June 1, 2016- GH & NYC in the Berkshires


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

No Little Women tonight due to the Roots extravaganza. MasterChef has started up again though, as well as Wayward Pines, which for some reason I want to call Wandering or Whispering Pines. Not all of the critics are thrilled with Pines taking the story three years into the future when the kids have taken over, as well as changing most of the cast, but so far, so good with me. Moving on.

General Hospital

Lulu and Dante look over properties while they sit in the park. He thinks one place is perfect for the three of them and she asks what about the four of them? Dante wonders if she’s ready to move forward with that, and she says if you wait until you’re ready for anything, it will never happen. Truth! She says since they’re looking for a house, they might as well plan ahead. Both their phones ring at the same time with news about Nicholas and Lucas. They both leave for Windemere.

Kiki is on break, so she sits down with Dillon. He asks if someone recorded their Nurses Ball performance because it felt like a dream. She says she had a great time with him. He apologizes for moving too fast, but says it felt right to kiss her. She says it’s the best thing that’s happened to her in a while. I’m in. I’ve thought it was time for her to shake Morgan for a while.

Carly talks to Bobbie on the phone and tells Sonny that Lucas is in a coma.

Hayden and Laura talk about finding Nicholas. Spencer is back. I missed him! He has a cute spiky haircut and glasses now. He asks what’s up with all the police and if somebody died. Laura explains that they found a broken window and now they can’t find Nicholas. She says the police are there to help figure out what happened. Spencer says foul play must be suspected if the police are there. Hayden mentions Jason and Elizabeth picks right up on that.

Jason insists on having his lawyer there for questioning. Jordan says that implies guilt, but Diane walks in and says not having a lawyer implies stupidity. Jordan’s first question is how Jason ended up in Nicholas’s bedroom around the same time Nicholas crashed through the window. Diane gets Jordan up to speed about the ELQ lawsuit. Jordan asks Jason what he was doing at Windemere.

Sonny wants to talk to Carly before she leaves for the hospital, but the doorbell rings. It’s Ava who’s there to pick up Avery per the agreement. Carly is surprised, and Ava makes a snarky remark about Avery being her and Sonny’s daughter, so Carly doesn’t need to know everything. Carly wants to talk to Sonny privately. Sonny wants Ava to apologize to Carly for being rude.

Hayden tries to comfort Spencer. Laura says it’s easy to go to the worst case scenario, but they have a lot of reason to be hopeful. Spencer says he knows he should’t jump to conclusions without evidence and asks about DNA and some other stuff no other kid of that age would know about. He says they’ve covered all they collectively know, so he’s going to find the detectives for an update. Laura wants to go with him. Spencer thinks it’s a good idea in case the detectives stonewall him because he’s a kid. He cracks me up.

Elizabeth says Hayden tried to kill Nicholas and wants to pin it on Jason. Probably plenty of people know she was still at the ball at the time, so that seems stupid even for Elizabeth. And like Elizabeth didn’t have her beady little eyes on Hayden the whole time they were in the same place.

Jason says he went to Windemere to talk to Nicholas about the lawsuit. He says they never talked though. He found the door open and walked in. He called out for Nicholas and then heard noises and went to investigate, finding a broken window and wrecked room. He says he heard the window break when he was in the hallway and saw a body on the rocks below. Jordan asks if it appeared that Nicholas had fallen to his death. Jason says he doesn’t know, but Jordan says he knows more than he’s saying and she thinks he pushed Nicholas.

Sonny tells Ava that if he can’t trust her to be civil to his wife, how can he trust her with his daughter? Ava apologizes and says she hopes they can make peace for Avery’s sake. Carly goes to get Avery. Ava thanks Sonny, but he says if she screws up again, it’s over.

Hayden is like, I’m half Nicolas’s size, how could I push him out a window? Elizabeth says maybe she caught him off guard. Hayden says she wasn’t even there when it happened, but Elizabeth says maybe she had someone else do it.

Diane says Jordan isn’t asking questions, just making baseless accusations. After finding out that Diane is also representing Sam, Jordan asks her about Nicholas and Jason’s conversation about the lawsuit. Sam acts like she came in right behind Jason and Jordan asks if Sam heard the same noises. She says she has surveillance footage that belies what they’re both telling her.

Jordan shows the video in which Sam arrived seven minutes after Jason.

Hayden says Elizabeth looks paranoid and unreliable. Lulu and Dante come running in looking for Laura. Elizabeth tells them she’s with the detectives, so they leave. Now that I think of it, maybe Elizabeth pushed Nicholas out the window. What’s she doing there anyway?

Dillon says he was afraid Kiki would think she made a mistake. She asks if he feels that way and he says no. She says she finally feels like she can breathe. She says she likes spending time with him a lot, but she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t on the rebound. He says that’s not necessarily bad and they can take things at a snail’s pace. He wants to take her on a date. She says what about the concert, but Dillon says she’ll be more of an assistant there. She says he makes her life uncomplicated and he says he hopes that isn’t code for boring, but she tells him it’s just what she needs.

Ava says she got the message loud and clear. Carly brings Avery down and Ava takes her. Um…we hear crying sounds, but Avery isn’t crying. Note to director: I get that kids don’t always do what you want, but try to make it somewhat believable – like maybe don’t show us her face at that point. She leaves and Carly is like, what’s up with that? Sonny tells her to calm down and explains about how they’d cut AJ out of Michael’s life and made a mess of things. He says Ava might manipulate Avery during visits, but she’ll come home to them, and when she starts rebelling as a teenager, who knows about rebelling better than them? He says this way everything will be up front.

Ava takes Avery to visit Kiki at the MetroCourt.

Diane tells Jordan the interview is over. Jordan tells Sam to rethink her statement. Diane says the PCPD has a history of bias against her client and Jordan needs to stop running to a rash judgment. Jordan says Diane’s assurances are the best that money can buy, but are meaningless to her. She leaves and Jason asks how much trouble he’s in. Diane says seven minutes is a lot, especially combined with their previous altercations. She says she believes him, but a jury might not. She says she’d have to convince them that he wanted to make peace because of his late sister, but hopes it doesn’t come to that. She says now that he’s starting to remember things, to remember that he’s always been her favorite client, and not just because he paid on time.

Ava explains that she and Sonny came to an understanding. Kiki says she’s proud of her and takes Avery to the kitchen for “something yummy.” Dillon congratulates Ava. She says ditto for helping Kiki get over Morgan.

Carly says it sucks when your worst mistakes come back to bite you, but they can’t let the same thing happen to Avery that happened to Michael. Sonny thanks her for getting the video, since now it’s all on his terms. She leaves for the hospital.

Hayden asks if Elizabeth thinks she has Nicholas stashed away playing pinochle with Jimmy Hoffa and Amelia Earhart. Elizabeth brings Hayden’s father into it and says she’s responsible for what happened to Nicholas and is going to pay.

Dante tells Spencer it’s still being considered a search and rescue. Spencer says considering all the factors, it’s doubtful his father is still alive. Laura says he’s in denial, but I think he’s being the way he always is – precocious. He tells Hayden that even if Nicholas is gone, she still has him. Precocious, but cute.

Elizabeth wants Jordan to arrest Hayden for Nicholas’s murder. On no grounds whatsoever.

Jason tells Sam he’s not sticking around to get arrested.

Tomorrow, Nathan talks in his sleep, Finn visits Hayden, Sam decides to go with Jason.

The Real Housewives of New York City

The Countess insists that she and Bethenny came up with the Skinny Girl idea together. We flash way back and no, they didn’t. The Countess changes the subject to Bethenny’s love life. Bethenny says that when the Countess asks you about who you’re dating, you enter the witness protection program.

Bethenny goes over to talk to Ramona. The Countess can hear her and says Bethenny is basically a bully and goes on to say Bethenny copied her haircut. In her interview, Dorinda says Bethenny is like a sniper once you get in her sights. Carole arrives in the middle of this and thinks Bethenny is arguing with John at first.

Carole says if she’d known the Countess was coming, she would have stayed home. She talks privately to Dorinda and says she doesn’t want to hang out with the Countess, but she’s not going to a hotel. In her interview, Dorinda swears she told Carole the Countess was going to be there and I thought she had too.

Ramona talks about the Countess breaking girl code by not checking if Ramona was done with dating Tom before she swooped down on him. The Countess won’t let her finish a sentence, and this is probably the first time I’m on Ramona’s side in thinking that she should be heard.

Bethenny talks to Jules about the Countess and hears the Countess talking about the hair thing. Bethenny interrupts and somehow drags Grey Gardens into it, which make me laugh. Bethenny says the Countess pretends to be something she’s not. The Countess says she’s been nothing but gracious, and wonders what Bethenny’s problem is. Bethenny says their friendship hasn’t evolved because the Countess isn’t a girl’s girl and she’s a hypocrite. She says the Countess sleeps with everyone and pretends she doesn’t. Whoa. Bethenny calls her a slut, a liar and a snake. Double whoa. In her interview, Bethenny says even she can’t believe the words that are coming out of her mouth.

Ha-ha! The housekeeper is trying to remain unobtrusive, moving things around in the kitchen while she’s really listening. In her interview, Dorinda says Bethenny isn’t being very respectful of her as a hostess and I agree. She just keeps going on and on, and says Sonja told her the Countess brings home a million guys. The Countess brings up the haircut again. SMH.

Bethenny tells everyone she’s lost her mind and needs to lie down. Dorinda asks why she’s being so crazy and Bethenny says she can’t take bullshit. Jules goes outside to call her father and the rest of the girls congregate in Bethenny’s room. The Countess approaches Jules and says she can’t stay here. Jules tells her there are bigger problems, like her father having pneumonia. The Countess doesn’t listen at all and just keeps talking about being called a whore and how Dorinda didn’t defend her.

Dorinda comes out and the Countess says thanks a lot. She talks about what both Bethenny and Ramona said. Dorinda says she didn’t hear all of it and in her interview says it’s not her job to defend the Countess. The Countess says she’s leaving if Bethenny can’t back up what she said. Um…she kind of did that.

Meanwhile, Ramona and Bethenny are going over the haircut business. Bethenny says poor Dorinda can’t have a normal party. She says Ramona must be thrilled she’s not at the center of the drama. Although she is a part of it. Jules comes in and repeats what the Countess told her and how unaware she was of Jules’s immediate need.

Everyone is hanging out on the bed when the Countess walks in and says she’s leaving. She says she thought they were there to have a good time. She talks to Ramona in the kitchen. She keeps saying she’s leaving, but doesn’t go anywhere. She goes on about how Dorinda says it wasn’t her birthday celebration even thought there’s a birthday cake on the counter. Well, if she’d listened, Dorinda said the cake had been around for a while.

Dorinda comes in and tells her to get a grip, because her mother bought the cake. She thinks everyone is acting poorly when she put in so much effort. On top of it, she didn’t invite Sonja, hoping to avoid drama. She says they should have all just kept their gripes to themselves; she’s ashamed and if they can’t behave, they need to go home. I can’t say that I blame her one bit. This wasn’t even like they’d been there a while and were maybe drunk and/or sick of each other. They started out of the gate this way.

Dorinda tells them they’re adults and this is her home. She brings up the cake again and tells them to drop the subject because she looks at it like a personal affront to her mother. The Countess can’t seem to shut her mouth about her feelings. She’s wearing one of those leather vests with fur trim and it looks like she’s trying to dress too young.

Everyone gets a grip and they open presents. They all get games. In her interview, Bethenny says she doesn’t like that side of herself, and she’s no stranger to people trying to claim what’s hers. In her interview, Carole says she agrees with Bethenny, but her delivery stinks. To break the mood, it’s discovered that Ramona’s dog has made poopy all over the place.

In Sonjaland, Sonja is having some things tightened, while she thinks the other girls are off having a fabulous dinner. I go ♫ la-la-la ♫ when they go over what’s being tightened. The doctor starts talking about a probe and I la-la louder. OMG – they’re doing the procedure right in front of us and nobody wants to see this.

Bethenny says she always goes back to compassion and regret with the Countess. but it’s been a decade of nonsense. We go down Memory Lane with some clips. Carole and Ramona talk about the Countess. Dorinda joins them, followed by the Countess. Carole thinks everyone feels uncomfortable except the Countess, which is ironic since she’s the one causing the friction. Dorinda decides to take a nap and Carole talks to Jules in the hallway, but they end up eavesdropping. Ramona asks if the Countess is sorry she called Carole a pedophile for dating her niece’s 28-year-old ex. Ramona tells her that she has to apologize.

The Countess decides to send a marginally funny text and asks Jules how to spell pedophile when she comes in to pick up her bag, which Carole does not find amusing. The Countess and Ramona play pool, while Jules and Carole have drinks and mess around on the laptop. Ramona asks if Carole has gotten a text from her recently because she wants her to see what the Countess sent, but she hasn’t. It would be really funny if the Countess sent it to someone else. Particularly a male friend.

Dorinda and Bethenny talk relationships, while Ramona tries to explain why Bethenny is upset to the Countess. In her interview, Ramona says the Countess never wants to own up to anything and the Countess keeps saying it was just a misunderstanding. Much like people use the word “miscommunication” when they’ve screwed up. The Countess texts Bethenny because no one can actually talk face to face when it involves an apology.

Both Bethenny and Carole get the texts. Bethenny tells Carole that hers is the weirdest text she’s ever heard. Carole says the Countess can’t be trusted. Bethenny is still astounded at her own tirade. Ramona joins them.

The Countess tells Dorinda the bottom line is that Tom likes her better than Ramona. Maybe so, but she should have talked to Ramona first. She asks who is Bethenny to be judging her. She thinks Bethenny is unhappy and jealous of her happiness. Suddenly, Bethenny is standing there and asks if this is part of the apology. D’oh!

Next time, the argument continues, more holiday festivities and apologies, and Sonja goes off like a rocket.


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