May 13, 2016 — Two, Two, Two GHs & Couch Quotes


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital — Thursday

Maxie is telling herself everything is going to be fine. Griff comes out and she asks about Nathan.

Anna tries to get out of the meat locker, but it’s locked, which makes sense for a locker. It must not be that cold, since we can’t see her breath.

Jordan says they’re looking for Carrrlos. Paul says he’s going to get away again.

Carrrlos asks why. Julian says it had to be done and stabs him a bunch more times. Bastard.

Alexis tells Sonny she can’t get ahold of Julian. Sonny says he’s going to Crimson and Alexis says she’s coming along.

Julian takes the envelope of money out of Carrrlos’s hand, saying he won’t need it now.

Franco tells her he’d forgotten how big his hands were. Ha-ha! Did Roger Howarth make that up? Nina doesn’t know what to say. They both agree that making jokes is a defense mechanism for them. Nina wonders how to react, and Franco suggests amused or charmed. She says calling 911 is an option too. Really? Just a wee bit overboard. Nina says the last time she saw him, he’d said their relationship was broken and twisted, but Franco says he’s the one who’s broken and twisted. He says he’s come to her with no defenses, no armor and no pants. He begs her to come back.

Griff tells Maxie that Nathan is incredibly resilient and he’s going to be okay. He tells her to stick close to Nathan and he’ll be fine. She says she plans to.

Jordan says just when she thinks Paul is out of audacity, he magics up some more. She tells him he doesn’t seem too broken up about Carrrlos’s escape. Felix enters and says Dante was stabbed with a really expensive pen. Jordan wonders how he got his hands on something like that.

Carrrlos calls for Sabrrrina. Julian kicks him into the water.

Anna looks around for something to use and finds a metal doohickey. She pries at the lock.

Sonny tells Alexis he knows how it is to want to believe someone, but when they lie to you over and over, it becoems difficult.

Michael finds Carrrlos, who asks for help. Talk about resilient.

Griff tells Maxie that Nathan is in recovery, but won’t be very communicative. She says she can talk for the both of them. She thanks Griff and he says he was just doing his job. She asks why he said he “owed it” to Nathan.

Jordan wonders where Anna is. She says maybe Carrrlos found Anna. Andre says he hasn’t heard from her since she got out of jail. He talks about Anna following Carrrlos to Canada, and Jordan wonders if Anna is at the pier because that’s the only route out of Port Charles. Andre wonders what will happen if Carrrlos finds Anna first.

Anna lies down on the floor.

Franco tells Nina he loves her and wants her to come home. She says it doesn’t solve their problems and brings up the children thing. She says every step closer she takes toward herself is a step away from him. He says apparently there’s no room for him in her life. She says that’s not it. The more independent she is, the less he wants her. She says he only wants her when she needs him. He asks if she can look him in the eye and tell him she doesn’t love him.

Julian comes in and is like, what? Franco says they were having a conversation and Julian tells him to get out. Nina tells Franco the conversation is done and Franco leaves. Julian asks if Nina is okay. She says yes and asks what he’s doing there.

Michael pulls Carrrlos out of the water. He says he’ll help him if Carrrlos tells him where Sabrrrina and the baby are.

Maxie says Griff barely knows Nathan, so how could he owe him anything? He says that Nathan is part of the PCPD, but Maxie says it sounded more personal than that. Before he can answer, Obrecht runs in, asking about her son. Griff says he should be fine, but it’s been a busy night and it’s not over, so he has to go.

Michael pumps Carrrlos for information and Carrrlos tells him go to hell. Him and his father.

Julian says he doesn’t want to mean, but obviously Franco has issues. Nina says he’s a vulnerable man who was trying to fix things in an off-kilter way. She says she appreciates Julian’s concern, but everything is cool. She tells him his shirt is stained and asks what happened.

Sonny and Alexis get to the office. Michael calls Sonny and tells Sonny to meet him at the ER. The paramedics are at the pier and loading Carrrlos onto a stretcher. Jordan shows up and asks Michael what happened. Michael explains that he found Carrrlos in the water, stabbed and bleeding. Jordan asks about Anna, but Michael says he hasn’t seen her.

Andre finds Anna and tells her to wake up; it’s time to go. He says he’ll explain later and helps her stand up.

Obrecht congratulates Maxie on the engagement. She says she missed out on so many things with her son’s life. She tells Maxie a story about Nathan breaking his arm as a boy and shows her a picture of him at nine, already “a man of courage and daring.” She says her sister told her that he was in a cast for a month, but she was half a world away. She says she was never there for him, and Maxie says she’s there now and that’s what matters. Nathan is ready to have one visitor. Maxie tells Obrecht to go, but she says Maxie is the one he wants to see. Franco comes in and Obrecht hugs him.

Paul tells Jordan he’s alerted the hospitals to look for anyone who’s been in a struggle. Jordan says they’ll have to ask Carrrlos what happened and Paul adds, assuming he survives.

Andre brings Anna to the hospital. She asks him to get her some coffee and asks how he found her. Andre says he looked for a place where Carrrlos might contain her and the meat locker seemed like an obvious choice. She thanks him and says she’ll be eternally grateful.

The EMTs bring Carrrlos in.

Alexis comes into Julian’s office. He asks what she’s doing there and she says he wasn’t answering his phone. Nina comes out in a robe. He says they were having some red wine that got spilled, so he changed shirts. You can tell Alexis thinks something’s up. They leave the office and Alexis asks if he was there the whole time.

Anna wants to go in while their working on Carrrlos. Griff overhears. Sonny comes in and Michael tells him what happened.

Nina realizes Franco left without one of his socks. Maxie calls and tells her about Nathan.

Franco asks Obrecht what happened. She says Nathan was attacked by an escaped prisoner, but his prognosis is good. He tells her about Nina’s rebuff. She says her only son just survived a brush with death and he’s being self-absorbed. She says she’s always been supportive and when she needs him to return the favor, he can’t do it. He says he’s going through a rough patch and she says it’s going to get rougher. She’s no longer chief-of-staff and he’s on his own.

Obrecht goes in to see Nathan. She tells him maybe it’s time to consider a desk job. Maxie agrees, but he says he’s always going to be a cop. He asks what happened to Carrrlos.

Julian tells Alexis he can’t believe she brought Sonny with her. She says no one was picking up their phones and she had to make sure he wasn’t with Carrrlos. Now she’s going to call Sonny to tell him he was wrong.

Jordan wants info on the ships leaving the pier. Andre calls and tells her he found Anna and explains what happened with her an Carrrlos. He says she should come to the ER. Jordan says no one leaves until they find the weapon used on Carrrlos.

Good luck with that, since Julian is at home cleaning it off.

Carrrlos goes into cardiac arrest. Alexis texts sonny that Julian was at Crimson and he calls her a fool. Michael tells Sonny what happened at the pier.

Griff asks Anna if she’s the one who stabbed Carrrlos. She says no and fills him in. Felix comes out and Sonny asks if Carrrlos is alive.

Nina comes to the hospital to see Nathan. Franco looks dismally through the window.

Carrrlos is still alive and Jordan wants to know as soon as he can talk. She asks Michael to come to the station, but he says he’s not answering anything without his lawyer. Jordan asks Anna if she’s okay and says she’ll need Anna’s statement at some point. Andre tells her she knows where he is if she needs to talk. She thanks him and says he’s a real lifesaver.

Paul gets all loud about wanting to know the condition of the prisoner. Felix gets called back into surgery.

I missed this before, but Julian killed Carrrlos with the dagger Alexis’s mother was murdered with. Why it’s on display at their home, I have no clue, but Julian puts it back in the china cabinet. Alexis enters and says she just got a call from the PCPD and they found Carrrlos wounded on the pier, but he’s still alive.

Anna tells Sonny the only way Carrrlos can get out of anything is to give up Julian. Felix says he’s not going to make it to surgery. Anna says they need to talk to him before he dies. Felix says the only one going in is a priest. Griff says they have him; he’s a priest.

Tomorrow, Nicholas plans on making life hell for Hayden, Paul says Sonny is high on the list of suspects and Sonny grills a dying Carrrlos.

General Hospital — Friday

Anna wants to record Carrrlos’s confession. She says it’s their last chance to get what they need. She gets all up in dying Carrrlos’s face and Griff tells her to back off. Griff is going to give him last rites.

Elizabeth has found a new house, so she’s moving out of Windemere. She tells Nicholas his good mood has her nervous. She asks if he’s forgiven Hayden and he says quite the opposite.

Curtis is working out with the punching bag. Hayden comes into the gym. He says she obviously needs help, so what is it? She says she needs him to steal some diamonds from Nicholas. He tells her hell to the no.

Julian cleans off the dagger and puts it back in the china cabinet. Alexis comes downstairs. She says they found Carrrlos wounded on the pier and he made it to the ER still alive. Ha-ha! Julian must be crapping his pants. She says he doesn’t look surprised.

Bad Anna! She says they don’t have time for a religious ceremony. Griff begins anyway. Sonny crosses himself, but he tells Anna it’s not for Carrrlos, it’s just what you do. I see he’s an A&P Catholic.

What I’m wondering is, how did Griff have all this time to go to theology school, go through the years long process of becoming a priest and go to medical school, along with whatever schooling it takes for a specialty? He’s supposed to be around 28.

Commercial break with important information. Don’t forget Once Upon A Time’s 2-hour season finale starts at 7 pm this Sunday.

Elizabeth is hoping that Nicholas kicked Hayden to the curb and she’s getting nothing. He says not yet. She says she hopes he isn’t banking on Hayden changing. Nicholas says he has a plan. He’s going to make Hayden’s life a living hell.

Delighting all the ladies in the audience, Curtis is jumping rope. Hayden says she needs his full attention. She says if there was ever a day for her to start begging, this is the one. She says she has no family or friends, and he’s the only one she can count on. He starts to tape her hands and says he’s going to show her another way to work through her problems.

Julian says of course he’s surprised. Alexis says no one has more to gain from Carrrlos being dead. She asks if he sent someone to kill Carrrlos.

Griff continues to give last rites and my mind boggles that Anna and Sonny are allowed to stand there kibitzing. Carrrlos finishes the Lord’s Prayer in Spanish.

Paul tells Jordan the obvious, that calling in a priest isn’t a good sign. Anna tells Griff this has to stop. I wonder what world they live in where she can interfere with last rites. Oh yeah, soap world.

Anna acts like a jerk. Griff says he’s there as a priest. Anna argues with him about Duke. He says definition of faith… and I completely space out and miss possibly the most important moment of the show. Or at least Griff’s part in it.

Paul says Sonny must be on the short list of suspects (another reason he wouldn’t be allowed in the room). Jordan thinks if she can trace the pen to its owner, she’ll have who killed Carrrlos.

Julian promises Alexis he didn’t send anyone to the docks. I can just hear him justifying this to himself by saying that technically he’s not lying. He says she can check his phone, which would be useless since he could have deleted any evidence there or have a dedicated phone. She asks why Anna called and he says to ask him the same questions Alexis is asking. He says he’s going to the hospital and Alexis tells him he can’t go anywhere near there or he’s asking to be picked up. He says he has to go find out what’s going on.

Griff anoints Carrrlos while Anna won’t STFU. Sonny looks bored. Griff finishes the rites and absolves Carrrlos. I love Griff. He’s one of those do the right thing people who will even tell a best friend that they’re wrong. He asks if there’s anything Carrrlos wants to say and Sonny starts yelling at Carrrlos to admit Julian gave the order to kill Duke. Anna adds her two cents and Carrrlos flatlines. Anna insists Carrrlos would have given up Julian if they hadn’t wasted time with a pointless ritual. Maybe he would have if you two hadn’t screeched at him in the last moments of his life.

Alexis asks Julian why he needs to check on Carrrlos and Julian says he was a friend. Alexis isn’t buying that one and Julian tries to justify all the things he’s ever said about Carrrlos that weren’t very friendly. Alexis realizes there’s a window of time where Julian’s gun wasn’t accounted for. She asks if Julian came back for it.

Jordan is at the door. She’s there to talk to Julian and Alexis about Carrrlos. She tells them he’s dead.

Anna says this is the worst thing that could happen because now there are no ties between Carrrlos and Julian. She makes up scenarios about Sonny killing Julian and Sonny swears he’s on her side. Anna turns to go and almost smacks into Paul who says he’s sorry. Anna says Paul wanted Carrrlos dead as much as Julian and leaves. Sonny asks why Paul would want Carrrlos dead. He says Anna is out of her mind and Sonny says that doesn’t mean he’s not right. He brings up a few “coincidences.” Ava being connected to Julian, who is connected to Carrrlos, who is connected to Paul. Paul says Anna is disturbed. Sonny says Anna is a pro and tougher than Paul.

Griff goes to the chapel and asks for peace in his failings. He talks about finding out Duke was his father and the turmoil he went through with Carrrlos. He wants forgiveness for the satisfaction he felt when Carrrlos died and asks God to welcome Carrrlos into His kingdom and forgive him, since there was no forgiveness in this world for him. Anna watches.

Curtis teaches Hayden to box and tells her he does some of his best thinking in the ring. They spar and Hayden tells him about the diamonds that Nicholas found. She says right now she’s bluffing to keep them at a stand-off, but her resources are dwindling. Curtis suggest she sell her engagement ring online. She says it has sentimental value because it reminds her of when they were happy for five minutes. Curtis suggests selling stuff that Nicholas has around the house. She asks if he’ll help her.

Elizabeth is like, Hayden is still living in the lap of luxury, how is that a living hell? He says a loveless marriage is no cakewalk, but what he has on her will bring her down as much as what she has on him. He adds that Elizabeth gave him a great idea and leaves.

Anna is working my last nerve. While Griff is trying to talk to God, she confronts him and says the one chance they had to get a confession was squandered by him. She asks why he’s been lying to her.

Jordan suggests Carrrlos was still working for Julian. Julian says he was at the office, and Jordan asks what time Alexis saw him there. Alexis says 2:30 am and Jordan says Carrrlos was stabbed prior to that. Julian says Nina can vouch for the rest of the time. Alexis says Julian didn’t shoot Carrrlos and Jordan says who said Carrrlos was shot?

Paul says he wants an arrest for Carrrlos’s murder asap. Sonny tells him he’s putting on a good act and brings up the pen. Paul wants to know if Dante is giving out details on the case, but Sonny says he saw him come into the ER and wonders where the pen came from. He says Anna doesn’t like Paul very much. Paul says Anna is a valued colleague who’s going through a bad time. Sonny says he respects her and Paul says he does too, but it’s inappropriate for her to have a relationship with Sonny. Sonny says she’d bust him in a second if he did anything wrong. He says that if Carrrlos had stuck the pen in Dante’s throat, Dante would have died, and whoever put the pen in his hands, he’s going to deal with them. Paul says he’s making it his business to have a thorough investigation.

Anna says too bad Griff was more concern with giving Carrrlos absolution than he was with Duke’s death. She says Carrrlos deprived them of Duke. Griff says he’d like to help her let go of the anger, pain and grief. She says she gets that his faith gives him comfort, but his lectures on forgiveness are insulting. She says he knows very little about the circumstances of Duke’s life and less about his death. She says Julian gave the order and she’s not resting until he’s brought to justice.

Jordan tells Alexis that Carrrlos was stabbed and it must have been one hell of a blade.

Curtis shows Hayden how to sell stuff online. Hayden says Nicholas is gong to go crazy when he finds out, but the goal is for him to give her money to go away. She thanks Curtis for being a good friend.

Nicholas tells Elizabeth that he’s donating all of Hayden’s clothes to charity. He’s instructed the staff to only keep a pair of underwear and ratty sweatpants. Elizabeth asks if this is just another chapter in their so-called love story. Nicholas says no way and just watch what happens. Elizabeth says hearing that almost makes her not want to move. Almost.

Sonny and Anna go in to where Carrrlos’s body is. Sonny says he spoke to the staff and she’s getting a last chance to say what she needs to say. She says she wants Julian to go down in a court of law. Sonny says that might not happen for Duke’s murder, but someone killed Carrrlos. Sonny leaves and Anna asks dead Carrrlos if he was trying to tell her that Julian murdered him. She talks about the irony of him being loyal to Julian. She says she should feel sorry for him, but she feels like he got what he deserved and somehow, some way, Julian will too.

Jordan says they haven’t found the murder weapon yet but she’s confident they will. She tells them they should call their lawyers since they’ll probably need them. She leaves.

Alexis goes to the cupboard and takes the dagger out. She repeats what Jordan said — it must have been one hell of a blade — and looks at Julian

On Monday, Alexis calls out Julian, Franco is fired from working with Jake, Obrecht wants to take Finn down, and Carly asks what Sonny is planning.

People’s Couch Quotes of the Week

Oh, the horse. All I care about is the horse. — Destiney, referring to Game of Thrones. I totally understand this. I’ve seen the Red Wedding episode at least six times, but never watched when the direwolf gets killed.

Betty White?! Rashawn while googling “Becky with the good hair,” during Lemonade.

What is a resting bitchy [sic] face?
Do you see your face right now? — Cathy and Destiney, respectively, while watching Below Deck: Mediterranean.

Chopped Junior sounds like a bris. — Emerson.

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