May 5, 2016 — Two GHs & Three Quotes


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital — Thursday

Kristina stops by Sonny’s office with Aaron to pick up some paperwork. She leaves the room and Sonny comes in to find Aaron checking out his taxidermy.

Finn is dealing with Mr. Ellis, a patient who seems to think he’s sick when he’s not. He talks to Mr. Ellis for a while and says his test results are negative, but they’re still waiting on one. Finn sees Carly in the hall and she tells him the patient was clearly lonely and compliments him on his kindness.

One of Julian’s henchmen tells Carrrlos he has good news about the witness.

Anna tells Griff she thinks Julian ordered Hale’s murder.

Julian can’t believe Alexis is asking him if he had Hale murdered. I don’t know why, since he’s kind of known for that sort of thing.

Finn says he’s sure Carly has a good reason to be eavesdropping. She says most doctors would have just blown the patient off. Finn says if she’s suggesting he’s humble, she’s mistaken, but he can be very charming on his own.

Obrecht tells Finn he’s already abusing his privileges. She says the patient is a hypochondriac and he’s running more tests. Finn says the man lives alone and he feels it’s the right thing to do. He says it just occurred to him that he doesn’t have to listen to her anymore and doesn’t she have something better to do than harass doctors? She leaves and Carly says she wants to discuss Jocelyn with Finn.

Aaron says he never connected Kristina’s name with Corinnthos coffee and goes on about how much he loves it. Kristina comes out and explains they’re going on a date. Aaron says he’s going to culinary school and is obsessed with Sonny’s coffee. Aaron also talks about the restaurant Sonny owns. He asks how long Sonny has been in the business and Sonny says he inherited it. Aaron asks to look around the kitchen and Sonny says sure.

Sonny tells Kristina that culinary school is impressive. Kristina says she has no idea if this is going to even lead to a second date, but Sonny already has her married off. He says it’s nice she’s going out with someone her own age, alluding to her interest in her professor. He wants her to meet a nice guy who treats her right. She says about that, she has something to tell him.

Anna tells Griff about Hale turning up dead from an overdose and Alexis finding the body. He asks if she’s sure Alexis is involved. Anna says no, but since she was first on the scene, she thought she’d accuse her, hoping to get the truth from Julian. She says the whole thing is beyond coincidence. She says Julian knows that if Carrrlos is found guilty, Carrrlos will expose him. She says Alexis isn’t the first strong woman who’s compromised herself for the love of a man.

Julian says Anna refuses to accept that he was defending himself in killing Duke. He says she’d rather think Duke was perfect, even though Duke was going to have Julian killed, so it was self-defense. He says he didn’t even know the witness’s name, so how could he arrange for him to be murdered? Alexis says there are other ways to get the information. Yeah, like you leaving your pocketbook around. Alexis hears me and says everything was in her briefcase. Julian knew that and she left him alone with it. She asks if he looked at the papers.

Carly wonders if they can investigate Jocelyn’s donor at he hospital. He’s like, who’s “we,” and she says Finn and her. She says she needs a doctor to help with the technical aspect and get in places she can’t. She says she lets him keep his damn lizard at he hotel, and he corrects that to damn service lizard. She gives him a list of things she’s done for him and he says apparently she’s taking him on a guilt trip, and says he’ll help. Finn tells her they need to find the chain of care on the transplant organ.

Sonny says he may not love everything Kristina does, but he’ll always love her. He says she’s doing well at the office and she seems to be in a good place right now. He hopes he doesn’t screw things up with Aaron because he’s bound to find out who Sonny really is. Kristina says too bad for him then. Aaron comes back and is all happy about having looked at the equipment. He wants Kristina to take a look too and Sonny says he won’t be there long, so just let the guard know. They leave and Sonny gets a call from Max.

Hammer tells Carrrlos the witness met an unfortunate end. Carrrlos asks if they’re back to the original plan and Hammer says just don’t involve anyone else. Carrrlos says Alexis should be able to get the case thrown out now. Hammer tells him not to tell Alexis what he knows and let her tell him. The less she knows, the better.

Alexis says she left Julian alone with everything he needed. Julian says even if he’d had Hale killed, why would he have Alexis implicated? He says he wouldn’t have left him alive either. Alexis says she doesn’t know anything anymore. I’m not so sure how much she knew in the first place

Finn asks for the date of Jocelyn’s transplant. Carly says it’s like a science fiction movie. They go downstairs to the records department. Ha-ha! Obrecht is in charge of the department.

Anna says Carly and Sonny have a mutual acceptance, but Alexis lives in denial like Anna did. She says the difference is that Julian is scum and Duke would have never done to her what Julian is doing to Alexis. Griff asks if the case can proceed without the witness. She says they have the statement, but the case can be thrown out because there’s no way for them to cross-examine. He says he wishes she had the same passion for her own case.

Julian says either Alexis believes him or not. She says he’s lied to her before. He says he has faith in her ability to get Carrrlos off and says he thought she believed he’d changed. He gets all annoyed, but still never answers the question.

Sonny comes to Carrrlos’s cell, where Carrrlos is doing push-ups. (Side note: When I visited the One Life to Live set years ago, the guys did push-ups before scenes where they would have their shirts off so they would be “pumped.” That’s not what’s happening here. I’m just tripping down Memory Lane.) Sonny asks why Carrrlos is working out when he should be praying.

Aaron says everyone in culinary school aspires to open their own restaurant. Even though that’s not an option for him right now, he wants to try a food truck and wouldn’t mind having Corrinthos Coffee on tap. Kristina says there’s a lot he doesn’t know about her and maybe they shouldn’t even be going out.

Obrecht says she’d still be chief-of-staff if Finn hadn’t inflicted the hospital with his presence. Finn says and Tracy would be dead and they’d be facing a lawsuit. Carly explains why they’re there and she needs to know everything about the donor. Obrecht says she might not be chief-of-staff, but she’s not opening the hospital up to a lawsuit by giving out private information. Finn says Carly has the legal right to know. Obrecht suggests they go through legal channels then, and tells them to get out. I hope she ends up helping them, so she can be part of this storyline, since she’s one of the best actresses on the show and I hate seeing her underused.

Alexis says she heard everything Julian said. He says either she trusts him or doesn’t. She asks if he loves her. He says of course, and she says to tell her, and keeps asking him to repeat it. She starts crying and they hug. This is just embarrassing.

Carrrlos calls for the guard and Sonny says the guard is on break indefinitely. Sonny says he heard that the witness is dead and Carrrlos must be feeling pretty good. He says justice has to be served, and since the courts aren’t going to do it, he will. He reaches into his pocket.

Finn says a court order should only take a few months. Carly suggests talking to Monica. Finn leaves to deal with a patient. Carly sees Obrecht leaving the elevator and gets into the next one.

Aaron says he thought the point of going on a date is to get to know each other. Kristina says what if he’s disappointed. He says try him. Kristina tells him she was suspended from college. He says he looks forward to hearing the story. She says she was married and divorced already. He says he likes her and he’s not looking for problems. She says her family has a lot of issues and Morgan is just the tip of the iceberg. Aaron says he has baggage too, and they can exchange war stories over dinner. He thinks it’s cool how honest she is.

Carly goes down to the records room and sneaks in. She looks up something on the computer.

Griff says she needs to have faith that the jury will see the truth despite the dead witness. Anna says faith in what, because she doesn’t think God is smiling on her. He says he’ll have faith for the both of them. Anna asks if Griff ever feels as though God failed him. He says no, but he’s felt that he’s failed God.

Sonny says he’s not there to kill Carrrlos, he just likes seeing him look afraid. He says he meant what he said before, even if Carrrlos gets off, he’s a dead man walking.

Julian and Alexis get busy. Like now is the time for that.

Kristina asks if they’re going out to eat or if Aaron is whipping something up. They decide to go to some fusion restaurant.

Carly prints out a list of all the employees who were working the day of Jocelyn’s transplant.

Finn’s hypochondriac patient is dead

Anna asks how Griff let God down and he says that’s a story for another night. He says he doesn’t think she should be alone and asks to stay in the guest room.

Julian is asleep. Alexis sits there staring at him.

Sonny says Carrrlos might walk but he’s not getting far, and his life is going to be a nightmare.

Tomorrow, Carrrlos asks Paul for help, Maxie wants a discussion with Nathan, and Jason tells Sonny he might have a problem.

General Hospital — Friday

Obrecht tells Finn that his patient is dead, and that Finn apparently missed something that killed him.

Jordan and Andre continue to get busy. That’s one long song. And it’s not Stairway to Heaven or Light My Fire. Andre asks if Jordan has any doubts.

Lulu and Rocco are home with Dante. He asks if she’ll miss Windemere. She says aside from the maid service, a chef to cook the meals, her mother right down the hallway and all the other amenities, no. Ha-ha! Lulu being funny.

Maxie is hounding Nathan about the wedding plans. He says all he cares about is her saying “I do,” but promises to come up with some opinions if they can talk about it later. She says they’ll have an in-depth discussion leaving no wedding plan stone unturned. He says every time they do that, the discussion turns into an interrogation about Claudette.

Carrrlos tells Paul he needs his help.

Sonny is on the phone and says he wants to know if a motion to dismiss happens. Jason pops into his office telling him he might have a problem. Jason says he spoke to Michael and Sonny is right to be worried. He thinks Carrrlos was bargaining with Michael for info about Sabrrrina. He says he doesn’t think Michael is going to do anything stupid though.

Finn says there’s no indication of cardiac distress. Obrecht says he’s not as thorough as he thinks. Finn tells her she’s a long way from the records room. She says in reorganizing it, she had to check Mr. Ellis’s records and now they’ll be issuing a death certificate.

Lulu says any place with Dante is an improvement. He says he has a surprise for her.

Andre is like, what’s that sound? and Jordan says it’s her meditation tape that she uses when she’s stressed. He says she doesn’t seem stressed, and they listen to whale sounds. Jordan admits it’s a bit of a mood killer and he suggests a glass of wine to get the mood back. Jordan checks her phone and there are 8 messages.

Maxie says she’s not bringing Claudette up again. Nathan says he’ll see her later to discuss the pros and cons of a destination wedding. She looks at a paper that has Claudette’s address.

Carrrlos says Sonny is blaming him for Hale’s death like he could do something from jail. Paul says that’s a possibility. Carrrlos says Sonny is going to have him killed. Paul says sorry about that, but he isn’t clear on what Carrrlos wants from him. Carrrlos says to get him out of there right now.

Obrecht says the patient’s death was preventable and gross negligence on Finn’s part. She leaves and Carly talks smack about Obrecht to Finn. She brings up how Obrecht gave Finn grief when he didn’t show up for his presentation because he needed an insulin shot. He says she’s given it more thought than he has. He says sorry they came up empty as far as Jocelyn goes, but Carly says she got the records.

Dante says they’re making a fresh start, so why don’t they look into a bigger place? He says Rocco is getting huge and needs more room. Nice off-the-shoulder top on Lulu. She says Rocco never doubted for a second they loved him and anywhere the three of them are together is fine. Dante says he’d felt like he lost a part of himself when they were apart and he never wants it to happen again. He tells Lulu to check her email since he sent her links to some properties. Dante’s phone rings, it’s Jordan, shocked that Hale is dead.

Jason brings up Hale’s death and Sonny asks how he knew. Jason says he was at the station. Sonny says Julian had him killed and he knows it. Sonny describes what must have happened and says he was forced to take the needle once. He says Julian had Duke killed and he’s been covering his ass ever since.

Paul says he sympathizes with Carrrlos, but there’ nothing he can do since he rejected the plea deal. Carrrlos says he might get the urge to tell someone about the skeleton in Paul’s closet. He thinks a lot of people would like to know about the circumstances surrounding Sloane’s death. Paul says he can transfer Carrrlos and give him extra security. Carrrlos says Sonny has people everywhere, and Paul says his location will be secret and he’ll be transferred within the hour. Carrrlos isn’t happy. Paul signs something and wipes his prints from the pen. Carrrlos sees the pen and a paperclip next to it on the table.

Finn tells Carly nice work, but they should pretend he doesn’t know anything about it. She says about what? Finn says if she has any questions, he’ll help. Obrecht joins them, saying the family denied her request for an autopsy due to religious reasons. Finn says he’d like to know what happened himself. Obrecht leaves and Carly says she’s sorry. Finn says sometimes patients die. He says he’s fine, but thinks he needs to get back to work.

Dante tells Jordan that Hale died from an overdose. He says they questioned Alexis, but had to let her go. Jordan says she doubts Alexis would do something like that, but Dante explains that he and Anna were hoping Julian would spill his guts. Jordan says it does seem funny and asks if he can go over to the station now and see if he can find out anything further. Dante tells Lulu he has to go and she tells him to text her if it’s going to be an all-nighter.

Andre comes back with the wine. Jordan tells him about Hale’s death and that it was possibly murder. He says he’s sure Anna was counting on him and asks if it’s okay to talk about her. She says she’s worried about Anna too. Andre says he’s more worried about Jordan and starts kissing her. He asks if there’s something else on her mind. She says she doesn’t think she’s going to be good company tonight and wants to get back to the station. She tells him to stay and get some sleep. He says he’ll go in to work too, and do some catching up. He says there will be other nights and Jordan agrees.

Sonny tells Jason that Julian poisons everything around him, Alexis for example. Jason says there’s no love lost between him and Julian, but he’s Sam’s father so he’s chosen to maintain a neutral position. Sonny says he doesn’t have that luxury and it has to stop. Jason says sorry, but he can’t be involved.

Jordan gets to the station. Paul tells her Carrrlos doesn’t feel safe in the jail. Jordan says there’s nothing she can do about it and Paul tells her about the transfer and how Carrrlos needs security. She says it will be 24 hours. Paul says they can’t wiat that long and Nathan volunteers.

Carrrlos takes the pen and the paper clip and hides them in his sleeve.

Sonny tells Jason he won’t confuse him with the old Jason who would never lie to him. Sonny makes it up as he goes along, saying Jason said things he didn’t say. Jason says he doesn’t work for him and Sonny asks what he’s doing there then. Carly comes in and asks what’s up. Jason says he thinks Michael is going to be fine and he’s sorry, he can’t be part of this life.

Maxie visits Lulu. She asks why Lulu didn’t tell her she’d moved back. Lulu says she and Dante were inspired by Maxie and Nathan. She asks how the wedding plans are going. Maxie says she sees why brides go crazy and says she has a question for Lulu.

Nathan tells Dante about accompanying Carrrlos. He says Paul pushed it through and he doesn’t think Alexis even knows. Dante asks to tag along. Carrrlos says Dante’s father is a known criminal who’s threatened his life and Dante says Carrrlos will just have to trust him.

Maxie asks Lulu to be her Maid of Honor. She can’t imagine having the wedding without Lulu being a part of it, and says she can even pick out what she wants to wear. Lulu says of course.

Andre introduces himself to Finn. He says Mr. Ellis was a frequent patient and it seemed like he was just suffering from loneliness, but apparently that wasn’t the case. He says he knows it’s not easy to lose a patient. Finn says sometimes death can be a release and Andre asks what he means.

Sonny tells Carly that sometimes Jason seems like his old friend, but then he shuts down. He tells her about the witness turning up dead. He says Alexis will file a motion to have the case thrown out. Carly says she always knew Alexis was a hypocrite and all she cares about is keeping Julian free and in her bed. Sonny says the bigger problem is that Carrrlos is going free unless he does something.

In the car, Carrrlos asks if he scares them so much, they both had to come along? Nathan says Anna is a friend of his and Carrrlos says Anna caused him a lot of pain. He says all he wants to do is live in peace with the mother of his child and how come everyone is hassling him? While he’s giving a mini speech, he gets free of the handcuffs.

Finn says he’s talking about a spiritual release. Andre says it’s a funny attitude for a doctor who’s job is to defeat death. Finn says he wants to reflect on things alone and leaves. He locks himself into an examination room and sinks to the floor. He gives himself a shot.

Maxie tells Lulu there’s so much to do she’s overwhelmed. Lulu says they need to tackle one thing at a time, and asks what Maxie is going to wear. Maxie says she’s made plans to check out some designers in New York. She says she also has something else to take care of. She’s found out where Claudette lives.

Jordan says it’s not going to be easy, but they can still win the case with the sworn statements. She asks Paul if that isn’t what he wants to do.

Carly tells Sonny to leave the fate of Carrrlos with the justice system and to have faith.

Carrrlos practically climbs into the front seat, and the car swerves, colliding with something or someone.

We see Jason lying on the road with his motorcycle, along with the car Carrrlos was in.

On Monday, Jason remembers things,

People’s Couch Quotes of the Week, Plus One

Sometimes I miss the good old days when it was just sort of, well, don’t die. — Emerson, referring to taking care of a baby, while watching Thicker Than Water.

Hugh Laurie. Remember him from House?
What house? — Ayn and Sue respectively, while watching The Night Manager.

And the secret to longevity — who knew?

Don’t wear beige: it might kill you. — elderly model, Sue Kreitzman.

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