June 15, 2016 – GH & Twice the NYC


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Dante tells Jordan she needs some balance in her life and to get over to the bar. Dante makes nice with Curtis, and thanks him for including them in whatever this is. Oh, okay, it’s a surprise for Valerie. A congrats party for the PCPD graduates that Curtis has set up.

Andre wants Anna to know where he stands with her personally. Anna says the man who’s responsible for killing Duke is wandering around free and she’s been cut out of the loop. She says she put her neck on the line for Jordan way back when, but she’s not returning the favor. Andre says Jordan cares about her, but thinks she has a blind spot when it comes to Julian. Anna says she’s given Jordan a chance to redeem herself, but she’s not returning the favor. She thanks Andre for what he said on in court, but tells him if he doesn’t leave now, she’s going to unload on him. He tells her about the argument he had with Jordan and says it’s true, he has feelings for her. Oh no, not this “feelings for” business again.

Carly gives Sonny the skinny on what happened at the wedding. Sonny is glad things are catching up with Julian. Carly left before the good part though.

The hospital is drug testing and interviewing everyone with access to the drug dispensary. When Franco is done with the interview, he says if he was going to murder Lucas, it would be more original. Obrecht drags him off by the ear. Obrecht tells Franco that he’s always the first suspect for everything because of his criminal history and she’s the only one who has his back.

Monica asks Finn to do the drug test, but he says it’s not going to happen. Monica says she expects full cooperation from everyone. Finn says he’s a private citizen nd he’s not peeing in a cup to prove he’s not a drug addict.

Sonny has found information about an employee who moved out of town after Jocelyn’s kidney transplant, and asks Carly if she wants him to find her. Carly says it might open up a real can of worms, and he says it’s up to her. He says she might not like the answers she finds though.

Curtis says it’s high time Valerie, Dante and Lulu put the past behind them. Valerie says it’s past time.

Carly says if they find the kidney donor, they’ll be able to get a health background and know possible side effects; on the other hand, they could find out something ugly. Sonny says if he was in Carly’s position, he’d want to find out, but if it’s something bad, he’d keep it to himself. He says whatever she wants to do, he’s 100% behind her, and that it’s not like she went to the black market for a donor, so she shouldn’t take on guilt she doesn’t deserve.

An intern tells Elizabeth and Felix that Finn is all they’re interested in talking about. Elizabeth is next. Felix tells Finn that if they ask, he’ll have to tell them the truth.

Franco thanks Obrecht for her faith in him. She says she’d love to see his latest works. He says no one seems to like them, but she says she has a deep appreciation for genius. He says if she likes something, it’s hers. Monica comes by and Obrecht says Finn hasn’t checked in for his test. Monica says she’s on it. Obrecht tells Franco she has a special duty to attend to.

Andre says he’s attracted to Anna and they have a connection he’s tried to avoid. He says the more time he spends with her, the more time he wants to spend with her. He says it was completely unexpected and it won’t do either of them any good. He says going forward, he doesn’t want anything from her ever again. I have no clue what he’s babbling about.

Lulu congratulates Valerie and says it’s time the Spencers started being a family again. Dante’s phone rings. It’s the realtor. Curtis tells Valerie that she handled things nicely.

Sonny approaches Jordan at the bar. He wonders how long before Julian is charged, but she says she can’t talk to him about pending cases. Dante tells Sonny they lost their bid on the house they wanted. Curtis tells Jordan he’s glad she made it. She thanks him for throwing the party together. He says he’s made mistakes, but he’s not all bad.

Felix says Finn asked him for a muscle relaxant and he’ll have to tell them. Finn says to just tell the truth.

Carly enters and tells Elizabeth she has to talk to her about Jake.

Andre goes through the history of his and Anna’s relationship. He says he never intended to say anything about his romantic feelings for her, but they’re not going away. He says he can see a future with Jordan if he doesn’t blow it. He says feelings can’t be controlled, but actions can. Anna asks if their friendship is over and he says it has to be.

Jordan makes a toast, welcoming the new cadets. She says since they’re the first ones graduating under her watch, they hold a special place in her heart, and welcomes them to the fight for justice. She gives a special shout out to Valerie for getting past her roadblocks and being in the top 10% of her class.

Franco says he works with Jake, but Carly says Jason doesn’t want him in Jake’s life. Franco steps away and Carly talks to Elizabeth about wanting to know who the donor kidney belonged to. She asks if Elizabeth wants to know what she finds.

Monica tells Finn if he doesn’t submit to the drug test, she can’t protect him. He says there’s no way he’s taking it.

Obrecht sees there’s no one in the locker room and acts all sneaky around one of the lockers.

Lulu and Dante talk to Sonny about the disappointment of losing the house. He says they’ll get a house soon and I’m wondering if he bought the house for them. Sonny goes outside and calls someone. He says there’s something he needs done.

Curtis has a surprise for Valerie. He takes her aside.

Anna says she’s been dumped before, but this is a fresh take. Ha-ha! He says he just wanted to do the right thing. She says it doesn’t feel right and asks why they can’t be friends with boundaries. He says she’s strong enough for that, but he isn’t. She says she valued their friendship a lot. He says he did too, and leaves. Wow. What a noble dude. My hat’s off to him.

Monica asks why Finn refuses to clear his name. He says he’s not obligated to prove his innocence in this country. Obrecht enters and asks to talk to Monica. She tells Finn to stay where he is.

Elizabeth says she’d like to know what Carly finds out and maybe it will shed light on what happened to Jake. Carly tells her to be careful of Franco. She leaves and Elizabeth asks Franco if he was eavesdropping and he says yes. He says Carly wants them both to be miserable and maybe he deserves it, but she doesn’t. In regard to the kidney transplant, he says sometimes it’s better to be left in the dark.

Carly tells Finn she’s gotten some information about the kidney donor. As she gets in the elevator, she asks if he’s going down and he says yes, if Obrecht gets her way, leaving Carly puzzled. Monica tells Finn she’s got some disturbing news.

Carly calls Jax and leaves a message. Sonny says it sounds like she made a decision. She says she did and also talked to Elizabeth. Sonny says he’ll get his people on finding the employee, but it might take some time. Carly goes upstairs.

Curtis gives Valerie a good luck fifty cent piece with a dent in it. He says it saved his life once and he wants her to have it. He tells her about how he took a bullet and the coin in his pocket stopped it. She says if the story’s true, it’s amazing, but if it’s not, it’s a good one. He asks if she has plans for tonight. She says yes, and kisses him.

Dante gets a call. It’s the realtor. The other buyer pulled out of the deal. What did Sonny do?

Sonny tells Diane nice work. It sounds like he paid off the other buyer.

Anna gets a message on the dating site. Stan wants to buy her dinner. She thinks maybe she should ask Griff for an introduction to a convent.

Andre goes to Jordan’s office, where she lives now. He tells her he loves her.

Monica unwraps Finn’s syringe and says it was found in his locker

Tomorrow, Hayden asks Curtis for help, Finn says he nothing wrong, and Ava asks Nicholas why he wants to play dead.

Little Women NY

Katie is getting ready to have her baby. She wasn’t supposed to deliver for another week, but got stressed out from Lila and Dawn’s badgering. Lila feels badly about it, but claims they were just concerned and somehow shifts the blame to Katie’s mother, Kathie, telling them too much.

Lila tells Jason about what happened with their “concern.” Dawn brings up that PJ is living off of Katie’s mother. In her interview, Jazmin says she gets where they’re coming from, but it’s really none of their business (thank you).

Jazmin calls Jess who fills her in from the hospital. We see baby Kinzley, who is very cute with her little girly hat and was 6 pounds plus. So much for low birth weight concern. Jess tells them she went into labor after the argument at the laundromat, but Dawn insists the argument had nothing to do with it. Kinzley also has extra fingers, which Jazmin hopes isn’t attributed to Katie’s smoking. Please, please, just stop now.

Jess asks if Katie and PJ have decided what they’re doing with their living situation. In her interview, Jess says she’ll always be there for them, but they can’t all stay in the same apartment forever. Since there’s no answer to the question, she says she’ll have to come back to it later.

Kathie wants to make plans for everyone to see the baby. Katie says Jazmin and Jason are cool, but nixes Dawn and Lila. She says they’re the last people she wants to see and she doesn’t want them near Kinzley. Kathie suggests she be the bigger person, no pun intended. In her interview, Katie says her mother is delusional, but she’ll do it for Kinzley’s sake. I’m annoyed that she’s backing down on this. You can’t be friends with everybody and if someone is causing you stress, no reason to be around them.

Jazmin video chats with husband David. She feels defeated since she isn’t getting any gigs from her auditions. She misses David and wishes she could share her days with him.

Lila and Jazmin sit in the park. Dawn is joining them for lunch. She’s met a new guy who’s also a little person. She’s been texting David, but they haven’t discussed the humongous fight they had. Dawn asks Jazmin if she’s told David that Lila is bringing random men home and it’s bothering her. Jazmin tells Dawn that she doesn’t live with them, it’s between her and Lila, and she should mind her own business. Lila tells her she’s slut-shaming and Dawn says Lila did it to herself by telling them about her fun night. In her interview, Lila says she’s a single woman in NYC, availing herself of its resources, and maybe Dawn should give it a try. Seriously, it’s kind of sad that Lila can’t gossip about her date with her girlfriends without being judged. No sex in the little city here. When Dawn won’t let up, Lila says she’s had enough, and she and Jazmin leave Dawn sitting by herself.

Katie loves being a new mom, but could use some rest. The second Jess comes in, she gets handed the baby. One of the spare fingers falls off (this is normal) when Jess is changing her and Jess nearly freaks out. Kathie wants to keep it, like a first baby tooth or lock of hair, and Jess says she’s like Hannibal Lecter or something. As soon as Katie is up, Jess gives her the baby back and suggests she get the one who got her pregnant to help.

Lila and Jazmin go to Times Square. Jazmin tells her that she’s missing David and wants to give up on the acting thing. Lila says it’s hard to relate because she’s single and still in selfish mode, but she understands how difficult it is for a little person to follow their dreams.

Jess tells Katie that when she first came, she didn’t want Katie to be alone, but now Katie’s mother, PJ and the baby have joined them, and she feels like she’s not living her own life. She can’t even bring a date home. She suggests that PJ help to look for a new place. She says she’s not telling her to pack up this second, but she doesn’t want them lollygagging for too long. Katie says she wants to get the mom thing down before moving, but she’ll talk to PJ.

Katie and PJ have been discussing whether to stay in NYC or go back to Seattle. Kathie says if they go back to living with her, PJ is going to have to find a job. In her interview, Jess says PJ needs to man up and take care of his family. Katie says she appreciates everything her mom has done, but her judgments are the price she has to pay. Jess is staying out of it because Katie has enough to deal with. Kathie and PJ argue and the baby starts crying. It’s also the day of the sip and see, and Jess says she’ll be seriously pissed if people can’t behave themselves around a newborn.

Jess says inviting Dawn and Lila is asking for trouble and I agree. There is seriously something wrong with those girls. Dawn tells Jess, Kathie and Katie about what happened at the park. In her interview, Dawn says she can’t believe Jazmin stuck up for Lila and she was just being honest as a friend. Another one who uses the honest card to get away with being nasty.

Lila comes in and says she could hear Dawn talking about her from the elevator. She says how dare Dawn broadcast her confidential info? Dawn says she was concerned  (another euphemism in this group) and Lila says she’s a gossipy little yenta. Jess tells them that Kinzley is ready to come out, so take their argument into the bedroom.

Lila asks Dawn how dare she talk about Lila’s business? She came to see the baby and the first thing she hears is Dawn bashing her. Once again, Dawn says she’s just a concerned friend. Dawn claims they have a real friendship and she cares. Lila tells her to get the blip away from her.

She calls Dawn a sick bitch and walks out. Dawn follows with that creepy smile on her face. Lila tells Jason to keep Dawn away. Dawn keeps smiling and acts like nothing happened. Katie says she should have known better than to let them come over and the baby is upset now.

Jason and Jazmin go to Lila, who feels terrible about taking the attention from Kinzley. She decides to put on her big girl panties and go back in. In her interview, she says holding Kinzley puts everything in perspective. She tells the baby she’s her slutty Auntie Lila.

It’s the finale and Lila is proud that she got through so much without drinking. Dawn says she’s not going to stop telling the truth just because people don’t want to hear it. Although I imagine at some point there will be no one left to listen. Lila is no longer speaking to Dawn.

Jazmin got a one-way ticket to Florida to see David and Katie and PJ went back to Seattle. There was no mention of him getting a job though. Jasan continues to stay living in NYC and having a long distance relationship with DJ. Jess has embraced motherhood – with her dog ChiChi.

I assume there will be a fiery reunion.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Sonja takes a break from whatever work she does to have girl time with The Countess. The Countess wonders what the name of Sonja’s assistant is, when she’s only worked for Sonja for two years. The Countess thinks Sonja should apologize to Bethenny, but Sonja says she’s not a competing brand and Bethenny is just taking it personally. Well, yeah. Most of us would. Sonja moves on to Dorinda excluding her because Bethenny was at her party. Sonja has also decided she’s not drinking any more. At least in front of this group.

The Countess tells Sonja she’s found her soul mate (bleh) and she’s moving out. She starts talking about getting married and Sonja asks how long she’s been dating Tom. The Countess says a whole six weeks. She tries to cover for herself in her interview, by saying soul mate Tom had a one-night stand with Sonja. Sonja asks if she’s sure about this and in her interview says she’s been “doing” Tom forever. TMI all around.

Bethenny has everyone meet at a restaurant, minus The Countess and Sonja. Jules’s father has been sick and her husband is having a hard time dealing with the kids on his own. Bethenny wants to have a girls’ trip to Mexico to do a tequila tasting. Dorinda asks if The Countess is coming. Bethenny says it’s up to them. Ramona says she’s fun on a girls’ trip, but Carole says she’s not going if The Countess is. Bethenny says if Carole doesn’t go, she doesn’t want to do it. Bethenny is also concerned about Sonja, especially the way she drinks. The vote is no.

Carole visits Bethenny. Over the holidays, they went to the Bahamas together with their men and they talk about the trip. Carole talks about her relationships and how she never gets too serious. She had an epiphany after fostering a kitten and nearly having a nervous breakdown when she had to give the kitten up. In her interview, she talks about the people in her life who she’s lost. She realizes that she’s set up her life to be temporary. She wonders if it’s because of her husband’s death or if, because he had cancer when they got married, she’s always been like this. Interesting. Bethenny says Carole can’t get out of a relationship and she can’t get in.

Dorinda and Sonja go for a manicure. Dorinda asks about Ramona and Sonja says she’s been hot and cold. Dorinda thinks Ramona has taken sides, but not Sonja’s side. Dorinda tells her about the trip to Mexico and says she doesn’t think Sonja and The Countess are invited. Wow. She’s really the bearer of glad tidings today. I hope she’s footing the bill for the manicure.

Sonja says things are going well for both her and The Countess and they should be celebrating all together. She tells Dorinda that she’s quit drinking and Dorinda is happy about that, since she believes Sonja has been self-medicating. Dorinda says that Sonja needs to drop the Tipsy Girl thing or it might cost her friendships. Sonja balks at that, but Dorinda says she’s coming from a good place and still thinks she made the right decision about the Berkshires.

Carole brings a large, heavy terrarium to Adam’s place because it didn’t look good in hers. He’s making a chocolate cake. She wants to read the book proposal to him while he’s baking. In her interview, she says it’s still not perfect working together, but they’ve found a rhythm, and that her culinary skills have gone backward since dating Adam because there’s no reason to cook any more. Adam breaks out his guitar and they discuss the book while he jams.

Ramona wants to give The Countess a hair makeover. She’s partnered with some people who have done her hair in the past. The Countess seems to think everything is okay between her and Bethenny. And Carole. She is truly delusional. In her interview, Ramona says she’s not about to make The Countess any wiser. The Countess talks about a psychic who told her she was going to meet a guy within two weeks, she met Tom, and now he wants to marry her.

Even Ramona is startled at the amount of time The Countess has known Tom. She tells The Countess that Tom calls his ex every day to tell her he loves her and gave her a gold bracelet for Christmas. The Countess is like, thanks for raining on my parade, and Ramona’s daughter agrees. The Countess doesn’t believe it. Ramona says she’s happy for her and The Countess is appeased, although Ramona adds time will tell.

John and Dorinda meet Jules and Michael for dinner. Michael makes a hot nanny joke and Jules isn’t pleased. She’s not too happy about Michael making them late either. Dorinda says it’s never 50/50 in a relationship. Jules talks about finding a nanny and Michael suggests her mother, which is brilliant since her father is in the hospital. Jules has alopecia from stress.

Michael is always on the phone and this is also annoying Jules. The couples toast to the new year. Dorinda says there’s a lot of pressure on men to be productive in New York. Dorinda starts to get sloshed and give forth marital advice.

Bethenny and The Countess meet for drinks. Bethenny is having some health issues. The Countess barely acknowledges that and tells her all about the soul mate and getting married. In her interview, Bethenny says The Countess studied pre-wed in college. Ha-ha! The Countess tells Bethenny what Ramona said about Tom, and wonders why Ramona would even say anything. She says some people are friends with their exes. Bethenny thinks that Ramona is just concerned. The Countess moves on to Tom having dated Sonja and claims it was only once or twice because Tom told her so.

Bethenny isn’t feeling well and says she’s got to go. The Countess asks if she’s invited to Mexica. In her interview, Bethenny says she had every intention of inviting her, but changed her mind throughout the course of the conversation. She tells The Countess she doesn’t want to discuss it right now and The Countess suggests another glass of wine.

Bethenny asks The Countess if she’s taken crystal meth tonight. <snort!> She tells The Countess that she didn’t invite her on the trip partly because of the what’s gone on between them, although they’re past that, but Carole isn’t happy about sharing a trip with her. The Countess says she thought they were cool. Bethenny says The Countess talks a lot, but doesn’t listen. The Countess says she comes from a big family and that’s why she’s like that. Bethenny starts to say something and The Countess interrupts by saying she’d love to come and jumps up. She leaves, and leaves Bethenny with the bill. Is this a reality star thing? Another one who wants to go to a party to which they’re deliberately not invited.

Next time, Bethenny tells Carole what happened with The Countess, Dorinda says there might be a change in plans, and Ramona role plays with The Countess.

Note: Jules just filed for divorce from Michael, shocking everybody. Apparently, she caught her husband cheating. Sigh. This definitely colored the episode for me and had me reading more (whether valid or not) into certain things.


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