June 8, 2016 – GH, Big Apple Little Women & Wives


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Sonny tells Ava that messing with Morgan is going to cost her. Sonny says he saw her name in the log book at the hospital and wants to know what she told Morgan. She says she’s trying to protect her daughter.

Andre is pleased with Morgan’s progress. He starts to tell Morgan that he’s ready for release and Morgan stops him. Morgan says he feels settled where he is and Andre asks if he thinks he’d be unsettled in the outside world. Morgan says it’s safe at the hospital.

Tracy walks in on Kiki and Dillon. Kiki says she has to jet, but she’s looking forward to their date. Tracy asks Dillon when this happened. Dillon says he’s a grown man and refuses to have this conversation with his mother. Tracy says she has more important things to discuss anyway – she wants photos of baby Edward in the rose garden. He says he’s happy to do it as long as she realizes she’s not baby Eduardo‘s mother, Sabrrrina is.

Paul and Anna start to question Sabrrrina when Michael comes in with a lawyer. Sabrrrina says she’s been advised of her rights and wants to talk. She thanks Michael, but says she knew she was breaking the law and wants to give her full cooperation.

Julian asks if Alexis is looking for the shirt that’s in his hand. D’oh! She’d better make something up quick. She says yep, that’s what she was looking for. She says she hated what he did so she held on to the evidence. He says that’s the most honest she’s been in days. He asks if she was going to turn him in and she says she changed her mind.

Sabrrrina says she knows what she did was wrong, but Carrrlos was her baby’s father and she thought she had nothing left in Port Charles. Anna asks if Carrrlos ever talked about Duke’s murder or Julian. Sabrrrina says he never discussed those things with her. Paul is disappointed.

Ava says Kiki was shot because of Morgan and she’s not letting it happen again. Sonny says the shooting was ultimately her fault. She says Morgan is bi-polar and has shown manic behavior. Sonny says he’s on his meds now and getting better. Ava says he wants Kiki to take care of him the way Carly takes care of Sonny. He says it’s not the same thing and Ava says he’s right, Carly is a ruthless bitch who will never leave Sonny as long as he has money, and Kiki isn’t equipped to deal with Morgan’s problems.

Andre tells Morgan he knows what happens when he doesn’t take his meds or go to therapy. Morgan says it’s better than it was in the beginning. He says he feels like an outsider and a freak though, so he thinks it would be better to stay there.

Julian asks why she changed her mind and Alexis says because of Lucas. She saw how he tended to his son and saw the man she fell in love with, and decided to destroy the shirt. Julian says how about they destroy it together? You know, one of those fun, bonding activities that couples do.

Sonny says he understands how bi-polar affects a person, but he also knows Morgan is better and thinks he and Kiki should decide what they want to do. He says because of Ava, Morgan struggled and crashed more, and that she played with his fears and insecurities. He says for Avery’s sake, he’s going to let her live, but if she keeps messing with his son, she won’t like how he retaliates.

Morgan says once he leaves, everything centers around how he manages his illness, and what if he messes up? Andre says everyone messes up and his best advice is for Morgan to embrace his future, and due to his hard work, he’ll have a future. He says they’ll establish a transition plan where he sees Andre privately. Andre says he’ll have a job and a social life and a whole lot more, and that’s his professional opinion.

Paul tells Anna he can’t risk letting Sabrrrina go. Anna says she has significant ties to Port Charles, starting with her child, and if they need her, she’ll cooperate.

Tracy says Sabrrrina aided and abetted a fugitive. Dillon says Michael has gotten her legal representation. Tracy says Edward needs a mother’s guidance and while she’s made mistakes, she’s not Medea. (No, that’s Helena – my own inside joke since I saw Constance Towers in Medea on Broadway. ) Dillon says Tracy was the perfect mother for him, just like Sabrrrina will be the perfect mother for Edward.

Julian says once the shirt is gone, this will finally be over. He’s about to put it in the fire and Alexis grabs it back. Julian says she was never going to destroy the shirt; she was going to give it to the cops and that’s why Diane was there. He says he’d hoped he was wrong, but she’s been lying to him this whole time. Alexis says, no, you.

She says he lied to her even before they were married. She says there’s no justification for any of it. He’s sworn he was out and did it for her and their children. She says instead he brought the mob into her life and their children’s lives. She goes on a little about all men being the same and Julian stupidly insists he did it for them.

Anna tells Paul it will do no good to separate Sabrrrina from her son. Paul tells Sabrrrina he’s decided to drop the charges, but his office is trusting her to stick around in case they need her to testify. She leaves with Michael and her almost lawyer. Sabrrrina tells Anna she plans on doing everything she can to repay her kindness and Anna says just be a good mother to her son and that will be enough.

Sonny visits Morgan and tells him he knows about Ava. Morgan says it was his decision to break up with Kiki and Sonny is intruding. Sonny says he’s proud of what Morgan has accomplished and will support whatever decisions he makes, as long as someone else isn’t yanking his chain.

Ava sees Kiki in the park. Kiki is wearing the most precious summer dress that has tiny buttons going down it. Ava says Kiki looks happy. Kiki says she and Dillon had a great time at the concert and they’re going on a date. Ava says he seems like a very nice young man. Ava asks if Kiki wants to get some lemonade and talk about her date. Kiki suggests they keep their interests separate since things are calm now.

Tracy and Dillon look over the pictures, which he’s taken in record time. Michael and Sabrrrina come in and Michael says the charges were dropped. Sabrrrina asks where her son is. Tracy says the baby is sleeping. Sabrrrina says the easiest thing would be for them to move back in with Felix. Tracy suggests she move in there. She says she likes having the baby there and since Sabrrina’s legal situation has changed, she’s calling family services to have custody returned, providing Sabrrrina never disappears again. Sabrrrina says she values Tracy’s friendship and she’s stuck with her now. I’m glad they made up. I’ve always had girlfriends of all ages and you don’t often see a female friendship like this on TV shows.

Anna asks Paul what this favor is going to cost her. Paul says he’d like to wipe the slate clean and leave their mistakes in the past. He says second chances are rare, and he got one, so she owes him nothing. She says she wants something from him then.

Julian says he’s never had as strong a bond with anyone and didn’t realize it was conditional. Alexis says she didn’t know refraining from homicide was a condition. He grabs the shirt back and asks her if she’s willing to throw everything away. He grabs her arm. Man, I would so punch this dude in the face at this point.

Sonny tells Morgan it’s okay if they don’t agree on everything. Morgan says it’s good to feel that Sonny has his back though. He tells Sonny about his conversation with Andre and that he’ll be getting out soon.

Ava asks Kiki if she’d like to go to the mall and do some shopping. No interference or meddling, she just wants to get something new for Kiki to wear on her date.

In the hallway, Dillon tells Tracy he’s proud of her. She says she’ll get the best of both worlds, having the baby with her without the responsibility. Sabrrrina asks Michael if he’s okay with her staying there and he says they have plenty of time to talk about everything.

Anna tells Paul her first priority is to build a case against Julian. She wants her old position back as special investigator for the DA. Paul says short of a miracle there’s no way to tie Julian to Duke’s murder. She says she can build a case against him for Carrrlos’s murder though.

Julian apologizes. He tells Alexis if she turns the shirt over to the police, he goes to prison, and is it worth throwing everything away for someone like Carrrlos? He asks if their marriage still has a chance.

Tomorrow, Spinelli!, Alexis says either Julian can have her or get away with murder, and Dante tells Spencer there’s no evidence his father was murdered.

Little Women NY

In lieu of getting Lila out of the baby shower, Jess walks out. Jason asks Lila if she forgot what happened when Terra came to her party and what an asshat she was about it. Dawn interjects that Katie needs all the help she can get which has nothing to do with this. Jason tells her to shut up. (Thank you.) Lila insists it isn’t the same thing and actually she’s right, since Katie specifically said she didn’t want her at the shower beforehand. Since I’m not in a great mood to begin with, this is infuriating me. If it wasn’t for the fact that Katie is having difficulty already, I wish she’d show up and kick Lila out herself.

Jess says she’s not going to miss her best friend’s baby shower and clearly Lila isn’t leaving, so she’s just going to roll with it. Katie comes in wondering wtf Lila is doing there. Lila says that Katie didn’t acknowledge her which is rude. No. What’s rude is showing up at a party you’re not invited to. Katie talks to Jess in the bedroom who suggests they just get it over with. Katie says she’ll give it an hour.

Jason asks about the doctor visit. Katie says the baby is six pounds, but she’s still keeping her in for another week. When Katie opens her gift, Lila forces herself into a picture with Katie. Jess gives Katie some gag gifts which Lila doesn’t understand. In her interview, Jess says she might have given Katie some douche, but Lila is one.

Lila takes Katie aside and apologizes for past stuff and says she wants to be there for Katie. She keeps saying she’s there out of love, but how is it love making a pregnant woman’s blood pressure skyrocket? Lila says that Jess seems like a guard dog, keeping them from getting to know one another. She tells Katie that Jess is drinking whiskey. Oh horrors! A drink? At a party?? What is she thinking??? Basically Lila has nothing good to say about Jess and both Katie and I wish she’d disappear.

Jason rehashes the Terra thing with Jazmin, relating it to Lila showing up at the shower. Lila pops in and doesn’t understand the comparison. She says Terra didn’t come with good intentions. How she came to this conclusion, I have no clue, since she started screaming in Terra’s face the second she saw her. Lila also doesn’t seem to get that it was Jason’s party too, and Terra was his friend. He says she could have sucked it up. Lila is so delusional. Jazmin says she’s done with the both of them arguing. Reality TV, where people consistently show up at parties they’re not invited to.

DJ and Jason go out for drinks. Jason says it’s tough with DJ living in another state, and he needs nights like this to get away from the drama in his own apartment. DJ asks if Jason wants to move in with him, but Jason doesn’t want to move to Connecticut. DJ says at some point, he’ll either have to get a job in New York, or Jason will have to make the move to live with him. Jason says it’s either here or LA for him.

PJ and Katie take a baby prep class where they learn swaddling, diaper changing and such. They don’t seem very prepared, since they don’t even have a car seat. Katie wonders how something so little can require so much stuff. Well, let me tell you about all the stuff I have for my little dogs. I’m quite sure I’ll meet my end slipping on a dog toy. Katie says it’s exciting, but overwhelming, and wonders how they’re paying for everything. She’s concerned that PJ doesn’t realize how much responsibility a baby is.

Dawn’s friend, Doris, is in town and they get together with Lila. Doris is also a paralegal. They discuss dating. Lila has been on Tinder and had a date last night. Dawn is apalled that Lila is having random men she’s met online come over. Dawn says maybe meeting for coffee is a better idea, but Lila says it’s not coffee she’s looking for. While I can’t stand Dawn’s delivery, I have to agree that this probably isn’t safe.

Stupid moronic busybodies Dawn and Lila meet with Katie’s mother, so they can stick their nose in someone else’s business. Katie’s mother says PJ hasn’t been as responsible as she’d like him to be. Lila says the reason she pushed herself into the party was because she’s worried about Katie. They ask about PJ’s employment. Katie’s mother says she’s been supplementing them while PJ works on his music. Dawn expresses her concern over his lack of employment and says she’ll talk to him. Because that’s totally appropriate. I’m starting to despise these two at this point. Seriously, it seems like there’s something wrong with them.

Jason video chats with his brother, Jonathan, who is pretty cute. Jason tells him about PJ wanting him to move in, but he’s worried about his parents accepting that he’s gay. Jonathan thinks he should wait before making any more moves, since their parents are just getting used to him moving away from home. Jason is afraid DJ will leave him. Jonathan says he should be careful, since this is his first relationship, and that if DJ really cares about him, he should be willing to wait. Good advice. Jason is too young to make major changes in his life for someone else.

Jazmin meets her trainer, Mike, in Central Park. She invites Jess, who is glad for a drama free afternoon. They talk about how gaining even two pounds can be excessive for a little person. They talk about Katie and PJ. Jazmin hopes that PJ doesn’t look to Jess for all the answers. Jess says she has no problem telling PJ to figure it out for himself. OMG – none of my friends has ever had their nose this far into my business without me asking them to.

Katie is at the laundromat. Lila and Dawn come to help and she hopes that they’re not going to just piss her off. In her interview, Dawn has a lot to say about PJ. She tells Katie that she and Lila had lunch with her mom. She says she’s concerned about PJ not helping her enough. In her interview, Katie says their help is turning into the opposite of help. Katie tries to explain that she loves PJ. They barrage her with questions and Dawn says PJ should be more of a man. Katie says their nitpicking is getting annoying and maybe that’s why the both of them are single. She starts to get angry and says she’s sick of them being in her business. A lot of what she says is bleeped. Katie walks out, the two morons trailing behind her.

Dawn grasps at Katie for a hug. Lila has the good sense to leave, but Dawn keeps harping at Katie about PJ. Dawn says she and Lila will finish up the clothes and drop them off. In her interview, Katie says whenever she’s around these two, her blood pressure rises and she starts to cramp. She calls her mother who thinks they should head for the hospital. She calls PJ and tells him her mother thinks she’s going into labor and they’re picking him up on the way to the hospital.

In the car, Katie tells her mother and PJ about what happened at the laundromat. She says she doesn’t need her mother conspiring with “those two little snobs and airing her business.” She tells her mother she’s glad she’s there, but she wishes she could keep her mouth shut around the judgmental ones.

Next time, there’s concern about the baby flippig, Dawn outs Lila about Tinder, Lila gives Dawn a good push <snort>.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Bethenny tells The Countess that she shouldn’t send someone an apology and then talk smack about them. She says no one can have an honest conversation with her because she’s not honest. She brings up what The Countess has said about Carole, and The Countess has the audacity to say she wishes Carole well. Carole says she constantly criticizes her for having a relationship with a younger man when she dates younger men all the time. The Countess claims she owns her stuff. Carole says there’s been no end to the ugly things The Countess has said about her.

Dorinda pulls out a Twister game and Jules is on board. The argument in the kitchen continues while they play.

Bethenny says women feel like The Countess is the person they don’t want their men around.

Meanwhile, at Chateau Morgan, the interns are assisting Sonja in making a care package for her daughter, who’s away at school. She claims she’s going to stop drinking. Not because she needs to, but just to shut the others up.

Bethenny says The Countess brings out something in other women. She uses Ramona as an example and The Countess says Ramona is miffed because she wants to date the guy The Countess is dating. Bethenny says the bottom line is that she criticizes others for the same things she does. The Countess says that only Bethenny thinks that, but Carole concurs that The Countess has that reputation. The Countess tries to drag Dorinda into it and in her interview, Dorinda says she wants to burn her house down right now.

In her interview, The Countess says they can’t burn her because she’s Teflon. Um… Bethenny tells her that saying she’s mentoring Sonja is demented. The Countess says she’s concerned for Sonja and she just wants her to know she cares. Dorinda isn’t thrilled about The Countess being upset. The Countess says Bethenny is trying to take Sonja down because of the Tipsy Girl thing, but Bethenny says she wants nothing to do with that. She adds that The Countess wasn’t there, so she’s only discussing what’s between the two of them, not between her and Sonja.

They sit down to eat, as if anyone has an appetite. Santa arrives! Santa asks who’s been naughty or nice, and passes out gifts. I’m not sure who Santa is, but I don’t think Santa is a guy. The gifts are personalized wine glasses that hold an entire bottle. Just what this group needs. In her interview, Carole says she’s tired of pretending and doesn’t want to be around The Countess anymore. She leaves the table. Bethenny says she’s sorry for the way she spoke, but The Countess is cunning and crafty.

Ramona tells The Countess that she has the habit of moving in on other women’s men because she needs the attention that someone else is getting. She gives her an example of when she was flirting with a guy and went to the ladies room. When she returned, The Countess refused to give her the seat back. The Countess says she likes to flirt and Bethenny calls her a barracuda. Bethenny says the bottom line is that she’s not a girl’s girl. The Countess insists she has never stolen a man away from anyone, but that’s not exactly what Bethenny and Ramona are talking about. I can identify with this. I’ve met those women who don’t like other women. One time, at a dinner after a show I’d worked on, one of the cast members had shown some interest in me and we were talking. Another girl actually squeezed a chair in between us and turned her back to me. This is the kind of crap The Countess pulls. And just for the record, I was the one who ended up going out with him.

The Countess says she just doesn’t see it the same way. Like Bill Murray in Meatballs, Bethenny says it just doesn’t matter and decides to go to bed, even though it’s only nine o’clock. Dorinda asks The Countess if she understands now why she didn’t want Sonja there. The Countess says she loves Dorinda, but it’s a real shitshow. In her interview, Dorinda says no matter what you present to them, this group can ruin it.

In the morning, Bethenny tells Carole she has an argument hangover. She can’t believe she said the things she did. They both agree that if they were told any of the things Bethenny said, it would be over. Bethenny has plans to just put her jacket on over her pajamas and get in the car.

Jules says despite the insanity, she was able to relax and didn’t even call her kids. Bethenny and Carole sneak out without saying good-by. When they’re noticed, they think better of it and go back in after loading the car. We flash back to when they ditched everyone at Jules’s place. Bethenny apologizes to Dorinda, who takes it like a champ. In her interview, Dorinda says it wasn’t very respectful.

The Countess tells Dorinda what a gorgeous place she has. Dorinda had been hopeful that everyone would relax and enjoy the holidays. As the others depart, she says she loves them for coming, but also loves them for leaving.

Jules and Michael are still looking for a nanny. She says she’s been so busy, her armpit hairs are three inches long. Eww! Unless you’re in Europe. She makes some coffee and actually gets it right. My Lord, what has this woman done her whole life that she can’t multi-task in the shower or brew coffee?

Carole visits Bethenny who makes avocado toast. Carole doesn’t feel like The Countess was sincere with her apology, but it’s fine since not everyone has to be friends. Bethenny says she wasn’t trying to slut shame, she just doesn’t like the hypocrisy. She says she gets possessed by the devil in the Berkshires and is never going there again.

Yet another holiday party at a restaurant with Ramona as hostess. She has the ill-conceived notion that somehow everyone will get along. The Countess arrives first. Ramona tells her that she should have apologized to Carole sooner. She also says she told Sonja to stop sounding like a broken record and make things right with Bethenny about the Tipsy Girl business. No. She should just shut up altogether.

Everyone arrives and the appetizers are passed. The Countess sits next to Bethenny, who really doesn’t want to talk to her. Carole is on Bethenny’s other side and The Countess talks over her, telling Carole that she’s sincerely sorry for the things she said. Carole says she appreciates it. In her interview, Carole says this apology seems slightly more sincere. The Countess tries to apologize to Bethenny again. Bethenny says she didn’t mean to get crazy, but the Skinny Girl thing set her off. She says The Countess just needs to say for once that she had nothing to do with it, and she does. So are we putting this to bed now?

They talk about The Countess’s boyfriend and how he might be “the one.”In her interview, Bethenny says The Countess has relationships in dog years, by the second date, she has her wedding dress ready. Bethenny excuses herself to use the phone and Sonja arrives. In her interview, Sonja says she kept getting texts from the Berkshires that if she doesn’t drop Skinny Girl, Bethenny will never talk to her again, but not from Bethenny.

Ramona tries to get Sonja to talk to Bethenny, who disappears like Houdini. Ramona reports to The Countess that Sonja is being stubborn, so The Countess confronts Sonja. She claims that Sonja said she was dropping the whole thing and fixing it with Bethenny. Sonja says she never said any such thing. Dorinda says it’s a good thing she wasn’t in the Berkshires. Sonja says if Bethenny wanted to talk to her, she would. Ramona says she needs to fix it, but Sonja says she’s not going to chase her down. Apparently, Sonja was the text happy one over the weekend. Sonja gets loud, trying to correct the misconceptions about her texts.

Sonja says that she might have been able to communicate with Bethenny in the Berkshires and gets on Dorinda’s case for excluding her. Dorinda says she didn’t think it would be a healthy environment and she stands by her decision. Sonja whines that they gang up on her all the time and leaves.

The Countess tells her not to leave and she whines some more. She says she tried to talk to Bethenny, but she left. She screeches at The Countess in the stairwell, repeating herself. She says Carole told her Bethenny had no hard feelings, so what are these? Soft boiled? Okay, that was kind of funny.

In her interview, Carole says she thinks Sonja is a decent person, but doesn’t think she even thought about Bethenny when she saw the opportunity to make money. Ramona makes a happy holidays, God bless us every one toast.

Next time, The Countess talks about getting married, Ramona tells The Countess about Tom, another couples dinner and The Countess annoys Bethenny.


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