June 14, 2016 – GH & Below Deck Brawling


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Sam peruses the Post-It note flowchart. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Aldo. He hands Jason a briefcase saying, compliments of the boss.

Ava tells Nicholas don’t bother faking an accent, it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Ava tries to engage Nicholas in conversation and he says he’s tired and wants to sleep. The flight attendant gives them nuts and calls him Mr. Carradine (pronounced like Cassadine). Geez, he couldn’t do better than that? Nicholas pretends Ava has mistaken him for someone else. She takes a selfie of the two of them, wondering how much someone would pay for it.

Emma is doing something on the computer and asks Felicia for help with what the initials WSB stand for. She says she’s working on something for Anna’s birthday. Felicia asks if she’s getting Anna a dog and makes a plug for rescues. Emma plugs rescues back and wisely says you should never surprise a person with a pet. My sister and I learned this the hard way by getting our father a dog. Everything turned out fine, but at first I thought my father was going to put me and the dog in a box and send us both back to New York, especially after the dog ate the phone. Emma says she doesn’t want Anna to feel alone when she goes back to Berkeley and is checking out a dating website.

Anna asks Jordan about the search of Julian’s house. Jordan says she knows they’re supposed to share intelligence, but Anna isn’t getting anywhere near the case. She says Anna still blames Julian for Duke’s death and she’s doing her a favor keeping her away from it. She’s afraid Anna will compromise the investigation and doesn’t want Julian getting off on a technicality.

Nathan finds the dagger and says he may have the murder weapon. Julian is like, how can you be sure? Nathan pulls out paperwork and says it should be easy to compare to the wounds. Yeah, I would imagine it has a pretty distinctive blade. Alexis explains where the dagger came from. So what? Why is that any reason Julian wouldn’t use it? Nathan tells them not to leave town and takes the dagger with him.

What the what is with Julian’s hair all slicked back? No. Just no.

Jason opens the briefcase. He gives Sam some cash to hang on to in case they get separated and says they’re going to the border.

Ava wonders if she should tweet the photo and Nicholas asks what it will take for her not to post it. She says phonies and frauds have to stick together and she’s just goofing on him. She says she hopes his plan has taken his son into account. He says he appreciates her concern, but he’s good.

Jason and Sam go to the fake passport guy. He takes some cash and their passports. While he’s in the back, Sam checks the computer and Jason looks through the file cabinet, trying to find out what name Nicholas used.

Felicia tells Emma she should show the site to Anna first. Emma asks what if Anna doesn’t want to follow through? Felicia says that’s kind of the point and asks if Anna said she was lonely. Emma says no, but it’s not something she would talk about.

Andre enters Jordan’s office. Anna suggests they ask his opinion, since he’s counseled her and knows if she can be professional. She admits she’s made errors, but says she’s cleared her professional record and deserves to be part of bringing Julian to justice. Andre says sorry, he can’t back her up.

Julian tells Alexis he was extremely careful in covering his tracks, but he forgot about the murder weapon. Isn’t that kind of a main factor? It doesn’t sound like he’s very good at being a criminal. Alexis says it’s not like he left DNA on the knife. Julian takes her remark as her caring what happens to him, but she says that’s not the case.

Ava wonders with all Nicholas has, why he wants to leave it all behind. He says it serves his purpose for people to believe he’s dead. Ava asks if he thinks it serves her purpose to allow him to continue the ruse? A guy leans across the aisle and says he thinks he knows Nicholas.

Felicia says Emma’s heart is in the right place, but she can’t rush healing. She says they just need to make sure Anna knows they love her and when she’s ready for help, be there to give it. She leaves to answer the phone and Emma finishes the profile and hits enter.

Andre says he can’t side with Anna on this. Anna leaves and Jordan tells Andre that Anna refuses to back down and she’s sorry he got put in the middle. He says don’t thank him yet.

Julian, who is starting to creep me out, insists Alexis still loves him, but Alexis says leave her out of his delusions. She says she did it for Lucas, not him, and she was going to take the shirt in, but Julian got to it first. He says she loves him more than she hates him and she says she’s divorcing him. Yep. Nothing says love like divorce.

The passport guy comes back and says Jason and Sam will have their new passports in a day or so.

Nicholas tells the stranger he’s mistaken. He says he knows he’s seen Nicholas before. He suddenly thinks Nicholas is an actor and Ava tells him he’s right. He introduces himself as Huck and Nicholas says he’s Niles Carradine, which Ava says is the pseudonym he uses while he’s in between movies and makes up a bunch of other stuff.

Julian says they’re not getting a divorce. Julian says he has to change her mind, but Alexis says she’s already called Diane. She says she never wants to see him again and once the kids find out what he’s done, they won’t either. Julian whines that they can fix it and to give him a chance. Alexis says she can’t do this one more day. He suggests a marriage counselor and both Alexis and I laugh. She says what will they say? They’ve reached impasse because he can’t stop murdering people? She says whatever is in the past, it’s over now. He killed Carrrlos and killed their relationship.

Anna comes to say good-by to Emma. Felicia asks if she wants to talk about anything. She says a couple of people she thought she knew and could trust betrayed her. Felicia says she hasn’t been a good friend either and asks if Anna is happy by herself. She asks if it isn’t time for Anna to start socializing, but Anna says hell to the no. Felicia says there are a lot of good men out there, but Anna says she’s not ready for that.

Andre says he thinks Anna would be an asset. Jordan is puzzled and he says although he agreed with Joran, it was because he didn’t want to contradict her authority. Jordan gets testy and says she didn’t ask for his opinion. He says sorry for the mistake and Jordan says he wouldn’t have made one if he’d been honest about his feelings for Anna. This girl just won’t let that go.

Julian doesn’t want to accept the marriage is over and says this will pass. He says their vows were like a contract, but Alexis says it became null and void when based on a lie. She says she loved who she thought he was and who he promised to be, and now she sees who he is or who he’s become, and she can’t be married to him. She says her life is a mess and they’re done. She needs to focus on putting things back together without him.

Emma says good-by to Anna. Mac and Felicia are taking her back and having a mini-vacation. Felicia asks Anna to think about what she said. Anna says she has enough on her plate.

Andre says (for the millionth time) that he doesn’t have romantic feelings for Anna. Jordan suggests he see a shrink because his actions say different. As usual, insecure Jordan goes overboard. Andre says his feelings for Jordan grow every day and he thought he’d been clear about that. He says if he was interested in Anna he’d pursue her, but they’re just friends. Jordan says she’s not so sure. He suggests they take it out of the office, but she says she has to work. He says he’ll go because she asked him to, not because he wants to.

Jason says as soon as they find out where Nicholas is headed, they can follow. He says after they pick up the passports, they’ll find out what name he’s using and go after him. He makes it sound easier than I think it’s going to be.

Ava tells Nicholas he’s welcome for the background story for his character. She says it’s not like he’s going to see the guy again. Huck, sleeping in his seat, opens his eyes a little. Hmm… They land and Ava says she feels for Nicholas and hopes she didn’t stress him out joking around. She says he’s put her in her favorite position – the one where she’s owed a favor.

Sam is getting frustrated with the laptop, trying to figure out where Nicholas was headed. They’re about to make dinner and Jason remembers “this.” He brings up another time that was similar. She says as long as they’re together everything is fine.

Huck thanks Nicholas for the autograph. He suggests dinner at his house near London, but Nicholas takes a pass. When he and Ava leave, Huck makes a call saying, you’ll never guess who was on the plane and to prepare the “blue room” for company. This could be interesting.

There’s a knock at Anna’s door. It’s Andre.

Julian says if Alexis leaves now, how is it going to look? She says she doesn’t care. She says that without any evidence, he’s not going to prison and will get off scot-free. (And yes, it’s spelled that way. I was surprised too.)

Nathan tells Jordan about the dagger. It matches the wounds and someone missed a spot in cleaning it.

Julian says he’ll check into the MetroCourt and will be back when things cool down. Alexis says she’ll change the locks. Um…that’s illegal when he lives there. I don’t watch People’s Court for nothin’. He says he’ll break down the door. He tells Alexis they’re going to stay married and when he said til death do us part, he meant it. He’s really creeping me out now.

Tomorrow, Anna tells Andre to leave, Val and Curtis double date with Dante and Lulu (that seems weird, so I don’t know if I’m interpreting that right), and Sonny tells Carly she might not like the answers she finds.

Below Deck Mediterranean

There’s a conflict between Ben and Hannah in regard to what dinner courses are called. Hannah made the mistake of thinking an entree is an appetizer, but didn’t bother to tell Ben until late in the dinner game. Ben sends out the kebabs to add another main, entree or whatever you’d like to call it. Ben says Hannah won’t admit she’s the one to blame, but I have the feeling she doesn’t admit easily to a mistake.

Ben, complete with epaulets to show he’s serious, approaches Captain Mark and tells him what happened with the course mix-up. Hannah is annoyed that Ben didn’t come to her first, but he did. The captain says he’s never had a crew member dress up to tell him about a problem before and hopes that they can just work it out on their own because he doesn’t really want to get involved.

Hannah and Julia are discussing the issue and Hannah starts crying. She says it’s the ultimate betrayal. Geez, I thought she was tougher than this.

Julia tells Jen about Bobby trying to kiss her and follows it with telling her about Ben and Hannah’s altercation. Danny tells Bryan about the same thing. Bryan says the relationship between chef and chief stew is always difficult and he tells Danny they need to stay out of it. Telling Danny not to do something is like putting a red flag in front of a bull. Ben makes sure breakfast is perfect.

It’s time to dock. The guests have a last toast and the crew gets ready to say good-by and get their tip. Hannah stands with her arms folded like the professional she is…not. The farewells are said and the envelope is passed after the primary says they had a fabulous time and last night’s dinner was as romantic as they’d hoped for.

Captain Mark says it was a tough night with miscommunication in the galley. The tip is actually smaller than usual, $13,500 – $1,125 each. He thanks Danny for staying on the right track and gives the crew a day at the beach. Hannah says she’s obviously not getting fired and needs to get of the boat and get some Grey Goose into her. Bobby is hoping to hook up with Julia on the beach, but I have news for him – she’s not interested.

Drinking starts immediately. Bobby bugs Julia until she finally walks away. She gives her boyfriend a call and complains. Bryan gives a speech about the American Revolution and moves on to World War II. Ben says he’s like a Bugatti and goes from zero to drunk in about two seconds.

Ben tells Julia he’s to blame as much as she is and apologizes for being a dick. Ben clarifies what the courses are to be called. He says he went to the captain just in case the tip was short and was blamed on the dinner. Hannah says she would never do that to him. In her interview, she says he’s like an adorable puppy who chews on your expensive shoes, but you still love him. They hug it out. Danny is happy that the day was drama free.

Julia, Danny and Bobby congregate in Jen’s bunk room, with Julia being unsuccessful at getting away from Bobby in there. Bobby acts like an idiot, showing them a “mangina,” and Jen is disgusted. I’m just perplexed as to why he would do this. Julia is pissed that Bobby is telling the others she’s flirting with him. The crew plays cards and drinks some more. Julia asks Bobby for a word. She tells him she’s been with her boyfriend for two years and isn’t interested in anyone else. He says she’s flirty and she says she’s just a friendly person and doesn’t want it misconstrued. She asks him to quit chasing her around. He says he’s not going to lie, he likes her, but he’ll honor her wishes.

Bryan and Danny talk on the deck. Bryan tells Danny not to take Ben’s side in arguments because it’s none of their business. Danny says, so he can’t have any opinions and Bryan says thats’ right and he doesn’t want to piss off Hannah. In her interview, Jen says Bryan is a bad boss and an immature, misogynistic, condescending borderline alcoholic. Wow. I’ve had bosses like that though. Somehow the Danny and Bryan talk that started off well turns into an quarrel, and Bryan gets in Danny’s face, telling Danny that yachting isn’t for him. Danny says they’re done and walks away. In his interview, Danny says his father is an alcoholic and he’s used to not backing down from aggression.

Commercial break with important information. The Real Housewives of Dallas Reunon is on Sunday, June 19 at 9 pm. Thanks Bravo. Like my Sunday night show juggling isn’t hard enough as it is.

The next group of guests are “bachelors looking for target rich environments and interested in meeting single women in an exotic locale.” Oddly enough, they’re going to what Hannah calls “the gay capital of Europe.” Did these bachelors do any research before planning their itinerary?

Danny tells Jen about his argument with Bryan. Bryan comes up the stairs and he asks what they’re talking about. Danny says him, but since he’s not allowed to have an opinion, he can’t give Bryan the details. Bryan asks why Danny can’t just be a yes man and says Danny fights him on everything. They go back and forth. Danny says he does his job. Bryan says he doesn’t really and he’s trying to help him. Danny says he just wants to instigate and Bryan says he’s the problem solver. Danny says more like problem creator.

Bobby says he’s going to respect Julia’s space and not flirt anymore, even though he’s not happy about it. He tells Bryan about what happened and how he feels badly about the situation. He claims she flirts just as much, but told him he’s taking it too far. Julia tells Hannah about what happened and says her boyfriend isn’t too happy about it and would like to punch Bobby out.

The new guests arrive, Steve being the primary.Tiffany says she was hoping for some bachelors, but not this age. Yep. When they’re this age (40s-50s), there’s a reason why they’re not married. They seems like okay guys, but we’ll see once the drinking starts.

Hannah has a migraine. She says she has no history of them, so I wonder if it’s really a migraine. The guests ask if the crew can party with them, but Bryan says no. Steve says the tip depends on the drinking, so it’s a yes. Danny says he’ll find them some girls. A ferry is coming in, so they have to get out of port quickly.

Bobby has been avoiding Julia and wonders if she notices. Ugh! What are we, 14? We already covered note passing in one episode. He and Danny have a discussion about flirting.

Steve wants Danny, Bryan and Bobby to accompany them to shore and says he’ll make sure they don’t drink. The captain calls Bryan to the bridge and explains. He says they can’t spare all three of them though, and says the logical choice is Bobby and Danny. I laugh like crazy over Bryan’s face because he thought it was going to be him and Bobby.

Bobby is stoked, but not so much because of Danny coming along. Danny immediately chats up a bunch of girls who are way too young for the guys on this charter. He kind of acts like a cruise director and orders a drink in a giant watermelon with a million straws for everyone. In his interview, Bobby says Danny has no game and is spending the charter guests’ money, but it looks like the guests are having fun, so…

Next time, another altercation between Hannah and Ben, Julia feels caught in the middle, and extra 8 guests show up.

More important information. Flipping Out‘s two night premiere starts on Wednesday, July 13.


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