because Olivia interrupts with Leo news.

Finn and Tracy are playing backgammon for real money and Finn is losing miserably. He gets Tracy’s test results which are excellent.

Jordan is on the phone asking for files, saying that Lomax is breathing down her neck. Andre comes into the station.

Paul visits Anna. She tells him as soon as she posts bail, she’s going after him again. He tells her she’s not getting out on bail.

Monica tells Tracy that Griff says she can go home in a few days. She says Tracy shouldn’t go full steam back to ELQ though, and had better come back for follow-ups. Tracy says maybe Finn can win his money back, but he says he’s leaving Port Charles.

Sonny and Carly share the birthday muffin. They talk about how it’s been a rough year, but Sonny is glad that Carrrlos is behind bars and says they’re closer to getting Julian.

Olivia tells Julian that Leo can stand now. She goes to get the video. Alexis tells Julian not to ask her any more questions about the case, if he wants marital harmony to continue, since she has to stick to attorney-client privilege.

Olivia turns around to see Ned, who is looking good. She says she didn’t know he was back in town and asks if Tracy is okay. He says she’s on the mend and asks how Olivia is doing. He asks to see pictures of Leo. She hands him her phone and says just keep swiping, since it’s all Leo. He says he heard she told Julian the truth and it must have been a relief. Olvia says she and Julian are co-parenting.

Alexis says she’s already pushing ethical boundaries, and tells Julian to quit pestering her. He says he has complete faith in her, so he’ll back off. Alexis leaves for work.

Tracy tells Monica she can’t let a doctor of Finn’s caliber slip away. Tracy says they need an infectious disease specialist on staff. Monica suggests making his position permanent. Finn hesitates and Tracy asks if his board game reputation means nothing to him. He says she’s right and steps outside with Monica.

Finn tells Monica that Obrecht is adamant about wanting him gone. Monica says the Quartermaine name pulls a lot of weight and she’ll change Obrecht’s mind. Obrecht overhears and asks just how she’s going to do that.

Carly says there are more birthday surprises coming. Sonny says he enjoys celebrating now because of the kids. He asks if there’s going to be cake, and Carly says she’s going to spoil him rotten. She talks about a surprise again and leaves.

Sonny gets back on the phone. He wants to know if there are any developments on Carrrlos.

Andre tells Jordan he’s there to evaluate a prisoner and doesn’t want to pick up their argument again. Jordan apologizes, saying she was just worried about Anna. She tells him that Anna is in custody now. Andre is shocked. Alexis comes into the station and wants to talk to Jordan about Carrrlos.

Paul says she can’t post bail without a hearing and he’s not sure if she’s of sound mind. He says if she was granted bail, she might be considered a flight risk, and she might also be considered irrational. She says she’s perfectly sane, but Paul says he’s having an evaluation done. Enter Andre.

Ned says Olivia seems happy and is glad that the co-parenting thing is working out. He says the reason they couldn’t be together was because of the lie. Olivia asks how long he’s in town. Ned says a few days, but maybe they could get together for a movie. They plug the new Captain America film. He says he won’t be there by the time it opens, so maybe they can get coffee.

Monica tells Obrecht they want to put Finn on permanent staff. Obrecht says Monica is a heart surgeon, not in charge of hiring. She says Monica’s opinion is irrelevant. Carly comes by and asks what Obrecht’s problem is.

Anna asks if Andre is working for Paul now. He says of course not, and he had no idea she was the prisoner they were asking him to evaluate. He tells Anna he can’t objectively evaluate her anyway, and asks what the blip happened.

Alexis asks if the file is all the evidence they have. Jordan says they have some statements, one of which is from Sabrrrina. Alexis says Sabrrrina might be biased and there’s little physical evidence. Jordan says by the time Carrrlos goes to trial, they’ll have more. Alexis is going to make a motion to dismiss.

Sonny hears Alexis on the phone and asks if she’s working hard to get the man who almost killed him off. Like Sonny is some kind of angel.

Olivia shows Julian the video. He asks her if something happened because she was gone a while. She says it was just hotel business. They’re both delighted about Leo standing as only parents of the standing baby can be, like Leo is the first baby to have done this. Olivia says Julian seems distracted. She asks if Carrrlos is on his mind.

Anna tells Andre she’s done with subterfuge, so she confessed, and she also told Jordan about Paul killing Sloane. She says Lomax got Paul out, and she thought once she was out on bail, she could continue her investigation. Andre says the more she escalates, the more desperate Paul will become and he’s capable of murder. She says he won’t hurt her, but she needs to get out and collect more evidence against both Paul and Carrrlos.

Ned pops into Tracy’s room. She says he’s a welcome sight in such a dreary place, but she’d rather see him around the breakfast table every morning. She says now that she’s not dying, he has even more of a reason to stay — ELQ is back in the family’s hands.

Carly asks Obrecht what she has against Finn. Jocelyn says he’s smart and cool and has a bearded dragon as a service animal. Obrecht thanks Carly and offspring for their input, but as chief-of-staff, she’s going to make sure Finn doesn’t get hired. Monica says maybe it’s time for that to change.

Andre says for someone who was just arrested for attempted murder, Anna has a big to-do list. She says the only person who can confirm that Carrrlos killed Duke is Sabrrrina. Andre asks what she plans on doing when she gets out. He says he last time he turned his back, she put Paul in handcuffs and took off for South America. He says it sounds like that’s what she wants to do again.

Paul is from the ignore-it-and-it-will-go-away school of dealing with things, and acts like nothing happened with Jordan. Jordan tells Paul that Carrrlos is acting like he’s not going to take the deal. Paul says Alexis would be negligent not to tell him to take it.

Alexis tells Sonny if he has evidence, to take it to the DA. Sonny says after a decade of Alexis lecturing him, she’s fallen off her high horse. He says her ethics went out the window when she hooked up with Julian.

Julian says he’s out of the business, so Olivia doesn’t have to worry about Leo. She says she’s worried about him and his past catching up with him.

Carly says she wanted to do a follow- up to make sure Jocelyn is okay. Finn says that’s a good idea and Jocelyn leaves to use her phone. Finn thanks Carly for having his back.

Tracy says Ned has shown interest in the company, but he says it was just to keep it out of someone else’s hands. He says she keeps saying “we” when she always wanted to keep ELQ to herself. She says the reason they got the company back was because of Jason and everyone rallied around her when she was sick, so maybe it’s time to be a family again.

Ned is shocked that Tracy is speaking so fondly of the family. She says she’s capable of change. He wonders if she can keep from bickering with Monica and Tracy says Monica always starts it. She tells Ned that Port Charles is his home. Ned asks if once she’s on her feet, she won’t scheme to get ELQ back again. She says there are things more important than power.

Carly says Jocelyn’s class needs to study an animal, but she has no pets. Jocelyn says Roxie is cooler than a cat or a dog and she’d like to observe her in her native environment. She asks if she can study Roxie and Finn says they’ll set something up.

Alexis tells Sonny what she does is none of his business. Sonny says the DA is going to get Carrrlos to flip on Julian, but Julian sent her to stop him from taking the deal. He asks where her ethics are now and she says the same place they were when she defending his guilty ass. She says Julian is out of the business now, unlike Sonny. Sonny says she’s defending a madman to protect him and it’s going to come back to bite her. He says be careful because there are too many people who have too much to lose. He doesn’t want his daughter to lose her mother because she was in the line of fire.

Anna asks Andre if he’s kidding her. He says her behavior is bordering obsessive. Paul comes in and asks Andre if Anna is fit for bail.

Tomorrow, Paul underestimates Anna, Jordan wants Andre to choose between her and Anna, and Nina gets a surprise.

General Hospital — Friday

Felix and Michael meet with Sabrrrina’s father. Michael says he’s hoping Senor Santiago can help them find her. He asks if she’s in trouble.

Nina is too young for this kind of hangover, but she has one. Franco says he’s happy she was home when he got there, even if she was passed out. He assumes she wants to work things out, so he brought her a present.

Nathan sets up a surprise party for Maxie at the MetroCourt.

Griff says he’s not cleared to see Anna. Jordan says that’s correct.

Andre says he can’t make the bail call for Paul. (Say that 3 times real fast.) He tells Paul he has a prior relationship with Anna.

Maxie tells Lulu she and Dante look almost as happy as they were when they were together. Lulu says there’s a reason for that and Maxie says it’s the best day ever.

Paul asks how he knows Anna, is he her lover? Andre says it’s none of his business how they know one another and he has to find another psychiatrist for assessment. Paul tells Anna even her friends are refusing to help her, but she says Andre is refusing to help him.

Jordan asks Griff if he’s family. He says no. She says she’s restricted visitation to family and counsel. Andre comes in and asks Jordan if she knew that the psyche evaluation was for Anna and tells her that he recused himself. Jordan acts stupid because bottom line, she’s jealous.

Michael says they’re worried because they haven’t heard from Sabrrrina, and anything Senor Santiago can tell them would be helpful. He says if she needed help, she’d call her tia.

Franco has presented Nina with a puppy. He says her name is Daisy, but they can name her whatever Nina wants. Franco pretends the puppy is saying “momma,” and Nina realizes it’s his substitute for a baby. She tells him he’s out of his mind. Pets never last long on this show, although I have high hopes for Roxie.

Hi Felicia! Felicia asks Dillon if he’s seeing anyone and Mac tells her to back off. She says spring is in the air and it’s time for Dillon to find love.

Lulu and Dante are obviously back together. Dante says he needs to talk to Nathan, but Nathan says he needs his help with another surprise. Maxie tells Lulu there is still the small matter of Claudette, and Lulu tells her to let it go. Maxie says that’s what she’s doing and she told Nathan she didn’t want him proposing to get over her.

Jordan brings Andre into the interrogation room because that’s where all meetings take place. She says how is she supposed to know where they’re headed when he keeps straddling the line with Anna. She asks if he wants to be in a relationship with her or Anna.

Anna tells Paul that he probably enjoys nothing more than having a strong woman look at him with affection, but it’s not her. She says he wants her to look at him all teary eyed and beg for help. She says Paul tells women whatever they want to hear and most of them are so stupid and needy they go along with it. She tells him he’s only motivated by self-interest and extortion isn’t a foundation for trust. She says this is the third time she wound up in custody because of him and he’s done everything to find her weakness. She says at some point he’ll have to admit defeat. He tells her to wait for her victory lap until she’s out. She says the situation is too far-reaching for him to manage. She says he doesn’t really know what Carrrlos is going to do. She says if he tries to manipulate the situation any further, he’s going to lose. Scotty comes in and tells her to shut up.

Michael thanks Felix for coming along. They visit Sabrrrina’s aunt. Michael tells her they’re friends of Sabrrrina’s and asks if she’s there.

Franco says he knows it’s not the same, but the puppy will give her unconditional love. He says he thought it was something they could do together and that she needed something to love. She says the thing she was willing to love was him. She’s shocked that he knows so little about her that he thinks a dog could replace a baby.

Lulu says Nathan’s heart belongs to Maxie and Claudette is in the past. Griff comes in and Maxie tells him it’s her surprise engagement party. She asks him to stay and hang out. Nathan has the lights lowered and gets down on one knee. Griff has a weird look on his face.

Anna asks Scotty why he’s there. He says Christmas has come early for her, or is it Boxing Day in her world? He tells Paul he can slap a restraining order on him for harassing his client before she’s been formally charged. Paul leaves. Scotty talks to Anna with an Australian accent, intimating that Robert hired him.

Andre says there’s nothing romantic going on between him and Anna and Jordan has no reason to be jealous. She says Anna is her friend, but she’s always in the room with them even if she’s not physically there. She starts babbling on and Andre silences her with a kiss.

Scotty tells her from now on, don’t engage with someone who wants to put her behind bars. She says she and Paul have a complicated relationship and he asks if she’s sleeping with him. When she says no, he says too bad, he could have used it. He says being an ex-spy, he’d consider her a flight risk. Anna says Paul is manipulating the situation and tells him about Andre.

Nathan tells Maxie that she’s his world. He says she signs a positive light on everyone and everything, and she’s everything he’s ever wanted. He asks her to marry him again and gives her a real ring. She says yes and tells him the first one didn’t count. Griff drops a bottle on the floor.

Paul walks into the party and asks Dillon what’s up. Dillon explains it’s Maxie and Nathan’s engagement party. Paul says he clearly chose the wrong restaurant for lunch and Dillon asks why he’s so upset.

Mac tells Nathan he’s proven his love to Maxie even when she didn’t want it. He says they’ve had their share of hurdles, but they’ve overcome all of them. He says he raised Maxie and he’s happy for both of them. Nathan promises he’ll spend the rest of his life trying to make her happy.

Maxie shows off the ring to Lulu. Lulu asks about Claudette and Maxie says it’s not over.

Sabrrrina’s aunt asks how Michael and Felix know her. Michael explains they’re friends of hers from Port Charles and talks about how highly Sabrrrina always spoke of her. She says she hasn’t spoken to Sabrrrina in months and wonders if she and her baby are all right. She says the last time they spoke, Sabrrrina said she’d let her know when the baby came and she hasn’t spoken to her since last fall.

Nina has to go to the engagement party and then she’s going to work. Franco says he understands the puppy is not going to replace a child. Nina says she was willing to let go of her pain and longing to be a mother for him, but now she doesn’t know who he is. She says he knows so little about her that he thinks a dog can replace motherhood for her. She says the dog is very sweet, but if he doesn’t get rid of her, they can both find another place to live.

Maxie tells her that she knows Nathan is committed to her. Lulu says it’s time to move on. Maxie says she agrees and that’s why she has to find out everything possible about Claudette. Griff wants to leave, but Maxie wants to introduce him around.

Dante wonders who Griff is. Nathan tells him that Maxie is convinced Griff has a secret. Dante asks if he thinks Griff is cool, but Nathan says that depends on the secret.

Griff meets Felicia and Mac and they talk about Anna. Felicia says Scotty is a shark and will figure out a way to get her released.

Anna tells Scotty about her relationship with Andre. She says Paul is trying to deem her incompetent and a flight risk. Scotty says he’ll be back and leave everything to him.
Franco says he’s sorry to Daisy. He says it’s you and me kid, and puts her back in the box.

Nina shows up at the party and congratulates Nathan and Maxie. Nathan asks if she’s okay. She says wonderful and starts to tear up. She says she hopes they have a slew of children in all possible genders.

Dante asks Lulu if she’ll come home for good. She says she thought he’d never ask.

Paul tells Griff he’s sorry about everything happening with Anna. Nathan talks to Griff, who can’t get out fast enough. Dillon says he didn’t know Griff and Nathan were friends. Nathan says they’re not, but he thinks Griff has a thing for Maxie.

Andre tells Jordan he hopes the kiss answers her confusion about who he wants in his life. She says it does. He leaves and she looks at her reflection. Outside, he confirms he’s not on call and says he has plans he can’t break. Scotty introduces himself and asks for a word or two.

Jordan tells Anna she understands why she did what she did, but in not telling her, she disrespected the office and their friendship. Anna apologizes. She says she’ll always regret shooting Carrrlos, but if she had it to do over again, she doesn’t think it would be any different. Jordan says she hopes Anna would include her. She says they need Sabrrrina.

Tia tells Michale and Felix she’s sorry she can’t be of more help. Michael sees a baby toy on the floor.

On Monday, Danny inherits a puppy, Julian pages Carrrlos, and Ric asks Sonny if he’s going to kill Carrrlos.


Since The People’s Couch didn’t air tonight, I leave you with this:

“Movies are real! Music is real! It affects people, it’s real. … The other night I went to a club and I watched a DJ control an entire room. Even politicians can’t do that.” — Prince


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