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June 29, 2016 – GH & the NYC Wives


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Nathan nearly walks in on Maxie messing with her wedding dress. She screams at him to get out. She puts the dress away and asks why he’s there. He says he was able to take some time off and thought they could hang out together. She asks how much he saw of the dress and he says enough to know it’s gorgeous. He asks why she even had it there and she says she was making sure it was perfect, but now it’s cursed.

Griff is obviously distressed. Anna asks if he could use a friendly ear. She asks if they’re friends and he says she was cordial at the Nurses Ball, but he thought she was just faking it. She says it was one thing to find out he was a priest, but another to see him give last rites to the man who murdered his father. Anna says she realized she didn’t have to understand his reasons, just that he believes differently. She wants them to stay good friends, not just because of Duke, but because he’s been supportive of her in other ways. She asks how he became a priest and why he didn’t tell her. He asks how well she knows Nathan.

Morgan brings Carly flowers and she asks what he wants. Ha-ha! He says he’s just thanking her for being a good mom. He adds that he’s also in a good mood over Kiki. Carly says they must have had some chat last night. He says she must think he’s manic, but she says she knows the difference between that and a good mood. He says Kiki decided to give him another chance, after he’d stupidly broken up with her the last time she visited. Carly doesn’t want him pinning his recovery on another person. Morgan says he and Kiki have a bond like Carly and Sonny. Carly says they’re not exactly the best example, which is an understatement. Morgan says Kiki almost got interested in Dillon.

Dillon meets with Kiki. He tells her he doesn’t want to give her up without a fight. Dillon says he thought he was being the good guy by bowing out gracefully. He tells Kiki that there’s been so much drama in her and Morgan’s relationship, that it’s blurred reality. He says he cares about her and she deserves to be happy. She says Morgan needs her and what if Morgan is the person who makes her happy? Dillon says if that was the case, they wouldn’t be starting over for the millionth time.

Julian grabs Sonny’s arm and says he’s lying, and that Alexis can’t be pregnant because he doesn’t know how babies are made. Sonny tells Julian not to touch him. He tells Julian that after he framed Alexis for Carrrlos’s murder, she finally got a clue as to who he really is. He says he’s going to find a way to put Julian behind bars or in the ground.

Alexis looks over old photos of her daughters. She tells herself she can do this.

Morgan tells Carly about seeing Kiki kiss Dillon and that he showed up when Morgan was at Kiki’s place. He says Kiki told him that there was nothing going on with Dillon in comparison to what they have. He says Dillon isn’t keeping boundaries though, so he needs to talk to him. Carly tells him that she loves him and to be careful.

Kiki tells Dillon he’s a great guy. He says if it’s the start of a letting-him-down speech, stop now. She says he’s going to find someone wonderful. He thanks her for the compliments, but asks if there’s a small part of her that wants to pursue things with him. She says she can’t. He says, can’t or won’t?

Julian shows up at his home, asking Alexis if it’s true that she’s pregnant. She threatens to call the police, but tells him it’s true. Julian asks why she didn’t tell him and she says why bother? He asks how far along she is and she tells him to get out. He says they need to make plans. She says what kind of plans, pre-natal care while she’s incarcerated or him taking the baby while she’s in jail? She says he married her under false pretenses and she’s not thinking of getting rid of the baby; she’s thinking about how to keep it away from him. He says he’d never hurt her and she says that’s all he does. He tells her to calm down for the baby’s sake. She smacks him and tells him to never mention the baby again. She says he might not get punished and she might go to prison, but he’s never getting near her child.

Morgan goes to meet Kiki at the bar and sees Sonny. Morgan asks if Sonny can give him a job. Sonny says he’s opening a new coffeehouse and Morgan can work there. Morgan is excited about Kiki and Sonny tells him not to rely on one person to keep his bearings. Morgan says Kiki is the one who matters most.

Dillon says if Kiki is reconnecting with Morgan out of a sense of obligation, it’s a disservice to all three of them. He says obviously she’s drawn into the chaos that surrounds Morgan, but she should at least consider the alternative, being in a relationship that doesn’t include drama. They kiss and Carly sees them.

Maxie goes on about a one-of-a-kind dress from Lisbon turning into doom. She tells Nathan their luck has sucked and she wanted this one thing to be problem free. Nathan says he seems to be putting her through one thing after another. She says she’s no prize either. He says if she had her heart set on the dress, just wear it. She reconsiders how perfect it was and says she’s going to look for the real perfect dress.

Anna tells Griff that she’s worked closely with Nathan and he’s been kind to her. Griff says he got into a situation between Maxie and Nathan and isn’t sure he handled it properly. She asks if he’s interested in Maxie, but he says no way. Although he’s on leave, he’s still a priest. Anna asks why he left the priesthood. Let me add here that he never answered her first question about how he became a priest in the first place. He says he tried to provide support for a woman who said her husband was cold and cruel, and he allowed himself to be seduced. He says he chose to break his vows and it ended horribly. Anna asks if he was able to help her and Griff said she didn’t really need help, that she lied about her husband, and in the end, they all paid a terrible price.

Sonny says one of the problems with being bi-polar is that when you’re in a good mood, people worry. Morgan says he knows that he has a support system if things go bad, and Kiki isn’t his entire world, but she’s important. Sonny tells him to take his time. Morgan says he is.

Kiki and Dillon continue to kiss. Carly disappears. Kiki says she can’t right now and Dillon says he respects that. He says that he said what he came to say and has to get back to work. He doesn’t want to pressure her, but wants her to think about things.

Julian says he can’t believe the anger and hate coming out of what should be an amazing moment, because he’s delusional. He says all Alexis can talk about is keeping him from his child. Alexis says she’s going to prison because of him, but then again, he never takes responsibility for anything. He says he loves her and the love is even greater now. He says something has to change and they need to rethink how they’re going to proceed. Not exactly saying he’s going to take his own heat.

Maxie tells Nathan their relationship has been filled with complications and obstacles, and she just wanted something to go right, but in the end, it’s just the two of them that matter.

Anna asks if Griff is in trouble. He says he’s already said too much and the rest of it is between God and the people involved. He asks about Alexis getting arrested. Anna says she’s a good investigator and one way or another, Julian will pay for what he’s done. Griff says not to neglect her own needs and that he thinks Duke would want her to find someone. She says first she has to gather evidence.

Alexis asks what Julian means by rethinking things. She says they can’t change what happened, but Julian says maybe they can change some things. He says he didn’t realize the toll it would take on her going to trial. He asks her to allow him to show her how much he loves her. Alexis still isn’t getting her question answered and asks if he’s going to still make her stand trial for what he did.

Griff ponders things. He flashes back to a night of passion with Claudette, which isn’t exactly The Thornbirds.

Nathan and Maxie discuss wedding dates. She picks one and he asks if it’s not too soon. She says it’s not soon enough.

A woman we don’t see looks at Nathan and Maxie’s engagement announcement on her tablet.

Morgan approaches Dillon at the bar. He tells Dillon that he and Kiki are back together. He says don’t take it the wrong way, but he thinks it’s best that Dillon keep his distance from Kiki for now.

Carly asks Kiki what the hell she thinks she’s doing to her son.

Anna visits Sonny. He asks why she doesn’t seem to trust him after all they’ve been through. She says her trust is limited and conditional. Sonny says if what they’re doing doesn’t work out, he’ll find a way to get Julian. Anna says the last thing she wants to do is investigate Sonny for murder. He says it’s not necessary – Julian took his bait. Oh…

Alexis tells Julian to promise she won’t stand trial for Carrrlos’s murder because he’s going to confess. He says there’s one more thing. And gives her a pregnancy test. I call him several names out loud.

Tomorrw, Carly confonts Kiki, Finn is in jail, and Alexis tells Julian to confess first before she takes the test.

The Real Housewives of NYC

I’m glad the Wednesday shows got shuffled around so I can watch MasterChef and Wayward Pines. While a lot of critics were unhappy with the changes to Pines, I ‘m enjoying the move forward.

The girls are meeting for lunch or dinner or some meal. They trickle in. Jules is still hurting from her whoha accident. She shows a picture to Bethenny, who says she’s scarred for life now. Why do people have to memorialize everything on their phones? I hope she didn’t put that on her Facebook page.

Bethenny talks about her own whoha problems. She tears up, talking about how Dorinda went to the appointment with her. She doesn’t have any family and I can relate.

In this restaurant, you make your own pizza. My first on-the-books job was making pizzas. I didn’t eat them for years afterward. Carole talks to Jules about Jules’s eating disorder, and in her interview, Jules wishes they could get through one food activity without talking about it. The guy takes the pizzas to bake. Ramona, who got her pizza baked ahead of the others, is leaving early to meet a friend. She takes her pizza with her. On the restaurant’s plate.

Jules and Dorinda go out for a smoke and Carole and Bethenny discuss Jules. Carole says she claims to weigh 115, but Bethenny thinks Jules must be talking ounces. She thinks Jules is still in the middle of it and not dealing with it. The ladies regather, and their pizza creations come out. Jules has made something more like a calzone. Inside, there’s a fork, knife and measuring cup. Is Jules nuts? Dorinda thinks maybe her pain meds are getting to her.

Carole talks to Jules about her eating habits. Jules also takes Adderall, which concerns Carole as well. Jules, however, says she’s fine. Not once did I ever cook a fork in a pizza. Not even during the 70s.

Heather, who was on the previous two seasons, gets together with Carole and their men, to go skating. It’s the winter village at Bryant Park. The girls go for a drink, while Adam and Jon continue skating. Carole talks about the cookbook that she and Adam are creating and how they can’t get past the proposal. Heather suggests taking a break from it for a while. Carole tells Heather about the calzone. Carole thinks Jules is playing games with her food, which is something people who have eating disorders do.

Dorinda visits Jules. Jules tells her about Carole being annoying. She felt like Carole and Bethenny were picking on her and says that Bethenny makes jokes at other people’s expense. She says she’ll have her guard up with Bethenny now and Dorinda says she should talk to her. I dunno about that. In her interview, Dorinda says she feels responsible for Jules, since she brought her on board.

Jules says that when she had her accident, she couldn’t get ahold of her husband and her brother had to take her to the ER. Since they’ve filed for divorce since the show started airing, I look at everything suspiciously. He doesn’t seem to be much of a caretaker with the kids either. Dorinda says women are perceived as super human. Right on, sister. In her interview, Dorinda says she feels Jules’s unhappiness.

Bethenny is going for a pre-op check up. The doctor wants the bleeding, which has been excessive, to slow before she has surgery. Her driver, Kevin, thinks she just needs bed rest, since she’s moving 24/7. In her interview, Bethenny says she spends more time with Kevin than anyone else and there’s a lot of TMI. Apparently so.

Sonja says she’s a high class hoarder and I have to agree. The basement of her townhouse is chock full of everything you can imagine. Dorinda is coming over to help her purge. She’s pretty helpful, especially when Sonja wants to keep things like every baby toy her daughter ever had. Sonja talks about her ex-husband and says she’s over him, but not over the family situation. She doesn’t want to give up the sense of family attached to the objects.

They talk about the Tipsy Girl thing. Sonja says she texted Bethenny, saying that life is short and it sounds like they’re in a slightly better place. She doesn’t want it to be extra stress for Bethenny. Too bad she didn’t think of that in the first place.

While in the car, Bethenny talks to her assistant about a living will. The doctor has told her it’s going to be a major surgery and this is something she needs to have. She calls another friend, upset that she also has to sign something about her uterus being taken out in the event of her hemorrhaging. She’s feeling lonely, since she has no family to turn to. Kevin tells her it will be all right. This is actually sad.

The Countess creates a night out for everyone. Tom isn’t there, but she’s meeting him later. She says she thinks Tom is going to propose on Valentine’s Day. She talks about having a party in Palm Beach. In her interview, Sonja expresses surprise at The Countess and Tom being serious about one another. Ramona tells Dorinda that The Countess hasn’t reached out to Carole in a more meaningful way in regard to an apology.

Dorinda thinks The Countess and Tom are moving fast, but she’s happy for them. Ramona calls The Countess over to the side. She tells The Countess that she’s on the outs with Bethenny and Carole. The Countess asks if she looks like someone who gives a flying. She’s miffed that they didn’t even RSVP. Ramona says she fumbled the ball with Carole. She thinks The Countess should have followed up. Yeah, we saw how well that went with Bethenny. She says she apologized and invited Carole to the party and that should be enough.

The Countess says she doesn’t care any more, but Ramona keeps telling her to go for a cup of tea with Carole, because she’s oblivious to anything but the sound of her own voice. The Countess tells Ramona she loves her, but she’s done. Jules is talking to Dorinda about Carole picking on her eating habits. Ramona joins them. Ramona repeats the whole thing that just happened with The Countess, who then horns in on the conversation. At this point, The Countess thinks Carole should apologize to her. She says she’s not inviting Carole to her wedding and Bethenny is questionable.

Next time, Dorinda tells The Countess that she needs to be more involved with the show other women, Bethenny opens up to Carole about the surgery, and The Countess complains about the ladies not being happy for her.

June 28, 2016 – GH, Below Deck Girls’ Retreat, Haves & Not So Much


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Kristina leaves a message for Parker while strolling through the park. Aaron comes up behind her and asks who Parker is.

Dante and Lulu toast to their new home. Dante adds, to a drama free closing. Good luck with that. Lulu says she has so many things to be thankful for, but misses Nicholas.

Some guy comes to the door of the shed. Jason says he’s looking for some people and maybe the guy can help.

Nicholas, who has chartered a plane, tells Ava that he’s had a couple of fortune reversals lately, one of which came from Hayden. Ava says she thought they weren’t getting along and he says it wasn’t exactly voluntary. He tells her he’s had a change of heart though, and he’s going to Greece without her.

Julian goes back and forth in his head about loving Alexis and killing her. She tells him she didn’t hear him come in and the bath is making her feel better. The doorbell rings. It’s Sonny. Alexis asks what Julian wanted and he says nothing really, and she goes to answer the door.

Alexis tells Sonny it’s not a good time. He wants to know why she’s still protecting Julian and she says he’s not helping. He says she’s not just hurting herself, she’s hurting Kristina. Julian comes downstairs and Sonny wants to know what he’s doing there. Um…it’s his house.

Ha-ha! Kristina and Aaron’s feet are so loud on the pathway, we can barely hear their conversation. Hello? Sound person? Kristina tells him about her mother. He says he’s not trying to be nosy, but from the tone of her voice, he was curious as to who Parker is. He said it sounded like she was leaving a message for a boyfriend. She says trust her, Parker isn’t a boyfriend.

Lulu asks Dante if he thinks Nicholas is still alive and he says no because he stinks as a cop. She says she’s been moving in that direction too, and once she and Laura accept it, they’ll have to consider living without Nicholas for the rest of their lives and she’s not ready for that.

Ava tells Nicholas that she was going to give the statue copy to a London dealer and if he couldn’t authenticate it, that would be his problem. Nicholas tells her again, she’s not coming with him, but she voices her concern about Hux following her.

Jason describes Ava and Nicholas to the guy, who says he hasn’t seen them. Jason thanks him, and starts to leave, but dude pulls out a gun and says Jason isn’t going anywhere.

Aaron says Kristina is obviously reaching out to someone she cares about. She tells him Parker is her ex, but technically, they never even started. She says they’re the definition of “it’s complicated.” Aaron is like okay, and Kristina is surprised he’s not bugging her for more information. He says his ex called him recently about an emergency, and during the conversation, he realized why he fell for her, but also why they broke up. Kristina thanks him for being cool about things. He says she has a friend in him and asks if she’d like a ride home.

Sonny asks what kind of husband would let his wife take a murder rap for him. He says he has to do what he can to protect his daughter and niece. Alexis tells them both to shut up and says their grandstanding and chest thumping isn’t what she needs. She says she wants Julian out and she’ll pack up his stuff. Sonny tells Julian he’s a psycho and Alexis is going to get to the point where she doesn’t want to save him anymore. Julian leaves.

Sonny asks Alexis what she’s thinking by being alone with Julian. Alexis says she was working him until Sonny blew it for her.

Nicholas asks what Ava’s long term plans are. He says Hux will track her down if she goes back home, but she says by the time she gets back to Port Charles, the real statue will be in the hands of a high-profile dealer and Hux won’t be able to do anything. She needs a place to lay low in the meantime.

Jason tells dude (who I wish had a name) that he doesn’t want any trouble. He assumes the guy works for Hux, who doesn’t want any witnesses to his kidnapping of Ava and Nicholas. Dude tells him right on the first try.

Sonny asks what he plan was and Alexis says she was recording him. She says Julian out-maneuvered her and her only way out was getting a confession. Sonny says the only way Julian knows he’ll be safe is killing her. Alexis says he’d never do that, because then he’d be the number one suspect. Sonny says again that Julian is only safe with her out of the way.

Julian sits at the bar downing shots. Lulu tells Dante she’ll have to call Lucky and tell him about Nicholas. She says living in denial is easier because with no body, there’s a chance. Hey, on this show, you can have a body and still have a chance.

Ava says if Nicholas wanted to, he could make up a plausible cover story and go back to Port Charles.

Jason distracts the gunman and then struggles with him. The gun goes off. How predictable was that?

Alexis says Julian is a monster. Sonny adds he’s a coward with no code. Alexis is like, oh, I guess a code makes you better mobster. Sonny says he might not be the best guy, but he doesn’t murder his friends and pin it on his wife. Alexis says they all live in glass houses and insists Julian isn’t going to kill her. She says she needs o find a way to clear her name and salvage some aspect of her life.

Aaron and Kristina flirt. Then they kiss. Kristina pulls away and Aaron asks if he did something wrong. She says she just wants to check on her mom. He asks if he can see her later and she tells him to text her and leaves.

Ava makes up a story for Nicholas about how he got picked up by a freighter and had memory problems when he came to. He says he already did once, and she says good, then he has a history. When he gets back he’ll be welcomed with open arms and he can say a *burglar pushed him out the window. Nicholas says if he goes back, he goes back to the reasons he left, and it’s better he remain dead.

*Ava actually used the word robber, but having been burgled, I know there’s a difference. A robber is someone who steals from a person; a burglar breaks into your house. In the made up story, Nicholas would have been surprised by a burglar. I know this is nit-picky, but I’ve been watching this for 50 years.

The gun is on the floor and Jason is still struggling with the guy. Jason gets the gun. And shoots.

Breaking news. Because nothing can ever wait until 4 o’clock. A whole 15 minutes from now. Explosions in Istanbul’s airport. Well, that’s not good, although I still think it could have waited. To ABC’s credit, we’re back quickly. They know how the fans can get.

Julian is still drinking when we get back. He thinks about how he almost killed Alexis. Sonny enters. Dante and Lulu tell him about the house and he acts surprised. I note that Sonny is aging really, really well and looks fit and tan. It pays to be in the coffee business. He calls Max, telling him Julian is where he said he would be, and to tell Diane thanks about Dante and Lulu’s house.

Sonny approaches Julian, who asks if Sonny is stalking him. He says obviously coming here was a mistake and Sonny says it’s not his first one.

Ava asks how long before they board. She’s all nervous, and Nicholas says it’s a private gate and Hux can’t follow them there. He says he hopes she understands he wants to keep things on the down low. They sort of flirt a little. Ava says she enjoys living off the grid with him because they have no history. She says with him, she’s a blank slate. I’m noting how much new Nicholas looks like Matthew Perry in the new Odd Couple. Which I highly recommend. I’m not much of a sitcom person, but it’s as funny as the old one. Maybe more so.

Okay, I guess Jason shot past the guy. He makes dude get on the floor, hands behind his back, and ties his hands together. He tells him to get up and I’m very impressed at how deft he is in doing it.

Dante asks Lulu if she wants him to call Lucky to come back to Port Charles. She says Lucky is a restless soul and spends most of his time in Africa helping refugees. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea to call him back, and that sometimes you have to accept what makes people happy. She says talking about Lucky makes her miss Nicholas more and that he saved her life once. Dante says without Nicholas, there would be no “us.” She says maybe they can name their next baby after him and Dante agrees. I’m almost sad, even though I know Nicholas is very much alive.

Jason tells dude to tell Hux that Ava and Nicholas are no longer his problem, and if he sees Hux around, he’s going to put a bullet in his head. Instead of being grateful Jason didn’t kill him, dude complains about being left with only his hands tied. Geez, count your blessings. Jason leaves with the gun.

Nicholas says Hux can’t search everywhere and she should book a flight to somewhere like Bali and leave him to clean up his own mess. She says she’s enjoyed traveling with Nicholas. He says he’s enjoyed her unexpected company and wouldn’t mind continuing on with her. The plane is ready. They both board.

Alexis tries asking Kristina about her life, but Kristina is too freaked, wondering why they didn’t arrest Julian. Alexis says they’ll find a way to prove he did it, but they have to stay calm in the meantime. She says it’s actually making her sick to her stomach and I have a flash of an idea that she’s pregnant.

What? Sonny read my mind. He asks Julian what man would let his pregnant wife stand trial. I guess she told him this off-screen? Or is he that good at picking up on it?

Tomorrow, Nathan almost sees Maxie’s wedding dress, Dillon doesn’t want to give up Kiki without a fight, Sonny tells Julian not to touch him, and Alexis admits she’s pregnant. I guess she is doomed to have mobsters’ children.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Danny tells Hannah she has an ugly personality and she responds like and adult, saying Danny is the one everybody hates. Bobby and Bryan insult Danny when he comes back to the table. Hannah talks to Julia and says Danny creates drama. She brings up that he took Ben’s side in an argument, like anyone cares. She says she’s going to go out of her way to annihilate him. Maybe these people shouldn’t drink. Ben tells Danny to cool it or he won’t be able to help in the galley anymore.

Julia and Jen decide to put a condom on an exceptionally long cucumber or zucchini or something. Bobby calls it Sex Ed 101, but I call it Boredom 101.

Hannah asks Ben to talk. She somehow connects Danny’s antics with Ben just wanting to be friends with her. She says apparently, they’re just work colleagues. Ben says successful work colleagues can be friends too. In his interview, Ben talks about them almost having a war over what to call a dish, so could you imagine a romance between them?

Captain Mark is annoyed that the crew’s mess is a mess. Ha-ha! Hannah calls Bobby into her cabin and asks him to help her change. I guess because she’s drunk. She starts making out with him, saying in her interview that she’d been hesitant with Bobby, not knowing where she stood with Ben. She asks what happened after she left the dinner, which is not much, and tells Bobby that she’s going to make Danny’s life a living hell. She asks if Bobby wants to help. Sigh.

Bryan tells Danny to make a list of what he thinks is required for his job – according to Bryan. He actually does pretty well and Bryan says there’s no excuse for breaking those rules now. Double sigh.

Bobby tells Julia about Hannah’s mission. She says Danny does bring a lot of drama.

Hannah goes to the wheelhouse and tells the captain about Danny taking photos of the guests and showing them to other guests. As far as I know, he only showed one guy the Tilted Kilt girls. Hannah says it’s getting to be too much and she’s just giving Captain Mark a heads up. The captain says he’s never had anyone so ethically professionally challenged as Danny. I think this is what you get for hiring someone that young and inexperienced. Don’t they go to a class and get an employee handbook or something? Do they just hire these people off the street?

Captain Mark calls Danny in and talks to him about the pictures. The captain says it’s hard to discipline a new crew member when they didn’t know what they were doing is wrong. Like any good teacher captain, Captain Mark says he’s going to keep Danny’s phone while guests are on the boat.

The next charter is all women for a girls’ retreat. The primary, Linda, is the CEO of a wealth building system using luxury brands, which sounds like an MLM to me. Ben is glad to hear they want dinner on the beach so he can get out of the hot, sweaty galley.

Bryan asks Julia about cleaning up the crew mess. He gets bossy and she asks if he’s drunk. He gives the women orders and doesn’t want to help. Julia asks if he’s just going to stand there and watch, and he gets annoyed. Hannah says he’s being rude and he says he’s just doing his job. Hannah suggests either he walk away or they do. He leaves and Hannah tells Julia they should take five minutes to re-group. Bryan boomerangs back, following them to the galley. Hannah tells him he’s being aggressive and to knock it off.

Julia says she doesn’t want to be cleaning when she’s supposed to be doing the crew’s laundry. I’m assuming everyone contributed to this untidiness, why aren’t they all helping to clean up? In his interview, Bryan says he’s not sorry for being a dick. Really. He said that. Hannah thinks he should stay away from alcohol. I concur. The girls are having a snack in the crew mess and Hannah expresses her annoyance with Bryan.

Bryan asks to talk to Danny who is deathly ill. I don’t think Bryan believes it though. Ben thinks Hannah put voodoo on Danny. The crew gets ready for the charter. Hannah calls for a jeweler to bring a collection to the yacht for the guests to peruse.

Bryan tells the captain about Danny, who says he doesn’t want him infecting the rest of the crew. Bryan apologizes to Julia without apologizing. She says when he drinks, he gets aggressive and you should never stand over a woman the way he did. She says she doesn’t want to be confronted like that again. In her interview, she says even her parents never did that to her, and Bryan would get more out of the crew if he had more compassion. I see why everyone likes Tiffany – she stays very far away and out of the drama.

The guests arrive and the boat leaves port. A ferry is coming in and they have to hurry. Bryan doesn’t think Jen knows how to do as much as she says she does. Maybe it’s him.

The guests have Margaritas on deck. One of them says she’s never had a tequila hangover. God bless her. Years ago, I had one so bad, I never drank it again. The crew packs everything for the beach day. Bryan wants to talk to Jen, but she’s wrangling one of the jet skis that escaped. He says there’s a disconnect between Jen and her brain. Maybe, but Bryan has a disconnect between himself and humanity. In her interview, Jen says she’s seen good in Bryan, but thinks the job has gone to his head and he’s sexist.

The guests jet ski around. The crew packs up the picnic, but it’s noticed that the marshmallows aren’t exactly the right ones to make the requested s’mores. I agree, since they’re weird shapes and colors. Who bought those? The crew sets everything up on shore.

Ben makes a fabulous meal and the guests are impressed. I’m not sure what he’s doing with those s’mores though. The marshmallows are a total mess. Bobby says they’re like strawberry Peeps. Doesn’t matter. Either they still taste good enough or the ladies are drunk enough not to care. Everyone is happy.

Captain Mark checks on Danny. At last check, his temperature was 101. The captain says he’ll try to find something for him. He’s concerned the entire crew might get wiped out if it’s contagious.

The guests come back and go straight to bed. Hannah thinks she’s died and gone to heaven, the guests are so undemanding. Bobby tries to get advice from Jen about Julia. In her interview, Jen says he’s not Julia’s type even if she was single.

The Captain tells Ben that Danny’s temperature is now 103.2. He gives Danny something similar to liquid Tylenol and is trying to get the fever down. In his interview, Ben says this is nothing to fool around with. In her interview, detestable Hannah says karma’s a bitch.

Hannah and Bobby are having a thing. She says he’s nice about ten times in her interview. Danny’s temperature is 102.9 the next morning. Not much improvement. Bryan wants Jen to practice her knots. Even though there are several ways to do them, he wants it done his way. Bobby tells Julia about whatever is going on between him and Hannah. Like she cares. In her interview, she wonders if he’s trying to make her jealous or being one of those friends you can tell anything to.

The guests are loving everything and the crew is loving the guests. Tiffany thinks Bryan is being ridiculous with Jen about the knots.

Next temperature check is 102.7. Ben tells Danny to hang in there. He tells the captain that Danny’s temperature is still way high. He asks the captain what he wants to do. In his interview, the captain says it’s not like they’re on land and they can just drive somewhere. Ben puts on the air conditioning for Danny. Crap, his temperature is back to 103.2 again.

A few of the guests do the jet ski thing again. The captain confers with some of the other crew members and says they have to get Danny off the boat.

Next time, the guests are a group of hard partiers who want to party so hard they need a vacation from the vacation, Julia gets miffed at Ben and more knot instruction by Bryan.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Long story short, Jeffrey seduces Justin.

David continues to beat the snot out of Jim. The guard finally pulls him off. David tells the guard that Jim put a hit out on his wife. The guard says his wife is here. She’s in the interrogation room being questioned. David finds out it was Maggie who was killed – at Veronica’s house. That’s right, David, put two and two together.

I have some chocolate babka during the commercial break and laugh about that Seinfeld episode all over again.

Jeffrey has Justin handcuffed to the bed and puts his clothes back on. Justin tells Jeffrey to give him the key and says he’s not gay. Jeffrey asks him why he’s angry. He says Justin is the type who gets angry at the other guy for what he did, and he was like that once. Jeffrey puts the key out of Justin’s reach and says he has to go, but Justin will figure it out. He says he just doesn’t trust him. He says Justin is way to angry and he’ll take it out on him because he enjoyed it. He says when Justin can calm down and come out of the closet, and he’s ready to help him take down Veronica, call him. He tells Justin good luck and leaves.

David says he needs to talk to his wife. The guard says it will be just a little while. Veronica asks if she’s a suspect and looks appropriately shaken up. She says Maggie was her friend. I don’t know who is doing the interrogating, but Veronica tells her about the guy she thought she saw in the neighbor’s backyard and how Maggie pulled up and she told her to go inside.

Oscar calls David. He says Jim called off the hit. David tells him Maggie got killed. Oscar says Jim wouldn’t be so sloppy, hiring some guy from the hood, and Jim definitely called it off. Oscar says look at the bright side, his wife is still alive. David is like, yeah, right, the bright side.

Veronica asks how she could have known anyone was in the house and starts to cry over Maggie being her friend. The guard comes in and says something to the interrogator. She tells Veronica that David is there. David walks in and Veronica throws her arms around him, sobbing. She asks him to take her home. He asks the interrogator to schedule another time and she says they’ll call. Veronica acts all stressed out and runs out the door.

Benny gets back from visiting Candace. Hannah asks what she said. He says nothing. He might as well just tell her. He admits Candace won’t let either one of them take Quincy Jr. Hannah goes on about all of Quincy Jr.’s needs and wants to call Candace about giving him his morning medicine. Benny says he’ll call. Hannah asks him if Quincy Jr. was even there and Benny says no.

Hannah asks where he is and Benny says he doesn’t know. Hannah picks up the phone and calls Aliyah. She asks where her grandson is. Aliyah says she can’t discuss it and Hannah has to talk to her daughter. Hannah says Quincy Jr. isn’t with Candace and she’ll call the police. Aliyah keeps repeating she can’t say anything, but then does. She says Quincy Jr. was put in temporary foster care by Candace. Hannah asks where and Aliyah says she can’t tell her that and keeps saying she’s sorry. She finally says good-by.

Hannah tells Benny that Quincy Jr. is in foster care. She wants to go to Candace right now. Benny tells her she’s going to have a heart attack. Hannah says she doesn’t care, as long as she’s whoopin’ Candace’s ass when she goes, she’ll die happy. Benny keeps telling her to calm down, but Hannah can’t believe Candace would put Quincy Jr. in foster care because she hates Hannah so much. She cries out to God for help. I love Hannah’s heart, but man! she can be dramatic.

Jeffrey sees Landon at the hotel bar. He asks if Jeffrey has seen Candace. Landon is obviously looking around for someone, but he tells Jeffrey nothing is going on. He asks what Jeffrey is doing there and Jeffrey says he has a room there. Landon says he thought Jeffrey knew Candace and Jeffrey says she’s trouble. Landon says thanks for telling him now, and tells him about how Oscar swindled Candace and she threatened Landon’s life.

Jeffrey asks Landon if his father and Maggie are having an affair and Landon tells him yes. Jeffrey says good, because Maggie makes his father happy. Landon asks him for a tryst and Jeffrey tells him that he’s drunk and he’s had better. Landon says he can be better and Jeffrey says not as good as him, looking at Justin, who’s obviously freed himself and gotten dressed. Jeffrey pretends not to know Justin. Landon is about to leave, when he looks at his phone.

It’s the news about Maggie getting shot and killed. He gives Jeffrey the phone and asks if he’s reading it right. Jeffrey confirms the news. Landon is incredulous and says there’s no way. He runs out and Jeffrey goes after him.

The hotel manager complains about kids giving their hotel a bad name, while Wyatt lies there dead. The security guy says people are calling it the Dude Die Inn. The guy Jennifer sent to look for Wyatt calls her and tells her to get to the hotel now.

Meanwhile, at the Cryer mansion, Katherine wanders around like a zombie. Wait until she finds out Wyatt is dead. She goes to Wyatt’s room, and then meanders to their daughter’s (Amanda?) room and makes a phone call. Hannah’s phone rings. She ignores the call. Katherine calls again and Hannah picks up.

Katherine asks how Hannah is and where she is. Hannah says fine and she has a place. Katherine tells Hannah she’s sorry and tells her she should have given her the money. She says she was blindsided by Hannah leaving and never considered that she didn’t have anywhere to go. Hannah says she’s fine. Katherine says she can bring her the money and tells her she has a rental place Hannah can stay at. Hannah insists she’s fine. Katherine says she needs Hannah’s help.

Hannah says Katherine’s motives are always suspect. Katherine says she doesn’t have the strength for this, and Hannah says what makes her think she does? Katherine says she can’t lose her only child and asks Hannah to pray for her and her son. She says she’s made her bed and she should lie in it, but her children shouldn’t suffer. She talks about how well Benny turned out and Hannah says she still has Candace who makes up for it. Katherine says at least she got one right. She says she has no idea where Wyatt is and Hannah says all she can do is wait. Katherine says she’s afraid. She’s scared that every time the phone rings, it’s going to be bad news and Hannah says she knows the feeling.

Katherine asks if she gets the call, will Hannah be there? Hannah says who’ll be there for her, and Katherine says she will. Katherine says she has no one else and Hannah says she doesn’t think she’ll get that call, but she’ll be there. She adds until that time, they have nothing to say to each other. Katherine says she understands and she’s sorry. They say good-by. Great scene.

I get up as soon as the commercials start and fork some KFC whole kernel corn in front of the refrigerator and it’s the shortest commercial break ever. By the time I get one forkful to my mouth, it’s over.

Veronica tells David his plan didn’t work and accuses him of ordering the hit. David says Jim set it up and he’d been trying to protect her by keeping her in jail. She says even if it was true about Jim, he must have wanted it to happen. David turns the tables, accusing Veronica of setting Maggie up. He says Jim wouldn’t have been so stupid to hire an amateur. He gets aggressive with Veronica and she tells him to look in the rear view mirror; security is following them. He tells her that her wish is in the glove box. Divorce papers. She tears them up. She says if she finds out he’s gone behind her back, or she’s outed in any way, she’ll make his life a living hell. He says hell is better than what he’s going through now.

David tells Veronica to get out of the car. She refuses. He says he’ll drag her ass out. She says there’s the husband she wants and she’d be glad to see it. He gets out and comes around to her side. She says he didn’t act like that when Maggie was alive and she needed him. She gets in the security car as David drives away.

Jennifer shows up at Wyatt’s hotel room. Her guy confirms that Wyatt is dead.

Next time, Candace’s nosy neighbor tells Hannah to stay away from Candace, Landon doesn’t trust Jeffrey, David apologizes to Jim, and Katherine finds out about Wyatt.

June 27, 2016 – GH, OC Wives & a Charming Reunion


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Ava and Nicholas wake up in the shed. She asks what happened last night.

Monica asks Tracy and Michael why they’re at the hospital. Tracy says following Monica’s insane instructions and seeing the new doctor. Michael says he drove because Tracy is still frail from being sick.

Finn has Teddy in the examining room and asks for Felix’s assistance.

Julian tries to talk to Alexis, who isn’t having any. She tells him she posted bail. Ghost Carrrlos tells Julian it’s the perfect opportunity to get rid of her and to kill her now. Julian says if he’d been arrested, he probably would have had to stay in jail. He says he wishes he would have known about the arraignment, so he could have been supportive. Alexis says she wants nothing from him. Ugh! He repeats that everything he’s done has been for them, and both Alexis and I are tired of hearing it. She goes upstairs and Carrrlos tells Julian he’s losing his touch.

Sam tells Jason that Spinelli hacked into Nicholas’s computer, but Nicholas didn’t rent a car or leave any other trail. Jason wonders if he stole a car, but Sam says that’s not his style. Jason says, although he is with Ava.

Nicholas doesn’t see anyone around and thinks they might be looking elsewhere. Ava says last night was a blur, but Nicholas says nothing inappropriate happened. She spilled some liquor on herself and he gave her his shirt, but averted his eyes when she was changing. He says they really need to keep moving and he has to get out of England ASAP. Ava says he’d been planning on going to Amsterdam, but he says the location has changed now.

Monica tells Tracy her doctor is on another floor. Tracy suggests Monica escort her. Monica is wise that they don’t want her going into the examination room. Tracy steers her away and Michael goes into the room. Finn asks if Teddy usually drools so much. Sabrrrina says it started last night, but she thought he was cutting a tooth. She tells him all the countries they’ve gone through since Teddy was born and wonders if he got exposed to something. Yeah, jet lag. Finn asks if there’s anything else out of the ordinary. Obrecht comes flying in.

Obrecht tells Finn to get away from Teddy. Sabrrrina says they need him. Obrecht says he’s been suspended after being suspected of killing patients. She’s about to call security when Michael shoves her in a closet.

Alexis tells herself to keep it together. Julian tells Carrrlos to get out of his head, but Carrrlos says they’re a team. He says Alexis is a bigger threat than any of his enemies were. He says Julian needs to make it look like an accident; Alexis is already sick, just make her sicker. Alexis comes downstairs saying she has some kind of bug and Julian offers to make her tea. Her phone is dead and Julian takes it into the kitchen to charge it. Carrrlos asks what kind of poison he’s going to put in the tea.

Jason talks to the bartender and tells Sam that the town is smaller than small. If anyone had stolen a car, it would be common knowledge. Sam says maybe they should ask Hux and his girlfriend (oops! I thought he lived with his mother) for help, but Jason says they’re unreliable and he doesn’t think they’ll be seeing them again anyway.

Nicholas says if a reward is given, Ava will be the first one to turn him in. She says she hasn’t turned him in yet. He says now that they’re done with the Hux madness, she can go back home. She says no, she can’t.

Valerie asks Monica if everything is okay, and Tracy says Monica lost her balance and was just helping her. Monica concurs and thanks Valerie for her diligence. After Valerie leaves, Monica says Tracy is far from frail, and Tracy tells Monica what’s going on with Teddy.

Finn asks about Teddy’s diet. Sabrrrina gives him a food list, but Finn thinks they’re all okay. Sabrrrina says the nanny also fed him and Finn asks her to find out what. She makes the call and Valerie comes in, telling Finn to step away from the baby like she’s one of those car alarms that talks.

Ava tells Nicholas she has the original statue. She says she was dealing with a questionable piece, but the real one is in a safe place. Nicholas says they could have been killed and if she wants to risk her life, fine, but don’t risk his. She says he’s no angel, since Jason is being accused of his murder.

Jason tells Sam to call Spinelli about Amsterdam. Sam looks at her phone and tells him omg, her mother’s been arrested for Carrrlos’s murder.

Julian gives Alexis tea and crackers. He wonders if she can get off on a technicality. Alexis says no, and he asks what the strategy is. She lists all the things the DA has against her, while I admire her cool black coffee mug. Carrrlos watches as Alexis take a sip of tea.

Alexis goes to get her phone, which must charge miraculously quickly. Julian tells Carrrlos he’s not going to poison her. When she returns (phone fully charged), Julian tells Alexis he can’t accept he’s lost her. She says when he killed Carrrlos, he lost her and what kind of future can they have if she’s in prison? Julian says there has to be a reasonable doubt. She says they have the dagger and she has no alibi. She says if he lets her take the rap, he’s going to lose not just her, but his children.

Sam wonders why no one called her. She says there’s no way Alexis killed Carrrlos. Jason intimates that it must have been Julian, and maybe he needed to shut Carrrlos up. Sam believes he would kill, but not that he would let Alexis take the fall. She wonders if Alexis is covering for him, but Jason says it’s a life sentence. Sam says either Julian framed her or Alexis is out of her mind. Sam wants to get back home, but she tells Jason to stay there and finish what they started.

Nicholas says he was actually trying to frame Hayden; Jason was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He says Diane has gotten Jason acquitted before and will again. He made arrangements for a flight out while Ava was sleeping, and says he’ll send for Spencer when he can. Ava says Hux is going to come after her and she can’t afford to go home. Nicholas says to give Hux the real statue, but she says she has good reasons why she can’t.

Tracy says she knows Monica is on the warpath about Finn, but she trusts him. Valerie keeps telling Finn to move away and Michael tells her that Teddy needs him. They hear Obrecht banging around in the closet. Sabrrrina tells Finn that the nanny gave Teddy some yogurt that might have contained honeyy. She begs Valerie to let Finn treat Teddy and not to let her baby die.

Monica tells Tracy that she can’t turn her back on what’s happening, but the baby’s health is more important than rules and regulations. Finn thinks Teddy has botulism and Valerie asks what he needs to do. He tells her and says she can arrest him afterward. Obrecht objects, but Valerie says to let him do what he needs to. Obrecht says she’s abetting a crime, but Valerie says if Obrecht doesn’t leave, she’ll give her a citation for disobeying a police officer.

Alexis runs down the list of people who will hate Julian. She says he obviously doesn’t care and saving himself is more important. She goes to take a bath and Carrrlos says a slip in the tub is better than poison. In the tub, Alexis flashes back to being there with Julian. Carrrlos says Julian didn’t even blink when he killed him. Julian says he didn’t want to lose Alexis or their life together. Carrrlos says look how far they’ve fallen and she isn’t the woman he used to love. Julian says he drove her to this and he’s going to get her back. Carrrlos says go ahead, but see what happens. He says Julian already lost Alexis and now he’s going to lose his children.

Nicholas says he needs to disappear alone. He says she could solve her problems by giving Hux the real statue. She says traveling with him is better. She says if she goes back to Port Charles, she might let slip he’s not dead. She asks if he’s going to take her with him or risk that.

Jason says he can take care of things. Sam asks how he’s going to get Nicholas back to Port Charles if he finds him. He says he’ll call the police and it might be dicey for him, but in the end he’ll come home to her.

Alexis starts to get in the tub and Julian pushes her head under. I’m doubting this is real, but wonder who’s fantasy it is. Carrrlos’s? Speaking of which, I’m glad Jeffrey Vincent Parise is back on the show. GH must realize the acting treasure they have in him and he makes a much better ghost than Alan did. That was just sad.

Finn says Teddy will have to stay at the hospital for a while, and they need to run tests, but he should be fine. He thanks Felix and says he’ll take full responsibility and bear any consequences. Finn starts to leave and Tracy asks where he’s going. He says to jail and goes over to Valerie, who arrests him.

It was Julian’s fantasy. Carrrlos eggs him on. He says Julian will grieve for a while, but then he’ll be free. He’ll have his children and his life. Julian ponders this and heads upstairs.

Sam is at the airport, while Jason finds the shed Ava and Nicholas were in. He finds something that looks like a gold shower curtain ring. An earring?

In the tub, Alexis gets a text from Sam. She tells Sam she doesn’t need to come back. Julian enters the bathroom and stands behind her.

Tomorrow, Lulu asks Dante if he thinks Nicholas is still alive, Nicholas heads to Greece, and Alexis is startled by Julian.

The Real Housewives of the OC

Vicki is at the start of her apology tour, starting with Heather, who thinks she just talks in circles. Heather asks if Vicki had doubts about Brooks, and she says yes. Heather wonders why she didn’t come to any of them. Vicki asks why they even cared about Brooks’s health issues and Heather says because it was all bs. Vicki says Brooks lied to her too. Heather says she doesn’t care about what Brooks did, only Vicki’s part in the lie, and thinks Vicki should have conversations with everyone. In her interview, Heather says Vicki wants to just sweep everything under the rug, but it’s impossible with so many people being involved. She says Vicki can’t move on because the rest of them haven’t.

Dinner is still going on below deck. Tamra and Jeana discuss Vicki. Jeana thinks Tamra should meet her halfway. On the way home with Jeana, Vicki cries, saying she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. In her interview, she says the women have lost respect and compassion for her. She tells Jeana she wants to be happy again.

Kelly puts the evil iodine on her daughter’s scraped up knees. Funny, we were just talking about that stuff the other day and if it still existed. She says the weirdest thing about being a mom is having a little being just like you. OMG – just the thought is frightening. Her husband, Michael, cashed out as CEO of a toy company, and now leads a life of leisure, which includes giving his 2 cents on daily parenting decisions. Their daughter says she doesn’t feel well and doesn’t want to go to school. Michael is thinking they should listen to her, but Kelly says she’s fine. Mom wins.

Terry is wiped out because they got home at midnight and he got up for surgery at 4 am. Heather wants family time and has made reservations for a week’s vacation. Daughter Max made it into the talent show. When Terry asks what his talent would be, one of the other kids suggests farting. Typical dad talent.

Tamra calls, thanking Heather for the party. She wonders what happened between her and Vicki. Heather says Vicki apologized, but they both think she’s only sorry she got caught. Well, we know that Vicki said that if she had it to do over again, she’d do the same thing. They briefly discuss Kelly, who Tamra thought was a little outspoken. Well, if that’s not the pot calling the kettle aggressive, I don’t know what is.

Tamra tells Ryan she saw Sarah with Ava, who’s now at “the fun age” and recognizing her grandma. Sarah and Ryan started having problems that would escalate to calling the cops, so they split up. Ryan lives in an apartment, while Sarah and Ava have the house that Tamra put the down payment on. Ryan says they fight over stupid stuff like Instagram and Facebook. How mature! Social media definitely fosters great parenting skills. In her interview, Tamra says she feels guilty because she was a single mom and wanted something more for Ryan.

It’s Valentine’s Day and Shannon and David go out for dinner. We go down Memory Lane about colonics, which is perfect dinner table talk. He gives her a necklace. She keeps saying “wow,” but I’m not sure if she likes it. Yep, in her interview, she says he picks out things she wouldn’t choose for herself, but they grow on her, and this one might take a while. She says she hopes one day to be in a place where she can say the affair he had was a blessing in disguise, but she’s not there yet. She is over it though. God bless them.

David brings up Vicki, and Shannon says she doesn’t like how Vicki isn’t taking responsibility and continues to lie. In her interview, she says forgiveness is one thing, but staying friends is another. She agrees with Heather that Vicki wants to just sweep things under the rug. That rug is getting crowded underneath.

Kelly, who doesn’t like a bunch of girls ganging up on one person, calls Vicki and asks her out to lunch. In her interview, she says that Meghan discouraged the friendship, but she’s a big girl and can make her own decisions. Is it possible we might have a grown-up on the show?

In her interview, Vicki says this year is about removing the negativity from her life and focusing on her business and family. She says the drama with Brooks took a toll on her and her company, which is like a third child to her. She’s having some kind of networking event. Her son is also involved; she wants the business to be her children’s legacy.

Vacation time! Heather, Terry and kids go to the beach, bypassing the amazing pool that I drool over. They’re sitting in one of those double-lounges with a canopy. Heather says Terry doesn’t realize how quickly time passes and hopes a successful vacation will spur him to spend more time with the family.

Tamra pulled something in her arm and gathers her icing supplies. Her competition is coming up and she doesn’t want any injuries. She asks if Eddie has talked to Ryan, and brings up the down payment. She says if you loan someone money, you shouldn’t expect it back. Huh? Eddie corrects that by saying an agreement is an agreement. Thank you. Tamra says she was brought up with family and Eddie was adopted, so they look at things differently, and he doesn’t understand why she wants to help Ryan. I think Eddie is wise and practical. Eddie tells her to stay out of Ryan’s business as he’s an adult. Yeah, what is he now, 45?

Vicki meets Kelly for lunch. She says she has whoop-it-up radar and thinks Kelly is a whoop-it-up girl. They make small talk and discuss their astrology signs. Vicki tells her that she’s trying to get her joy back after the break-up with Brooks. She talks about Briana moving back and that Briana has been sick with an autoimmune disease for the past five years. She asks how the boat party was for Kelly and Kelly says it was fun, but she thought Shannon kind of ignored her.

Meghan is having the kitchen remodeled and talks about how Jimmy tells her they’re spending too much and then wants to tear out the floors or rewire the electrical system. Kelly, Shannon and Tamra come by wearing hardhats. Meghan says they’re going to break the ice with Kelly by breaking up her kitchen. Shannon starts the wall demolishing. I have flashbacks about when my house was flooded during Hurricane Sandy.

With the kids at day camp, Heather and Terry have a romantic meal on their hotel veranda, served by the included butler. They discuss the new house. In his interview, Terry says he’s having the time of his life with his work, and feels guilty for not feeling as guilty as he should for not spending enough time with his kids.

At Meghan’s, the girls have red Solo cup drinks and Kelly brings up her lunch with Vicki. She feels that they were kind of mean to Vicki at the party and Vicki is hurt. She says Shannon was especially standoffish. Both Tamra and Shannon open and close their mouths like a couple of fish. Meghan asks if Vicki said anything about any of them. Kelly says no and she doesn’t think Vicki wants to, but Meghan doesn’t believe it. Tamra says she has a long history with Vicki and explains about how she didn’t like Brooks and Vicki was constantly praising him and making her look bad. Kelly asks if Vicki got involved in their relationships and Tamra says yes, telling her about Simon. Funny she should bring that up, because at the time the roles were reversed – Vicki was right and Tamra didn’t listen. In her interview, Kelly says she’s been ganged up on and her first instinct is to protect someone who’s in the same position. She asks Tamra more about Simon and finds out that Tamra hasn’t seen her daughter in two years. Tamra starts to cry and in her interview, Kelly says they just met, but everyone hates her now.

Tamra talks about kids taking sides in divorce and how she wanted Simon to work with her, but he refused. Kelly says she was married to a similar personality, and remarried him. She says they were separated for two years and it was a nightmare because he wouldn’t let her file for divorce. She decided that it was easier to stay married. Shannon asks if she’s in love with Michael and Kelly says he’s a really nice guy, but he can be a narcissist. He did a 730 psychiatric evaluation, whatever that is, and they found out he has narcissistic personality disorder, for which there is no cure. It gets pretty quiet after this bomb drop.

Next time, Briana gets to the OC, Meghan wills herself to be pregnant, and Tamra stirs things up between Heather and Kelly.

Southern Charm – Reunion Part One

I’m hating on that squinty-eyed, fake smiley Landon already. I do like her earrings though.

We start off by Thomas telling us that his parents think him being on the show is worse than him being in prison. One of Shep’s bars had a fire and Shep’s drinking habits are discussed. He talks about Bailey and how when a relationship gets to the moment it must be defined, he doesn’t want to define anything, but doesn’t want to disappoint anyone either. Andy talks about Kathryn and Shep having a moment at one time, and they both say it was casual.

Someone tweets that Shep is denigrating to women, but I don’t agree. Next, his work ethic is questioned. Geez, the last person I expected to see picked on right out of the gate was Shep. While he is a serial dater, he seems like a pretty decent human.

Moving on to Cameran. Zzzz… Andy asks why she didn’t invite Thomas and Kathryn to her dinner party. Hmm… Thomas’s dinner party should answer that question. Cameran says she’s not interested in drama. Quite a few people on social media think Cameran is a snotty mean girl. Cameran says she takes up for Kathryn all the time, and if I’d been drinking something, I would have choked. She says Kathryn has never done anything to her, but she’s not going to fake a friendship. Craig is like, what did you have to lose by going to coffee? Cameran tells Kathryn that nothing has changed from a year ago and Kathryn tells her she doesn’t know anything that’s going on between her and Thomas.

We move on to Cameran not wanting kids. She says a lot of women have been supportive. Kathryn says it is something to put a lot of thought into. She doesn’t regret it, but it changes your life.

Andy asks how the new Craig is doing. Shep says a girlfriend is the only discernible difference from the old Craig, but Craig says he also stopped drinking liquor. He sticks to wine or beer (smh). They talk about the promise ring he gave Naomie and the competitiveness between Craig and Shep. Somehow, Shep gets into a story about playing whiffleball on mushrooms in Chicago and going to jail. He says an old lady at the police station told him he should be nice to Craig and he realized where the tide of public opinion was going.

It turns out that Craig never finished his thesis and isn’t allowed to take the bar. Technically, he graduated, but never got a diploma. Shep is annoyed that they put together all kinds of paperwork, and Craig lied about it. Apparently, there’s some solution on the horizon, but we’ll see if he actually takes the test.

Airhead Landon is up next. We flash back to her non-meetings about her website or whatever it was she was pretending to work on. And then the Shep fail. Andy wonders what the blip with that. Shep says it was flattering, but he hates emotion. Craig says they got together at one time, but she said no, and he said Shep said he was done. Shep says they hooked up a little, but it was nothing serious.

Shep gets asked about bringing Landon’s friend as his date to the Founder’s Ball. He says Landon needs to get used to seeing him with a date and Landon acts like it’s cool, but we know it’s not. The subject of Shep’s birthday party gets brought up. Landon says she regrets lying to Shep about not inviting Kathryn. She apologizes to the both of them. Kathryn asks why, and Landon says their previous encounter hadn’t ended on a good note.

We move to Thomas and Landon, who went on a trip originally planned for Kathryn and Thomas. This degenerates pretty quickly, with Landon being really insulting to Kathryn and Kathryn saying Landon doesn’t even know her.

Then there’s the Whitney thing. Whitney still insists it was a one-night stand, but Kathryn says it was longer and she stayed at his house. We flash back to all her stuff being there and he makes up some other reason. She seems to have some pretty detailed and clear memories, and from the look on Whitney’s face and his body language, she’s telling the truth. She says she’s not trying to be mean, just honest.

We flash back to Craig’s inopportune bringing up the subject in the first place. Andy says Whitney was emotional and irrational, but Whitney blames Shep introducing him to moonshine earlier in the evening. Kathryn, btw, has a fabulous outfit on. Some sort of modern Victoriana. Shep brings up Kathryn getting in Whitney’s face during a night of drinking on Jekyll Island, suggesting that might be why Whitney is so hostile. He says he doesn’t agree with Kathryn’s ostracization, but he doesn’t think Whitney was ever in love with her. Craig corrects him, saying he thought Whitney just “had feelings for her.” There’s something that needs to be defined.

Andy congratulates Thomas and Kathryn on baby Julien. He has a theory that the baby was conceived after the last reunion and wonders if baby number three will happen tonight. Kathryn balks and says maybe someone else is up for the challenge (i.e. Landon). Andy brings up Patricia calling them morons. Kathryn says she was in love with Thomas and if people find it moronic, she feels sorry that they don’t know what love is.

After Julien was born, Kathryn thought she and Thomas would marry, but they ended up breaking up. A viewer wonders about Thomas leading Kathryn on and talking about having a third baby. They both say having baby Julien gave them baby fever. Thomas says reality set in later about their incompatibility.

We flash back to the question of baby Julien’s paternity. Kathryn is disgusted and sick of it being questioned. Landon says something about how she would never be questioned and Kathryn tells her until she has a child, shut up. Ha-ha! Andy asks Whitney why Patricia doesn’t like Kathryn, and he says after her “drug fueled” tirade on Jekyll Island, his mother just didn’t like her. Kathryn says she takes anti-depressants and believes she’s being penalized for being the unwed mother of two. Hey, at least they have the same baby daddy.

Thomas and Kathryn have been having a Twitter fight, but Thomas claims he wants it to stop and wants them to co-parent peacefully. Kathryn says that’s a lie and this is an act for the show. She says if she was ever a gold-digger, it was fool’s gold. She accuses Thomas of being on drugs and Landon accuses her of the same, saying there’s paperwork to prove it. Kathryn walks off.

Next time, Dinner party talk, Kathryn comes back, and Jennifer joins the group.

June 26, 2016 – Shahs in Belize & Throne Finale


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

Shahs of Sunset

Meanwhile, back in Belize, GG wants to talk to Shervin. She says ever since Asa’s fashion show, he’s been trash talking her behind her back. She wonders, if he has an issue with her, why didn’t he come to her first. In his interview, Shervin says that GG continues to drink like a fish and smoke like a chimney, even though her health isn’t good. He tells her he’s genuinely concerned about her. They end up hugging it out.

MJ is still trying to get ahold of Tommy. Now his voicemail is full. Probably with messages from her. She’s trying to keep a brave face, but tells Asa that after he moved in, she started nagging and complaining, and being a turn-off in general. He told her she’s just like Vida and Asa tells her she needs to be careful with that, especially with men.

More amazing food! I gain weight just watching this show. The group has a choice of going tubing or having a massage. Why not both? Reza, Asa and MJ opt for the massage. In his interview, Mike says he has a fantasy of Jessica surprising him by showing up.

Mike’s fantasy is just a little off because Tommy shows up. Needless to say, MJ is thrilled. Instead of the massage, MJ chooses an afternoon delight of another kind. Reza, Mike and Asa take a dip in the phenomenal pool, while Shervin hangs out talking to them. Reza tells Mike that Jessica claims he cheated on her. Mike says she read a message from someone way back when and blew it out of proportion. Asa asks if he’s cheated on Jessica since they were married and he says no. In his interview, he says they’re just allegations and the entire world knows he’s married. Reza says Mike tends to flirt and Mike leaves the pool. Reza tells Asa and Shervin that Mike and Jessica’s stories don’t add up. He finds it unbelievable that Jessica would leave over an old text.

Asa and Reza decide to sneak up on a nakey Tommy and MJ. Jewel is playing in the background and in his interview, Tommy says there goes his street cred. Asa is working on a couples portrait project and wants to take photos of them in the pool. They’re nakey in the pool too, but Asa uses flowers to cover anything we shouldn’t see.

GG, Mike, Shervin and Nima are starting with a hike. They go into a cavern and Shervin freaks about the bats. In his interview, Mike says Shervin has an irrational fear of small creatures, but Shervin says he just prefers not to hang out with them. Asa and Reza get a massage. Asa thinks they should have a talk with Mike. Reza thinks Mike is in denial, but wants to at least give it a try.

Let the tubing commence! They go through the caverns and it’s very cool. Mike says the trip has given him a chance to reflect and is better than therapy.

Reza calls Jessica. He says he’s bummed that she didn’t make the trip and tells her about what Mike said. Jessica says when she investigated the text message, it turned out to be a string going back to before they were engaged, and the texts were not appropriate for a married man. Reza says he’s worried that Mike is just trying to save face and he’s going to lose her. Jessica says she’s not going back to him. Reza asks if there’s any chance, but she says no. She says if he can’t be real, there’s no point in continuing. He tells her that he’s going to try and talk some sense into Mike. He’s going to force Mike to be the man she deserves, whether they get back together or not. Before Jessica is done, he wants Mike to have a moment of clarity.

The tubers (tubists?) return, wondering how many pounds of ceviche the others have downed. Reza asks to talk to Mike. He thinks if Mike is honest, there might still be a chance for him to get back with Jessica. He tells Mike about the phone call and says Jessica was very specific about what the texts said. Mike continues to deny it and asks what Jessica wants. Reza says Jessica wants him to admit what he did. He tells Reza not to call her anymore. In his interview, he accuses Reza of schadenfreude, which is ridiculous. Reza says he’s just trying to help him save his marriage, but Mike says he’s not going to admit to something that isn’t true. Reza says Mike lies sometimes and Mike gets furious, yelling that he’s done and he’s going home. Reza says he’s going to regret it later and suggests they have a drink and tells Mike not make a decision while he’s angry.

Reza asks Asa to talk to Mike, but Mike isn’t having it. We hear Mike saying he f-ed up so bad. Asa thinks Mike doesn’t need another person who’s disappointed in him. She looks out the window and sees Mike leaving. Mike goes to Shervin’s room and Reza follows. Mike says he’s not mad at Reza. Shervin says he could hear them yelling from his room. Mike stomps off. In his interview, the producer asks Mike if he cheated. He says he’s stupid, but not that stupid.

Reza tells the others what happened with Mike and the phone call to Jessica. Mike comes by and everyone gets quiet. He asks to talk to Reza and they step outside. He tells Reza he’s not angry and realzies that Reza was just trying to help. He says because of what happened last year, he has trust issues. He says he was a bad husband and admits to the text messages. He says it’s been eating away at him. In his interview, he finally admits to cheating. He says he loves Jessica so much that he’d shoot himself if she wanted him to. He says it’s killing him. Reza says he loves Mike and isn’t against him. He says Mike is being real and all he wants is for him and Jessica to get back together. He says he’s proud of Mike being honest and says he needs to have this talk with Jessica. He says Mike is good at a lot of things, but owning his stuff takes a minute. In his interview, Reza says that Mike being accountable is a big deal.

Next time, the Shahs see the ruins, GG talks to her parents about RA, and Mike tries to get back together with Jessica.

Game of Thrones

It’s the finale already. Didn’t we just start the season? Although I don’t know how they can top last week. I watch the opening credits because I love seeing the map come to life, and realize I don’t know most of the actor’s names even though I’ve been watching this for years.

It’s time for Cersei and Loras’s trial. Everyone gathers in the courtroom or whatever they call it. The Grand Maester dismisses the call girl he was just with, and one of the children who worked for Varys shows up at his door.

High Sparrow Jonathan Pryce asks if Loras is ready to stand trial. Loras says there’s no need, as he’s confessing to everything, and lists all the stuff he’s accused of. He says he’s seen the error of his ways and will take any punishment. The Sparrow says the gods punish those who avoid justice, but the Mother gives mercy to those who kneel. Loras says he humbles himself and wishes to devote the rest of his life to the Seven. He abandons the Tyrell name, his lordship and will remain celibate. The Sparrow inducts him or whatever and Loras gets a religious symbol carved into his forehead for his trouble.

Tommen starts to leave for the trial when The Mountain stops him. Cersei hasn’t shown up yet and the Sparrow tells one of this fledglings to go get her from the Red Keep. The Grand Maester is looking for the king, but instead finds some other guy and a kid with a sword. A bunch of kids surround him. The guy says sometimes before they usher in the new, the old must be put to rest. The kids all stab the Grand Maester. What the what?

The Sparrow has sent Lancel to find Cersei, but she’s nowhere. He says the longer she waits, the worse it will be. Then he gets stabbed by a kid. What is this? Children of the Corn? Meanwhile, Cersei is staring out the window..

Margaery approaches the Sparrow. She thinks something is wrong and asks why he thinks Cersei and Tommen aren’t there. He says Cersei will be tried in absentia and Margaery says Cersei understands that, but is absent anyway, so she must be avoiding the consequences. She says they all need to leave immediately and tells Loras to stick with her. Everyone starts going toward the exits, but the guards hold Margaery back.

Wildfire in the basement is what’s happening. The stuff squirreled away by the Mad King is all over the place. Dropped in Lancel’s attack, his torch lights it and the whole sept blows up in green flames. Cersei is pleased. Tommen is shocked. A lot of actors are now out of work. Cersei has one of the accuser septas captive and tells her to confess. She says confession feels good and lists all the other things she’s done that feel good, including killing her husband and sleeping with Jaime. She says it also feels good to watch all the people burn. She says she told the septa that Cersei’s face would be the last thing she saw before she died. The septa says she’s ready to meet the gods, but Cersei says she’s not going to die today and she’s not going to die for a while. She calls The Mountain over and says he’s her god now. Cersei leaves, saying “shame,” as the septa did to her, and we hear screaming as she closes the door.

Well, that was all a surprise. And who’s going to put that fire out?

Not Tommen. He jumps out the window.

Walder is celebrating getting Riverrun back. He toasts to the alliance of the Freys and the Lannisters. Bron points out how Jaime doens’t have to do anything to get the ladies and Jaime plays wingman. Walder says his father would be pleased at how everything came together. Jaime asks Walder if he did much fighting back in the day. Walder says the one battle Jaime fought in, he got captured.He says fighting means besting your enemies and now he has Riverrun and the Starks are no more. Jaime says the Freys aren’t feared, but the Lannisters are. He wonders why the Lannisters even need them.

Cersei receives the news of Tommen’s death and wants to see the body. The messenger asks about the funeral. She tells him to burn Tommen and put his ashes where the sept was.

Sam and Gilly reach the Citadel . Sam gives the man at the desk a letter from Jon Snow. He tells him he’s to be the new maester. The man says according to his records Ser Marmont is in charge, but Sam says he’s dead. He says this is irregular and Sam says he supposes life is irregular. He says Sam will have to talk to someone else, but in the meantime he can use the library. Gilly and the baby have to stay behind. The library is humongous and Sam nearly freaks over all the books.

In the North, winter is happening. Jon talks to the Red Woman. Davos joins them, tossing Princess Shireen’s little carved horse at her. He tells the Red Woman to tell Jon what they did with Princess Shireen. She says they burned her at the stake, but she only does what the Lord commands. Davos says her Lord is evil to require a child be burned at the stake. The Red Woman says her parents went along with it. Davos says she had everyone fooled saying Stannis was the one, including Stannis. The Red Woman says she was wrong and he asks how many died because she was wrong. He asks Jon to have her executed. Jon asks if she has anything to say. She says she’s been ready to die for a while, but the war with the dead is coming and he’ll need her. Jon says she’s banished and if she ever comes back, he’ll have her killed. Davos adds that if he ever sees her again, he’ll do it himself.

Jon tells Sansa to take their parents’ bedroom. He says she’s the Lady of Winterfell and they’re here because of her. He asks if she trusts Littlefinger, but she says only a fool would. Jon says they have to trust each other because they have so many enemies now. She tells him a white raven came from the Citadel and winter is here. Jon says their father always promised that would happen.

Olenna says the last time a Tyrell came to Dorne, they were assassinated. Allaria says they invited her because they need her help. Allaria says they must be allies if they want to survive. Olenna says survival isn’t what she’s after since Cersei killed her son and grandchildren. Allaria rings a bell and Varys pops in saying “fire and blood.” Okay.

Dany says there’s finally peace in Meereen and she wants Daario to stay and keep the peace and help the people elect their own ruler. She says if she’s going to rule Westeros, she’ll have to make allies, which involves getting married and she can’t bring a lover with her. Daario says he doesn’t want the crown, he wants her. He says he loves her and he knows he makes her happy. He begs her to bring him along, but she says she can’t. She says she’ll leave him with instructions. Daario says he pities the Lords of Westeros because they don’t know what’s coming. He says he’s sure she’ll get the throne she wants.

Tyrion asks Dany how it went. She says Daario wasn’t happy. He says if it’s any consolation, sacrifice is the trait of a great ruler. He says she has everything she ever wanted and asks if she’s afraid. She nods and he says good, the only people who aren’t afraid are madmen. He says she’s in the great game now and it’s terrifying. Dany says she didn’t really feel anything when giving Daario the boot. Tyrion says he believes in her and she will always have his counsel.

She tells Tyrion she had something made for him. She puts a King’s Hand pin on him and asks him to be the Hand of the Queen.

A servant girl brings some cake to Walder. He wonders where his sons are. She says they’re already there, confusing both of us. He sees teeth in the cake. The servant girl removes her disguise and it’s Arya! She tells him the last thing he’s ever going to see is a Stark looking down at him when he dies and slits his throat. I feel double-minded, since I hate Walder, but love to hate him. Arya looks satisfied watching Walder bleed to death.

Littlefinger approaches Sansa in the weirwod. He says sorry to interrupt her praying, but she says she’s done with all that. She asks him what he wants. He says he thought she already knew. He says he always has the same picture in his mind, and whenever he makes a decision, asks himself if whatever he’s doing will help it materialize. He says he pictures himself on the Iron Throne with Sansa at his side.

Sansa says it’s a pretty picture. He says she’s the future of House Stark. He asks who should rule, a Stark or a motherless bastard. Sanda walks away.

Bran and Meera reach a weirwood tree. Benjen says he’s parting company with them now and wishes them good fortune. Meera asks if Bran if he’s ready for this and Bran says he has to be since he’s the Three-Eyed Raven now. He touches the tree and goes back to the vision of Ned going up to Lyanna’s tower. Lyanna is bloody and dying after just having given birth. She asks if it’s a dream. Ned tells her no, he’s really there. She says she wanted to be brave, but she doesn’t want to die. He says she’s not going to and calls for a maester. Leanna asks him to promise her something. The nurse hands him a Baby Jon Snow!

Jon and Sansa are having a meeting with the guys. One guy says the war is over, winter is coming and they should all go home.

Jon says the true enemy won’t wait out the storm, he brings the storm. Young Lady Mormant lists all the horror that’s happened at the hands of the other kingdoms. She says Jon is the true king and that Stark blood runs in his veins.

Lord Manderly gets up and makes a speech about how he was wrong and Jon is the White Wolf, the King of the North. A guy from House Glover commits to the cause and calls Jon the King of the North. Everyone rises and hails the King of the North. Littlefinger and Sansa lock eyes.

Jaime and Bron see the fire in King’s Landing and spur their horses on. Cersei enters the throne room with The Mountain. She is proclaimed Queen of the Seven Kingdoms while Jaime watches unnoticed. She gets a cool crown that matches her military style outfit. She and Jaime look at each other, as the people say long may she reign.

Theon and Yara stand on the deck of a ship. Dany’s fleet is ready to go. It’s pretty impressive. Even more impressive are the dragons flying above it. Dragon tease. Like the pterodactyl at the end of the second Jurassic Park movie.

Dany, Tyrion, Missandei and Varys stand on the bow of another ship. Crane shot of the ships and the dragons.

And we out.


June 24, 2016 – GH Brexit Interruptus & Some Quotes


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Anna is at the bar waiting for her date. She asks the bartender to run interference if need be. Paul walks in. Could he be Anna’s date? Anna asks him to move down, so he sits across the bar from her. He asks what’s up and she says she’s meeting someone. He says while she’s waiting, she can tell him how the lucky guy met her.

Nina is perusing the sex toy instructions when Dillon walks in. She tells him it’s not hers and that it was sent over for a write up and asks if he’d like to review it with Kiki. She says she’d have to be blind not to see them totally crushing on each other. Dillon says nothing has happened. Nina assumes Morgan must be in the way and can’t figure out what Kiki sees in Morgan. She asks if Kiki ran back to him and Dillon says no, he pushed her.

Kiki tells Morgan she came to the hospital to see him. She says they have to discuss where they stand and what they mean to each other. Morgan asks if they should pick up where they left off or just be friends. Kiki asks if he wants to get back to things right away. He says not if she feels pressured or has found someone else.

Ava tries the lock with the letter opener. Nicholas is kibitzing and she asks if he’d like a go. He says none of his tutors taught him lock-picking, and she tells him to shut up then. Nicholas says someone is coming and the door opens.

Jason and Sam arrive at the manor. Sam tells Jason if it goes wrong, it could cost him his freedom. He says if things don’t work out, they’ll just go back to London and stake out Ava’s room. You’d think they’d also be checking out Nicholas’s room. It’s not like he was real creative with an alias. Sam says if they trip an alarm, he could get sent back to the US and it will look like he ran. He tells her she can opt out, but she says whatever risk he’s taking, she’s going to take too.

Franco and Elizabeth kiss. Please, tells me this is a bad dream. Elizabeth asks what he’s doing and they both accuse the other of being the kiss perpetrator. Franco insists that Elizabeth wants to make Jason jealous. He says that Jason went nuts when he got Jake a puppy, so he’d go ballistic if Franco ever went near Elizabeth.

Hux’s mother, Margaret, is at the door with a taser telling them to get back in the room. I’m guessing Margaret is one of the Monty Python team, since she sure seems like a British guy in drag. Nicholas tells her to back off of Ava. There’s a bit of a tussle and Margaret is thrown off, but comes running back in brandishing some kind of sword, which there seems to be a dearth of in this mansion.

Anna and Paul discuss dating. Paul says men are different today and Anna tells him she’s perfectly capable of handling a date. He asks why she hasn’t resigned as his special investigator, if she detests him so much. She says not everything is about him and she wants to see Julian behind bars. He tells her if she ever left Port Charles, she’d miss him. He says deep down, she kind of likes him.

Dillon tells Nina what happened with Kiki. He says Morgan took the hint and took off, but he could tell he was on Kiki’s mind. He says he’d be shocked if she went back to him, but she wouldn’t be the first to go back to a guy who wasn’t good for her. Nina thinks he’s looking funny at her and he says it was just a global observation, but asks if she’s getting back together with Franco.

Elizabeth tells Franco he’s as bad as he ever was. He says he’s still the same monster. She says not so, that he has the capability for good now, but he’s still manipulative. He says she holds him accountable for his nonsense and makes him feel like someone believes in him. No, no, no.

Hux returns to the manor and Jason grabs him. He threatens Jason with the police, and Jason asks why he broke into Ava’s hotel room. They hear hollering and Hux says it’s his mother. They all go into the room where Ava and Nicholas are. Hux runs to Margaret who is tied up and gagged. She apologizes for failing him. She tells him Nicholas tied her up. Jason asks why Nicholas was there and where he is now.

Morgan says he’s given Kiki tons of reasons to go out with someone else. She says things aren’t serious with Dillon. Morgan says he takes full responsibility for what he’s done, but he’s different now and feels in control. Kiki says she’s happy for him. He says he can’t undo past damage, but he’d like the opportunity to show her he’s the man he needs to be.

Dillon asks if he’s over-stepping his bounds. Nina says she’d like a man’s viewpoint. He says she can do better than Franco. He says relationships take time and communication. Nina says Franco has a problem with that, and Dillon says they don’t seem to have anywhere else to go. She says she’s miserable without Franco, but he says she’s just lonely and wants to go back to something familiar. She says she thinks it took being away from him to realize how she feels. He asks if Franco feels the same way.

Franco says when Elizabeth gives him criticism, there’s always a kernel of wisdom. She says the kiss wasn’t about Jason, it was about Nina. She says it’s clear he still loves her. He says he’s still processing the break-up. She says he kissed her to avoid moving forward with Nina and doing the work it takes. He asks what’s her excuse for kissing back?

Anna says she and Paul were friendly once upon a time, but when she thinks he has some understanding, he shows her how shallow he is. She reminds him of the old Paul that she could count on. He says he’s still that person. She says it will take more than words to convince her; it will take action.

Anna’s date hasn’t shown. She texts him, but there’s no response. Paul says she reminds him of who he used to be and talks about the Jenny days, saying he’ll never be able to make up the time he lost with Dillon. He says when he came back to port Charles, he was cold, bitter and lonely, and doesn’t like that version of himself. She suggests he make some friends.

Hux says he doesn’t care about Nicholas, but Ava has his statue. Jason says without a car, they should be able to track them down. Hux says they’re in the middle of nowhere and might get lost, but he has a better option.

Elizabeth says they’ve clearly established that Franco started it. He says but she took her time pulling away, and he thinks missing Nicholas might have something to do with it too. They agree that regardless, the kiss wasn’t about either of them and they’ll act like it never happened. Franco says if she needs a shoulder to cry on, he’s there. Franco gets a text from Nina.

Dillon tells Nina he hopes it works out the way she wants it to. She says ditto, but he says he and Kiki were over before they started. Nina says it’s unfortunate that Kiki still has a soft spot for Morgan. Dillon says without it, she wouldn’t be the girl he likes so much. Nina asks how much and tells him to fight for her and make her choose.

Morgan asks if Kiki will give them one more shot. Greg. a guy who was in treatment with Morgan comes over to say hello and Morgan introduces them. Greg says that he doesn’t think Morgan would have gotten through treatment so well without Kiki.

Hux asks what happens when they find Nicholas. Jason says they take him back to the states. He asks what about Ava and Sam says they have no business with her. Hux suggests they help each other and divide the spoils. Jason says he has a deal.

Nicholas and Ava are holed up in a shed. She finds some garden tools and says at least they have weapons. She finds a bottle of liquor and they each have a celebratory drink. Kind of too soon for that.

Anna says she’s going home to have ice cream and throw her computer out the window. Paul asks if she’d like company, as a friend, but she says they’re not there yet. He asks if she has any parting words of wisdom. She says any time he gets the urge to counsel her, try listening.

Nina tells Dillon he’s a better fit for Kiki and gives him a bunch of reasons why. He says he’s battling established feelings and history. She says Kiki can walk away from that if Dillon gives her the chance.

Morgan says sorry he was discussing Kiki at the clinic, but she’s cool with it. He asks what she’s all dressed for and she says a Friday night date. He tells her it’s going to be great.

Dillon tells Nina he supports whatever she decides with Franco. She wonders if there’s still a chance. He says knowing her, yes, but he hopes she doesn’t change her mind one day when Franco can’t give her what she wants. Nina says it’s enough to be with the man she loves.

Elizabeth asks Franco if everything is okay and what he’s going to do about Nina. He says he’s going to talk to her, and Elizabeth says she has a good feeling about it. He tells her to enjoy the toaster. I’m enjoying Franco’s new haircut. He says he hopes what happened doesn’t make her rethink that he’s almost human. She says she’ll let him know, and he leaves. She laughs to herself and then looks worried.

Tomorrow, Michael wants a future with Sabrrina and Finn visits Tracy.

General Hospital – Friday

Finn asks Felix if he found the patient folders Finn needed and asks him to send them over. Felix says all of Finn’s patients have been reassigned, but Finn makes a fuss, so Felix says he’ll send them. Finn tells him he’ll take full responsibility. Sabrrrina approaches the hospital desk.

Finn answers the phone thinking it’s Felix, but it’s Tracy. Tracy tells Finn it was supposed to be her follow-up today, but she found out that she’s been given another doctor. Finn tells her that the new doctor is very capable, but she’s welcome to cancel. He mentions he might be getting some coffee near where she lives.

Flowers have been delivered for Anna. Diane is in the interrogation room with Alexis. She wonders what the blip happened to their plan.

Sonny tells Carly that Julian isn’t man enough to confess and save Alexis. Julian walks into the bar (not the start of a joke) and Sonny tells him he doesn’t want Kristina’s mother to rot in a cell for something Julian did. I’m sure this will make Julian change his mind immediately and confess.

Sabrrrina tells Felix she’s off the hook. She says she’d hoped to change Carrrlos’s wicked ways but it didn’t happen. He says Carrrlos is still causing trouble and tells her about Alexis.

Sonny says Julian is a coward and now Alexis knows it – in a cell. Sonny sits down with Carly and Michael joins them. He asks about Morgan. So far, so good. Sonny tells Michael that Julian doesn’t even care about Alexis’s arrest.

Paul asks who Anna’s secret admirer is. She says it’s no secret. It’s Sawyer, her no show date, and he had a good excuse for standing her up.

Diane says all the evidence linking Julian to the murder has been destroyed. She says Alexis had the means, method and opportunity, but she’s going to question everything and everyone, and do anything to establish a reasonable doubt. She says Alexis will go free.

Finn examines Tracy at her house and gives her the all-clear. She asks about his suspension and he says Monica is just doing her job, and with any luck, he’ll be back before she knows it. Monica enters, surprised to see Finn.

Sabrrrina says there was good in Carrrlos, despite what he did. Felix says no matter how he felt about Carrrlos, he’s sorry. He says now she can focus on making a life for her and Teddy (or Edward or Eduardo, depending on who you’re talking to). With someone like Michael maybe.

Michael says Kristina and Molly must be losing their minds. Sonny says eventually the truth will come out. Carly wants to change the subject and asks about Michael’s plans. With Jason gone, the ELQ suit is tabled, so he says it’s business as usual. Carly goes on about how she hopes he’s going to distance himself from Sabrrrina now. He tells her he hopes they’ll have a future together instead.

Paul says if Sawyer doesn’t know what an amazing woman she is, he’s not worth her time. She says he’s a doctor and had an emergency. Paul says if it was him, there would be no second chance, and Anna says all the more reason to give him one.

Diane says there should be no trouble getting Alexis bail. Mayor Lomax walks in and asks Alexis how it feels to be on the opposite side of the law and calls her a hypocrite. Diane and Alexis leave and Paul approaches Lomax.

Julian goes home. No one else is there and he says he can pack in peace. He sees the paper with Alexis on the front page and pours himself a drink. Ghost Carrrlos suddenly appears and asks if Julian missed him.

Monica says she left some files at home and didn’t realize Tracy had company. She says she couldn’t make her appointment and asked Finn to check her out. Monica says he’s not supposed to be treating patients. She’s aware that he’s been checking with the hospital and that’s going to stop. Monica gets a text asking for an emergency board meeting. She leaves and Finn asks Tracy if she’s ever thought about getting her own place.

Felix says Sabrrrina is already in close proximity of Michael at the Quartermaines. She tries to avoid the subject, but he asks what’s going on with her and Michael. She’s afraid that when he looks at Tedddy, all he sees is Carrrlos.

Carly gets a little crazy about Sabrrrina having taken off with Carrrlos. Michael tells her to get over it because Sabrrrina and Teddy need him.

Lomax tells Paul to do what he can to deny bail for Alexis. Paul thinks if they play their cards right, she might turn on Julian. Lomax is insistent and tells him to do everything in his power to put ALexis in her place.

Julian asks Carrrlos what he wants. Carrrlos says Julian is the one who brought him there. Julian says he doesn’t feel guilty and Carrrlos is the one who put him in this position. Carrrlos tells him it’s his wife he needs to worry about. He says she’s furious with him and it’s lucky she was in handcuffs when he spoke with her.. He says she could very well turn him in. He made the mistake of falling in love and now it’s going to backfire. Julian says he doesn’t see a way out, but Carrrlos says there’s always a way out. I guess Carrrlos has turned into everyone’s conscience now.

Julian tells Carrrlos that Alexis loves him unconditionally. Carrrlos says Alexis is going to throw him to the wolves and save herself. He says Alexis doesn’t love him; she loves the man she thought he could be and claimed to be. Julian makes up some excuse about his father.

Diane gets Alexis out on bail and gets snarky with Paul. Anna is like, nice work, Paul. Diane tells Alexis she’s free for now. She wonders what got into Paul who’s usually a master. Anna asks to talk to Alexis.

Sonny says he loves how fiercely Carly loves Michael, but he’s his own man. She asks if Sonny thinks it’s a good thing for Michael to pursue a relationship with Sabrrrina and he says not necessarily, but Carly needs to let it go.

Sabrrrina says she betrayed Michael, so how can she expect him to want to try again? Felix asks what she wants.

Michael joins Tracy and Finn. He has a baby swing for Teddy and is going to “accidentally” wake him up. Finn says there’s a last series of tests, but Tracy should make a full recovery. He says he won’t have to go easy on her in backgammon now that she’s not an invalid. Michael comes in with Teddy and wants Finn to take a look at him. Finn says he needs to go to the hospital right away.

Carly says Sabrrrina is looking for a baby daddy and has targeted Michael. Sonny says what they want doesn’t matter, and the more she tries to push Michael, the closer he’s going to get to Sabrrrina. He thinks if she leaves it alone, they’ll drift apart with no help.

Felix asks what kind of relationship she wants with Michael. She says she’s not sure. She’s thankful for what happened, but doesn’t htink she can aask for more. Finn comes running in with Teddy.

Alexis says she’ll talk to Anna. Anna says they both know who killed Carrrlos. Alexis says let her go then. Anna says her hands are tied; all the evidence points to Alexis, but she can help herself. Anna tells her to tear the house apart and that she guarantees Julian made a mistake since he’s not used to getting his hands dirty.

Carrrlos says the first chance Julian got, he went back to the mob. Julian says it was because of Ava, but Carrrlos says don’t lie to a dead man. He says Julian doesn’t want a quiet life, he wants the excitement. Now Julian has a dilemma – how to shut Alexis up. He says Julian had no trouble shutting him up; he’s a cold-blooded killer and already knows where it’s going. Julian says Carrrlos isn’t really there. Carrrlos says that’s right, Julian killed him. He says love and loyalty are just words to Julian and in the end, he’ll do anything to save himself.

Finn yells a bunch of medical stuff and Teddy is taken away. Monica enters, wondering what’s happening.

Lomax yells at Paul about Alexis making bail. He says his request was deemed excessive and it’s just a temporary set-back. He says when they go to trial, he’ll make sure that Carrrlos’s murderer gets put away for a very long time.

Sonny says Michael makes his own choices and he can live with the consequences. Carly wishes that Sabrrrina was less passive, so she could go for her throat. Anna comes in and asks to talk to Sonny, who can’t believe that Julian didn’t even come to Alexis’s arraignment. Anna says she made bail and Sonny hopes she rats out Julian. Like we all do.

Alexis comes home to find Julian and asks what he’s doing there. He sees Carrrlos behind her.

No, no, no! It’s a special report about Brexit. Was the show over??? Dammit. It looks like my share and a half with Macy’s is going down. God forbid something new should happen in the world. Everyone freaks out.

On Monday, who knows?

Quotes of the Week

One person’s crazyness is another person’s reality.Tim Burton

Let us tenderly and kindly cherish, therefore, the means of knowledge. Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write.John Adams

People always want to put a label on you; they always want to compare you to something.Carrot Top

I drink to make other people more interesting.Ernest Hemingway

June 22, 2016 – GH, NYC Wives & a Dog Wedding


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Nina has a vision of Franco as a Zorro type guy. He flings the furniture aside, approaching her and declaring his love. He grabs her and passionately kisses her.

Elizabeth is in the process of moving. She brings a bunch of boxes in and shows Jake the new toaster she got. Franco knocks at the door, bringing her a housewarming gift of a toaster.

Morgan tells Kiki he’s been released. He says he’s officially not a threat to himself or anyone else. Kiki coughs all over him. She tells him she’d thought they could still be friends. Morgan says he knows he pushed her away. He says he was a huge jerk to break up with her and he’s sorry he did it. She says it was a real surprise. He doesn’t want to go into it, but he says her mom convinced him she’d be better off without him.

Sam opens the hotel room door where Ava had been staying in London. She and Jason are looking for clues. Sam finds a card from the art dealer Ava was supposed to meet with. She calls, pretending to be Ava’s assistant, claiming to be looking for a lost umbrella.

Hux demands the real statue from Ava. Weeping Nyad? Nyack? What the blip is it? She says the only one she had was the one he just smashed. She says she had it authenticated. She tells him she’s not lying, but Nicholas – who is no help – says she is.

Maxie comes into Nina’s office, where Nina is still fantasizing. She tells Nina to snap out of it and says that the designer, Ma-Ha Chang, is giving her first choice of the new bridal line.

Franco says Jake called him and wanted him to come over, but he didn’t think Elizabeth would be cool with that, so he used a housewarming gift as an excuse.

Nicholas makes up some stuff about Ava, saying she was going to sell the fake statue until Hux waylayed her. Hux asks where his property is. She tells him it’s in her room at the hotel. But weren’t they leaving for the airport? This is making less sense as it goes along.

Maxie wants a dress that’s going to photograph well, since they’ll be looking at the wedding pictures for the rest of their lives. Nina asks her to stop talking and says she’s never going to be a bride or find love ever again. She says she should never have broken up with Franco.

Elizabeth makes toast with the new toaster. Jake says his dad isn’t answering his calls or texts, and Elizabeth reminds him that Jason had something he needed to do. Franco suggests drawing a special picture for him.

Sam finds out that Ava never made the meeting. Jason says Nicholas never made his flight either. Jason thinks they took off together, but Sam says her stuff is still here and wonders how they could have just disappeared.

Hux tells Ava that the statue better be there. He leaves and Nicholas asks what he’s going to find.

Morgan tells Kiki not to be mad at Ava, she was just trying to protect her daughter. He says she was right, but he’s stable now. He says his mind isn’t all over the place anymore and he thinks before he acts. He wants to try again with her. He says the thought of making her happy kept her going and she was the light at the end of his tunnel, and instead of telling her how he felt, he pushed her away. He says if it’s too late, he understands.

Maxie tells Nina she’s smart, beautiful and talented and she’ll find love again. She adds that Franco set the bar pretty low, but Nina says they were amazing together. She says she went to Franco for a booty call, but he wondered what that would do to their relationship. She says it was a mistake, because she really wants them to get back together. She wonders if they still have a chance.

Elizabeth says it was nice of Franco to promote Jason and he says he’s jealous of him. He says Jason loves Sam and he wishes he could be as clear in his relationship with Nina. He tells her about Nina wanting him back, but doesn’t know what he wants, even though he’s been thinking about her night and day.

Morgan tells Kiki about seeing her and Dillon kissing. She says she’s sorry, but he says she has nothing to be sorry about. Dillon comes in with her prescription, some candles and food.

Ava tells Nicholas he’s the one who said she had the real statue. He said he was just buying time and she says see where that got them – tied together back to back. He asks if she doesn’t have the orginal stashed away, but she says she thought the one she had was the real one.

Sam says maybe Nicholas and Ava took off for an overnight. Jason finds their boarding passes and Sam says maybe they’re having an affair. Hux is at the door. Good thing he’s talking to himself, giving them warning.

Kiki tells Dillon that Morgan was just released from the clinic. Morgan says sorry, and he’ll take off. Dillon says there’s enough food for all of them. Morgan says he forgot his prescription at the hospital and leaves. Dillon asks what he missed.

Nina asks Maxie if she thinks Franco will come back. Maxie says they broke up for important reasons, like the baby thing. Nina says she didn’t believe him when he said it would be fine with just them. Maxie asks if she’s changed her mind and Nina says seeing him with Jake at the Nurses Ball just confirmed that he should be a father. She says she’s accepted that she can’t have a baby and for whatever reasons Franco has, he doesn’t want to be a father. Maxie asks if Franco knows that and she says she wanted to tell him in person.

Nina decides to text Franco, but she hears something from inside one of the packages. Maxie says at least it’s not ticking and Nina asks if bombs still tick.

Franco talks to Elizabeth about how Nina blossomed into a confident woman before him and he blew her off. He realized later he made a mistake and now he doesn’t know what he wants and thinks he should give up on relationships completely. Elizabeth asks him where this is coming from.

Nicholas says if he dies, Spencer will think he was abandoned. He says they have to work together and find a way out. They manage to stand up.

Hux sneaks into Ava’s room. He starts going through the drawers, throwing things around. Where Sam and Jason went is a mystery, and why he doesn’t find them is a bigger mystery.

Nina asks if they should call the bomb squad. Maxie says no one is trying to blow them up, just blow their minds. It’s a sample from a sex toy place that’s been trying to get the magazine’s attention. Maxie looks it over, even though we don’t see it. She marvels at the accessories.

Franco says ever since Jason started remembering things, he’s been reminded of all the horrible things he’d ever done. He says he was pretending he wasn’t that guy anymore and was someone who could love and was capable of being loved. Elizabeth tells him to stop whining.

Kiki and Dillon sit down to eat. She apologizes to Dillon and he says she’s been nothing but clear with him. He thinks she should sort through her feelings now that Morgan is out, and to take as much time as she needs. He leaves.

Nicholas says they have to find something to cut the ropes. Ava finds a letter opener. She says it’s valuable and rare, and Nicholas adds that it’s also dull. She tries to cut the rope with it anyway.

Morgan picks up his pills from the desk at the hospital and runs into Kiki.

Hux calls home, saying he’s abandoning his search and to make sure his guests aren’t getting into trouble. When he leaves, Jason and Sam come out. Jason says they have no other leads, so they should go to Lynch Manor, where Hux lives.

Ava and Nicholas have freed themselves. He says since she was a criminal, she must know about picking locks. She says she was a mobster, not a cat burglar, but messes with the lock anyway.

Maxie explains sex toys to Nina, but she says nothing will ever replace Franco. She decides to text him.

Elizabeth tells Franco he’s being pathetic. She says he’s not all bad like he used to be and she knows he was trying hard. She says he only occasionally gives her the creeps now. He says it was never his intention to creep her out. She says he was her friend when no one else was. He says everyone should have a friend and asks if she believes he’s really changed. She says she does. He asks her to promise to think of him when she makes toast. He kisses her. What?

Tomorrow, Sam says this could cost Jason his freedom, Morgan and Kiki talk, and Hux catches Ava and Nicholas.

The Real Housewives of NYC

Puppies! Carole is at some kind of photo shoot for a dog wedding charity event. The bride belongs to The Fat Jew, who is a big animal advocate. Notable New York dog lovers were invited to be in the wedding party, and Carole’s dog, Baby, is taking part. I go out of my mind at the canine cuteness.

Dorinda is out shopping with Jules, who actually seems like a normal human. Of course, I look at all the scenes with Jules through an upcoming-divorce lens. Dorinda tells her about how great Sonja looks since she quit drinking.

Ramona visits Sonja. Sonja tells Ramona that she’s not drinking and she’s been working out. In her interview, Ramona says that Sonja is kind of a mean drunk. They hug it out and we see flashbacks of their friendship. They talk about the dog wedding and move on to Bethenny. Ramona says she was pretty adamant about not wanting Sonja or The Countess to come on the trip to Mexico. Ramona tells Sonja that she should apologize to Bethenny and if she starts screaming, just ignore it and keep saying sorry. Sonja says she has a tendency to ramble. Truth!

Dorinda wants Sonja and The Countess to come on the trip to Mexico. She thinks everyone should just grow up and deal. Dorinda says she talked to Tom’s ex-girlfriend who claimed that Ramona only dated him once and Ramona is exaggerating. Maybe through the pinot haze, it just seemed like seven dates.

Sonja and Ramona role play, with Ramona being Bethenny. She also corrects Sonja along the way. In her interview, Ramona says the odds are that Sonja won’t even remember her instructions, but she has hope.

Carole meets Bethenny at STK. Bethenny has a doctor’s appointment for the next day. It’s a gynecological issue and Bethenny thinks a previous IUD might have led to the problem. She tells Carole about her meeting with The Countess. She says she’s paying a lot of money for the trip and she only wants grown ups along. Subsequently, she got a text from The Countess, thanking her for the invitation to Mexico and saying she’ll be glad to come. Carole says Sonja keeps texting her and she knows Sonja is hoping for an invite. She says she likes Sonja when she’s not drinking and Bethenny calls The Countess an emotional vampire. I agree that she’s probably pretty taxing.

Jules and Michael are meeting with the CEO of Praeger’s Foods. Jules wants to start a business using a family recipe for a “clearing tonic,” whatever that is, that she wants to get out there. I’m assuming it’s similar to a cleansing product. CEO Larry is married to a friend of hers and helping her out. He’s brought samples for them to try out. Jules says doing a project like this helps in her recovery from her eating disorder. Michael compares her getting all of this together behind his back to cheating and I go, hmm… She makes a divorce joke and I hmm… again.

Bethenny and Dorinda meet at Home Goods. Bethenny says the store is like porn to her and I totally understand. Home Goods is one of my favorite places in the world. I even have fun watching them shop. They discuss The Countess, who Bethenny says is in her own world. She tells Dorinda about The Countess inviting herself to Mexico, and now she has to dis-invite her from a trip she didn’t invite her on. Bethenny tells Dorinda about her medical problem and says she’s going to the doctor directly after this. She’s worried that it will interfere with the Mexico trip. Dorinda asks to come along to the doctor. They leave the store in a sudden rush.

It’s time for the dog wedding! Jules finally found a new nanny. She doesn’t speak English, but they’re working through it. Sonja comes over with her dog. Jules is having her make-up done and offers Sonja a piece of the action. Jules tells her about a freak accident she recently had and shows pictures from her phone. Lots of TMI.

Carole goes to Bethenny’s place. Bethenny’s assistant shows her the bridesmaids dress. It probably cost thousands.

Jules’s hair and make-up people arrive and tend to her and Sonja. Sonja tells Jules about her rehearsed apology to Bethenny. Earlier Sonja said something about her people not being able to change the name Tipsy Girl, and I wonder if she signed something already. Of course she could impress upon them that Bethenny can sue her. Not that I think she’d bother, since we will never see a real product from Sonja anyway.

Commercial break. I’m dying to see The Secret Life of Pets, but I’ve swore off anything PG-13 or under. The last time I saw a PG-13 movie, I felt like I was in the middle of a field trip bus.

Bethenny is going to need surgery. She lost a lot of blood and has huge fibroids that need to be removed. She’ll have to be in the hospital for three days. One of the options is a hysterectomy which freaks Bethenny out. She’s upset about having to cancel the trip, but Dorinda wisely says that it’s good she went to the doctor now, and didn’t end up in a Mexican hospital. She offers to tell everyone for Bethenny, who doesn’t want to deal with it.

Carole says the dog wedding is the wedding of the year. It is quite amazing. And more cuteness! Dorinda says it’s nicer than her wedding. She adds that her dog doesn’t fit in, being a country bumpkin. Columnist Cindy Adams officiates. She must be 110. This is horrible, but I’d actually thought she was dead.

The bridal party walks up the aisle. The bride is a gorgeous a cocker spaniel and the groom is an adorable Chihuahua in a top hat. Ten grand is raised for puppy mill rescues. Afterwards, drinks are served and Dorinda lets everyone know that the trip is off. She says Bethenny is going to be out of commission for medical reasons, but Bethenny can fill in the details. Ramona is disappointed that she can’t wear her new bathing suit, and shows her Instagram pic. Sonja is disappointed because now the apology is postponed. Ramona cuts the cake herself. Is she supposed to be doing that?

Next time, Sonja declutters, Ramona and The Countess argue, and Bethenny freaks out.

June 21, 2016 – GH, Danny Does the Mediterranean & the Haves & Nots Return


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

I want my old Nicholas back. I read he’s temporarily being replaced because of contract negotiations. (He also got his first Daytime Emmy this year.) Give him what he wants.

Ava bangs on the door and hollers. Nicholas reminds her that they’re captives. He says he comes from a long line of kidnappers and she’s going about getting out in the wrong way. He suggests they see what Hux wants. Right now, what he wants is to give them a snack.

Kiki can’t stop sneezing. Dillon is picking her up for their date and he tells her she looks amazing. She starts coughing and he asks if she’s okay. She says she’s fine, but when he asks if she has a cold, she says the worst in history.

Epiphany is cursing out the computer and I relate. She tells Carly about what happened with Finn. Epiphany says the mess is trickling down to the rest of them.

Hayden has the notebook that she got out of Finn’s locker. She asks what’s wrong with him anyway and he says he’s dying. He tells her that when he was traveling, he contracted a rare disease that there’s no cure for, but he found a way to keep it stable. The treatment is becoming less effective though. She asks if he’s under a doctor’s care, but he says no doctor can help him. He asks if she wants to play backgammon.

Julian wants to see Alexis and just barges into the interrogation room. Sonny hopes against hope that Julian rises to the occasion and plays hero for her, but he’s not optimistic. He gets a call from Morgan who asks him to come to the clinic.

Alexis says Julian must want to know what she’s said, but she’s not saying anything until her attorney gets there. She accuses him of setting her up.

Nicholas tells Hux he appreciates the food, but wishes he’d conclude his business with Ava so they can go. He wants to know why they’re being held captive. Hux says if Ava thinks about it, she’ll figure it out. He tells them to eat, drink and think. Ava wonders where the ruthless guy Nicholas has become went to. She says his manners aren’t going to get them anywhere. Nicholas asks what she has that Hux wants.

Julian is shocked that Alexis thinks he set her up. He tells her he loves her and everything he’s done, he’s done to protect them and their family. Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard that before. Jordan and Anna watch from the window. Anna wonders who’s going to sell out who first.

Morgan tells Sonny the doctors want to release him, but he doesn’t feel ready and thinks Sonny is the only person who would understand. Sonny says Morgan can’t be objective about his condition, but if the doctors think it’s time for him to leave. then it’s time. Morgan says athe clinic, everyone tells him what to do, but wonders what he’ll do outside. Sonny says he’ll figure out his way, but if he has any trouble, he has his family to depend on. He tells Morgan he has to be positive and how proud he is of him. He says Morgan has been through a lot and has come out stronger. Morgan says he doesn’t want to let Sonny down. Sonny says he will, and Sonny will let him down too, but then they’ll pick each other up and make it right. They exchange I love yous.

Ava says she has no idea what Hux wants. Nicholas says ever since he staged his accident, he had no problem being undiscovered, but then he sat next to Ava. He wonders if she’s in on something with Hux.

Jordan asks Anna if there’s a chance that Julian will confess to save Alexis. Anna says no way, but at least Alexis will get a clue. Alexis tells Julian they have the weapon. She tells him it was genius to take something that could be traced back to her. He says he cleaned it and she tells him he missed a spot. Actually, she says it like, “Ya missed a spot,” as though he’d been cleaning windows. Ha-ha!

Ava tells Nicholas it’s an interesting, but flawed, theory. She says before they met on the plane, they’d never exchanged more than pleasantries, and how could she track him down on a commercial airline? She adds it would also be to shake him down for something he doesn’t have, since he’s broke. Hux returns. She says she doesn’t know what he wants and he says what he wants is otherworldly and divine.

Hayden asks if the disease is like cancer and if it’s contagious. He says no and no, she’s safe. He says no one knows about this except him and Roxie, and now Hayden.

Sonny asks Michael and Carly to meet him at the clinic. He brings in Morgan who tells them he’s coming home. Morgan says he was released in the morning, but he was hesitant and wanted to talk to Sonny first. Carly says she’s proud of him and he says he couldn’t have done it without his family. I will say, if I was going to be in a Port Charles family, this would be a good one, although I’d probably choose the Quartermaines, keeping to myself a lot and only joining them for dinner on holidays.

Alexis says the dagger has her prints and Carrrlos’s blood on it, and she’s screwed. Julian insists he didn’t set her up. She says there’s only one way she’s not going to prison. If he confesses.

Kiki says she didn’t want to cancel the date, but all of a sudden, her cold got worse, although she managed to get ready without collapsing. Dillon says she could have just called him, but she says she didn’t want him to think she was brushing him off. She says he’s been an awesome friend and she didn’t want to blow it. He tells her no chance of that and they kiss.

Now Elizabeth is having problems with the computer. When she’d caught Hayden getting Finn’s journal in the locker room, Hayden had said she had an appointment there. Elizabeth is checking to see if she really had one, but that’s a no.

Hayden tells Finn the hospital is railroading him for no good reason. She asks him if he could die if he doesn’t discover a cure. He says he likes his life and he hopes not. She asks to help him.

Nicholas tells Hux to stop the games. Hux asks what’s in Ava’s case and tells her he wants the “Weeping Nyad,” (not sure if I got that right) some figurine that had been stolen from his estate a long time ago. He tells her to give the case to him and she says no.

Julian tells Alexis he can’t do that. She says he told her he loves her and wants to protect her family, but she’s not surprised. He says he doesn’t have to confess and she doesn’t have to go to prison; there’s another way. He says she can be acquitted.

Ava argues with Hux, who slices Nicholas with a rapier he just happens to have handy. Ava gives him the case. Nicholas asks why he didn’t just take it and Hux says stealing is wrong and he wanted her to give it to him willingly, even though that’s not exactly what happened. He leaves with the case. Nicholas asks Ava what the blip a weeping nyad is. Hux comes back and tells Ava they have a serious problem.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany about catching Hayden in the locker room. Epiphany asks why Hayden would be in there. Elizabeth says she has no clue, but she’s going home since it’s been a long day. Epiphany gives her some crickets to drop off to Finn at the MetroCourt.

Hayden wants to help Finn, but he says no. They play backgammon. Hayden says respecting boundaries isn’t her strong suit, but she’ll try to mind her own business. He asks her to keep what she knows to herself. He says he wants to help people with the time he has left. She brings up his wife and asks if she had the same illness.

Morgan tells everyone how grateful he is and hands out a bunch of compliments. Morgan says he has something to do before he leaves.

Dillon and Kiki make out like bandits.

Alexis is astounded that Julian wants her to stand trial. He says he doesn’t want that, but if she pleads not guilty, they still have a chance. She says a chance at what and tells him their marriage is over. Jordan comes in and says time’s up.

Hayden agrees to keep everything to herself. She says Finn should appreciate her uncharacteristic caring about someone else. She says he does have to eat something though and he asks her to go get sandwiches from a vegetarian place. He asks why she’s not judging him on his vegetarianism and she tells him his secret is safe.

Hux tells Ava that it’s a reproduction. He throws it on the ground, smashing it, and asks where the real one is. She says if he wants it, he’ll have to glue it together. He tells her that if she doesn’t come up with the real one, she’ll never get out of the room alive.

Dillon calls in a prescription for Kiki. He leaves and Morgan knocks at the door. Wouldn’t they have passed each other?

Carly can’t believe Julian did nothing to help Alexis. Sonny says he’s the same coward he’s always been. He wants to tell Kristina about it before she hears from someone else.

Jordan tells Julian he’s done and get out. Anna comes in to see Alexis. She says she’s there to protect Alexis and knows she didn’t kill Carrrlos. She says if Alexis will help her convict who did, she won’t stand trial.

Tomorrow, Ava tells Hux she’s not lying, Nicholas tells Hux that Ava is lying, and Morgan has a confession to make.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Danny and Bobby are partying with the guests on the beach. Jerry, the primary, tells them he’ll give a hundred dollars to whoever can kiss the girl dancing on the bar first. Bobby approaches her about it and she says, sorry, but no. He tells Danny she doesn’t speak English well. Danny gets up on the bar and dances with her. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and Danny wins. Jerry calls Danny “ninja,” and Bobby “grasshopper.” Obviously, this is not going over well with Bobby.

Hannah is still dealing with her migraine. Julia tells her about the awkwardness with Bobby and how he doesn’t want to talk to her after she brushed him off. Bryan complains about Jen having no motivation. Hannah radios Danny, but he’s too busy having fun to notice. Or maybe he’s just ignoring her.

Danny chats up the girls for the guests and invites them to the yacht. He says he’s like the genie from Aladdin. I didn’t know he was gay. Ha-ha! Bobby can’t believe the luck Danny is having. Danny radios Hannah, telling her the guests want dinner at seven and they’ll be bringing another eight people. Ben isn’t sure what the blip he’s going to do.

The guests praise Danny for his party-worthiness. Ben makes a bunch of meat, cheese and fruit plates to appease the guests’ appetites until dinner. Hannah says it’s not unusual for charter guests to invite people on, but she’s a big fan of manners. Really? I wouldn’t have guessed that. Bryan complains about Danny again, but aren’t they supposed to do everything to make the guests happy?

Everyone gets back to the boat. Ben says you can only laugh and Hannah adds anything else will send them to prison. Danny tells the guests he has to get back to work. He offers to help the stews if need be. Tiffany says he talks a good game, but they never actually see him helping. He apologizes to Ben and says he’ll do whatever he can to help things run smoothly.

For the first time, I actually feel sorry for Hannah. This is a loud group and not a group to be around if you have any kind of headache, much less a migraine. Dinner is served. One of the guests asks why the boat is rocking so much when they’re not going anywhere. Um…because it’s on water and the water is moving, genius. Jerry makes fun of Bobby and offers Danny a job. Julia says Danny isn’t a yachty, he’s a salesman.

Bobby complains to the others about Danny. I wonder if he’s going to be complaining if the tip is bigger. Bryan says it’s not Danny’s role to create experiences for the guests; they’re supposed to do that for themselves. This is confusing, as since this show began it’s been impressed upon us that the crew is to do whatever the guests want to ensure they have a good time.

As usual, I go out of my mind over the food. Jerry tells everyone that after dinner, it’s hot tub time. Captain Mark isn’t thrilled about having to get the extra people back to shore, but he’s not as annoyed about Danny as Bryan would like.

Danny helps out in the galley, which bothers Hannah. The guests compliment the chef. Since Jerry has told Danny he looks like the Karate Kid, Danny breaks out his bandanna for them. The extra guests get ready to leave, although they’ve been mentally ready to leave for a while. Jerry gives the girls his number and says they’ll meet in Athens. Like they’re ever going to call.

Hannah goes over things with Ben, acting like its his fault there were extra guests. She tells him that having Danny in the galley is frustrating for her. She says she’s trying to work with it, since he’s helping Ben and Ben basically says too bad. He’s the chef and if he wants Danny’s help, that’s what he’s getting.

Hannah says when Ben pisses her off, she does something with Bobby to send a dagger his way. I highly doubt Ben cares. He’s just not that into her. The guests are up early, but no one woke Ben early, which he’s not happy about. He still makes a fabulous breakfast. Adding Ben cooking for me to my bucket list.

Danny says the guests are calling him the charter king, and Bryan reminds him that it’s the guests who are king. He says he’s already told them that it’s all about them. The guests do some jet skiing. Danny tells them they’re his favorite charter. I’ll bet he says that to all the charters.

The weather is getting iffy. Captain Mark tells Bryan that docking is going to be tough. Bryan gives the deckhands instructions. The guests have lunch inside. Jen has too much slack in her line and is having trouble. Everyone else has to compensate, but the docking happens without incident.

Jerry tells Danny to just say the word and he has a job. In his interview, Bryan says Jen has a false sense of entitlement and that she doesn’t work as well as she claims. Danny gives the guests pictures off of his phone and Bryan is miffed about this.

Tip time! I mean, it’s time to say good-by to the guests. Jerry gives Captain Mark the envelope, but he also has an “MVP” tip for Danny. Oh man, the rest of them must be boiling. In his interview, Bryan says he can’t wait to start the process of the deflation of Danny’s head. Per the “one for all” policy, he has to split it with the rest of them. In Danny’s interview, he says that even this doesn’t make them happy. I’m not crazy about Danny, and I think he was all kinds of wrong on the charter with the Tilted Kilt girls, but I’m with him here. I think he’s being unnecessarily picked on.

Captain Mark says it was a weird one because of the drunkiness and extra guests. He tells them Danny’s 500 EURO tip has been rolled into the community tip. Oddly enough, the tip is lower than usual and even the extra from Danny doesn’t make up for it. $16,000 USD, whereas it’s usually around $20,000. I was expecting more too.

Bryan tells Danny that he shouldn’t have been the focus of the guests’ good time. Danny says that wasn’t the goal, but he can’t help how people react to him. Bryan says he understands the confusion, but it isn’t the standard that they operate at.

Hannah complains that Ben hasn’t tried anything with her, even when they’re drunk. Julia says Bobby would be hot if he’d just shut his mouth. In her interview, she hopes Hannah and Bobby get together so he’ll stop bothering her.

It’s the crew’s night off and they go to dinner on shore. In his interview, Ben says he sees an attraction between Hannah and Bobby, but not much going on upstairs. Bryan brings up the small tip. Hannah gets antagonistic with Ben. She asks him if they’re friends or just colleagues. Danny tells Jen he hates how fake everyone is. In her interview, Hannah says she doesn’t want drama, but she’s annoyed with Ben. So in that case, drama is okay. Ben tells Hannah he didn’t like her throwing him under the bus, and she brings up Ben going to the captain about her. He says that was his generous side and she tells him f-u. With all their faults, and the revolving door of crazy and/or temporary workers, the original Below Deck crew was much more laid back. And I never thought I’d use that term in regard to them.

Ben says he didn’t want to be the target if there was a bad tip, and the next time Hannah screws up, she needs to work with him.Danny tells Hannah that she has an ugly personality and that she needs to stop being angry all the time. He starts to leave and she blocks him. She tells him he’s the one everyone hates. Julia asks where all that came from and Ben says from the sea, darling. Ha-ha! Hannah tells the camera people to get the cameras off of her.

Next time, Hannah and Bobby get busy, it’s a girls’ retreat charter, and Hannah complains to the captain about Danny. He’s going to be fired yet. At least he has a job with Jerry.

Note: I’m watching the later airing of the next show and Watch What Happens Live in between. Andy Cohen is being the biggest yenta I’ve ever seen, trying to hook Hannah and Bobby up for life.

The Haves and the Have Nots

The gunman waiting in Veronica’s house shoots Maggie a bunch of times. Veronica pretends to be shocked and ducks behind a car. This gunman is a supreme amateur because he walks right out the front door and is killed by the officer who’d been talking to Veronica. I mean, he didn’t even check to see who was out there and walked out in his ski mask, dressed in black and holding the gun. I guess going out the back door or at least not looking like a criminal didn’t occur to him.

Jeffrey and Candace ponder the blood still left on the floor. Candace asks Jeffrey if he told anyone about Quincy. Jeffrey blames Candace for everything and says he can’t take this. Candace says they have to find out how Veronica knows about Qunicy’s murder. He asks if she told her brother and tells her that Benny and Veronica have been sleeping together. Candace doesn’t want to believe it. She says she never told Benny anything and it’s disgusting to think Benny is sleeping with Jeffrey’s mother. Jeffrey says as soon as he gets his phone, he’ll prove it. Candace says he’d better find out how Veronica discovered what they did. He says he’s not going back there and Candace says fine, they’ll both go to jail then.

Candace repeats that Jeffrey needs to find out what Veronica knows and how she knows it. Jeffrey says he can’t go back and then realizes Veronica tracked him from his car keys. He says she controls everything and he has to get the keys. Candace says she’s not taking the chance of digging the keys up, since they’re buried with Quincy. She tells him to do it himself. He says Veronica was the best at whatever she did and she can put things together. He says nothing is a coincidence for her and she’s relentless. He wishes he could be as wicked, conniving and cunning as both Veronica and Candace, and then he wouldn’t be in the position he’s in.

Jeffrey is shouting by now and Candace tells him that’s enough. She asks what he thinks Veronica is going to do. He says anything she wants and that she hates him. Candace says Veronica hates her too, but Jeffrey says not as much as she hates him. Candace hugs him and tells him it’s okay. He says the only way to stop Veronica is to “do her” before she “does him.”

Wyatt has no pulse. The hotel manager complains that junkies give his hotel a bad name.

Lloyd calls Candace, telling her they’re approving her loan and they can get it to her in two days. He says he’ll call tomorrow with the details. Candace calls Warlock. He doesn’t want to talk on the phone and tells her to meet him. Lloyd tells Jim that it’s done. Jim tells him to take everything Candace owns in fourteen days. Jim goes back to his cell. And I don’t mean his phone.

Benny sees Hannah at the bus stop. He tells her she missed the last bus and she shouldn’t be too proud for him to give her a ride. She tells him that Candace hit her. He says she hit Candace first and they’re both wrong. After getting his mother’s disapproval, he amends it to Candace shouldn’t have hit her. He says he didn’t know where Candace had gotten the money and thinks he should still sue the Cryers. Hannah says she taught him that fair is fair and he’s already gotten plenty. She says Candace would rather steal than earn anything.

He asks why she cares. She says he’s been given a second chance at life and greed can only lead to his destruction. She explains why she never went to the police about Wyatt and that she had to be sure. She says she watched the Cryers’ lives fall apart and doesn’t want him to be a part of it. She tells him to earn his own money, to take what he’s already been given and move on. He says okay, he won’t sue, on the condition that she moves in with him.

Hannah says no. She still doesn’t like how Candace got the money. He says either he sues and wins and buys her a house or he doesn’t and she moves in. She says she has to go to Candace and ask for Quincy Jr. one more time. Benny thinks that’s a bad idea and she says then he should ask. He says he’ll bring her back to his house and go ask.

The ambulance is really slow in this town. David drives up to Veronica’s house and thinks something happened to her. He drives off, presumably to kill Jim.

Mitch is making out with a girl in the back of a truck at Benny’s tow yard. She wonders why, since he owns it, it has Benny’s name on it. They’re about to get busy when Warlock and Candace drive up. They duck down.

Candace tells War she’ll have his money in two days. He says she told him she had it and he got out of bed for nothing. He says he held a federal judge in his basement for days for her, and she owes it to him to be honest. He says she’s his girl and how dare she treat him like this? He tells her she’s lost all her dignity. She tells him about the loan and says she’s trying to redeem herself. He asks why she’s doing this to him. He says he doesn’t want to hurt Benny. He says Benny is his boy, but so was his pops and she knows what War did to him when his pops crossed him. He tells her she has two days.

War criticizes how she’s dressed, saying she dressed sexy to change his mind. She says she didn’t have time to change and knows better than to lie to him. He assaults her against the fence. Mitch sees what’s going on from the truck.

Jeffrey is hanging out at a bar when one of a group of ladies asks him to join them. He says he’s not interested. She’s obviously drunk and tells him he doesn’t have to be rude, throwing a drink at him. He gets in a bit of an argument with the group. The bartender calls one of them “judge” and it turns out to be the judge trying the Harrington case. Creepy cop Justin comes in and she tells him to apologize to Jeffrey because she’s not allowed to talk to him.

Justin sits down and asks what Jeffrey is doing there. Jeffrey tells him to be in whatever room number he’s in, in fifteen minutes. Justin acts ignorant and Jeffrey tells him don’t be late.

Benny goes to Candace’s place. She’s just pulling up and asks if Mitch called him. He says no, and he needs to talk to her. She says she needs to talk to him too, and they go inside. He says he’s sick of her lying and asks her where she got the money from. She tells him from Jim Cryer. Benny asks if she’s blackmailing him and she says Jim gave it to her. He asks why Jim would do that. She leads him into the bathroom, opens a hidden safe and hands him a folder.

Benny asks if she’s blackmailing him with the pictures and she says she’s just fulfilling his fantasy. He says so she’s a prostitute, but Candace says she’s Jim’s woman. Benny says Jim is married and Candace says she just provides a fantasy. Benny asks why she has the pictures and Candace says Jim is into videos too.

Benny tells her he’s not suing them. She asks if it’s because of their mother and he says it’s because of him, and they need to discuss Quincy Jr. She says he’s fine and Benny asks if Hannah can take him. Candace says no, and Benny asks if he can take him. Candace says that’s the same thing and she doesn’t want Hannah to do to Quincy Jr. what she did to them. She says if that’s why he came here, he can leave.

Candace brings up Veronica and says she’s heard some disgusting things about the two of them. Benny says he doesn’t want to talk about that. Candace asks what is he thinking and Benny suddenly wants to leave. She tells him good-by, “Mr. Harrington.”

There’s a knock at Jeffrey’s hotel door. It’s Justin, who asks why Jeffrey is talking to his wife and says Jeffrey set it up. Jeffrey says he didn’t know that was his wife and tells him he should really see someone. Jeffrey says he seems to like restrictions put on him and maybe that’s why he married a judge. Jeffrey says Justin is obviously intrigued by him. He tells Justin to relax and have a drink. He asks what happened to the arrogant cop who got aroused by touching him.

Justin starts to leave and Jeffrey says his wife is pretty. Justin turns back and asks if Jeffrey wants to disappear. Jeffrey says he just wants to talk and drink, and he’s not interested in Justin’s wife. He thinks Justin is a creep who hides behind a badge and wears cheap cologne and he had no idea that this was going to happen, yet here they are.

Justin asks why he’s there and Jeffrey says first have a drink and maybe they can help each other out. Justin asks how.

David requests to see Jim. He asks the guard to turn his back and not let anyone else in and the guard complies. David throws Jim up against the wall and proceeds to beat the snot out of him, kicking him when he finally falls to the floor.

Next time, Veronica pretends to be sad about Maggie, Jeffrey extends an invitation to Justin, and David confronts Veronica about Maggie.

June 20, 2016 – GH Not So Much, But the End of Charm & Returning Wives


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

I had a bit of an emergency, so I wasn’t able to live blog during GH. I was able to flip through the show though, and there really wasn’t a whole lot going on. The main takeaway point was that Alexis won’t talk without her lawyer.

The Real Housewives of the OC

Ugh! Meghan is back. I don’t care if she was right about Brooks, it’s her delivery and ageist attitude that I hate.

Tamra is taking menopause head-on and training for a fitness competition. She and Eddie have been married three years now and things are still going strong.

Meghan is having her kitchen redone. They’ve moved several times, and this time she’s taking charge and making it her home. She and Jimmy have also gotten into the candle business. Next is Tupperware. And they’re planning a baby using IVF. Jimmy had a vasectomy, but froze sperm beforehand. Lucky Meghan. She’s discussing baby fever as he stares, fascinated, at the candles and the barcodes on the candles.

Terry had promised to work less and spend more time with Heather and the kids, but is busier than ever. No one has spoken to Vicki since the Brooks debacle. Heather wants to get everyone together, as Terry recently had a false positive on a heart test and she’s thinking life is short. She wants some sort of making amends thing and Terry is skeptical that Vicki is ever going to have a mea culpa moment.

Brooks finally had the good sense to move out, although Vicki begged him not to. She’s never lived alone and isn’t liking it. The ten years I lived by myself was the best time of my life. If I’d had Vicki’s money, it would have been an even better time. She says that she misses Brooks – he was her best friend and she really loved him – but she wants her life and friendships back. She says she wasn’t a participant in the lie, but if she had it to do over again, she’d still defend her man.

Each OC girl talks about the stories Vicki was telling last season and we see flashbacks. Heather wants accountability, Tamra wants an apology and nothing will satisfy Shannon.

Shannon and David are doing well. She’s thrilled with the progress they’ve made in a year when the therapist predicted up to two years to get over infidelity. OMG – she has twin eleven-year-olds, and one of them is talking about dating already. What happened to Barbies and Girl Scouts? They talk about several topics at the family dinner, like getting a smaller house and getting a dog.

Meghan has an appointment at the fertility doctor and her mother comes along. She’d also had fertility issues and can relate. Meghan’s biggest fear is needles. She fainted when she got a tattoo (wow), so she’s pretty freaked when they have to take blood. Jimmy is off coaching somewhere. Afterward, they do the probe thing and it hurts pretty badly. I know she’s not exaggerating because I remember the Little Women episodes that involved IVF.

Heather has been building her house for two years and it’s ETA is 2020. Tamra is going with her to pick out some citrus trees. Heather talks about having a get together, and wonders about Vicki. Tamra says she gets the occasional text, but Vicki continues to play the victim. Heather asks if Shannon will be mad if she invites Vicki and Tamra says yes, but Heather needs to talk to her.

Meghan is out with new girl Kelly. They’ve been friends for about a year. Kelly used to vacation in the OC and her dream was to live there. I felt the same way about the shore. Believe me, that will change to a nightmare later, Kelly. Kelly also went through IVF, so they talk about that and also getting together with their husbands. Meghan tells Kelly about Heather’s party and invites her along.

Briana and Ryan are moving back to California and Vicki is making plans for the move. We flash back to all the mess with Brooks and Briana. Vicki says she doubts this would all be happening if Brooks was still in her life.

Heather calls Vicki and invites her to the party. She tells Vicki she can bring a guest and Vicki asks if she can bring Gina. Heather is surprised that Vicki didn’t sound like things were awkward. Dude, she sells real estate.

Shannon and Tamra are getting some kind of skin tightening treatment. Tamra says it hurts like a bitch, but in three months, you have a facelift. Apparently, Shannon and Tamra are good friends now. They both believe Vicki was involved in Brooks’s scam. Shannon isn’t thrilled to be going to a party with her, but says she can be cordial. Tamra wants to just sit down with Vicki and talk about it, but Shannon is more unforgiving, saying that faking an illness isn’t something she thinks she can get past.

Kelly’s mom and brother live with them. Kelly says they’re Mexican and that’s how they roll. Her husband is a lot older than she is and she says when they were dating, he was mistaken for her father, which didn’t sit well with him. I dunno. He looks pretty good. And all the women in the OC look younger than their husbands whether they are or not anyway. They also have a daughter and seem like a nice family. Kelly doesn’t seem like the type to stir the pot, but I’ll bet she takes sides.

Before Heather’s party, Gina and Vicki have a kiki. Gina looks great and I love Vicki’s haircut. Gina asks if groveling is going to be involved and Vicki asks Gina to help her through it, since she doesn’t want conflict.

Everyone arrives at the yacht Heather has chartered for the party. Tamra says her 40th birthday charter was like a fishing boat in comparison. Heather tells nearly every single person that they look gorgeous. Geez, you’re an actress. At least change it up a little. Kelly is introduced around. Shannon totally ignores Vicki, which isn’t being cordial. In her interview, she says there’s nothing Vicki could say to restore the friendship. Shannon tells Meghan that Vicki is “glomming” onto her friend, but Vicki and Kelly have already met a few times. At dinner, Meghan tells Kelly to be careful and Kelly pretty much tells her that she’ll form her own opinion. Score one for Kelly.

Heather gets up and makes a speech about the “wake up call” they had. In her interview, she says how irritating Terry can be, yet he’s the love of her life. She says they wanted to share an evening with the special people in their life – they weren’t available, so they called this group. BA-DUM-CHH! She makes a toast and everyone starts eating.

Vicki asks Heather to talk out on the deck. She thanks Heather for inviting her and asks her for forgiveness and to move on.

Next time, Heather only cares about Vivki’s involvement in the Brooks thing (can’t get rid of him), Eddie tells Tamra to stay out of Ryan’s business, and Kelly tells Shannon that she was standoffish

Southern Charm

It’s the finale, so this ought to be good.

We go back to the end of the last episode, where Thomas tells everyone off at his dinner party, they leave, and he kicks them out in retrospect.

Cooper shoves Thomas back inside. He comes back in laughing, calling them a bunch of wimps. He tells Cooper that they’re reptiles without a backbone. JD says typical Southern parties try to keep things light, but Thomas must be trying to start a new tradition. Kathryn says that Thomas was just speaking the truth and that no one is used to that or wants to hear it. She adds that Tennessee Williams wrote about it. Word.

The group goes back to one of their houses. Cameran says it wasn’t a dinner, it was a planned attack. Shep says Thomas is impulsive and when he drinks, it gets amplified. He tells everyone they should take the high road when it comes to Kathryn. This makes Landon ill. Craig says she’s just sticking up for her boyfriend, but Landon says Thomas is just her baby daddy.

Thomas asks Kathryn to stay over. Are they going for baby number three?

Craig talks to JD before work. He says he’s angry with himself for not having pursued law the way he should have. He says the bar is coming up and he doesn’t think he has enough time to study for the bar and work for JD at the same time. In his interview, JD says problem solved. So I guess Craig quit? Is that how they do it in the South?

Landon talks to her therapist about her pro and con list regarding having children. She says her husband saw her doing it, so she had him list what their lives would be like with and without children. It sounds like he really wants kids and she’s concerned that he might resent her if she doesn’t come around to his way of thinking. The therapist says that if this is due to childhood stuff, then it’s coming from fear. Cameran says she’s suffered from fear and anxiety her entire life.

Landon visits the latest addition to Dhep’s “dive bar collection.” He tells her he thinks they made a mature decision to stay friends after they gave it a go when she first came back to Charleston. He’s trying to find a nice way to tell her that he doesn’t feel the same way about her as she does about him.

Naomie is showing Craig her dress options for the Founder’s Ball. He says Naomie has changed his life and they tell each other everything. He tells her he hasn’t been completely forthright with her. He says he’s been using the work for JD as a crutch to avoid what he really wants to do. He says he wants to quit the job to study for the bat. She says she’s in.

Then I get an emergency alert monthly test on my screen. Thanks emergency alert system. I really appreciate you interrupting the show. It goes on forever and is so loud, I have to mute the TV.

Thomas meets with Whitney and JD for lunch. Whitney says he’s alienating himself from his friends. In his interview, Thomas says the message got lost in his delivery. Thomas tells them that he was in his cups and wants to make it right.

Thomas wants to use the Founder’s Ball as a vehicle to show everyone that he and Kathryn are getting it together. Kathryn says when she tried to talk to Landon calmly about things, Landon got insulting. Kathryn asks him what’s going on that she doesn’t understand. He says Landon is trying to undermine his and Kathryn’s relationship, but thinks she doesn’t really understand what she’s doing, which makes no sense. Kathryn says Thomas has to draw the line with Landon. In his interview, Thomas says he’ll say anything to placate Kathryn so that the family unit remains intact. He tells her that she is the oracle of reason and agrees.

Patricia is doing some kind of oxygen therapy. I can’t figure out how the machine works though. Whitney has come by to get some cuff-links. Everyone is getting ready for the ball. Shep says that Thomas picked on him at the dinner because up until then he had been picking on the women. Shep thinks that’s inappropriate and something for the women to sort out.

Landon doesn’t want to believe that Shep is a perpetual bachelor and says that deep down he wants the picket fence life. That may be so, but he doesn’t love you, Landon.

Landon visits Patricia, who’s allowing her to borrow some fancy stuff. Michael brings in some champagne. Landon says that Thomas called to apologize for the other night. If Landon doesn’t stop giggling in between sentences, I’m going to go out of my mind. Patricia shows her how do a “fur flip” and sit down in a fur coat. Landon borrows a really cool purple piece that Patricia bought in Monaco.

Kathryn asks if Thomas is going to apologize. He says he just wants to make sure he’s cool with everyone. When Kathryn asks about Landon, he says he’s not saying anything, but leaves out that he already did. It’s not the first time I’ve said this – a note to men – it’s not what you did that makes us so angry, but the fact you lied about it. And that includes lies of omission.

Let the ball commence! Shep walks in with Robyn, who’s a friend of Landon’s, and Landon’s reaction is worth watching the whole show. She can’t understand that if she was going by herself, why Shep wouldn’t ask her. She starts crying during her interview, but I find it difficult to feel sorry for her. He made it clear he wasn’t interested. Move on. Shep can tell that she’s disappointed, but rightly says that’s her problem.

Craig thinks everyone is fine with the Thomas thing. Cameran disagrees. When Thomas and Kathryn come in, they head straight to the bar without stopping at the tables. Kathryn sits at the table with the others while Thomas mingles. Shep comes by to say hi to Kathryn. Thomas pats Landon’s butt when he says hello, which is not missed by Kathryn, who goes to get another drink.

Kathryn approaches Landon and asks her to step in the hallway to talk. Kathryn tells Landon that she stirs the pot and tried to go after Thomas when she was pregnant with Julien. Landon runs to Thomas and says the three of them need to talk. She claims to want to squash the nonsense. Oh Lord, no wonder Kathryn gets so livid. Landon has the worst squeaky voice ever when she’s trying to make a point. Kathryn is right in that she sounds like a dolphin. Thomas insists there was never anything between him and Landon, as Landon babbles. Kathryn doesn’t believe it and tells Landon to shut-up.

Kathryn walks out. Landon babbles at Thomas, saying Kathryn can’t deal with the truth. Shep talks to Kathryn. Craig tells Landon they need to let each other speak, meaning that Landon has to let Kathryn finish a sentence before acting like Flipper. They go outside. Kathryn tells Landon she’s crazy and Landon says, no you. Kathryn tells her she needs to be accountable and she says she hasn’t done anything. Kathryn says she’s crazy then.

Kathryn calls Thomas out for cheating all over the place she tells him to tell the truth now and no more chances.

Just before we go to black, Robyn asks Shep if he thinks Landon is going to admit she slept with Thomas.

And along with Shep, I say, Whaaat?

Next time, reunion, part one.

June 19, 2016 – Dragons & Dany, a Dallas Reunion & Shahs in Belize


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

Game of Thrones

The ships attack Meereen. Tyrion tells Dany the rebirth of Meereen is the reason for the violence. He asks if she has a plan. Killing every last one of them is the way she wants to go. Tyrion talks about hidden wildfire and how it’s not difficult to destroy a city.

Dany and Tyrion meet with their enemies on the beach. The head guy tells Dany she made her own mess. Tyrion says they want to discuss terms of surrender. Dude gives a list of demands, like the dragons being slaughtered, but Dany says they want to discuss their surrender not hers. He says her reign is over and she say it hasn’t begun. Drogon flies down and Dany gets on his back. He is seriously cool.

The other dragons join Drogon in the sky. Now it’s triple cool.

Meanwhile, the Meereens are being slaughtered by the Sons of the Harpy. Everything stops when they hear the hoof-beats of Dany’s army coming. Dany and her dragons circle the ships. She tells them Dracarius and they do their fire thing. Bye-bye, ships.

Grey Worm tells the dudes on the beach they can give it up or die and all the soldiers throw down their weapons and run off. Tyrion says Dany is forgiving, and Missandei says that the queen has decreed one of them should die. Two of the three dudes push the third guy forward, saying he’s low born and they barely know him. Grey Worm cuts off the other two guys’ heads. Good one. Tyrion tells the remaining guy to let everyone know he lived by Dany’s mercy, but also tell them what happens when you mess with her.

Jon tells Sansa she doesn’t have to be there when he meets Ramsey, but she says she does. Ramsey rides up and says he’s missed her. He wants them to proclaim him Lord of Winterfell and he’ll forgive all their trespasses. He says why lead everyone to their death and there’s not need for a battle.

Jon says he’s right, there’s no need for thousands of men to die, just one of them. He suggests they end it the old way, mano-a-mano. Ramsey says he doesn’t know if he’d beat Jon, but his army would definitely beat his. Jon asks if Ramsey’s men would want to fight for him if they heard he wouldn’t fight for them. Ramsey asks if his little brother is worth the risk. Sansa asks how they know he has their brother and Ramsey throws down Shaggy’s head. Sansa tells him he’s dying either way.

Ramsey says he can’t wait to get with Sansa again and throws out a bunch of threats invovling his dogs. He rides off.

Jon says Ramsey’s weakness is his men are forced to fight for him. Davos says they have the number and they have the patience. It’s crucial that Ramsey charge them, not the other way around. Jon says he wanted to make Ramsey angry so he’ll come at them full tilt. Jon and Sansa speak alone. Sansa says she knows how Ramsey’s mind works. She says he lays traps and Jon says he’s over-confident. Jon says he’s defended the wall from worse. Sansa says he doesn’t know Ramsey. She says Rikkon is lost because he’s the true born son of Ned Stark. They argue. Sansa says she would have waited until they had more men. Jon says this is all they’re ever going to have and greater odds have been surmounted. Sansa says if Ramsey wins, she’s not going back to him and Jon says he’ll protect her. She says no one can protect her.

Jon asks Red Woman #2 if she has any advice. She says don’t lose. Jon says if he does, don’t bring him back. She says she serves the Lord of Light and only he can decide those things. Jon asks why he was brought back the first time. She says she doesn’t know; maybe he brought Jon there to die again. Just the thing you want to hear right before a battle.

Theon and Yara stand before Dany. She says they must be there to get her support for Yara becoming queen. Dany asks what’s wrong with Theon and he says he’s not fit to rule. Tyrion says they agree on that point. Dany says their fathers were evil men and they need to make the world a better place. Dany asks that they acknowledge her as queen of the seven kingdoms and if they do, she’ll help them. They shake on it.

It’s time for the battle of the bastards. There are like 6000 of Ramsey’s guys to Jon’s 60. Doesn’t John have a giant or two he can pull out? Ramsey rides forward leading Rikkon on a rope. Way to distract Jon Snow.

Ramsey pulls his sword out and Jon marches forward. Ramsey dramatically cuts Rikkon’s ropes. He tells Rikkon he wants to play a game and to run to his brother. As Rikkon starts to run, Ramsey puts an arrow in a bow. Job starts to ride toward Rikkon as the arrows fly. Just as Jon is about to reach Rikkon, Rikkon gets an arrow through the back.

Needless to say, Jon is mightily pissed. Ramsey smirks and Davos tells the men to prepare. The battle begins. Oh, there’s that giant. If nothing else, you’d think that would be disconcerting, since it’s doubtful they’ve ever seen one. Ramsey’s men shoot arrows into the air and Jon’s horse is down. He stands as Ramsey’s army rides forward.

Jon takes out his sword. WTF? Jon is in the middle of everything like General Custer at Little Big Horn in Little Big Man. He slices up a few guys. Now he’s like Tony Curtis during the pie fight in It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Somehow, he is unscathed. He’s just that good. Or that angry. Or both.

Davos, who was supposed to wait for Ramsey to move forward, has had enough and proceeds with his men. The rest of Ramsey’s men go forward. Ramsey hangs behind like the coward he is. Oh shit. Ramsey’s men have surrounded Jon’s and made their shields into a wall. The Romans used to do that. They move forward with these spears sticking out, slicing up the men as they go. This gave me a headache.

The giant starts tossing guys round. The last ones in the middle fight like crazy. Ooh! The giant just ripped some guy in half. That was pretty good. Ramsey’s men close in. I have no idea what’s going on because it’s all shaky cam and sometimes blurry. Uh-oh. Jon almost gets squashed because it’s like a mosh pit, but manages to come up for air. Somehow, he, Davos and Tormund are still alive.

A trumpet is heard. Holy! Here comes back-up. It’s Littlefinger with the cavalry! Ha-ha! Ramsey’s face.

They bust through Ramsey’s wall of guys. Sansa watches with satisfaction. Jon, Tormund and the giant see Ramsey who runs away like a little girl. Well, rides anyway. Dammit! The big baby makes it back to his castle. He says their army is gone.

The castle gate is being broken open. The giant pops through. He’s covered with arrows and meets his end, but well done, good and faithful servant. The army comes in. Ramsey pops out and says he’s reconsidered one on one combat. Jon walks toward him fielding his arrows with a shield and proceeds to punch the living snot out of Ramsey as Sansa watches. The entire audience is satisfied. The Bolton banner comes down and the Stark banner goes up.

Applause. Just from me. On screen, they’re busy carting bodies around. Jon wants Rikkon buried next to their father. Sansa asks where Ramsey is.

Beaten to a bloody pulp in the dungeon. Sansa comes into the cell. He tells her their time together is almost at an end. She tells him everything about him and his house is going to disappear. Hahahahahahaha! Here come his dogs! He says they’ll never harm him and Sansa reminds him they haven’t been fed in a week. This is so good, I can’t stand it. Headache gone.

Sansa watches and I laugh, as the first dog pretty much takes Ramsey’s face off.


Next time, who cares? I don’t think they can top this. Okay, next time, Cersei and Loras stand trial, Littlefinger wants something from Sansa, and Tyrion tells Dany the great game is terrtfying.

The Real Housewives of Dallas – Reunion

Because I forgot they were starting on the quarter hour, I missed the beginning. I come in while Leeanne is making excuses for being aggressive. I think I have her “story” memorized by now.

Cary’s husband, Mark, joins the group. We find out that Cary got her first Birkin bag for her 40th birthday. Forgive me, but if I was going to drop that kind of cash for a bag, it wouldn’t be a Birkin. Am I the only woman on earth not impressed with that style? Cary addresses the rumors that she married Mark for his money and that she broke up his first marriage. Cary starts to cry, saying that she was joking about some of the things she said in her interviews. Since she is a rather sarcastic and funny person, I totally believe her.

Andy asks Cary about Leeanne spreading gossip. Cary says she would never go after a married man and Leeanne was very hurtful. She says she and Mark both have children and she doesn’t want them hearing negative stuff. As usual, Leeanne doesn’t admit to perpetuating rumors, but just says you shouldn’t drink and tweet, kind of winking. Then she tells some story about how Cary made Mark leave his wife after she married someone else to get his attention. Cary explains her 3-month marriage, like it’s anyone’s business, and they both say they didn’t have an affair before his divorce.

Stephanie asks Leeanne why she didn’t go straight to Cary, and Leeanne claims she did. Leeanne acts like a middle schooler, saying it’s not okay for her to spread rumors about Cary, but it’s okay for Cary to call her a social climber. Um…I don’t think those are close to being the same. And Leeanne is a social climber. While it might very well be just so she can get her charities on, it doesn’t make Cary’s point any less valid.

Mark argues with Leeanne and she asks if he needs a tampon. What adult talks like this? Cary tells Leeanne that the things she says are hurting other people, not just her. Leeanne says she doesn’t want to hurt anybody; that’s not what she does. Well, I don’t know who did it then. Andy asks what she does do and she says charity because that’s the only comeback she knows. Andy asks if spreading gossip is charity, and she continues to say that she was merely repeating something someone told her.

Then she tries to say that Cary had been saying things aout her too. She changes something Cary said in all kinds of ways. Cary says if anything she said came across like that, she’s sorry, and she’s actually proud of Leeanne and says a bunch of nice things about her that she doesn’t deserve. Leeanne manages to flip everything around to the point that Cary gets up and leaves the stage.

Andy calls out Tiffany for enabling Leeanne. Tiffany claims she came late to the game and makes some noise about how she tried her best given what she had to work with. Brandi tells Tiffany that she should have shut it down immediately and says that Heidi was only in the one scene to do Leeanne’s dirty work. Tiffany keeps trying to distance herself. Cary is back and says she knew the Heidi thing was a set-up.

Andy asks Leeanne how she’s going to move forward here. Leeanne says she apologizes for not handling things differently and privately with Cary. Leeanne says she’s sorry Cary is hurt and sorry that she’s the one who hurt her. She wants to hug it out. They hug and then Leeanne says something rude to Stephanie. Maybe Leeanne went on too many roller coasters as a carny kid.

Because Tiffany doesn’t have much going on outside of Leeanne, they talk about Aaron aka Keith Suburban. They talk about Tiffany and Leeanne’s friendship and Cary says Tiffany is different when she’s around Leeanne. Leeanne had made some stupid remark about Plano and has to apologize to the Twitterverse.

Andy asks Brandi about Bryan’s reaction to the season, in particular the strip club and the dinner he walked out on. Brandi says Bryan doesn’t like confrontation or talking about his feelings and didn’t want to hear it. He wasn’t too happy to be on camera and Brandi says they argued afterwards with him using the d-word. Brandi talks about how supportive Stephanie was and they talk about their friendship. Brandi says everything came out on a positive note though, and now Bryan travels less and sometimes the family comes along. They also renewed their vows.

Marie joins them. She says she’s nervous and excited. Tiffany wants to sit as far away from her as possible. Andy talks about Leeanne throwing her glass at Marie’s party. We go down the Memory Lane of Leeanne being a nutjob. We go over the plastic poop incident and how Leeanne tried to tarnish Brandi’s reputation. Leeanne acts like she’s five, cutting Stephanie off and when Stephanie graciously lets her go ahead, she refuses to talk.

Tiffany talks about having to defend Leeanne and how it got to be too much. We relive the scene when Leeanne left Marie’s party and slapped the trolley car. We move on to the texts about Leeanne from Marie. Marie claims she was worried about Leeanne and Tiffany says it was gossip and Marie is dangerous. All I can think about is how I want the necklace with the giant pearl that Marie is wearing in one of the flashbacks.

Marie lets Leeanne have it and Brandi is sitting there smiling. I have the feeling she doesn’t even realize it. Andy pushes things along to the Austin trip. We see numerous flashbacks, from the bus trip there to Leeanne’s threats against Marie.

Here comes Leeanne’s poopy pants story. Brandi explains how it started on the bus because she had to pee, and Marie immediately insists that she didn’t tell Taylor. I hate to admit I agree with her when Leeanne brings up that Taylor couldn’t have just made a lucky guess. Cary suggests they get over it already. Andy gets the real skinny, or poopy as it were, from Leeanne. Leeanne then jumps right to claiming Marie has bad temper tantrums, so she’s not the only one.

Tiffany says she’s been protective of Marie and something about keeping girl code. Andy asks what Marie’s reaction is and there’s total silence while Marie looks like a deer in headlights. Cary says she got scared during Leeanne’s craziness in Austin, while Tiffany claims she slept through it. Leeanne says that when she says it, killing someone means cutting them out of your life. Marie claims that Leeanne threw something at her and Leeanne claims otherwise, although Marie ended up getting a restraining order because Leeanne sent her threatening texts after the trip. Leeanne claims Marie was trashing her on social media. Andy asks where they go from here and Marie hopes they can come to an understanding and respect each other. Once again, Leeanne talks about her childhood and how she doesn’t “do hurt well.” Stephanie says as an adult, she needs to take ownership and get help. Thank you.

Leeanne starts to cry and says blah-blah-blah how she doesn’t like that part of her that’s the angry little girl. We bid Marie good-by. If she’s bucking for a spot on the show, she’ll have to do better than this.

Wrapping it up, Andy says they’ve all grown since they ended taping. They talk a bunch of therapy stuff and nobody says anything interesting. Tiffany uses the cliche that she’s “a work in progress.” Leeanne is in anger management. Apparently, she’s had therapy through the years and realized she’s not quite finished yet. What an understatement. She says when she gets hurt by people, it brings the childhood hurt back up. While she’s talking, I realize she gets hurt very easily in addition to her overreacting.

I guess that’s it. No three-parter for these Wives. We bid farewell to plastic poop and carnival rides.

The Shahs of Sunset

A capsule of what I missed last week. Tommy walking out on MJ, which I still don’t understand. She told her friend that when she told him what she needed, he said he was done. What the blip did she need? Jessica is playing a hot and cold game with Mike; and Reza is skeptical of GG having RA. Please, please do not say the M-word. I can’t take another storyline like that.

The best part though, was watching Asa work on her caftan fashion show. Instead of being all over the place like some reality personalities (ahem…Sonja) or having a line of something we never see (The Countess), we’re getting a bird’s eye view of the ground floor and both her and her family’s involvement in the business. The caftans are gorgeous, but so is Asa’s passion for her craft and love of detail.

On to this week…

The gang congregates at Shervin’s place. GG’s sister, Leila, joins them. We haven’t seen her for a while. Reza says he feels horrible for having missed the entire fashion show trying to help Mike get it together with Jessica. Reza thinks they need to get away from all the usual drama.

They discuss vacation destination options. GG’s cousin, Niva, suggests Belize. MJ is down with that, since she doesn’t want to go anywhere where the bugs are as big as her shoe. Me neither. Shervin talks to MJ about her break up with Tommy. In her interview, MJ says Tommy is afraid she’s going to turn into her mother. She tells Shervin maybe Tommy is right and she was too overbearing. Shervin thinks she’s self-sabatoging because she doesn’t want to take a risk.

Reza meets Jessica for dinner. He tells Mike about Belize and that he’s going to try and talk Jessica into the Belize trip. Mike isn’t cool about it; he doesn’t think his friends should be involved in his business. Reza tells him it has nothing to do with his and Jessica’s relationship; it’s strictly about the invite.

Jessica arrives and they get cocktails. I love how polite they are to their server. Definite points for that. Reza tells Jessica about the Belize trip. He says he thinks it would do both her and Mike good. Jessica starts to get teary and says she doesn’t think she’s going back to Mike.

Jessica tells Reza that Mike cheated on her. He asks if she’s 100% sure. She says the first time, she saw it with her own eyes. She said for years, he told her everything was a rumor. In her interview, she says she’ll always love Mike and wishes this was a nightmare she could wake up from. She tells Reza that until she’s sure she can trust him, she can’t move back in with him. Reza says that she knows what’s best for herself and he didn’t know that was going on, but has no sage advice. Reza says his hope is that they get back together, but he’s not telling Mike about the conversation. Jessica says she’ll think about the Belize trip. After she leaves, Reza calls Mike and says that he needs to let Jessica have space and time. He says she loves Mike, but she’s hurt.

MJ is on her way to meet GG. They’re getting their lashes done. She talks on the phone to Reza in the car and he says he’s not buying that GG has RA. MJ says she’s been with her to the doctor, but GG seems to be exaggerating what stage it’s at.

Adam can’t go on the Belize trip because of work. The rest of the group meets at Mike’s house to go to the airport. GG is a no show and when they call her, she says she’s not going to be on the flight, but that’s all they get from her. Shervin talks about how angry GG got when he questioned her about her illness and Reza insists that she’s not telling the truth. Shervin thinks GG needs something that gives her purpose and until she gets it, she’s going to need attention in other ways. In her interview, Asa says it’s not cool to exaggerate and illness, but she feels sorry for GG since she obviously has a deeper issue.

Mike says flying with his crew is like a three-ring circus. I’ll bet. He wonders how they’re even allowed on an airplane. When they get to the destination, they change to a much smaller plane. Reza says he never wants to fly in a plane so small he can touch the pilot’s shoulder again.

They go to a private villa that includes a butler. MJ calls Tommy and leaves a long message about the trip so far. She’s hoping she didn’t totally destroy the relationship. No need to say that the villa is fabulous. I don’t know what I’d do first, eat the spread laid out by the pool or get in the pool.

GG has taken a separate flight because she’s tired of the scrutiny from the others. In her interview, she says everyone seems to think she’s “one big lie,” but she’s going to have a good time regardless. She and Niva finally join everyone.

GG says it’s funny how a year ago, she and Mike wanted to kill each other and now she’s the closest to him. GG and Mike chat. MJ says she’s sorry she didn’t acknowledge that Jessica didn’t come. GG checks out her room, which is humongous.

It’s evening and everyone is still hanging around and in the pool. GG asks to talk to Reza. She says they made a deal during the camping trip that they would always be honest with each other. She tells him she heard that he said she was making up having RA. He owns that and she says it hurt her that he would think that. She says she had to process that and she didn’t want to be the old GG, and that’s why she took a different flight. In her interview, she asks if she needs to take anothe polygraph test.

Reza says everyone is saying things aren’t adding up and he wonders why she’s telling him things that aren’t adding up. He says that MJ told im the doctor never used the word “chemo.” GG says that her diagnosis came back and she’s going to need treatment. She asks if he’ll go with her. He says of course, but in his interview says he’s still skeptical.

Shervin says he’s starting to get wise to GG’s machinations. MJ calls Tommy’s voicemail again. Great. She’s being a stalker now. It is kind of mean of him not to answer her calls. Mike says he misses Jessica. Reza says he hoped she’d be there by now, but Mike says she’s not even answering his texts.

They sit down to another amazing spread. Asa says she’s already been eating all day. MJ has the idea to go around the table and “come clean” about something. Niva says he’s been enabling GG. GG says if one more person decides to discuss her RA, she’s going to flip out. Is this the place to be doing this though? On vacation? In his interview, Reza says it isn’t GG’s RA that makes her feel the way she does – it’s her drinking. Now she’s on a roll and tells everyone to look in the mirror. Well, she does have a point.

Niva says he cares about her, but she says she doesn’t think so. GG says she was in the middle of a pleasant conversation when all this started. Niva tries to turn around what he said, but it’s not working. In his interview, Shervin says GG has to hear the good with the bad and he’s glad Niva said what he did. Shervin and GG start to argue.

Shervin thinks GG isn’t being sincere. Reza says he’s tired and excuses himself. In his interview, he says the GGvention was a fail. The dinner breaks up and GG gets freaked out going back to her room in the dark.

Next time, exploring caverns and getting a massage, Reza wants Mike to fess up to Jessica, Mike doesn’t want to talk about it and says he’s done.

Hope all the fathers out there had a very Happy Father’s Day!

June 18, 2016 – GH Times Two & Father’s Day Quotes


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Andre apologizes to Jordan for how he handled things and tells her that he loves her. She doesn’t know what to say and wonders how he got to point B from their point A argument over Anna. Andre says he had to shrink himself and find out what was going on in his own head. He says it became clear that he cherishes her, even when she’s angry. He doesn’t expect saying I love you will fix things, but he wanted her to know how he really feels.

Monica asks Finn why the syringe and works were in his locker.

Curtis tells Valerie they should take the celebration elsewhere, but Hayden interrupts. She needs his help. Curtis says he’s not available for her right now, but she wants to know how to declare someone legally dead. He says she’ll have to wait until tomorrow or consult a lawyer. He tells her that friendship is a two-way street and he’s busy right now. Valerie says he’s all Hayden’s because she wants to celebrate with her fellow cadets.

Ava and Nicholas sit by the fire in the hotel lobby. Nicholas asks if she followed him and she says it’s the place she always stays while in London because it’s discreet. She says if she was going to turn him in, the police would be there by now, and the hotel is perfect for people with something to hide. He asks what she’s hiding.

Sam and Jason bask in the afterglow. Sam says life on the run is exciting and gives her a rush. She calls Spinelli who has gotten her the code for the alarm at the pawn shop. Jason asks if she’s sure she wants to do this herself. He says two heads are better than one, but she says she can be faster alone.

TJ gets a paid internship at GH. He and Molly celebrate.

Monica says she’ll have the syringe tested and has no choice but to suspend Finn’s duties in the meantime. He says he’s done nothing wrong. Tracy says Monica will suspend him over her dead body. Monica explains the situation and tells Tracy that a syringe was confiscated from his locker and she has no choice because he won’t tell her what it is. Tracy says if he’s a psychopath, why wouldn’t he have started with her. Finn says don’t worry, it’s all good. Tracy tells Monica she can kiss her job good-by.

Nicholas says he assumes the police would think he took a private plane and Ava says he should have taken it a step further and flown coach. He asks her what she wants. She says she wouldn’t mind a dinner companion. He asks again what she wants in exchange for her silence. She says the same thing she wanted on the plane, an explanation as to why he’s a dead man walking.

Hayden gives a glowing report to Valerie about Curtis.

Jordan says she once let her feelings trump her job and she doesn’t want it to happen again. Andre says he doesn’t expect her to say it back, he just wanted her to know. He says he’s not trying to manipulate her, just stating his position. He hopes she can get over the Anna thing, as his life would suck without her. They kiss. She says it feels amazing to know he loves her and as soon as she gets through the work piled on her desk, he’ll definitely see her again.

TJ introduces Molly to Curtis. Curtis says maybe they can spend some time together, but he’s on a date right now. Valerie asks to steal him away. She asks Curtis if it’s okay that she spend more time celebrating with her peeps, and he says he totally understands. He says she’s also given him the best idea he’s had in a long time.

The bartender tells Finn to get “that thing,” meaning Roxie, out of here. He says she’s a service animal and Hayden threatens to record the conversation. The bartender shrugs and asks what they’re having. They order and Hayden pets Roxie.

Ava says she was accused of murder, but what possessed Nicholas to ditch his wonderful life and deprive himself of his son and his son of him? She wonders if it’s Hayden. Nicholas says he’s not going to tell her what she wants to hear. Ava says that the only thing that could keep her away from her daughter is prison. Huck shows up saying what a coincidence.

Sam puts the code in the alarm and goes into the pawn shop. She gets the info she wants pretty quickly, but the owner comes out with a gun.

Jordan is startled when she walks in the office and Curtis is sitting there. He asks if Valerie kicked him to the curb, and he says she’s still celebrating. She says Valerie deserves the celebration. He goes down Memory Lane about being a cop and says he’d like to go back to it. Jordan thinks he’s just being nostalgic and says as good as he was at his job, he still blew his career. Curtis says not if you believe in second chances and asks her to help him become a cop again.

Molly says she’s left the house and she’s not coming back until Alexis gets a clue about Julian. TJ suggests they live together next semester. Molly says her dad should be okay with it, but what about Jordan? TJ says she should be fine with it too, and Molly suggests they talk to Sonny.

Monica tells Tracy to go ahead and try, but she has good reason for suspending Finn, and that all of the evidence points to him. She explains that one of his deceased patients had the same drug in them that Lucas did. Tracy says his syringe might contain something harmless, but Monica asks why he didn’t tell her then.

Hayden tells Finn that she had a bearded dragon as a kid because her father was allergic to furry pets. She says she named him Mr. Darcy. Finn asks if Nicholas was her Mr. Darcy. She says he came close, but like her pet, he disappeared one night.

Huck sits with Nicholas and Ava and starts babbling. Nicholas says they’re having a private conversation and would like to be alone. Huck invites them to dinner at his private manor and won’t take no for an answer.

Sam tells the shop owner that she didn’t take anything; she was just in a rush for her documents. He says whether he lets her go or not depends on how nice she can be. She pretends to go along with it and kicks him in the cajones. He reaches for the gun, but Jason pops out of nowhere and gets it first.

Curtis says he’s not just being sentimental. He’s investigated things and since he quit and wasn’t fired, and he’s still in good standing. He asks what he needs to do to convince her that he’s not using anymore. Jordan asks if he’s even talked to his sponsor. She asks what if he gets tempted. He says one thing about recovery is discovering the why, and his using drugs was a mistake. He also made it his job to tell Tommy that Jordan was creeping with Shawn and it affected a lot of people. He says if she doesn’t want to support him because of what he did, at least believe he’s punished himself more than anyone else ever could.

The shop owner says he’s going to call the cops and Jason says he doesn’t want to get on the bad side of Sonny. Jason tells him after this, he’s to take a month long vacation. Sam gets what she needs and Jason tells him to lie face down, turns out the lights, and they leave.

Ava thanks Huck for the invite and says “Niles” has been dodging fans. Huck says there will be none of that at his place. Nicholas says Ava can go, but no thanks for him. Ava says she’s not going without him and he has scripts to read before a meeting tomorrow. Huck leaves and Ava says she doesn’t think running into him was a coincidence.

Finn says he could use another drink and Hayden says he doesn’t look too good and asks if he has his insulin. He says he’ll be fine and she asks him to tell her the truth and asks if he’s really a diabetic.

Curtis says he pours out his heart and that’s all he gets? Jordan says he never expressed regret before. She says she had to give Tommy a reason to come home safe after he was deployed. Curtis says he’d give anything to relive the day and he would have made different choices. He says he loves TJ and he would never tell him that Shawn is his real father. Mic drop.

Tracy and Monica bicker. Tracy says Monica let a good man go while there’s still a murderer wandering around GH.

Finn asks Hayden to help him and Roxie get back to the hotel.

Back at the hideout, Jason asks if Sam’s okay that he came to check on her. She says yes, but she had it under control. She gives him the passports and says they’re headed to London.

Ava says she can give Nicholas a ride since she has a car coming in the morning for a meeting .He asks what that will cost and she says she’s on his side. He says he’ll take the ride then. She says to be ready at 6 am.

Huck hears them and says he’ll be waiting

Tomorrow, Maxie asks Nathan if he still wants to marry her, Sonny says Julian is finally getting what he deserves, and Curtis talks finances.

General Hospital – Friday

Jason says all they have to do is find Nicholas, bring him back and clear Jason’s name. There you go. It’s all very simple.

Nicholas (who is being played by someone else today) and Ava are at Huck’s place. Nicholas says they have to catch a flight, but Huck says that Heathrow is four hours away and they’re not going to make it to the airport on time. Did I miss something? What are they doing there in the first place and wouldn’t they already know how far away the airport is?

Laura takes Spencer to visit Doc. Spencer says he has to run his life with the course that’s been set for it, without his father, cracking me up. Doc says he understands why Spencer might not want to talk to him since they don’t know one another well, and Spencer asks if anyone ever really knows anyone.

The pictures are being taken for the Crimson real man issue and Curtis is doing some boxing moves. He looks all serious about it, and I’m thinking this actor must feel stupid right now. Maxie asks Nathan to talk in the other room. She says she loves him and she’s sorry she judged him. She says he shouldn’t be defined by one mistake. She forgives him and wants him to forgive himself. She asks if he still wants to get married and he says yes. She says good, because she wants to marry him too.

Paul and Anna are talking and Sonny interrupts, saying if it wasn’t for Anna they wouldn’t have anything on Julian and she should be there when he goes down. Paul says everyone is entitled to their opinions, but Sonny’s doesn’t count at the PCPD. He says he’s actually is on Anna’s side, but it was Jordan’s call. He tells them that evidence was recovered at Julian’s place.

Julian calls Alexis, saying he misses her and expects a warm welcome when he gets home. Oh man, he’s getting creepier by the second. This is way past not getting the hint. Kristina asks Alexis what’s wrong and Alexis makes something up. Since it’s obvious Julian wasn’t home the night before, Kristina asks how much trouble her mom is in.

Nina says she thinks she’s found the Crimson cover guy. Curtis says the more he shows, the more money she has to show. Julian walks in. Nina asks if he shouldn’t be in jail by now.

Laura tells Spencer if they could talk about his dad, they might both feel better. Spencer asks if Doc is trying to shrink him.

I did miss something. I guess Huck pretended he was going to take them to the airport. They fell asleep in the car and he took them to his house.

Sam and Jason get to the hotel where Ava and Nicholas were staying. Sam asks the desk clerk to have “Niles’s” room called, but the clerk says he checked out this morning.

Huck says the weather has taken a turn for the worse and they’ll never get through the fog. He tells them he’ll get some refreshments while they make other arrangements. He says there’s no choice since there’s nothing and no one for miles around.

Sonny asks what the evidence is and Paul says he can’t talk about pending cases. Sonny says he’ll find out anyway, so Paul might as well tell him now. Anna agrees they should tell him. Paul takes them into the interrogation room and Anna tells Sonny about the dagger. Sonny says Julian claims he has an alibi, but Paul says it’s not as iron-clad as Julian thinks. Anna tells Sonny not to do anything to screw things up.

Alexis tells Kristina the less she knows the better. She says the police think Julian is involved in a crime and they searched the house. Kristina asks if it’s Carrrlos’s murder. Alexis says she thinks nothing will come of it and Kristina says legally or personally? She tells Alexis she deserves better and Alexis tells her it’s going to be okay, because that’s the kind of lie moms tell.

Julian asks to talk to Nina. She asks why he put her on the spot with the police in telling them he was with her all night long. She says they both know that’s a lie.

Spencer says it’s best to move on now that Nicholas is lost to them. Doc says he understands and Spencer doesn’t have to talk to him. He gives Spencer money for the vending machine. Doc asks Laura if he can see Spencer on a formal basis, because he’s clearly holding something in. While at the vending machine, Spencer calls Nicholas, leaving a message that he has his father’s back and he should win an Oscar.

Nicholas and Ava can’t get any bars on their phone. Um…doesn’t Huck have a normal phone out in the country? Huck leaves to get them snacks and Ava tells Nicholas she’s calling the police the second she gets a chance. Nicholas tells her don’t you dare. I’m not liking this Nicholas. Where’s the real one?

The clerk won’t say where Nicholas went, but Sam makes up a story about Spencer needing him. The clerk won’t give up too much so she pushes some money his way and he goes on break. Sam looks at the paperwork and sees what flight Nicholas is supposed to return on.

Anna tells Paul that it’s better to keep Sonny in the loop so he won’t take matters into his own hands. Paul says he might anyway, but she says that if he’d wanted to kill Julian, Julian would be dead already. She says if Julian tries to leave town, Sonny will be there to stop him.

There’s a knock at Alexis’s door. It’s Sonny. She tells him Kristina is upstairs, but he says he’s there for Julian. She says he’s not there and Sonny tells her to call him and have him get home now.

Nina tells Julian she told the police he was there for a while, but the time was hazy. He says that’s good enough for him. She says she does remember seeing the stain on his shirt and believed it was red wine at the time. He asks if she told the cops about the shirt and she says they didn’t ask. She asks if it isn’t her civic duty to come forward. He asks what it will take for her to stay out of it and she says him naked on all fours. What?

Nathan says he has to leave, but tells Maxie to call him if Julian gives her any trouble. Nina tells Julian she doesn’t want to jump his bones, but she wants to put them in the real man issue. She says women are usually used as objects, so she’s literally making the men pose as such. She sees him as a coffee table she’s resting her feet on. Ha-ha! I like it.

Sonny tells Alexis he’d never take advantage of Carly’s love to save his own ass. Alexis tells him to get out. He says he will as soon as Julian gets back. She says she’ll call the police, but he says they’re already on their way and he’s going to watch Julian get arrested. Kristina comes downstairs and asks what’s up. Sonny says they’re just having a talk about nothing that concerns her. She leaves for wherever she goes now.

Alexis says Sonny is mistaken. She says the police took evidence, but she doesn’t think it will amount to anything. He says really, a murder weapon? She says there are lots of knives out there, but Sonny says not with Carrrlos’s blood on them

Paul tells Anna that he wants her there when Julian is questioned.

Doc tells Laura that if she needs to talk, he’s there. They discuss being friends. Laura says it’s funny how it took one of Helena’s sick games to bring them together. Doc says he did a little digging and hit pay dirt.

Sam calls somewhere, pretending to be Anna and asks to speak to the special agent for Heathrow. She says they have a wanted man on board a flight.

Nicolas and Ava argue about who’s in the wrong. They realize the door to the room is locked.

Laura asks what Doc found out. He says Lloyd and Lucy Johnson are real people and they’re behind the holding company that owns the disco. They also live in Port Charles. Laura says she can’t concentrate on this right now, and Doc says when she’s ready, they’ll pick up the trail.

Sam tells Jason the flight took off before she made the call, but Nicholas wasn’t on it. She wonders if he booked another flight to cover his tracks, but Jason wonders if he made it at all. She tells the desk clerk, who tells her that Nicholas had a companion.

Nicholas says there must be a mistake and Ava says yeah, theirs for coming there in the first place. Ava wants to try a window, but Nicholas says it’s 50 feet straight down.

Julian doesn’t see the need for him to participate and suggests Nina find real men on the street. She says none of them is her publisher who needs an alibi.

Anna asks Paul what the angle is. He says there isn’t one. He says she’s the one who holds sway over him. Anna says she’s just trying to find out if he has something else in mind. Nathan interrupts saying there’s a DNA match on the dagger.

Alexis tells Sonny Julian is in his office and if he wants to see an arrest, it’s probably going to be there. Sonny asks if she even cares.

Laura makes an appointment for Spencer with Doc. Spencer says he doesn’t need to talk. He says he hasn’t lost his father, but catches his own mistake and makes up something about Nicholas being in a better place. Yeah, London.

Ava suggests they jump Huck. Huck comes back and says he forgot to pay the bill and the phone has been shut off. He lives in a freakin’ manor and he doesn’t have someone who takes care of that? Nicholas says they’ll take their chances with the weather. Huck says he can’t allow them to leave and they haven’t yet begun.

The clerk describes Ava to Sam and Jason, and tells them good luck. When the clerk walks away, Sam checks the roster and tells Jason that Ava had checked in.

Nicholas tells Huck that Ava had a business meeting and will be missed. Huck says he doesn’t care about Nicholas; it’s Ava he wants.

Nina asks Maxie if Nathan is still around. Julian tells her he’ll pose for the magazine.

Sonny tells Alexis she’s getting out just in time before Julian dragged her down with him. There’s a knock at the door. Apparently, no one has a doorbell in Port Charles. It’s Nathan. He arrests Alexis for Carrrlos’s murder. This is a little odd to me, but I guess her prints are the only ones on it.

On Monday, Olivia asks Julian what’s going on, Sonny tells Nathan that Julian is the one he wants, and Nina asks Franco if he wants to get nakey.

Happy Father’s Day Quotes of the Week

When I come home, my daughter will run to the door and give me a big hug, and everything that’s happened that day just melts away.Hugh Jackman

My father used to say that it’s never too late to do anything you wanted to do. And he said, ‘You never know what you can accomplish until you try.Michael Jordan

When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years. — Mark Twain

Never raise your hand to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected. — Red Buttons

I had the best father in the world, and I’ll always miss