June 10, 2016 – GH or Not to GH, No Shot at Hamilton & a Quote


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

A prayer service for Nicholas is being held at Windemere. Lulu and Dante arrive. Laura says she felt they could support each other. Spencer escorts Emma to the kitchen for cookies. Elizabeth tells Hayden she wants a truce.

Alexis tells Julian he’s holding the proof he killed somene, so how can he ask if there’s a chance for them? He says he still loves her and doesn’t want to lose her. Bleh. She asks if he loved her when he ripped the shirt out of her hand and grabbed her arm. He tells her he’s trying to protect them. She tries to get the shirt back again, and when he pulls it away, she says he’s the only one he’s trying to protect. He tries to turn it around, intimating that she took vows and she’s not standing by him. Boo-hoo. She says he’s not the only one who could get in trouble.

Griff tells Lucas that if God was testing him by putting Carrrlos in his path, he’s not sure if he passed the test. He says he’s on a leave of absence from his diocese. Lucas wonders how Griff feels about his gayness. Griff tells Lucas that he and his church don’t always see eye to eye, along with some kumbaya stuff, but says that has nothing to do with him keeping his being a priest a secret.

Spinelli shows up at Maxie and Nathan’s. They’re still arguing and he suggests coming back after they’ve kissed and made up. Maxie says that won’t be happening. Spinelli says statistics say arguments like these usually lead to a night of passion. He goes to make some tea and Nathan tells Maxie he’ll always regret his actions with Claudette. Maxie tells Nathan she needs time to process everything. He leaves and Spinelli asks Maxie what’s going on.

Sam wants to look for evidence during the gathering at Windemere, but Jason says the others might be wise to her. He’s going to take a boat to the other side of the island and sneak in. He says the cops are only looking for the obvious, but he’ll know what he’s looking for when he finds it. He says Nicholas was desperate, and desperate men make mistakes. He tells her to stick with the group and he’ll text her when he’s done.

Elizabeth tells Hayden that for tonight, they’re here for Nicholas. When that’s over, they can go back to hating each other.

Spencer asks if Emma knows what kind of party she’s at. Emma says they’re getting together to pray for his father’s return. Spencer says he knows for a fact that Nicholas isn’t coming back. Hayden goes to the door and Naomi is there. Naomi says she’s there for moral support and Hayden says Naomi is there to look for the diamonds. She blames Hayden for losing them and goes in to the drawing room.

Laura and Lulu are concerned about Spencer, but Lulu says Dante is doing his best to get through to him. Dante tells Spencer there’s no evidence to prove his father isn’t coming back. Spencer says it’s better to accept the obvious. He doesn’t want to grieve for his father twice.

Alexis tells Julian since he has the shirt, he wins. All he has to do is destroy it. Without evidence, the only thing she has is hearsay. He says he loves her. She tells him he can have her or get away with murder, but not both. He leaves with the shirt and she dissolves into tears.

Alexis calls Diane and tells her something came up and she can’t explain right now. She says the evidence is gone and she can’t get it back, but she’s not letting Julian get away with murder. Julian barbecues the shirt.

Spinelli says when he received Maxie’s call about her engagement, little did he know things would deteriorate so quickly. She says something about Nathan’s first wife. When Spinelli looks surprised, she says yeah, he forgot to mention it to her too, and explains how the details came out.

Nathan sees Griff at the hospital. He says Griff managed to save his life and ruin it at the same time.

Hayden introduces her mother to Laura. Laura says her hope is that Nicholas will return to them. When Laura steps away, Naomi asks Hayden if she thinks Nicholas is coming back. She says no, but she wishes he would. Laura thanks everyone for coming. She says they’re all missing Nicholas and hoping for answers and wishing for the best. Spencer says Nicholas is gone and the drawing room doors open.

Jason skulks around Nicholas’s bedroom. He checks the trash, like no one would have done that.

Sam enters the drawing room. Dante asks where Jason is and she says she wishes she knew. Like he’d be showing up there in the first place. Lulu thanks Laura for arranging everything. She says she wants to be drawing on her love for Nicholas, but her fear is overpowering her feelings. She says seeing all of them makes her feel less alone. Spencer asks to be excused and leaves with Emma.

Jason goes through drawers and finds a notepad.

Spinelli says it didn’t sound like happiest of unions and the green card thing is illegal. He says maybe Nathan didn’t want to relive it. Maxie says they got past it and started planning the wedding, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. She wants to tell him the rest, but Nathan made her swear not to. He asks for a hint. She says she can’t talk about it to anyone and suddenly spaces out for a moment. She says she has to go and she’ll talk to him later.

Nathan tells Griff that he said to be honest and now Maxie doesn’t want to be with him any more. Geez, isn’t Nathan a little old to be blaming the people he takes advice from when it backfires? Griff says he’s sorry to hear that, but he can’t get any more involved than he is already. He suggests they see a therapist or talk to family members, but whatever they decide, leave him out of it.

Lucas goes to Julian and Alexis’s place, and Alexis let’s him in. He thanks her for volunteering the house for his and Brad’s wedding and she has no idea what he’s talking about. He says Julian told them they could have the wedding there – tonight. Lucas can see how surprised she is and says he’ll change the date, but she says no, they should go ahead. He tells her he’s glad Julian found her. When he leaves, Alexis relives finding out that Julian killed Carrrlos. She’s about to get out the dagger when Julian walks in. What have I said about his timing? He asks if he shouldn’t have come back and she says where else should he be an hour before his son’s wedding that he didn’t bother telling her about.

Spencer gives Emma a handmade heart to remember him by and I wonder if he used the diamonds on it. Jason watches unbeknownst to them. Emma asks where Spencer is going and he says nowhere, but she’ll be going back to California. When they leave, Jason comes back out of his hiding place.

Hayden says if Nicholas could see all of them there, nothing would stop him from coming back to them. Laura asks for a moment of silence to pray for his safe return. Naomi whisper asks to Hayden who else knows about the diamonds.

Dante asks if there’s anything Sam can tell him about where Jason is. She says the only thing he said was for her not to go anywhere. Dante says Jason saved his life and he’s grateful. She says if she hears from him, she’ll tell him to contact Dante. When Dante leaves, Elizabeth tells Sam to tell Jason to be careful because something is very wrong.

Maxie runs into the hospital and asks Griff to put on his priest hat because she has to talk to someone about her fiance. He says he’s the last person she should talk to.

Spinelli is trying to get information about Claudette when Nathan comes back.

Naomi asks Elizabeth how long she’s lived in Port Charles. Laura goes to check on Spencer and sees him with Emma. Spencer tells her again he knows Nicholas isn’t coming back.

Jason texts Sam that he’s out. Dante goes into the hallway to make a call and asks for a tail on Sam who just left.

Julian asks Alexis if they can move past it. She asks how he could throw their future away. He says he never thought they’d be in this position; he thought they were a team and were still together.

Tomorrow, Hayden tells Naomi they’re having her arrested, Ava skips town, and Spinelli uncovers some dirt.

General Hospital – Friday

Today, GH was pre-empted and ABC showed a repeat because of the Mohammed Ali funeral in some areas.

So, in lieu of that, I have a little tirade.


Normally, I don’t write about theatre, but at one time I was on Broadway – okay, it was 103rd Street and Broadway, but technically, it was still Broadway – so I feel compelled to air my grievances about the discouraging way the tickets for this are being handled.

I keep praying I either wake up rich so I could afford to see it, or wake up stupid so that I no longer want to. While it’s not bad enough tickets are already astronomically priced and the show is sold out until January, in order to combat scalping, ticket prices are rising even higher for this particular show. That’s right, instead of punishing the people breaking the law, the audience is being penalized.(While it’s not a crime to resell a ticket, it is if you’re going to rob someone blind, not to mention the problem of fake tickets),  I guess they figure fewer scalpers will shell out the original price and don’t care if the people wanting to see the show have to suffer for that. Supposedly, as a consolation prize, they will be adding more tickets to the daily lottery. Oh yay! My odds will be a percentage of a percentage of a percent better now.

Part of the charm of this show is that it’s about a nobody’s rise from poverty to being a key figure in forming a new nation, as well as the casting being all inclusive. However, the rest of us nobodies are being excluded by our bank balances. I’m disappointed that Lin-Manuel Miranda isn’t being vocal about this. Especially since he’s spoken out about other forms of audience rip-offs.

Lest you think an actor has no say in the matter, I don’t buy that. As a matter-of-fact, I personally blame Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane for the original exorbitant rise in ticket prices. It happened during their run in The Producers when they insisted on more money because they were now big stars, and apparently cared less about the work and those who would like to see it, than their wallets. There have certainly been musicians in the past who have stepped in and stopped such thievery of their fans, but Broadway actors seem to have ceased caring.

That’s sad, coming from a place where the work, and the enjoyment of the audience, should be first and foremost. And everyone should get a fair shot at tickets.

Quote of the Week

If you don’t try at anything, you can’t fail. April (Kate Winslet) in Revolutionary Road.

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