May 30, 2016 – Game of Thrones, the Dead Don’t Rest


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

Our regularly scheduled programming has been interrupted by Memorial Day weekend.

Game of Thrones

Meera drags Bran through the forest, while Bran has visions of his past visions. Finally, Bran comes to and says, “They found us.” Yes, they did. But someone is on their side (maybe) and a guy on a horse bumps off the White Walkers. He tells them the dead don’t rest and they need to come with him.

Gilly, Sam and Little Sam are taking a carriage to Sam’s hometown. He says he didn’t think he’d ever come back again and coaches her on what to tell his parents. She’s to say the baby is his, so they’ll be taken in. Sam also tells her that his father hates Wildings.

Sam’s mother and sister greet them, and he introduces Gilly and Little Sam. Sam asks about his father and brother. Lady Tarly says they’re on a hunt.

Tommen asks the High Sparrow if there isn’t another way for Margaery other than the walk of shame. He says she’ll be fine and that he’s pleased with how open she was to him. He lets Tommen in to see her. They hug and Tommen asks if she’s been mistreated. She says no and he says he’s missed her. She says they’ll be together soon and things will be better than before. She asks if he’s talked to the High Sparrow and says he’s not what they thought he was. At first we think she means the High Sparrow is an idiot, but it’s the opposite – she says he’s helped her tremendously. Tommen is shocked and says she’s the nicest person he knows. She says she was good at acting good. He asks about her brother. Margaery says she loves Loras, but he needs to atone as they all do.

Gilly cleans up well and Sam tells her she’s beautiful. They sit down to dinner and Gilly watches what everyone else does in order to know which piece of cutlery to use. Sam says the venison is good and they talk hunting. Gilly says her father taught her to hunt and Sam’s sister says that their father could learn a thing or two from him. Lord Tarly is not too pleased.

Lord Tarly complains that even after being in the Night’s Watch, Sam is still soft and fat. Lady Tarly says being maester is no small thing. Gilly tells them that Sam is tough and he even killed a White Walker. Lord Tarly puts two and two together and realizes that Gilly is a Wilding. He points out a sword over the mantle and says it’s been in the family for generations. It’s supposed to go to his eldest son when he dies, but he says Sam will never get it. He asks if this is Sam’s way of getting back at him, bringing that into his house. Lady Tarly gets up from the table, tells Lord Tarly off, and leaves the room with Gilly. Sam’s father tells Sam he’ll take them in, but Sam will never darken his door again. That went downhill fast.

Sam apologizes to Gilly, but she says she’s not mad at him. She kisses him and tells him he’s not what his father says he is. He has to leave in the morning and tells her good-by. She’s about to tuck Little Sam in, when Sam bursts back into the room and says they’re leaving now and they belong together. He takes the family sword.

Arya is back at the theatre watching the play about the Lannisters. When the actors are about to exit, Arya goes backstage and slips the poison into Lady Crane’s booze. When everyone gets back to the dressing room, Lady Crane asks Arya what she’s doing there and how many times she’s seen the play. She assumes Arya is interested in being an actress and tells her that when she was younger, she snuck into the theatre and eventually joined the troupe. Arya says she’s very good, but Lady Crane says her final speech stinks and asks Arya how she would change it. Arya tells her that after Joffrey’s death, Cersei would have been more angry and not so much crying. She says her father is waiting for her and she has to go.

The actors make actor chit-chat. Lady Crane is about to sip her drink and Arya scares the crap out of me when she flies back in and knocks the glass out of Lady Crane’s hand. She tells Lady Crane to be careful of one of the other actresses and that the actress wants her dead. Afterward, Arya takes Needle from its hiding place.

The Waif tells Jaqen, who is in the process of removing a face, that Arya is done. He says it’s a shame since she had a lot of talents. The Waif says Jaqen promised her that she could deal with Arya. He says not to let her suffer. Geez, thug life in Braavos.

Jaime gathers Mace and the troops. They’re going to take back their city from the High Sparrow. The High Sparrow is giving a public speech about Margaery’s disgrace, when Jaime and company come marching in. Jaime says sorry to interrupt, but they’re here for Margaery and Loras. The Sparrow says he doesn’t have the authority to give them up and Jaime doesn’t have the authority to take them.

Jaime rides his horse up the steps, which is pretty cool. He says he’s there under King Tommen’s authority and he’ll kill every one of them before Margaery takes a walk of shame. The Sparrow says that’s not necessary and that Margaery has already atoned for her sins by bringing another into the fold. Tommen walks out. The Sparrow announces an alliance between the crown and the faith. Tommen says together they will restore the Seven Kingdoms to glory. I’m not sure if I buy this or not, but then Olenna says the Sparrow has beaten them, so I guess she buys it.

Tommen tells Jaime he’s not fit to be in charge of the King’s Guard. Jaime asks if he’s going to be imprisoned. Tommen says he’ll still serve his king, but not in this city.

Walder Frey chastises his men for Riverrun being taken over by the Blackfish. He says they’re being laughed at all the way to King’s Landing. He says he’s not leaving this world until they choke on that laughter. One of the men says the Blackfish will never yield, but Walder says to show him the knife that Robb’s wife was killed with. He brings out Lord Edmure and tells him that he’s going home.

Cersei tells Jaime being in charge of an army somewhere else is better than being in a dungeon. Jaime threatens to kill the High Sparrow, but Cersei says if he does, than everything they’ve worked for goes down the toilet. She tells him he needs to take Riverrun back. Talk of war gets them hot and they start making out.

Meera asks why the guy on the horse helped them. He says the Three-Eyed Raven sent for him. She says he’s dead and the guy says he lives again. He says the last time he saw Bran, he was a boy. Bran asks who he is, and the guy removes his hood. It’s Bran’s Uncle Benjen! (I think we all saw this coming.) Benjen says he was stabbed by a sword of ice, but the Forest Children brought him back with a dragonglass sword. He is going to help Bran be the next Three-Eyed-Raven.

Dany asks Daario how many ships she’s going to need. He says a lot and asks what they’re going to do when they get to Westeros. She says she’s taking back what’s hers. She tells him to wait and rides off on her horse. Her army gets bored quickly and Daario says he’s going after her.

No need. She’s back. Riding on Drogon. He lands and makes dragon noises. Dany gives a pep talk to her troops, telling them how she chose them and how they’re going to get the Seven Kingdoms back that Khal Drago promised her. Everyone gets very jazzed..

Drogon spreads his dragon wings and gets all fierce.

Next time, Olenna meets with Cersei, Tormund pledges his allegiance to Jon, and Davos says the dead are coming.

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