June 5, 2016 – The Throne Game & Sunset Shahs


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

Game of Thrones

Brother Ray and his merry band are doing some carpentry. Break time! The Hound is back (!) and is one of the carpenters. Brother Ray brings us up to speed, telling the story of finding The Hound at death’s door. He asks what kept him going and The Hound says hate. Brother Ray says there’s a reason he’s alive and the gods aren’t done with him yet. Brother Ray gives a mini speech about gods, ending with what matters is that there’s a plan for The Hound. The Hound wonders why he hasn’t been punished, and Brother Ray says he has, which is what I’d just thought.

The High Sparrow checks in on Margaery, who is reading The Book of the Mother. She says that for years she didn’t really love the poor, they disgusted her. The High Sparrow says that’s because they are “us” without the finery. The Sparrow suggests Margaery do her marriage bed duty because the king must have an heir. He tells her she’s made great progress and he hopes her grandmother follows her lead. He says Margaery must teach her the new way, as he’s in fear of her safety.

Margaery meets with Olenna. She has a handmaiden with her and Olenna isn’t too pleased about that. Margaery tells Olenna that she has been shown mercy. Olenna says what mercy has Loras been shown, and Margaery says he needs to confess his sins. Olenna wants Margaery to come back with her, but Margaery says her place is with the king. She tells Olenna to go home and find comfort in prayer and good works. The tell each other good-by.

Outside, Olenna opens a note. It has a rose drawn on it, a symbol of the House Tyrell. For a second, I thought she was taking out a cell phone. Ha-ha.

Tormund gives a not-so-pep talk to his men. One of the men gripes that it’s not their fight, and Jon says they need to beat Ramsay if they’re going to survive. Tormund says Jon died for them and if they don’t step up for him, they’re cowards and deserve to be the last of the freefolk.

The giant, Yum-Yum or whatever his name is, is down with that. At least I think he is. Who the blip knows what he just said. The rest agree to be on Jon’s side. Jon is skeptical, and Tormund says if they say they’ll do something, they’ll do it.

Cersei tells Olenna that her grandson is still prisoner. Olenna tells her what happened was from Cersei’s stupidity. Cersei agrees she’s made mistakes, but says they have to fight the enemy together if they’re to survive. Olenna wonders if Cersei is the most evil person she’s ever met and says she’s getting the hell out of there. She tells Cersei that if she’s smart, she’ll get out too. Cersei says she’ll never leave and Olenna says good luck with that.

Jaime and his army approach Rinverrun. Jaime suggests Bronn lead them. Bronn is hesitant, but gives Jaime a list of what he was promised. Jaime starts to say a Lannister always pays his debts, but Bronn tells him to shut up.

The Freys threaten to hang Lord Edmure if the castle isn’t given up. No response. Now what? Black Walder puts a knife to Edmure’s throat and says he really means it this time. The Blackfish tells him to go ahead. Ha-ha! Black Walder does nothing and no one knows what to do since they weren’t expecting that.

They weren’t expecting Jaime either, who smacks Black Walder and tells them to bathe and feed Edmure. He says the next time the Blackfish looks out, he’s going to see Jaime’s army instead of whatever these guys are and if they don’t like it, they can go home.

Jon and Sansa approach Lady Lyanna Mormont, who’s like ten years old. She asks what they want. Jon says House Stark needs them and he’s there to ask for their allegiance. Lyanna asks who’s the Stark, since Jon is a Snow and Sansa is a Bolton. Sansa says she did what she had to. Lyanna says they don’t just want her allegiance they want her fighting men, but she’s responsible for Bear Island, so why should she fight someone else’s war? Kind of like what Hamilton said about the French Revolution.

Davos interjects, saying that the both of them are in positions they didn’t expect, and that ultimately, it’s their war too. He says it’s a war between the living and the dead and make no mistake, the dead are coming. He says as long as the Boltons hold Winterfell, the North is divided. He understands she wants to protect her people, but they have to fight together.

Lady Lyanna says they’ve supported House Stark for a thousand years and won’t break faith today. She can give them 62 men. She says every man fights with the strength of ten. Davos says if they fight with half the strength that she does, the Boltons are doomed.

Jaime approaches Riverrun alone and the drawbridge is lowered. The Blackfish asks why he came. He says Riverrun belongs to House Frey and on authority of King Tommen, he’s here to take it back. He says if the Blackfish surrenders, he’ll spare his men. He says the war is over and why sacrifice men to a lost cause? The Blackfish says as long as he’s standing, the war is on. He says they can attack or try and stave them out, but they have provision for two years. Jaime asks why the Blackfish met with him if he didn’t want a treaty. The Blackfish says he just wanted to see Jaime in person and he’s disappointed.

The lord of House Glover wants to know who Jon’s army is. Jon says the bulk of them are Wildings and the lord wants no part of it. Sansa reminds him that House Glover is pledged to House Stark. The lord asks where Robb was when the Ironborn were attacked? He answers his own question with, getting himself and those who followed him killed. He says House Stark is dead. Ouch!

Theon is at a tavern bugging out. He asks Yara why they had to come there and she tells him to relax and have a drink. She sees he’s in pain and apologizes. She says she never wants to hurt him. She says she knows he’s had some bad years, but she’s tired of seeing him cower like a dog. She insists that he have a drink and says she needs the real Theon, and asks if he can find him. She says they’ll get justice for him, or even better, revenge. She tells him if he’s so broken there’s no coming back, to end it all, but if he’s still Theon, they’re going to Meereen and making a pact with the Dragon Queen. They’re going to take back the Iron Islands. She asks if he’s with her and he nods.

Back on the Stark recruitment tour, Davos goes to deal with something and Sansa tells Jon that they need more men. He says there’s no time and they’ll have to fight with what they have. Sansa sees a raven and a light bulb comes on over her head. She sends out a note.

Brother Ray gives a motivational speech. He talks about having been a murderous rogue and feeling shame. He says all he can do now is bring some goodness back into the world and it’s never too late to come back. The Hound ponders this.

Three men on horseback approach. They say they’ve come e to protect the people and ask if they have any horses. Brother Ray says they have no horses or gold, but they’re welcome to stay for supper. The spokesguy tells him to stay safe as the night is filled with terrors.

The Hound tells Brother Ray they’re from the Red Guard. He says they should fight. Brother Ray says his people aren’t fighters and you don’t cure a disease by spreading it to more people, but the Hound says you don’t cure it by dying either.

Arya is looking for passage back to Westeros. She throws a guy a bunch of money to get a dawn departure. While Arya is gazing at the horizon off of a bridge, The Waif comes along and stabs her a bunch of times. Arya jumps into the water below. Surprisingly, she’s still alive and pulls herself up some steps. She walks among the people at the market, bleeding and trembling, and nobody even tries to help. Geez, and they say New Yorkers are cold.

While cutting wood in the forest, the Hound sees there’s something amiss at the camp. It’s worse than amiss; everyone has been slaughtered. Brother Ray hangs from a gallows. Once again, this show breaks a million hearts. The Hound grabs his axe. Hopefully to help him seek revenge.

Damn, that was really sad. The Hound is one of my favorite characters and I had visions of him being a changed man because of Brother Ray.

Next time, The Mountain fights for Cersei and Brienne feels compelled to fight for Jaime,.

Shahs of Sunset

Reza and Adam are off for their honeymoon, which I guess is just one night at the house because Reza says he’ll see the friends in the morning. Outside, Mike calls Jessica. He’s sitting in the limo, trying to talk to her, and MJ wants to get in the middle of things. GG becomes the voice of reason, which makes it extra frightening. Mike tells the limo driver to go, leaving GG at the curb. GG gets in the limo with MJ and Tommy.

MJ says they don’t need any problems. Tommy tells her, and rightly so, to stop causing them and stop antagonizing Mike. In his interview, Tommy says he thinks the break-up makes her afraid for their own relationship and she’s angry at Mike for not making it work. MJ is drunk too, which makes her extra unreasonable.

Reza gives Adam a piggyback ride over the threshhold and nearly throws his back out.

MJ apologizes to Mike and GG tells her to just go change her clothes. In her interview, GG says she can’t believe she’s the peacemaker and ever since the camping trip, she’s felt more laid back. She wants to do some peacemaking tonight, but Mike just want to go to sleep. She tells him not to sweep things under the rug.

There’s a big brunch at Reza’s place. MJ is trying to get everyone to straighten up a little bit. GG says she’s taking all her anger out like a crazy cleaning lady. Maybe, but they are a bunch of slobs.

No surprise, the food is fabulous, with an omelette station and everything. It reminds me of a breakfast buffet at a Manhattan hotel where I stayed once. If I hadn’t had to be somewhere, I’d still be there eating.

GG tells Asa and Reza about the Mike/MJ issue. In her interview, MJ says she and Mike hae been friends forever, but lately it’s like their friendship is in a fog. They all sit down to eat and MJ tells Mike that he doesn’t share anything. Mike says he’ll do it in his own time and MJ gets up from the table all ticked off. Mike tells her she’s being aggressive and she says she just speaks her mind. In his interview, Mike says MJ is turning into Vida. Ooh, them’s fightin’ words.

Reza tells them to take the honesty inside. Mike and MJ continue to argue. MJ mentions Jessica leaving Mike and Mike tells her when she’s in a relationship as long as they’ve been in one, she can give him advice. Reza takes MJ aside and tells her to give Mike some space. Reza tells her Mike is in protective mode and to back off. Mike comes out and tells MJ he doesn’t want to hurt her, but he’s feeling attacked. The have a surprisingly mature discussion about friendship and hug it out.

In his interview, Reza says some beautiful things about marriage. He’s the happiest I’ve ever seen him and I’m happy for him.

One of Reza’s dreams is to do stand up comedy. He is a very funny guy, although that doens’t necessarily translate well to the stage. He consults with a friend of Asa’s who’s in the business who says she’ll mentor him. She suggests open mic night. He says he just threw a surprise wedding, so why not take more chances in life? You go, Reza!

Tommy and MJ go out to dinner. MJ says some of the things she takes seriously, he takes as a joke. I have news for her, that struggle is real in all relationships. Tommy says she always has a laundry list of what he’s done wrong, but if he did the same thing, he wouldn’t last a minute. He tells her that her go-to move is to immediately say they’re through. He says she needs to learn how to let things go. She wants to go to couples’ therapy and he says he needs a good ref.

Mike and Shervin meet for dinner. Mike asks about Shervin’s date with the Australian girl and he says everything is going great, but we flash back to the not-so-great-for-her date. Mike says he’s taken down all his social media platforms and he doesn’t exist on the internet now. Um…not quite, Mike. The internet is forever. He says he did it for Jessica’s sake, which is very good of him and shows he’s serious. In his interview, Shervin says a break up isn’t an option for Mike. Mike says he and Jessica are dating again and hopefully, things will fall into place again.

Khouran, a performer, comes by Reza’s place. Khouran is a little person who Reza wants to costume as his mini me. Silly String is also involved. Khouran hand delivers invitations to Reza’s show to all the friends and when they answer the door, they get sprayed. It’s kind of cute.

Mike says it’s the first time in six years that he’s been alone in the house. He calls Jessica and asks her to come out for Reza’s show. Mike feels that spending time together would bring them a step closer to reconciliation.

Reza is nervous, but Adam tells him that he succeeds in everything he tries, and even if it doesn’t go well, he’ll come home to a good life.True dat! They get to the club early and order some appetizers. Mike shows up wearing a T-shirt with Reza’s picture on it. Jessica shows up and everyone makes a big fuss.

Mike says Jessica seems nervous and standoffish. How is this different from any other time and what did he expect? Reza is extremely nervous. Almost immediately, someone’s phone goes off after he takes the stage. In his interview, he says it’s so much harder than he expected it to be. Yep, it’s always easy when it’s not you. In her interview, GG says it hurts to watch. His jokes are going over like a lead balloon. He ends with a racist joke which brings out a collective oh-no-you-didn’t from the crowd. The whole thing is just bad.

GG gives everyone a flash, saying that when you have fake boobs, they belong to everyone. I didn’t know that was the rule. Asa asks Jessica about taking a couples’ portrait for a project she’s doing. Jessica says okay, which encourages Mike. Afterwards, they go to a supper club. Mike and Jessica make out in front of the club. They never make it inside, deciding to leave together.

Next time, Tommy and MJ go to therapy, Reza thinks GG is lying about her arthritis, Asa has a fashion show, and Mike and Jessica have an argument.


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