May 24, 2016 – The Nurses Ball, a Model Charter & a Wrong Finale


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

It’s time for the Nurses Ball!

Robin and Emma watch the Nurses Ball on TV because it’s such a huge event, it’s even broadcast on the West Coast. They do the red carpet thing with Nina being one of the hosts. She manages to plug Crimson while she’s at it. The dresses are fabulous and I’m guessing the actresses on the show are glad to be dressing up for a change.

Maxie talks to Griff. She says Amy thinks he’s a priest and he should shut that rumor down. He says it’s no rumor, but he’s not practicing right now. Maxie says she’s brought Nathan a tux, but Griff says he can’t be discharged yet. Maxie suggests Griff escort her then.

I love Ava’s red dress with a mermaid hem, but I think she needs more accessorizing. Ooh! I want Kiki’s earrings desperately. Obviously, today’s show is all about the fashion for me. Kiki tells Ava about her last meeting with Morgan. Ava says they’ll be the bells of the ball and Scotty says he’s proud to be escorting such lovely ladies.

Amy is in the back on her phone talking about how amazing it is that she’ll be on stage where she belongs. Elizabeth takes a tumble, but Franco catches her. Obrecht looks amazing and Carly tells her she’d better not be planning a repeat performance of hijacking the opening number, but Obrecht tells us she has something better in mind. I was really hoping she would sing, since she has a beautiful voice.

Speaking of Franco, I read that they’re holding out on Roger Howarth with his contract negotiations. Give him whatever he wants. He and Michael Easton are the best things on this show. Unpredictable, engaging, and not bad to look at.

Jordan and Andre enter together. Backstage, it doesn’t look good for Elizabeth’s ankle. Lucy tells her to just walk the red carpet and promote the show. When Nicholas is introduced, Nina calls Hayden out as Rachel Berlin. Hayden says she had nothing to do with her father’s business and nothing stashed in her sock drawer. Nicholas suggests that might be otherwise, but says it keeps life interesting.

Lucas is pretty nervous. He and Brad are trying to stay apart until the wedding, but catch a glimpse of each other. Uh-oh, bad luck.

Lucy tells Carly what’s one tiny disaster, but won’t tell her what it was.

Anna and Andre meet at the bar. Jordan joins them and tells Anna they’ll meet tomorrow and talk about getting the charges dropped.

Hayden isn’t too thrilled about what Nicholas said on the red carpet.

Lucy walks the carpet and promotes GH and their fight against AIDS. Carly, with some amazing lowlights, says this year it’s going to be better than ever. Nina introduces “homewrecker” Ava along with her “sleazy lawyer.” Ava asks who gave her a microphone and Lucy rescues the moment. She leaves and Ava tells Carly she’ll be over tomorrow to get Avery. Carly says she’ll be ready.

Griff tells Maxie it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to escort her because she’s engaged, but she says what could be safer than a priest? He says he doesn’t have a tux, but she says she can fix that with a phone call. He relents.

Anna enters the ballroom, remembering Duke. Emma comes out on stage and introduces special visitors – her and Robin. So either they were watching on the East Coast or had one helluva quick plane ride.

Maxie, also sporting great lowlights, arrives with Griff. Nina calls him arm candy and Maxie says she bets he didn’t hear this a lot as a priest. Valerie and Curtis are next.

Hayden tells Nicholas she thought they’re supposed to play the happy couple tonight. He says what happy couple doesn’t tease each other about hidden assets, and she tells him not to push her too far. He won’t like how she pushes back.

Emma asks Griff if he’s really a priest. She doesn’t understand why he never wants to get married.

Elizabeth comes in escorted by Franco. Ha-ha! Elizabeth and Hayden are wearing the same thing and Nina points it out. Maxie grabs Elizabeth to get her a new dress. Jason and Sam arrive and the host asks if that’s his ex wife or his next wife.

Carly sneaks into Ava’s room, looking for the flash-drive Ava’s confession. She picks up a martini shaker and hears something clanking around. Oh come on. Nothing is ever that easy. Carly pulls the flash-drive out of the shaker and says she’s smarter than Ava, but almost not. Ava starts to put her key in the lock, thinking she forgot her checkbook, but finds it in her purse.

Robin makes the rounds. Bobbie makes a little speech to Brad and Lucas and they have a toast.

There’s friction between Franco and Jason, and Jason tells Elizabeth she’d better keep his son away from Franco. Jason apologizes to Sam, but she says he has nothing to apologize for. Robin sees them and Jason tells her he’s starting to remember. He says he’s glad she’s there and she says she’s glad they both are.

Carly takes the drive to a laptop. It would be really funny if it’s not the confession.

Nicholas tells Jason he knows about his stunt with the IRS and if he wants war, he has it. Jason doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Sam tells Nicholas Jason is starting to remember. Nicholas says that’s great, but he doesn’t want Jason destroying his life.

The show starts. Lucy tells herself to keep her clothes on. She makes the opening speech. We start with the staff number, led by Epiphany. It’s a semi-rap number that takes us down Memory Lane, and ends with an explosion of confetti.

Lucy makes a plea for donations and thanks Nicholas for his.

Obrecht says now that the crowd has warmed up, they can savor her medley from The Sound of Music. She has puppets and is dressed in a Heidi outfit, but a bunch of orderlies in masks come in and kidnap her. Boo!

Carly sess what’s on the flash drive and says OMG.

Bobbie faints backstage. Told you something was up with her.

Lucy says she promised a night of surprises and….

…to be continued tomorrow.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Jen asks Danny how the make-out was, and even though we all saw it, he pretends like nothing happened. Katie and the models head back to the yacht for dinner. It’s also Katie’s birthday. Ben is busy filleting a fish and no doubt will be baking, although he says that’s not his forte. Jen has decided to keep what she knows about Danny to herself.

Apparently the guests want sushi served by guys with bow ties and no shirts, and Bryan says you gotta give ‘em what they want. Hannah oils the guys down. She says it’s not necessary, but fun. I dunno about that.

Katie sees the birthday banner and tries not to cry. I don’t know if that’s because she’s overwhelmed with happiness or bummed because she’s getting older. The sushi looks fabulous. No surprise, since Ben is a master. Hannah thanks the guys for being good sports.

Next are some gigantic shrimp that are basically looking back at the guests. One of the models has to leave the table because “she’s very spiritual” and is thinking all the shrimp are a family. She says even flies matter to her. Okay. I’m actually thinking of going vegetarian, but not thinking of going insane. She asks if Ben has any vegetarian sushi. He doesn’t, but he says he’ll whip something else up for her. He says the drunker you get, the more vegetarian you become. Danny goes to cheer her up. Rolling my eyes.

Bryan tells the captain all went well. Danny starts writing a poem for the girl who was upset about the shrimp and Bobby tells him they have actual work to do. Danny gives him a hard time, so he calls Bryan to the break room. Danny explains what he’s doing and the captain has to tell him it’s inappropriate. The captain asks if this is something that’s been building, and Danny says they’ve made a connection, but nothing happened. Captain Mark tells him no more building, connections or anything else. He says they’re here to serve them and make them happy, but not to have relationships with them. Danny says he needs space and broods by his bunk.

Ben has made a crazy-looking cake. Hannah hopes the guests will like it, but thinks they’d probably be satisfied with a cupcake with a candle in it. I’ll bet it tastes fabulous. Cake looks can be deceiving.

Danny can’t seem to help himself and gives the model the poem anyway. He wants to make “a moment” for her and feels it’s the right thing to do. Idiot.

Model Morgan reads the poem out loud and it’s the worst. All the girls think it’s sweet though. Danny talks to a couple of the models on deck and Bryan asks to speak with him. He lies and said he wasn’t talking to them, but Bryan says he’s pretty pissed and that he’s acting like a twelve-year-old. Bobby can’t even believe what’s going on. Seriously. It’s like your waiter getting all up in your business or something.

Bryan says they explained it in every possible way, but Danny still did what he wanted to do and he’s going to face the consequences. Hannah says you work on a yacht, the captain gives you orders and you follow them; it’s that simple. Bryan tells Captain Mark what happened. The captain says he’s never had this situation before and Danny isn’t to go on deck tomorrow. Bryan tells Danny. Danny asks if he’s allowed to say good-by to the guests, but Bryan says no and he hopes it was all worth it. Bryan thinks he’s going to get the ax.

Hannah suggests they put Danny under a microscope and study him. Bryan is nervous that he’ll have to rely on Jen more once Danny is gone, but he tells her he’s confident they can handle it.

It’s docking time and the wind is blowing like crazy, which makes it more difficult. The crew chases the breakfast table settings around. Jen says growing up, she was always one of the boys and it’s annoying that they don’t seem to trust her with important tasks. The crew is having a hard time hearing the captain, so he decides to go back out and regroup. They have to anchor outside the dock and the guests have to leave on a tender. I have no idea what that is, but I assume it’s a boat of some kind.

Bobby broods in his bunk. He says he thought he made friendships for life with the models. Highly doubtful. The girls present everyone with towels. I hope this isn’t in lieu of a tip. No one asks where Danny is despite those lifelong friendships. Oops, I spoke too soon, since one of them put a note in his towel. The captain has Bryan bring Danny to the bridge. I wonder if he’s going to make him walk the plank. And yes, a tender is a boat, not a sweet deckhand.

Captain Mark asks Danny what he was thinking. Danny says he thought it was the right thing to do. The captain asks if he still thinks so. Danny says no, because the captain said so, but he likes lifting people up who are down. The captain suggests he be a Walmart greeter. He says the girls are professional flirts and he’s lost the respect of everyone and also his tip. He says he can’t have crew members he can’t trust, and he can’t trust Danny.

Captain Mark says the part that bothers him is that Danny still thinks he’s right and wonders what he can’t trust him with next. The captain says it’s not a question of his honesty, but his integrity. Danny begs and the captain says he can stay, but he has two strikes already; a third and he’s out. He says Danny will have to earn the respect back. He hopes Danny doesn’t prove him wrong.

At tip time, Captain Mark tells everyone Danny started feeling and stopped thinking, but he’s giving Danny another chance. Ben feels badly about Danny, but probably not about the extra tip. Twenty grand, USD. In her interview, Hannah says she would have fired him. Not for the poem per se, but for disobeying the captain’s orders. The wind dies down and Tiffany asks if she can help the deckhands dock. Hannah, who seems a little more chill with Tiffany, gives the okay. Bryan admits she’s pretty good with the lines.

Bobby thinks Danny should have been fired, but respects the captain’s decision. He says he doesn’t hate Danny, but he is pissed off at him. Bryan says it will take a miracle for Danny to regain his trust.

It’s night out time, but Bobby and Danny are doing a safety check, so they can’t go. The crew goes to dinner, which means more drinks than food. Bobby wants to give Danny another chance, since he’s his roommate and he doesn’t want tension. Apparently, whatever schematics they have are outdated by ten years, so they can’t find half the safety stuff listed. Danny wastes some time cutting out dog pictures for Jen who misses her dog. Well, at least we know that has nothing to do with romance.

Jen orders chicken, white rice and green beans and Ben says she likes boring food. She’s the same one who didn’t like the “old buildings” and the food in Greece. After dinner, it’s serious drinking time. They drink some shots in really weird glasses that look like tiny mason jars.

Ben says Bryan’s filter seems to dissolve with alcohol. He likes it and thinks it’s healthy. He also thinks the girls in the crew are hot. Hannah tells Bryan that Ben is a good flirt and says she’s yet to date a chef. I have news for her; he said he’s not interested.

Jen likes the surprise Danny left her. She says he’s redeemed himself and deep down he’s a nice guy. I have no doubt about that, but that doesn’t mean this is the job for him. Hannah tries flirting some more with Ben on the boat, but it’s a no. He actually seems to like Tiffany. Hannah gets offended that Ben doesn’t want to play footsie with her. Ben catches Bryan playing footsie with Tiffany in the bunk and is not too happy.

Next time, Oklahoma millionaires, Hannah is back on Tiffany’s case, and Danny acts like an asshat again.

If Loving You Is Wrong

Alex goes to Rusty and says Randal won’t leave her alone. He asks if Randal raped her and she says no, but Rusty insists he did. He asks if she called the law and she says no. Rusty says good and tells her to stop lying about the rape. She says that’s not what happened and Rusty asks what she’s saying then. Alex says she had an affair and Rusty slaps her. It’s unfathomable to him, and he says he should kill her. He asks if the baby is Randal’s and she says yes. Her mother comes out and asks what’s going on. Rusty says Alex is breaking his heart.

Rusty tells her that Randal won’t leave Alex alone. Her mother is like, oh, so you’re coming here for help now. Rusty tells Alex she disgusts him and he spits on her. As ever, the soul of decorum. Alex is shocked, although I don’t know why, since she grew up with him abusing her. Rusty goes inside and her mother tells her she’d better leave. She says when Rusty gets calm, it’s time to get away.

She must be right because he comes out with a shotgun. Alex says Randal is trying to take her baby and Rusty says good, because “they” should all stay together. Alex says she’s not leaving until they help her and her mother goes nuts, screaming and yelling and smacking her, until Alex finally gets in her car and goes.

Rusty says he needs to get Jessie and Oliver and gas up the truck. I’m sure this can’t be good.

Joey is in Faun’s room, which is decorated by Pottery Barn Teen. She has to make some pick-ups, but Joey isn’t comfortable with her carrying all that money. He says she should carry a gun. She gets one of her father’s guns and gives it to him. She says he can be her security.

Eddie bugs Claudia. He says he wants to apologize for Esperanza. She tells him to get lost, but he’s not having any. He asks where she’s from and she says a place called you’re never gonna get it. Ha-ha! She says she’s never going to go out with him. He asks who she is, since the only thing real about her is her first name. He manhandles her and says whatever she’s doing there had better be in his best interest. She threatens him with some hot coffee. He says he’s watching her and she says ditto. Eddie could probably score if he didn’t behave like such a peabrain.

Andrew says he’s been trying to call Lushion. He says the captain and Steve have been talking all day in the office. He also says Eddie left on Claudia’s heels and it’s not good. Lushion says he has to go sign papers for the house and tells Andrew to keep his eyes open and keep him posted. Andrew asks why he came back, and Lushion says for his pay stubs, but I have the feeling it’s something else and that Andrew thinks it’s something else. Lushion goes out to the hallway and leaves a message for Claudia to call him.

Marcie goes to Brad’s office. She says he hasn’t been answering his phone and wonders if he’s angry. He says no and that he understands. She says she’s sorry and he says that’s one thing he doesn’t need anymore. Marcie asks what he wants and Brad says his life back before Randal. She says he can’t have that, but when they both figure out what they want, they can create it for themselves. He says she put him out of the apartment and she says they need boundaries and barriers.

She asks if he’s seen the baby. Brad says a few times and Marcie asks what he looks like. Brad says like a lie. She says maybe some day they’ll only see a beautiful baby. He tells her it’s wishful thinking. She says if he gets back by nine, she’ll be in her room and they won’t have to see each other.

Commercial break with important information. The Haves and the Have Nots is back on Tuesday, June 21 at 9 pm.

Kelly is watching the baby. Justice calls and he’s spending the night at a friend’s house. She keeps trying Alex’s phone, but there’s no answer and she’s starting to worry. She sees Ramses outside because he does lawn work 24/7. She tells him the leaf blower is going to wake up the baby. She asks if he wants to come inside and he says he’s fine. She says she owes him an apology. He says it’s all good, but he has work to do and blows her off. She apologizes again.

Lushion drives up and Kelly barely says hello. Lushion asks if Ramses has talked to her and Ramses says he’s done with all that. Lushion suggests he give it another try, but Ramses isn’t interested. Lushion gives him the check and the contract for the house. Ramses leaves and Lushion gets a call. It must be Claudia because he says be careful, he thinks Eddie is following her.

Stupid Esperanza asks Natalie if she’s okay and says she’s sorry she had to be the one to tell her. Yeah, tell her something you thought you saw, but didn’t. Natalie goes back to work and Kelly calls Esperanza. Esperanza says Lushion asked Natalie to marry him, and Kelly says what if Esperanza made a mistake and then tells her about the mistake she made with Ramses and how he won’t talk to her now. She says it’s important to be sure and not jump to any conclusions.

Alex knocks on Kelly’s door. Kelly asks her about the phone and Alex says the reception is bad at the hospital. Kelly keeps asking her if she’s okay, but Alex says she’s fine. She thanks Kelly and takes the baby. The poor nameless baby. Is he Brad? Randal? Bozo? What?

Kelly sees Claudia walk into Ramses place. She immediately dials Esperanza. What is wrong with this girl? Didn’t she just say don’t jump to conclusions? Esperanza calls Natalie over and says they have to go.

Marcie walks into Alex’s place. Alex tells her to get out. Marcie says she’s there to help her and that Brad loves her. She says he’s a good guy and Alex is making him into something else, but if she shows some remorse, he might come back. She tells Alex to call him and not just say she’s sorry, but show it. Alex asks why she’s doing this and Marcie says she wants to give Alex a fair shot before she takes him.

Marcie leaves and here comes creepy Randal. Alex won’t answer the door. He says he’ll see her in court.

Alex calls Brad. She tells him about Marcie’s visit. He says loving her and missing her isn’t enough. She says if she has to live without him, she will, but she’ll never love another man because of what she did to him. She says she should have let him know how she was feeling and she loves him and she’s sorry. She tells him if he wants to come home, just do it, and they can try to work through it. He tells her yellow daffodils. We both say, what? and he says she was wearing them in her hair when they first met and describes everything about the moment. Oh come on, man, they’re breaking my heart now. Just get back together and band together against the crazy guy.

Aww, the baby has those little mittens on that they wear so they won’t scratch themselves. Brad says he’s telling her all this because he can’t forget. Can’t forget anything apparently. He says he’s done and not coming back. Brad hears the baby and asks if it’s “his” child. Alex asks if he still loves her and he says yes, but he can’t forget and he’s not coming back. She tells him if he ever feels like he wants to come home, she’ll be waiting. He doesn’t want her to do that, but she says she will. Hey, I think he’s wearing a Loki bracelet.

Uh-oh, here comes Rusty with Bubba and Bubba.

Esperanza takes Natalie to Ramses’s house. Natalie tells Esperanza to leave. Natalie busts into the house acting the fool. The bell rings and Lushion tells Natalie to go in the back with Claudia.

It’s Eddie. Lushion asks what Eddie’s doing there and Eddie says congratulations. Lushion tells him to get lost and he asks if it’s Claudia’s car outside. He asks if Lushion is sleeping with her because nothing is adding up with her. Lushion says he’s buying the house and trying to get some peace and quiet, so Eddie needs to take his ass home. Eddie says he passed the test. He says the captain said he didn’t give them up to internal affairs so he’s good with Eddie. Lushion says Eddie isn’t good with him.

Lushion goes back in and tells Natalie that Claudia is FBI and has been doing an investigation. Lushion tells Claudia she can’t go, but she says she called Larry. Lushion is afraid his cover will be blown, but Claudia says it’s all good and leaves. The whole time Natalie keeps rolling her eyes and acting stupid. She says Claudia isn’t FBI, look at how she’s dressed. Like they all go around in pinstriped suits from the 40s. Lushion says Claudia was supposed to flirt with all the rookies and get whatever info she could. He tells Natalie that he’s FBI too, and they’ve been investigating Eddie. Natalie makes some more faces. It’s annoying me that she’s being so stupid. Lushion says that’s why he left the station in Virginia. Natalie asks why he didn’t tell her and he says the less she knows, the better. He says she can’t let anyone know. She wonders what to tell Kelly and Esperanza.

Natalie asks Lushion if he wants to move in immediately and he says yes. She calls Joey. She says she needs him home by eight to watch the kids because she’s going out with everyone. Faun and Eddie leave the burger place.

Almost creepier than Randal, Travis hops over the back fence at Kelly’s place.

Lushion and Natalie wait for Joey. Natalie wants the kids to see the house and says Joey has five more minutes. Joey comes toward the building with Faun and Quan jumps out with a gun. Joey pulls out his gun and both he and Faun get hit. Lushion comes running downstairs and Natalie dissolves into tears.

Travis sneaks into Kelly’s house. What is up with this weirdo? He watches Kelly sleeping and is totally creeping me out. He touches her and I can’t believe she doesn’t wake up. This is making me totally uncomfortable. He leaves the bedroom. The door makes a sound and Kelly wakes up. He leaves the house like he’s all thug. Kelly hears a dog barking and comes out wondering what the blip? He’s left her front door wide open and she freaks.

She closes and locks it, but he’s still skulking around, now peeking in Ramses house. He breaks in there too, like a pro. I thought this dude was supposed to be a missionary. Did I miss something? He sneaks around Ramses place. He goes into the bathroom. The lights are on and he closes the door.

Alex is sitting with the baby. She hears a car and puts him in his little seat. Ugh! It’s Rusty and the boys. Man, someone better call the cops about something. There’s a bunch of yelling and I’m assuming they’re at Randal’s house. Alex checks on the other kids, telling Paisley it’s nothing when she asks about the noise. Alex goes downstairs.

She goes out the back and it sounds like Rusty and friends are busting up the place. We hear gunshots. For a small town, it’s pretty lively here. Alex goes back inside. The door is open and the baby is gone.

It’s silent during the credits, but they’re changing in exact time with my wall clock ticking.

This was the season finale. Hopefully, the baby will have a name next season.

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