April 29, 2016 — Make It a Double GH Garnished with a Quote


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital — Thursday

Tracy argues loudly with Obrecht while a crowd gathers outside her room. Monica hears Finn making plans to leave and tells him she has the feeling there’s a change in the air. Obrecht comes out looking like she was in a prizefight. She tells everyone to get back to work and Tracy tells her that her reign at GH is over.

Maxie wakes Nathan up, asking him ruffled or naked? He’s like, wha…? and she shows him wedding cake photos. She wants to make sure there are no repeat performances and asks him to tell her about his first wedding.

Michael shows up late for Sonny’s birthday party. Sonny says at least he got a tan out of it and asks how Puerto Rico was. Carly and Sonny tell Michael that Sabrrrina made her own decision and he should move on.

Sam and Jason wake up to a rooster alarm. Jason wants to stay, but Sam says they told Danny they were only going to be away one night. They kiss and Sam decides one more night won’t kill them. I wonder if the person watching them will try.

Nathan tells Maxie it wasn’t much of a wedding and that they just went to the courthouse. He says it was a marriage of convenience. Maxie says he fell in love with Claudette later, so some of the memories might have changed to good ones. He says if she wants to avoid any comparison to Claudette not to cheat on him.

Obrecht goes on about how she changed things and made GH thrive. Tracy says HR might think otherwise, since the employee turnover rate is massive. Obrecht pulls her name tag off and throws it aside. Monica says there’s an offer on the table and Obrecht says a demotion is as good as dismissal. Tracy asks Monica if she wants Obrecht to stay on.

Michael asks Carly how many times someone had to save her from her own decisions. Sonny tells him Carrrlos is dangerous and he doesn’t want Michael anywhere near the situation.

Sam and Jason leave the barn. They see muddy footprints outside.

We segue into seeing Franco’s feet walking into his condo. (Nice editing!) Nina asks what happened to him and where has he been.

Maxie asks if Nathan is headed to the station and he says yes. She asks if he knows that she wouldn’t cheat on him and he says he’s sorry for mentioning it, since she’s the opposite of Claudette. Maxie says if Claudette had returned Nathan’s feelings, they would have stayed married. Nathan is unsure about that and Maxie wonders what if Claudette showed up today. Nathan says that’s highly unlikely, he loves Maxie, and doesn’t want this to keep coming between them. He tells her to get her questions out of the way, but she says she’s done and it’s behind them. If you believe that, I have some land in Florida that you might like to buy.

Obrecht is shocked that Monica is her replacement and says it’s nepotism at its worst. Tracy asks if Monica wants the position and she says yes. Monica says she wants to discuss a new position with Obrecht. Tracy suggests something janitorial. Obrecht says she won’t be made a fool of and leaves. Tracy says she’ll be back. As her first decision, Monica asks Finn to be a part of the staff. He declines.

Michael tells Sonnyy he’s not going to walk blindly into danger, but he’s not walking away from it either.

Jason says whoever was there was watching for a while. Sam wonders if it’s the barn owner. Jason says they got a good show. They both get phone calls and head out.

Nina asks what Franco was doing out all night in the rain. He says he had car trouble. She says all night? He says he’d been doing some painting, went out to a bar, and after a few drinks realized he shouldn’t drive home, so he ended up sleeping in the car. He says the car was stuck in mud and he had to push it out. She says he could have called her. Franco says they’re at a fork in the road and have to decide if they want to go down it together.

Finn says he likes it at GH fine, but when he came there, he was in the middle of doing some research. Monica says they’re known for their research. He asks for unfettered access to the lab and says he doesn’t play well with others. Monica tells him whatever he wants, he has it, and Finn says then they have him.

Sam meets Maxie at the bar. Maxie says her life is teetering on the edge of ruin and pulls some straw out of Sam’s hair. She tells Sam she needs a P.I. She says Nathan has been lying to her and she can’t marry him until she knows what he’s keeping from her and why.

Nathan meets Michael at the station. Michael wants to talk to Carrrlos, who has taken up residence in the interrogation room. Nathan advises against it, but Michael doesn’t listen.

Jason comes to Sonny’s office. Sonny tells him Michael is in trouble.

Nina says she didn’t sleep all night, worrying about him and thinking about them as a couple. He tells her she’s projecting and she says she’s trying to hold them together. She says it would help if he’d listen to her. Franco says she does whatever she wants anyway. He says he was’t trying to hurt her, but just cheer her up. Nina starts to cry and says she lost 20 years of her life, her baby and the ability to have another one, and she doesn’t know how to get over it. She says she needs understanding and compassion, and she doesn’t feel like he’s capable of giving that to her.

Franco just looks at her and she says all the time and effort in the relationship is down the drain. Franco says they can move forward, but she just needs to say good-by.

Nina says it’s not what she wanted for them. Franco says he can’t give her what she wants and it’s not going to change. Nina wonders if there’s no way around it. Franco says if there’s no way for her, then there’s no way for him, and he wishes he was enough. Nina walks out of the room. This is too sad. I love them together.

Maxie tells Sam about Nathan’s previous marriage and how he lied about it in the beginning. Sam says what else does she need to know? She says that’s what she needs Sam to find out. Sam says as her friend, she can’t take the case.

Obrecht comes to the station and Nathan asks what’s wrong. She wants to take him to breakfast, but he tells her he just got to work. He asks what’s wrong again. She tells him she’s no longer chief-of-staff at the hospital and starts to cry. Geez, this is a bummer of a show today.

Finn tells Carly that Tracy has been released back into the wild, and lets’ her know about the position he’s taking at GH. They sit down at a table in the MetroCourt, and he asks about Jocelyn. Carly says she’s doing fine. He says her concern was understandable, especially since Jocelyn had a kidney transplant. She says he doesn’t know the half of it, but then again, neither does she. When he asks what she means, she tells him GH is a great hospital, but it has a dark side.

Monica gets loaded down with a stack of files that Obrecht had been dealing with. The secretary tells Monica it’s all time sensitive and there’s a meeting in 20 minutes. Tracy looks over Monica’s shoulder and makes comments. Monica suggests scheduling a colonoscopy for her if she doesn’t leave.

Michael asks Carrrlos where Sabrrrina is. Carrrlos says she’s safe and last he checked, Michael was the furthest thing from her mind.

Nathan says GH will never have another chief-of-staff who works as hard as Obrecht. She says his support means everything to her and let this be a lesson to him. She says she said some things she regretted and confession isn’t always good for the soul. She tells him to say nothing about Claudette to Maxie.

Sam tells Maxie this isn’t a road she wants to go down if she loves Nathan. Maxie says she does, but she’d asked him what would happen if Claudette showed up and all he said was he can’t see that happening. She says she needs to know what he’s hiding and if Sam won’t help, she’ll find someone who will.

Carly tells Finn that Jocelyn’s kidney didn’t come from Jake. He says organs don’t just come out of nowhere, and Carly tells him Sonny is investigating it.

Jason says if Michael didn’t listen to Sonny, he’s not going to listen to him. Sonny says they have a different relationship, and if trouble comes along, Jason can also handle it.

Carrrlos says Sabrrrina is trying to forget about Michael. He says she sees him for who he is, a pig just like his father. I wouldn’t go that far, but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Nina is carrying some bags, says she’ll be at the MetroCourt, and Franco can forward her mail. He says it’s her apartment, but she says no, it’s his and Kiki’s, and she’ll send for her things. She starts to cry and says she’s never broken up with someone before. Franco says you just put one foot in front of the other and keep on going. He says it’s never easy, but it’s something you have to do. She asks if he’s going to be okay and he says it doesn’t matter.

Nina leaves and Franco says he’ll be just fine. He knows exactly how to handle rejection.

Monica is approached by a board member who congratulates her. She says thanks for the vote, and he says he wasn’t on the team that wanted her, but they were voted down. Monica asks Tracy if she was behind Monica getting the job. Tracy asks if Monica will hassle her if she says yes, and Monica says she will, so Tracy says no.

Sam tells Maxie she’ll dig up the information, but says Maxie might be sorry they had this conversation.

Nathan tells Obrecht that if he tells Maxie, she’ll tell Dante and Lulu. Obrecht says if that happens, he’ll end up in Pentenville.

Finn tells Carly how the kidney became available might not be a happy story and is she sure she wants to know.

Jason tells Sonny that he doesn’t remember the work he did for him, but he must have retained muscle memory. Sonny says he does what he has to do when the family is threatened. Sonny tells Jason that Michael has it in his head that Carrrlos kidnapped Sabrrrina. Sonny says there’s no proof of that, but he’s worried it’s going to end badly.

Franco is sketching. It’s a crazy-looking pic of Nina. Although it could possibly be argued that Franco was going for a 60’s retro effect.

Sonny tells Jason he wouldn’t be asking him to do this if there was another way, but the more he tries to protect Michael, the more Michael pushes back. He says if Michael keeps going, he’ll end up in serious trouble.

Michael says Carrrlos must have Sabrrrina under lock & key. Carrrlos says even if Michael finds her, she doesn’t want him, because Sabrrrina is his wife now.

Tomorrow, Paul tells Anna she’s in even worse trouble (like that’s possible), Jordan asks Michael about Sabrrrina, and Finn thinks the kidney came from the black market.

General Hospital — Friday

Carly explains about Jake’s past to Finn and how everyone thought he was dead. She tells Finn they’d thought that Jocelyn’s kidney came from Jake, but then he was found alive. Finn says she might not want to know the truth.

Brad and Lucas discuss the upcoming nuptials. Lucas nixes The Floating Rib as a venue. Thank you. He thinks Brad is stalling because he keeps moving the date up.

Jordan tells Anna she has her full support. Scotty says he has a secret weapon and Anna says she was afraid of that. He tells Paul he’ll be sorry he ever messed with Anna, but Paul says she’s in more trouble than she knows.

Carrrlos tells Michael that he and Sabrrrina had a boy, and his wife and son are waiting for him. Michael says Carrrlos is looking at a life sentence, but Carrrlos says he’s getting out.

Sonny wants Jason to help Michael in any way he can. He asks if there’s a problem with that and Jason says it depends.

Brad says he’s not stalling. Lucas points out that the date has gone from May to October. Brad says he wants May, but Lucas doesn’t want city hall, which is the only place they can get. The MetroCourt is booked too, so Brad says they’ll find another place. They profess their love for one another. For Pete’s sake, do you mean to tell me that two guys who both make a decent salary can’t afford something outside of Port Charles? They’re supposed to be close to NYC too.

Carly asks Finn if he thinks Jocelyn’s kidney came from the black market and he says it’s a good possibility. Carly asks what his definition of black market is, and if some poor parent whose child died had to sell the organ. Finn says that’s one way, and she asks if he’s talking about murder.

Sonny tells Jason he was Sonny’s best friend. He says Michael’s life is potentially at risk. Jason knows good and well that Sonny wants Carrrlos dead, and he asks if he’s supposed to create the opportunity for that like he did when he worked for Sonny. Sonny says he has to respect that Jason is different now, but Carrrlos is going to use Sabrrrina as leverage and Michael could end up as a hostage or dead. He’s just asking Jason to stop him.

Michael asks if Carrrlos married Sabrrrina so she won’t have to testify against him, and Carrrlos says they love each other. Michael says if he loves Sabrrrina and the baby, he’ll tell Michael where they are so he can help them. Carrrlos says his lawyer took care of everything and he’s going to be getting out. Enter Alexis, who asks Michael to leave.

Paul wants to talk to Anna, but Scotty intervenes. Anna tells Scotty it’s okay, but he tells her it’s not smart. Paul tells Anna that she went out of her way to get arrested. She says she’s taking responsibility for her actions, unlike him, who jumps through hoops to avoid responsibility. He says Carrrlos will testify against Julian for a reduced sentence. Anna says the only way it’s going to end is with a jury deciding if all of their actions were justified.

Paul leaves and Anna asks Scotty about his secret weapon. She thinks they’ll need it. The hearing starts.

Anna pleads not guilty. Scotty petitions for Anna’s release and Paul says the people request she be held without bail. Judge Chua asks on what grounds. Paul talks about Anna’s training as an agent and how she could disappear. Scotty says she wants her day in court. Paul says her mental state has deteriorated since Duke’s death. He brings up a psyche evaluation by some doctor we don’t know.

Finn says Jocelyn seems healthy, but Carly says there could be problems down the line. Finn says that would be the case regardless. Carly says what if there are health complications from the kidney down the line?

Jason says he doesn’t want to stop Michael from doing what he feels is right. Sonny says Jason had one rule, he’d make his own choices right or wron, and face the consequences. It took Sonny a long time to get him to understand that sometimes you have to intervene if someone is vulnerable or comes up against more than they can handle. He asks again for help with Michael and Jason says why him?

Michael warns Alexis, saying he hopes she rethinks this for Molly and Kristina’s sake. He leaves and Carrrlos says Michael is just like his father, arrogant and full of himself. Alexis tells him the motion is dead because a witness came forward who saw him shoot Duke.

Anna tells Scotty she was perfectly composed during the sessions, but the judge says the report is cause for concern. Scotty says if Anna wanted to disappear, she could, but she believes in truth justice and the American way, unlike Paul. Paul says the evaluation speaks for itself and she’s deteriorated since Dukes death. The judge says her mental state makes her a likely flight risk. Andre comes in and says he has something to say about that.

Brad finds an open date on May 24th, but thats the Nurses Ball. Thanks for letting us know. Mark your calendars.

Carly tells Finn they’re friends now.

Sonny tells Jason that Michael will listen to him more than anyone else. Jason has doubts. Sonny says he feels badly for Sabrrrina, but she chose her own life and he doesn’t want Michael to risk his. He says he got a call that Michael was talking to Carrrlos and asks why Jason won’t help him.

Michael asks Jordan for an update on Sabrrrina. Why is this kid allowed the run of the station house?

Alexis tells Carrrlos about the eyewitness. Carrrlos thinks it sounds shady and Alexis says they’re looking into it. She tells him what Hale said and how he ID’d Carrrlos as the shooter.

Jordan says as far as they know Sabrrrina is hiding to keep from testifying. Michael asks if anybody thought she’s being held against her will. Jordan says there have been new developments as far as Carrrlos goes, but she’ll let him know if they hear about Sabrrrina.

Carrrlos thinks Sonny is behind it. Alexis says they have no evidence of that. Carrrlos says if she doesn’t figure something out, he’ll testify against Julian.

Carly tells Finn about her friendship with Jason and how it was never judgmental. She says she doesn’t see him often now, but she tries to pay it forward. He asks if that’s what she’s doing with him. She tells him he shouldn’t be eating a cookie if he’s diabetic. He tells her to butt out in a nice way. I’m thinking Finn isn’t diabetic and maybe he’s the reason for the drug dispensary audit. What say you?

Sonny says he’s just asking Jason to talk to Michael and tell him to stay away from Carrrlos. Jason says Carrrlos is locked up. Sonny says he owes Jason the truth and asks if he wants to hear it, but Jason says no. He says he has too much to lose to go back to being Sonny’s heavy.

Andre tells the court who he is and says he’s there to speak on Anna’s behalf. Paul objects because Anna and Andre are friends, and says that Andre recused himself from evaluating her. Andre says after thinking about it, he thought he might have input for the court. He’s sworn in.

Andre tells the court that Anna was referred to him by Doc because she was having insomnia. He talks about what happened with Anna nailing Carrrlos in South America and how she followed the letter of the law. He says she’s a person of honor and integrity, and upheld the law even when the system failed her. He tells the judge that Anna is brave and principled, and one of the sanest people he’s ever met.

Brad tells Lucas they’re officially at an impasse. Lucas says when two people are in love like they are, anything is possible. Brad needs to talk to Finn and leaves the search to Lucas. He welcomes Finn to the staff. He says he knows Finn requested lab time and asks what for.

Sonny tells Jason he’s always been free to walk away and he won’t ask him for anything again. Enter Carly. Jason tells Sonny sorry about the misunderstanding and leaves. Carly asks if Sonny is okay, and Sonny tells her what happened. He wishes he could reach Michael.

Alexis says the witness is a junkie and once she examines him, no one will believe a word he says. Carrrlos suggests Julian make the witness disappear, but Alexis says there are other ways of dealing with things.

Andre tells the court that whatever Anna says, they can believe. The judge sets bail at $500K. She tells Anna not to make her regret her decision. Anna thanks Andre. They hug and of course Jordan sees it.

Finn tells Brad he’s conducting some specialized research and prefers to work on his own. Brad says the lab is his responsibility and he doesn’t like anyone around when he’s not there. Finn says open access to the lab and confidentiality were part of the deal

Scotty tells Paul he’s a sore loser.Paul says Anna is mentally unsound. Scotty tells him not to go after Anna again, since he and Andre know the truth.

Andre apologizes for making things more difficult and says he had no right to doubt Anna. He says he meant every word he said to the judge and she’s a person of extraordinary integrity.

Michael goes back in the interrogation room, and Carrrlos says he and his father can go to hell. He says Sonny is trying to frame him. He says what’s bad for him could be good for Michael, and maybe they can make a deal.

Carly tells Sonny sometimes she sees flashes of the old Jason. She says she wants to hit Jason sometimes and Sonny says he’d pay to see that. She says she wants Jason to understand that he’s still the same, but Sonny says maybe he’s not.

Michael asks what Carrrlos could offer and says there’s not much he can do for him. Carrrlos says he’ll tell him where Sabrrrina is for a price — his freedom. He wants Michael to help him break out. Jason watches through the window.

On Monday, Sam asks Julian if he had anything to do with Duke’s murder, Jason interrupts Michael and Carrrlos, and Jordan slaps Andre. Girl, please.

Quote of the Week

No People’s Couch <sniff>, but I did pick up this little gem the other day:

You’ll worry less about what people think of you when you realize how seldom they do.
— David Foster Wallace

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