June 6. 2016 – GH, Charmers & Wives (Oh, my!)


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Jason doesn’t think there was a body. Sam says they saw Nicholas on the rocks, but Jason says not really. He thinks it was a set-up. Sam says the first question is why and wonders if it has to do with the financial situation. Jason nixes that. Sam says what would Nicholas be running from, but Jason says not what, who?

Jordan sends out the cops to bring Jason in.

Dr. Mays asks Lucas if he knows what happened to him. Lucas says someone tried to kill him. Jordan comes to Lucas’s room and Obrecht says he was just about to tell them what he remembers. He says he brought Bobbie to the hospital and Dr. Finn treated her for vertigo. He says he was leaving, but forgot his car keys. When he came back into Bobbie’s room, someone was standing over her with a syringe. When he asked what they were doing, they turned and attacked him. The next thing he remembers, Brad was talking to him and waking him up. When Jordan asks for a description, Lucas says it was a doctor. Jordan asks which one.

Maxie wants Nathan to rest, but he says he wants to talk. He says it’s time he made a full confession. Maxie asks if he cheated on her or got someone pregnant. He says he loves her and there’s no one else, otherwise he wouldn’t have asked her to marry him. She says how serious can it be; it’s not like he killed someone, but Nathan is like, um….

Hayden introduces her mother, Naomi, to jackass Elizabeth. Hayden says they can stay and chat, but she’s out of there. Elizabeth says don’t bother, she’s leaving.

Lucas tells Jordan it’s fuzzy and she says to picture it in his mind. He says it was dark and the lights were off, but he assumed it was a doctor because of the white lab coat. She asks about their hair and he says they were wearing a cap and mask and it could have been anybody. Well, that narrows it down.

Franco tells Elizabeth he left her a message. He asks if Jason told her not to talk to him, but Elizabeth says Jason doesn’t tell her what to do. She says she’s just overwhelmed.

Hayden asks how Naomi found her. Naomi says a mother knows and Hayden asks where she was when Hyden was in a coma? Glossing over that, Naomi says she came because she heard about Nicholas’s accident and everything will be okay because she’s there now. Hayden says nothing will ever be okay.

Jason says staging his death wouldn’t solve Nicholas’s financial problems, but it might solve his legal ones.

Maxie asks Nathan who he killed. He says he’s not sure if he even hit them, but he shot at someone. (Griff?) She asks if it was when he was a cop in New York and he says yes, but he wasn’t on duty. He says it’s time she knew the whole story about Claudette, and Maxie asks if that’s who he shot.

Monica tells Lucas he’s pushing himself too hard and she wants everyone out now.

Nathan says he shot Claudette’s lover. He says at the time, he was drinking a lot. One night when he was supposed to be at work, he came home and found her in bed with someone. He says he shot blindly and then passed out. When he came to, the guy was gone, and Claudette wouldn’t tell him what happened or who it was. He says he looked for the guy, but never found him, although he might have ended up in prison if he had.

Jordan wants a list of who was working the night Lucas came in. Obrecht suggests she focus on the staff with unsavory histories, starting with Finn.

Naomi says she’s not responsible for Hayden’s father going to prison, he is. She says if she hadn’t turned him in, the both of them might be paying for his crimes. She says she did what had to be done, but the little girl in Hayden doesn’t want to blame her father. She says Hayden might feel differently if she knew the whole truth.

Jason says the door at Windemere was closed when he arrived and just after he called out to Nicholas, he heard the noises. When he got to Nicholas’s bedroom, he heard the crash. Sam says that’s when she came in. Jason says Nicholas staged the room and then broke the window so it looked like he was pushed, but how did he get out? Sam says even if he used a secret passageway, he wouldn’t have had enough time to get downstairs and onto the rocks. Jason says maybe he didn’t have to.

Finn says Obrecht is crossing the line. Mays asks if she has proof. She says the proof is in Dr. Jones and there’s evidence of a pattern. Mays suggests they go back over the patient deaths, perhaps for years. Jordan asks if she can talk to Finn later and he says of course. Monica tells Jordan she has the cooperation of the complete staff. Jordan tells her about the warrant issued for Jason’s arrest.

Sam tells Jason they saw the body, but he says they were too far away to really know what they saw. He explains how Nicholas could have set all that up first, and while he made his escape through a passageways, they saw what he wanted them to see, and then removed the “body” while they were running downstairs. He says Nicholas might have been setting up someone else.

Naomi says Hayden’s father made his own choices and they were collateral damage. She says they’ve been bled dry and Hayden says that’s what she’s been telling the Feds but they won’t leave her alone. Naomi says to let her help and perhaps in return, Hayden could help her. She’s trying to track down her diamond necklace.

Elizabeth gets nasty with Obrecht and Franco steers her away. Elizabeth thinks Hayden has something to do with Nicholas’s disappearance, but she doesn’t know what. He says if Hayden is looking to get a rival, she’s come to the right place.

Maxie says it makes sense why she couldn’t track down Claudette; she’s hiding from Nathan. Nathan says he hated himself for lying to her, but they can find a way past it. Maxie isn’t too sure about that. She says she’s done her share of lying in the past, but he knew that about her. She says she always saw him one way and now he’s turned out to be someone completely different.

Nathan says he’s still the same guy. She says the guy she met never would have lied to her. She says it took a while for her to trust him and now this.

Naomi says she loves Hayden, but she wants her fair share of the asset that’s left. Hayden says she should have called first, since she doesn’t know where it is. Naomi tells Hayden she knows about Nicholas selling the diamond, and Hayden says now he’s gone and so are they. Naomi says she’s lying and Hayden says between Naomi and Elizabeth Webber, she’s had enough today. Naomi recognizes Elizabeth’s name.

Franco says Elizabeth needs to get away and she asks what he has in mind.

Sam wonders if Hayden is involved. Monica calls Jason, telling him there’s a warrant out for his arrest. He relays that to Sam.

Monica wants to talk to Finn and asks him flat out if he has a drug problem. He says no. She says it’s in both their interests that he be exonerated and she asks him to take a drug test.

Nathan tells Brad he’s sorry he missed the wedding and Brad says he’s just glad Nathan is okay and they’ll get married one way or another.

Mays asks Obrecht how sure she is about Finn. She says she’s sure he can’t be trusted and it takes a secret keeper to know one.

Monica tells Finn she stuck her neck out for him and take the test so they can move on.

Jason says the cops will expect him to run, so they’re better off where they are for now. He breaks out some scotch and Sam looks for dominoes. Jason remembers them drinking tequila and him winning at a game. She says he remembers the winning part wrong.

Franco says he just wants to help Elizabeth and she says she believes that, but she doesn’t want any more complications in her life right now. She says Nicholas was her true friend. Franco says she can’t see it right now, but she’s wrong.

Naomi says Elizabeth’s name sounds familiar. She says first thing tomorrow, they’ll search the house for the diamonds. For tonight she’s staying at the MetroCourt because the government didn’t take away her points.

Maxie wonders what happens if Nathan’s past catches up with him. She says she needs to sort things out and she’s going to her parents’ house for the night.

Tomorrow, Nathan asks Maxie if they’re still together, Diane tells Alexis to turn Julian in, and Julian suggests silencing Sonny permanently.

Southern Charm

It’s weird how a lot of these houses that look like they have old world charm from the outside, manage to look so modern on the inside. Craig visits his old boss, Frank. He brings Frank up to speed on what he’s been doing, and Frank says Craig went to law school for three years so what’s up with that? Craig says that’s why he’s here; he wants to know if it’s too late. Frank says if in all this time, he hasn’t taken the bar, he’ll have a hard time convincing anyone he’s really interested in a law career. Frank tells him to pass the bar and he’ll set Craig on the right path to be a successful lawyer.

Shep meets Bailey (of the surfboard painting) for lunch. He asks what’s up with her flirting with him. She says she cares about him, but he doesn’t seem interested in commitment, so she’s just interested in him as a friend. I hear the whistle of the bomb drop in the background.

Cameran visits her mother. She tells her mom about Shep assisting her in real estate and that she isn’t sure it’s such a great idea. She says she also saw a therapist about her negativity toward having children. Her mother says that if she feels that terrible about having them, maybe she shouldn’t have them, and there’s nothing wrong with that. She says any fool can have a baby, and not to do what society is telling her to do. She tells Cameran to get a dog. Cameran jokes that without spending it on kids, she’ll have enough money to put her mom in a nice home when the time comes.

Shep meets Cameran at the property they’re showing. It’s a house from 1915 and I’m in love. Shep makes a few faux pas, but none of it seems that bad to me. It’s certainly nothing that would make or break a sale. Afterward, Cameran is annoyed that Shep didn’t put more effort into educating himself about the house, and fires him.

Thomas and Kathryn bring new baby, St. Julien, home. So as not to be confused with the West/Kardashian baby, they’re calling him Julien. (I made up that first part) JD and Shep wait for Thomas at a bar. JD has brought fancy cigars.Thomas arrives and shows everyone a picture of Julien. Thomas says they’ve decided on no circumcision. Um…that probably isn’t a good idea. As Shep puts it, locker rooms can be tough. He makes a toast to Julien, “future leader of this great country and the world.” JD calls for more shots. I’d like one too, please.

Whitney and Shep meet for lunch. All anyone does in this town is eat and drink, and drink. Shep tells Whitney he screwed up with Bailey. In his interview, Whitney says he doesn’t think Shep has ever been in love. Whitney tells him there comes a time when you want stability and the dating world gets old. Shep doesn’t think chasing women ever gets old, but he’s not that old – he’s ten years younger than Whitney – so I don’t think this is so awful.

Nanny Dawn is trying to put together a piece of baby furniture – another constant, at least at Kathryn’s house. Dawn asks Kathryn how Thomas reacted to the baby. Kathryn says he’s thrilled to have a son, and even suggested taking a pass on going out with JD, but she encouraged him to go. She says she feels happy for the first time in a long time and is hoping her hormones stay in check.

Shep calls Landon (bleh). He’s in the neighborhood and wants to stop by. In her interview, she says she feels “vulnerable” around Shep (ugh!). They’ve been friends for so long, she’s afraid to cross the line. They have wine and make small talk. He tells her that things didn’t work out with Bailey. Landon says she felt a little jealous about him getting serious with her. When he asks why, she says because maybe she loves him. Brilliant. Shep is astonished and isn’t sure what to say, so he just says, why? Landon says she’s loved him for a long time and he must have known. Shep says he feels badly and he didn’t know. Oh man, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry here. Shep is incredibly uncomfortable, but Landon is such an idiot and I can’t stand her, so there’s some satisfaction in her making this incredibly stupid move. Shep leaves because what else can he do?

Landon claims she’s trying to get out of her comfort zone and says she usually gets what she wants. Well, not that time. She visits that media guy, who I guess has a house in Charleston. She shows him a sort of look-book. He says he thought she’d be further along technologically, like something on an iPad, not handing him a bunch of papers. He says any serious investor is going to want to see a website and at this point, he can’t connect her with investors because they’d laugh her out of the room. This woman is definitely a legend in her own mind type.

Thomas goes over to Kathryn’s place. As much of an idiot as he is, he does seem to be good with the kids. He asks Kathryn if she’s ready for a third one and she says she’s ready for a ring. In his interview, he says he’d marry her in a second if it could always be like that. Dude, no life is always like that. She says they had a period where they weren’t communicating and the involvement of other people didn’t help. Thomas thinks Jennifer wasn’t helping any either. He says she’s not a healthy person to have around him, whatever that means. In her interview, Kathryn says even though she thinks Jennifer cares about her, her relationship with Thomas is more important. They hug.

Patricia has brought in a chef for her dinner honoring the new baby. She says if left to her own devices, it would just be Vienna sausages and martinis. I guess this is like a baby shower for guys. That’s one way around inviting Kathryn.

Dinner is served. With placecards and everything. There isn’t one of these shows where I don’t rave about the food, so considered it raved over. They talk about the Founder’s Ball, which is apparently some recently made up thing. They talk about Craig working for JD like Craig isn’t there. Shep drops the bomb that Landon told him she’s in love with him. Patricia thinks it’s worth checking out, but Shep says they hooked up once and Landon decided once was enough. To change the subject, Shep makes a toast to Patricia for hosting them.

They go to the sitting room for after dinner drinks. JD asks Thomas if he’s going to do a paternity test. Thomas says they did one, but it was inconclusive. Craig basically tells Thomas that he’s gullible. With the first baby, Kathryn had briefly dated someone else, but Kelsie is definitely his. Patricia stirs the pot by saying Kathryn is no stranger to lying.

Next time, Craig says Kathryn deserves a second chance, Thomas has a dinner party, and Thomas tells everyone off – we’re back where we started in the first episode. Looks good.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Austin road trip! Travis and Bryan built a house there together, so it’s shared between the couples. Brandi didn’t consult with Stephanie before inviting all the girls, but Stephanie is a good sport about it. It must be universal that when a woman packs for a weekend, she brings enough stuff for a month. The first night, they’ll have a private chef and the next, they’re going out after a spa day. The husbands are on kid duty.

The drinking starts on the bus. Stephanie has to pee, and goes in a cup. You mean to tell me all the money these women have and they couldn’t get something with a bathroom in it? When Leeanne says it’s disgusting, the topic of her pooping her pants comes up. Touche…I guess.

They get to the house and do more drinking. Tiffany breaks a glass, so it’s officially a party. Leeanne and a couple of the other girls lounge by the pool and Leeanne is beyond upset that Marie passed along the poop story. In her interview, Leeanne explains that it had been her birthday and she’d taken a bunch of laxatives to “get skinny,” and they literally backfired when she got drunk. I think these Wives officially get the TMI award now. Does Bravo have one of those?

Commercial break with important information. The Orange County Uncensored special airs next Monay (June 13) at 9 pm.

Colin the chef arrives. Stephanie says she can’t be trusted in the kitchen, especially since she once gave Bryan some tea she accidentally made out of potpourri and he ended up in the hospital. Sure it was a mistake. Leeanne is still furious with Marie, but doesn’t want it to ruin everyone’s time. Brandi thanks Tiffany for the song Aaron dedicated to her brother at House of Blues, which brings everyone back to reality. Leeanne says Rich has PTSD after losing someone he tried to save as a police officer.

Uh-oh. Fireball shots. That stuff will clear out your sinuses. Amazing food appears! And amazing wine in amazing wine glasses. Leeanne talks about how when her grandmother took her in as a child, it was the first time she’d felt wanted . Brandi is feeling like she misjudged Leeanne. They talk about trust issues and Cary says she’s felt judged by Leeanne. I appreciate where Leeanne is coming from, but I still think she needs therapy for dealing with her communication skills.

Drunk Brandi struggles with opening a bottle of wine and Leeanne comes to the rescue. Chef Coli leaves and Brandi demonstrates a cheerleading move on the dining table. Another glass gets broken and Brandi falls off of her chair when she puts a rose between her toes and pretends it’s talking to the bottle. I’m not making this up.

The next morning, Brandi says she woke up to Leeanne screaming. Cary says she overheard her telling Marie she was going to slaughter her. Stephanie heard her saying she was gong  to get her carny side on, whatever that means. Tiffany thinks Leeanne should talk to Marie, but Leeanne says Marie doesn’t want to talk. Well, yeah, she obviously feels threatened and you’re following her around. Brandi is freaked because she wanted to like Leeanne.

Leeanne approaches Marie, who keeps denying she passed along the story. Tiffany asks how Cooper would have known then. Marie says Leeanne is way out of line in the way she talks about violence against people who cross her. By now, the other girls are at the table and agree that Leeanne was being abusive. Once again in her interview, Leeanne says that’s not how she want to be. Well, don’t be that then. Leeanne apologizes to everyone. Stephanie says as a social worker, she wouldn’t even have let her clients talk to her like that. Cary says she was definitely threatening and Leeanne says kill means something different to her and this is between her and Marie.

Cary asks Marie what she thinks it means and Marie is hesitant. Cary thinks she’s afraid of Leeanne. Tiffany says she doesn’t think it’s okay, but she knows Leeanne doesn’t really mean the things she says in anger. In her interview, Tiffany wonders why no one is pointing out what Marie did to provoke Leeanne in the first place.

Leeanne says she’s calling a cab. Because it’s better to run away than actually face the consequences of her actions. She tells Tiffany that she feels like Cary is judging her and it’s not all right for her to be human, but it’s okay for Cary to have stolen somebody else’s husband, which is a totally appropriate thing to drag in. Tiffany makes her come back in.

Leeanne whines to Brandi about what happened to her as a child. In her interview, Brandi says she gets that this is the way Leeanne behaves when she’s hurt. She says every time Leeanne has an issue, she runs away (thank you), and she should stay and take responsibility for her actions (double thank you). Brandi asks Leeanne to stay.

The girls go to the spa. Cary is glad to get out and move past the drama. She says something isn’t right with Leeanne upstairs. Ya think? Stephanie says Marie is probably used to the abuse.

Leeanne and Marie talk. Marie says she didn’t sleep well. She says that she loves Leeanne unconditionally and knows she was hurt and said things she didn’t mean. Leeanne says she’s disappointed in herself and Marie says she’s sorry. Weird. It’s like an abused wife, apologizing because the husband beat her.

It’s time to go out for the evening. Stephanie says her only hope for their birthday dinner is that no one gets killed. Leeanne barely says a word, sitting silently with a sour face, and Stephanie says that’s how she works – she goes out of her mind and then shuts down. Cary says something that I miss, Leeanne pouts, and Tiffany says Leeanne is being attacked. Somehow the topic of Leeanne’s fit is brought up again and Tiffany claims she didn’t hear anything. Marie says it’s between her and Leeanne, and Tiffany says no one is getting what she’s saying. Brandi excuses herself.In her interview, Brandi says Tiffany is a Leeanne enabler.

Tiffany says she tries to surround herself with people who bring out the best in her, but somehow the worst is being brought out. She tells Stephanie it’s really no one else’s business and Stephanie says don’t bring it in her house then.

Stephanie meets Brandi in the bathroom. Brandi says she’s exhausted and hungover and the situation with Tiffany is ridiculous. So she comes back to the table to drink some more. Carly says she has to “tinkle,” a euphamism I haven’t heard in a long time. Brandi is disappointed at how Leeanne’s behavior gets swept under the rug and says she’ll never change if that continues to happen.

Next time, a huge event is planned, dog poop is found, and Leeanne spreads rumors about Cary who confronts her.


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