May 31, 2016 – GH & Millionaires On Deck


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Hayden is miffed that Curtis called the cops before she had a chance to look for the diamonds. He asks if she doesn’t want to know what happened to Nicholas, and she says she already does – Jason pushed him out the window. Well, I’d like to know what happened.

There’s been no change in Lucas’s condition. Brad is terrified, angry and confused, wondering how this happened. He thinks they should call Julian. Finn says he’ll stay with Lucas until Brad gets back. I dunno if that’s such a good idea. Obrecht doesn’t either, since she tells him to get away from the patient.

Alexis blows Julian off, saying she has work to do. Julian says she’s being standoffish, but Alexis says he’s killed several people and made her an accessory after the fact. He says he did it to keep them safe, but she wonders how that works. Molly comes in. Julian asks how the wedding was, and his phone rings. Brad tells him what happened.

Sabrrrina goes to Baby Edward and Tracy tells her to back off. Sabrrrina thanks her for taking care of him and says she’s a trusted friend. Tracy says it’s too bad she can’t say the same for Sabrrrina.

Ava comes to get Avery. Sonny says she’s never taking Avery again. Ava says apparently Carly told him what happened. She says he wants Avery to be a prize and he says there’s no contest; he already won. He tells her to get her sorry ass out of his house and don’t come back.

Sabrrrina asks what she did to offend Tracy. Tracy tells her about having brain surgery and says she was too busy dealing with that to think of offenses. Sabrrrina says she wishes she could have been there for Tracy and Tracy says she does too.

Sam introduces herself to Curtis and asks what he’s doing there. He says he’s a friend of Hayden’s. Sam asks when they got there, which is none of her business. Hayden says they got there after Jason pushed Nicholas out the window. Touche.

Tracy sarcastically tells Sabrrrina she did the smart thing. Instead of calling a friend, she ran off with a fugitive, not thinking about her baby. She says friends don’t disappear or at least they say good-by. She says she’s never really made a friend worth keeping and this is a perfect example.

Molly tells Alexis that Lucas was a no-show, and that Julian just got a call from Brad.

Julian gets to the hospital. Obrecht tells Finn that he has no business being there. She says Brad made a mistake in asking him; she saw him messing with the chart. She says she’s there to protect Lucas. She says if Lucas dies tonight, look in the mirror for his killer. Julian walks in.

Jordan arrives at Windemere. Curtis tells Hayden that he’s sure the diamonds are with Nicholas. Jason tells Sam it doesn’t look like there was a fight. Jordan tells everyone to go downstairs for questioning.

Ava tells Sonny it’s cruel to keep a mother from her child. He tells her she got a sweet deal because he’s letting her live. Bleh. I don’t like this side of Sonny at all. I don’t like Carly in this mode either. Whatever else she might be, Ava is still Avery’s mother.

Molly asks Alexis what’s upsetting her. She says it’s nothing, but Molly wonders what Julian did now.

Julian doesn’t understand what’s going on since Lucas is relatively healthy and takes care of his diabetes and such. Obrecht tells him about the recent deaths at GH and says they both had the same doctor. Julian grabs Finn and asks wtf?

Tracy says she doesn’t wish Sabrrrina harm, but she should know there are consequences for running off with a criminal. Sabrrrina wants to leave, but Michael reminds her that the deal was for her to stay the night there. She wants to spend time with Baby Edward, but Tracy says she’s his legal guardian.

Jordan starts with Curtis, who answers like the cop he used to be. She asks why he was escorting Hayden home. Hayden says she hired Curtis to investigate something. Jordan remembers Hayden trying to talk to her at the ball and Nicholas steering her away. Hayden makes up something about Shawn being paroled soon. Jordan asks Jason why he came to Windemere and he wants to talk to his lawyer. Curtis says Hayden can legally have them arrested for trespassing. Hayden says then they can be arrested for murder. Laura comes in and asks where Nicholas is.

Ava says she thought she had a truce with Sonny. He says she must think he has a short memory and brings up dead Connie. He says Ava murdered an unarmed, innocent woman and he’s never going to forget. She asks if this is how he gets even. He says it’s not about that, it’s about keeping Avery safe; avenging Connie’s death is a plus. Ava says she can’t live without her daughter. Sonny says she’ll learn. Ava says she doesn’t want to and she wants Sonny to kill her.

Laura asks if anyone has checked the property. Jordan says she has people everywhere. She says evidence is being collected and they’re not even positive it was Nicholas on the rocks. An officer comes in with Nicholas’s phone.

Ava says Sonny won’t have to worry about Avery tracking her down one day and asking why Sonny separated them. He tells her she’s not Avery’s mother; she’s nothing. Ava says he was planning to kill her after Avery’s birth and this is the reckoning he’s been waiting for.

Tracy shows Sabrrrina the paper that says she has temporary guardianship. Sabrrrina says she didn’t abandon her baby; she trusted that Tracy would take care of him. Tracy tells her she’s an unfit parent and what does Sabrrrina want her to do if she goes to jail? Send him to foster care or back to Puerto Rico? Michael says she’s doing to Sabrrrina what was almost done to her.

Brad pulls Julian off of Finn. He says Finn helped with Lucas. Obrecht says he might have revived Lucas, but he also might be responsible for what happened in the first place.

Molly wonders why Alexis isn’t following up on Lucas. She says she thinks Julian pressured Alexis into defending Carrrlos. She says she thought things would lighten up when it was over, but it seems to have gotten worse. Alexis asks what Molly would do if she made a regrettable decision. Molly says asks for help from the ones who love her and see what could be done to right things again.

Laura is perplexed. Jordan asks who else was there. Hayden says Spencer had a sleepover and Nicholas gave the staff the night off. She says they have surveillance cameras though, and Jordan tells an officer to get the film.

Finn tells Obrecht it’s an unfounded accusation. She says she’s taking it up with the board and he’d better hope Lucas isn’t the third fatality.

Julian talks to Lucas. Brad says the entire hospital is working to save him. Julian says someone there did this, but Brad says that he doesn’t believe anyone at GH would hurt Lucas. Brad goes to check on the tests.

Alexis confirms her meeting with Diane and says she’s going to turn Julian in. Julian calls and says he needs her.

Sonny says fine, Ava can spend time with Avery. He’ll make an arrangement, but they follow the same rules and never lie to Avery. He says when she’s old enough, she’ll make the decision if she wants Ava in her life.

Michael says Tracy was afraid that Paul would take Dillon away and did stupid things. Tracy calls the baby Edward and Sabrrrina says she’d already named him after Edward, but was calling him Teddy for short. Michael asks Tracy to let Sabrrrina be with her baby tonight.

Finn tells Obrecht to go ahead and go after him, but leave his patients and their families out of it or he’ll take her down. She says many have tried. Brad brings a test result over and says some drug I’ve never heard of was in his system and it was enough to kill him.

Ava asks to take Avery home for the night. Sonny says it’s too late, so she asks to just look in on her. He says okay, but there’s a limit to his generosity and she better not pull any funny stuff. He adds that one day the truth will come out about Connie and he’s not going to help her.

Laura believes they’re going to find Nicholas. Jordan tells her to let her know if she needs anything. She tells Jason that there’s enough to make him a suspect if a murder occurred here. She says he can go home for now, but don’t leave town. He and Sam leave.

Tracy gives Sabrrrina her baby. Michael is going to end up marrying her, isn’t he?

Alexis comes to the hospital and Julian hugs her. She barely responds.

Sonny gives Avery to Ava.

Tomorrow, Lulu and Dante talk babies, Jordan thinks Jason pushed Nicholas, and Dillon asks Kiki on a date.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Bryan and Tiffany are fooling around in Bryan’s bunk and Ben tells him that it isn’t a frat house and he can go “good time” somewhere else. Bryan continues to flirt with Tiffany in the morning. Ben apologizes for overreacting, although I don’t blame him. I don’t want to be part of somebody else’s good time either. Bryan tells Bobby what happened.

The primaries are best friends and Oklahoma millionaires. Bryan tells Danny to watch his step. Yep. He’s only got one more strike.

Hannah says Ben gives off mixed messages. This is true, because he doesn’t know how to say he’d rather be with Tiffany. Another reason I think he apologized for his reaction. They take on some hay bales for the country themed party. Bobby says he’s not looking forward to the clean up. Oh yeah. That’s going to make a mess.

The guests arrive. Julia makes fun of them before we even meet them, which I don’t like. Gee, I’m sorry we can’t all come from London or wherever the blip you’re from. Hannah has to get some pear vodka underneath where the guests are sitting and makes up some elaborate ruse to get them outside so she doesn’t have to ask them to move. Why? Maybe they were comfortable and now they’re disappointed that they didn’t see the dolphin you told them was out there.

Immediately, Danny starts telling the primary personal stuff. Bryan calls him to do some actual work. They drop anchor. Ben tells us that beach picnics, which the guests have requested, are stressful because they involve everyone. Oh man, the food. It looks so good.

Bobby tells Danny he’s been slacking. They start to get in an argument. Danny tells Bobby yelling isn’t solving anything. Danny gives him a you’re-a-girl type insult and Bobby nearly chest bumps him. Bryan gets in between them and asks Danny what he’s thinking. Bobby tells Danny to get off the boat and Bryan agrees.

Danny asks Ben for advice. Ben thinks Danny is sweet, but emotional. Danny tells him about the argument, but Ben tells him he shouldn’t have been rude to Bobby to begin with. He tells Danny he’s lucky to be here and to suck it up. Danny takes this well, probably because Ben is funny and has an accent.

Bryan tells Bobby and Danny to work it out. Danny apologizes. Bobby tells him it’s cool, but he needs to watch his mouth. Danny says he doesn’t want to fight anymore. Bobby says he’s squashing it for now, but has no doubt Danny is going to be a dumbass again later.

Hannah is pissed because Tiffany hasn’t gotten to all the things on the list. She breaks a cake plate and throws it into the ocean. This is an accident, not some tradition. I’m hoping it washes up on the beach near me. That would be a great find.

Ben asks for Danny’s help with dinner and Captain Mark says okay. Bryan says that Danny is like an annoying little ant stuck in your shoe and I choke on my seltzer, laughing. Hannah is relying on Tiffany a lot because she’s the American of the stews. The primary asks that the staff join them for some kind of dancing thing where there’s a prize.

The stews wear Daisy Dukes, with the guys’ shirts knotted at the waist. It’s very cute. Dinner is served and one of the primaries is primary is wearing a crown. SMH. Since it’s a one night charter, Ben says he has one chance to impress them and he does. They clean their plates.

Let the dancing commence! Bobby’s parents owned a dance studio. He says he’s dead sober because he doesn’t want to blow any moves. Just bust them. Ha-ha! Tiffany convinces us she can’t dance, but Hannah isn’t bad. She wins the prize. Julia was tending bar, so she didn’t have to participate.

The drunken guests continue on with line dancing and Danny joins them. No good can come of this. A threesome happens in the hot tub (eww!) Danny sees too much and Hannah kind of chastises him. Ben tells her to back off and just give the kid advice. Hannah isn’t cool with him not supporting her.

Ben and Danny rehash the issue in the morning. Danny says it wasn’t exactly how Hannah put it. The threesome story goes around the boat. Hannah is still annoyed. Bryan approaches Danny about it. Danny says all that happened was that one of the guests was telling his life story. Who the hell knows? Who the hell cares? The incredible breakfast is being served. Hannah tells Ben they’ll talk about it later when the guests are gone. Ha! It sounds like a regular party at my house.

Danny says in the end, it’s all about the tip, but he can’t seem to assure the guests an amazing time without getting into trouble. When they leave, he asks Hannah to talk. Hannah thinks Danny doesn’t have boundaries, but Danny thinks it would have been rude to cut the guy off. Danny tries to act helpful, but Hannah sees it as cocky and isn’t having any.

Tip time! Captain Mark is pleased. He says everyone worked together and pulled off a great charter. 20K USD, 1500 Euros a piece. That is not bad for one day/night’s work. Now it’s time for the crew to go out, get drunk and argue.

Danny tells Bryan he thinks his actions have been under-appreciated and he wants to correct that. This only causes Bryan to let fly with all the stuff Danny is doing wrong and how he’s given him a million chances. Bryan tells him he crosses the line and he’s there to do the job Bryan tells him to do.

Next time,Tiffany and Bryan get it on, there’s miscommunication in the kitchen, and a mayday call from another vessel.


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