April 26, 2016 — GH, Temptation Tuesday & BH Deuxième Reunion


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Ric calls Sonny from the police station and says there’s been a development in the Carrrlos case.

Alexis says she shouldn’t have touched the dagger. She tells Julian they’re going to lose everything.

A guy named Hale talks to Jordan. She asks him what information he has about Duke’s murder.

Carly comes into Sonny’s office and asks if he’s almost done with work because it’s time for his birthday dinner. He says he’s waiting for a call from Ric.

Hale jumps up and wants to leave. Jordan says hold on a minute. She asks if he wants her to call a friend for support. Hale says he doesn’t want to involve anyone else and that he saw Duke get shot.

Alexis hands Julian the dagger, telling him to get rid of it, but then she takes it back, saying she’s not ready. She tells him that she and Molly got into a fight about her defending Carrrlos. She says Molly told her she’s compromising her ethics, and Julian asks what she thinks. She waffles.

Ava brings takeout to Franco’s place for her and Kiki. She says circumstances have changed and she’d like Kiki to come home now. Kiki says she doesn’t want to.

Nina literally runs into Dillon and her packages go flying everywhere. Dillon asks her to join him for a drink, but she says she remembers what happened last time and she wants to keep it professional.

At the hospital, Jason starts to choke Franco. Obrecht comes by and says she’ll call security. Franco threatens to tell Jason’s son the truth and Jason starts to choke him again. Sam runs in and says Franco is playing Jason and wants him to react like that. Jason lets Franco go and leaves with Sam. Obrecht asks if what Sam said was true.

Nina asks how much Dillon wants to keep her lapse in judgment from Julian. He says nothing and she thinks he’s going to sue her. He says he’s done way worse and would never hold it against her or judge her and just wants them to be cool. He asks if Franco got angry that they kissed. Nina says she hasn’t told him and he wouldn’t care anyway.

Obrecht says if Jason doesn’t want Franco’s services anymore, that’s the way it goes. Franco says Jake needs him and she says he should have thought about that before goading his father. Franco asks if he’s supposed to just bite the bullet and Obrecht says she does that every day. He says it’s time for him to be the Franco he was born to be. Whatever that means.

Ava asks Kiki if she doesn’t want to come home and Kiki says she is home. Ava says Avery will be home soon, she just has some details to iron out. Kiki says she thinks she needs to stay where she is for multiple reasons. Ava says she has to go and tells Kiki she loves her.

Carly wonders where Jocelyn’s kidney came from if it didn’t come from Jake. Ric interrupts the conversation between her and Sonny.

Alexis gets a call that her motion to dismiss is being ruled on.

Jordan asks Hale to tell her in his own words what he saw and asks why it took him so long to come forward. He says he was using and living on the streets, doing anything to get his next fix. He was breaking into cars at the MetroCourt and heard angry voices, and Julian’s name was mentioned. He says one guy was in a tux and the other guy in street clothes. They struggled over the gun and when it went off, the tuxedo guy had been shot. Jordan shows him Duke’s picture and he says that’s the guy who was shot. She shows him a sheet of pictures and asks if the guy in street clothes is there. He points to Carrrlos.

Sonny asks if he can talk to Ric tomorrow, but Carly says do it now and he has five minutes. Ric tells Sonny about the eyewitness coming forward, adding “happy birthday.”

Jordan calls the judge. Hale asks if she doesn’t believe him and she says she’s just going to verify his story. He says part of his program is making amends and he’s trying to do the right thing. She says she’s just doing her job and goes out into the office. Alexis comes in and Jordan says any charges against Carrrlos aren’t going away because they have an eyewitness. She says Carrrlos is going down and probably Julian with him.

Ava tells Julian what Kiki told her and says she wants to bring Avery home. Julian says the organization understands there’s no benefit in coming after her. She asks why they’d listen to him and he says because he’s in charge now.

Jason and Sam go for a drink. Jason says Franco is manipulating Jake. Sam suggests he talk to Elizabeth, but Jason says Franco nearly caused him to commit murder. He tells Sam about the flash of memory.

Nina tells Dillon that Kiki never leaves the apartment. He thinks she should talk to Franco.

Obrecht tells Franco not to let Jason destroy everything he has. She says he’s done well with his patients and he says not so well with Nina. Obrecht says to keep trying because it’s clear they were meant to be together. He says she’s sweet, but misguided. He gets a text from Nina saying she wants to talk and he projects, saying that means it’s over. Obrecht says if he wants to talk, she’ll be at The Floating Rib.

Ava says what about Julian’s promises to Alexis and his daughters? Julian says his sister was in trouble and he realized the importance of family, so he took the reigns. She asks what Alexis thinks. Julian says she doesn’t know and he’s not telling her.

Alexis says it’s a little odd that a stranger who claims to have seen Duke’s murder should suddenly show up on the day she’s getting the charges dropped.

Ric says they’re a long way from a trial and a guilty verdict isn’t assured. Sonny says an eyewitness is just what they needed, and Ric says hmm…what a coincidence.

Sam says she wants to move forward and hopes Jason can do the same. He asks what Franco had against them and Sam says he was obsessed with Jason.

At the bar, Obrecht tells Nina to make up with Franco. Nina asks if Franco talked to her, but she says it’s obvious they’re not communicating. She tells Nina to put on her big girl pants and make it work. Nina says he’s not answering her texts and Obrecht says leave that to her.

Franco tells Kiki he’s on his way home and he doesn’t want to talk to Nina. There’s a knock at the door. Franco gets a text from Obrecht to meet her and tells Kiki he’s not coming home after all. Kiki answers the door and it’s Dillon. He asks Kiki if she knows how to change a flat tire.

Dillon says it was a long day at work, all he wanted to do is get home and boom! flat tire. Kiki asks what he’s doing on that side of town and he says to get cheap gas. Kiki mentions Maxie’s engagement party and Dillon says it was great. In getting him to say he was there, Kiki knows he wasn’t at work and Dillon admits he came to check on her.

Sam says Franco was jealous of Jason. Jason says he saw the old Franco at the hospital and doesn’t want him near Jake. Franco walks in and then walks back out. Nina sees him and asks Obrecht what’s up with that?

Carly tells Sonny to watch what he delegates to Ric, who’s a snake in the grass. Sonny says with Ric’s help, he’s going to find out where Jocelyn’s kidney came from.

Ava is concerned that Sonny will find out. Julian says he won’t and she’s not to tell anyone. Alexis comes in and Julian says she’s back pretty quick. She says a witness showed up and ID’d Carrrlos. She says it’s not over though, since the whole thing is suspect. Julian tells her Leo is upstairs and Alexis goes to check on him. Ava tells Julian to use the organization’s resources to get rid of Carrrlos.

Kiki asks Dillon who sent him and he says no one. He says he was concerned about her and just stopped by to visit. Kiki says she’s fine. He says since she’s okay, can she help him with his car? He let air out of one of the tires so his story would seem plausible. Enter Nina. Kiki says they’re going out for a while and don’t wait up. Nina asks where Franco is and Kiki says he never came home.

Jason asks Sam if she wants to go on an adventure with his bike on the open road. She says sure, and they leave. Someone is watching.

Jordan gives Hale her card. She says they’ll schedule a formal deposition with the DA. She tells him they’ll make it quick and painless, but it’s good practice if they go to trial. Hale is nervous about that, but she says the odds of it gong to trial are slim and Alexis will probably convince Carrrlos to take the deal.

Julian balks at killing an associate to save himself and Ava says it’s a cruel world. Julian says he’ll figure out another way.

Sonny says he wants to find out the truth for Carly. She thanks him.

Julian makes a phone call telling someone to take care of “it”

Tomorrow, Curtis tells Hayden to take the money and run, someone is stalking Sam and Jason, and Finn isn’t done yet at the hospital.

If Loving You Is Wrong

Joey hears a key in the lock and takes off for the back door with Faun. The door is locked, so she hides in his bedroom. Lushion is at the door and Joey pretends it’s just stuck. Lushion heads for the breadbox, but it’s empty. He tells Joey he’s looking for a brown paper bag with a disk in it.

Lushion calls Natalie, but gets voicemail. He tells Joey he needs help to find it and Joey wonders what a disk looks like. Natalie calls back and tells him to look in the breadbox, but he tells her it’s not there. She says she’ll be right home.

Lushion rifles through the freezer. Natalie comes in and says it was in the breadbox, but maybe one of the kids moved it. She starts opening cupboards and drawers. She asks what’s on the disk and he says don’t worry about it. Natalie asks Joey to help look. She wants to look in his bedroom and he says he already looked. She says it was probably a half-assed look and tells him to go help Lushion while she double checks.

Natalie sees Faun’s shoe sticking out from under the bed and calls Lushion, who draws his gun. Faun pops out and apologizes. Natalie starts to say something to Joey, but Lushion says they really have to find the disk. She tells Faun to get out. Lushion asks Natalie if Pete told her what was on the disk, but she says no. He asks how she could forget about telling him and she says a lot has been going on and gives him a laundry list. He says he has to go back to the station and she says she’ll keep looking. He tells her it’s of the utmost importance. Natalie says she’ll go back to Alex’s and wake the kids and ask them if they know where it is.

Julius goes to Randal’s house. Randal asks how Julius’s dad is. Julius says he’s hanging in there. He asks Randal about Tilda. Julius says she told him he has a sister and asks if that’s true. Randal says he should talk to his father. Julius just wants to know if it’s the truth and Randal says yes, but he never met her. Julius asks who knows her and Randal says her mother.

Outside, Faun tells Joey she told him so. She says she has to go and Joey asks to come along because his mother is going to kill him. She says no. She asks about their relationship, but Joey is evasive. She says she thought they were dating exclusively. He hems and haws and she says she has to go.

Quan approaches Joey who tells him to get lost. Quan says he’s dead and Joey tells him to bring it and whatever. Quan says when Joey is dead, he’s going to “hit that,” meaning Faun. I can’t stand that phrase, but I’m supposed to hate Quan, so it’s working.

Natalie is still shaking everything down, looking for the disk. She asks Joey if he’s trying to get her fired again. He says he and Faun were just watching a movie. Natalie tells him not to bring Faun there again. She asks what it’s going to take for him to listen and says he has one more chance.

Julius visits his father in the hospital. Lawyer Sonny says they just gave him something to sleep and he’s out of it. Julius asks what the doctor said and Sonny says it’s probably a matter of weeks. Julius asks why he’s there and Sonny says the will. Julius wants to find out what’s in it, but that’s a no.

They talk in the hall and Sonny says Julius’s father wanted to change the will. Julius says he already knows about Tilda and asks what about him? Sonny says everything was left to them and nothing to him. Julius gets pretty mad and Sonny says he’s sorry. Julius asks if the papers are signed and Sonny tells him tomorrow. The elevator opens and Tilda pops out.

Julius tells her to leave. She tells him to move or she’ll move him. She says all Julius is doing is making his father sicker. She asks if he’s trying to kill his father and he leaves. Tilda tells Sonny they should get security and he’d better keep an eye on Julius.

Kelly and Esperanza check on Alex and the nameless baby. Alex says she can see his personality already. Kelly and Esperanza talk about how their kids are growing up too fast. Alex is worried that her son will start asking questions before she’s ready to answer them. Esperanza teases Kelly about Ramses. Kelly isn’t sure if he likes her like that, but Alex says she thinks he does. Kelly says she would be grateful for a good man in her life and it’s hard raising a boy as a single mom. Alex says she guesses she’ll find out. Kelly says she’s sorry, but Alex says don’t say that; she did this and she’ll work it out. Kelly says she’s proud of Alex, especially how she handled Randal and Brad. Kelly says they come around when they see you’ve stepped into your strength. Alex says she’ll fight tooth and nail to protect her baby.

Esperanza asks what she’s going to do about Randal. Alex says he’s not going to take her child away from her and there’s no way she’ll let that happen. She says she has one option that she’d never consider unless he doesn’t stop. Kelly asks what, but she says she doesn’t want to think about it. Esperanza says it sounds like she’s thinking of something crazy. Alex says she’ll protect her child from anyone and she won’t let Randal take him away. She says the baby is her responsibility.

Kelly suggests she let Randal see the baby, but Alex says no way. Kelly thinks it might get Randal to drop the custody thing. Alex says Brad is the baby’s father, but Kelly says he has to want to be. Alex says she’s tired of being sorry and if these grown men can’t get past this and get in line, she’s going to have to show them what she’s made of. Kelly asks her to reconsider. She says she can’t stand Justice’s father, but she lets him see Justice because he’s his son. She tells her to just think about it, but Alex is firm in her no.

Brad has fallen asleep while he and Marcie were watching TV. He wakes up, wanting to cuddle and she says they shouldn’t, but they spoon. She says it feels good and he agrees. She asks him to let her go and he tells her to let herself be held. She says she’s not Alex and she knows he wishes it was Alex that he was holding. She suggests he go to her, but he says he can’t. She tells him it’s his ego. She says she’s telling him things he can’t tell himself, and they still have a chance once he gets past his anger. She says something happened before he came there and he seems different. Brad says Rusty did even worse things to Alex than he knew. He molested both of his daughters. He says it doesn’t excuse Alex, but it casts a new light on everything. He remembers her shutting down when he would touch her and how she cried the first time they made love.

He says sex became boring and short. Marcie says that explains a lot. He says sex with Marcie made him feel alive, and that he became angry about all he’d lost. Marcie says they can’t do that again and she regrets it. She tells him to go home to Alex and tell her what he just told Marcie. She tells him she’s going to bed and Brad says she’d better lock the door.

At the hospital, Tina tends to Pete. Eddie calls Ben who is sitting outside Pete’s room. Ben says Tina is still there and so is the camera. Eddie says he has it, because apparently he has nothing better to do than hang out at the hospital.

Eddie sees Andrew, who says he works there at night for extra money. Eddie says that’s not how to make extra money. Andrew says he wants in. Eddie says to come see him, but Andrew says he’s there now. Eddie says he doesn’t trust Andrew and that he’s not ready for Team Eddie. Bleh. Eddie leaves.

Julius gets in the elevator with Eddie and calls him “copper.” Really? In 2016? Julius tells him he heard he got shot and he needs to lay off the cocaine since he thinks he can take on the world. Eddie says Julius is just a punk ass wannabe when his father has all the reach. Eddie makes a yo momma comment. Again, in 2016? Julius says when his father is gone, he’s going to be the man, and when he comes for Eddie, it’s not going to be a drive-by. Julius tells him to look out for Quan.

Eddie asks who Quan is and Julius says Eddie took his money, really Eddie’s money. Julius says he’ll see him soon and gets off the elevator. Eddie ponders whatever is in his pea brain.

Julius goes to his father’s room. The guard says he’s resting and Julius says he brought his favorite candle. He asks if Tilda was there and asks what the guard knows about her. The guard blows him off. Julius says he’s next after his father dies and goes into the room

Julius picks up a pillow to smother his father. He puts the pillow over the old man’s face and the alarms go off.

Next time, Marcie asks Brad if he’s turned on, Kelly calls out Randal to his mother, Eddie smacks Ben and Randal’s mother talks to Alex.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — The Reunion, Part Two

OMG — I don’t know if I can hear Munchhausen again without screaming and never stopping.

We backtrack a little, with LisaR accusing LVP of manipulating the Munchhausen situation. (Can you hear me, wracked with sobs?) Yolanda leaves. LisaR wants LVP to own it. Another phrase I’m growing weary of.

Erika goes into the dressing room with Yolanda, while LisaR keeps saying she did it, meaning she began the whole Munchhausen debacle. Erika comes back and says it was just a mild meltdown and Yolanda will BRB. LisaR says she woudn’t have brought up the word without LVP encouraging her to say it. She keeps saying LVP needs to own that phone call.

Yolanda returns. Andy asks who Yolanda believes. She says she wants to believe LVP, but she lost her compass. LVP says she was wrong to doubt Yolanda. Yolanda says LVP is very powerful and amazing, but she manipulates things sometimes to make a great show, and compassion for other people should come first. Andy stirs it by asking who she believes again.

LisaR says LVP talks around and around and it’s making her crazy. She gets up and leaves, but never stops talking and then walks back. Eileen chimes in with something about being true to yourself. Andy brings up LVP saying that Mohammad said nothing was wrong with the kids. Yolanda does say that Mohammad had told LVP the kids were fine, and says that LVP and Mohammad’s friendship was wrecked because of it. God help me. It’s not like she said she didn’t believe anything was wrong with the kids; she just repeated what Mohammad said.

Andy brings up Erika squealing to Yolanda. LisaR was somehow involved and Yolanda gives her a mini-lecture about people with Lyme disease. Yolanda starts to cry and the ladies rally around her. She says there was a lack of compassion, but if she only opened one heart, the sharing was worth it. During the break, LisaR tells Yolanda she hopes they can start over and she didn’t mean any harm. This girl has some kind of problem that I can’t exactly put my finger on. She doesn’t have a filter for sure, but she also seems to go whichever way the wind is blowing.

Kim Richards joins the group. Andy asks about Monte’s passing away. Kim says she lost the best friend she ever had. They go right into the estrangement with Kyle and we see flashbacks of the ladies talking about her throughout the season. Some of it is the unfiltered one’s opinion, which I’ve felt is over-the-top since she’s not related or even close friends with Kim.

Everyone gets all teary-eyed and Andy asks where Kim is in her recovery. Kim tells him it’s none of his business in a nice way and that it’s anonymous for a reason. Kim says she’s hard to love and Kyle says that’s not true, even when she didn’t like what Kim was doing, she loved her. Eileen wakes up and says she’s always wanted the best for Kim. Not to be left out, LisaR says her too.

Kim says her feelings were hurt and she felt like LisaR was attacking her. Andy stirs the pot some more by reminding LisaR of some of the things she said. LisaR says she was angry and she’s sorry about some of the words she used. Yolanda tells her she should be held accountable. LisaR says for what? She lost her sister to addiction and she understands it well. Yolanda asks why she wasn’t more sensitive then and LisaR says she’s just human.

Eileen brings up the party at her house a million years ago when Kim acted like a jerk. She says it’s not like they were looking for a problem. Kim says Eileen is always jumping in whenever there’s an issue with LisaR. Kim says this is reality, not a soap, and Eileen tells her not to be rude.

Andy says moving on, but stays on the topic, reminding Kyle of her being uncomfortable with what LisaR had to say about Kim. They talk about how Kathryn tried to defend Kim and shared her own tragedy. Kim thanks her and thanks Erika as well.

Andy brings up the shoplifting, but Kim says she can’t discuss a pending court case. He asks if that was her low point and she says when she took the first drink was her low point. The “enraged” word comes back to haunt LisaR, but she’s like, let’s move on. Andy tells her she’d said a lot of strong things throughout the season that she wants to sweep under the rug.

Andy asks if Kyle and Kim are still sweeping. Kyle says they’re starting fresh. LVP says sometimes it’s best not to rehash things. Yolanda says Kim does deserve to be loved and they all cheer her along on her journey. (Ugh! Another one of those buzzwords.) Applause from everyone. Exit Kim.

Andy asks if Kathryn ever gets mistaken for Aviva from the NYC Wives. None of us ever noticed it before, but she does look like Aviva. He asks how her hearing device is going and she’s thrilled with it.

I guess she’s not that exciting because Andy moves along to all the parties during the season. We flash back to all the fabulousness. Various details about the parties are discussed. Andy asks Kyle to define barbecue, which she says is basically having a dinner party outside. All of a sudden they’re discussing having a real barbecue. They talk about who looked most like a hooker at the Moulin Rouge party and Erika says she’s out since she looks like a hooker all the time. Ha-ha! I do like how self-depreciating she is.

Here we go. The time when LVP asked Eileen too many questions and didn’t know how to apologize. After seeing the flashbacks, Eileen says she feels vindicated. She says she tried to get resolution in a nice way and LVP was dismissive. She says LVP was condescending, she felt manipulated and doesn’t trust her. LVP doesn’t understand why Eileen didn’t bring it up at the time instead of waiting. Eileen says LVP wasn’t sincere in her apology. LVP says she honestly didn’t realize that Eileen was so hurt. Eileen says it’s like they’re on two different planets and she finds LVP manipulative.

Eileen had shared about being in an abusive relationship and she says she found LVP’s blog offensive, as LVP talked about having had an abusive boyfriend and seeing no purpose in reliving it. Andy asks LVP about the past relationship which happened pre-Ken when she was 19. Lisa tears up and says he hurt her once, but then doesn’t want to continue.

Next time, Kathryn and Erika call each other desperate, more name calling happens, apologies are made, and they use that word again.


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