June 7, 2016 – GH & Below the Mediterranean Deck


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Maxie comes back to the apartment and Nathan asks her if they’re still together. He says they can work through it. She says they have something they need to talk about. She asks why he’s been lying to her throughout their entire relationship. She asks would he have lied to her their entire life if he hadn’t blurted something out when he was on medication? Nathan says probably. He explains again what happened with Claudette and says when he realized her lover wasn’t going to press charges, he just wanted to forget. Maxie says she’s not upset because he made a mistake, but because she thought he was the one person who wouldn’t lie to her. (Note this clue, fellas – we’re never nearly as mad about the thing you did as you lying about it.) Maxie says he had the opportunity to tell her everything when she found the glove, but he chose to continue lying. She says lies she’s told have affected every relationship in her life and she knows now that real love comes from trust. Now the trust is broken, and she’s not sure she can get it back.

Kristina invites Aaron over, telling him she has a great opportunity for him. She makes him cover his eyes and talks about how impressed he was with Sonny. She gives him a bag of Corinthos Coffee and says her dad has agreed to let him sell it. He tells her how much he appreciates it and how cool she is.

The morning after the Glamour Boys concert, Kiki brings breakfast to Dillon at the office. He says she deserves something in return.

Morgan pouts, thinking about seeing Dillon kiss Kiki. Sonny comes in and asks why he’s so upset. Morgan says it’s just a game he was playing that he sucks at, but Sonny isn’t buying it. Sonny brings up how Morgan wanted to leave the Nurses Ball early. He asks Morgan what happened when he went backstage and Morgan tells him about Dillon and Kiki.

Ava sees Julian at the hospital. He tells her Lucas is going to make a full recovery. She wonders why Alexis isn’t there.

She isn’t there because she’s meeting Diane in the park. Diane asks what happened to their plan to turn Julian in and Alexis says she didn’t want to do that in the middle of Lucas being in a coma. Diane says since the prognosis is good now, she can turn Julian in and avoid prosecution herself.

Kiki opens the box and it’s a T-shirt from the Glamour Boys concert. They talk about how she was in love with them once and how they haven’t aged well. He gives her a second shirt to sell “and put her little sister through college.” Good luck with that. He probably believes that elephant Beanie goes for five grand on eBay too. He asks Kiki to go on a real date with him.

Julian tells Ava that Alexis had to deal with some legal problems. Ava says that’s a vague excuse. She asks about Carrrlos’s death, but Julian says there’s nothing to connect him to it and he’s in the clear.

Diane tells Alexis she has to turn the evidence into the police immediately. She says she has something else to do first. Diane realizes that Alexis wants to give Julian a heads up. She tells Alexis how he rewarded Carrrlos for not turning him in by stabbing him to death, and says it will be the last thing Alexis ever does if she warns him.

Morgan tells Sonny about how he told Kiki to move on. He uses the word “we,” and Sonny wonders what Morgan isn’t telling him.

Ava doesn’t think that Alexis will keep Julian’s secret. Julian says no matter how much he loves Alexis, it doesn’t change who he is. He says if the investigation into Carrrlos’s death gets any traction, he has the resources to silence whoever permanently.

Aaron says it’s not that he’s completely blown away, but he doesn’t have the funds for a food cart right now. Kristina tells him that there’s a place for sale and maybe he could run it. She suggests setting up a meeting with Sonny. He tells Kristina how wonderful she is again and they kiss.

Kiki tells Dillon she’s still not over Morgan. He says he felt something when they kissed and he’s pretty sure she did too. She doesn’t deny it, but says that doesn’t mean she’s over Morgan.

Sonny asks Morgan who helped him decide to break things off with Kiki.

Ava says she’s glad Julian has his bases covered for both their sakes. She says she thinks Kiki is also realizing she needs to move on with her life and not depend on someone as unstable as Morgan. Julian says Morgan won’t be in the hospital forever, but Ava says he’s not going to pull Kiki back into his orbit.

Alexis tells Diane that Julian would never hurt her. Diane says the best case scenario is that he pulls out all the romantic stops to get her not to tell the police. She says if Alexis doesn’t turn him in today, she continues to be an accessory and could get disbarred and possibly go to prison. Alexis says it boggles her mind that she got into this position in the first place and wonders what’s wrong with her. Diane says she doesn’t fault Alexis for following her heart, but she’s risking her career and her freedom. Alexis says she’ll do it today.

Nathan says he was ashamed and didn’t want anyone to know. Maxie asks if Dante knew. Nathan says he never told anyone. He says when he met her, he felt like he was getting a second chance to be the man he wanted to be and her hero. She says what’s amusing is that she had decided to stop snooping around because she loved him that much. And we all get it, right? Griff is the guy he shot.

Aaron says he has to whip up a business plan. Kristina says to let her know when he puts something together. She says Sonny isn’t easy to impress, but he likes Aaron. Aaron says he’s more concerned with impressing Sonny’s daughter and Kristina says she likes him too. They start to kiss, but Aaron says he doesn’t want to meet her mother under these circumstances and he’s late for class anyway.

Alexis says she’ll get the shirt and meet Diane at the police station. Diane says to let her do all the talking. She says the PCPD has been after Julian forever and this will go in Alexis’s favor. Alexis is concerned that Julian is going to be arrested at the hospital.

Ava has to leave and Julian says he’ll let Lucas know she was there. She says Kiki bounced back and she’s sure Lucas will too. Julian wonders why Ava thinks Morgan is no longer a problem. Ava says sometimes it’s best to keep one’s actions private.

Morgan tells Sonny he’s there to learn how to deal with his own life and to stop grilling him. Sonny says okay and leaves. Because he can’t really let it go, Sonny tells the nurse at the desk he forgot to log in so he can take a look at the log book. He asks her for a glass of water and when she leaves, he flips through it. He sees Ava’s name. The nurse returns with his water and Sonny tells her she doesn’t even realize how much she helped.

Nathan tells Maxie nothing has changed and he loves her with his whole heart. She says she’s scared another secret will come out or another lie is around the corner. He says that’s not going to happen, but she says she’s not sure she can just go on faith. It would be poetic justice if Nathan lost Maxie to Griff.

Kiki asks if Dillon still has feelings for Lulu and he says no, but it took a lot of time to get over. She says because Morgan was her first love, she felt like they had a connection nothing could destroy. Even after he told her to go away, she wasn’t sure she really should. She brings up how Morgan slept with “Aunt Denise,” who was really her mother. She says they’ve survived a lot and she’s not sure if she’s supposed to give up on him. Dillon says that when he’s confused about something, he tries to put it into one of his scripts. He says using the words Kiki has, like “crazy” and “twisted,” it’s probably not a love story he’d be rooting for. He’d also still like to take her out.

Alexis arrives home. She makes sure she’s by herself and takes out that ratty, stinking shirt. Uh-oh. It’s gone.

Kristina goes to the park and daydreams about Aaron. She calls Parker and leaves a message that she needs to see her.

Nathan asks if Maxie still loves him and she doesn’t know how to answer. She says she’s made so many mistakes in her life, she can’t afford another one.

Dillon tells Kiki if getting on Jerry Springer has been on her bucket list, she’s on her way. She says that’s the first time she’s laughed about all that mess. She has to leave and he kisses her.

Morgan broods over a picture of Kiki on his iPad. And deletes it. He deletes photos of them together.

Sonny pops out from behind a tree in the park and tells Ava she’s been very busy.

Julian finds Alexis digging around and says looking for this? He has the shirt.

Tomorrow. Sonny tells Ava to quit messing with Morgan, Dillon tells Tracy about Kiki, and Alexis says as a matter-of-fact, that is what she was looking for.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Bryan tells Danny what a crappy worker he is. In his interview, Danny says Bryan should back off of him, which I might agree with if Danny hadn’t been the one drunkenly bringing it up. Bobby flirts with Julia and Ben asks Hannah for a chat.

Ben apologizes for not having Hannah’s back in the altercation with Danny. In return, he gets a drunken mini tirade about how abusive he was. He says he wasn’t exactly abusive, but apologizes again and that seems to squelch it. He says Hannah is the most emotional chief stew he’s worked with, which I find ironic because she doesn’t expect anyone else to have feelings.

Everyone stumbles back to the boat. Tiffany gets in the hot tub and Bryan decides to make his move. He tells Tiffany that he’s really not a frat boy and they make out. There’s a bunch of drunk talk that even the subtitles can’t make sense of. Bryan brags to the camera that he might bang Tiffany tonight and then almost breaks his neck getting back into the hot tub.

Like the drunken idiot he is, he tells Tiffany he might bang her, and then tells her to sit on his thumb. I’m not kidding. Is that his word for something else? No surprise, it doesn’t go over well. Since the response isn’t what he wants, he calls her a “dragon drunk bitch” and leaves. Tiffany tells us that he would have scored had he not been such a d-bag.

The next morning Bobby and Bryan rehash their night off. Bobby is stuck on Julia, except she has a boyfriend and just likes to flirt. Tiffany tells the girls how inappropriate Bryan was and it sounds like Bryan doesn’t remember a whole lot.

Danny is helping Jen do something or other, and Bryan tells him next time check in with him first because he’s going to micro-manage this kid to death now. Plus, he’s hungover.

Captain Mark passes out the info for the next charter. Four guests, two couples and it sounds like the guys run a business together. One of them is also having a seven-month relationship anniversary. Since the gig doesn’t start until tomorrow, Ben asks Hannah if she wants to go out for drinks and appetizers. Hannah is hesitant because of getting mixed signals from him. Ben says he fluctuates and she says okay, she’ll go. Danny, Jen and Bobby try to get into the same bunk and Danny gets stuck. Ah, the yachting life!

Ben and Hannah go ashore. It must be fun to eat in all these faraway places. I just thought, are there American diners in Greece? Hannah and Ben make small talk and trade stories. They talk about the crew. Ben says he and Danny have a secret connection and Hannah asks if it’s because they both have a crush on her. What? I think Ben thinks she’s hot, but I didn’t get that vibe from Danny.

Downtime on board seems like a college dorm. It’s an hour before charter and the crew puts the final touches on the boat. Ben has heard the last time these same guests chartered, it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. We flash back to an original Below Deck episode, but there isn’t enough for me to recall this bunch. Nope. Don’t remember them.

There’s awkwardness (awkwardity?) between Tiffany and Bryan. We’re off to a great start since the primary, Alan, didn’t tell anyone he can’t eat tuna, which is about to be served. Hannah has to be the bearer of bad tidings to Ben, who says it would have been nice to know beforehand, but manages to change direction quickly and the guests are pleased.

Alan’s girlfriend discusses their “anniversary” with Hannah. She wants a Valentine’s Day theme. Ben and I both roll our eyes. The guests go off on jet skis and do some cliff diving. When they return, Tiffany meets them with shots. Alan says he doesn’t know which is more dangerous, Tiffany’s shots or the cliff. I vote for doing shots on the cliff.

There’s a mayday call from a small boat nearby. They’re taking on water and going down quickly. The deckhands try to help as Captain Mark radios the coastguard, who says they’ll be there immediately. Bryan says he never saw the deckhands work so hard and maybe they should sink once in a while. The guests wear life-vests during their next meal, although I’m not sure it’s a joke.

At cocktail hour, Alan orders an espresso martini, says it’s the worst one he’s ever had and sends it back. He goes to the galley and asks Hannah if she’s ever made an espresso martini before. She says hundreds and he begs to differ. She makes another with him watching and he likes that one. All she did was put in more espresso. In her interview, she suggests instead of being insulting, he could have just asked for a stronger one.

The guests get in the hot tub. Ben and Hannah discuss the next days activities. Julia tells her boyfriend about Bobby being a creeper and says in her interview that the distance between them makes things difficult. Bobby whispers to Bryan that the guests see something between him and Julia, which confirms to him that she’s interested.

Hannah gets a masseuse for the guests, while Ben works on the anniversary dinner. She’s also gotten some violinists to play during the meal. I’m not sure how romantic a dinner can be with another couple there though. I see Danny sneak a bite of something in the kitchen.

The entree is five of the biggest shrimp I’ve ever seen, which I realize is oxymoron-ish. Hannah seems to think there are three courses, even though Ben clearly said he was going with two. He looks really confused when she radios about needing the entrees. Hannah goes to the galley and Ben goes over what they said. This could possibly suck because one of the guests didn’t finish her prawns since she didn’t want to get too full. Ben offers the kebabs they originally passed on for a canape, but Hannah tells him it’s okay as is. He feels like she’s not telling him something and he’s right. She never mentions the guest who didn’t finish.

Hannah decides to asks the guests if they’d like another course or go straight to desert. They’re down with the kebabs. Ben is just a tad miffed. He gives Hannah a mini lecture on communication.

Next time, a charter of single guys, Ben and Hannah argue, and Danny antagonizes Bryan.


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